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The plan was never to return to “normal.” Glenn, Pat, and Stu review last night’s special on “Event 201,” a war game held last October that laid out plans to use the next pandemic to remold the world. The head of the U.N.’s World Food Programme predicts a “famine of biblical proportions.” And do we really need to be ratting out the Amish for not social distancing enough? Kevin Freeman, host of BlazeTV’s “Economic War Room,” discusses safely restarting the economy on the county level. Mitch McConnell suggests that states should file for bankruptcy instead of bailout money. Idaho mom Sara Brady recounts being arrested after taking her kids to a park.

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Welcome to the park ass it today we get into an interesting part of the development the plan that were kind of executing now Verona virus event tool want clear, discovered covered it on tv. You can get the full show. There are police tv, dot com, Slash Glenda Promo Code is colonial, save thirty bucks with that. But this is about is a pandemic, what we do and they outline all their plans and we're seeing those plans being executed now involves a lot of the figures on the left and in business and how those things, how governments businesses and to work together If we want to watch and gloves starts to show they give you a little preview of it there. We also hear from Kevin Freeman he's from. Stevie is well talking about how we can reopen the economy is an economist, then door, who's, the guy who is being blamed for all these protests. All across the country is some evil. Conservative activist or just a guy who's
to in a second amendment right and is trying to organise we'll get into that red rabbi. Eleven joins us and Sarah Brady, who is from Idaho she was arrested on a playground for kids play on the playground. She tells the back story, which is pretty interesting. We get into all that as well, which we subscribe to this program. If you haven't already and rate and review it, five stars is the appropriate force amount of stars. And also do the same poor stew, does America to search for that and wolf we're getting into some of the.
Doing so be Cuomo family tonight on students, America, thanks for subscribing here's a podcast thinking that this is the global programme. What the head of the? U ends? World food programme just said, should be making front page headlines all over the globe, because, if he's, what he's claiming is true- and I think it is we're about see food shortages on a scale that is unprecedented in modern history remit. Were before covert, nineteen there were locusts, the size of major cities, not individuals, but you know, though, swarm they were eating the crops all over Africa and the Middle EAST and parts of Asia, and that
was going to really hurt us now corona virus has been in when these these measures have been implemented. All of us are having to stay home. It is broad trade to an absolute standstill, which means normal food operations and we're going to start seeing shortages here in Amerika Mark my words please be prepared for this, but normal food production now is stopping as well and transportation is breaking down the head of the? U N World Food programme just head. Slowly how many they ever talk about God or a Bible? He said We are facing now in twenty twenty late, twenty twenty and twenty twenty one, famine of biblical proportions,
he's, so that leads me to regulate aim, and you know you got the ok, so you got the plague of locusts right yeah, the endemic. I think it's I am for fairer to lead. Our people go his here. They think I'm gonna, let people now ok out! I got it, but you know Pharaoh would Jesus on that? Did it across the desert it into the sea? So yes, he would not not a lot is not a lot has changed You were. We were just talking about event to a one and I know, what's going to be said, which is crazy because
is it has its own website? I mean you can look at not find it just just Google who have into a won t exactly what I do and there it is all around, comprises all there and you can see the things they were right. I mean bright eat, you know it's it's not like, if we were just saying you know what Do is prepare the world with more power. The EU. We should have more mass yeah and we should have more gloves and we shall, I did say, thou sitting yeah, but when way deeper than that of whom you anyway relax. We need to know a world order, it's that guy. I know they met two on. I think it was day to day three they met with with banks. You know, The banks in in economic experts Ok, so here's the scenario: what do we do? Well, we gotta get the governments just a bail everything out because all of this you know
make sense. Now, when you, when you understand that the FED came into the president's office when he said I think I need to shut the economy down there. Just handed him of a plan and here- it is this- is what we're gonna have to do because they had already done it. Then I approve she'd the fact that their war gaming, but I like the fact that everybody who is war gaming in this they don't really like the free market like small government. They didn't taken to consider the constitution. This is all about. Passing these giant dry Coney in kind of laws that are all part of agenda twenty one and agenda twenty thirty and what's gonna, be said about the presentation last night. What you say today is that good Are you saying that day they spread the virus to make all this Hanno and that's what you're saying what we have done, what they said:
they didn't do that, even though taking advantage they were prepared as always cons. Additional listing. Conservatives were not, as always. Exactly right did hear. You say earlier, though, that the guy from you PS was spreading vials of disease. All the planet. Just sprinkling is everywhere. He went now I dont and you my travels to allow citizens in every leave and another by I'll go written at a bastard. I tweet a guy like allay their Blair. Gonna, kill that jam Christians by the way did speaking of Christians. Did you? Did you hear that the police, somebody rat it out and call the police on the amish. Did you see is no ok, so the
First of all, I mean you kind of no, it wasn't your neighbour, the Amish are like. Well, it wasn't Jabba diet, as he doesn't have a phone call, the police, but they actually they, the police were called because they were having some sort of a barn gathering and There were too many people in that barn to be safe and somebody drove by an odd unwarlike, the Amish. I've got to be not talking about a plea. Actually arrested some of the amish people. Can we leave me alone and Heaven Leon. I should probably already visited the guy who knocked autumn and brought him a plate of food and cookies in some turned butter, just eight people, and now the I know you just
I know I know you just executed surreal for not having a mask, but I would like to build a barn for you. That is undoubtedly, and they are so. It really is the other one that I found interesting was the mayor of Vegas and how everyone says that its reckless and dangerous for vaguest hope it up, and I I You need to finish that sentence now because of corona virus, because I think it is a listen to opened Vegas up at any time we old with disease its eye. I think you're gonna have any more problems in Vegas than you already have
nah Jesus? Just me. She just they major Anderson Cooper kind of made. Her look bad, I think the other night, when really what she was saying, was a monolith. People says personal responsibility and the good the casinos that open there, be able to decide on the down the social distancing thing to try to keep their customer safe and customer by the way also can apply. Personal responsibility to it by deciding how closer gonna get other people it's kind of how we should be right. It's what it's, what Christie NOME set in stone you or a free Cato Euro Heinrich You d, demean destroyed you. Have you noticed how their destroying Ellen degenerates now yeah they are coming after Ellen? And I think it's because she laughed with George W Bush in that box, watching sub sporting event,
and they were really mad at her about that now I mean these rumours of Ben out forever that that Ellen is just not but she's like onstage she's, really a mean person. I don't if I buy it, I don't really care quite honestly, but if you look, it is the laughed and, as is its organizations like the daily beast, and they are there. Firing shots over her bow, say- and here I mean you know really I'm not playing ball anymore and she's. Putting up with George W Bush mean. Have you heard I mean she? Is we don't I talk about it now, but it's starting to be talked about for the first time out loud, its they judge out there. Just will eat any one, and if any one, if it was conservative, saying that it would be because their homophobia,
yes what they're doing it simply because it's in there interest of nice people and she's not one, So that's gotta and you're right. It all started after after the appearance of George W Bush, so others one other one. Other thing I'd like to address. Unless you have something pat, do you have anything you want to bring to the table not wanted to talk about Europe irrelevant to a one, because I have I found that chilling. I found a chilling I think you're, actually being sincere. Myth is suffocating, isn't it I gave on wanting to talk about yeah. It is it is it if everybody knew you need to watch it. You need to do your own homework, don't listen, a conspiracy theories that say this was all planned in the corona viruses and real cause. It is all real. These were just these are people that were prepared and to end.
And are taking advantage of a situation. Never let a crisis go to waste and we have to watch our government, these public, private, partnerships and in all of this bail out I mean it it all sudden makes sense, but the federal government or by should say the banks. Now the FED is the largest land donor in the world, the Federal Reserve or what is the objective of agenda? Twenty one? Thirty it's to be able to have the government to be able to have the government own all of the land outside of the suburbs and in the rural area, to push every body in the city, so we can say The earth and the thing that I think we should get from. All of this is why our conservatives wire constitutional issues awful, we're the war.
