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Glenn and Stu discuss Biden’s Supreme Court pick, who couldn’t define the word "woman." The Left is continuing its takeover of Disney. Co-author of “The Great Reset” Justin Haskins joins Glenn to discuss his Newsweek article, “Biden's Plan for a Digital Dollar Is a Massive Threat to Freedom.” Georgia Rep. Philip Singleton joins to discuss Georgia's Mental Health Parity Act and the dangers it brings.

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hey great podcast. Today we talk about the digital dollar, which is a special I'm doing tonight, nine pm only on blaze, tv. I think you can actually get it on PLUTO and is it going to be on Youtube, would never know it is? Is us vs, spin, the wheel, never know what they're going to say. We got cancelled because of this, but it's a special tonight. We talk a little bit about this here, also v in radical story of Judge Jackson, all that and so much more on today's podcast big shows tonight on the blaze tv as Well Blaze, tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, promo code is Glenn. You got a brand new studios, America, followed by a brand new good tv. You don't want to miss either. One of them is going to be really interesting stuff and we will get into that as well. You can subscribe at police tv, dot, com, Slash, Glen and the great reset available now don't miss. It is from Glenn Beck, of course, and Justin Haskins the real brains behind the operation that is available in bookstores everywhere, and you can get the audiobook and the digital copies as well. On Amazon check it out.
The only thinking so stew judged accident- said that she just can't define what a woman is here. She is cut for Can you provide a definition for the word woman? Can I provide a definition, though yeah. No, I can't you can't not your case? Contact are I'm not a biologist, okay, Margaret Wilmot either neither are. We really are people that taught entire world the teachers. You know that that taught
the difference between men and women. But neither are the the family. in the parents. Maybe that's why the school words, really believe that parents shouldn't be teacher I mean unless you're a biologist a biologist, then you can answer. I mean I don't know how many times my kids have said. Daddy, what's a woman and I've said I can't tell you that I can't tell you that I don't know I can't provide an explanation or a financial of a woman. I love this cycle. Is it raining outside? I don't know, I'm not a meteor Allah just out of bigger this out. So here's the definition of a woman, a woman biologically speaking, has ovaries and a uterus and a vagina they can lead, take it you know, I'm pretty sure that it's not just you can get anything out of any nipple.
You need to be able to elect a a woman, has that they give birth, naturally, by passing a baby through a birth canal So so you know, is this true, or are you just saying things that could be potentially true? No, those are true wow. Those are true, really, I think now I I don't want to get too technical here, but, a man has a penis and a woman has a vagina. Now, I'm no oh, wait a minute. I am a doctor. I was right, I am a doll, demand, an honest. What you'd received really know anything to do with humans. I I have read, got it master, how that works, but yeah now and you ve got it. You know There are many things that over time have been labelled a mental disease, but I You believe that clear. Definition here of a mental disease is
pretending that you don't know the difference between a man and a woman. You know I mean I think it's that's crystal clear and funny is so many of the people who deny God's existence because it's a man in the sky. You can't see him. You can hear him. You can't prove that he exist many Those people are the same people that somehow or another can see the wiener in the baby in the bathing suit, but still says, there's no evidence that that's a man man that weird stunning is Dunning yeah, so the same people that will go like I did a couple weeks ago and and and get a new puppy yeah we we were told it was a girl,
how do we know we are not veterinarians. How can I make such a distinction? Wow in you can't ask the puppy no than happy, never tells you yet. Every single one of these people owns a dog and those people are able to tell they say, come here, good boy, good boy there so evil evil they ve. Never there, no idea whether well, where I will tell you that you know I raise cattle and walking behind the cattle. I cannot tell the difference really. There is no difference and let me tell you it's dangerous when you go to try milk close cows, you, but I don't know which ones which you know what I mean ran. It is not safe. I like it's no longer two plus two equals five. It's two plus two equals. I don't know, I'm not a mathematician. Yes, it is, and you know when we first read nineteen eighty four, we thought
