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2021-07-15 | 🔗

CNN’s Chris Cuomo bashed Republicans for not following “the science” on COVID-19, but Stu reviews the kind of “science” his family actually follows. Fox Nation host Lara Logan joins to discuss her new research into Big Tech and the lack of security and privacy we now have. Comedian Andrew Heaton joins to preview his new book, “Los Angeles Is Hideous: Poems About an Ugly City.”

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Today is a fun podcast. We started with a little owed really to Chris Cuomo. You know, as do says, Andrew Cuomo is awful dad come thought. Chris Cuomo is worse right outcome. We talk about the hypocrisy on Chris Cuomo and the people who were screaming. You got a bottle science. Really, let's see they're following science on a few things that we also has Lara Logan on. She talked about what's happening with the surveillance state. Now it's growing out of control and an old friend came by Andrew heating. Who is trying to be the number one poet on Amazon today he's got a new book out called loss. Angeles is hideous homes about an ugly city, so little dark little dark, but we'd like you to go out and buy it on Amazon and making the number one poet in the country, because that's really how saddened that it is life is become he's like please. I have nothing to hold onto LOS Angeles hideous poems about an ugly city very, very funny, and I think we started something in California. You have to listen to the pod cast, because I think this is going to be a continuing storyline for awhile, don't miss it.
The only thing came, bringing you from lawyers this morning, tests in Cuba will increase the risk of covert nineteen transmission because of an already high level of cases and the or contagious delta variant. The visuals said on Wednesday. The PAN American Health Organization urged Cubans and tourists pleas of it all crowds do not go out in the streets waked way where words, Israel, where is it don't pay any attention? Tal, very attentive to the man by the Kurds who said it was ok to go out protest in steel stuff for be alarmed that he doesn't know what he's talking to
well racism is a public health are being ISM, is not all communism. Communism is only killed about. Ninety million people in the last eight years, maybe more than that- that's china- it was hundred million in the in the past century, so were well over a hundred million gravity every day and every lay like Cuba, its killed communism, has killed more people than all disease combined, pretty much a peanuts ok, so we got to follow the science and you know the good thing is we have guardians of science like Chris Cuomo. Do we have the the audio of what Chris Cuomo said about this case? in search the delta variant here. It isn't the store, of this pandemic on the right side is deep. denial, and we are going to remember for generations how we made ourselves sick.
Nobody else, did what we ve done in America gathered a cure faster than just about anybody, you how you are, but a vaccine, aha, and we made ourselves sick, We lie do ourselves, we did about the pandemic, our leaders called it a hoax tromp, but it was more than Trump wow. Here. He went on and and talked about this, this controversy in Tennessee as well the lieutenant Now we have the big case in Point Hennessy, Tenancy Monday, their top. Maxine official says she was fired, actually sent a memo to vaccine providers about a state law that already existed existed since nineteen. Eighty seven, It's got a mature minor in polish which is where it allows doctor to determine if teenagers, even if they're, not right of the age of are a majority that they can still be treated as long as that I believe that their mature enough to understand or decisions, ok, we need the parents consent. It comes amid a larger effort to halt vaccine outreach
for all diseases, think about that one think about about it. Let me think about it, gives you know us? Do you know what I'm thinking? What I'm thinking is an approved for kids? It's not approve, forget yes. Now so would it was it yes or is it knows, do what you mean yes well for honestly you're right, it is not approved for kids. However, that does not apply to this particular story. You're talking about fourteen seventeen you're going ok are also you have to be met. Tour. He asked thirteen year old, that's their role and so on, but again like he's? Not it has nothing to do with Tessie. Tennessee is just the way for them to say red, state, bat and Chris Cuomo. What you do know he's a man of science. He ism, as you heard, I know that in whom he really is its at the red staters. Of course, those of those people get science science and he can't believe that these Sailors would do such a thing. Well, Is this really Chris Cuomo, though, is it really a man of science sites that helps us
that's really helpful work for Thomas told me. So let me introduce you to purist magazine pure forest magazine arrest, magazine arisen magazine. What is purist magazine? Well, maybe they're mantra like the things you let into your body, mind and spirit Matter, let purist be your guide. So what put into your body should be guys like goop there it's like do it's like, if you think goop is only for peasants. You know the air if group has a number one, if it's too, for only poor people. And also it does. It has sue high or if you want lower, credible, writing so abused behaviour and who is to authoritarian, authoritarian, authoritative vs. Yes, that's true up an interesting Purist magazine is run by a Stena Cuomo
