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Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton discusses the latest mail-in ballot fraud being uncovered in Texas. Churchgoers in Moscow, Idaho, were arrested while singing hymns outside without masks. Gabriel Rench, whose arrest went viral, joins to tell the story. This Saturday, “The Harbinger II” author Jonathan Cahn is hosting a national day of prayer and repentance called “The Return” in Washington, D.C. He explains why he believes this day and year are biblically significant and why America must return to God.

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Welcome to the podcast so today, Glenn starts to show with the little information about the FBI, attacks that were released. The deep state stuff is looking into gear and it seems like there's new stuff from almost every day he's our text messages between agents that are gonna blow your mind. We start to show right, there can packs, and he is the treaty general of the State of Texas, talk to us about voter fraud and how they seem to have caught up here and Texas, thankfully, before presidential election in the details on that and what is being planned by the left. Also, we have Jonathan com who is on with us, gave ranches on his well he's a guys who was making is doing this terrible horrible thing that spreads covert all over the place called singing hymns outdoors in a social distance manner ass to the earlier that got bad bad person. At least I really want to getting like arrested for this again. This is one of frequent world. We live in right now and Pat Grant, as you just heard, joins us for our three to go through all the craziness. That's going on with a media embryonic Taylor, as well as the protesters who are harassing people at restaurants and and and some of them who lay just happened to be down lying down the street and, unfortunately, have their heads run over by bicycles, and nobody wants to see that. No, you don't want to see the honesty that you'd go by the way, while you're here make sure to go to Pat Gray unleashed right here on your podcast app and click subscribe. You get all the episodes for freight studios, America as well, and I will tell you a special programme next week. Tuesday night is the debate, the voice gotcha cover. If you go to Youtube search first, do you get my? U to channel subscribe there because on Tuesday night, when you have listed as America leading up to the debate with all the three shows up than during the debates were to be watching the debate with you worry sitting on a couch unduly mystery science. There are three thousand. Let you hear the actual debate would interrupt it all the time we will have some wise s, comments and lie fact, checks and things like that. I can imagine voices comments when you wanted to wealth. That might happen, you think he'll bite. It might do something that deserves a mockery. Possibly so you'll see that happening, and then afterwards we have pushed show covers over the whole night. Wrapped up, you can watch the debate, go to Youtube search for Stu, I ll be the first channel their material subscribe to it and all the things you click the bell. Often notifications
you only thinking in Pakistan is our attorney general here and text in Texas. And yesterday, looks like found a scheme and is putting the cops honest you people there? It had a malian ballot scheme. What surprise in the Democratic Party here in the great state of Texas, well to our attorney general. Can Paxton how're you, sir? I'm the one. I guess you have not heard the narrative. We don't have melon that electronic voting. Well, I was gonna, ask you beside the one hundred and thirty four felony charges what, Do you have
Well, I mean you know it's interesting this. This narrative, it there's! No voter fraud of snow mail and about fraud It is largely, I think, push because there hasn't been a lot of focus on it. There has most grateful. A lot of resources or any resources behind. I don't have any. We only When I start we had one prosecutor, a few investigators. I s legislature, to triple that with and we were the first people to see all the time and sixty six percent of the cases that we done at the last ten years. had been melon ballot, broad Ok! Well, that's something! You know like the violence at these at these beautiful, peaceful rallies. That's just not happening Can so tell me about tell me about this ring who was involved in what were they doing? Well, it would devil It appeared in a better mechanic. Monsieur
then in sheer brown. Here this morning by five, both the priest that he is there. I think like covered about twenty percent, the population, but it had fifty percent of the male about it. And if you look at of the county. There. Only twelve disability checked by for people who are running now about, whereas in his praise, think there were three hundred seventy six. I think so too. Were definitely not proportional they were way outside for his his is pressing and he left wing by five votes so What happens first? Well, how did you find out about it? How did you nail them and who was involved so we had a lot of help from the great canny share of sheer tub. We also miles investigated, but we also get that information from the elections diplomatic. They did. They discovered the inequities
which in some Kelly's you know it is difficult for us to get that because the elections, people- and I take note of a thing like that, because they may or may not like the result. Can you are is concerned, as I am about this, these felony charges, the EU can face six months in jail to ninety nine years. In prison that's kind of a big spread. What have to do to get ninety nine years in prison, you know it's always up to. Tell that to the court has been determined outlet, jury, trial by jury and fell then that making this It is based on how how bad they think that the crime was so I'd. I'd cases We try to negotiate. We had a woman who had I believe, like five county, an anti personnel. We asked actually try to negotiate a two year sentence for her.
