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Best of the Program | 7/11 Nobody Wants War - h1  Gay Woke Fading - h1 Taken Down Obamacare (w/ Ken Paxton) - h1  News of the Week (w/ Andrew Wilkow) - h2 Try Common Sense (w/ Philip K. Howard) - h3

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Pod pastors welcome to Thursdays. Podcast, we effectually title it. Nobody wants war. And we look at what Happening with ran there seem to be the begging for work and what you you know about them all. There is a new pull out the United Kingdom that says that says gave wokeness is fading and another Harris Paul. You prefer we didn't hear because it came out the day before Independence Day last week, and It shows that Americans, millennials are starting to say not so much for the algerian T think. Why is this happening? Media's perplex timing is pretty clear. Talk about that. Also Andrew will cow is joining us telling us how just basis is probably the lawnmower manned and on the: U S soccer team, the real scandal here
scandal here that nobody is talking about and finally, Philip, hey, Howard, he's the author of a book called try common sense. Everybody burn the system down or reviewed it or hoping chain nobody's too, yes, changed too was except the socialists. This thing he's gonna, have to be rebooted so after we unplug it return it often on and reboot it how do we rebooted this guy? used to have the answer. The beginnings of blood is fascinating from the book. Common sense. All on today's podcast
the only thing tat. There is a really there's something happening with the acceptance of gay sex is in decline in the UK. That is the big story. Day. But there was another story that came out in a study in the United States over the holiday week. In that I all I want to share with you it's a new Harris Pole, something has changed, and I, I think I know what it is and to me It makes total sense. The left is like what is happening. Those balls can't be right. I think it makes total sense and I'll give it to you here in just a second. What doesn't make sense to me today
unless a ran wants war is what's happening with ran in the last few weeks. They have shot down a. U s. Drone. We almost head war on that. Thank Goodness Donald Trump changed his mind at the last minute, then, before that they had mind to oil tankers, so they blew up to oil tankers. Last night the British were and an boarded a ship took a ship that they said was was full of uranium oil, which is illegal to ship it to Syria. So it's in the straits of horror moves the British. They. I think I had a frigate Oro. Was it a frigate that bit or or battleship that case,
and and blocked it. Thirty Royal Marines boarded took over the ship ran, said: they're gonna pay a heavy price for this, we'll see what are they doing? We have Jason, but real with Sir and Jason has the latest. He overseas, our research agenda and nerve are foreign affairs and military affairs around. World Jason. What are they doing the rounds doing what they always do? Every tummy to play any kind of military asset which is usually by the IPCC, They are a non conventional force, so is very very important to understand that the I ran does not want war. The United States does not want war generally master said the senator. As these are there's two ways to fight the United States military now conventionally and stupidly nobody is going to end HU, a conventional war with the United States, not the United States Navy and not in that area- and I were I ran noses georgi- see knows this what they do
Do the nonconventional things they do want to do? Is they want to whose elements like the Irish Sea or Hezbollah, or although the little shit militias to harass to do whatever they can to make it so economically painful in that area that they want to force to the negotiating table its no coincidence that you know the the I ran? They collaborated with the North Koreans to get their nuclear programme up to speed Now they are using the exact same strategy of I'm, the guy is a guy. You don't know what I'm gonna do Khomeini, is he'll anything they realise this realize that that's the strategy of Donald Trump, her I'm the crazy guy her. I just might send the nukes over to you and I think in yet he's the last guy you screw with pressure that
they don't know what he's going to do in that that's kind of one of the genius of the of the trunk doctrine there as they have no idea. I agree like they're, there he's very unpredictable. That's what they're doing a lot of probing right now. They had no idea how I was going to respond to downing of an unmanned drone like that they had. No, so they probed. They had no idea how respond to a couple of tankers with those, Nicholas limpid, limpet mines. Were they state that that was not meant to cause any real damage? cause that was once you should hear, what should he be doing, Jason sanctions sanctions, sanctions he's doing exactly what is supposed to do exactly like this this at the swarming attack was not serious. It was not so because they re Iranians knew just as we know that there were naval vessels all over the place out there? They knew that they would be on them
instantaneously and that's exactly what happened. What they're trying to do is trying to drive up the insurance costs of oil tankers going through that straight, so incredibly high that the companies that the world that governments will say look trump. Please go to the negotiating table. Get this under control. That's what they want, will there's some facts right now: the coming out of the Iranians economy, their inflation rate, just top. Fifty percent the last time they were forced to negotiating table. It wasn't even anywhere near fifty percent. And then we're honey was to guaranteeing that the people are using a drop it below twenty percent. But now it's topping. Fifty percent and the people are going crazy, I ran, but you already seeing imagine just just for just for the average person. Imagine a loaf of bread being fifty percent higher than it is today in less than a year food. Imagine the cost of everything that you have going up. Fifty percent in lessons
here the EU, the people would be on the streets rather not on the streets currently because the crackdowns or so bad. But this is the kind of thing that helped the United States collapse of the Soviet Union. We we pressured them, we sanction them, we drove them into bankruptcy and then, at the same time we were helping the people on the streets of Vienna, Poland, through the church, and also because we had a great ally in Margaret Thatcher. R R operatives were also in helping those people organise and try to overthrow the government, which they did that's exactly right, you're, exactly Ragland for speaking of food prices, and that's that one of the biggest things always brings people out into the streets, and I ran the jump in food. Staples is absolutely insane. Eighty five percent
increase since May she eighty five percent. That's why you're seeing all its aggression from I ran right now, and I tell you what it's going to get worse and the key thing for us is to be not hyperbolic about it. The Trump administration is not respond, overly aggressive that their range of being very careful, but though it's going to get worse, there is there going to use people like Hezbollah, groups like all their different militias in Iraq, for instance, that are going very, very close to let's say they: U S embassy the Green zone in Baghdad there to get very close to? U S, troops and Syria, but if there is ever ache. This is where it could change if they mess up if is a loss of life between? U S, personnel, ally personnel. That's when this thing could escalate they're playing a very, very dangerous game with assessing.