Of course, you may remember her as the person who just founded Jeffrey Epstein, address book, otherwise known as we ourselves right, almost what we gotta get yes, so critical almost wipe has a magazine and Super Elitist Hamptons magazine science, it's basically Hamptons version of goop Kincaid? Hence, that's really wanted now, while that snotty just try. It is like all other tat. This is like wedded. Paltrow is not snotty harass, routing they're doing because, let's start our own thing, ok so purist is, Basically, this the hamptons goop that advises people on all sorts of different diseases, among other things, also where you, by multi million dollar rate real estate and all of other ridiculous, expensive things, but a lot of its focused on health stuff and It is easy to forgive a little diversion for rich people to go and talk
wellness. You know you're the wife of a celebrity or you can have all the cares and end the candle spear and at all that now I don't think it's easy to get. You know who cares care if they react? How can I give you that, however, we should note that this man, who is telling you he's a man of science, is not only married to but was also being treated by the doctors who right for, purist magazine and our contributors to dupe, but the evidence of our control. These are good reference as well as very ugly preference. Ok, so during the worst part of quote covert. Lobo family was actually giving recommendations for treatment of covert nineteen these treatments- these are that's their word, not mine, treatments for covert nineteen. which she used. The word treatments, often in between her occasional efforts. At least.
disclaimer because, of course, they're not treatments for nineteen, but things like these quotas, Roth of cayenne, pepper, ginger garlic or the lemon and ginger tea or vitamin c. She later admits that, of course, there not now. These are cures for covered nineteen added a name of a doctor who is advising them and helped her Andrews, Chris Cuomo on a path of natural remedies strengthen his immune system locates, who was so so? This is This is what he had missus. What tourists Cuomo did, whose forget what he's telling you on television right when one of these gleaming, when he got covert when he was claiming he was in the basement right, which he wasn't ness. That's that's that this is what he was having. Yes now he went to Doktor Linda Lancaster or love her now she here she is talking about how close to the mainstream of a doktor. She is
I'm not a medical doctor. I dont use draw of thyself, not a medical doctor medicinal, Mr Mainstream society. Not did not. You could have come to me, I'm a doctor to dine not a medical doctor. Now so critical about again salting Tennessee, insulting red states, gas. They were, the science went to a woman who seems delightful is the founder of something called the light, Harmonics institute. All of that and she seems very sweet, she's, a natural Patrick doktor, which is by the way a type of doktor not recognised as a doctor of by the state of New York, give it a lot at the letter of that his brother runs. I mean I have no problem with your unnatural path. Mysell! Fine again, I am not criticising you can do whatever the hell. You want right right, the point
Here, though, is that he Cuomo on television telling you to follow all the mainstream recommendations of science. I bet he's doing this, which are not the main recommendations of science siad. Thank you ain't. We thank you for what you gotta silk she has Doktor Lancaster describes. How do you recover from an illness covert? Is a big illness resurrecting aloud? He recovered how to recover from that illness hint. It is not medication and money. has any need ability to heal itself we're doin with this title force. that knows how to heal us. Look around. You fear. So what causes illness? Ok, that's a good question. What causes honest, I would say
activity or virus right just particular example: a virus look at as it were, but I'm not a doktor lies doktor will she's not a doktor either I'm not a science man like Chris global design. Right, yes, so, let's see what she says, cause is obvious to me. it's been evaluating. The electromagnetic energy because you see whether there in a coherent love, o the flow, it's the flow on the south square. That was my next guess. I will say I do. I should have set it right, didn't, say: well, you're, not into the shock or see right. You know the rainbow. She gets lots and lots of shock or toxic hands a shot and we'll talk for really only those cliffs Paul. But she does talk about Clodagh. Now you can argue some republicans. Pop policies are off the mark, but I've never heard Republican argue that we should cure diseases by the flow of the cells or electromagnetic energy right guy right. Let's hear more about this science
