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Pat Gray joins to dive more into Ashley Biden's diary and why the FBI is so interested in its whereabouts. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joins Glenn to discuss the lawsuit that won against Biden’s vaccine mandate. Stephen Kent, author and host of the "Beltway Banthas" podcast, joins to share his new book, “How the Force Can Fix the World,” and shares some of the lessons you can learn from the Star Wars franchise.

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Great podcast for you today. The news that happened over the weekend is astounding, as KEN Paxton says, so the attorney general. It is time to stand up. You've got to make a stand now and we end the program with how the force can fix the world, and it's a new book by Stephen Canton, he's he's into talk about it and and how the lessons in star wars are so appropriate right now you don't miss a second of today show don't forget to subscribe to the podcast. If you haven't already rate and review as well. Five stars is the appropriate number of stars and don't forget to check out studios America as well, and please do the same you anything team. Did I put that baby?
Oh I remember. I gave it to the: U S: government to whole, I'm sure it's gonna be fine! Well to the Glen Back programme? My name is Glenn Back stupor gear is my executive producer. Enjoining me now is my best friend from all these many years, Pat Gray, hello, Pat hello, I'm, so excited to be here today I heard you who I am I am it was it's it's hard to know what to start with it. Is that mean I did find her diary underneath the tree agenda, who started reading about me, but he found out it wasn't you, but it was in this case. It is him how right the interesting to fall. Well, nobody will cover it. You know it will cover nobody. Nobody will cover it to its credit Let the work! The project very toss does and some
just pretty staggering, prettier stunning, oh yeah revelations label on one in the know, nobody picks it out. Nobody makes it up if, if project very toss were on the left, the one Pulitzer every year, oh yeah, every year and they want in this case, though, they didn't even run the store, they didn't run the story, so they couldn't get credit for they are now. accusation- and it's not a clear accusation. By mainstream media. But the accusation is that before They turned it over to law enforcement. They leaked it to another conservative site. That did put me like Buzzfeed. Oh no, eight. Conservatives now that we totally okay, if it was Buzzfeed yeah Now they don't specifically set up a that's the tone of the reporting. Ok, bye did the law
Why is the FBI involved in finding a diary if you're, if your daughter's diary is missing, I don't think the evolution of the FBI is uneven, but anybody anybody that, I know doesn't say, did you call the FBI milder loser stuff. All the time. Can I call you emphasise our eyes, I mean what's in there other Then re damning stuff. I guess the act, your guests in theory, you could say right. It was right before an election, and it was if we know some I'm trying to manipulate a federal election is that their justification? For this I mean I'd. Let me well what I do not know. What is it now? What is it now? I mean they're trying to two federal election really like that hasn't ladders? been done. I mean that
The attitude that you want to talk about a pot calling the kettle black. Oh my gosh, I say these are good arguments and try to come up with some justification as to how this could even be related to the F B. I really like someone steal something? Even if again, that's not what we believe happened it was in theory, left behind in a room that she was in and it just sort of confirmed the existence of the diary of nature. Does Ashley binds diary? Doesn't it you're, not the FBI in if it hasn't, there's no validity to the story right that doesn't necessarily confirm the contents of no, of course not know about it. You rather suddenly jamming believe that those that content is probably accurate if its filled with the recipes I don't think the FBI has gone out of the white House- isn't going variant recipes are delicious gesture, go get it. Maybe they stole the colonels secret recipe. Soldier was in their ears with job internally said over the weekend. What
the context for the diaries loss did actually Biden, leave her diary in a room or was it stolen too What is the alleged federal crime- and What is the precedent for a major federal investigation over the alleged the death of a diary. What precautions were taken by the bite administration. In light of the claimed media status of the targeted individuals Why was there a delay in this action being taken if the alleged theft occurred a year ago has this ban under investigation for a year ended. The White House request the intervention of the FBI. Listen waste, regardless of how one feels about project very toss. There should be cut calls from media outlets for some answers on these basic questions. Likewise, Congress should be seeking answers as part of oversight responsibility. Neither those will happen. Neither one of those will happen. This is a grand abuse of power and it just shows again
where the FBI stands, and this is this: is there so you know going after journalists. They didn't public, the story and gave the diary they say to law enforcement. It also kind gives you an idea, maybe of Why Ashley Biden is sort of the forgotten, the ignored the hidden Biden? Nobody talks about her you ever hear about. I couldn't picture out of a lineup before no. But I have no idea what she looks like ever hear from her. You never hear him talk of her. It's always oh and Hunter that he speaks of Andrew in the diary include the author, revealing she believed she was sexually molested as a child and shared quote. Probably not appropriate showers, with my dad
some of the detail? They authors drug use, the crumbling marriage with multiple affairs along entry showing the family fears of a potential scandal due to her brothers, new home, and those show a deep resentment for her father due to his money, control and emotional manipulation. Can you matching. If that was set up to I mean that's what they say. The Trump children were doll Yes, they they're just in it for the money in there just being manipulated and he's, manipulating them and they're all manipulating everything. That's it exactly what's going on here and you, have it in the writings of hunter binding. And now we're not supposed to believe a diary that came out a year ago that they eat?