Patient, but as long as it does on his bit stays like it is now like drones. Getting knocked out. Ok, yeah, that that sucks, it's very, very expensive that that drone got hit. The was at last a couple weeks ago, was more expensive than if twenty two crying out loud. Those things are expensive, but as long as they don't cause any loss of life or they dont slits. If they dont sink a tanker, then this will not escalate, but the trumpet and straight in these, the hold the line here continue with what you're doing keep those sanctions going? The iranian people will do this for him. They really will yes, this there. Instead, I think that cooler heads prevailed and I dont think Donald Trump. I mean that you know the left is trying to make him look like a warmonger. He is always against war. He's always been against interventionist. Thinking, even though he has John Bolton
You know. I really believe that he is a guy that doesn't believe we should be involved everywhere. He has a very long record of that, and so I think when he you know when he figured out or when somebody came to him and said, look, look, look, look! No loss of life. This will be adjust an endless blue, bath it'll not be good? If we go in, it were on the right track. There only doing this because as we are on the right track. I think his true colours showed that he is not a guy that wants this kind of confrontation, and it amazes me that they all say that any such a warmongering end Then he surrounded by war. Muggers John Bolton is there.
Have you read anything about what John Bolton is saying about this? What is his recommendation? I hear I haven't heard him say anything publicly on a lonely, but I think John Bolton Place perfectly into if, if this really is a strategy, buyer bye bye, present trump, but I think it's a genius to put a guy like John Bolton at the head of the tuna got its absolutely genius. Who has it plays into that unpredictability now? If it has no wait, you have, I don't know you know. If you have a pacifist up in there, you can't play the doctrine of look. You don't know what I'm doing to strike at any time. You can't play that, but everybody in the media. Ever all his opponents, everyone has been saying a warmonger warmonger. They just want to go to go towards good. That's good! Exactly is correct. It good we know why now at his we have we have We said, for I don't know how long oh man,
Why do we tell everybody exactly what we're going to do? Why do we tell everybody in advance that doesn't work to our advantage that almost guarantees the conflict where here You don't know where the line is you don't know what he's going to do? His his record shows that he is somebody that just does not work. WAR, doesn't want us to be involved in the Middle EAST he's on raw. Good, saying destabilizing. The Middle EAST we know was exactly the wrong thing. He's been against the Iraq war. He was against the the surge he was. Against? What we were doing in Benghazi was against what we're doing. Syria, he wrapped up quickly with ices. I mean this guy has every bit of record saying I don't want to do that and heat because he surrounding himself with the best military mines.
He is peace through strength. I look. I want peace and I think this is a great example Reagan. I think was this way that it's a great example of look. I don't want to fight a war If we have to oh I'm gonna fight it to win and will obliterate you in First, ten minutes, that's the attitude the american President should always have. I don't want war. I have a long record of having a very patient and long views on this. Don't do it don't do it, but if you start killing our people, I'm met a turn: your sand into glass in about five minutes and I'm gonna go home and leave you with the message don't screw with us? We are your best friends as the declaration of independence. As we are your friends in peace and your worst enemy in war,
yeah, it's important. Do you remember when John Bolton had that that that that's supposed slip up when he had outlive written in their time of venezuelan Avis, the other like five thousand years troops or whatever to write. So that's exactly proving our theory here, there's The way that was a mistake vow, will he or will he not because you know I mean the mustachioed one, I'm John Bolton I'll. Do it I'll? Do it? No doubt I wanna do it, please let me do it. I want to do what I want and the troops, so instead, John, I know John Bolton, John Bolton is one of the most, but not guys ever had whatever for him to walk in and have said five thousand, groups to Venezuela on the back of a notebook that bidding is holding write directly towards the brass at the best of the abandoned programme.
