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Best of The Program | Guests: Lt. Col. Allen West & David Barton | 12/14/20

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Glenn recounts being at the White House when President Trump heard the Supreme Court had rejected Texas’ election lawsuit. Lt. Col. Allen West talks whether Texas should secede after the Supreme Court’s decision. David Barton’s new history book, “The American Story: The Beginnings," is possibly the best Glenn’s ever read.

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AIDS, the Monday podcast. I was out of the White House on Friday when the president found out about the Supreme Court I'll tell you about that, and why I think that Joe Biden said we're gonna replace even the door norms, because its riddled with coded at the White House I'll tell you what that really was about. Also we have Alan West joining us today on the podcast. He talk a little bit about what seems like. We should succeed. The actually says it's the exact opposite of that. We explain it. We talk about the best history book that should be on everyone's list by this holiday season, get it for every child, every grandchild, get it for your home and keep it is the best hold the american story, the beginnings and its by David Martin David stopped by to talk about that, and we dealt a little bit deeper into the Christmas, giving we do and we also look at a new website. Glenn back art, Thou company, that's their worth, checking it and I think the stew set it best when he's like. You know it's really surprising when I look at Kobe Gothic, which is one of my pieces of you than by so when I look at covert gothic, it looks like it's actually good, very supportive. That's the way, I think my nature. Every few on land back, our stopgap aren't here's a plug in my life, and I were supposed to go to the White House Christmas Party on Friday and.
she needed to stay home and take care some things at the house. So I took my youngest daughter Cheyenne to the Christmas Party and we asked for a tour of the West Wing before the party, because she has never been there and it's kind of extra special thing, and I wanted to show her the West Wing myself and so we went in and we went about an hour early and We were in the West Wing, which is where the oval office is and we were. standing in think it was Roosevelt Room or the cabinet room. And the president, went into the oval office and he was in there with my pants. and mark meadows, and I found out later that's when they found out. About the Supreme Court.
We were out in the rose garden and you know my daughter and I could see into the oval by the way my Tromp has just been so maligned, so maligned the rose garden is spectacularly beautiful. Even in the winter is really I mean it. The pictures, just don't do justice just really beautiful, anyway. So we were there and we could see- and let's just say that, faces weren't happy in the oval office at that point the press didn't make it to the White House Christmas Party and any kind. If there was a kind of appeal, all over the Christmas Party, because everybody knew by the time- the guest arrived. Everybody had heard what the Supreme Court said. I was with a couple of the agencies from the different states
nobody really understands? Why the Supreme Court just didn't hear what you mean you don't have standing doesn't mean I'd like to know. How does power? How do other states how to twenty one states file a suit and it's not even heard see- that's the problem. That's problem and that's why people will not get over this Because they're not being heard. We don't feel like there has been any one who is deferred actually defended, went to Washington how many tea party people did. We did we send a Washington and how many of them turned on us How many of them did nothing now we send Donald Trump, and some of us I didn't he do it. I didn't think do it at all, he did it he's good, the entire time, and he went to bed
for millions of Americans who have not been listened to. probably almost for the last twenty years. We haven't been listened to och Obama? Well, I think we should listen every you didn't. Listen to us, not once did you listen to us? Not once did you asked to meet with anyone not once. You made fun of us, the press made fun of us then they went after Donald Trump. Unlike anything, I have ever seen it obscene. What done to him And why was it done because he actually listening to us and- actually standing against the ruction. He was the wrecking ball? I thought of art Today that that somebody called him a bulldozer and a bulldozer, doesn't bulldozers never end well enough,
city, where finesse is needed now no I'm tired of it ass anybody else. Tired to finance. Can we find other bulldozer, because I'd go for a bulldozer and crane and packing ball, and you know maybe there's a couple of buildings that really need to be taken taken down, in fact, with the exception of the museums all those buildings that, after built in Eighteen forties, anyway, so I'm wondering does have standing in this because imagine Imagine that we're all in a classroom. And we all know the rules. And in their fifty of us. And we are all taking a test except four have spread she'll conditions so we're taking the test. We all
have to have it done within an hour. We all have to be monitored. We have to be in the same room, so we have a teacher, looking sure make sure we're not cheating and now calculators. But we find out later that for of the students there. The time didn't really matter, they didn't, have anybody looking over them and theirs. Pretty good feeling that they probably used calculators and we're. braided on a curve. And because of those for getting perfect scores. My aim is gone to a b or my c has gone to a d. Wouldn't I, as somebody in the classroom, have standing to raise my hand and say: excuse me what they did Did my grade idle, just to at least talk about what they did.