Federal government is now breaking down doors in the middle of the night, together anything about the diary, wow. I mean again. This is The failed state this: is the action of a failed state? This is a banana republic. Did you hear bout flying the seventy planes in Florida in the middle of the night. I don't think so here was found out this weekend? That Biden has been flying? Seventy seven, the planes full of people from the border into Florida, with out any authorities in Florida being let no man it was happening there just jumping these people in the Florida, while you mean.
Are they paying them of the four hundred and fifty thousand dollars reaction as well, and I often higher deal while they got a nice place play that again? If you, if you happen to be watching us, take a minute and really watches face, because it's worse, when you see it than when you hear it, it is a year. This is a very unstable moment. Watch this life, we sort of migrant families at the border payments with target noisy history, you said everybody goes were five four hundred fifty thousand years. It is in fact, because of that the outrageous is behaviour, the lesson, You coming whether legal lost your job. You lost. Your job is gone. He deserves some kind of compensation:
we know that is a terrifying because zero. Two homicidal, yes, one! Second, yes, TAT is just urban, its really disturbing really Mr Davies office. Education or if there's a medication which might affect gas you a little bit, does that disease, like it seems like either either. You are not in control of your emotions or you're on some medicine that does the same thing. Yeah. makes you really irritable. How unsightly is that for the President of the United States to show kind of anger that that kind of emotion, just for no apparent reason. You lost your child, wash your child wow, I will now? I don't think it's because of no recent right he's pissed off. A court is it asked the child being lost but you're because he's upset godchild these children were lost, he's pissed off because he was in. It was embarrassed
he came out and try to deny it and then it got caught his own administration had to admit that they work that they were doing this and now down too. Well, it wasn't foreigner. Fifty thousand it was for forty. Nine five can be attained its unwritten. May I offer a third explanation for this s. I think that way. I'll buy into this crap I think, absolutely buys into all of this and he sees the heat No one around him he's not exposed to any one in his life. That is agreeing with what they're saying and so they're all sitting in a room- and nobody says what about the kids that were separated for from Obama or the ones that you have separated now or what about the reason they were separated was because they could
prove that that was their parent or a relative, yes, and so they were held until a relative could show up and relative took them, but we did. We were trying to protect the child because it might have been other aspects, trafficker. Ok, nobody is saying that to them and so they are sitting in a room and they get more and more angry because everybody's pouring fuel on exactly the same fire, Nobody's they're saying we're waiting. it hold it just to think that doesn't make any sense there. I'll just sing and they lost their child. There, people around him that no that's bull crap. Why deny it initially them? If you, if you if you're going out, he could get away with the number thing You were right. I think they were right. So amazing. He just thought because it me why hide it. If you're that viscerally, You know in favour of these people to stay in here, because I think
things realises the politics of it, basically think he well, I don't I don't know. Maybe I was going to say. I think he knows the situation that therein, but I don't think so. I mean look at what they done in the last week they have they had the election sick. Days ago, they got their heads handed to them. in those days since then they have, ass the mandate they have speed ahead full speed ahead. They ve done this. They passed the night, the reconciliation bill, but the infrastructure bill they just pay did over the weekend and they're going to pass. The other went to Do you think so I do yeah. I think they will they can't houses out this week, but I bet you next week the right back on it, but they do that If I'm telling you, you should call you or congressmen and tell them if they owe if they,
vote for any ending bill infrastructure. Anything if they vote for. Any of these bills You have a very long memory You will work to overturn their seat and give it to somebody who will stand against this. I I think this is a really dangerous place for thee. Of the republic to be in another worrying- and I don't mean violence- I just mean they have completely detached. You know that they have leave the federal court, put a stay on the mandate I'll. Do they don't care? I bet you there. keep going yeah. That's my guest to await with Let me what law restrains these people? It doesn't seem like there's a law that role restrain them and I think, given you know, four hundred thousand dollars to people who came across our border Louis,