Hey it's Glenn, and if you like what you hear on the program, you should check out the Pat gray unleashed his podcast is available wherever you download your favorite podcast there's a couple of thing: a story that came out today from the guardian. Acceptance of gay sex is in decline. In the UK, the very first time since the AIDS crisis. Thirty years, this story, thirty years of increasingly liberal attitude towards gay sex, may be coming to an end after the number people who said they considered it. Wrong rose for the first time since the AIDS crisis. In eighteen, eighty seven, when every household received somber leaflets warning, don't die of ignorance. Nine out of ten people thought there was something wrong with sexual relations between two adults of the same sex: nine out of ten. This is during the height of the aid scare,
every year since then tolerance has increased, but now the british Social added survey has found the number of people believing there is nothing wrong with gay sex has fallen, leaving a third of the population in some way opposed now think that it was Nine out of ten said there was something wrong. Then it then every year it built more and more tolerance until it was in the in the vast majority said there is nothing wrong with it. Now it's down to a third. This is this is remarkable and they dont know. Why not Give you another story. This came out last week on July. Third, so you may not have heard it. There was a Harris pull out now understand, there is a little he decides. Its himself is pro homosexual. He's the ceo of the Harris Bull. He says, These numbers are really alarming. Now, listen to this,
bring to the New Harris Pole, Americans aged eighteen, thirty or are becoming less and less enamoured with the algae BT lifestyle every year in twenty, sixteen six, three percent of minute: millennials considered themselves allies of the algae BT movement. That number fell the next year to fifty three percent, so it lost ten points. Then the next year it was at forty five. Sent today. Thirty six percent of manure millennials are not comfortable when they learn a family. Member is homosexual. That's up! from twenty nine percent. Just a year ago, forty two per. And of millennium males are uncomfortable learning. Their child has had a lesson on energy BT, history at school or as a homosexual teacher. That's up from twenty seven percent. Now,
Here's what the pro homosexual ceo of Theirs pull says these members are alarming. I believe the reason it's happening. A simple millennials have had a gay agenda crammed down their throats, their entire lives and seven, percent of them have at least one friend who is a homosexual okay. So what what's happening I honestly believe that this has now thing to do with people? It has nothing to do with most sexual that you may know. This has everything to do with. Two years ago. Would you be uncomfortable that you're a teacher, your choice It was being taught by a homosexual. No, are you today? Maybe why not because their homosexual, but because you don't know what their agenda is any more when we
when we have trans people coming in to the library and as We have seen recently are laying on top of these trends, people and reading them stories. You can say what the hell is going on. Why does my six year old or seven year old have to go through this? What are they teaching you know a few years ago? It was about love, this isn't about love anymore this is not about love. This is about last night. I saw wicked with my daughter And I'm sorry I've seen it before and maybe didn't notice it, but I'm pretty sure this is new. The number of I, on stage from OZ that were dressed as women. And then they had the male jacket on top and they were clearly
and in all the women were dressed similarly gay, but There were some men that were wearing dresses and then they had the maid. Jack jacket on top and they were clearly males now what the hell! Why are you doing that? This is the thing that people are pushing against. Stop jamming it down people's throats. I don't care how You live your life in your own time. You shouldn't care about how I live my life, but stop damning it down everybody's throat and it's no longer teaching love because love would then teach hey. You know what people? who are married and who are heterosexual, they're, just in love just as much and you know what the majority of people feel that way, but some people feel this way. Ok,
Don't ever problem, but when you are now saying no, it's not a choice. I can't age, my sexuality, its absolute, he nodded Joyce, that's what they used to say. Now they're saying it is a choice and you should try it. That's different, that's different, so I think that the this again- is a sign that they have massively the left, massively overplayed their hand. People like justice people like earnest. But what we are seeing now is nothing like fairness, nothing like justice and nothing like love. This is the best of the blend back programme.
I it's Glenn. If you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on. Itunes begs can Paxton, who, I think is one of the best attorney general's in the country. There's another one. I like an awful lot as well from my Utah, but can is just tremendous and one of the first things he did as it A general he's e formed a special unit dedicated to combating human trafficking and Texas, which we're on the border. It's really bad. If we have time, I want to talk to him a little bit. Bad, but I really want to understand. Can if you, if you can explain text is arguing for an end of Obama, care The White House now has joined and I think, there's another state involved and it actually could.
