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White Jesus statues may be the mob’s next targets, and a petition to change the name of Columbus, Ohio, to “Flavortown” is gaining momentum. The Heartland Institute’s Justin Haskins joins to expose the World Economic Forum’s chilling plan to globally reset capitalism in the wake of coronavirus, called "the Great Reset." The Daily Caller’s Shelby Talcott was attacked by protesters trying to create an autonomous zone outside the White House and tear down an Andrew Jackson statue.

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Lips of every civil rights activist for generations? We get into that one Elizabeth today, pack great joins us to talk about black lives matter and whether we should be guarding statues or not. Just in Haskins has a really interesting thing. I had never heard of called the great reset plan. That's going forward here in the future of resetting the economy resetting the way we do things joined by tons of globally, to or in on this project. For the next big crisis, Details are terrifying and ideally collar reporter, who was attacked, surrounded by protesters in Washington, police had to pull her to safety. Thank God. The police hadn't been disbanded, yes, but a blazing. Dot com, Slash Glenn, use the political Glenn for ten bucks off your subscription. You can get access to. Of course, the radio show in the visual form, if you'd like to see that as well
Glenn TV and students America tonight with over some of the election stuff? Where does the election actually stand? How much of it is media hype? Look into that tonight? Please take it some time and go over to students, America and subscribe rate and review that past and, of course, this one one here listening to now, here's the vote cast You're thinking joins us now, Pat Gray from east pit of heat is cancelled, its label Fit pats bit of eight showed that it is now high glue nigh irony. I think these bacteria leocadi by I guess it could be subtitled the pit of hate to hate because I really hate what's going on right now, I will say that I hate what's going on. I can't I can't stand what's going on, and I can't believe
what's going on, if you would tell I happily if either We are told me last year that black lives matter would have a sixty. Eight percent brutal rating in the United States of America is marxist Organization. I would have said, come on, that's stupid no come on now yeah. I stop saying that that those things can happen. Yeah yeah, I just stopped because everything do you realize I went through some orb old archives. Yesterday I Think all of the Fox predictions, almost all the Fox predictions have come true. Now I mean Have you seen the latest on the dollar? I said one of the things they mocked me for is that we were gonna, have a huge crash that the FED would start buying our debt. They never do that, whether doing it now they would just in money uncontrollably? They never do that they're doing it that we would
be downgraded in our credit rate, bad, never within they did that and The collapse of the dollar is the world's reserve. Currency would be our undoing. Have you seen the latest news and the financial papers there all saying the end of the dollar as thee as the reserve currency? When that happens. We are done. We are done where Mexico were Mexico, congratulations. We win. You ve budgeted what ten trillion so far. This year, they started your ten million ten really in dollars and their starting to realise. Gush aired Britain up a lot of money here at her heart commendable, do there's a lot of? U S dollars floating around that will I wonder it'll just announced in trumped. Just announced
he is going to sign an executive order to make the city's guard their monuments is. Is it is it just me or why is he? Why is this so late I don't know I don't know why. Why am I the only one that feels that way? Now, it's all late, I mean they're just now saying: well, you know what we should maybe take back part of Seattle that is called Chaz now, maybe we should take that back. Why is that so late, everything, doing is ridiculously late. Redeem leslie Why are we only now worried about the? U S dollar that we just talked about. Why are we only now worried about the monuments and cities? In taking over Marxists, Y I dont think I don't think so. In Congress. Is I wear the Republicans on this? I saw my colleague talk about it. I saw you talk about it, who else we
here is: where are the worthless spineless Republicans standing up and saying enough is enough. I am no. Why they're not standing up, I think they're, afraid there, afraid of our left here yeah yeah they're, afraid of left eye stew you are right. I mean on earth. Are you staying so you can keep your job Sal's. Actually like a great idea, imagined it? No, I mean I I I think it is probably fear it seems to go in these little weaves right, like there's a wave after a big event like this, keep coming back to the same thing that running around in my mind, is the David Hog gun thing where four I don't know a month or two, it seemed like anyone who even I, for instance, gun would be cancelled and
all these states were passing all these bizarre resolutions and trying to restrict gun ownership and there is there's this wave and then extend of emotion went by, and then it went back to. I may well, as a normal end, quote right, where it will hit the does exactly normal, it felt like it went back to normal for a little while- and this is it's been because just a bizarre cliche from Rama Manual back in the day, but it's this it's this crisis, psych! Never let this I must go to waste here an example of that happening again, where the George Floyd thing has allowed people to objectively deny reality for a period of time, where we can all sit back and say that thing in the sure we can look at these stats and it'll prove the exact opposite of what we're saying, but right now I have to do something and its the effort that they ve tried to do with climate over the years to create that constant feeling of stress and crisis, so you can pass all these things, but these
