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This is the Glenn Beck program. I believe the biggest issue facing America today is the easiest one, and that is stand up for children stand up for life. You know we can argue about first term abortion, whether there's exceptions for rape or incest, and that's really where I think people are moving, but our government and the extreme left is moving now into a position of we can kill babies after they're born. It sounds crazy, but it's true, and if we can't get this one right
deserve to be a nation, under God anymore and today there's a big vote, but there are individuals that are picking up their own, their own water, they're, they're, they're carrying water. For so many people right now trying to wake people up, I'm gonna share an amazing story. You have never heard about a hero of a man, who's standing up for life, and we do that in one minute. This is the Glenn Beck program. Denny Woods is an Emmy award winning Director of Photography he's based out of Columbus Ohio. He has he's made several films all over and you've seen them everywhere, and he has he has traveled or a seventeen different countries shooting documentary films, but he
met somebody and he made a film a guy that the film is old grave hands, and I don't want to explain any more than just that. I I want Daniel to talk about how he came across this guy and how game changing this man is welcome to Graham Daniel Woods, hi Gwen. Thanks for having me, you bet, you bet so so tell me how you found mister at Ripley's pronouncing him, MR okay, fuq! Ok, thank you thanks a dangerous one of it is I don't want to miss pronounce it yeah yeah yeah. I was a little worried about him and he actually said that way. So we're good right. Ok, how did you come across him? Facebook saw a facebook story about him about together actually without MID two thousand and sixteen, and it was, I think it was hefty dot com or something like that.
News organization and I read it and it hit me pretty hard. You know obviously the subject matter and I wasn't sure if it was legit, I checked out some other sources and it seemed to be real, and so I I waited about a month or so just kind of whether or not I should do something about it. Make us all about it and ask some people around and- and you know it turned out- we do it. Two years later, almost two and a half. We we made the film now. He is a guy who He runs an orphanage. That cares for little kids and any also cares for at risk pregnant women, but that not why you in in Vietnam, that's a very different pursuit to take, I mean in
in in Asia. Generally speaking, the children are not as valued as they are here, especially the unborn they're, just not valued yeah and it's I mean even harder for over. There is because there's no there's nothing, you know a girl is pregnant and maybe disowned from the family or whatever there's no safety nets at all and a lot of times she doesn't think want to have an abortion but she's kind of forced into it right, which is even you right. It's it's it's kind of our culture, maybe seventy years ago, where, if you had baby and you're a girl that yeah mean you were done: yeah, yeah, exactly
a so he he has the orphanage. But then he does something else yeah, so he he goes to local hospitals and she collects the bodies of aborted babies and puts them in little jars. He he prays over them. He gives them a proper name. This is every day and he gives them a proper burial and agrave at first. Well, let me this couldn't happen. United States. He would not be given permission to do that. How did he I mean? How did the hospitals react to this guy at first, they were kind of it's kind of Hush hush. They didn't really know what he's doing honestly. He didn't really go into details about that. So I honestly don't know
we don't want to? We don't want get in trouble and you know push it. We just cared about what he does. So that's that's what we focused on. How long has he been doing it in two thousand and four? So how many children has he buried? Uh we've estimated twenty two thousand and I think that's I think, that's so very. Number, he averages three to six hundred today, so holy cow and you funded this yourself. Did you not yeah yeah hi? I had a good year production and I figured it would be a good time to to shoot a documentary we would make it happen. I mean did, did anybody Did it cross your mind that a documentary about a guy in Vietnam Non
fetuses would not to be on anybody's rush out and see it list right, yeah that didn't, but I didn't really care all right. I felt like it needed to be made, Why not the Macy's or not? I just it's. You know it's something that I don't know I just hit me like. I just can't really describe it it's something that nobody has I've seen before done, and it's just a topic. That's obviously hot right now so and it's not, but it's awesome to be. This is not a you wouldn't describe. Would you describe? This is a pro life film? I I would, but it's not in your face. You know there's no specific, there's no voice overs, we just follow this guy and it we just see him, sir. You know at the guys
real deal like he loves these kids. You love these women and they they love him back and in each child he buries. You know he said I feel like they're, my own children, and so you could just see the the love and you know at the same time the pain may experience every day. I mean guys just amazing, I'm I'm testing today on on this guy, because you know we think we're pro pro life here. We. Here? We talk about it every day, but I can tell you that I would estimate I've buried approximately zero fetuses in my life. What is what makes him so special? Why is he so different? Why is he so different
