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Glenn and Stu discuss the feds focusing on white supremacy while an attack occurred in New York City, where the alleged perpetrator doesn't fit that narrative. Recovering investment banker Carol Roth joins to discuss the latest horrifying inflation numbers. BlazeTV host Matt Kibbe joins to discuss the ongoing lockdown in Shanghai and the horrors the citizens are facing.

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We started the show with this epi. I announcement that just happened last Friday about white supremacists, being the biggest threat to the nation, completely unrelated to the fact that the FBI had questioned sixteen times the guy who went into the subways and shot a bunch of people not seventeen times, not seventeen. So I dunno, why you're being so critical, correct and well, they probably didn't hold him because he wasn't white and he was somebody who was a white sari, a black supremacist, so it didn't fit into their into their narrative. Also, we have Carol Roth on today we had Matt QB talking about what's happening in Shanghai. It's terrifying, complete shutdown. Was it thirty million people? Something like that and it's it as he says it's, not some village with a hut. This is their financial center and it it's terrifying. What is happening there also the second episode in the search for America's God today. I think you're one step closer to understanding what is wrong with our neighbors and our friends and our nation. Why are we headed down the way we are and what does it mean part two of our four part series today on America's God.
the last Friday Homeland Security Secretary on a declared Alejandro Mayorkas I gotta be able to do. that the path can really do that. Well, you know when you're watching t and somebody who is as white as I am and then a home insecurity secretary on unproved, my Arcas declare white, supremacist and domestic violence, extremism to be the most prominent threat currently facing our country, the time couldn't be more perfect because just a few hours later. A jury in Grand Rapids Michigan Exp.
it the Justice Department's largest alleged domestic terrorism case in the last eighteen months. as a failed FBI, entrapments scheme designed to smear conservatives as white supremacists, I had the twenty twenty election. This article is from the the Federalist I think. Yes, the federalist By refusing to convict for men, accused of plotting to kidnap and kill Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer before Election day, the his seem to side with the defense attorneys, who argue their clients were not domestic terrorists, but entrapped. undercover F B, I agents and at least a dozen informants who planned and funded the kidnapping operation, the key The government's plan was to turn general discontent with Governor Whittemore Covert nineteen restrictions into a crime that could be process you, defense lawyers wrote
the government picked it knew would be a sensational charge, conspiracy to kidnap the governor and when the gun, Emmett was faced with evidence showing that the defendants had no interest in the kidnapping plot. It refused to accept failure we continued to push its plan now what's interesting about this? Is the guy who was overseeing this particular operation, has been transferred transferred to Washington D C, given a promotion and he's the guy overseeing the January sixth plot okay, so the FBI's, very, very, very busy. because they know white supremacist, that's what is coming for everybody: okay, careful, you may not be wide enough. Okay, cuz. I hear it's an albino mob, Kay and the first sign. That's why I'm wearing pink contacts
the first sign you're not really an albino. Oh, they they burn up. I it's not a it's like a hexagon in your front yard. yeah yeah there. I don't know what the heck signal as to do, but it's not across its another symbol for not being albino the hexagon. anyway. So the FBI is looking for these crazy white White White White White Really white almost pinkish white extremists and that may be why they missed Frank R. James now Frank R, James not an albino He's quote A bold man who held against Mayor Adams and bizarre threatening rance on Youtube ha, so you tube he
I have a page on Youtube. where he was saying. Crazy things, did you This is, I heard this a lot from a lot of sources. Yes, I think he was making bizarre angry violent racist. Well, threats, yeah and you know before they release the picture man. They seem to make that broad enough to it's almost if they wanted you to think of a of a particular type of person, perhaps an hour who look at albinos, are out of control, apology to the one or two albino that are not violent, extreme, I'm sure they're out there somewhere. We ought in their best known on their barrier in them, not their roving in March, but it made. It was amazing that that was the way was put. They didn't say it was aunt I white racism problem. Because they spent the last ten years telling us it's not possible.