And she refused the jury and of giving your eight years lots taxes, I don't know if they gonna happen elsewhere. So what people do this election, I mean I am, I have to tell you and I have no problem- I mean I do, but I except a a fair and honest vote. If it goes the other way, I won't, like it. I dont know how we survive, but I will accept it and I, Most people on both sides of the Isle will do the same but ere I mean how does the Post office in Pennsylvania just lose Trump votes in a ditch in September really question directly with the present yesterday. He was asking the very same what he said: how do they lose out alma, my both in the both you know in the trash on the sailor road and he, I know he is extremely concerned about the mail about that. You said he's interest
the eighty million mail about that That's a lot of openness for fraud. I can tell you that scary soul, what does the average person do? How can we volunteer? How can we over what do we do? I think one favor at the moment there is really a challenge because it is impossible, watch, at least when people are really in person. You can have people at the polls like watching people, though just or watching the process happen. And ensuring that people are doing what they're supposed to deal it's pretty simple right. You shoulda photo idea that you yet about in your view, reddish, although it about so but it was a male and doubt we don't know who those are coming from and the people cadmium don't know it either. So it's very difficult with that kind of process and with what our at least it limited universally certain categories of people, can do people over sixty five other disable, but even there
there is room for further. Imagine stated, have universal mail about. I do not think you can protect against never get better philosophy of universal mail unbalanced, did. The guy was his name that one. This fish nor seat. or the shaman Brown Shanna brown The easiest he's he's not serving ripe. I mean he's, serve in a different way: well, we have to prove. You have to prove that Europe is still presumed innocent until until a jury collection of across. So at this point they continue to serve will continue serve until we proved the case, and a cherry says: yeah Youtube you. You prove your case. This guy committed brought her. Yet
presumed innocent, dislike anybody up. It gives indicted how big? How was it? How did this scheme were counted? They do it where they get the ballots, how they do it. I think This is just get mailed out and sometime gauges go round. Grab a matter mailboxes an amount that chooses it's done in your. Sometimes we were pretty certain that they be alive. His people let their operatives? No they're going out and it is they know the date. They noble, location, to make, grab him and tell him out, and I won't ever knows Ten. Thank you so much by way. Let me ask you, I don't know if you have the answer, Why did the governor increase the time of voting before the election? We went from like twelve days to seventeen or something like that. Why did we do You didn't actually do not answer so
one of the arguments should even making we ve been sued. Somebody times relation issues we ve been sued, I think twelve to fifteen times more election cases. It I've ever had my lot. I ever happen in the state history there trying to affect our elected, so we had, three different mail in ballot case. It's one was an Travis January, one that a text for imports We have one of the few circuit too and by the way is now they have to win one time make their, but then it opens up her cheek we're too in every case or we lose. We have another one in the fifth circuit, the constitutional, challenging the unconstitutional to only let people sixty five million, we have another one in her country where the channel clerk declared, is trying to male outward, but two point: seven million. everybody not not upon request just now about so one. the argument that we have made is hey the governor has, already a comedy these people, accommodated the whole coded issue by allowing for more hours in law
early voting, and I think that a much safer wait, a halo there, because we don't have any proof that really that early going Actually, I think it actually helps us yet more people out in it tends to give her a bullet, and so I dont think Naturally, the problem, a real problem is now about. I find it straining that we have lost it some, I even if the State party going after something lily, doesn't change the game and really undermining our case that hey, we already accommodated, don't do male unbalanced. Whose funding all these losses causes notches. Texas, this happening all over the country. I mean my thank you nation is. Georgia is a lot from one there's a lot from the wall that many of these cases, not just now about the issue of her all kind of this is how many poured we have, How me ballot order You know that Republic of Republican
the of the democratic way between what we ve done to begin time. Whoever's empower gets go first, meta name, it were defending it can. Indeed there was. It was said he brought up George Sorrels and Fox NEWS just about what their pants, when the when the name George Soros, went on the air, I know this to be true, you and I have talked about it. George Soros, has pumped all kinds of money into this to turn ease and even into some offices of attorney general's. Try in different ways trying to effect even the attorney general's office. They say that there is no proof of that, can you prove this so he so good at like hiding how he does it, but like, for instance,
Here's, the here's pierced the folks he wants to put in the age old, prosecute crime, but they will go after Republican. That's the idea, get it get people and folk I'll. Give you two examples. They are county, had had a really good democratic. Ba Can we go ahead twice, with very well on human trafficking, all kinds of issues while forest like him, because he was prosecuted people. He was doing his job fainting Lebanon Travis count Margaret more excellently a donor job, not person to do their job? and but she was prosecuted people for that was then another day who supposedly is gonna, not prosecute people, but being up we'll go out. Republican leaders drop of a hat so that the strategy make criminalize politics and weapon eyes the days destroy anybody that that they don't like, then not prosecute real crime.