Take the Asia and throw the entire law out that correct or good morning. But yes, it eighteen states we filed shortly after Congress PATH. The tax reform act at the end of two thousand seventeen, the argument being when tat when they passed they eliminated the pebbly associated with the individual mandate. I feel remember what Justice Robert said: he joined the forecast, said. Yes, individual mandated orders, you glad and every one of us have health insurance and it it orders you to participate in commerce was unconstitutional. However, he he switched. Sides joined the four levels of that, but because this is a totally associated with that that the tax and under the tax in power of Congress, you know they can they can do this whole individual mandating, so they eliminated apparently into doubt seventeen we found the lawsuit said: hey the penalties gone there for the Tec,
our sky. Therefore, the individual mandate falls that argument. It was successful in federal district court we get over willing or when the court declared unconstitutional in full- and we just argued this week that it was in that the fishermen, the very same thing. How do you think this is going to be decided and will it get to the Supreme Court and we'll John Roberts? You know contort and dude, kinds of gymnastics to save it and again you're asking the million dollar question that we are all wondering where the whole this whole feeling like. Knowing that we right on the law that we were right on the competition Congress has never had the authority to order you to buy a house, a car food, whatever that's what this does is it. It is an exception to this rule that they can't make you buy anything so justice
That's it. That's him! That's! The amazing thing is that Roberts took the stance and while Congress was saying it wasn't attacks, he and he made sure that it was known as attacks. Because he knew that constitutionally. That's the only way I could work right. There's no doubt legal contortions to get to this result is we're Roberts where and that's why. We are disappointed that he made this decision, but we ve now stripped away from him. And we're gonna, put it back on his plate and say hey your rationale for the case. You're only rationale is gone. Now, go back and do the right thing strike this down and in and get rid of this unconstitutional baino control of our lives, which would then Take everything that has been done: the entire law and returning to a somewhat free market.
We would return to where we were kind of before Obamacare Correct, whilst others there. This other argument is if the individual mandate is clearly in competition and that struck down
Does that mean that the entire law struck down? California's arguing, know the rest of it, some of it stays in place. We still have a vestige of a bomb care running around. It doesn't make any sense to keep it in place, because one Congress didn't put several Billy clause in there. What that means is typically, if Congress want the lowest stay in place. If some pilot struck down a put a closet, hey Partlet struck down that does it mean the whole awestruck. They ended up methane ex times in the in the language of the bill. They said it. The whole bill is essential to halt the individual made. They is essential to this entire bill and it is. It is the guts for the bill for the Strip up individuality. Why would you leave the rest of it alone? Worrying the whole thing should fall off when you say no, keep it keep the rest of. It employs, oh, be great. If we could do this in the insurance,
but I'm not sure the insurance companies are on the side of the free market, but if we could get the Republicans to say now that strengthen the free market. With this, we are going to remove the barriers where you could, you could buy insured. It's a cross state lines that would that would actually be a real. Whom, for the american people we would be able to we'd be able to, shop around and get good better prices yet agree that you actually. This is exactly the part of the solution to making health care. Work as it is illegal very state of individual insurance rules that make it hard for my interests across the lawn his you bought? It has a different product for everyone, If we could eliminate those cars, wanted to eliminate those. I think that would be great,
it would open up the market and we would move away from control, government control, the drive a car pushes doctors out of the market and an offer less choice to compete consumers to a more would American Milo is free enterprise, competition, lower costs. Is it perfect now, but the whole lot, though? Don't we have now, Sir Hemison
do I have left, I lay the Galileo have about a minute two minutes, two minutes it can. I know you're on a tight schedule here. Can you can you give me an explanation of what's happening on the border and what Texas is doing? We ve seen of forty three percent increase in illegals into Texas. It is an absolute mass, is Texas doing enough to stop this themselves said taxes from what I can say. We know we have alleged Fletcher, put over six million every biennium into border control, board security how're. We can only do so much with that
with that we can assist, we can stop people from violating our state laws, but when it comes to voting, settle off their crossing the border illegally and just abolish a fella, nothing, we can do that a case air than of the. U S in which eurozone tried to step, try to step in the place and the some of do some of were stuff. They were told. No, you can't do that. Even if advocates the responsibility, so it's really frustrating is vulgar making create laws not enforce them and pushed the state out of doing what they otherwise would have done, but they are also dropping these people into our community. These and many of our border towns are on the verge of collapse. Are churches are on the verge of collapse and nobody's talking about all of the kids
that are we're trying to save from being sex trafficked and that sex trafficking has gotten much much worse. Only forty seconds to answer, if you can so you're exactly correct people are not addressing the cost of this and Paul. The cost is not just our country, but also to the people that are being brought through here and trafficking in Texas is number two, where the number two trusting statement and the country we have the highest in the world. This is a huge problem that the media never die. Can I please keep up the good work. I'd love to have you back on when you have more time. I have a grey say, hi to your wife. Yet I work of their remit.
