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Glenn shows Stu some of the newest items in Glenn’s museum, including John Wayne’s hat and Captain America's shield. The Lamp editor Matthew Walther joins to discuss his article for the Atlantic discussing how Americans are done with COVID. Author of “San Fransicko” Michael Shellenberger joins to discuss how cities might be waking up to the failures of radical policies.

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Today, show great show. We had early Christmas. First do brought him a whole bunch of gifts. You can't keep any of em, but they're really cool or that they are very cold yeah, some stuff that you'll see on the fog cast today there watching us. Otherwise we described them, but you can watch the pod cast on place to be Just amazing stuff, amazing, stuff, you're, not gonna, see anywhere else. We also talked about on the it and it looks like it he's gonna be much more transmissible, but maybe maybe not as deadly
as go with. Nineteen in the past will see we dice that all out. We also talk about San Francisco, how things are changing with Michael Shell in Berger and something that has happened on the border. That is really crazy and not what you would expect from the border couple things as well. You can, of course, its rightful place to these outcomes. Lifeline promo code is Glenn. We would really appreciate it if you subscribe to this podcast and rate and review it is well five stars is the appropriate number of stars over on students, America, podcast page. You can get access to its beginning to look a lot like Venezuela, which many people are enjoying. So thank you for that as well and tomorrow on Youtube a thing we ve done. This is the third one. There are always a disaster the astute as America this ten year old, drawn vs. Well, that's what happens when you do a power, our one shot of beer per minute for an hour and then attempting to talk coherent, Paul
six throughout. It gets very messy by the end, but it's a lot of fun. You can check it out for freedom. It airs at nine p M Eastern on Youtube, dot com, slashed stew. Does America? If you had a stew, does power hours are complicated? All the details were at their first buckets. The only thinking, students who told you yesterday he's really in the Christmas mood, I'm not in the Christmas soon. I just don't have any confidence there. Our holiday vacation is gonna, go well. I just don't have any confidence in your purse, and all vacation? Yes, so which includes Christmas with the kids and everything else we have address such a bad year of something it's like, for instance,
you know we ve had problems with Tony S. Father being sick now, so we ve been up to visit him. Probably the last time. You're gonna see Grandpa, you know one of those, thing now, while like three times this year, the guy's got more lives than a cat, and I told them last on some you're never gonna die and you're never going to die, but now mom and dad both have covered everybody's been vaccinated and everything else and he's got coat. He has go bid, then she got covert or vice versa. Then she fell down had to go to the hospital. This is in this last week, so he was at home trying to take care of everything and then he fell down broke for ribs. We have covered in the hospital
can't be in the same hospital room, even though there has been a wives. They live together, but it's a covert thank you can't be in the same house, but even if they will have it fascinating, yet a cold discovery. Whatever discover to make that I know, I know I know so it's just I don't know so I thought I'd do something today. That maybe would put me in the Christmas mood. Ok, ok, so you get open some presence, but you don't get to keep any of them. Maybe I can keep one of them, no one of them. I just think these are so cool and the audience if you're watching the blaze you'll be the it's cool, the watch, but also to discuss. them, so I've got What five boxes there? You can start at the top. and open them up. These are all things from the museum that we just got in. There must be expensive, you're making me wear gloves Yes, they are, and thereby you could see that one has a red labels has high value. Ok
the opening up of house. So explain what that is. Ok, so this is what is it a clapper? We are yet to come. bored clapboard that the clock clapper turns the lights off. Right. Clapboards are what they do and movies where they like action. We know that tab click and they lay clap the board and that's why you sink sounded and and YO says Universal Service City studios production, Jaws, director S, spills Spielberg, wow and degradation of the topics as a camera. What does it mean? Amre acre it with that means theirs, a unit and a bee unit, and the be camera is for all of the pick up scenes Camera is for everything that speed bird was standing there, the whole time go an hour. I wait. Let's do it again. It's all the import seen- and I say this this looks- can I can I open
yeah, but it has a kind of a latch on it. Do you see in the back of the other? yeah goes up and down, it's got teeth. Yeah, it looks like teeth: it was specially made for, whereas tons of pictures, that was Steven Spielberg that goal and handwritten stuff on the back yard earlier, Those are ignore that different scenes be cool relapse of this. When I get to keep nope, you don't get to keep that one were. You know the museum is collecting we collect, we have now more founding documents than anyone in the world, except for the national archives and the Library of Congress, its remit our the collection yogurt, but over there we are also now. This is a collection of making sure we preserve american culture, things that were really important in american culture. This thing run you how much I much that such back, that lots
I'll give you a hundred, firstly right now, no panache silver, that these things. I bought for the museum with the art, my art proceeds, so or it could. Christmas present number two Christmas present number two. This is really cool. Gay it's a Stetson box. It is an innate out. You can take it out, you put it on your head, don't read it yet! Don't read it yet! You put it on your head had on how you don't wanna, put a Stetson on the what, whereas the little cross tat, the back, a not the axes that goes to the front. The little girl is ongoing us yeah, Gallatin Neglect yeah Your head is enormous cause, that's a big hat and my head is enormous. Yeah, this law of brains to fit in. It does actually looks. Ok on you guys. It feels very awkward yoke agenda. is to accompany, had no object net. They ve ever put one idea in my life so now take it off
Read the inside made by Stetson says Newt Ease, rodeo trait Taylor and says Stetson says made by Stetson especially for John Wayne, on wanes cowboy hat. now not sure if it ever appeared in any movies, but it was his personal hat and It was good, in a poker game. He was at a poker he was getting ready to leave and one of the guys at the table said Wayne. paid me for the last time you lost took off his hat and he said well. This will probably pay for it and he threw down on the table a guy kept it until he died. No, I really cool while really cool, so I get to keep this one that now you don't you get that one now I'll give you two hundred bucks for that one now right now know it now
nope, you're gonna lie lap, you're, gonna love the last two. You love the last October, so arrogant over three so number three trying to be very careful here or her. Oh, my yeah she's, so that is the gun belt of Jesse James. So If you remember, Jesse James. This is the gun. Well tat. He had on the he died, so he had to. Gun belts This is one of them if you remember Jesse James was killed by the Coward Robert Ford and Jesse James was kind of a hero robber. You know, I mean people liked him. And an Robert Ford was kind of a cleaner on and he really wanted to be famous and he a huge mistake. He kills.