much more effective things they use George Floyd, they ignore the or three year old kid that was murdered in Chicago it's just Nobody cares about there's exceptional Emily here. Anyone care about our catered three year old was an innocent, but we know By stated in a shooting had nothing, no, no reason. No, belief no, nothing, they had ever done wrong and their entire lives. They're dead, unknown capitalist shot by whitecap no earlier than we do seriously. A hundred and four people were shot over the weekend in sugar, honoured and for new fourteen of them die in New York in New York. Shootings are up four hundred percent. Therefore, hundred two percent in applying party you suppose that debt is weak as weak? We beg bring up this criticism, often right where its Chicago or whatever cities in the middle of a violent outbreak, as it will wider than anybody care about this and its
criticism of those communities where it is not a criticism of Chicago Watch, these parents as they're talking about their three old being dead. Very much due care. It's kind of system, a black lives matter, black live matter in the media. Are they in media? Very, don't actually care about this problem? The communities do they want to solve the mom and dad who were sitting there in their house who have lost their child for no reason whatsoever. They free and care about it. It's just that crime, tones and care about it. Yet there is, there is a there is for the very first time in my life, very clear and distinct line between the elites and the average American right now I think the average American is like what the hell is going on. Weary. Is everybody what what happened- and it is this the leads this is not a, a revolution of the streets. This Is the elites and I mean,
I mean the Democrats, the banks the builder burgers, the water burgers. You know it is it's not a conspiracy. In fact, I want to show you next hour something that just happened out in the open and but he paid attention to it. The Are the world leaders all getting together and saying we're gonna we're gonna change the whole system. We are going to change the whole system. I know I know the people don't want it back. We're gonna shove it down their throats the way they are going to do it is to have us rise up. They are John leaving us to fend for ourselves? And what do you accept people to do if they coming into our churches and tearing down our statues in our churches? They ve already told us that we can't go to church they have already said that you can go and protest, but you can't go to church. I mean it.
What more is it going to take and no one seems to go to jail for it? No one seems to be investigating when I show you tomorrow night what we found on black lives, let matter how the getting their money? Because this is enormously well funded, there's theirs there's no way. This has a global arm. Without having millions and millions of dollars. He's doing it. Well, I got news for you. It is black people. It's a bunch white elite lists, white supremacist, they have the these guys. These White Marxist been using black people and no one is saying anything about it. No one is saying you guys, you're being used now a lot of you
blacks are marxist, that are actually India Elam, but not the people on the streets, not the people who were actually concerned about their neighbourhood and there being used by these elites hits I'm I'm watching country in revolution right now, I'm watching a coup happen, there's no other way to describe this? This is a coup. It's it's it's happening and no one seems to care in the media. No one is ringing the alarm bell. Everyone's making excuses for it and worse and we're sitting around it and what what are we doing where it I asked for this yesterday and I- and I I wanna, be really careful when I say anything because You know my audience knows that I have always preached nonviolence. This will be the end of the republic if
the right becomes violent. It will be, the and the republic. I guarantee you it's what they want? They could Get us to do that in the tea party so now, what are they do? They have to just let them monsters loose on our street and take everything that we hold sacred they ve taken. Our jobs, they ve taken our rights, they ve taken our religion, and what have we done? Nothing they're, changing the confidence in their taking our tradition, they're changing our history. We're moving in one place, What is that? I'm sorry, I'm a bad guy, what built from Michelle Obama yeah so there they're doing these there's they're doing these things and we're not doing anything, and I asked you to stand, but I ask you
I remember, having so many conversations in Birmingham Glenn. Why are you having people signed the Martin Luther King Pledge of Non violence because I wanted to put it in your head over. And over and over again I knew I was early, but I knew there would come a time when we would have to really take that pledge and know that we had to walk like Christ and, if he didn't we'd be doomed. Will that Is this time and where are those people that are willing to stand up and walk like Christ? Where are the people that are willing to stand and and in circle. Some of these statues. Where are you, you're gonna get beaten in the head, but I have to tell you. I know Navy seals that have gotten beaten in the head over and over again they fight back, but
Are you willing to take a beating to the head and not fight back to save the republic? Because that's but it's gonna take Martin the king was right when you put good versus evil side by side. If you, a bunch of people that are surrounding a statue and there church going loving people and they don't want any problems and their holding hands and they take the beating. It and this it ends. This you send in the military, ended split votes you send in somebody who wants to be violent and it explodes you send in God, fearing guy loving Rice, like people, and you save the republic. Is anyone willing to stand on their own community as a group
sing songs and take a beating to the head to save our history and our republic. Has, that's, a tough call only get more tough from here thanks. I am not willing to sing, but I'll do the rest of it. Only in this way, you're, listening to the master of the Glinda programme, just asking is see Anatolia director of the Heartland Institute, he's with us now he's also the co author of my book, arguing with socialists, which with just when we are writing that. Would you have ever thought that we would be here today What's going on, I mean, I think, we're in a revolution right now, yeah