each cell in our body has positive and negative, slow, proper and tip the balance, positive and negative, is the integrity of each set. This flow of energy is is very energy be peer review. Their vision are all of space. Snakes either said the doktor, the ether It is in all our ways, so I would just like to point. She sounds like she's, very asian medicine, she's, very chinese medicine, which didn't help the people in work just as just one of Zion. Ok, so I'm curious. If this is mainstream science, Maybe I don't know is Chris. I back. I remember this. Isn't just some dumb thing, his wife recommended in her stupid magazine. This is literally how come
Cuomo was treated for covert. Nineteen, is criticising all these republicans right. This is how he did it. She talked exactly about how she tree her Colbert patients like Chris Cuomo later on, listen is number one to me. Are you say you need one might call the patients. I use a soup a so called but that it did their daughter, which is green to learn. but as I have yet to your doktor fallacy come out at recommend. Soap goes further. I haven't heard Donald Trump recommend soon found. He said he said I broke lark when that's what he said and actual medicine the drug proscribed by, That's right, that was his idea that was too crazy, but soup soup soup- I'd Roxy clerk when no, yes, now there were Canada, while we when all these vaccines, when we had since we had just sign the whole time zone,
You know what it is, the drug companies they are just getting rich while the Campbells people had the solution the whole time? This is the best of the blend back programme Gomorrah. How are you hey, I'm good, thank you. How are you very good always good to talk to you so you I saw you yesterday and you were talking about what is happening. with surveillance and privacy and censorship, and I dont think people really understand how bout. It is, it is. Does the fourth amendment even exist anymore? You know in the foot
amendment does exist and that really important for people to remember, because if we treated as if it's already gone, then no one will fight to uphold it. You know they want in a way. They want you to think the fourth amendment is gone. That's part of the problem. You talk to young kids today and they say are so what I don't know. privacy, I'm not doing anything wrong? I meant because they really don't understand we bore you know we ve been deceived: the tech industry, because would he shed cheer, take this hand, little device. You know that, make your life better and easier in every way and its be safer, because you can call for help and so on and now at the point where our phones are tracking us. Twenty four seven and where these people who own these companies own all. That information about his they own everything that we say and do literally every single thing. So a kid you things will I'm using a hidden. I write to him. You know. Racy pictures to my boyfriend will know that it's
it might be hidden from your parents. It might be we ve come instrument, a picture of your former depression, own that add ons or those images of you and they can do whatever they want with them and by the way, if they're being stored in a cloud, then you know that get your parent has in your under age. You appear is it now in possession of child pornography and use it. You know you years ago. Nobody would have believed that that's the kind of thing the government exploits now, imagine you were in the capital and generally fix, and they have anything on you, but they want to get rid of you anyway. I like your politics. When are you can be charged with child porn because they have the ability to go everything, and not only that they be made a deal with him these? I never understood Edward Snowden fully. You know, I didn't understand that the programmes, exposed blarney instead review and all these others. These would deal that the phone companies made with the USA
physically, allow them into their sites should they could download or our communications that go on our phones and they were paid to do it. So phone company made money shelling us out took the fact that all of these people don't let them violate. The fourth amendment doesn't mean that the fourth amendment as an existing. What it means is that we're not upholding that right and that's what we need to start doing ok, so for people would has two questions here: one for people who don't know what the fourth amendment is remind the fourth amendment, and then I will follow up. So the thought a moment is our right to privacy and people think it's just about Ok, I'm not doing anything wrong or I don't have any secrets for I you know, I don't care about my privacy. What were the art? and the fourth amendment it was really. The founding fathers knew that one
the ways that the British prevented them from organizing and rising up and challenging them was preventing from meeting in private right that that the purpose of your privacy is much more, then you know just being out of public you and and and so that there is, nothing that more central to our democracy. Then the right Privacy, I mean all of those rights in the constitution, have a real purpose and Value, and if we allow people to take them away from us, we ve bought surely surrendering that we're like lambs to the slogan, that virtually what we also see the fourth amendment also says you have a right to be secure in your own papers and that again comes from King George quartering soldiers in people's houses just going in and on and just putting their living with you now and you had nothing to say about it and they would