It's an incredible time to live and I'm glad you're our attorney general. Thank you very much can reach it couldn't have a great you can pass on our attorney general State of Texas, and if you have a good attorney general I'm telling the things you must vote for. You must know who your attorney general is yoga. Make sure they are strict constitutional list, an sheriffs You gotta do everything you can. If you have a good sheriff support them. If they're up for re election support them, do all you? Can sheriffs are going to be the last line of defence, as we have already seen in just some of this covered nightmares? This is the best of Glinda Programme and don't forget rain us on. I too, we as Swat team swing into action.
lasting three Christians singing hymns. They were all social distanced, but they didn't, wear masks now. should give you the fact that this county is overwhelmed with Cove it The hospital is teeming with people with covered. Or I think no one is head covered in the hospital- is fine, I'm not sure which one it is, but one of the guys who was arrested is Gabriel Rent, Shallow Gabriel, Hey, I'm gonna break through me on, You tell me what the hell happening to Idaho, me. I'm a guy just is blown away. If you are, you know, this whole army signed into a resolution. Lino subtle, distancing, mask resolution on July, SEC, it and then They keep extending our city council keeps extending it amend and throughout all this church,
occasionally. Would I mean? Are we go till I got the middle downtown and seeks jobs in the three reports on this kind of approach. He's gotta worship protest to others. And then are Mayer on this past Monday extended. The road was answer My pastures on Tuesday decided discussing the farms again, unless do the city walls parking lot, and so we were due to the old parking lot and started. Get out of half way through a phone and the police officers stir walked up to me and proceeded to talk to me, you know what they are almost Dana right. Next to me, they asked her what she says: she's my son and his life but my arm around my buddy next to me I said, but this is my friend and There said okay! Well, let me give me your idea- and I said after you don't have to do this and you get the idea,
the officer, you know better less LISA Gimme, your idea after I had first met her writing. Your duty is to the citizens not to the major duties. Citizens freedoms are right and not to the mayor. You need to you to stand up and then he said, What time is it? I'm gonna give you one more time. Give me I d pleasure I'm sorry to have to do this. It is. I want to tell you that you didn't want to read me and then he proceeded directly be our chief. Police chief right after the resolution was signed it on Monday, Tuesday morning- and I said after surprised, he's christian man said- I said, don't be like the upon oh Peter and run away what people energy skipped sacrificed be Daniel. Be the ballgame guy that moment I don't get it you stated behind their running officer, and I said this was your day in a moment and
so they walked over to the police car while, while some twenty thing, if you can hear the Egg Click, the videos that maybe you ve gone viral, an a beautiful just position. As my people behind your thing, singing They are being arrested, they walked over to the cop garb and my brother. Why? my brother's always late, so he walked up late Brown. What's happening I'll come over here, he come. Then he like this is bore now start going into the officers and they might associate master come. Then walkin in any like eastwards rebukingly officers, I met my past or had my back. It was fantastic, so they get me got garb. They take me up to two to jail and here's They ve been crazy things that have gone on to all this. First, our Mayer on September fifth official.
