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Best of the Program | Guests: John Solomon & Tulsi Gabbard | 10/11/22

2022-10-11 | 🔗

California is described as the poster child for woke policies, but Glenn dives into how badly it's falling apart. "Truth & Conviction" director Matt Whitaker joins to share the story of Helmuth Hübener, the youngest person to stand up against the Nazi regime. Former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard joins to explain her departure from the Democratic Party. 

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This episode is brought to you by prime video future and in his calling the peripheral, a thrilling new adventure from executive produces Jonathan Nolan and LISA joy. Creators of west world chloe grace maria stars as a small town clerk, unlocking a mystery in another world to save her own based on novel by william gibson, the peripheral, it's real. It just hasn't happened yet peripheral is streaming now, watch new episodes every friday only on prime videoed outcome. Do you think we highlight days came Glenn. I thought the highlight of today's game was the way and we both weight in too heavy to host the show today I was shocked at your weight yet on china, and I said neither of us fight this way now there's an upper limit even for heavyweight right right, and so we both just sat on the sidelines and eight ice.
And it was good, it was show tat brought some cookies. It is when you don't let em it's not a lot of great stuff on today. Show that you don't want to miss John solomon also tells you javert talks about her leaving the democratic party, which was a surprise to me. Tell me you know at the end our the change from the inside, but she's in a fascinating conversation yeah not to mention you mentioned the done quickly mention that John solomon thing, but we should point out that the heaved uncovered the fact that the government was working to censor tweets for you are a super spreader, apparently of misinformation. Yes, according to these reports, he on earth, including the blaze and stephen crowded and live in John solomon himself at our organizations. Just the news really remarkable details and the eu shows what's happening, it's getting worse so all that on today's programme first
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they are going to give it to you just as a thank you for calling in so their website is goldline dot com or you can call them at eighty six go. My needs Xxix gold line. Here's the pot the commanders do who is celebrating columbus day yesterday? Yes, did you get all the smallpox blankets out to all the kids and everything we distributed it to native american children? Yes, yeah! That's very, very good charity work. We do every year. I know there is a there's, a new study out a new poll out that shows that Columbus is actually more popular than President Biden or commonly harris privileged combined, urges pretty nice ingredient aggressive, go columbus, right,
I would like to make the case that we move away from California, ok and and weed. I have to I mean sure, maybe Call me and extremist started out as a fifty star flag. I just took to seem ripper and took all of the stars off for new york in California. Considering other states, but I would like to make the case that we just ignore California, from iran out to stories. September thirty of california, energy commission wrote executives at five oil companies and gas companies. Demanding answers for sharp price increases in california, gas pumps. The Letter cues the oil and gas companies of profiteering and clay the oil industry owes California's answers for not having right it an adequate and transparent explanation for this price spike. Well, they they Third, yesterday, in a letter for
valera california is the most expensive operating environment in the country and very hostile regulatory environment for refining cattle when you policy makers have knowingly adopted policies with the expressed intent of eliminating the refinery sector telephone requires refiners to pay a very high carbon cap and tax. trade fees and be back with gasoline, with the cost the low carbon fuel standards with the backdrop of these people, she's. Not surprisingly, they wrote a forty year has seen refineries completely closer shot down major units when you down a refinery operation. You limit resilience of the supply chain. What I
think they were speaking slowly in his letter. He he gets bigger picture the person taipei, although one finger dad and, moreover California, is largely isolated from fuel markets of the central and eastern. U s and state regulations mandate are unique blend of gasoline, which makes california the most challenging market to serve California has also impose some of the most aggressive and thus expensive and limiting environmental regulatory requirements in the world cup. When you policies have made it difficult to increase refining capacity and prevented supply, projects to lower operating costs of the refineries. Sincerely that arrow now california, the governor, whose right, on top of this stuff, these calling for a special session to address the greed of oil companies gas.