Your listening to the best of the Glen Back Programme like listening to this Parkhurst. If you're not a subscriber, become more now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the shell, Andrew Willpower, Andrew cows heard on exam, serious, all, country is also, I think, one of the founding people on the blaze. You have primarily beginning, and it's good to have you back at the blaze tv welcome. Thank you. How are you? How are you
I'm sure you're you're killing me with the with the thing about about the deep lad forming and in the patriot mobile all that jack. As you know, we ve been doing this forever and I think these companies and the activists groups work with? No that we go on the area data, yet private companies in capitalism. We do we don't like we're. Cartwright consumers don't want to be in the street. We have, we have more important things do and if they do, they think they ve David laid on that precisely on for so long that they ve gotten away with this, because we ve been like capitalism. Private bribery get your hand We don't want the government in the internet and they been like How nice conservatives are ratifying? Let's do our thing writer and you it's amazing- is they are They are now in a position to where they are so powerful. You know every time I go up Silicon Valley, I am both horrified and thrilled about what is on the horizon
and they all say the same thing- anybody who's up at the top echelons? They always have the same thing to me when you're thinking, you're thinking things, thinking things of the way there going to be nations AIDS or a thing of the past and that right we. Finally, I started to understand that and about the last year I was I get my hand alone get a handle on what what so? How does it work in, and it's all yours, just gonna have free trade and level. None of that some other thing. They're saying is corporations Are the new nation, but again conservatives and Y know you conservatives with your corporate love affairs, your oil are your oil companies. I know it is it. I think they dial the sin. They these zeroed in their their scope and they got him. Then we They knew that we would stick by our principles, because we are always talking about principles. Roy talking about not being like the left.
Imitating the leper trying to do at the left does and they said where our friends raw on the left right. So here's the thing that I think I'd love to hear Europe, your thoughts on I think, to retain our principles and to win this war. We don't break them up. We meet them, live by the law that the rest of us have to live by and that is you're. Not a platform. Urine editor Europe publisher. The minute. You start editing content Europe publisher, which means you're gonna to deal with all the law suits and the litigation that come your way as a platform, your protected from all of that their stock price would go to about three box overnight if they, if the government took their platforms. At us, away from them and charge them with. You are now a publisher and you get off
all the fun stuff that comes along with that. That would change their dynamics overnight? You don't have to break them. Up. Are one of our colleagues Dennis Prager is gonna, be speaking before the Senate Sub Committee, chaired by TED crews on this and President Trump is now really, paying attention to this and are an I'm old enough to remember when some of the Silicone PAL Valley people ought to be friends with you right in the eye. Remember that they said. Ok will mean that we should bring some conservatism here. Maybe you should talk to Glenn, beckoned and guys like lend back. I don't know that they made two December right low. Just one of those is short romances like hey look at us, we're we're not by us. We hung out with Glenn back for an hour. I eat it's it. Really. Scary to me about this is the more they but the more they try to convince their not doing it right. It's it's the or they are manipulating the algorithms decide. What we see deciding who we don't see claiming that it just a
should the system one. A video magically disappears that was supposed to be modest, as it's gotta kill. Some of these companies to hand over money too, too. Conservative dark film makers and even established personalities and and the more they try to give off the impression their neutral, the more we know they are putting their thumbs on. Oh in and you know what they're very good edit. I mean I learned my lesson on Zuckerberg, that fact not stupid people. I gave him the benefit of the doubt because he was he seems so genuine in person, and he makes good business cases for why it would be crazy. For
it to happen- and I know somebody who's in the conservative movement who just had a private meeting with him. One of the smartest guys I know in in our business, and he called me right after and he said I said how that go, and he said you know he's really surprising. I really believe- and I said, don't don't you're falling into exactly the same trap. I did he very, very smart and he makes a great believable passionate case the guy's, a total fraud, the guy's a total fraud either that or he has absolutely no control of his own Gump. Well, that's that's the second layer of this because we did a whole episode ablaze, tv of all the tech sector, money going to
very candidates that want to break them up other giving money to Elizabeth warring at and Bernie Sanders Bernice out there in the stop telling you that if he gets elected, he's gonna break these companies up and yet there there their employees the people they pay are giving those people money. But you know you you, you know history well enough to know that's exactly what GM that's exactly what Ford that's exactly would be if good, rich and good you're tired did during During the FDA administration, they said you gotta regulators, and so who did after go to the experts in that industry hell has come up with regulating sheds. Another conservative thing. We know we don't like the idea of professors who write term He burs on an environmentalist.
Regulating oil companies willing, but they don't know anything right, think they know something. They say we got a peer reviewed study here by a bunch of other people, run we're trying to get their stuff peer, reviewed, correct, don't like oil companies. So we say it's nice when people have actual experience and there's another trap we just sign right our principles, exactly right, that's why we just have to and for the laws that we have and make it, and even I mean they're going to right now they are so big their gobbling up any competition, something that Ray Kurzweil said they would never happen. I said Ray: let's just play this out. Why would a company that is is putting together a yacht? knowing that whoever has a I relay. I when they have that they rule the world. If you are collecting information on me, and you know everything about me and I happened to be a scientist. That's working on a sigh and I'm gonna beat Google your.