the reverse. Racism isn't real, it's not possible! You can't occur, so Would this guy have racist rants in the first place, So he said things like it's just a matter of time before these black, in first decide: hey, listen enough is enough and these white people. need to go. Oh, no, wait! It's the exact opposite of that is as a matter of time before those White M efforts, decide hey, listen enough is enough. These n words got to go. On Youtube, as of yesterday, these white a mefirs. This is what they do. Ultimately, at the end of the day, they kill and commit genocide against one another. What do you think going to do to your black ass, and what are you going to do you going to fight and guess what you're going to die because
Unlike Zelensky in Ukraine, nobody has your back. The whole world is against you and We're against effing yourself, so Why should you be alive again? That's the question: why should an n word be alive on this planet? Beside to pick, cotton, or chopped sugarcane or tobacco. Now This is allowed on Youtube by My some of my opinions on the lab bleak for cove id band. but this is allowed. I just want to say that's interesting and we all agree, I think, we'd all agreed. This guy is crazy. He's crazy. But isn't that what the press and social media have been telling us that,
ass, crazy white conservatives are doing to the crazy people well in our audience, Winding them up. it only takes one crazy person that happens to be listening, Where did he get the idea? The whole world is against you. Why should you be alive? Why should an n word be alive on this planet beside to pick cotton or chopped sugarcane or tobacco no one. Has your back cause, that's all most progressive bumper sticker just a message of despair, despair. It's just telling Allah portion of the country They will never be successful unless, of course, their white Savior democratic politicians stepson, bail them out of their terrible terrible times with these conservatives, let me tell you this
I cannot say this to you you. This promise, like I could have ten years ago,. Ten years ago, I would say to you: you can do anything anything you can. Break all barriers. this isn't the nineteen fifties, and I speak. I see from experience. As a guy who was the first to go to college and couldn't afford it in my thirties, more than one semester. there's nobody in my family, college educated. I made it. I built it I went against the system the I came in to talk radio Making fun correct me if I'm wrong making fun of talk, radio I went in to television,
making fun of television rights? king all of the rules do my way, not the way, everybody else then when they didn't accept, we build network. Network. No one had ever done it B. Wasn't even on yet on the internet with live streaming. We were the first of sorry major League baseball was the first. We were the second into the boat. Look at it now, I'm not the smartest guy in the world. If you've listened, you know. But what I have is a belief in myself. a belief in and decency in common goodness, I a belief in the system that good guys don't always win, Good guy sometimes lose butt
in the long run that truth wins. and nobody really cares about your problem. You know why, because everyone has their problems, and everybody has them of differing degrees, but everybody thinks that their problem is the biggest problem. You go into somebody's office and you're like her got a real problem. The boss is thinking, oh really really. You know what I'm dealing with today what problems, let me sit down in your office and tell you some problems: okay,. but they don't say that, because their job is to listen to you to help. Empower you now, everybody's got a problem and they have to wear it on their sleeve
now. The system is so corrupt that unless you have money, unless you have the right point of view, unless you vote the right way, I don't know if you can make it. That's new for me, I have, Always been a champion of the underdog in in no other country than this. One. Now I don't know I will tell you we're still out. Blazing trails. Waste still are optimistic about our future. On someone. Let me make you this promise. If you adhere, to a universal moral code,.
if you adhere to do unto others. Love thy neighbor, if you can accept Zacks top ten rules for life, formerly Malik, the ten commandments, your. be all right. You'll make it. You know why? Because you'll be on the side of God. The universal truth maker. and as long as you remain on his side, everything's going to work, may not be your dreams. I can't tell you this, isn't exactly what I planned. You know, I started. Radio ice is not what I planned. In fact, this is nothing like I planned. However, it's good. There are no mistakes and no waste in God, universe, no waste
it's amazing how much you can screw up your life and if you Let's put it on the right track, and stay with Glenn Beck. Ten, really good safety tips, formerly the ten commandments. It's amazing how all of that wasted time, all of that wasted energy, how how all of those mistakes will We used not by you him somehow or another, to put you right, where you're supposed to be All of the skills that you needed. don't listen to anybody who says you can't do it don't listen to anybody who is the world's against. You know it's not. No! It's not. my goal is to be like. I was a priest name that was down in the the basement of the concentration camps or remember, and they just the guy was so positive. All the time they're like okay, we gotta just starve.