Prices are too high time to enact a windfall profits tax directly on oil companies that are ripping you off at the pump and that's Only going to make things better, I don't know if I mention this, but seventeen states have fallen. verily signed up for all of California is nonsense when it comes to emissions guy, so any They do. Seventeen states hello, Virginia. Near your legislature? Just as I do, you know why we're just sign up odin no need to bring this to the people for a vote. We oh just sign resign as its late at night and they pushed it through and now its law anything the california does. You have to do so of california. sulphur, yes, yeah you're gonna jump off the bridge to now. Let me give you up figure be a second story here. These,
pre court will hear arguments over a california. Animal cruelty law that would re the costs of bacon and other port products nationwide. The cases out it is important to the nations twenty six billion dollars a year, pork industry, but the outcome all so. Could limit states abilities to pass laws with impact out? their borders guide. If you want to do that in your state, Do that in your state, I don't, have to be dragged along with it. from laws aimed at combating climate change to others intended to regulate prescription drugs prices. The case before: court on tuesday. Oh my gosh yesterday, California, proposition twelve, which voters pay in twenty thousand and eighteen, it said pork sold in the state needs to come from pigs whose mothers were raised with the least twenty four square feet. Space may include
the ability to lie down and turn around. They rules that rules out confine gestation crates metal. Closures and are common in the pork industry. They also say the way the pork market works, with cuts of meat from various producers being by before sail. It is likely all pork would have to meet. California standards, regardless of where it sold that ok, the industry about three hundred and fifty million dollars a year. Guess who's gonna pay for it. You now I am all for being decent, and I don't eat veal, because I did you don't keep an animal and great the whole time. I have a problem with it, but I don't need real impose my values on everyone else and I'm sick and tired of california doing this to us? I am, sick and tired of oh now
if more for bacon, ok Oh, and also this involves the meat industry and the egg industry we're gonna pay more for wow. It's almost like, California doesn't want us to eat meat or use any kind of animal products. Wow. That's completely weird. Who does email one coming the. I can't take it anymore. Why doesn't the pork industry just say and quite honestly, the oil industry just go ok, well, you're on your own white out seriously why? Don't we let california just live in its own slop? Well, glenn! It's a big market and there's a lot of people there and they
would sell a lot of pork products there and they don't want to lose that market so that there does seem to have ham for dinner. I don't like hamed, I'm willing to have ham for dinner for a year. If you say you know what the rest of the country were tired of calling for What this it in this seems to be an issue that really is: bothering big meat producers right yet like the aid, if they were to happen, and we were to say when we're feeling nor california they're gonna do what they do. What likely occur as you'd have some of those big pork manufacturers would probably retail trade? stop those standards, because california is a big market. It's a big chunk of their business. He alone, but you'd have a lot of small producers who would be like walmart doing that we're going to sell to iowa into texas and florida and so you'd wait a minute. Are you saying it'll be like a free market it'll make some people would do it, so people wouldn't whoa. I know, but I mean I
it's interesting. The way you you're talking about this because I too, I think I agree with you, but in the de while writing down the coverage of it sort of presenting it as the right wing position is too take up this aggressive form of the commerce clause and and go the other way make it. So you can Forty is not able to have these standards because it would affect them. Commerce of other states. No, I dont mind if they have those standards they can have those standards and I have a right as a pork producer to say, not selling the california now screw. You guys screw you, but california It does not have the right to increase the most of my food, my cost of living idle want, California did dictating what I do. I don't live in california for a reason, and california is being held up as the model for.
All of you, and I say this is what they want to do to the united states. I don't want to live. There exists in totally intentional too that they ve realized. They have enough economic power. to change their standards will force it on everybody else. Ackley ryan, with seventeen states on board, no matter what they do. Think of that pot that if you live in one of the states, you don't have a representative No, you know, have you ve outsourced your entire leadership to govern newsome yeah? education? We what's the list, you know how the list of seventeen I just italy without union on their virginia's on their origins on their. I did castle. There attorney general, who I love. Another turn general thereof: lieutenant governor and is she was tell me she said claim which we are now California? We don't have that many vehicles, we don't, Have you know it's like Cardono, twenty percent of all cars in California? Some, I don't know the number of to look it up, but a percentage of cars on the road in california. Are electric, not
virginia. and so now they have to adopt the same standards and have the electric vehicles that going to throw virginians I mean in tune, absolute turmoil when this hits we stand up about it. Anybody thinking about it. Anybody seen anything either it's time to end the madness. Pork producers stop doing bids. This with California. I know state make a lot of money on generating their power. What are you doing? why the? U arc I want you to be out of the coal business. They are working actively to put you out of business Why would you generate any power for, a state that is posing regulations on you too.