If you didn't, you aren't allowed to at least talk about it and be heard. Heard legitimately. You'd never get over it, you never get over it, but the Supreme Court, saying we don't have standing twenty one, states don't have standing now maybe there's no case- I dont- know. I know we were promised a case. I haven't really seeing the case, but nobody's hearing anything by not hearing the case. You don't have Thomas, coney, bear it Scully, not Scalia yeah the Lido You don't have a Lido action,
we on record, still friends trusted people on raw heard saying. We heard all of the evidence there isn't anything now You do have Alito and Thomas say that in so many words there's nothing here too, to really warrant us hearing it, but that not good enough, in this case the supreme Court should have heard this case. Because how do we come together and he'll because The people feel as we have been wronged every step of the way and when I say we anyone who has supported Donald Trump. And many people support Donald Trump because of how he was treated in office. I met several people who voted against
still voted for Hillary Clinton were Democrats and said After I heard all the things I decided to do my own homework and I can't believe the lies that were too. about him. America likes. The underdog Erica has always supported the underdog America. much to the surprise of those on the left a mess ricans do like justice, they lie kit, when the little guy wins so I'm there in the White House. And it's not really a party atmosphere here but it was really nice. halfway through they said the present in the first lady are not going to be, attending tonight, and you would
think bad, a room The people that flew all the way across from everywhere in the country would be disappointed. everyone said Completely understand that I wouldn't come downstairs either people. Perhaps traipsing around in my house all the time and then, we will put on a happy face after I just got this news, every Completely understood now. I have a deeper understanding of what Biden did this weekend. binding said that he was going to exercise the White House because its riddled with cove id. he was going to fumigate and he wants people to come in with hazmat suits and they, tear up all the carpet and everything, and they will just sanitize that place.
all the way down, it says to replacing the door knobs, Let me tell you what that really is about present like Biden, is set to move into the fifty five thousand Square Foot Mansion after his January. Twenty first inauguration, buddy is insisting The one hundred and thirty two room property be thoroughly disinfected beforehand, White House, historian, Kate, Anderson Brower, said there's only a five hour window between presidents and I have another story remind me about the Clinton's and the five our window. there is only a five hour window between President's that's when ninety five staff have to pick up all The trump possessions and move the buttons in There- clean and replace everything Biden is insisting that a team in hazmat suits will
spray. The entire residents with disinfectant after Trump leaves remove. the carpets, curtains and furniture, all the way down to replacing the door. Knobs now stew. There's five hours between anybody Trump in that in that house. how long does cove id last on a metal surface? especially at a level that could infect someone crew. I mean that you can discover it, later on, but the idea that is gonna sit there for five hours or sit in the air for five hours and in fact someone is I- beyond the scope of likely right. So don't you think and changing the door knobs?
seems a little odd. Doesn't it first of em, and even if you believe in your legitimately worried about it, you would just break down the door. Knobs from rising in them would derive acted and it's all a you're going to U no home depot and buying it bunch door, not the whole right. Definitely not. Ok, so replace adore knobs. Why was that said?. This is my theory. But I only have this theory because I took a picture of something in the oval, sorry in the West Wing, I notice little things not bend to the West Wing before and they have had these little tiny like colonial door. Knobs these over a little tiny ones? You would think about a man with such small hands, as they always say, would like the teeny door knobs they had, but he didn't and he said that they said the first day that he was in the office. He said Rob
These are the door knobs we have here and there Yes, Mr President, he said I'll take care of that. I took a pay sure of all of the door. Knobs now in the White House, look at this picture. They are absolutely beautiful I think they're solid brass and it says the President, the seal of the President United States and has the eagle in the centre Donald Trump put off of those in pay. When they said and were even going to remove the door knobs I convinced it was a jab the giraffe did directly personally to him We will erase everything you have done. Everything. That's the kind of people you're dealing with. There is no reason to remove the door knobs unless
you're sending a message you were Never here that's interesting, as there is certainly no justification to do it when it comes to cope. and then there's no reason to where it is completely ridiculous. Obviously that would mean- and what will it mean to the society if every time someone had covered and was in a room and you couldn't such an order knobs and it would be in intensity obvious ridiculous, completely ridiculous. They know it's ridiculous, but at there's gotta be some other message behind it and that's interesting on another, though I never heard that about the door knobs before I never heard it either. I honestly, I am calling the White House today and finding out if I can buy one just for the museum now where they are their spectacular They are. They are truly truly beautiful door knobs, and totally appropriate, and I
Wouldn't I mean most people would walk by and they would never notice unless you grab the door of we know and open up. One of the doors which I wasn't hey is as the oval office lucky. I didn't do that didn't do that. I think that absolutely what it is now, President Tromp says he is going to declassified everything with the lying and the trees, and you know, and in his words the democrat lying and treason, I think he should go further than that. think he should declassify lotta stuff specially the alien, Alias TAT. I won t I really one island and stuff, but he should he should declassify everything he's going to. He should why wouldn t why shouldn't knee.