go through all of your papers and they would spy on you in your own home. I contended for a long time. The third and fourth amendment are being violated right now, not physically quartering soldiers in your home, but they serve we are in your home through, all of the Alps that they have back doors on and they are going through your quote papers. This is but a real problem. You you're a hundred percent right and should have the physical evidence. You know, sort of example about that. I think people can grasp onto is Alexa, for but on the other and the other system like this, what you ve done it the truly give something you ve said: ok when they show up front door you don't have to, the main right they have to have a want in order to go and your private space weather communication, though your home they have to have a warrant,
do it legally, and if you you know, that's why the five a court actually exists when it comes to surveillance to fight the court is the highest in the lunch or what the origins of that. Well, you know back in them in seven these. They realise that government over each and surveillance was a real problem, so they created a surveillance court specifically to monitor this. and what have we have today in May the bicycle came out with him with an historic report, That was really a massive rebuke of the FBI and law enforcement and what it said was that violation of the two thousand and eighteen and two thousand nineteen two different courts to different federal judges ruled that warrantless surveillance cannot be you used legally. It is inadmissible in court what that happened because of what Edward Snowden reveal. It happened because what Bill Binny an initially was alive,
before him when he was warning about years? Before its note, he inspired actually Edward Snowden, it's what all of them on the inside shore coming right and put out there What the judges said was this: this information that you're getting from the USA has been taken. It's been gathered without a warrant there for you use it because it violates the fourth amendment. Well, the latest report from the fight the court says: what is there I doing with regard to January six and Trump supported their using the USA database once again they are using the warrantless surveillance, which has been Illegal everybody knows there's no there's no hiding it show in one episode We are sure, but Mueller Way back off tonight. Haven't. I think people forget that he was that guy in charge of the FBI, time of nine eleven and he's defending a technique that the FBI uses to hide the origin of a case in court.
Right. It's called parallel construction and its where the FBI and other agencies have gone to the end of a database to this surveillance in this warrantless collect of information, whether through the internet through the internet companies through the phone systems, whatever it is, and they have used that to spy on you and prosecute you and they create a parallel chain of evidence. That's what it is like its power well, construction to hide the origins of the case and basically to lie to the court because they know that their evident is inadmissible, and you know this really comes to mind right now, because you have how many Americans are sitting in prison in Washington DC who have yet to be convicted of any crime, in solitary confinement worn and other. Even democrat senators have campaigned against Georgia confinement. They call it the most who form of
check your and extreme punishment, and you have american citizens on american soil in solitary confinement who have never been convicted of a crime, and we are silent grain and how are they going off to all of these people? What this database of surveillance allows the law enforcement to do is to go back in time to all of you, communications. Fine things to manipulate Do you know your witnesses or whatever anything they watch, but they can't go back because everything digital lives forever. How we know you know when people are lying when they say the emails disappeared, rights, we learn irish Hillary Clinton. You know their line because in it digital world, nothing ever goes away. so talk to them. People who will say I don't have anything to hide. I dont think Bull understand. You know
I was, I was in a mall the other day and this one and become came running out of a store- and she said- oh, my gosh, your Glenn back and she had a very heavy polish accent and said yes, Ma Am, and she said I just can't. Thank you enough for what you say and what you're doing she's like came from communism. I escaped What is happening, and I said I people here. Just don't think that way, just don't understand what is surveillance and oppressive state really means so expert. And people who say I don't have anything I'd. I dont care, they watch everything. Why is as a danger. It's a danger because they are not just looking at what you may have to hide their looking at how to manipulate you and into doing what they want is that these are control systems. That's really? Who they are, and so what we do,