You out of power. Let them feel the full weight of their decisions darn it Ah, you don't like coal, yeah, ok off. It makes no sense we are enabling them they're out of control, alcoholics and we're serving them drinks. some boy you gotta, ask whose response Well, here. I mean I m, not the person it says: hey the bar tender needs to know when somebody's drunk, but if you Have somebody on the floor vomiting and completely incapable of walking or or are, I think, You do have some responsibility. Is time to let the alcoholic hit bottom, work. Producers say enough.
Anybody whose producing energy for california, what the hell is wrong with. You, Somebody needs to stand up and say no to california. If said, It states that that are agreed to a concept where they go out to the bar, with the alcoholic, attach them drink for drink right and end up in the guy from Virginia or whatever you some of these states therein. I don't want to be in a bar, I don't I don't I don't. I don't want it. and then everyone really really? what are we doing? Stop This is the best one big brother he's mine and staying on budget seems like decades, since that was a reality, but that feels pretty good doubt a nip, because if there's one thing you can expect this year, it is the unexpected and That's why american home shield exists as a member
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But once in a while there is a story that is so worth it that I agree to help them? and bring them on the ear and talk about This is not a book. This is a story that I think fits today and this group of people that want to Do this as a four part series with the angel studio- and I said, yeah studios now, whittaker is with us. He is the director in coal writer of truth and conviction, a story that you ve been on for twenty years and over twenty years, and you were lucky enough to meet a lot. of the people that were part of it originally yeah, so he had just over twenty years ago. I heard about this group of these teenagers and nazi germany, who ran a resistance group. We stood up to hitler and I found out that the last surviving member of that group lived like about an hour.
way from me, so we literally just open the phone book and found me hey. That's crazy! Call them up and said hey. Would you share your story with us and he was a gosh. You are come on up so went up and met man in Karl heinz neighbor, who was at that point in his late seventies, down, heard his story and was just jasper anyway. So tell me this. This story is about a guy named helmuth human right right, how much human or hubner and and He was sixteen. Sixteen years old, nineteen, forty one at that he was like on the on the nazi party fast track. He was working at city hall in hamburg, he was a member, hitler, youth kind of is buying into everything that girls was saying on the radio and then his brother. His older brother was serving in the german army in france, smuggled home, a short way, radio and helmets,
secretly listening to that which was a capital of fancy, I remind you that in fact I showed you in my office. I have what I like to call on facebook of the olden days. a radio that was who did would not pick up any signal from any station other than the approved nazi stations, and that's all you could buy and have that's right. That's all that's all he had access to until he starts tuning into this short. We re radio and at the time, the bbc was broadcasting in the german language because they that that can get through and ass, so helmet the sixteen year old kid starts. Listening to these realises he's hearing the truth for the first time. Somehow will to kind discern you. What I'm hearing from groups is not accurate. You don't really strange. I just had a a cycle. She, professor on with me from europe, and he wrote the He psychology Totalitarianism?
and he said- and I can't remember doing- do you remember, sir. He said ten or twenty percent of the population is not susceptible. What's going on right now, you know. Mass hypnosis all over the world. That is happening. He s must have been one of those kind of people that just all visa. He knew it wasn't right why See was allowed to hear the truth. That's right once he once he figured out. Ok, what I'm hearing from the bbc is the truth I've been hearing. Otherwise, isn't he eyes that, but then what important amazing. He took the next step. He decided have to do something about it. You know so heap. He tat, really the only weapon he knew how to use, and that was the typewriter. He was a brilliant writer at sixteen. At six, ten only started typing up these. These anti hitler leaflets at first he started out even have like a little on the little a quarter size red sheets that he would just gonna put these really concise, anti hitler,
messages, examples of them? So this is it. These are some some replicas. We ve had done up there in English so that you can get you can read it, but down with hitler, people seducer people's corrupt or people's trader down with hitler. That's a capital fence! You die, for this that's and that's the we know that oh yeah yeah here stood that now he was sixteen, so there must have been so you know a little bit of I'm. I'm immortal maybe a little bit to that, but who is a really bright kit as well in and he knew it, and I love even from this example where it says the people seducer. If you read that in german, it's it's, folks of a few her. So he adds this prefects of vr at the front of the word furor. Also, instead of saying that the people's leader, it says the people seducer justice really clever little play on words, who I saw that that dietrich bone offer made those same references years earlier. So there is some evidence that helmet was even pulling from.