Planners in the world. We don't plan for anything. The progressives had been planning all the stuff for over a hundred years, whereas we don't know organ adieu. Ten minutes from now, I don't know how we ve gotten stuck in a rut where we don't. We don't have long range plants where they mean, taken over the educational system they ve taken over the universities. They ve taken over a lot of science labs, the scientific labs in and research areas- and they ve been insidious in this, and they ve been planning for all this stuff for a century so why are you know it? So it's not too late. Why aren't we talking about bigger ideas on we shall incidents? I think I think Mitch Mcconnell was absolutely right when he said yesterday? bailouts for these states file bankruptcy Laws
the states file bankruptcy. Why am I in Texas going to carry the burden of the New York payrolls all of them the at the New York retirement plans. Why am I having to pay for that in Texas? I knew that was insane the minute they were starting to do. It is one of the reasons why I left New York? Many people left it California, because they knew it, didn't work now, You're gonna just put that on my back. No frickin way you have to go through bankruptcy and you're gonna have to tighten your belt and I think he's Absolutely right. This is a mantra that we should all be saying right now. Otherwise, it's just gonna happen because
I told you at Fox when I went over all of the pension funds and said there are going to collapse and they're all men and push it to the federal government. This is the event that they will cover that with no no here's. An idea. No it's kind of old times, but since we're headed for a famines of biblical proportions, why don't we try something else of biblical proportions? Why? we try the twenty five year, or that is a twenty five year, fifty year jubilee, jubilee is. The jubilee I think all loans had to expire every seven years are, you are you couldn't drag anything out over seven years and There was the jubilee Jubilee was a resetting of all loans, everything expired, everything was any debt was wiped out. What do we see S day? When are we suggest a global jubilee that we
Oh any debt, the country's don't already debt, we don't owe a debt to the bank's everyone's dent is completely wiped out. Saves is twenty five trillion dollars and like an assured us that art over? Why, like, what's crazier, that seriously. What is crazier that idea or just printing on limited amounts of money and saying that debt doesn't matter just wipe it out the great position for us, because we are the biggest determination, and so it works out. Well, whereas out on that other countries, every year,
Scrooge. I actually aright your listening to the best of the Glen Back programme. Given Freeman is an amazing guy in the private sector he co, developed and manage the portfolio operations Group prefer Templeton and manage nearly two and a half billion dollars is consulted. In brief members about the house in the Senate present impasse. Cia dossier FBI, Homeland Security, Justice Department. He is done critical, critical studies on two thousand eight that was used for the d o d,
and he is the host of economic war room that you can watch on blaze. Tv if you are a member just watch, these tv and economic groups or war room. You can I find all of his work at Economic war room dot com welcome, program Kevin. How are you when I'm doing great. Are you doing I could be. I can be better, our economy could be working, there's done seem to be a shortage of money. There seems to be a shortage of commerce and I dont think people really understand what we have passed we done to our two? economy they this, because we are all locked in our house. Still, people think we're gonna go back to the way it was You give me some inside on what you think of the world's gonna look like here in the next six twelve months: Well, you know I had written version which sure dependent which perspective you take? If you look from the perspective, of the elite,
was that are sitting in their mansions like an anti policies with the ice cream. Therefore speculation that we're gonna not only go back to the way things were at least for her, but the the option, remake all of society in the vision that they have an and that's a frightening and depressing, but you talk to Liberty, minded people, and I spend at least half my day doing that every day they are scared. Their hopeful and they are ready to work there, ready to change things in a positive way for this country. So we have a path to God gave us. I choose your life or death where we have a path of tyranny or liberty in front of us and the like The path is gonna be harder to get, though the natural forces pushes to tyranny, but it is still there. And if we crowd to God, I believe we have a shot at the liberty, bat. So you you have little seven steps and I to open up the economy, and I just wanna hit on a couple of them
shelter. The vulnerable is a first step. The second one is used. Data driven approach to open up certain parts of the of the country. You say: there's a data tool that can tell you which counties can open right now, Why are we go ahead, the tool that never go has developed. Looking at a right now stated taxes. If we open the entire state of taxes, right now we might have four hundred and fifty one additional covert death. Then keeping? shut down. That was the estimation this tool has, but we would nine hundred and eighty six more suicides and that's an estimation, and then you too that data and you look down to the county. Love on. You say this county has young people, they dont lack ventilators. They don't have people with lots of diabetes. They have important uncritical industry, weak, it open
an accounting by counting basis and we can get the economies like after pat lights, go out, you go with a break which, as you want to turn on this in the most important things first, so that you get your house back up and power properly, so Kevin first. While what is the name of this? Is it an app or what? What is this? It is a tool that you are just nine years, the patron a group of engineers at navigate started. You can see that restart now dot. I owe anybody can go there. I've got Texas pulled up on mine, there's a green button. When you go to taxes, it's a turn on the economy. You press the button and it shows you the counties that can be open, and then it shows you exactly what the data is telling us of how much say It's gonna bring in jobs in lives and so forth, and there's some county to railways. If they need it's called restart. What is it restart? We start now. Dot? Io now thought I