absolutely in the early stages of a socialist revolution and when we were riding that book. I thought you know these things. The sum of the prediction. We're making. This is gonna happen for sure, but I thought maybe a few years you know to advise on when twenty four may be here. Gosh, we are here and it is it. It is terrifying. What's going on, I read it a story in or a great editorial opinion in Town Hall last night, and it was a how this is actually not a revolution from the streets. This is a revolution from the elites the elites who have always despise the free man who have always despise the the little people in the country and there really the ones behind this, and then you come to the table today with the great reset which I have not heard about anywhere, and this terrifying,
explain with great reset is yeah. Do it. This is the most import story in the world right now. I truly believe that everything that you're, seeing that's going on all of the chaos in the street people pairing downstairs. She is demanding all kinds of March this new programme, the infinite printing of money. All of this is leading toward the great reset, so I think the best way to understand actually for your audience, Glenn, basically they think of green new deal Sandro, causing Cortez Bernie Sanders their green new deal and if the green new deal an agenda. Twenty one were to get together, you know and make passionate socialist love to each other. The result would be the great reset
with. This is the earlier in June, a bunch of the most powerful people in the world, the EU and Secretary General, for example, Prince Charles, the head of the International Monetary Fund, a bunch of Theo's and presidents of major corporations like Microsoft, Mastercard, BP, they all get together for though it with the World Economic Forum, and they have this event where they wool out this idea a great reset of the global economy. They say you know the full capital, something it isn't working out. We need a completely scrap that and use the current pandemic as an excuse and a justification for building a completely new economy is openly calling for this, and this is where reset comes from in great if that were going to push the reset button on the entire economy and in that's exactly what there waiting on doing and they haven't laid out the details of it. The details of the plan are going to be laid out at another meeting in January, twenty twenty one in Davos and they're gonna get.
Other come there playing on getting together and in working with this group. This now national or international network of student activists to put together this big, far reaching plan to completely reset the global economy. And and then roll it out in twenty twenty one and their justification for cause. You you're probably thinking well covered nineteen That may not even be an issue in January, while the justification is the next great crisis. The next great crisis that to end all crises, climate change, bath, going the focus of this meeting at twenty twenty one and the justification that used for completely wiping out the global capitalist economy and replacing it with effectively some kind of crony socialist system now, just in how can people go to a credible source, preferably them? and verify all of this, because this sounds like a
spirits, see theory and others a difference between a conspiracy, theory and conspiracy fact, so how do you use? How do you verify this? If you're the average person so you're not going to somebody's reporting on it? Your actually seeing what happened YAP absolute. If a great it's a great point, I mean I understand it sounds like a conspiracy theory. I get that, but the reason it sounds like a conspiracy is because it is a massive conspiracy. That's that's what it is. The way that you can verify this and go straight to the source is go to stopping socialism. Dot com a bunch of articles about they did in those articles. We linked directly to the speeches that were given at this World economic forum event articles that have been written by a variety of people about the gray reset and you can see in their own words direct quoth either on our website, where you can go directly to the World Economic Forum website itself and find all of this information, and it
It is not me reinterpreting their words for them. They are open. We say that we need you can. Let me give reset capitalism This is the head of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab. He said the word old, must axed act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies from education to social contracts and working conditions a country from the United States to China must participate ever The industry from oil to gas to tech must, transformed in short we need a great reset of capitalism. End quote wow guide, it speaks for itself. It speaks for itself. Lately. These people are we're in we're living in the time that is so chaotic
and so crazy that I believe the powers that be the most powerful people in the world who have been wanting this move to the left for a very long. We are seeing an opportunity to openly present this as an as an option that they think people will take voluntarily and that What we are seeing here were seeing them presented it showing their cards really for the first time in this kind of way and openly calling for a total global transformation of the world economy. Their goal. I'm gonna use their language. Their goal is to use climate chaos created by the pandemic. And end the alleged dangers of climate change too- and I am quoting here reset the world's capitalist economy, to make it more equity, all fair and to rebalance economies. Just an I said, probably in two thousand, and
in six or seven that the globe that I realized that the only way to rebalance economies is to bring the United States down you bring the world up to the level of the United States, and so you needed to crash the dollar crash our economy to be able then too us low and that everyone would be balanced out. Is that happening now. I think so. I think so. I really do believe that the key to understanding all of this is modern monetary theory, essentially the that the infinite or near infinite. Thing of money by central banks to pay. Any number of programmes that they want to create in order to get the world to that point where they willing to accept printing trillions of