yeah! Well, what what this is such a? It's such a fastening. It means it's clearly he really believes in it, but I mean a lot of people really believe in and they don't go to these. These links right right. He he just, I just feel like he emulated Christ. You know- and I I that's all I can say about that- I just no. He he feels for even the smallest of people. What did you feel when you were around him? I I thought east, I thought he was very very calming to be around. I wasn't sure how to you know what to expect. A lot
You know you go overseas. You meet somebody in a completely different way saying, and he turned out to be even better. We had this little room where he he did this little ceremonies and stuff. When you took off your shoes, you know you can ask us to, but you just felt like you needed to ends yeah. That's that's so yeah. How do people see the movie. It's going to be released, probably we're trying to hit this fall. I are to do the film Festival Circuit and then hopefully Netflix and Amazon, is where we're going to that? We grew yeah yeah. Anything we can do to help you so it's this year I yeah just yeah: yes, share, hands, film, dot, com or great hands. Come and then we are off. Facebook handle on Twitter is a great hands film.
Read the story. The you know on the website goes a little bit deeper and then what we cover today but yeah, I think, you'll really enjoy it and it needs to be The name of the movie that he's working on now is grave hands and, as he said, you can follow Matt Grave Hand, film, dot, com or grave hands, dot com and on twitter, great hands, film dot com spread the word important message: there is something happening right now with life, and I think all of our lives as a nation kind of hang in the balance on the which way we go with life on this and I in a Jew to spread the word on. What's new film grave hands thanks Daniel appreciated, you know, look how screwed up we are we're. Trying
get rid of children were trying to abort children. Let's think think of this thing that it is the difference between left and right. It really comes down this we're aborting children and killing children on the left and then uh. So we're not having kids, because it's too frightening to have kids listen this from a sea of people. Don't have kids because of climate change. Listen this the consensus that the lives of children are going to be very difficult and it does lead. I think young people said a legitimate question. You know, should is it okay to still have children and.
I mean not just financially, because people are graduating with two thousand and thirty one, one hundred thousand dollars worth of student loan cat, and so they can't even afford to have kids in the house, but also just this basic moral question like what do we do and and even if you don't have kids, there are still children here in the world and we have a moral obligation to them and to leave a better world for them. Here we do we do. We also will find that our life is meaningless without children. Generally speaking, yeah yeah you, I mean you learn a whole different layer of life when you get to that point yeah and the idea that you wouldn't have kids, because you believe their life would be difficult because of what has so far been a point. Nine degree temperature rise over a century
is in it's an odd choice I would say, but I I feel like it's more consistent with other values here right. It's not it's not about the point. Nine degrees Celsius, temperature change- it never is now. If it were, you know, things like nuclear power would be embraced by people like Alexandria, cause you contest week I mean you: can everyone can have a vision of doom for future? That's easy! You know everybody has something where they're scared up and they think in the future. Things could get worse, but look at where all of these things have let us so far. You know the temperature. The sea level has risen about the same over the past couple one hundred years as they predict for the next one hundred years. Would you look back at the history of the past couple of one hundred years at what point? What page you need to get to in that book? get to sea level rise, yet you get to twelve inches of sea level rise at what time you be review,
being for longer than your entire life before anyone mention to sea level rise over the past two hundred years, we've seen entire system know planets, go from Zero civilization in some ways to the life that we live today and all of us would look at our lives and say well the advantages that have happened over the past twenty or thirty years, whether you can look at an income state, it hasn't gone up as much as you want, there's so much more that we have now, we've been able to be to purchase more to enjoy life more. You know that you know it's not the same for case, obviously, but we're talking about the over the course of an entire country. We've had it mazing and improvements, and they know what the world's gonna happen right. You know I mean there are major issues that we have to get a hold of. You've talked about a I quite a bit and, and that's a that's, a big one, there's a lot of things to be concerned with in the future. I think one of.