now we have a right to know this stuff do we have a right to know it's never coming out. it will never ever come out, you will be declassified until problem twenty sixty five when we're all dead end, it'll come out and people go my gosh. They do there, s There are certain powers that are pretty cool. If you're, the president, like I was I the path, pardon power, I think Travers under utilised. I would be doing it all the time. Every couple days there be a new person I be pardoning find out people that I didn't like
that were in legal disputes with someone else, and then I would find that third party, even if they were guilty and Barnum anyway, just to piss off the people that I didn't like it would you I would be. I would be pardoned Paluda for me really. Yes, you really hated me and somebody had murdered my wife, you would find the murderer had already extremely yeah. That's what I would do any good. I liked. I think luggage is unquestionably or don't ever become Brad, I'm terrible president. It does. I would do this stuff. All that I would look right. Pardoning I mean will be the great that I would like if I may
I was angry and sports team I would buy, would part like of one team, one YO team lost. I would pardon everyone the losing team. I was mad at the winning team. I would go out again lay its boiling down to murder your letting our under our murder as everywhere, all those I all right off the light. If you want a bunch of people on your team, you want murder is on your side, draftsman, the best of a good programme intended girdle western with us. Now he is the guy who delivered. Texas, and for real hard. The things that are going here in Texas, going on with the with the Democratic Party, shady games, millions and millions and millions of dollars coming into the state to flip it blew he kept it right. Welcome Alan West. How area?
gotta be rigid glare. America's was merry Christmas, so you said something. This weekend, if I may quote, Soup Gordon, tossing Texas, lawsuit that was joined by seventeen states, a hundred and six? U S, congressmen has decreed, state, can take an unconstitutional action and violate its own election law, resulting and damaging effects on the other states that abide by the law, while the guilty say suffers no consequence This decision establishes as a president the precedent that says its can violate the U S constitution and not be held accountable, This decision will have far reaching ramifications for the future of our constitutional republic, per apps law abiding state should bond together and form a union of states that by the constitution,. I'm for that. I'd like to know what you mean by that: well, it's very simple gland man. I know that there are some people that show that it knows
but I said about our position when actually the people to the bar waiting in that part of the constitution or the sedition assert those that advocates research at the bottom line. Is it how or states be able to protect themselves by our car situation? There? data, have agreements, and they do have a first, a member right to petition their government for redress or deports if they have a grievous. Guess another state erased no jurisdiction of that by the constitution go to the Supreme Court. But yet the Supreme Court just said in their decision last week of Friday, better there. Going to hear they tossed it out. So how do we sure this states who are following the law and they are universally damages because of states that did illegal act, activities unconstitutional ashes, violating their own election law by having courts by having secretary of state for having Voters CHE Lynch LAW, or did they go to redress their grievances
and so I think it is very good, very apparent that we do so looking at how these states Perfect Union, which is what the preamble of the constitution said and abide by the council two should they have to look at how they get back together and have a strong voice. If the supreme It is going to continue to take this stance that protecting law about estate, which, under the fourteenth limit there is an equal protection under the law clause, So, let's let stick with the Supreme Court decision first and then we get to the rest of this. the Supreme Court did reject hearing it. I think that was a massive mistake. especially when half the country feels like nobody's listening to us nobody's even listening to us, they should have listened, whether that change the outcome or not it should have been ruled on. However, the one thing that was ruled on
was the the case itself, they threw it out and even Scalia bear it. and not Scalia, but Tom had what I would keep screwed him up with Alito Euro, only dough and and Thomas agreed with not hearing it visit. Tell you if anything were cells merely that I am very concerned that the article three of the constitution says the Corso suppose interpret law. Now If all of a sudden, we have justices that decide without that they're, not gonna turbid, law, they have actually abdicated one of them it duties and responsibilities, so they should at least heard the case should have allowed a grandmother to come forward and make it this. the audit about your surplus we're not going to check the case, and so therefore comes back to my statement. Protection do law states Hale against state
going out there and violating the constitute in evaluating law. You can't hail speaks with all the set aside. this universal ballot ballot beg you don't I too have signature. Verification will accept these bowers any tab after the the November, the third elected it look at what has happened at the Europe Claudia KIT. teddy is supposedly by twelve hours a day. I guess what happened out. We found well balanced. No, but if we want to talk about this enfranchising legal borders is, these are potential acts that are due to both you just said: where do people go where the states go to? Have their voices heard the right fish their government for redress of grievances. That is the foundation of our declaration of independence. The Thomas Jefferson wrote. So what is it? What do I would imagine the aid would need to get together and and do this together to make sure that they are blocking unkind,