Telling me, Google would never do, and thing. They would never manipulate anything on me. They wouldn't they wouldn't come after me, they may this, but with the net with without out, without what's your face, follow that was the first movie out of the gate right, and that was this and he said to me Glenn. It would never do that, and I said why do you say that, because it's just against our corporate culture, she said. Have you seen real people heavier seem life and history I mean if it happens historically, the same way over and over and over again. I fear at some point. Jeff basis is just gonna become the law, Norman he's just gonna hear every step moving. I think it's a steaming king bugger, where he becomes like electricity, like he just Jeff Faye. He is this. Is this low kind of dim, witted, guy and Pierce Brosnan runs these experiments on him by try
how to use this like nascent is before we call it the internet, like one thousand nine hundred and ninety two and all of this brain power, starts going into the Jeff Beatty character. He becomes this like like electrical like non human entity person travel through computers and stuff. I think these are just going to be some like bond veal, in like a giant former suited about s mouth just gonna go around you know I I will tell you the guy, who would do that is Ray Kurzweil I mean breakers. While I mean he's on the cutting edge of olive, it he's with Google he's bees these the head of their singularity oh and he believes in upgrades, and he will be the given first guy that is sent upgrade me yeah scientists, in the lab where it like known or are we can't do that yet its unethical that stays at, namely I'm doing it myself and becomes you no part of the machine you? What scares me most about this is right now this is this is
the progressive right. Did there there on the winning side here, they're on the there on the winning side of the invasion and there's not theirs very few progressive voices, I'm sure there's somebody. Hey. We sure we like this. You know it. You You do see a little bit of of of liberals saying how, though, that the anti free speech sort of heretic movement is illiberal writin, then that we don't have to like these people, but let's be smarter than that we better than let's debate and let's not burn cars and beat people with Anti full because we don't like this guy. So there are some is realise that that the anti for shock troops, I dont like what you're going to say dynamic is kind of illiberal. It's very illiberal. I'm waiting for them to recognize that when this is bad for us is going to be bad for everyone, it's not going to be what they're not going to stop and go. We've defeated the conservatives.
It'd tromp we are, we ve got our little utopia everybody's, you know, riding on Google trains to Amazon job right. Everything is great, now, look what's happening with Nancy Pelosi, NEO see just yesterday, and Nancy Policy has to be all of the man in seeing look, stop eating in your own, get off of Twitter Eo C and stop eating us alive. They ve already lost control of the of the real radicals that they were. Using is, is fuel you and I both ten years ago You dont want open that can of worms because they're going to eat you, you think you're doing using them. Their use you and your you're going to lose. Control of this and they're gonna wipe you out first and that's exactly what they're doing. I dont think these companies want anyone getting in their way. That's the bottom line: they don't want anyone or anything getting in their way. It is they live. It is open
can consume. It is do not think a ten, and you know it. It said that that's scary, that liberals think for a short term victory. This is a good bandwagon to be on. You know that to be true, when you actually read what Bill Gates said in the launch of his common core curriculum, he talked about how they going to use the cam to read kids eyes, and he said that way. We'll know rural early on what they should do for a living and we can put them in their it's only about consuming and just being put into a little mould and you're a little cog, and you go do this and you ll, obey brave, new annual you'll consume re that world right. That's what they're doing
we are sitting with Andrew will cow we're talking about freedom of freedom of speech. I got a couple of other things. Wait till you hear what he asked to share about the women soccer team will get to that here and is too few minutes. First, I want to just switch over to Tommy Robinson Zoo. Had him on yesterday yeah we played a clip of it earlier on the programme. He is a hard guy to get a hold of and he's a hard guide to get a handle on because of the misinformation and distant formation, and I haven't wanted to take a firm stand on him until I talk to him myself and have some sort of a gut feeling. Now you ve talked to him we're hooty. Who is he let lineal only to say this, and if you're in this business is a lot of people that make you look good right. Producers, camera people protect young people. Are our staff down in DC? Just threw it out there right? They were just it was it they threw it out. They are not
knowing if he would get back to us, and while we were in the midst of doing a bunch of other things, like he's on Skype right now, you need to into the studio, get this done. So I running into the studio and he was sitting there. We were talking of Cameron. He was, I could tell you he was as emotional, just as we were lining up the shot as he was when we went to record he is somebody that is begging this country and I started very sarcastically, so we got up, we got a million p the southern border. Why should we give you asylum and the story that he told us was that ever since speaking out about this, these gangs of men, who have given over to the belief that non Muslims are the cafe the career they are. They are the they are the non believers. They are these the infidels that they have begun to take liberties,