Into death, and they put in a basement and He got all of the other prisoners to start singing hymns. and now they really wanted to kill him because he was starving to death. He went blind from starvation. He was in so much pain, and yet he was still singing. He was happy. I want to be that guy, minus the starving in the basement of the concentration camp. But I want be that guy. he didn't think the world was against him and boy. He could have. He knew what was true. He knew the value of his own being. And he knew who he answered to there's nothing. More important than learning that I am surrounded. buy a new family of people who have their life back because of relief factor. I'm one of them, I was in pain and got to the
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This is the best and the Glen Back Programme, and we really want to thank you for listening Carol Raw, the author of the war on small business. She calls herself a recovering investment banker. She is somebody who is trying to look out for the little guy and can explain what's happening to the little guy in normal terms, which is my biggest frustration when, when you watch anybody who knows anything about the economy, Carol Welcome It's going to have some bad news and sort of processing this right now, but I don't think we're going to save these sixteen cents on our fourth of July, barbecues becoming very clear to me and process wow. That believe me, I think that's going to be trending on Twitter on July.
my fourth on how much everybody is: spending Let me let me start here. Eight point: five if percent. In nineteen? Eighty, the highest enter the highest inflation rate was fourteen point six, and we had won T percent mortgage rates. Twenty twenty two according to shadow stats, which is calculating the way we calculated inflation in nineteen? Eighty our inflation rate is seventeen point, one percent. And are are morgue, mean, are are lending rates, are now point five: sent to the banks, was a little crazy. Yes, he was like a little bit. Have a mismatch of policy, I'm obviously a lot to unpack there but you're. This is why people are
angry with the Federal Reserve. They have been on the forefront of cod, in this issue, by artificially suppressing interest rates and prints and trillions of dollars that have in part caused this inflation, and then you know they were buying securities, putting them on their balance sheet part of what suppresses interest rates up until last month, then If a sudden they got the wake up call it goes. Oh boy, you know inflation is pretty high, even though it's been trending at incredible levels for well over a year and you're. Now, all of a sudden. Oh, we have to do something and they're still not doing it fast enough, but the I been all of this- is it's very hard for them to do anything without putting us into a recession, so they are caught between a rock and a hard place kind of Ho Chi. I remember seeing this kind of a place where there are no good options and they're thereafter, bullets are So let's go back to the stats of eight point. Five percent
This is so misleading because they'll say it's the highest in forty years, meaning it was worse under Jimmy Carter, but I can't It's not worse. I mean it's not. It was not worse. In the nineteen seventies and eighties, it's worse now by far because we're at the beginning of this can you explain, shadow stats in what you understand is this credible to be able to say. Let me look and calcul made it the way we used to share So I didn't sue be fair. I've looked at Shadowstats, I have not been. Well to go through. It would take you to lots of modelling power. No, you are to be able to go back and replicate it, but basically what they ve done. As they said There have been a lot of ships here both the eighties and the nineties, in terms of the way that the government calculates inflation and
They are of no surprise to anyone. They want to keep the headline inflation number down also. Also, though it isn't social security based increases based on C p. I You want to just ride methods, not exactly where I was going. When I have a couple of now this is what we are always them paddock on. The other part of the reason why they want to keep the headline number down is because it allows Allows them to print more money, it keeps you from panicking, but, like you said, there are a lot of things that you that the numbers, for inflation fee into like, like you said, social security and other programs that have cost of living adjustment. So this is another way for governments who continue to cheat so the shadow stats, has done as they said. Well, let's go back to know the best approximation we can make of what I before the nineties changes before the eighties changes unless calculated and if they looked at the rate. It's
double of what has been reported, and you can just look at some of the key categories. Things like rent and hotels and not on what they are reporting and go yeah. You know that makes sense you and I can go to the grocery store. We can you try to shelter and envied our families and go get gas you up. stand that it's not just eight point: five percent inflation. So this is trying to give you that apples to apples comparison. And, by my estimation it seems like it's in the ball, which seventeen point one, inflation rate this month in one thousand eighty was fourteen point six that was the top of it. You're, not at the are we at the top of this. Well, that's a question: today we got a number there. There are different measures of inflation, the c p. I is sort of a consumer survey. One that's used today we got something called the producer price