attitudinal rulings, etc, etc. What does that mean to you in your eyes? How do they do that? well, I mean I am not a lawyer by trade, I'm just a simple stupid paratroopers. It took an oath to the constitution back in nineteen. Eighty two- and I just see this as a threat. I see this is a fracture to our constitutional republic, so it's not just the state attorney general. It's also the state legislatures if you are state legislator, air that Georgia, Pennsylvania Bishop, are always Carson. derisory you stand up? say that we can allow the idea that judicial branch in our state or the executive branch in our state too Proceed to usurp? Are our duties and our responsibilities? They cannot change law. We are the ones that have been duly away. about a people to do such so I'd take another day but these state legislators need the body and I would hope that these states
legislators at these respected for space Pennsylvania. Georgia biscuit was causing what taken action: take a stand today, Do you see that happening? Have you heard any rumblings of that I have not- and it just goes back to be asked what the question is. The courage it took back in, seventeen. Seventy six for those fifty six to stand up in style with these United States of America, I moved ensure that we still have their courage in this country. Often thought of the only words that were spoken by George Washington during the actual constitutional convention. They, of course, New York, was looking for special exceptions and handouts. As usual And then Franklin had fought and fodder fought against it and they were starting to get you know, starting to enter into really horse trading
It was getting ugly and the whole room stopped and Ben Franklin looked at George Washington, he he stood up and the only thing he really said during the convention were these words. Let us raise a banner, the wise and the honest can repair. the rest is in the hands of God and what he meant by that was do the right thing. We haven't come this far to screw it up just do the right thing and it will be repairable in the future. Because they will see that we tried to do the right thing and they'll want to do the right thing, but also when you do the right thing I'm gonna do what gods gonna do and just and accept The Quences one way or another. Now you're. Absolutely right, and you know a lot of people took some caution. sure what that final status? It must stay. But if you go to the preamble,
our constitution. What does it say says we? The people of these are the other states in order to form a or perfect. You was the very first thing establish justice, so our founding fathers booster in order to have a more perfect use we had had the constitution would have to have a rule of law. If we again The point where we don't believe that rule of law will not gonna have they bore perfect union, and that's why I talked about union, the worst they use of law abiding stated by the constitution. That's how we have a perfect you and your right leader is what I learned. Builtin leaders, nowhere white looks like an leaders pick and choose what to do. What is right, which comes back to what the Supreme Court? last Friday, you do what is right, all the time you interpret the law. That is your responsibility by the constitution. It now states had to be conserved. Where do we go to redress our grievances, if the highest court, the land which, by regional jurisdiction, that's the only court we could go to decide
do not listen to us so, Let me let me ask you a difficult question. Say all of these things fail and on the twentieth of January or whatever it is, The Joe Biden has sworn in and That's just the ruling of the meeting. Courts in the system in the end, the legislature and all of that. What is going to take to get people to come back into the fold and and split apart, well. I think, when you do said, the ruin of course, first and foremost, of course, need to hear the people and of the court refuse to hear the people. Then you're gonna have an issue come Jaguar Anatolia
We cannot live in a country where every single time there's a republic at it, is like George W Bush is illegitimate, went Donald up is elected, easier, legitimate, less resistance when Amy Colony bear it is brought to the Supreme Court by constitutional process, she's a legitimate break. Also, gentlemen, we cannot happen. We socialists believe that they can rule by absolutism totalitarianism and everything. It does not agree with them is illegitimate, so I they did the first. Almost numerical people do to go by the electoral process the ballot process, but if you start to have man, daisy disorders and decrees that have had it down, such as black flag laws such as mandatory a gun buybacks. You know these things. I believe that the american people have a right to say: no, Very much the current oil and west thanks for your stand in your time this morning prepared it. Thank you
God bless you a merry Christmas. This is the master, the Glen Back Programme, and we really want to thank you for listening. So the number one question I am asked online person skywriting, I'm expecting sky writers to say what do we do? That is a topic I think for the first of the year because it requires much more prayer. than I have afforded it at this point. The thing that we, I know we must do is recognize that much of what's going on is our fault, because we didn't educate ourselves. We didn't educate our children, we fall, we were before We put him thinking how stupid this is. We
let them in a state run school and expected that state run school. That was in federal funding to teach our children, never trust the stuff. Or the federal government Guys, and work out. Well, it's not going to. got well. And it hasn't so the first thing we have to do is re educate ourselves, and if you are looking for a Christmas gift or if you are just if you just want to make sure You know the american story, I want you to buy the new book called, and I have nothing to do with this. The imf- Eric and story? The beginnings. This is by David in TIM Barton. It is the best book that they have ever read that they have ever written it is it tells our story in very short chapters and real, He takes you from just before, pilgrims.