with young women, mostly in small towns. This makes Jeffrey Epstein. Look like he's a great guy. I mean what's happening over in in England, with the Muslims and know what they're doing to young girls. It makes him look like he he's done, nothing it so bad over there. What he has said is that it's not the threats that are coming from the gangs is the fact that he is making these judges and police officials look really bad, and one of the questions I had for him was when these sexual assaults occur, as they have been. We read about them in Germany, since the migrant crisis has been. This has been plaguing Europe. Sometimes it has. Any member of government were upper echelons of the police department had any of their daughters objective this. He said. No, he it's almost as if they know to target lower working class right. So
This is something that's being done to to read a working class british citizens with the with the gun, it's kind of looking the other way, so he got trouble for Facebook living a court case. Where Some of these men were being released on very you must talk about the Epstein, yet they they got sweetheart deals and he embarrassed the judge right so now his fear is not the threat. The death threats that he's getting from these gangs, which he says He was informed that six of the more on the way to his house to murder him at one point with bombs in and knives. He says we can't, even by for ourselves, but they got them. He says I we believe my government wants me to go away, that I am the problem with the politically correct. You know society that we have built in Europe and he said I'm begging America
see this that my life is in danger from both these gangs and my own government at this dead. If he goes to prison and- and let me add- I said you are lucky- we have a republican president because there's no way a democrat President consult your government that way, because if we give him asylum, it's like we're acknowledging we're saying and we think of asylum. We think of really terrible places on earth right, we think of of decent an activist religious minorities, the Middle EAST. If we actually ignore Tommy Robinsons light. Is it threat from the british Gov We are saying to the british government
how to give someone a silent, because we don't think you are going to protect. I think things might change, though, if Boris Johnson becomes the prime minister will continue our conversation next. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program. Kay Howard is a is a leader of of government in legal system reform in America. He has written a new book called try common sense, but he's else will the guy who wrote the death of common, hence, and the collapse of the common good kind of a theme, he's been working on for a while you I've seen his TED talk? I did no this until after we decided to book him, but
he is, he was the chairperson of the trip, didn't light for the nine eleven memorial that is. I was here at the time. It was one of the most stunning things and moving things I have ever seen it's an honor to meet you, sir rate, to be ready. Now, thank you it's I want to go through that. Some of these things, you say the profile of a practical society, and let me just I'm through these quickly and then we're gonna come back and and dissect opera. While of a practical society features they fall in characteristics. Regulators, police, unsafe conduct, not correctness, regulation, will be more effective, less disruptive, when regulators end citizens alike, focus on avoiding actual harm. How politically incorrect
the view yeah yeah. I mean how basic giving us the role of loss prevent harm. Starship tell us how to live. Our lives is not to replace freedom. Washington, basically is written, so me rules or trying to replace our freedom, their suffocating PETE right. They think that their job is to protect. People from in many cases from themselves or who they deem as the bad guy, where they're, making us all into bad guys in many ways the other three. No one can comply with thousands rules. You it's interesting. They lost here the law law supposed to be our boundaries, protect against people breaching your contracts, committed crimes, polluting with us find and that's the whole point of that is to make everybody feel more and to define the field of freedom where people can get along or not have disagreements and follow their star
the field of freedom and what happened beginning about fifty years ago. Is they got the idea that they were tell people how to do everything correctly, and so they re like vines reaching in from the outside, they shouted wrapping around our toes. Is it our necks, telling us how to how to teach a classroom? And What forms to fill out, even though nobody read them for making clean Apple said the orchard or whatever, You know when it made no sense and drives people nuts and it doesnt work, which is which, Where is the which is the chicken in which is the egg, because part of it? when you have you know, when you buy a lot more and its as on the lawn more, do not use on roof. You know That's because somebody used upon the roof and then tried to sue them. Well, it wasn t a tour I mean far as I can, earn. I want those people who see a lot more ago. I use my room. I want you to lose out on the roof. You're just survival.
The fittest in some ways, but is Was it the government or was it the a turn he's going in suing everybody its it? Well. Basically, if have the idea that you want to warn or prohibit. I guess anything that might go wrong. You have some dweeb in a back off somewhere. Writing every rule. In writing. Iranian warning, not realizing that you have too many warnings by crying wolf. There's no is like no warning it all is like white noise. I was, I was at the yeah. I think it's at the south rim Remember though I remember it's, the native american rim of the canyon and you can walk up. I mean to the edge of k it it's a tear of your but is clenched for like a week. After
experience and I said to one of the guys I said how many people die here and he said funny. We don't have any problem. Nicer will really Nay said now: you guys that America is a native American telling me you guys in Amerika. You of so many warnings, and so many walls and subjugate people actually call I'm over your walls because they think they wouldn't make a wall that I could climb over if they didn't really want me do it so it's safe. We are truly doing great damage, because people don't think for themselves. Make for yourself and not alert it's your lots of studies of this is counterproductive. The warnings for counterproductive, I mean my favorite warning- was on a five inch. Fishing lures said caution. Harmful if swallowed scope into it.