Ultimately, one of the whistleblowers not was rose, hackers and our peace. It was very very. He was one of the most revered privacy specialists online, private, especially in the world, before he was targeted, his name is Jacob Apple Bomb and, I think he's one of the most extraordinary people I've ever interviewed and he and Julian Assange and another guy Trevor fits given. Who is the pr of Wikileaks. They were the three pillars of Wikileaks. You know Julian the face of it taken Israeli, that the software in the mind behind it. The text logical mine keep at it. All of this note in Vienna take documents before that Snowden got to make sure that they were real and so on, and they all targeted with false allegations and their lives destroyed, right and Jacob. Isn't self imposed exile in Berlin, but this young man is is really The extraordinary mind- and he told me about the future- The world is where we become the monitored class
I e you and I and everyone else who surveillance and those monitoring was awaiting the only two classes in in the future, right all the other stuff left and right and come as monsters, blah blah blah none of that is actually going to matter at all, because in the future we are literally separated by the as you are monitored, and sure not because monitoring us. It encourages us to self centered, right. So what do we do? We police ourselves? Why are you going to defend the police? You don't need the police. Because we're gonna police ourselves and with the surveillance we will always know who is doing what it can decide who we gotta get away with a crime, or you know at women There's something and we need you to do something for us. We know Your cheating on your wife therefore you're the guy that we're gonna go to, or your daughter wants to go to this particular college programme. Ok and they looked back her parents, look their christian
Oh she's, not going to this programme. We don't want any Christians and oh these people homophobic or whatever happens, to be bitch what they do. The information is they create a human terrain MAC for every single person on the planet. Anyone within a digital signature and within their reach, they are creating it. a human train map that can be used against you by anyone can be private? operation can be the helping companies. You get your dna tested at twenty dreaming. Well, I do the guy from an h m o one of these health management operations, rate and organizations, and he said they were buying data from twenty dreamy we have one of those third party users that their selling to show bacon then determine what your dna, the health insurance companies? can decide whether or not to ensure you and how much to charge you and you can
that down. Well, you know: are we gonna give you medical care? Cancer treatment, know you're, probably gonna die so you're gonna get to the back of the line. Waiting to decide who gets tree based on survivability or in California. Four years ago, they made it a law that every child that end is the education system. we monitored the entire way true, because they wonder ensure a clock. You know that they all have equal opportunity. Well, How easy is that to manipulate, though I think what what p Oh really don't understand. Is that this in terrain map generates what has been called a pattern of life. So it's not just you do and what you say: it's when you don't do those things or You change your pattern of life. They are able to identify changes to say, for example, you know when I was act and targeted for my reporting on being guys each one of the things that was the subversive thing in order, The under current behind all the attacks was was trying to
destroy my marriage and break up my home do actually articles that work. You know sort of hoping and celebrating this idea and then they started to check my husband and they tried to the just that all my husband was no some evil military propagandist a neck. You of that French was, of course they could only infer it because it's Clayton at the lie that visit. There were somehow changed my reporting, you know, and so what did? trying to do when they go off to you when they chancellor you they don't want to you to just lose your job. They told me Kelly to lose our show they won her never ever ever to get another job in broadcasting ever and when they get rid of going back- and you know Bill O Reilly, and not they don't want you to survive, didn't want you to be employed anywhere else, so they wanted sure you financed they want to make sure that everyone, when you have financial pressure it causes friction.
Right in homes and in marriages and an end difficulties in people's lives and show you see this over and over and over again Do they want you never to be higher lights, they gonna say: look they doing in corporate Amerika the thing if you are a trump supporter. Oh you went to the capital generous. You have to be fired. If your bank, with your lot of bank with us, you know allowed chick fillet. You can open a restaurant at a ghastly. Or in a motor stop an annoying, because you don't you you know, you're a bunch of Christians in you It's important general. This is the best of Glinda Programme and don't forget raids on I took from the new LOS Angeles is hideous palms about an ugly city.