index. What is a measure of wholesale inflation? Ok as it is, is this the this shows us what maybe coming our way, because these are the raw materials that it takes. Two big things that we eventually buy? Yes inflation and the inputs to the goods and services, and it is a lagging indicator because you obviously have to have that inflation number but that is what they haven't gone into, that finnish price that has gone to the consumer that what the consumer's pang at so this. is that meaning that what we're saying today is going to impact what we're saying going forward now. Obviously, the gas prices are moving around, so it's going to be different headline versus looking at with called core inflation, which strips out food and energy prices, but given the fact that at the producer,
well. Today we got a number that is the highest level on Iraq or gladly highest level a Levin point, two percent at wholesale level? That's eleven wine, two percent increase, which again is probably understated that is going to flow through goods and services that we're going to see in the coming months. That's the current way. Do they ever calculate change this calculation, of course, of course, the holy name of the index right, you know they they said. Well, we're not going to do it this way anymore. We're gonna, we're gonna, have a different way. Do we're gonna have a new name, we're going to brand it it's going to be great, but obviously these changes. This is the this. the highest number, even with all of the changes. This is the highest number ever recorded still based on this current index. Yes is the highest number ever recorded holy cow, yeah I mean it was step, stagger eleven point, two percent okay. So why is this a
think this is a leading indicator cause if the prices who produce? Things are more. expensive today at eleven percent more expensive. That means that it's showing me that when it finally gets a finished product and it's at you're going to be paying at least Having per cent more rights were where it we're. Thanks for this, thing in the dipper way. What I'm saying is that it lags what would it shows up in the sea p. I inhalation numbers. Are you? U at? You, have not seen it yet because it hasn't head it. Yes, we're old, saying the same thing: unjust. That would just slightly different words here, so What what? What? What? What? What what what can be done here? it's a really good question. Obviously, a lot of people are looking to the Federal Reserve to get us out of the out of this with monetary policy.
the the challenges. I don't think they can do that without causing a recession and major carnage in the economy, because at this point all the that have led into this. Indeed, monetary policy, the fiscal policy, the disruption in the supply chain- It's created this systemic, so fly imbalances: monetary policy can Well, our demand it can make us go we're not going to get a mortgage, because you know it's that just six percent or you know we're not going to spend as much at the store, but you do. How does it fix the fact that we have one point, eight job, available for every worker you? How does it fix the fact that we have four to five in homes that Are under built at this point in time you? How does it fixed the fact that we have are invested in. Energy and and and healthcare infrastructure. So it's that you that things that they would have to do to to make those changes. There's a huge disconnect and as as
That I think it would be really ugly for the economy so that This could. It will probably at some point, come down on a headline basis, but that is the growth rate it doesn't mean that we're not going to have elevated inflation and continued tin paying for a very long time. So when we, when we look at things like what's happening over in Shanghai, where they shut everything down, and I where's that story there's a China has stranded. Thirty million truckers Thirty million truckers in China are now stuck at home. What is this going to mean this impact. We fell. It last time that China shut down we shut down as well. this time we're not shutting down what is that impact going to mean to us yeah. Well, obviously, it's not a good thing for supply chains for the companies that are still depending on China. I think
eternally to China. It's a huge issue because they are a net importer. not only energy but food, So we know what does that mean in terms of the potential for some of those people to having a pretty substantial food insecurity or starvation? If they don't get things going again and certainly as we note that the reverberations about you all these decisions around the world could lead to other other issues, social unrest, and what not you know we are all connected and so that, even though, will be in a better position it. that mean? It won't have real impacts and, as we know any time, something has an impact here in America who feels it is at the elite. Is it the wealthy? Is it the well connected, of course, not they're going to find a way to insulate themselves? It's going to be the average american going to be the main street business. It's going to be the backbone of this country in this economy that bears the brunt
so, there was another story that I read today: global renewable power prices so or on we demand that. At contract prices for renewables. In North America have gone up. Twenty eight point: five percent and twenty seven point: five percent in Europe that, just in the last twelve months gee. Why would that be Carol well in this was called supply and demand and plan we have under invested in all different kinds of commodities is not just energy, but it's all different kinds of commodity components, things that are required for Deckard, innovation and this huge push has led to increase demand and when you do
would have enough supply to meet that demand. What happens but the prices go up. If you think about something like copper, you know it's one of the big is in puts into energy, and so, if you're gonna have something that is that you know electricity based you're, going to need a lot of copper there on the whole slew of other materials from aluminum aluminum to lithium in and whatnot that are used in these sort of green friendly products and again. We have not seen enough investment in order to to fill fill these crazy wishes that the folks who are pushing to carbon ASEAN once if the Phil, by the way you can ask Carol, for answers on anything we you know. I I said yesterday that well. I've always felt like I was. I was here to warn of what's coming over the horizon, but I-