That could never happen. I could never happen and we really did think I mean I did. I die no stew, we were just talking about it off. Stews stew brought it up today, plus two equals five. We thought that was dick last. I remember thinking, that's it's. You know. I understand the point of the book and it's a good book, but come on that would never happen in real life. People would not say two plus two equals five. duress nano and guess what that's? What when you look at the picture, of Leah Thomas next to those two women on the arena. With the awards they're clear, it's clear: that's what did it? Yeah two plus two equals five you're supposed to say that it's five and everyone that as it's five gets banned off of Twitter. Well, here's the thing, here's the thing This is the emperor's new clothes. I read that fairytale. When I was a kid dinner, stand that one you know. These fairy tales exist for a reason to teach people and
the emperor has no clothes. We are there. We are there we are? Looking at Joe Biden, our emperor. Who is completely senile now not someone who, I think should be around a desk? without a button, let alone a desk with a button. He is senile. He is absolutely corrupt. We have the evidence that he is taken money from the from people that we are currently talking about war with, taken money from Ukraine. He has taken money from Russia, he has taken money from China and, where expected not to say anything, the emperor has no clothes. You know I'll, tell you Rochelle Walensky, it's a man,
I mean the quote: no, no, I'm going to quote the great biologist, a clear I am going to quote the great biologist Austin Powers, it's a man, man I believe you're thinking of Rachel, Levine peered, Rochelle, what honest he had ass. You think she hurried Yes, I am so be interesting to see. Yes, I don't hurt heard anyone make the Sps Rachel Levine is the one where Rachel Levine. I don't know how Rachel Levine. It's me man. Okay, that's all there is and where the confusion would come in is if she were actually a woman and look like that. And there would be confusion. Then you'd be like this was the bit actions as an with its pat right
rights of that was like you couldn't tell what gender it was. It was confusing to everyone, and that was the joke and everyone's I got a good heart. Do good, hearted, joke no longer I did the same people now wouldn't would not be able to define what a woman even was. How can the joke be funny if we don't know what it is and by the way they know Glenn, Supreme Court, Justice, the words matter definition of the words matter. Yes and the word woman is in a lot of these rulings here. How is she going to determine going on? I know in in a wells is: that's that's why we need to have birthing person, instead of woman by the way, Washington just passed, a new law. They changed the law on abortion, not just for women, it's for birthing people so men can have an abortion, and I just want you to do the math with me here so a man can
aim that he's a woman there and have a baby. inserted inside of him He carries it, I don't know- is there like next to the liver or someplace, carries the child a Fanny pack. I believe it's a visitor, adding any packing. Ok, so he carries the child and then he goes to a planned parenthood to have them the child yea, so we done exactly of life. We listened girls, we have done it. We such a great great society aren't we by the way you know they were talking about kiddie porn, because apparently she has left a few people, you know, let it be few people go. That, were you know, at in and she said well, you know it's so easy to find pitiful
Material now and have it on your computer. I mean I don't know I mean it's. Like Joe Biden said I mean who doesn't have you know that experience who doesn't have a little child born on their computer. You know what, but here's years the thing that I I found bursting and I just would like to point this out and again. I dont want to be judge mental here at all, but CNN. You probably should not have Jeffrey Toobin on to discuss. as pornography or child born I'm just throw throwing that one out there, because normally say that government should get involved in media fact, is against the Constitution ways, but this particular case, I think, You make an exception and ban Jeffrey Tube from talking about any type of polio. I can't bring him out, as an annual I mean, may be an expert on porn
that, is probably as guinea we're living in a society where Rachel Levine is, you know a woman of the year, so you never you never know by the way leotard what is so Therefore, isn't it didn? She say it say ITALY at times so beautiful? Yes, so she is so beautiful. I don't know if you know this, and I think this is. I think this is horrible, because today show did not need, who airbrush any of the photos or the video of of beauty. full beautiful Thomas I don't know why they did that. I don't know why they chose to you. Don't know I didn't it was an interesting Photoshop job did it almost seemed like they were trying to family as her in some way.