Is Alexandria because Cortez, that's the problem, her vision of the world, which is socialism and remind you that marks defined social, as essentially a pit stop on the way to communism. It's not it's own thing. It's! It's a midpoint from cap between capitalism and communism, and, by the way, Lenin and Stalin both said we're, not communists, we're democratic, socialist right- and I I I've got news for you, democratic socialism. I don't care. If people decide, the majority decides we're going to enslave each other. That's it's an unconstitutional vote. He just you, don't you cannot to enslave the rest of the population. You just can't do it it's wrong, it's wrong! It's wrong! It's it's wrong, on natural laws, you can
not enslave people. It amazes me that we are king now at a group of people that believe they know better, and so they will force will to live the way they want them to live and they will silence those who disagree with them and they think all of that is fine here in America and yet, the same on the same exact road just another end of the spectrum to a little farther into the into the violet side of the spectrum. You have ISIS. What do they do? They believe the world has to be run by people who believe in the MO play did the all of that they believe in and follow their rules. Otherwise man kind will destroy itself, and so they will force everybody. And if you disagree, they will silence you
just down the spectrum. That's all that this is down. The spectrum today was released by the way that essay so special forces over. In England. They went in the tunnels where they're still fighting ISIS, whatever anybody says that ISIS is done, they're not done there in the communities, so so s special forces from from and went into the tunnels. They finally killed a lot of them, but not before they killed fifty men, fifty sex slaves, they chopped their heads off, left the bodies in the tunnels for SAS, define and then they put all their heads in a dumpster. These are animals. These are animals and and animals. Our gated like this and encouraged when you allow anyone me them a
the anyone to say it's my way or the highway yeah, and I think you look at because you Cortez and we would have, I think, dismissed a figure like her in the past because of you know, socialism pp. You know America's, never gonna be socialist countries. What Trump said in that speech tonight. I really hope he's right on that, but if look at because you Cortez what you couldn't he see as you're listening on radio is that whole speech is done with her in her kitchen seemingly very likeable chopping up, which seems like I don't know: jeez Onion, Pruter, onion or something and- and you know throwing it out it just to have and having a little moment, kitchen, a normal, normal woman having a normal the kitchen. This is a different. This is not sin like Stalin in a military uniform pitching this stuff. It's somebody who it's a totally different package, very relatable. If you listed missed our one, go back and listen to that. Read the New York Times story today about the new millennial socialists in their new plan for fully automated
your recap about communism, fully automated jury, communism. It's a new pitch that they're trying to you, get another new coat of paint on old, Karl Marx, and they will continue to do it because Cortez is part of this she's. Just another redesign marks. She is pitching the same things just over a slower time. Time stretch then revolution, but that doesn't make it better, the endpoint still sucks, and just because she's in kitchen chopping onions when she's doing it doesn't make it any more attractive. I urge you to join Friday morning at CPAC, will be carrying my speech from CPAC. It is on this topic. You're. Listening to
joy. Reid apparently is a person that has a tv show on MSNBC S, which is apparently a network of some sort and I just want to play this because I want to show you how far the left has come away from Doctor Martin Luther king. If, if you listen to what the right Reverend said about a dream, we have killed it and listen to the African Americans that are burying
at deep. Listen to this black men, blue collar black men, they're, going to have a problem with her record and you're right, she's, not the only person, but I will say I think the african american community expects more from people who looks like us, particularly a candidate who wants to represent us if she needs to find a strong black man advocate who can be in her corner at some point on the campaign at some point in anybody's face in her campaign that I would say that was my. My advice find a prominent blue collar self made black man to be in your corner. Just be candid, when you're saying that she needs to have an advocate out there for her, it's not going your husband. She's got a surround herself with african american women. Ok, so, let's see here, just took Molly. Harris is married to a white man which she has had several people on the left say how horrible that is, but it should we start with the sexist. Should we start with the class
list or the racist language. Here, let's start well. The racist is the most obvious. Let's start there, yes, so racist from what I get from this is black people? Will not understand a woman who is black who looks like them, hen is trying to represent them without a black man by her side. So I think that covers both racist and sexist. I think Would you agree still, I think so yeah? I think that does it's because interesting, like apparently not salting, I guess to black people, black voters who apparently only understand policies from black men, but I didn't that was the thing strong black man, yes wrong, black men, which I don't understand what a strong black man is, because I thought strong men were bad, certainly the physical strain