from now on. We know that he was weaving together. Other band authors like shakespeare and schiller and heinrich rick man and of these kind of weaving them together in these starting with these little quarter, say she's, but eventually at a certain point that wasn't enough, so went to the full size. full size sheet, no margins. Just just cramming as many words as he possibly could onto these leaflets, sir, Oh wow, new year's began a year in which hitler has said all of his look is last hopes into the struggle, which has fact it's already leslie lost nineteen, forty two, the year of decision will decide decisively. We are told it will shown until now. Deed still triumph over words. Even when these words, one is tempted to say these dictionaries, full of words spring from the mouth of a certain hair, doktor John, of girls, so this guy, he was not. This. Kid was not just right
this by himself I mean he's. Writing it by himself ran but he was also going to church and the church was against this. They leave the bishop of the church even had put out a yea put us, put a sign on on the door, which said you know allowed right, especially because they just had one jewish convert that attended this congregation and he happened to be a good and of helmets, and so that, for whom it was one of the last straws as well. He started finding the truth, but also when that happened when his friends alimony was arrest by the gestapo and and taken to a concentration camp that was kind of them straw and he started putting out these fires at night and the church. Like me, Should I be most. Churches in in germany just had gone, really dark. His church was just where they were
they actually anti jewish or they trying to know he had in fact out. That was really an exception. You know most of the other branches of this church throughout germany. As far as we know, none of the others put that kind of a sign of the door. It's interesting that this bishop, that they had, though he was I've, met with his sons, you know, and and they talk about, you know he was really a good man. He was also a devout nazi. So this it's weird development, nazi, good man. This is the kind of decisions that we are facing now when you begin to compromise what happens pats again? Why said, don't compromise where, with Matt whittaker, he is the director co writer of. of a series called truth and conviction that is still on the story. Board they're gonna be fund raising here soon eyes with them. angel studios
and this is a project. I I love this story because it's about teenagers in germany that risk their life. and an did, make an impact so tell me the telling the story so sixteen year old kid how monsieur abner learns the truth picks up the and he knows which is a typewriter- starts typing up truth on these little fliers, flights at first, by himself going out on the streets of hamburg night posting them up extreme. Lee dangerous, but The point we're that's not enough, so we recruits his tube. friends from church cheese- and you know, there's he sixteen or seventeen and fifteen and the three of them they actually sneak in the churches start or crank enough copies on the on the mimeograph machine and then going out, and nobody at church knows. Nobody at church knows this at all and there and there, and there posting these for about a year, while course, the gestapo You know, there's some of them are being turned in and
Opera is finding these and then just seeing how dangerous they are enough. At that point, the gestapo, the typewriter is more dangerous than the pistol short. As they know, they can take pistols away, they can take those away brought. Somebody believes in their mind, racked that's much more forgot. They were very threatened. They were convinced that it was a university professor. That was writing these sums communist university, professor. They were trying to track down for a year. They were relentlessly pursued pursuing them in one gestapo agent in particular, agent meissner was his name, and he was just obsessed with finding out who is doing this and so really whole time that hell mood and his friends are putting these out? The agent is, is trying to to track down and they operated for about a year and then before eventually he was track down at his work at the city hall in hamburg and and was arrested and
They rested helmet first. He had made a promise to his friends that you know if any of us get caught, don't turn in the others and he was able to keep that promise for about five days. We have ways of making utopia and that's exactly what happened. I've read some of the documentation about that interrogation process where they use terms We used assiduous persuasion you know these you these euphemisms. That would that, but eventually, after five days they broke him, there first trying to get him to say who's the adult behind this, whose writing these you know. Who is that they they thought for sure there is. Somebody did this. Kid was just the paper boy royal. But eventually they realise that this is the kid did have meant that that it he he'd right away. In fact she admit that right away, I said I'm the one doing us, I'm doing it alone. It's just me after five days. They broke him. He gave them. of his friends. They arrested Carl and rudy, and three of them were also tortured.