Pretty, is cinder block smeared with lipstick, go blight of trafficking, concrete dumpsters, thy principle. Building material is bad. room toiling grout drain in sunlight. As Compensation like a shepherd, Applebee's, drowning, freeze, dried sadness and cheese to her the shame. The shame. all the beauty of a parking lot, and yet, ironically, you'll know find a parking space watch. I'm toss palm trees, strip malls bagasse up the streets likened Acting Botox into a corpse behold the concrete slabs was where's gouged out we're dreamers peak from cramped rooms gaze at hoboes man, debating into open sewers. Tis. A city. What
Grinder that devours skinny, hope, falls and burps out chunks of porn star LOS angeles- is a prison yard with sparklers. Shrugging champagne beneath were pass a public toilet with boob job Instagram. filters on a dead, Arlette, the end You think written in his book is LOS Angeles, hideous poems about an ugly city by a good friend of ours and a former coworker Andrew Heaton. Welcome Andrew how're ya. I'm great. There are surreal moments of life. Were you know? This is not what I thought would be happy here. I didn't think I would have lived back reading poetry. I wrote you not read it out of the part. I can say that was wonderful out well. Thank you. Thank you, my kind of do it for living extra, so you
weren't in a good Spain. Us when you wrote in his iron. Let me I'd marry set the scene for your yes, oh I had. I moved to LOS Angeles in January of twenty twenty now, if you will recall one way and aim at its desire, why good England. I moved to LOS Angeles for the networking Glenn for the network. It I knew it. I wasn't gonna like LOS Angeles, but I was gonna be at parties with producers and models. Megan, Canada and Russia is the most expensive writ my life at a six uttered square foot Box, but I wasn't gonna be in it that much right, I was gonna, be at diners meeting producers Ryan cut too four months later we are heavy under lock down. I am an imaginative either
Orioles out of a bowl of milk with illegal, because I still and I go- I go. I think I can deliver the sitting at the shot down by thoughts on it and right through it. The book right, you just read front right, so this is terrible. Yes, this is very much thereupon, you to say you didn't, like LOS Angeles, yes appeared of an understatement. Am I wrong? I think it is I think it is an aesthetic monstrosity at I just every time I went through it. I just why would anyone allow this thing to happen? Next, justice giant asphalt, carbuncle of vera coasts, veins of traffic holding other strip malls and in rusted laundry machines and everything and everything I aesthetically care about in life. But I think that Edinburgh is probably the prettiest city in the world hassle it as cobblestones, in LOS Angeles, is just this. This
it it's like, if, if you, U poked, Cyclops and all the fat bubbled out in an congealed into cement- and I I just walked around a gaping added all the time while it was an hour, I have two, but at least at least the people were good eye get well, I don't know I didn't mean it doesn't, have a basket with a little at a time when I say that the thing that people generally say is ok granted it's not the prettiest city, but there's a beach that which a beach, and I get that I'm not a beach guy, though I don't like sweating. I also happen to think Beach, you're, just a desert with a whole at the end, and my recreational goal is not to try to get tired into sleepy knows next to a much a dead fish sharks and I did so for me all of that was lost eyes. I don't care that sunny all the time. I guess I'm very
happy to not be there ready, bore ETA glad that somehow that became the gorgon faced muse that wouldn't activate my portrait career. So let me, let me ask you this: I'm just gonna quickly, Reed LOS Angeles, the river hold on just the sector. Behold now go ahead. Ro, the music cure him. Behold the mighty LOS Angeles River, a lengthy, concrete drainage, ditch Why is a shoe box pretty as a penal shower dribbling pollution into the city, but it If a river, but trickles through a mortar got her. Is it a river at all or just a leak for dissident dehydrated mountain with an engorge, prostate and bad aim. twice a year, the rain gets lost or drunken shambles through allay sloshing life back into this trough, but the rest at the time
its merely the seepage of urban incontinence. At the end again anywhere. I now wish I'd made this audio book. Just blue book allow caught it for you. I really love took up this. Where is he there's not a happy. There is not really a happy ending at any of these. No, in fact, the last poem is called the big one. Where I talk about. If the earth ever needs an enemy would probably start with less animals is too slow off into the drink, though it's You know, there's read that when we redeeming qualities to LOS Angeles, I didn't get to enjoy them. I think I would probably risk harming myself if I stuck around long enough to try it explore the snow. It's mostly working through the aesthetic monstrosity that his LOS Angeles there is. You mention