already a woman. Why would you mean why we that right? Would you need to do that here? She's already done all the hard work of being a woman for such an don't. Don't women have a hard enough job without that? today show air brushing. So everybody looks at her and says: oh my gosh, I could never be that beautiful you are. just you're just making it harder for the average woman. If we have to time AIR Ibragim we've. We got a twenty five car pile up in the narrative intersection. I feel a little bad that we have not been officially banned on twitter because of this. I you'll like we have now now that we wanted a surly beg for that, but I am a little surprised. I did entire segment naming Leah Thomas, the woman of woman of the year now
it was very sarcastic Glenn and it seems some people detected, and I know I didn't intend this course at all. But people detect detected sarcasm. What I said Leah Thomas was the only good female driver. Night, but now now I mean, of course you when women of the year, if you're, the only good female drivers you're sure about its is we just couldn't put our finger on why she was better than all of the women s we're in these races and in so many other ways year, one of the only women that doesn't look sexier when she's most smokes a cigar for some reason enough to make us say these are judged. It totally get embezzled exactly right. Well, maybe this story will do it. Ok, Disney has a list of their worker demands the companies Lgbtq workers, I don't know what they do with the I in the two in the plus, but they don't care. Apparently they have been
testing. Its response to the controversial legislation does not controversial just in news stories. It is and you are They are now saying that They want a mammoth footprint, in Florida, politically I also want to go after Texas and our governor. And they want the company to be much more magical. when it comes to. SK, something as something says to me that the liberals have made the point, companies are not people and so they shouldn't be able to use all their money for political influence, heard that before I have heard that too, that's weird
That's not where there that's not where they're going. Now, here's the great thing- and I know we've all been begging for more of this- but the algae task force set to be led by Disney Studios senior vice president of communications and senior vice president of global marketing for Disney Park experience, it's and products They have reported that they want to be seen as a force for good for LGBT children and adult communities so they are going to make more l content for children and- and I think you know- I think this is really I mean who hasn't been? Who and been screaming for or content algae BT content. for our children. From this I mean now, Michael
she's a non stop. The need is so so deep, there's a new cheaper by the dozen out by Disney. Is that there's only nine kids, I've residents And how does it mention straight of a friend of a friend had their kid just picked it as a movie. They figured it was needs. Kids opens up, with the watch of the House Blm signs on the front? Your lawyer, you know these bizarre scenes were, like you know, I guess it's a white husband and a black wife and she's like I, people are staring at me at the pool and he's like wow they're, not staring at you and she's like Roger stare, not it's like to be, like me, that'd, be stared out at the pool, though I dunno. Maybe she was an actress in a bikini and that's why she was being at no. No. No, it is it's. It is all about that. But that's that's what what what is going on why me has decided that it is their job
their place to raise our children and tell us what's right and wrong and not to inch and tat with men. Your Experiences is I M Done with Disney, this is the best of the Glenn Beck program, and we really want to thank you for listening. Okay. So let's look at what happened over the past couple of weeks due to Russia's invasion, the global pour? Community has united in parallel with world governments. The d ass has old misinformation as a terror threat? Why At the same time, the media and even elected government officials are called Americans, treasonous for asking
questions about what's going on in Ukraine, the crackdown is coming, but the big change that is on the horizon, is what's about to happen to the global financial system, Anyone who is paying attention understands what Biden said yesterday is true: when He came as there's a new world order formulating to actually begun and it's creating a new axis power hostile to the United States. We are making moves to the couple from the. U S dollar. We are not just the rest of the world, we are our enemies wish to weaken us, but I write at so does our own government it goes right, along with the great reset they were on ten need a weak dollar and to take its place. I kid you not a single global currency, their words, not mine
In the meantime, the path to full control and submission will go straight through a: U S, digital dollar, its being built right now he he could enforce with the press of a button privacy, a thing of the past local banks, probably won't survive, and they can also print, whatever they want with zero oversight. This is M m T modern monetary theory on steroids and for the great reset it has to get done Breton. woods. Three. The next great global financial shift is underway, and I will show you what it looks like and what it all means tonight. At nine p M Eastern. How Ukraine's crisis, will usher in a digital dollar disaster tonight at nine on blaze, tv site now join us. We need your support,
you can join us at blaze, tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, use a promo code. and save our to bring justice Haskins and he is the co author of the Great Reset NED, the editorial director of the Heartland Institute editor in chief of stopping socialism dot com. He is also the co author of my new book that is out the great recent. By the way it is in stores again and It is in a hard bound copy. I highly recommend that you get the hard and you can listen to it on audio book, but please get the hardbound. It has fifty pages of fine print footnotes. You can have the argument with your friends or whoever? No no this is from Whitehouse DOT, Gov or Us Treasury Gov. Justin. How are you