into what he just said. If you you came over the border in you lost your child. You get a pay out a hundred thousand two hundred and fifty to two hundred and fifty thousand means to somebody who is living in poverty in Mexico or Guatemala changes or lie changes their life, your not going to file. Of course you are you're, not gonna, come for the lottery you been meaning. You win this is a nightmare, a nightmare and think about it with the shoe on the other foot american sneaking into Mexico or Guatemala demanding a payment once you're caught and you Ben inconvenienced at the border. now. I want to be made a rich person. I want a million dollars for my family, which is the pay out that you could get four per family. That's it its unthinkable. It is. We are approaching a some sort of a line where the american people are gonna stand. I think republican
dependent and some Democrat Margo. Start stand up and gone nope. No more! No more! I mean the book fact is not gonna happen. Just in one can unity, I think the Bubba effect he's gonna happen, in lot of this country alone. of this country, where people will just stand up and say, I'm not gonna comply, my won't do it. I won't do it you're out of control your, when people who come across our border money you're, not you're, not helping any of us you're, putting me out of business no thank you. I want no part of it, so I am trying to eat healthier and I am but the thing his. I don't like
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There were several states that took action again, This mandate it bore the rule, applies to just eighty four point. Two million workers and and another one point: nine private sector according to OSHA, but we had Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina in Utah. The agency's got together and they put together a legal brief and filed it against the by ministration and it won over the weak. and there is a stay on this order and can Paxton is here to tell us all about it. I can get more employment, I hope you do well. Thank you very much can is the attorney general for the great state of Texas. Tell me what happened.
So, as you said, it was a pretty well organised deal it not just are those five states you mentioned, but there are other states doing as well. We ve actually been talking about this since the day that Joe Biden told us that he was going to do it and it did. He tell us he's gonna, do it because a few months earlier he said it would never have sunk ever did not have the authority to do it. He was right I'll shoot, you're breaking out in you? Don't he doesn't have the right to do it? Ok, and they know because the the is there just now is no place for this in the constitution. Unless you start to twist the idea that OSHA has complete control over everything in the workforce, right, that's correct and Now we do not have the authority with president does have the competition authority that give them that carry out an anonymous. Your Congress would have the authority to. Clearly, OSHA has not been given that authority by Congress
so they say they have control of everything in the workplace. That makes people unsafe. I mean OSHA, does oceans, you know directive is so broad that you could say that they have the legal authority couldn't you actually now. I think that they ve been given authority over, like substances considered gin, toxic materials, but they ve never been given authority too. deal with communicable diseases as the CDC and even the CDC than ever the authority that mandate vaccines are back. This has happened in the past. They were asked to implement at some point in our history a vaccine mandate- and they said it- was better to do voluntary, not not mandatory, So we have the cdc, also making a ruling that you know you. Don't we don't worry about it, don't worry about paying. You know for Europe, for you monthly rant
or your mortgages and the supreme I think it was a supreme court or was it a federal court? That said, I know you don't have the authority to do that, but by demonstration is still doing it correct did we lose him other your carry their young happened here: service in a Europe without the city was Supreme Court that stop that staying in place, another illegal implementation by by the Bye demonstration, so there. Just continue to do it it. What gives you any feeling that they are going to listen to the? I think it was the fifth circuit court this weekend. That said, this is federal overreach. It is. It is as grave constitutional consequences. I think, is what the judge set. What makes think they're gonna stop. Well, look If we really it's it's one thing to them to do not
a fellow immigration law and not proactively do what they're doing, but if we ever, we have to stay and openly of victory. The Americans will do they look. The court has ruled that the president can get forced me. He never had the authority to force me an hour. Court has ruled a federal court. His role that he doesn't have Laurie. I think it'll it'll give. the american people and security in them some confidence that they can ignore this and not worry about it. We are increasingly looking like a failed banana republic we have an administration that is knowingly twisting knobs and turning levers right now and then No, they can't get things through Congress. So they're just doing the thing through, like OSHA and the CDC they seem to be ignoring things. The FBI is off.