Because it turned out that the hook had landed there, something but nobody's going to swallow it completely and is completely idiot and if you did swallow it, everyone would know that's harmful right. Let me, let me go to point number. Two government is accountable, really really important. The whole basis of the constitution was to give not tell people how to do things, but to give people in government responsibility and to have a mechanism for accountability. That's what democracy spoke to be it's a mechanism for accountability. You dont, like the people in off with a nod. Good job you like new people, but that requires that they be in charge of the people who work for government so now nobody's in charge
I must say- and I am arguing this entire- I found TAT the civil service system, federal civil services without any question violate article two of the constitution, because, because Congress subjected the president to collective bargaining and alone nineteen seventy eight weeks He can't fire any by basically well there's a lot of learning a lot of discussion by Madison early on south even if are was against. Yes, if, if there's any our inherent in the executive, it's the power to hire and fire. If you break that link in the chain there is our accountability, and you wonder why doesn't matter whom you elect people acting new pupil, inspecting things to work differently than just ship just sales on you know it's like this. Democracies run by dead people right here is run by We were all these laws. Forty fifty euro regulation one fifty years ago, and you can even fire the people forbid badly enforcing them.
I think that if there is one place where I think the founders didn't see, the future, they didn't see, a future where greedy power hungry people would gladly give their power up, because they didn't want accountability. Yes, and these these you know divisions now these these giant bureaucracies where the car, Ruth says: ok, you got please make the laws now, that's your job, you guys make there is no accountability, because who the hell do I complained to write. Ask yourself anything any stupid thing: ok, who's responsible for that and the answer to that is
correct? Nobody, because other room made me do it now? It's it's that it's it's that's a system of democracy does no longer functioning. That's why it's got to get rebooted the third one. Public schools have similar freedoms as charter schools. Was that mean? Oh boy, I mean we have tobe retired pop puts rules. People every over twenty sage now have more, not instructional personnel than teachers to their bunch of people filling out forms. That's where your tax dollars you're going there filling out forms instead of teaching the kids. I mean it's literally combine that with special ed, and you basically probably wasted about this third or more the money of the of the budget, Theirs oh reason in the world why local communities can't run their local schools the way they want exactly right no reason in the world and body? Where is the apartment of educate
right, right, well, informed educational needs to go or inactive Trump Administration has proposed, merging it with the labour departments. Are they actually makes little sense? But even if you have any role for the federal government, it ought to be as a distant trusty may ensure they don't. You know discriminate or simply I shouldn't be getting involved in daily choices where the principal one school in Brooklyn told me last year, she spent all Friday afternoon filling out forms saying that they,
things they didn't do in order to protect the teachers from having to worry about all this bureaucracy raised, has a very effective go so herds. Job is ineffective. Principle is to lie to the bureaucracy. You know I. I have Asia, I have a collection of of items from history and one of my favorites is a shooting target of a teddy bear that was put out by Theodore, Roosevelt, Gay and its it. It's a it's in a grey of a teddy bear and it's got targets all over him and he use this as a way to try to convince schools all across Amerika he wanted to have. A shooting range in every school now to show you how much America has changed. They were not upset about the governments,
you should have a shooting ranger. We should teach kids how to use guns. They were outraged that the federal government that they had a role to tell them anything that they should be doing in their local community. Didn't kill you and how much better people would feel about their local communities if they had actual input and how the schools friend and where bad teachers could be fired, it was a teacher. There was a teacher just this week. That was said you know I'd. I can't tell you that to the Holocaust is even factual or real history they weren't fired. They were just transferred to another job. You know Chiquita, about accountability for inciting accountability in an organization people think of it, and we naturally think of it is let's get rid of the bad people want to get rid of the basque people, but the reason you need accountability in government in its schools and such
for a positive reason, which is that it's only when you know everybody else is in your group, your school, whatever it's gonna, be trying hard that you feel good about trying hard to set up. The you'd have pride in your school right that you have the energy and, if you know the job performer doesn't matter in government or the schoolers up in what is that The energy is like putting your hope hole in a balloon, ev every American has worked at a job where we have said I dont know if that person has pictures of the boss with sheep or what it is, but they should have been. Fired long ago and when they're not morale goes down and you never accomplish anything. We're gonna come back and just a second a fascinating conversation. I think a group book that everyone should read, try common sense, replacing failed policies of the left and the right. Try common sense by Philip K, Howard more just a SEC
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