I'm I'm doing really well, I'm doing really well either taken the advice of Bloomberg, I decided to ah deal with all the effects of inflation. I'm off the beat now, I'm only eating lentils holds all the time that the rate will thank you for eating dry, rental or lentils, because we don't want to use too much water either. I care about climate glance ogier about the just in you wrote an article four news week by his plan for a digital dollar massive threat to freedom. You can find that now newsweek dot com, but If I hear one more person say that That will never happen. I wrap and its goal. It happened sooner than people think agree,
one hundred percent. We know for a fact that this is the case when we were working on the great recent book and not not everyone knows this, but we started writing that in twenty twenty way, back in two thousand and twenty, and we were writing the great recent book we talked about, we quoted from people involved in that movement who are affiliated with Joe using words like a new world order, and talking about the poor the ability of a digital currency, switching to a digital currency, and we theirs chapter in the book about modern monetary theory discusses all of those things: and we are now seeing this play out in real time. This is actually happening. The things that we were called crazy. We're a couple of years ago are now happening. This executive order issued by the administration. Not only says that the federal government needs to study the issue of creating should all currency and produce a report within six months
on this, even though we ve already had a bunch of ports about that's, including one that came out January from the matting, it says that within seven months two hundred and ten days of the order. There needs to be legislation produced produced by the Treasury department the attorney general and the the chair of the FED. They need to get. other and create a legislative proposal for a digital dollar and presented to the White House. So you do that in seven months now, unless you ve been planning added to do this major major ship and we in a moderate, and we know they have been- I mean we know that this has been a push all over the world and we wish you know. We also, as I've been explained tonight, I'm going to show you what the FED has been doing in Boston with MIT? They already have it. Pretty know what what they're, what You're looking to do on this executive order, Yeah is a little creepy. Why
Justin. Would you need to talk to businesses activist group? environmental groups. Why would why would the government need to? their opinion on a new dollar, a new currency, yeah the only reason that you would be talking to those it and then that that's not you just speculating comes directly from the White House. They said that they ve been working with industry. Labour consumer, environmental group, international allies and partners, working with all these people on a dollar the old on the new currency. The only reason you would be working with them on that is because the currency is going to be programmable, going to be programme. Book, controllable, trackable, traceable and, able to manage it, set restrictions for it. time you want? That's the only reason you would be concerned with talking to a higher mental, for example, when trying to develop
or labour unions were trying to develop a currency like this. They have they had given its way when in the executive order itself, it says that they want to promote of use this currency to promote financial inclusion and equity and to fight climate change and pollution well. How do you do that? Do that and let the programmable controllable currency and words initial inclusion or six times in b or in six times as mentioned in the executive order. Cutting climate change are mentioned four times each at fourteen times. They mentioned terms like that in his executive order. So it's an it's really important that people understand programmable and we have new video. Do we have this ready? This is, this is from the FED in St Louis right. Do you know Background of this explain who this is it we're about to hear
to hear. Ah, this is from a q and a session and twenty twenty one with David end of photo who's, a senior vice president and economist with the St Louis FED. He is the he is an expert on digital currency and q, and a is about a what's going to happen with a essential digital currency created by the FED in the future and the person asks the person who's asking the question says: can you do it? Can the FED assure us that a meaning public that these digital currencies won't ever be used to tell us when how or where our money can be spent, and then he responds with this incredible and listen to this Yeah I mean in life. One can't give absolute assurances of anything, and if I, if I, but if I understand the question correctly, I think the the the caller is concerned about the potential privacy
it would be associated, say with a government sort of digital currency, This is this is an ongoing debate. That we have all the time about you know how much privacy is his desire me there's there's a bit of a trade off years as well because of you You know we don't know. For example, what sort of entities might make use of these central bank digital currencies for nefarious purposes say to finance terrorist activities activity, so you know we might want the government to monitor certain types of transactions as well You know we see this in the anti money laundering laws and that Ky the laws are so there's a if there's a trade off. I can one can't give assurances for sure, but I mean I think what we can be assured of is that Congress will respond to the electorate's concerns, and this is the best we can hope for. Okay, good good. So? What are you saying here? Is you know
we're going to we're going to monitor for terrorists, etc, etc. The problem is his opinion. and how do you define terrorist, but It's also really important that you look overseas because they've already had this conversation three or four years ago in great Britain and parliament. The reason why the digital currency debate kind of stopped and went went to used quarters is because they started having this debate. Well, What if we want people to buy certain things or not buy certain things, and that's what a digital programmable currency will do yeah that that's exactly right,