right, a strong black blue collar and so he's also classes, maybe they're trying to find the one black man who's, clean and articulate. Doug Jones, lightens fairies to the fairy tale glad yeah was talking about somebody is that it was a retail. It was only is Brock about the. What a fairy tale is Glenn is something that can only happen in a magical land where things don't apply. So it's okay! for Joe Biden to say that a clean, articulate black man is a fairy tale, that's okay and they seem to be a I would say the same logic here, because imagine if you're I mean again. I don't understand they don't understand every every aspect of being an african American, as I am not one, I believe you're so this point zero three percent African American, not necessarily black, but he's african American. So maybe you understand this experience a little bit better than I sure, but I would be pull insulted if, Someone said to me: well, we gotta get
strong white guy out there to be the ads kit. So the white people understand it. I think you understand tax policy without coming from a white guy. Imagine a car, Carly Fiorina when she was out there yep Imagine if I got on the air and said she's got, have a strong white male standing next door, because white male, it's just not going to they're just not going to understand her. You kidding me so insulting to the lens soldiers and so insulting, and if I said it had to be a strong white man, well, then you would be in the story of white supremacy. You know if I said it had to be a strong white man. I would be sexist and a white supremacist that is crazy talk and where we getting it yeah. I know
the nicest term you can call it is identity about politics, but you're right racism and sexism is worse. I mean if this is it. It is but in the season it's also. I would also say it's a lead IST because those people all believe that they know better, and so they have to trick the voter right from we have to talk down to them? We have to have a strong black man, blue collar worker, standing next to they're, just smart enough, it sounds exactly like is Margaret Sanger from back in the day, but that's exactly what she said done. We had she had to find black preachers to go into the black communities to convince them all that abortion was a wonderful idea yep, so she could get her little movement off the ground, becoming more and more like the early american progressive movement. When we first started looking at this, we we found that those early american progressives, early speaking, the ones who rent were running. It were just black evil
Margaret Sanger's of the world. They were just evil and they knew what they were doing now. You can excuse them and living at a different time, whatever you don't do that for the founders so whatever, but they were really bad and then the progressives. You know the average person like in progressive, and they didn't really know what it meant kind of like Social, Damn socialist. What is what is socialism? I don't know we all live together and we communicate on social media, so you, but the the leadership they know and the leaders is saying and doing an acting exactly the same way as they did in the early 20th century, and that you will. You will
end up on the wrong side of history, and I mean the very wrong side of history. If you go there and that's what they're doing they're just dragging think of Martin Luther King's dream that you would judge people by the content of their character, he is saying these people are saying that black people will not look at her character. Capable they're, incapable of her character listening to what she has to say. They need a strong black man to stand up next to her and she shouldn't really have married a well that's the undertone of all the all of it all of it. You were merry white dude, she's sold out her race. Are you kidding me fascinate
I mean I remember that I remember the racist debates at the time that I don't think at the time we're all racist, but I remember the debates of you can't marry a black person. What would you do if your son or daughter came home with a black person that was there in the text of saying it would be rough on your child, yet right now in order to grandchildren. That's what that's what that was. I remember my grandfather's saying you know what will that do for the children? The children will play the price they'll go to school and they'll be in. Neither group in both groups will reject them and it'll be horrible for the children and that, I think, was true back then,
I'd probably say in some ways it's still true, because kids are just cruel and it's much less, though, in the only way to make it untrue is to ignore that stuff. You're right, you just go. You know you that over time that does seem to work itself out, though it's nasty at the moment it can understand a protective parent thinking that way. At that time, that's a lot different. I mean there is a a a book I was reading recently. It's an old gold book had to two testaments in it like one that was super old and then they had like a newer one like like with a sequel- I don't know, but they put it in one book and it talks, but how we all come from the same blood. So I don't understand the alt right people who say they're so christian and need white countries, and I don't stand someone on MSNBC, saying hey. You know what we we need black men to talk to black men, because black men can't, first policies, because if they don't see, coming out of the of the voice of someone that the same color is them. None of that