people there is. There is a very brief in HOLLAND and their colleagues. I have to give you the first a bed, please the big one. didn't you One day the teutonic play: themselves, will shudder at the ugliness, the traffic, the cost. Brussels Control and the sea. he will will whale and clatter like jangle blocks at closing time. Saith earthquake the earth itself is gagging would finally wretches aren't enough and let loose the big one. This wretched people clock this horrible. This horrid asphalt, Carbuncle will slow off into the drink and the profits shall camp and the profit proclaim low the earth,
has given herself in any People Claude, is an interesting way of looking at re is, and it is kind of a people plot of each just massive yeah. There's somebody people like you, I ll try, I'm not gonna, go on a political tyrant. Amateur really try hard not to go to political, tired of land. The reason that it's just giant urban massive urban sprawl is because back in the forties making any this up. The city fathers were afraid by people were gonna, get houses, and so they outlawed or that they outlawed apartment complexes, because I didn't want black people to live in the neighborhood and they thought they probably Evan apartments. There seems to be the thanks. I will outline and will make you can only have houses like eighty percent of the housing that you can have in LOS Angeles has to be said, we'll family units because he never got rid of that so that the city, ass to spread out. It has to spread like maple syrup. Driveway, because its illegal to build So you know, it's weird is the Phoenix S some one of the same story. They just didn't on a become LOS Angeles, and so they d
build freeways relay yeah. time for a long time up until the eightys, there were no freeways in Phoenix and they were like we'll just small I'll, wait. have free wage that we want to have any traffic in work, and I didn't have anything to do with black people. Ok, I got lost Angelus is something special like like they seem to be fine. Now, in that regard, I think, but they ve kept the old off. housing regulation all the same in its latest one of the seven you walking around you're, seeing this massive sprawl. It doesn't have to be that way, but they ve kept on the books. I just I drive run you get stuck in traffic for an hour and a half, and you like this is because of old, dead races. The tried to mess run out, and that is why this has had a bet that you have a fixed it yeah yeah. We saw how what was your escape plan because If you just enter a lease in January, twenty twenty m in your committed for some time I did. I did find a person to take over the least for me and this
Allow somebody darlin! You write well defined the city man. He he took the least every single you hall was booked Gavin Newsome should be the U Hall employee of the year, and I confirm my left most my furniture. He got my bed all my stuff knew that I must say I love you. I like I did a reverse clamp at family Ehrlich, Joad Family, like gifts of wrath like riding down the highway by playing abilities, are getting worse, just escaping, and then I went, but a thirteen foot fiberglass camper from eighty six year old, yon him Dave who sold it to me because it's got married to think was big enough for his wife and that I lived internet weapons as this one I get the way way way way way way? Can you can you go back on that store? He led there was explanatory catch other. I dont know if I heard it right. I left delay and with all my stuff, my car fare, not all your stuff in the hall, with a court
by running in Asia flee the sinner? Ok, I bought a thirteen foot, which is to say a pretty short via glass camper, like an egg from and aid six year old Guy named Dave got them the two may cause he just got married. He just how, may I think, a seventy five year old Ladys and will not remain on paying me. Will you did not think it was sufficient for them to vacation, and so I bought that from him. Just lived out of that for five or six months, wow kind of an advanced by the river. So that's what I said at the beginning in the commercial but I'd die, did
For american financing, hey how's your financial world Workin out before you I'd love to ass, the next gas cause, I'm guessing not real. Well, my retirement plan consists in Lyon, lottery to it and, I hope a guy in a special way, but no that's not true, because we have in our midst here of potentially the number one poet on Amazon you're, very close right tying. I think I was number twenty. I ok! I was number we non road on humor yesterday, number, twenty and poetry, so barely a better For that I am funding, which is nice every this braggart number. Twenty. I think if I get to number one, I become national poet, laureate of the United States and they asked us living at least of California, maybe gray. Oh, ok, let's make this number one in poetry and we pleased him loss. Angeles is hideous. Poems about an ugly city I bought, I bought a Kindle version of it tat you.