the rails and It's just the states now that stand in the way you convinced we have enough states and enough, momentum to be able to stop to stop this in? Oh, I think you know tat. but this poor, and now we have, I see something, good happening when the state seem like when Joe Biden was first elected with taxes and a few other state that fighting this This mandate is motivated. Almost every republican state was half the country should do something about fight back and that truly the key to our survival. It's got to be taxes in the rest of the country saying no, we're not gonna put up with this, because if we let it go, we really will
be a banana republic. We really will have no control over our elected officials and will have an added control president to dictate that's what he wanted. Let us change the Mummy change the subject, just a joke, just a better, as a couple of others worries that have come up and an eye justly, you read on this, the FBI, raided protein. Very tossed the writers for some of the news, it comes at a purple project, very toss. You can like them or hate them, but They are doing journalism. you may not like it, but that's what they're doing Over a year ago, there was a missing Biden diary from his from his daughter and in it she claims that She was sexual assault victim from somebody in her family. She talks about him
to take showers with her father than they go into the money stuff. That sounds very much like hundred Honour Biden Project. toss never printed these stories, it was late to another outlet. The did proper did do the stories they instead turn that diary overdue police because they couldn't verify that it was hers and they just wanted to go to the hands of the police, the FBI a year later broke down. The doors on Saturday morning of project, very toss writers, and why searching for anything related to that diary now I dont know what federal crime someone, committing with a a diary. Even if I do, if I I called you can and said: hey MA, daughter left. Diary some place, and somebody took it. Are you gonna get the stuff, troopers out to look for my daughter's diary, absolutely not
this is by demonstration using law enforcement. The F B, I included to do their bidding to do their political bidding and its creating a real lack of credibility with federal law enforcement. When you see things just like this easy, the F B, I being used to investigate parents who dare to speak out at a public school meetings. So this is- and we certainly saw this during the Day- trunk administration, but now the by the administration is perfecting this. and using law enforcement to punish people and to go after people that they don't agree with, and I think this is another, thereby network, if you didn't even amazing guys as a basic thing and what their? Doing here is very remnant, run some of what would happen in Germany too. You back three, that what happened in Russia and China is terrifying. Are. We are our states gonna stand against that when it gets a movement breaking down the door of writers over a diary
is in question in the assault on the first amendment and a free press is pretty obvious. Arson it's gonna stand, you know what I should do. So we were standing at the side of the stretch now, but you know, I think, there's a lot of fear, even among Republicans like if I stand up came after me and that's the reality of where right now. So I think the truth is we all stand up now we will see. Are freedom, the road it with law enforcement used for political purposes, more and more, with thirty doing and look if they are willing to investigate parents and are willing to do things like this. We can't nowhere bill stop, and so we don't think if we don't stop them now, if we don't speak out now, if all America don't be, got now looking to pay the price with more and more this and it's gonna get worse and more question. I don't love you bid following the written house, too while at all, but the prosecution, the prosecution brought a couple of people.
Let's go two. Can we play sought? One real quick for him media response to young kids victory on is literally lubber, please sought one of Rittenhouse. Why turn around? rose. Mom was right there in front of my face, yellow screaming and I'll do backer, chill Our problem. Is you a catchy as along an item and I'm kill you. He said that to you correct Did he say that defended as well, the defendant was there. So yes, Another person play sought three, please another person for the prosecution said this kind of caught up to them, I was running a bit faster and so the time initially us probably thirty feet back when the first first started running, but then
the time I arrived in a lot fifteen feet. And you continue to be behind Mr Rose and bomb at the time that the defendant shot and killed him correct. I did alter my trajectory little that when I scientists are Rittenhouse turn around and saw Miss rose among wondering for the portion of the rifle. Lunching for the rifle How did this case make this into a court room when that's the prosecutions witnesses it again? It shocking the abuse right now with law enforcement with the Department of Justice with just want. The general by the Bush administration and either other and other elected official is scary and its Gurion, even in my state, were local official youth policy
it's more than the laws of the rule of law is becoming a thing of the past and that's why I think it so critical that we cannot let anything path, whether to apply in their parents or the F B. I ain't that getting Eric O Keefe and project there thought, if we're not speaking out now, I'm telling you if it could be to lay down the road. Thank you very much anything that the people can do to help. Our. I would. I would say, don't be afraid to speak out at work, don't be afraid to speak out in your community. We all need to speak out. Now is not a time to be timid again, it'll be too late or not willing to stand up now.
thank you. So much can Paxton. The attorney general of the great is the best. I want you to know you might be getting up today and you might be thinking what the hell am. I don't want my life, I I mean I buy. I don't really have a future. I want you to feel better, so introduce you to Stephen can't he is a guy who has focused. I believe entire life on star wars I mean knows it knows everything about it: everything and he has been able to eke out a career. one good! What is really really what good one but the american dream is alive. You really have I mean you ve taken.