His response actually is extremely telling. If somebody asks you hey. Are you guys going to do this as a tool to control our lives and manipulate us then decide what can buy and when what we can't buy and when will it be the response, if your plan not to do that will be that's crazy we're not going to do that and instead he begins with in life. One can give absolute instead of anything really mean what kind of response is that it lit that legal and going back what you said about terrorism we just saw a play out in Canada for people who supported the freedom, truckers work literally being called terrorists by the government by the way the parents in Virginia were also labeled as terrorists. If you're labeled terrorist by the government
did. They have a right to shut down all terrorist activities and shut down the use of the digital currency, Well, what would have happened? Would that have how? And what happened in Canada to the truckers? Would that have happened to the parents in Virginia and would people I have even stood up if they knew that was a possibility. According most people, the Democratic party. Today, at least, if you watch CNN, almost everybody who supports Donald Trump has an insurrectionist correct. So wouldn't they be a part of all of this is well. This is so incredibly dangerous and they are openly talking about these. Things are saying that there are going to use this as programmable currency to control and manipulated and, of course, for the betterment of everyone according to them right, but that's that their very
open about it. All people have to do is listen and watch and believe what people are saying to them. Just take these people at their word, take them seriously and you will see that this. is the plan to use a digital currency, a whole new currency, to control and manipulate society, oh the measures that did Biden announced They say, will focus on six key areas. Consumer and investor protection does mean fighting I mean consumer glare know what your price controls would be. My guess, price controls potential determining how much money you can spend on. I don't gasoline, or whatever, providing incentives for people to spend more money on a
or power or determining whether you should be buying products that are good for you or bad. For you like say sugary drinks or something I mean, the possibilities are truly endless now. That is, that sounds crazy, but let me tell you something that happened yesterday by a three to one vote with all democratic members voting yes and the sole republican voting member, a member voting, no, the as you see, Securities and Exchange Commission advance proposed rule, compare companies to disclose climate related risks. The goal of the new regulation is discourage Wall Street investment managers from giving oil and gas companies the investments they need to increase mastic energy production. Once the regulation is fully implemented publicly traded companies would be forced to provide data on their own. carbon emissions, how much energy they consume and how much carbon emissions are generated by their suppliers and customers invite mental, social and governance investors would then use this data to deprive fossil.
fuel producers of the capital they need to increase domestic energy production, the new regulation will also force companies to get their emissions data independently certified by a third party. So if you don't think That's what they're doing well, then, what Is this from the SEC just yesterday Justin. Yesterday I talked about, the Cyber war war. Things that are starting to come from the United States, there's more of them again coming out today and wrote to me last night and said: wait, Glenn, you! We don't forget it the things you want to go over that yeah salute this is so important. Remember that the great reset only happens when you have some sort of serious crisis that needs to be dealt with and how? What eighty? Seven? This article,
the initial justification. So the new one of the various war games that these p and involve the great reset been running over the past couple of years. That could be a potential trigger for continuing. The great reset is a cyber pandemic or potential cyber warfare July. Twenty twenty one world Economic forum hosted a massive event. They ve been heavily Bob Magritte Reset, obviously, two hundred teams from Forty eight countries participating with corporations and banks will talking about how they could transform how they could work together in the event of a cyber pandemic, a big cyber warfare event or something like that in December twenty one, Reuters reported ten country. including the United States and other european countries are held A major cyber attack, a war game that look at a major cyber attack on the global financial system,
in an attempt to increase cooperation again that could help to minimize any potential damage to the financial markets and banks. This was another. WAR game and at what's the solution, they came up with at the end of all of this, some of the solutions. According to Reuters, the participants discuss multi, lateral policies to respond to this fibre pandemic crisis. Putting a coordinated bank holiday debt repayment, grace periods swap agreements and coordinated, be linking from major currency. That would be us, Oh also. Anybody who is podcasting or broadcasting anything other than everything is so far is fine will also need to be silenced that also, according to Reuters,
and thank you so much. The book is out the great reset get it now, the best of the Glenn Beck program, the alright. I want to introduce you to a guy from Georgia. he he was. He joined the army nine days after nine eleven to defend the freedom he spent the next fifteen years flying in and out of combat he he has a master's degree in aeronautical science. So I don't know, but I think I can call him a rocket scientist with that. I'm not were now. He is a Georgia state representative and the vice chair of the Georgia Freedom Caucus, Philip Wealth Philip Singleton, they go into me on