Ok, go ahead, some counties. You were saying yes, some counties that neither remain shut up, there's! No! Why should the idea of opening all of taxes or all of New York or all afford? It doesn't make sense when you can go down at the county level, and I worked his team and answered, let's make this done by entrepreneurs by patriots, it's fun by an envy campaign, not federal money. I told him reject the federal money and reject the big data money. Big data has been in trying to buy this tool, and so we started GO go campaign where people can say hey. I want to see what my country's doing here, forty five, hours or nine dollars it doesn't matter what you give this people giving and all of a sudden people want no is my county one that safe? This is a tool the data that you don't have to worry about it being manipulated for political purposes. I to tell you this is such a I'm. Looking at it now, you end,
down now in the shut down in thirty days. It shows, if you end the shutdown now how many dollars have been lost, how many jobs, have been lost and how many cove id deaths versus suicides. Then if you ended in thirty days, how many additional dollars, how many additional jobs and an increased suicides I mean where it this one is at least trying a balanced, both the heart and the head, because we have to open this country pack up and die, I don't know if the average person realises the damage that is being done every day that we are we. Sitting on our hands there's, no question when you, if you watch president of vice President pins, gave the commencement addressed the AIR Force Academy and you saw them thousands of pet, that thousand patriotic seniors graduating. There were two that were missing because they locked the seniors in their rooms and too
unfortunately took their own lives they were held They were young, there's no way they would have died of covered, but because we put that enormous emotional burden on those seniors, two of America's finest took their own lives and that happening across the country's people are facing abject poverty or the PA or the virus, and their try and make this Sophie's choice here. The problem is: the seniors, and I talk to lots of them say: hey, look, give me liberty or give me death, but a leaders say you can have my liberty, just don't let me die. We ve gotta go back that our american people realise there is a risk to all of life? Whether driving seventy five miles an hour. Fifty five miles an hour. You can save lives by lowering the speed limit, but you cost living and and people we gotta restart economy. So I say that the case what shelter them, vulnerable number one and two: let's have a data, driven approaches, scientific approach to opening their
me, starting immediately, not from political reasons, not because a marches not because a totalitarian dreams. You data driven approach and get it started now, saving lives and saving the economy and there are lives to be saved with the economy. We are looking at. What? Where do you stand on the the warning from the? U n that we are looking at global famine, quoting the? U n of biblical proportions, because of covert and and other things like the plague of locusts and everything else that happen. That's where you get a second chronicle, seven, thirteen in the Bible where he says if I send a drought, if I send locusts and if I can I was literally a pandemic a plague. Then we turn to God, and that was my seven stabbed you and I go through the signal from the seven step is cry out to God, yeah, we are we're in real trouble,
because I think this is what God is telling us and I'm not sure if that is is happening, but we need a massive awakening Kevin. The I dont know. If you are aware, I did a special last night of events to a one where there too, where the people you know bill, aids and sorrels, and everybody else and the u they are looking to move their agenda. Twenty one agenda, twenty thirty goals forward. A plague event like this and they talk a lot about public private partnerships and how the government and the the private sector need to start working hand in hand and working as one that's great, if you don't, have fascism where one is telling the other. What to do or where the gun
it is only a part of that I think this is where we were headed with a lot of these. These bail, I'll leave the FED. Now is the largest landowner in the country we now because of these bailouts. Now own part of the: U S: airline industry, where is that in the constitution? Where are you seeing things happening, but we really need to be aware of and stop well when the first thing is the special you did last night was fantastic. I sat and watch it with my wife last night before when I it how theory It is really well done what one thing that most people don't realize. On January 23rd published on CNBC George Soros, warns Trump of potential economic doom before election and he's crowing the stock market's all time highs and George Soros is saying. You know you don't realize that they were going to have economic doing before the election. Did. He know that my answer
What you showed us last night source at Davos was told this is worse than we think, they knew it at the World Health Organization. They knew it in China. He had access to that, and so he just came out just tweaked present trumpets, and you know what there's economic doom coming and I that is one of the smoking guns that says these guys. I dont think big was that you made that clear I, but I think they were cared for. They were prepared. With a game plan to take away our civil liberties and we make the world in their image as soon as a pandemic it, and they were aware that a pandemic was on its way because, whatever
in China and the World Health organization they knew was covering it. This is the best of the Glen Back Programme. I want to talk to you about a republican governor Brad. The little he play chicken little of Idaho He is this guy, don't even understand it. Now. I I have connections to a very small town in Idaho and nobody's paying attention to the Idaho with Standards up there, because everybody just work in. Do what they have to do in and they all use common sense, their farmers for the love of peat. There's been.