And you ve, taken the star wars, myths, ology and end all of the imagery and you can so easily learn lessons from today and power. Ticks and everything else. from star wars. Now you have a new book how the force can fix the world area we thought the it should be, how the force could fix America, and then I went into under those editorial meetings with your publisher in their light. But what about the world? As I think this is about to get out of here? You know everything that we face. I think particularly like in the West in american society, that we see breaking or there be sorted dammit attic norms enmity towards our neighbours, political polarisation- these are trends happening all across. So let's take Did you see the? Did? You see the woman? I think it was on CNN who said
these these women in Virginia they're, just disgusting and still been. I to know. How can I connect with what I think I'm not seeing the first part of that question probably answer yes, something like that. I was actually looking at that this morning and it's one of those case in point four How, when you watch a lot of star wars, you see a lot of weird connections that I think other people would not otherwise see this woman, Amy senses kind. She said I join others in being dismayed and disgusted by these women she's talking about Virginias Virginia voters. Dont know how to reach non college. Educated white women, the women I can can to have an influence on college, educated, white women? I am open to suggestions fisheries as well, and I am glad that the book chapter one deals with star wars in the virtue of humility, which is this thing which I think is hard to find.
Today's culture, whether me like Facebook, serving a sop exactly what we want to see all the time Twitter, ECHO chambers in us talking to only our own people but then was actually think it. So, what's the star wars analogy here, and it actually is STAR wars episode, one the phantom, as everyone's favorite movie received now you so there's this great story. In their aware, the planet we only way limit may may, I guess I'll play they them we should have never been created less and less and less, and I get from episode what an area that it that's the kind of enmity with trying to white boy. No, it's it's! It's all about the dungeons right, so the guidelines, these incredibly annoying fishy hybrids that live on the planet of the bill. How d Queen Amygdala in that movie report, The trade federation have invaded that planet in that movie. She doesn't
but the dungeons and say I know Yaller our fish. I know your kind disgusting than you smell tat. We ve all been invaded by these droid armies. I really would like your help, if you can find time being uncivil skulls. That's not what she dies. The woman takes a knee and says we beg of your help. We risk back to the mutual greatness of our societies. We need you in this moment: that's not a direct quote, but wait. I didn't they give birth to join, chirpings they did. They did someone who its eyes again hold contempt in the one thing that you learn: don't make this episode, the sub text to the movie matters a whole lot heiresses interesting line when she goes to the guns for help to get this thing in this moment. Boston, the guy who heads at the guns can I say I didn't Duncan speak, but in the kings, English here he says you say nothing new greater than the guardians I like this. Maybe we can be friends,
only hated than the blue and Queen alma Dollah, because he thought than the booth ought they were better than them, and that was why he was willing to let them die in that movie and be ruled out. the droids until she expressed that now we dont think your great, where greater than you we need your help There is a lesson to be learned in that for all of us when or how we are trying to relate to people who we want to join us in coalition in politics is all about. Content. Do member Anderson Cooper after the January six riot in whatever you want to call it He mentioned that all the people involved in the capital storming of aunt we're gonna be going back to all of garden in the holiday and with this sort of sneer you know, like our man, these normal people going of garden. The greatest restaurant in America, with Y a table cloth that normal people go to to feed. Like there haven't a nice dinner with their families and feel good about themselves. I spent,
A majority of my twenty is going to that restaurant Europe. Has, I barely had any money in my bank account and I wanted to. My daughter, my wife, to a nice place where someone took our order in a white tablecloth meal, all of darkness, the place for you to go to download time until I married in italian right. He and I believe that we must at last to go every fathers day because I won't be infinite. Bread, sociological back to something you said: what was that quote that you said in the kings, English? Could you get out again in so so boss now says to them. You son, I think in use, are greater than the dungeons we so like this. Maybe we can be France, so my question is. Did anyone think you would have a success in life? You memorize require to be somebody in your life when son
so there is there something wrong with me, but when that might arise when I first started the beltway bad those podcast. With our view of both the view of many asked, I know you're in its great really gonna give you our time. You took place it in what has happened to me, but I remember ever my dad gave me a pat on the shoulder of Identities- Exxon, don't let this become it! direction by five years. Five years later? It's all I do so here we are good for you, sorry, dad sorry, so, I I think of the one, that I remember from I dunno episode, one of the first three This is the way a republic and so this is the way freedom dies. Something like that with thunderous applause correct. I think that all the time, what what