thank you for everything, especially for your work in the Freedom caucus. I think the freedom caucus does serves the credit for any kind of shred of freedom that we have left right now, you guys are truly all over the Country the only ones I see that we can count on to stand up. So thank you. You, Somebody's got to stand in the gap and, unfortunately, it is probably the least consistent trade amongst all dish that America, you know courage, end in brief. Empower. These guys are morons. They just really don't think you know it. I talked to a lot of republics like yeah. There's all kinds of problems going on we're about to lose. Our country and you tell something like you're gonna say and, like God, that's crazy, that's not app and in really habits
five minutes and look into age, be one or one. Three. This is the old bomber care for mental Health in Georgia. Splain it yeah. So do you and your I mean you hit the nail on the head. So what this bill does um it is it's a government mandated the massive mandate, a largest one. We've had since Obamacare passed care past every insurance company in the state, has to cover mental health we'll get into details I later, but it is very broad and wide ranging and gives them a tremendous amount of power to some federal and medical bureaucrats, which we vote seeing how well that's been working over the last couple years, also mandates that individuals get these insurance coverages that you know every individual has to carry insurance it's a private mandate. It reduces the requirements of imminent threat to yourself or others before the police can can find you
the forty eight hours without due process. It essentially takes that requirement away. Just as that have a reasonable expectation, you might commit a crime that it goes on and on land, but the bottom line is we were living. Let me go through some of these. These other cause. I this is tat Billy frightening? You know every every free country when it goes bad, it starts la People up for mental health disorders and those mental health disorders are, you know, could be is broad is climate change huge denier. There is something wrong with this person this bill, blurs the line between criminal behavior and mental health disorders associated Press reports police would have the authority to take people for mental health treatment without with witnessing a crime also in voluntary involuntary commitment procedures from eminently life endangering crisis to a reasonable xbox expectation that significant psyche,
trick deterioration will occur in the near future, so you this makes it much easier to institutionalize people against their will right. Oh yeah, don't don't be too. on the street corner wearing a maga hat. When this bill passes, you know there there's you you're crazy and they're going to lock you up and it's terrifying you know what's more interesting to. As you know, this is Georgia epicenter political universe. There was last election cycle, we're going be again this election cycle. So it's not an accident glad that they're trying to get the Quote Republican House. Begin Senate republican governor in Georgia to pass a bill that, you know the one of the authors said was based off the Illinois, California and Oregon versions of single payer. I'm sat here, then they can take over help,
everywhere and that's exactly what you're trying to do? Okay. So this is disturbing and I imagine you're coming from the same angle. Not only is this a massive opening to mental health in a big burden on everybody cost wise, Edward Cetera, but when you we're talking about a mental health issue and it allows you to take guns from people with mental health issues. This scares the hell out of me, because a lot of of our service personnel came back and they were suffering from PTSD and that's on the record with this. I'll them to lose their guns and their rights? Yet the ass, though it's like it's a very brie slope and a lot of that is going to depend on the interpretation of attorney general at the time, but just for your listeners, let me break it down very quickly, essentially
This does is appointed to a level backing that competition fibres published by the eighty eight Pa New York Times in two thousand and sixteen study. They published it in the New York Times right there, they're all known for great journalism, but even they talk about how the PA the extremely left wing democratic organisation. Will my humble what this does? Is we see all of the power to the aviator? five, four definitions of all mental health conditions and then his bill requires the state in these issues. These two track. Everyone who has a mental health condition, which I d this Glenn everybody had got something that must be asked them five. You know whether direct I'll dysfunction or sleep earth, yo, asleep disorder or eighty hd. You ve got a mental health today according to the left wing APA. Well, if you have a condition you're, not a waffle, weapons owner? So it's a very short weak link from you know, Stacey Abrams, if God forbid, she gets,
in November, which which, by the way she came out two days ago praising this bill that every single Democrat despite your supports and passed by the way. So when Republicans, ass, a Democrat, helped your measures. I think we ve got bigger. concerns at hand, but what they're doing is they're praising that, because you know it's a very shortly for them to say: hey, you know what all these people, that we are now tracking in the state of bass that having mental condition we've got to go in and for their own, if you make sure that they don't have any firearms, Ok, so it is not without within the bill gland. That's what the built! Oh! I know I I I know, and people are just so stupid when they set Bessel, never mean good Heavens man. When we pass the Patriot ACT and said we have to start listening to terrorist, did you ever think it would mean parent at a school board meeting of cod it's not it stop Getting these things can happen, they are happening, okay, so