billions and billions of dollars as normal. You have to have the global economy crash spectacular way like we ve seen with covert ninety, that's the only way you could Modern monetary theories for something like that to happen, a world war or something like that, and that is exactly what has occurred and that you're going to get socialism in the twenty first century. This is what twenty first century socialism looks like you see, you don't have to confiscate people's party, You'll have to throw people in gulag. All you have to do with control all the printing of the money and then decide hu the winners and losers are and then you create this disgusting crony socialist system, and that is exactly what's going on here. That's what the great reset all about that's what climate change is all about, and that's why so any of these major companies are signing up for the great reset. Why would Mastercard and Microsoft and companies like this- want the great grief that why would they want that? Well, because there's gonna be something in it for them
that's what's happening here. It's world government institutions mixing with socialists and activists and major crony corporate. And to create an entirely new society. That is a phenomenal statement that, if you would have said it. Four months ago you would say that's what I mean there's just a group of crazy people, but you see now this is everywhere and you see how these corporations or all lining up. I was talking to my family the day back in
I remember when but George Soros. His number one guy came to meet with my number one guy at one point, and he said what your boss is doing is hurting MR sorrels, and it's got to stop. And they say well he's. Going to. I don't even have to talk to him he's not going to. If we something wrong about, Mr Sorrels, we're glad to you know apologize and then and point out our error, but we Think were wrong on anything about Mr Soares. Don't understand the end of the conversation. Was you don't understand the ship has sailed and you're either on it or you are not an Like I said I don't think my boss, Mr Back, is going to want to be on that ship. He fine, but you tell him this going to stop. We took it the threat? But
What I really am paying attention to right now is you could these companies and it is if they know the ship is already sailed, and they beyond that ship and slowly doing whatever they can too able to survive in this new socialist madness. It seems to be coming our way: I totally agree and I think the key to understand this is really the key for this. Did this to me effective in the long run if they continue create- chaos you have to continue creating chaos in the way that you do this. The left has learned this over the past several months. The best way to do this is in the street is the best way to do this. And in the gray reset the thing that terrifies me the most about the great reset is they already have this network of youth activists that exist all over the world, not just in America and four hundred different cities. Thousands of youth activists have been true
and by Al Gore's climate reality project to believe that we have to make these changes are also bold, is going to collapse and we're all going to die from climate change. You can easily take those ideas, those ideas on superimpose all the stuff that we're seeing with black wives matters. This is terrifying, and I think this is just the beginning. I think it's going to get worse then what we're seeing right now. Ok, I'm gonna, take a quick breaking come back and I want you to talk about the global shapers. That's what these seven thousand kids four hundred citys around the world are all: prepared to go out and she The world closer to their hearts, desire the mobile. Shapers will talk about that in one minute. This is the best of back programme. I guess we have shall beyond with us.
Sorry shall be worth were running behind here with the above. Our phones went down mysteriously are you, there shall be things are having me on How do we have you on Skype or something? Yes, yes, a lot. He only good, ok, so Shelby tell us what happened last night you're media reported for the daily collar. And you went into this crowd last night- and what did you find what was happening? Yes on a first arrived, they were trying to tear down that statue right in front of the White House. Police came fairly, quickly, it seemed I again and these protesters back. They were also trying to create their own autonomous zone. Who's gonna, be there the Black House autonomous sound. So please push them back. There were definitely some scuffles between police and
protesters then pull. Started just basically holding the line and then just as your on the other side. Holding that lines and the situation remains tense for a few hours and just sort of escalated as Sure you now, as the evening went on with me in regular So before we get to that part of the story, they were trying to take down the Andrew Jackson Statue, which I aid. Andrew Jackson, Andrew Jackson was one of the most racist guys ever to be present in that saying something we ve had draw Wilson in that category, but he was just the I think he was a monster, but I don't think we need to tear his statue down its away to learn. Did they make impact on that statue at all now they vandalized at so there they did. You know
they were able to do that, but in terms of tearing it down, I dont think that they manage to make, too much headway with that doctor So then, as the evening progressed, it gets dark and you are still there you're there with a camera, and you start talking to people and what happens. Yes, I went on Of into the crowd, because a group had arrived that had sort of makeshift cheap, odds and they were lining up right in front of police officers, so I went a little bit closer to grab better footage of that and arms, the protesters didn't like that. I was filming man. And started, accusing me a cop, sure why, but they decided that I now undercover car I showed some of them, you know my bio and stuff, to show them that I wasn't a car at com.