Interrogated and held, and then on august, eleventh of nineteen what two. So eighty years ago, this past august, they stood in the highest court in nazi germany, hitler appointed judge and It was really knows a kangaroo court. Of course, you know other dead at nazi up waited attorneys to represent them in that kind of thing, but the real it for me: the most powerful part, and this will be the climax of our four part series is when now seventeen year old, how much you ignore, stands up and he can see, they were gonna go after Carl, his older friend, who had turned eighteen, so he was the adult and and and helmut realise that they are going to go after him and so he didn't make him the king panel yeah that's right, megan and hang him out. That's right! Hang him out to dry. So helmet and Carl told me this personally, he could see it happening. He watched helmuth stand up literally and figuratively, stand up and take all of the attention on himself and he starts
Getting in the face of that judge and exposing the lies at the judge was telling the court- and they have this this interchange, back and forth, and he really well documented. Oh yeah, yeah fashion love to see this yeah. It is its incredibly powerful, but at the end he worked. He took all the attention on himself. He was to death for it actions. His two friends were sends to years of hard hard labor, but they they lived, and some that's really important to me is just minutes after that and karl tales about how they were all blue. Into this little cell and can the last few minutes together as helmet. Whose telling them please you know, don't forget we did. You know that kind of thing. His life two words to his two best friends were remember me and I That word remember, is so important. They spent his two friends spent the rest of their lives, trying to tell this story. You know, and and giving an example of what it means to sweat. Amendment has never been made about this, no other bent
in a documentary for pbs twenty years ago and and it's while I was doing that that I just realized. You know this is a story that changes people who hear it and it needs to reach a much broader audience which is especially teens. That's that's exactly right. You know our generation, my generation, the ex gin agenda, exercise and boomers. In that kind of thing, we're gonna, be under this kind of story for teenagers to see their own age that are standing up for what is right. You know Carl told They were you know in their church. They were re singing that old, traditional christian him do. It is right, let the consequence follow and that six actually what they did. They stood up and the consequences for them were grave. So how did Carl when he told you about I watched it? by watched him, take it all on and basically free me from the gallows. Oh, it was his feeling it's interesting because I know,
that he had told the story before, but when he was telling it to me it was as if it was telling it for the first time he was emotional. We had the incredible experience of taking Carl with back to germany to go in. to the chamber where his friend was executed, with actually behind peggy a team at the age of seventeen. It's now a national memorial in berlin and Carl walked in there and then just started weeping and talking to his friend and telling us. This is where it happened and he saved my life. That's interesting that that's were Carl said. He saved my life, maisie To what point are you at four for producing cs so we we. partnered with angel studios who brought us the chosen rate and an amazing series, and we ve partnered with them, and and were in the process now of of crowd funding. You know that
that that's what angel studios has done. This kind of turned the traditional model of vat. You know raising money for and and distributing independent film and series on its head. Traditionally, you know the hollywood version is kind of. Let's make it first, will spend our millions making it and then spend millions more hoping that we can build an audience for it. They are like builded audience, let's build an audience. First, make sure that we have an audience and once we know that, then will mean Then we already have our audience in place and so that we're ready were with angel studios, we're just work were hoping and opening it up, so people can actually oh to our landing page to our website, angel dot com, slash truth and and and their inches thick and back the project. You know- and I dont know- you're not cry funding yet, but it's coming in the future, but you it s if you are interested in this, I think this is a really important story to tell it
my favorite stories of Emma I'm a sucker for the underdog who stands and in and kind of thinks they they lost, but they really didn't because she get out of their time. there are memorials to him and end, and people in germany know him view you look at tat. the guy's name. I'm telling you about the mind com that has his book in its staff and banished often burger staff and bird, most people, don't even didn't know before the Tom cruise movie most people in america didn't know he was he's. A national hero, in in germany, and he was executed. Need to learn these these stories about the bonn hovers and the the human nurse and and the VON stoppin bergs go to angel, dot, com, slash, truth, angel dot, com, slash truth and