It is a religious event without a mask without social distancing and in September He was at a gathering of social gathering of more than fifty people. He attended. Without a mask without social differences. here I am, I gonna, think foams. The all I get arrested, and then I go to be deputy. Are they to me? Nobody talk county jail and as their checks we're gonna be jail for about two hours. My buddy Sean Bernay. He amateurs, White Rachel, also got arrested. I'm so Sean comes to Joe. He comes to visit me a jail made. His wife had to go. Another jail cell because they actually believe and male and female hair Moscow It has given relieved from from jail. So therefore about two hours. I look
for us. The way I'm sitting down talking to the deputy used is looking out, can only information and I'm sitting down and across the way, there's three deputies and off is a tool of art was losing our way. Mass. Complementarity, officer recipes these people. There was a difference in their word, a mask and end the opposite. They ate just just go man, she's, gonna, sit down, you need to rest these people, they aren't social differences, This what others? That's what I'm here for a job Basically, it doesn't want me, but they basically pushed me out of jail, these words. Were these police officers when you said the deputy was a sheriff or was as police, so the Pity Moscow Police Department arrested me in an handed me over to the late hour County jail, which is run by the B shares department, sorts of both about fiasco, wow, you should
rethink your sheriff. If your sheriff is is for this kind of stuff sheriff. Are the they they they respond directly to the people they are. They don't have to go through anybody else. They go to the constitution and to the people that's your sheriff. You should get em out. I don't know anything about the sheriff, but I'd be interested to see what he had to say about it go go ahead. How do you say either that that's making, but the sheriff? Did you kill him in and out, but you can't do that to them with Moscow Police Chief, because he reports for the mayor and the mare and our city council at put everyone in this little. How did this smile divine power? The small town vote for a council looked like this. How did you do it? but what word I'd Al Qaeda the conservative stay puppy. Seventy thirty by I'm in a university town, believe journeyed, there's only two colonies in Idaho, that kinda boat, liberal president risks and I'm in one of them. So, even served as even the so called conservatives better on the council.
Absolutely liberal, bulgaria- so what's gonna happen now you have somebody to represent you to bring this to court or the alarming obviously think gunfire. Also them in a number of lawyers have reached out to me so yeah Ahmad up, obviously fight this limited. We have basic constitutes no rights that would finally to have a right to worse. I will write to protest. I write a petition. I've worked with some assembled in an end the constitutional right to worship. Tell the gun that you can't tell me when the worship where to worship and how to worship, you cannot do that and I got arrested for that. I got a court hearing on Wednesday and I'm talking to some lawyers, I haven't kind of finalize my game plan in all this but yeah young, and I'm because I told the cops who get arrested a fat man up doing for your liberties, brother,
see. I was really glad to see you guys. Did it like a Martin Luther King protest, your were peaceful view. You know you didn't cause us. Thank you just stated things clearly walked away with the officers. Any did it right it's hard to when we need when you, when you're wrestling with a cop, it's hard to figure out who the good guy in the bad guy is sometimes- and I think you did this regular if you some change it back. Went round me. Won't you bad propitiated, idle, What are you doing man? What are you doing? Wake up is the best of the Glenn Beck program. We have yet another priest this one in Minnesota that has been silenced by the church. He gave a sermon on the coronavirus. The truth revealed where he said some controversial things for sure.
He said we are being manipulated in played and the church has chastise him because his homily- Didn't we two against the Pope Francis's exhortation that sermons be account consoling encounter with gods, word and accounts? and source of renewal and growth. All ok oh they're, not supposed to talk about things. I'm telling you there's a war in all of our churches and there is a war going on and we are not fighting men. We are not we're, not fighting against the Democratic Party. We are fighting against evil and, quite honestly, for those who are awake in the Democratic Party, their fight, do. They know. luckily this weekend there is
think something that is really critically important at whether your there or or you do it yourself tomorrow. But there is a prayer arch tomorrow in Washington DC with Franklin Gram. We talked about that earlier this week and John. Khan is also holding an event called return than national and global day of prayer and repentance welcome to the programme Jonathan COM greater leeway, deadline, So how much trouble we engineer than a bit? trouble. I don't believe in our lifetime. We have Erica at the places that now, at a critical moment, America's everything we are. We the danger of of literally every collapse.
But we do know he'll glared at the beginning of this nation, the other work they were promises made. You know enough actually appeared in say if we fall of God will be the most blessed power prosper, Asian honoured and come true, but it if we turn away from God. Those lessons are gonna, be removed and we're watching that were watching the dangers that we have I got out of our own culture. We have called evil good and evil. We done all these into were following restate away. In Israel and that leaves the judgments are, I believe, so critical. I've never been oh good, but as we all right now that we have had to return to God and if we don't, we may pass upon ability. No, the Jonathan Euro, the harbinger and the harbinger too
and you were- I think you had your dates wrong on the show. Me too, I think it's I think it's coming now. and myself, but but you have been a voice that has really expose this all the way, along as a spirit will battle set by followed you since the harbinger came out and you follow it from ground zero and I'm not sure this is just a bad time for America. I mean, I believe that there's a chance. The headline today in the Jerusalem Post was The world is witnessing biblical prophecies or the times and fulfilment of the Bible. Something along those lines has Jerusalem post I think there's a there's a shot This is the beginning of those things foretold.