Christians are so hateful. I don't know if you know this this to testament book, I'm speaking of has a little bit of influence. Over Christianity and it's pretty clear that race is not an issue, got kind of like Like all the races, she's kind of a fan, I have to tell you something. I found two things. I found two things I was reading the old dusty book and I don't know that there's a writer Luke somebody or might be Luke, Skywalker and, and he he he said, and, and I listen to this blessed- are ye when men she'll hate you and when they shall separate you from their company and shell reproach you and cast your name as evil while going to write to Heaven really blessed. I don't know, but thinking that think of that
cast you out, and I know it means company, meaning you know companionship, but think of it as company right now. If you stand up for gender, you have a good chance of being thrown out of your company. And your name is cast as evil and you're toast and then there's this woe unto you, when all men shall speak well of you think of think of the people and how you are forced to speak well of people or things or ideas. And if you don't, your name is cast out. You don't want to be popular in these times. This is the first time it's it's actually very healthy, not to be part of the pop.
Our culture not to be popular to be despised. Wear that as a badge of honor right now because- Do the times we're living in and you have to do we all have to decide. Are we going to be popular? Do we want to be popular? Is that what this is about? Because woe unto you, if everybody saying good things about you, and I would say to you- know how many religious leaders have we seen over the past- you know decades that have made decisions based not on what you just described but on pragmatism. Well, we need to win and we need to make this decision because we need it. We can't help it with this time. We have to just do this the is the exact opposite. Yours was beginning for just talked in every way. Who was that I was talking to a preacher just recently that was saying we we should be. We should be the pariahs yeah. The churches should be the biggest prize. Where do you see the churches that are really under attack that heard shots in the news all the time, because they
said something here: you're not seeing them because they're all playing it safe are all saying. Well, we'll just take it a bit at a time when we are at the point of of we're, not sure how a vote today will come down in the Senate, whether they will vote to ensure that it is against the law to kill a child after birth when we're, not sure how that vote is going to come down, why why are our churches so popular. We had a great discussion with a rabbi, Daniel Lapin on Saturdays podcast. If you are not subscribing to our podcast, please do it go too. You know going back com or apple or wherever you listen to podcasts and scribe, and please eight and review the reason why that's important is it helps other people discover it.
Please rate and review. Please give us a five star rating hit It helps other people to find it. Anyway. We had Rabbi Lapin on. We were talking about this, this Anti Semitism that happening all around the world. Here's! What listen this it! this is up because the the ultimate titanic cultural struggle in the world today is exactly the same as the walls in Russia in the beginning of the 20th century or in at the end of the 18th century, or all the way back to to, the nine verses in chapter eleven of Genesis, the Tower of Babel always a struggle between and loosely paraphrase: it's a struggle between
a divine oddly vision for humans. It and a a human structured vision for society and and the Jews have always recognized by a by a great leader. It's like a Winston Churchill and and philosophers and scholars, and also being recognized by Anti semitic. Tyrants, the official architects of divine order of human, a social organization, is what we're facing right now. Truly is evil truly evil. It we've crossed into bad politics and all that we've
cross the Rubicon and we're we're now. Looking at the destruction of people, not stuff people. And the devaluing of life and and that life is not import more important than the plan that humans are a virus they're, not part of sure there are out of nature and they're killing. Nature seems more. The left to the human virus is very specific to juice. Yes, I don't know, I mean a lot of our and to live, and this new group of Congressional DE. Rats have come in, and they've made it's very clear over their lives that they just do not like or trust Jew, jewish people and for some reason the Democrats are not in revolt. Over this I know I will. I will have much more hope when we start to see from the Democratic Party what we're all seeing in the Labor Party of England, where Labour party members have been Labour party forever said this is getting spooky or too many
anti anti semite Semites in this party I want out you're listening. Take the land
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