Last week the house passed this shuffle bill one hundred and sixty nine to three. So all Democrats all, but three Republicans supported this. That's right. What. Yeah the built the bill is being pushed by the speaker of the house himself, David Ralston, so I suppose my committee putting every lever that he has the government behind it to to me, that the bill passage. No there, it's got a good even or I wanna know, there's a reason. The bill came up on the on the first day in session back are qualify, to be voted against this bill. Your goes your price or qualifier you know and the other two. by the way who voted? No with me to freedom carcass members that weak they both got primary challengers. You know I didn't because the speaker already drew me out of my district, then redistricting the end of last year, because they'd rather have a liberal democrat than a conservative Republican, but the the
this is the way that they operate and it's just it's all big government. It's all government growth expansion, a people need to realise that this is. The aim of this is one thing: if you can quality power with the government taking away your ability and mental health. You know, God bless them. Is a crisis in the country the crisis, largely caused by government intervention and in taking away civil liberties and so that they can. of even using the government to solve the problem caused by the government. Now you're you're listers get the irony, but unfortunately many don't well that that's also another tool of the dictatorships they make every day I find ways to make every one, possibly in violation of something Then they only apply it to those that they want to apply it to and mental health- that's easy! I mean we have heard If you stand up against me, you know
gender ISM your going to be the one called that you have a mental disease. You have some sort of hatred that is that is just pouring through you. This will this bill will actually the expires will be forced to pay where sex change operations right. Oh yeah, that exactly right. So you know the author of the bill will fight this, but ah the reality is what the bill does, because it's points to the DSM five. It says that everything in this liberal document has to be. covered by insurance. While the DSM five currently says that there are four it's for gender. This warrior two of them are medical, so steroid injections or surgery, which means you know one point one equals to Glenn and you don't have to be at you know: rocket science, no pun intended I understand the meaning of the legislation, which is that it yeah and and you have to pay for changing disorder, and let me tell you what churches are gonna have to pay, for. There is no one,
This exemption to be noted that little fish the poor all over again because of you have your church provider, Blue Cross shield, while you're premier Is there going to go up and you're going to be paying for a reassignment surgery for someone which, by the way we don't even have age limits on that yet and the aviator want age limits. Are there completely fine with a ten year? getting your genitalia cut off and mutilated by their parents to certain objective, it's disgusting ok. So this is pass the house, but it now goes to the Senate in Georgia ones. the bill leaves Sub committee. It then asked to go to full committee, and then the rules committee and then the Senate floor. So there is time to defeat this, but it has to He defeated in the Senate right, that's right God, it's gotta be defeated in the Senate, there's I mean, there's a chance that the governor, with enough pressure with your viewers and other viewers, you know the governor, isn't a primary, a he's been many silent on this bill. There's a chance,
the governor would beat over there for some hours, sneaks back through by term it there's. No, without listers getting engaged without. Ok, I want attention because the the legislature up here, I'm you know, DC swamp like a little bit funny the legislature down here is a complete swamp or it it gates. They all are now, I'm telling you they all are. I am so sick to my stomach about these lead. the quite honestly. These republicans they make me sick to my stomach. They have, old us out lock, stock and barrel in many many cases and I don't know what they're doing but they're not paying attention to what's really happening in the world. right so and it's why it's why the Freedom caucus is so important. You know the National Freedom Caucus has stood in the gap and DC the state. Freedom caucuses are popping up in states across the country with the State Freedom Caucus Network, that's what we do. You know we are the ones that are in the legislature that are are standing, I mean I was in a meeting yesterday and I stood up and said you guys
a furious with me, and all I have done is continue. To abide by the Republican Party platform and opposed the things that we are opposed to and that's the difference between a freedom caucus member to not freedom, caucus member. What we're about the the balls in the policies. I know not about the power and the structure within the system, Philip. Thank you so much so people need to call the governor, and Will it help to call the Senate? all this call. The swindlers come down to the capital and talk to people about it, face to face works, call the people for. You know. You got two hundred free for members of the General Assembly running for re election. You got Congress people running for relaxing. You got governor lieutenant governor I call them all. You know Trump's, coming to Georgia on Saturday. I'd love to see. You know, President Trump and his six endorsed candidates. You know fight against Abrams CARE These are all it political,
sure is a combination of every pressure point. You know it's not just one, and so we just need help. Thank you much Philip. I appreciated the the the bill is H, B, o ten thirteen h b, ten thirty in its happening in Georgia look out something like this may be happening in in your state and its. all geared around mental health and extraordinarily dangerous age. Be ten thirteen. Georgia burn up the phones stop this from passing. Without you, it will pass and be signed into law and God help ya you one: ten, thirteen
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