And take you through the founding in the separation of church and state and everything else and the thing is. It has like What is this of fifty page? Fifty page footnotes in the back, so We'll have to you, don't have to trust David Martin Boys, boys, it's it's much more than fifty pages, You don't have to trust David Martin, the author You know, look it up for yourself. The american story get there for your family for Christmas, get one for each kid David. Well, the programme- ask me to do it you're in a billiard sound like you're, in a bad cell spot David So tell me about the book. I you know you gave this to me. What about month ago, month and a half ago it's just like you. I thought this was a galley ok. Here's a new book read this is
a galley, it's the actual book. It's finished and then so I didn't say anything. I started to read it. And David ICE. I think I finished the first. I sat down to read it and I ended up at the Boston massacre which page one hundred and twenty nine before I got up- and I was like, oh my gosh- the time has flown this is fantastic, fantastic, David. Thank you, Sir kind of what we ve learned over the years is that The story of America is best talking stories amazingly and that's what we ve gotten away from in in recent decades, deep the past century since progressive come in. We just don't tell stories well anymore and when you look at the stories and whether it be the Boston massacre or whether it be back to the pill comes back to even Columbus's gotta be the greatest villain in the world today and they simply
because we no longer another story, which is not the narrative that the groups like sixteen nineteen and others with would push on us, and we do so The stories anymore, so that's all that was really important, get out was to go back to the people do they are and tell the story of what occurred and He said we put nodded at all. Our objective is to document truth, and so we go back. Rachel sources that with a cotton for years in that's really the basis of telling the american story I do It is it's really fantastic and you ve told you told Christopher Columbus story and GOSH torn no, not even that ten pages, ten pages the everything you need to know about Christopher Columbus, it least just to get a handle. on who he really was and what really happened And so you start there, then you go through the rough reformation, which is what three or four pages
Tell them in such a clear and concise way, and you don't. It bogged down in all of the stuff that, usually is on your history test. That doesn't mean anything. You know I mean I bet there was may Glenn, because I was a math and science guy was the principle the school I taught. Math aside, I hated history. I did not like histories it completely way from it until I started and in the stores and when we literally started collecting the all stop? You got my gosh. I've never heard this bill who's, this guy, never never her what chance woollen never heard of Jack certain always Blackie rose. It suddenly started pop up. Resolute here We wouldn't be a miracle without these black roasted. I've never heard these gaps and soda For me, and a history was finding out all the stuff tat I had never been exposed to and what was considered to be a thoroughly Ellie rigorous educational training that I had. I've never heard anything
and so now I love you must reconsider stories, but That's not where America has been for a while, I think I was gonna buy like typical of a lot of people Listen. We don't like. You explain that matter. we're trying to get around this book. You have seven chapters just on the pilgrims to the pure Puritans, why grams as it turns out, and this is it back up to say one of the things that we ve done over the years. As we say in the attacks on different aspects of history and not knowing the true or not, we go back and say, will is accurate and let's go back and see what the truth is and so a research it so we really aware of a lot of things that attack American, so many ways of sixteen ninety project is one of those. Now the car you are doing this but two years ago, sixteen nineteen project hadn't come up yet but we'd you surely attacks coming from the preposterous, etc, and so
the now that is that America is founded as its great Schreiber well founded on slavery, everything about America, slavery. The free market system is based on slavery that, well, you can't have it any more in everything Is that why accept that's? Just not a whit! Wasn't America, slavery did come but it didn't come at sixty inviting personally vocation slavery. Sixteen drifting want so that miss that already, but it was not the Jamestown. People they guided the America with the textbooks and what they brought they're, the ones who brought the pre market there the ones you brought equality they're, the ones you got great relations with native Americans they're, the ones you establish, private, probably the things that America boys didn't, come out of sixteen nineteen or Jamestown. They came out of the former people. They came the Bible, oriented reclamation, be offset. There's with the scripture says, How we get along with others and about how we, how we work and how we have private club and how we have free market