not more about this truth and convictions, tv series and Hopefully we will see it soon. When you go to germany Well we're heading two to germany, for the eightieth anniversary of helmets, execution disk in about two weeks october. Twenty seventh hell was when he was executed and the in government is is holding a memorial service there, so we're gonna be there, for that will be will be hosting service to our socials and actually doing alive stream, and we can give you a call- and let me I'd love to attach you to my social, to I'd love to see that those he'll be there may be phantasmagoria. Thank you. So much got an idea, angel dot com, slash truth, angel dot com, slash truth in important story,
that we share with our families that are the best of the Glen bank programme. This is the lender. There was story came out today that I found a fascinating and that is tulsa gabert. I can no longer remain in today's democratic party, is now under the complete control of a leading cabal of warmonger, is driven by cowardly, cowardly woken is who divide us by radicalizing every issue stoke aunt white racism actively work to undermine our god given freedoms. I wanted to talk to tell seat, because I know our. I think we have have the big things in common. The you know bill of rights concept
ocean hey, I I think america's made some really bad things. Let's Let's learn from those cause. Most of it is really good and we can get it right, but she is Interesting also because she's leaving the democratic party, and she wasn't like when people leave the republican party either really really conservative and believe in things like this party doesn't meaning or you ve got the p. boy who are just there really Republicans there more of a democrat conservative Democrat Anais leave. She was deep into the the socialist side of the party he gathered joins us now. High tells you, how are you a glance morning, I'm good! How are you didn't? Let good so First of all, let me just introduces a host of details. Gabert show and you can find out more about her at tulsi dot, sub stack dot com, so tulsi
Why leave the Democrats and why now. Glenn, you know you and I have had a lot of great conversations and so many of those conversations often I find him and centre around freedom. As you mentioned, the rule of rights, these phenomena principles. Our country was founded on the things that are most important, that that really bind us all together. And when it comes right down to it, today's democratic party does not believe in freedom. They don't believe in freedom. And because I don't believe in freedom and because they are the other parties, by fanatical ideologues, their active trying to undermine those given rights that we have that are enshrined in our constitution there, their active.
Seeking to undermine our freedom of speech. They want to control what we say and what we think they are attacking our religious liberty. They cannot handle it when people dare to say god or even question question that thing: is that they are trying to improve. who's on us as a society and the way that they they are either they foment fear. You see this council woke culture, they try to islands, anyone who dares to disagree or anyone who dares to expose. Insecurity there and security in the this in their argument, a narrative- and a whole host of reasons, then you can go, and you know or read my statement on sub stack or listen to to you know I I spoke about this in detail. I'm on the two gabert show, but it really all come down to
freedom- and I I can- I can no longer be associated with today's democratic party that is so actively anti freedom tulsi. You know you and I have talked many times and I really respect you. But I have to ask a couple of questions. Why you know these are honest questions, I'm not try to do anything but really understand couple things: first wall? dress the cynics they would say you're only doing this now, because you want the publicity for your part, castor, minnow, sub stack. I am I'm laughing a little bit it you're asking that Glenn, because every time I made a decision that gotten got some attention but we may be politically not expedient the popular thing to do that was very often the response. You were like. Oh you're, just doing this to get attention and never know, and that's never been the motivation that I've had
I have done my best and continue to do my best to To make decisions, will there be about policy or other things based on on? What's right, look, and this was not a decision that I made lightly or quickly. take that its one that I knew I had to be done. This is this is the part that that I'm really interested in it, because I think there are people that are leaving the parties both parties, because they think they're both about bull, crap, There are people like bill mar that are really speaking out against this democratic mob and he peoples- I, I think, he's during conservative
He's not he's a classical liberal he's, a guy who believes in freedom, etc, etc. He just believes in more taxes and more government and everything else, so he's just in the kind of american that loves the country and agrees with the bill of rights and the kind of american that doesn't want to fight his neighbor can live side by side. I'm I want to ask you, because you I mean you, endorse Bernie sanders and twenty sixteen endorse he's ellison who are somebody that has your do way down the rabbit hold to the left on your pa. Policies. Have you changed your mind on those or you more like bill mar what what what's happening.