so think that it is to empower you An information is empowering and to encourage you and that means you know to we- just keep- The things that you know are right do the next right thing, but also give you some answers on some things. And so we've put up at Glenn back dot com, slash questions. that's it, isn't it is it what. Contact, okay, sorry Glenn a calm, slash, contact you go there and you can ask Carolyn question and if she can she'll she'll answer it can I do we have time for one question to answer the economy for Carol Roth, we don't feel we can trust our money to be in big banks, but we also know the dollar stands to lose post of its value, so keeping in cash is also useless. What is the as course, for us to invest in converter, money too. So we'll have something if things change to Digital,
Ok, so this is the normal caviar. This is not financial advice in the legal aspect of energy. This is for your own information and additional research. Okay. So the first thing I want Make sure, is that you take care of your near term chairman emergency expenses, because we do see prices going up. If something sideways, you do want to make sure that you have enough cash on hand to be able to to handle that, but outside of that, you don't want your cash sitting in the bank cuz. It's going to lose value. You have to be looking at hard assets. Some of the things to consider is house now, obviously, as we know they said, is increased and those mortgage rates, so that is going to have some impact on and probably in the near term, but in the long term, we are under built four to five plus million homes, depending on who you ass from the last decade, plus given the prices and what
happened over the last couple of years. We haven't seen that same bump in buildings, so I think that that imbalances, something you want to be thinking about also having some exposure to tangible commodities to gold to silver or to investments and other commodities. Again, we've seen some run up in those, but if you're think as a long term, hedge against inflation, at something for you to consider, please don't! This is just my opinion. Please stay away from paper stuff missile rack. This is fit physic. You especially on the on the gold and silver, a metal standpoint. You want to actually have the physical holds. Yes actually and sulphur and then on the stock side. Obviously you with the Federal Reserve, raising rates, there's going to be some choppy now, there's going to be some volatility in the markets. If you are not sophisticated, the Essen P, five hundred still gives you there
broad diversification. If you are looking to pick stocks, you're going to look for one inelastic demand. That means that they are able to raise their prices to customers, and customers will continue to pay that going to want to look for ones with strong balance sheets that can, whether whatever is the head and probably ones with extra cash, to do some share by banks that is going to help with the earnings pursue second asking me the last one: yes, so firms if you're looking at the central bank, digital currency, that's gonna, come down potentially to bar, during and if things go, sideways, think about things that are going to be a valuable barter commodity as well. If that happens just the price for impact. If that happens, we have all oh buncher problems. Karel! Thank you! So much God bless you thanks for having me It is Glenn Beck, DOT, com, Slash
contact will have Carol back to answer some more of those questions, the best of the Glenn Beck program, the place of audio here. This is from Shanghai. the ones you do. The job but you'll have to do the job. This is looking over like Shanghai's like almost like central park. It is just high rise, condos and and apartments all the way around it's at night. And you're hearing people scream. Matt Kibbe is here to talk about the story, I'm at hey. How are you I'm very good
what are they saying? They are basically saying they're, if they're locked into their apartments they're not allowed to leave, they have no food and they're saying I would rather die than continue. This anymore men, various versions of that that chinese government has actually flying drones. Telling them to suppress their their souls urge to be free and fall in line. It is, it is Eight out of hunger games are think about that wars. Dystopian novel! like a movie and you're just expect I mean, like some superhero to fly in or something this is a dystopian movie. We've all seen that footage is terrifying there and by the way, this is not some corner of China. This is Shanghai Financial Center of there, universe and it It's sort of the logical conclusion of of this. This idea that government can
keep safe from a virus. They have this. Define philosophy of culture. Covid It means that we, the government, are going to use all of our powers to stop a vow this is something that's never been tried before, and China has been celebrated from day one starting with the New York Times, and everybody else at chinese model is the model and they're willing to do anything to prove that their model works they're, going to kill as many people as they need to to keep people safe. How are they feeding these people they're not and and this is like sort of an arrogance of of central planning, technocratic Returning that Distribution of food has been taken over essentially by the government and it doesn't work the food is rotting outside of that. The the corners of the city, the people are not allowed to leave their houses. They shut down the entire informal economy that has always been how people get fed