That's what the tea couldn't there there's nothin sixteen nineteen, the Po Box, and so that's what we're gonna do more time on that to show how did they developed all the good thanks of America and they don't know be torn down just because the sixteen nineteen project going to wrongly claimed but bad narrative, and you cover mr down as well, and you talk about you talk about the pilgrims. You know when you say they were for private property. They weren't always for private property when they we're coming over, they had almost a united order. They had Plaw homo socialism or communism, is what they were going to do based on everybody. Being you know, a loving brother in Christ, we'll just put everything together and it didn't work out I work out an ass one of the things I really like up about. The pilgrims is the Kurds. They had to choose their own lives and abandoned what they had previously believed if they found what the truth was, and in their case
they grew up in a world that everybody in the world at that time got Slayer. was fine everybody in the world that cannot at a habitat top heavy government was a good thing to do with it was a king mark or something else. Nobody in the world that time was busy, since they practice each socialism slashed communism, and so that's what they up there, but as they take the individual time to give them the script hey wait a minute. Did you see the postscript? You just said that now We ve been doing for the last five hundred to seven hundred years. They are really really great thinkers and essential, would look at things objective. One say: hey, that's what description but we are not doing that. Let's do it scriptures, that's good, that's gonna, walk out better and they did have the courage to take them so John and changed so many things with a beard and so even as the governor going backwards here. He said we we had. The socialists exist on as if we were wiser than God and then we found what the truth was and that's what I appreciate
The programmes is the fact that they were looking for truth and when they found that they had the courage to apply it and if they had not have done that. We would not have the model that we have with that culture and its great of America, to follow that they are really great examples of using the scientific theory. Are they not. they are, and you know, For me I am. New it right now, I have never in my life I thought the truth. This is important. I think it is now- and I am sold on that- and I know that those areas probably why I don't know what the truth is yet another gratified that sought. I'm learning how to do things out that I've never had to dig out before and I have come. To the point where I can no longer accept what any We got to the last several decades. With good intentions. We didn't think our teacher for specifically to us, and we thought they were doing what they could within take. The media was specifically lying to us.
now without boy that anymore, and so the question is who come to us? How come to Us car file was accurate. What's true, would it be an election? Stop it whether it be in what's goin on agitation or economic or anything else. There are folks now who are just repeating stupid stuff, because that's what they were told and we just can't trust the good intentions anymore, so really been on a quest for truth. And going back and find out what is true and a lot of things were talking about. Netbook really have not been presented through american education. Probably eight, your daddy gears. and so it s been a rediscovery journey for me, but it takes that scientific carpet inquiry to go back and test everything check it out and look at the good result check the evidence, and I think that's that's why I'm asking going to have to get back to it. Now do we have to have a love of good? Now we have to go, find the truth and that's something that
had not had to do in America four hundred years with trusted our teachers who trusted our leaders. We trusted the portico people, you know we may be in jeopardy but they want in their attention bad can make that assumption anymore, and I were in a whole different period in that they can have what is driven leader to do what we did in this book we'll David, you accomplished it and then some as I say, and I and you know I mean this desire- I wrote it to ya, not just saying this on here. I write to you after I finish the first hundred and twenty some pages in one sitting I said David, this is an exceptional book. I mean it. Is the one history book that I urge every home to have only a no the only other book. I have really just pounded
That is the five thousand year leap. It is the one that gives you all of the principles of America and if you understand those principles, you understand how you can recreate. It also understand what's wrong with America, this the american story. The beginnings need to be in every listener home it don't don't buy yet to digital download by it to have a paper copy of it in your home, the american story, the beginnings by David and TIM Barton, David. Can you buy this on Amazon here It's available on all major Alex
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