We just sign my kindle. I would be happier along which might EVA back in LOS Angeles, is hideous poems about an ugly city. I think this book should be everywhere everywhere, because it tells the truth in a very poetic sort of way tells the truth. about all of the lie to know and love that you can find in. LOS Angeles back with more in just a second stand by first sponsor this half hour. Is gold line by gold is a hedge against insanity may in fact He would have bought some gold. He would I've had the money that gesine dead. No money is bucket. It probably would have had the money to go to LOS Angeles, and the people, in LOS Angeles, would have looked at NGO bats crazy. Here, let's go poop on the beach anyway old is a great hedge. They do that, don't they Yes, are you looking at me and I was like, though they
I don't go to the beach, but yeah, probably the annexes. I it's like a big living. I wonder how long did you live? There lived there for six months and you never went to the reach. I want their one time again. It's a little box with dead, dead fish are not out of any desire to go, but I would there one time power it. I would have meant that would have been a series that would have been a great Just you in LOS Angeles, so are you? Are you like a hope? Oh now I mean, do you have a place where you live? Are you still living in the great city of Tulsa? I'm there I got it. I got a grant to live and also none of this is popped up in the new sweet for anybody, but there is no single told her about and they induce me to move their having a great time. Wait, wait, wait, there's a what
So what? If? What? If the programme there's there's a programme where they're they're trying to attract, I guess brilliant poets like myself, not only what the criteria are met by a waste of money, that only if you get accepted to set program, you're you're, giving a lump sum it or you're, given like a monthly stipend of love, son of the end of the year and so on. So my new retirement plan is convincing cities, pay money, live in them and tells us that means exactly. Is this not how regular finances as you gonna die delimited that that doesn't seem like a good investment fertilizer they're getting a good suit collection. I haven't, I is I'm going away. What is it you have to do it also. I have to live there, that's that's! You happen to live there. It has to be awfully robot workers, they don't you competing with anybody and if it I've been to Tulsa it's it's not a place where I would feel like they have to pay you to live there.
It's not LOS Angeles. It's it's much nicer way, more trees, better treaty, human ratio right it only takes twenty minutes to get once from one side to the other. It's nice act and I'll say like something that I actually really like about myths. I cities that I had anticipated as they I think I they facilitate a melting pot better than large cities do because but when I lived in New York you kind of clump with people that are similar to you, that not thinking about it in Tulsa there are to survive bars, so if you like cigars, you're going to meet every deadlock, Lieutenant gay transgender person and told him like cigars, we all our friends we get along. We hang out that's nice on every good draft that arise uprising to me. That's not surprising! Maybe it's you do you're right in New York in LOS Angeles. I think that's what happens. You grew windup, walling yourself, often these little communities inside of me, because every that every other community is so hostile to your community, that is out of India you're like don't don't, don't tell anybody, but I'm whatever Phil the blank, and the other side is like, if you find it,
these guys, conversely, tells us great cause you're allowed to just shout: compliments strangers for moving automobiles, might not cat call, but like all this rolled out the window, it like yellow couples on dates, and we, like you, look fantastic that they, like thanks, MR we're. Basically the fifties: either they'll go off to the soccer, whether I like that go into areas of about thirty. I, like that, so you took me tool friend of ours or she took you home last night- yeah yeah yeah. Why would he read her at her eyes, pressing drollery to a friends house ya like us? The per second, I thought I'd of orphan evening that I didn't know I was, I guessed right up surprised I found out from blame, not that I know just give your idea, but she said that you, you pretty convincing impression of me. Oh yeah, I've got a gag. I've been working on a glint back compression Riley yeah. Can I grant stew? Would you ask me
like bananas? If Glenn likes Bananas, When do you like bananas,. have you ever seen, a man die Potassium withdrawal of not good with a guy So that's my good colleague Gary does is applied. It is always about his eyes at em, it's it's it'd, be deep little ominous and involving potassium. That's it that's what I figured out his eyes does oh, like, if I said hey, how are your kids their great now
because the every everything is taking place, the vestibule of the Apocalypse, Ryan's sluggish, it can still locked lips and went with his name is coming on Andrew Heaton, the host of his own, very successful podcast, the political orphanage comedian and now the author of the new book, LOS Angeles, is hideous. It is a true story. and and poems written from the heart. And written has always good to heavier good to be here. Thank you where you going from here. Tell until I go institutional later did yap no yeah, I'm you we're still on the air
I'm sorry, my bad ease allowed dimension. My show on the air, no easy, not on this programme I'll, be here the rest of the day I'll probably had back to Tulsa. Tonight I mean what are you going to do from here you going to be doing comedy clubs. Are you just going back home to eat and when I say, National railway laureate will be that I'll, probably traveller other summer. Would you started life beat up my go to Scotland again. Another was you have up until the end of the today Plant retirement purpose will be playing milk through your nose and yucky oxen SALT Lake City till the end of September, LOS Angeles is hideous. The newborn get it now
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