so this is why they're screaming their starving to death Like you said this is not some. Nowhere, village, this is I mean that looks like central park, I mean this is the a of the elite in the elite city. There are men, I that's that's why it's so shocking and there's so many videos now they've actually gotten through all of our text sensors so that, people are seeing this and- and for better or worse, you know. A lot of people started paying attention when they saw videos these same lockdown police, beating the pets of the people screaming to die, because animals are potential vector for covered ends and and people. You know that, at sea people starving in their apartments. They can hear them, but they can see the brutality with which their murdering pats on the street, so people are starting to pay attention at noon and I'm hoping
that. Finally, after two years of warning that down to see they disrupt supply chains. We potentially put people, at risk of everything, including starving? If, if there's no food, if there's no food production, if there's no food distribution? Eventually? Were going to be in this same situation- and I want people understand that, especially since. the reason why these people are not out in the streets is because there is such a tight control. individuals they they can everyone everyone now and if you're out without your phone there, a drone that comes up to you and says, go back home and get your your drone or they. you up and throw you away. If you are. watch the horrible series called black mirror. This is an episode out of there, because the Chai his government has the social credit system where they been
they, they know your identity, you have a digital footprints. They control your bank account they control every aspect of your life, so the the risk, if leaving your home. Is that you? be destroyed forever. You, you might act be killed, but more power, and lay there is no recovering from getting the bad list in China bad citizen mean that not only you but your family will pay the to price and disloyalty is the one thing: that's not accepted. How far away a week, as I remember seeing this well as is still two years ago, when they were doing this member, there were welding people into their homes and We said that will AP and the drones battle never happen, and then you know it happened. It started happening even in ITALY and I still thought nah they're not going to do that here and then it was here Wagner, I guess essentially the welding, the drones, but a version of that for sure of our
I remember, I think it was Connecticut. Sir, the police were, Going door to door today was Rhode, Island, Rhode, Island, an the way we did a, I should say we did a deep dive on this yesterday in and the show that you and I did for Cuba liberty, will will air next, Wednesday and the deep- dive here is that this, the chinese model, which is Directly related to the great reset and the eye Dear that's, authoritarian are going to replace some person. Choice, the logic of, This was always about chinese model, and so you see, like I'm shocked where we ve all been shocked, to see just how far Canada will go in terms of debate. King, the truckers and everything else, so How far are we at depends exactly on watch the american people are willing to put up with, because I think that
Our government is not immune from this gross. Seen abuse of power. No way do it in a heartbeat. It just depends of the let that the emergency, whatever the emergency, is, if it's big enough, they will Go to this and then there's no then you're like China. They can do whatever you want, do whatever they, want to do to you. They will- and this was this- was our frustration early on when we were complaining about lockdowns. You know I'm an economist, so I was I was geeking out like Carol raw fun, obvious light chains and that kind of thing and and we talked about vaccine mandates and vexed ports as infrastructure for a social credit system and and being forced to take her back. in that you may or may not want to do. These are all components of the model and and everybody viewed them as varied benign, look health measures, but they're quite the opposite is about power, it's not about health. So,
You know, there's a lot of libertarians that isn't, quite frankly, a lot of conservative republicans to Will the sit back and look at the great reset and say thus is just business provides a private buzz? They can do whatever they want. Free. You answer that It's not a private business in any realistic sense, and I call it political capture a lot of these. Companies that are controlling the narrative that we've all talked about so much there take a lot of money from the government in terms of ad revenue, their essential accepting a deal that they can't refuse. When the President's press secretary says you better: do something about these debts? and voices, but it's going back to the chinese model, it's a cozy relationship. Sure the social credit system in China is execute goodbye nominally private interests, banking, tech, it's it's,
a government programme in that sense. So you have this. Collusion between big bulk business and big government. That is happening in the same way. In this I'm sure you know those corporations captured. Are they pursuing a higher profit through their relationships with government Whatever it is, it's not private. It's something else. And there's its fascism and and it's strange because the corporations that are afraid of it and are just falling into line because they see the writing on the wall there? we are already in, they're. You know they're corporate condo around Central Park ready to get out on and start screaming I'd rather I'd rather die. I then this, but they won't and now is the time to scream that, because It's not completely finished yet one It's finished. Not only will some of those corporations regret this.