Fifty one deaths in Idaho now it's from covert. Nineteen. Fifty one! That's that's point: zero, zero! Two percent of the population, every year they have two hundred. Fifty people die from drugs and four hundred and seventeen people die from suicide. I can get Don t you there will be more suicides in Idaho because of these measures. Then there were be covered deaths in Idaho on full locked down like the democratic states. He's not he's supposedly gonna, be announcing. Something today just of days ago. He said that term they're gonna be opening up all non essential businesses, but there's a businesses that are opening up right now go on a screw. You man, there's no problem here. How come you can have the city golf courses open and where you're making money, but I can't do that There was a family that is now face.
Prison time for whole- a yard, sale outside of their home out in the open air, with no large crowds they were arrested and their facing prison time. Somebody else that you might have seen yesterday went viral woman mom in Oh took her kids to the park she was arrested. Her name is Sarah Brady she's. Seeing possibly up to six months in jail. Sarah Welcome to the programme were glad you're here. Thank you. Ve gone. Happy to be here so sick. Sir. I want to start. I want to start right off the bat because I saw your video yesterday and I was horrified by it and then I saw some additional stuff where the cop was really trying to be cool. I mean really you like. I did look ice, I don't you got it
to the mayor about this. I can help you just its close to the city as a right to close the parks they close them every night. So we're weird. You stand on this, because the cop really wasn't trying to be a bad guy and- and I understand that it stupid to say your kids can play in the park. But where do you balance this while their kid there was actually three off? is there and there in the park area where I was said there were two. Gentlemen, they didn't have a head on Irish. Like was pretty reasonable. The person that I am the assimilation occurred with, aren't you felt like with much much less real. The ball and- and I can completely see the press creation of being in the middle of citizen to upset about a park it being closer than silly like you, under pressure from the mare,
governor that you have to do now in force? The orders. And you- and I want to make this clear to You'Re- not anti police- are trying to make them look bad. You are married to a police officer I am not, and I believe that all I love at law enforcement. I mean obviously Mary to one. You know I also I I don't like to see overreach and it is frustrating be ways officers being put in a position that they are having to enforce what I feel to be additional orders. So what is what did you call the mayor or or anybody prior to this? Have you ever have there been efforts to get the mayor and to get the governor to stop this? Our habit appetite
I personally haven't called the Meridian Mare there haven't effort to there. The rally last Friday, with a bunch of IDA, HOLLAND's at the stake but all I attended you there been a protest with the governors. How I did not participate in that others a lot of However, there are very upset about what's going on what about it, under upset that some people are considered essential We are not, and I mean quite frankly, I think anybody that tried them. For their livelihood is essential boys percent, agree if there is a state that could be opened, I mean there's a few of them text. If we only had seventeen deaths and where an enormous state you are you know, Idaho, is one of those states as well. You have more than Texas does, but still it's? It's, not New York City and I d
and understand- and this is a Republican governor. I don't know stand why these governors in places like Idaho, feel like they need to treat. Everyone in the state, like a child. Well. You know it's interesting because her eyes, people should have the ability to make choices for them. El Ray, I mean every day every day we we take risks right. Have you get in the car you taken arrest? I think I'd Honda Smart enough to know what risks they wanna take for the family. Quite frankly,. When you went to the park, this was a a planned protest mean you. There's a the post, I don't
If you posted it they're a bunch of Taking our kids to the park in Meridian today, at three p m: tear the tape off the playground. Anyone can join us. Kids, know, kids, let's take a stand, so This was you I mean you. You knew that there is going to be a confrontation of sorts right Yes, let me I'll tell you actually what happened so there is actually a one. I remember two different events. And I was about both I'd. I did not make that comment say: hey come to the part, I did not make that comments and tear down the tape. I didn't. I actually. I was on hence it, although I am quite frankly, might give the been cooped up in the house for over a month now I am especially child. They ve been out apart. They want to know when things are going to return to normal and so on the fence. I also that you know I don't know if I want to go down there. I don't. I don't like my concern with this honestly, our people.