What do you look at and say this? Is this is the STAR Wars story happening right now: yeah, so I mean and has to be popular consent for things that take away your freedoms. I think my, of waking up moment as a political person was, of course, the Post nine eleven era. The page it act, and you know the government being willing to just take everything that can get with the popular consent of the people who want to be safe. We all understand that and we're all the pandemic very much the same way? This has never been. And they're going to take, take take as long as there are people saying. Please keep us safe. We never want to be in harm's way, that's real and I ll, that line a lot but thing that I also go too is an episode to pad man
and again are having their little date in the field on a blue. It's an awful see. I've learned last forwarded through the Israeli, like one of those that one of the worst acted scenes the movie, but it's really important and for this reason, an unimpaired mayor talking about politics and how it should work? he says what kind of system would you like an attic and says? I want a system where the politicians sit down and discuss was in the best interest of the people and then they do it, and she said well, that's how we what we already do, but the trouble is people don't agree. He says well should be made to who's gonna make them you me someone wise right there is that, tower Tyrian instinct that out Let us have a look All of us have little dormant totalitarian tendencies that we say no to, because we believe in liberty we believe in it, despite the things that we want to control. So can you tell
me ever snores outside the bite over that's a hundred times more than I took out of that. Seen just what you just said idea that, I think is the most important one more. I remember what you said and I remembered that too. I blocked it from my memory. All of those are so bad. You know this. An honor question here: how can the p but who are? Writing and Phil Bing these damn things not understand the point because they always think it's about the other people. their who don't see the world they do, they are always looking at their movies and going we love freedom, but those other people, don't we a special knack for putting masks on people that we don't see the way are the same as or who we don't agree with, and car tune icing their points of view star wars, you see this in every single movie, bad guy is wearing masks and then
heroes who have the task of trying to see, pass them and know that there is a person under their whether it be cute Kyle ran or Darth Vader like it. the call of heroes to try to rise to the occasion on that unmask people and treat them like people, oh, what I got from that is that out. She is a scythe Lord, it's hard enough, not ass a two year. It is hard not to end its, and it's kind of one of those things is just like when the guy's given sort of the mandate to rule keep everybody safe. just see no inkling of a possibility that this guy's gonna, let it go like it's gonna, be the patenting forever panda endemic and Does that mean for the public health establishment that they're always gonna be around? You saw what they did last year, where they got rid of eviction, moratoriums the CDC getting involved in housing, its increase Audibly egregious, and we cannot.
Just like sit back and applaud that they're gonna do this. Nobody elected them to do anything like that. There giving away our freedoms step by step. Eventually we're going to accept reasonable risk and get back to life. The name of the book is how the force can fix the world there. There is one thing that I have always appreciated from. You is Only one don't push me knows the fact, that you can take less comes from popular culture because the sooner we talk about this earlier today. Everything is gone. It wasn't for pod casts and honestly tat Radio and up to a point, Fox NEWS. This country would over because would be no opposition to any of it could be. Oh opposition in the main stream
We ve lost our churches, we ve lost our schools. We ve lost any of our organizations, the boy scouts are doing. You know, there's a there's, a fort equity and just as there is now a patch for it. So we ve lost everything, but there a few stories that still teach truth star. Wars is one of them. It's for four generations of truth in that story, just the longing for freedom and the tension, between wanting order right and then wanting to breathe free but the story is always ban and it's something that I am encouraged by, because even when we know that, like the left wing right metals in popular culture, they metal in star wars to just like the metal and everything. That message is still I have always been the same, which is that if you give away too much you're, never going to live free and there's going to be people who rise together to stop it, and I think but the details we get really to hung up on those in
star wars is this story that, as everything that we share to gather starts to, humble around us, I'm not suggesting we replace the Bible. If you, if you come at somebody when they like Bible versus first thing, they're, not to be listening to you of their if they're, not a person of faith, but why don't you talk to them about the idea that this is a perfect screw. I mean this. This teaches the scriptures just not insert this. This is the message. Yoda could be Jesus. Only Ireland ways he teaches exactly the same things and that that chapter, already about with, like humility and just taking a knee before someone that you need their help. The whole chapter ties the phantom menace to Matthew Eighteen, the idea that we need to be as children if we are to be true followers of Christ and that requires us to be humble and know that we need help from others? The name
the book is how the force can fix the world by Steven Kent it's available everywhere. We have Steven Kent in how the force can fix the world. I'd love to have you back you? Were you really a fascinating guy?
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