But so will the average person and then you just have to decide when you pee I say how do I prepare? What do I do? I keep saying lately you just have to decide, will you comply what they say you have to think in a while? You take the vaccine. Ok are a great will. You were the mask whenever and for, however long they tell you to do it. Will you not stand up in your p meeting when there walking to your kindergartners about pray. Sexual and telling your kindergartener They may not be a boy or a girl, will you comply because It's only going to get worse and If you can say God, I'd rather buy drano. other just comply. I didn't have any trouble you'll be fine,
But if you disagree with anyone on anything, less you're one hundred percent compliant on whatever else they can think of your doomed right, The only answer is peaceful. civil disobedience there's a lot of us than there are of them but somebody needs to stick their neck out. First, it's a sort of an active entrepreneur, ship in a some some the guy is going to say you know what I'm not going to do that anymore. I'm not A comply in theirs if the in numbers and other people follow and pretty soon you a convoy of canadian truckers, shutting down the capital of Canada, and that's how it happens at end, and we watched in real time what the government did to those people, but also changed the narrative think the only reason that we're not doing employer vaccine mandates in this country the canadian truckers it makes me very sad that it wasn't America
Americans the day makes me actually proud and and makes us feel not so alone that it was Canadians that did it I, but that was a high profile example though, but isn't Wasn't it sort of eroded this entire? your time like These mask mandates were in effect in Texas for a long time, and there were periods where I think people sort of paid attention to them, but it went away. Pretty fast, I mean it's There was a a large scale, but very like it's a low simmer of people just constantly blowing these things off and moving on with their lives and then all of a sudden it was just over in some states in some states. So this is why I need to move to Texas, because we have to completely different view of what cove it was you you live in Washington still live in Washington DC It's insanity. What happened up there crazy? I spent all my time, driving to Virginia to go to the gym, to go to restaurants, to go to the grocery store. Simply
because I want this sort of civil civil disobedience to happen, we we actually documentary about a restaurant bar owner in D C yea. He runs a big board. I think he has speed on your show. Actually. He finally got his life. Back but he made it safe for other restaurants and by the way the mayor lifted, those just days after she shut come down site again, someone needs to be brave it it. It might feel irrational. put your life in your business on the line, but some he's got a step up, and then you know it's the culture here and taxes. Quite different people are generally more inclined to resign. irrational Authority in December? We love it like. we were swimming now. You and assess cesspool of of violence are in the cult of of weakness, air MAX there
Thank you. So much good to see you good to see yeah. You can hear the podcast we did yesterday. He interviewed me on the great reset and it was a really good, fascinating conversation. You can hear that Kimberly Cubey on Liberty, that is on blaze, tv and you can get it next Wednesday, next winced and Ex Wednesday, if you're, not a subscriber blaze tv? What are you thinking? There's too much good stuff that you're missing you can become subscriber at blaze, tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, use the promo code Glenn and save
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