To be in L Aquila Properly, are they gonna be beyond the living thing that well my concern for all did I message me you're gonna go like I don't know, you know, I'm not sure so that day, I cannot forget about a little bit like this was at a higher. My party last night, sat down on a couch to catch. Upon social media and possibly video a friend would like Hayworth apart, you don't. I feel my my friend with their kin and they said taken their allies, like all you'd unending park, is so close to my house, so I thought lily listened, but I think that a bad times three Olenin three, forty! I, like you, have nothing We come now to you, no break up people you know played at the park, they seek to go down there and hang out with my kids and so that blue If I'm gonna go down to the port with my kids,
If the city would have said to you as Mothers- hey, listen, the the virus lives on plastic for free and seventy two hours or whatever. Plastic on the playground We recommend that you know you just take some clorox wipes and you wipe them down or whatever cuz I got news for you is on the shopping, carts and every place else. When you're going out to buy groceries that's reasonable, isn't it would you clorox wipes to wipe everything down. If that was there, election and- and I mean it spoke to die in the sunlight and was very sunny day yesterday. So didn't matter? yeah, yeah rocks or not, but I believe that would have been the requirement. Please please write down the equipment or you know, try to keep it clean. I would have had a problem with that.
So the governor is supposed to talk about reopening the state today? What are you expecting? Wow quite think, landing spell of Ethel. I I'm hoping I am hopeful He does what I'd want. What you do is reopened our economy, reopen the parts must get back to normal, because we can you lost forever. Wait. What do you think? I will now go ahead? Please! Quite honestly, I don't protecting people and then wanting to open the economy have to be closer to each other, like I think that we can have both their nerve always going to be vulnerable. People in our population right there's gonna be another virus. Right I mean by this is ignored, everywhere, but we,
Also need Idaho wants to get back to work. I mean I have friends who are being laid off. You know, people not being able to provide for their families and it's it's a scary pine to think how am I gonna put it off. On the table, so I'm writing. You should, I think it's real Malta, reopen the economy and reopen things and people can take precautions. Businesses can choose to take precautions. Your bailed out. Yes, we're bailed out yesterday, what do youth? Who and what? What do you think's gonna, come of your case? The day before yesterday I build out, you know, I dont know I would. I would hope that they would drop the charges, because how people Well, I need be considered a criminal because I just wanted to take my kids to the park. I
I don't I don't understand that I mean like that's, not the America I know or want to pass on to my children. Time will tell I'm not going to plead guilty. Where were you charged with HIV trespassing. Six months in jail and a thousand dollar fine. You say this isn T the America that you know it's shocking when like this- are happening in Idaho Thank you so much. I got to go ahead. No, I was just going to understand how we can, let me know criminal Pedophiles out of jail and I'm I'm going. In trouble. Enough have been parks. I remind you so much. I think. Let you back here go ahead, When I say there were the protests of the police office, this house than the night that I was released from jail and I
you know. I want to see the people out there. We were all very tough pines riders escalated. The motion- and I didn't how to say that I had nothing to do with that protest and I want to apologize from one police officer family to another that I'm sorry that happened the night. I don't want people to make people feel unsafe. Thank you, your will. You do me. You ve been docks too by the left, so your family feels unsafe and I think it's wrong whenever we take it to somebody's house into their family, and I'm glad to hear you say that. Thank you so much Appreciate it,
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