Some of them down but did not come others down? just wanted me out of the area, and so did he get violent. I know police had to come in to take you out. Yes, at one point I got it got pretty aggressive one of these a woman who was screaming at me, sort of tried to hit me and got pushed open the cops and the ox pushed her back and then at that point the crowd decided. I was for sure what the since the cop had in their view, defended me. And one of the females just grabbed my phone and started the started, trying to steal my phone and a mob sort of formed around me, each point. Some of my coworkers tried to stop there. And one of my coworkers actually pushed me into the police sign so that police could pull me through
Oh so that and then that guy actually improve assessed, started, complaint M pushed me in Please, because I think they wanted me to stay so they could continue going after me referred. Yeah, I was a little nervous fresher, especially when the mob sort of started swarming around me. I did make eye contact the few of my mail coworkers inside I sort of new enough if anything got dc which a dead that they were going to step in and help which they did some day me fella better, but Situations is, can ask late so quickly. Do you know Lara Logan is yes. I urge to adjust
I mean I didn't think I ever see this kind of stuff here in the United States, but these jobs are mobs. They are I mean that woman than that face mask that was, was right up in your face, she was wearing a you know like of football. How with a cage over the front It was frightening, right in your face. Yeah they were, I mean get. Those were there's the woman right there. She had a hockey mask on. It seemed like I'm. She was one of the more aggressive people. There were a few protesters in the crowd who were trying to sort of calm things down. They seem to believe that I was a reporter, but in situ friends like that. I've often found that, despite there being people trying to keep the peace, It only takes one or two things to escalate. You know
you mean been covering the rights from the beginning. What is the media missing? so, I think the media's missing that sort of nuance. As I've said in the past, it is, it is not just one way or another right. It's not just a peaceful protest and it's not just also anarchy, three hundred percent of the time its deftly max. We ve seen peaceful protesters. We ve seen them doing you know so called the right things and then leave us. Seen the looting and the rioting and audits and its much more complex than I thought the lot of some members of the media are portraying it ass. I think there's a lot of people that are being betrayed. By some of the leadership of the extremes
that are marching in their name for justice. I think there are people like that, but I don't think I mean, I think, there's a very brief line between, though, people and Marxist Marxist Revolutionary and the anarchist and it's, the anarchists that are being completely ignored, which are, strewing the message of hay. We need some reform in you know some police department. Yeah. I would agree with that. You know. I think there is something to be said for police, reform right every organisation and can do better and improve and there's absolutely we ve been instances where the police are wrong. I ll be the first one to say that, but you go to these. Extremes of destroying property in attacking people is just
Think sort of losing the message that some of these people- we are trying to get across its hurting. Its hurting their cause. A little bed, I would say and what is the. How many of whom were there to pull down statues- and so their own Chaz and how many were there with good in just to be seen and have their voice heard, hard to say there was for a show of fairly large group of protesters around the statue, at least a hundred or so little bit more. There, it was sort of their situation was deafening more hostile tonight, then it was peace, well our last night than it was peaceful. So Oh, I would say there were. There were probably more protestors who were.
Willing to get a little bit of grass seven and violent and tear down statues than there were peaceful protesters. Now we ve seen the opposite particular we sometimes during the in the middle of the day. If you got to these protests are typically almost entirely peaceful, but in our things gone in the night goes on. I think that's when it tends to that switch friends. So if you were the president or you were the mayor of these cities, what you do. You know it's hard to say you know it's. I don't even know if I can say it's really my job to report on this and try to be as fair and accurate as possible. I think I would take what I would take a look at what all these different cities are doing and see and see what there is all sorry now you you look at sea.
Dollars on Itunes, zone, there's been a few shootings. Theirs is Is the mayor handling things correctly there and then you look at you know. Do you see how that went down is. Is that a better way to handle things and sort of fine try to find a middle ground where order. Be restored, but the people's voices still heard and the concerns are being addressed in a productive way, Thank you very much shall be Talcott she's, a meteor rapporteur for the daily collar.
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