first, I want to go back to what you mentioned about you know, being being a classic liberal, and I think a lot of people have forgotten or don't know, maybe what that actually means. But if you look at it, you look at class liberalism, and this is something that you talk about. Classic liberalism is about respecting individual freedom and individual rights. It's about ah really living up to that ideal of a government of by and for the people. It's about civil liberties and freedom and my gosh, today's democratic party or is is clearly so far off from the classic liberals have a great of our past. You know I there. I I've never put myself as no in a box like I've, never cleanly fit, and you know the so called progressive boxer. The you know Even as a Democrat, I have always been an independent democratic, so there are things it's probably
I I agree with some folks on or disagree with other folks on? Ah, but ultimately, what it? What it comes down to is is the democratic party of today has literally gone, insane and the foundation of freedom has not they ve been lost, something that their actively attacking, which, which makes it impossible to then have a conversation about many of the other things that that affect us in our everyday lives. We can't stand on this common foundation of an principle of freedom and and recognising our god given rights enshrined in the constitution there. Third, there is not a whole lot of room to talk. So tell me what you think happened to the democratic party is, as I see it, they gave it they gave in to the marxist, but there really giving into the marxist there. I don't know I was a
ain't or something? I am not sure what it was, but it was a useful idiots. And really what they ve done. Is they ve become this corporatist, globalist monster? What happened? Do you think You know, I can't tell you specifically, was the causes, what I have experienced and what I mean is you know going back to years ago when I first ran for state house here in hawaii, and I looked at ok well, which party. Do I wanna affiliate with at that time? When I looked in hawaii past, especially I saw the democratic party- is a big, can inclusive party respecting people who hope different views on different issues, but be rooted in the foundations of justice and fairness of freedom and being a champion for the little guy for the working class american and that party it is not recognisable today
it, is a bit. Is a party of the leaf by the elite and for I believe it is a party you warmonger, warmongering are firmly in the girl to the military industrial complex it. The party that has left the people behind and and has been taken over by these fanatical ideologues who are blinded by their ambition and desire for power? You know I've I've been through this over the years and seen how not only do they try to destroy people who disagree with them. Even if you just don't say anything about whatever their call. You at the moment is because it changes, then their responses, while you're you are complicit. If you are silent, you are complicit you're part of the problem and then, if you say all you know, cable fine, I I agree with that makes sense. It's not enough. Unless you get out there. With your megaphone and stand on the street corner and scream la
Thirdly, in march in the protest- and you know claim your allegiance to whatever their cause of the moment is then it's not enough there not convinced it that the goalposts keeps changing, they don't believe in truth and when people don't believe in truth, and there are no boundaries too what they are propagating in our society which which frankly it is a great danger and risk, so I'm I'm taking and it may be. I have this wrong, but I'm taking it that you know ear to ear. the conservative, but you still agree with some of those socialist big. from it things that you supported in the past? So if that's true, who you gonna go for, I mean. How are you there's an election coming up. You, I've saved names, but do you vote?
or the party, even if the person is good. I know the answer is no I I I have always been of the mind said that we should not be voting based on. Party lines, we should be voting based on the character and values of canada. and their commitment to the constitution there there are different issues. Are positions that you now, through my experience I've seen. Ok, while, while you know I didn't know that, are I didn't understand that and I think it's important to to always be willing to self exam. It's okay was I right on that or not, or is there a better approach to being able to tackle the problems that we face? You know yeah. I was confounded when I was vice chair of the democratic national party for a few years in washington
return. We would go to events during during an election year and you'd hear them, and shall vote blue, no matter who added! never made any sense to me. It never made any sense. As I know how to people group We should not have ever been running for office, but we're standing up on a stage getting people support and votes, as people's did next to them sing blue no matter who then, who matters character, matters your values, matter your commitment and who your loyal to matters the most. The fact that we have got to a place in a country where we have so many leaders in washington who took that owes that every one of us takes when you take public office that both this important defend the constitution? but they've thrown the constitution in the trash or they're openly, or you know, stomping their feet on it, in defiance of that oath that they took a this is where, if you
Get you, sir questioning wire wire people doing these things. Why are they taken the position that they're taking wire they? Why don't they believe and the rule of law. Why? How can they oppose free speech? I it's it's because they don't believe in the constitution the end and without that. Therefore, during and there is no foundation to stand on talking to tulsa gabert and I it is really important- I like to see- I don't You would consider me a friend, but I consider you a friend elsie. I do. I do and and and while we times I disagree on a lot of really big things. It is real. Important when somebody recognizes and says. Oh, that's poison, that even other, not on your team per se that you kick nuys, that's a huge huge step and important, because we have to get back to being a
tree where we can live side by side and disagree with each other, but still like each other. And respect one another, so dulcy. Thank you so much. Thank you. You back at table have a greater you too tall, see dot, sub stack, dot com and you can find out. More follower on at tulsa. Governor tells her governess the
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