Yeah. If you remember, when we first met, we spoke about, arbiter in the harbor cure, for those not is. Is the people call a template of additions judgment what it is you know if it did begins with a strike on the land was the powdered again I gonna Bible Anatomy makes a strike with us. We had nine eleven and that is a wake up call I would call a donation back but it. But then there is a window of time. Degradation is given and at worst span appears. What I would argue that it was not the end of the beginning of this parliament, where we have fallen in that window of time with that we have followed but we would like the God we helped all the more departed from God, less exactly what happened. Egypt, Israel and one of the things is gonna. This is why I do that this year we shall be able to return, but also for the people, the arbiter too, because one within the time period.
Then in the Bible, where how long is it from that strike that first warning to the time when the Green you're come on land while other asian Israel. It was a period of nineteen strike took a year. That is greater shake. You say well to the well known levels, two thousand one. What is that people here, it's your twenty twenty, we are seeing the shaking is coming and where we are watching the danger of this window of time anything the truth onward, each other on its own, we'll watch. You always think that fact, the prophet Jeremiah, what he's talking about this ninety beer, what happened warpings. He says he talked about play. He talked about shaking while we are shaping anyway get this warning now again that this is a time must return it, really. I believe, like that. I agree with you. I think said. I didn't understand men's hearts will fail them
until this year. I, the number of people that it's not here. Yet it's not hard yet and the number of people that will cower in fear and won't say anything because still be kicked out of school. They will lose their jobs. Their loose friends they'll lose family. That your heart. Failing you, you know what's right and you won't do it thinking. Well, this one's a little one, but If you don't do the little ones, you don't say, the chance when it gets hard, In fact, I mean we have been paralysed and we have never never. In the history of America we got when we are powerless. We see things grind hold in all my way here. Is it there's a chapter of this job opportunities things to combat it? Talks about our common, the chickens are the day the breakdown of
society, the disorder. You know civil disorder, someone a breakdown of the economy, all these things and and really grinding to a halt, and things is that I was present. This was a year ago in a grey Lord. What's in it for it, I got it. I was due to be already- and I got that, but as of this year- and I got a very. I think that this can we be your shaken up telling people this war before this happened. And the thing is we realise that one of the things that its September twenty Susan over a year ago, we don't know, as it turns out on the people call calendar is a pointed day tomorrow we didn't know it and it's called shall bought with Red the Sabbath Saturday and other shoe bob, word means a return that we had. No idea, if appointed for wearing did you bring, is of my just my headphones or did you bring I didn't hear it hits you said: ok, I'm sorry! It was my headphones broke up. What
you say it means the Sabbath Andy issue should lodge martial law actually means reach their return home. We had. No idea is appointed from the biblical counter to be a day of return for a nation to return to God, and it isn't a point as we read all over the world and in the synagogues the world and its about having a sacred assembly, a solemn assembly, up in turn and repentance exactly what we're gonna do on the national more. We had no idea likely. This is so much the appointed time. So Jonathan did, is coordinated with Franklin Grams or is it just cause? I know of yours long before and I know Franklin is doing on them all. So there should be lots of Christians there. Are there any, and there are also people who just fear, God of their common Europe will frankly called us up. This was set down show you a while back Franco lapses what to do a march, so he's gonna do a march from the front
like a memorial coming across four it'll be two hours happening in the middle of the day. The return is no b the entire day, starting at nine. A m ought by in between the Washington Monument and the Capitol Hill at it's gotta, be it gotta tell you what a sacred somebody which, literally, if God, used in ancient times, to bring a nation back at that actually large used in american history bring America back before. So it's all gonna be converging S Webley his so much the Lord tomorrow, merging Weedin planets, but it's all coming at the same time same play. So yes, well, I will tell you, I'm speaking in praying tomorrow there and I it is an honour to having been even been asked to go out for a lot of really really be. People are involved in this and it does a God. Doesn't care about the big people here.
To hear it from us and if you can get to Washington tomorrow, please go to Washington If not, can watch this line yes, we are gonna, be the return, the returns we progress or simulcast workers all over American all over the world. If they go to the return dot org, you can find a high keep it at. The end also is to be on television thinks but started. Nine goes about the clock it wherever a thing afterwards just celebration, but the thing is that where you are, doesn't matter to make it great we'll be there. If you can where is your home at your church? It doesn't matter, did really concentrate this day for prayer, repentance pray for America and return and revive without revival there is, there is no future and it begins with us. It's the people of God, where the ones have to turn to God. First, Thank you so much my friend. I really appreciate you glad you bet. I thank you
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