Buddy and then buried them in a shallow grave and the police found out about it and arrested him, and he said, wait, wait. I know where Jesse James is and the governor said if you killed see James I'll I'll pop new for the killing of Jesse James and the guy you just buried I'll, give you the reward. So he went and he was plodding Jesse James, didn't trust him, Jesse and his brother were there and they were gonna, rob a bank and Robert Ford said I'll help. He went, he had Brecht. With the two of em at Jesse James House, Jesse was sitting there in the parlour in the Vienna Living room. And they were talking any notice that his moms needle point that was over the fireplace was crooked. So he got on a chair sway straightening out and Ford, shot him right behind the ear shot him in the back,
in the head actually, but it had his back turned. and he became the Coward Robert Ford, and eventually was in the back as well. By somebody that really wanted him dead and it had no connection to Jesse James just hated the fact that this guy started to go on stage and make himself into a big hero. People turned on him quickly. He had no friends after that and yet says here as a cartridge belt used by Jesse James one of the two he had when killed yeah amazing, why amazing, you have called toys, they are cool toys that unfortunately, there all they're all in the museum by the way We want to do another museum and opened the museum up. This summer for a major opening, it's gonna, probably too, you know, we ve usually had them in this building. A feeling it may take two or
three buildings. Now, because this has it, spanned did so dramatically. and we're gonna do that this summer. Hopefully, Ok, the last to the last two ok I'm not sure which one that one is and if its sorry was empty, wave where the box out for you? But this one is the coolest thing This one is one of those things Brad Meltzer, you nor good friend, oh yeah, yeah, he's gonna he'll flip over this and this is one of the coolest things of I just I've seen ogre opening at Christmas. Before for still american culture red, clothing surf carefully outcome wearing your gloves. They had carefully. I owe my wow,
take a solid Superman's cape? Oh my ass. Now open it up on the inside and read. This is on the collar louts. Ask two four Reeves, yes, his four nine one. Walking, which is interesting with unfortunately haven't across various yeah, but This is that's Christopher reads: the not only escape being the other, Ox are his boots and that's his suit. Oh yeah, forgive us! but pulleys suit out. Just the top cow small he was yeah, maybe because it fit pretty tightly So I don't know, maybe it stretches a lot, but he was not a big guy, at least according to the suit. Yet it's I mean it is safe It's a citizen Reggie, yes, Sir Material, but yes is those errors. Pants
And that's from the first Superman movie, I think these customs when I dont think about these at the store just an amazing amazing thing, and these are some of the things that day Barton has purchased, I have purchased, the museum has purchased and em all them will be seen in the museum there's his boots. This doesn't seem like a person saving the world where these boots, No that's doesn't know. It looks more like lady Gaga does not only lady Gaga would wear vision, Zip right into these things: zipped email, tight suit, yeah and some big boat so low. Where that style- and let us say it's a little weird guides like John DOE, because Walking around with that, you know, unless you are the man of steel don't want to be submitted to you, don't have to tell everybody but tell me how issues
You're back how much, how much as other stuff cost I mean just just most audience with just two now audience yeah. It's a lot it s a lot by way. Here's two more things. This is option America's mask from the first captain. America, look how small his head was. Wait, the he wore this. This is from the first movie. I mean it's the kiddies hurry feet tall yeah, I know, is that crazy way, what This is from the first movie captain. the first movie being captain, Erika, but they made several versions. haven't I yet. This is the one of the Marvel Series. This is the first Marvel Series Movie was the first in the series of the Marvel movies lesson recently yeah with his name who plays criticism. Chris Evans. Yeah, that's dead is Chris.
Ed fit into this- I don't know- I just know that that it look at the inside look at the inside. It is from stage for number for its hard version of the helmet for the film we covered some news. Your Chris Chris evidence is apparently a little person. I am also going to show you this is kind of this. Is this? Is the actual captain America Shield from the first movie that he wore. You know that he wore in that, screw seven size, though it does what precisely like I let you have a shrunken head, I dont know I dont know, unfortunately rubber, not five,
Raynham really lie you debate, I have it was erika- is us small headed lie you're, just like the Real America official, your listening to the best of the Glinda programme, there's some new Hurley stats out on mccrone and it looks to be more transmissible good, be by a lot, but it also looks less deadly, but we don't know yet, but that wouldn't stop everybody from freak. I can say that it shouldn't stop everybody in the media, from freaking out and in Washington or in certain you know, states thereof. Freak out, I don't think the How can people are, I think, we're done with it
and Matthew. Walter is the editor of the lamp contributing editor american Conservative and he's The peace for the Atlantic, where I live, no one cares about Cove id reading. The article, I think, is exactly right. Matthew welcome to the programme they forever. So this How is this gone over at the Atlantic? So, to be honest, I have been hard hit by the risk. But that I've seen from so many people, especially people You know I e mailing mayors sending me messages on social media to say. Thank you. We're so glad that there's somebody out there Who is willing to present actual experience of reality. We feel like when we read the news or return on TB in our different universe, is being applied We were the only ones. Are you getting? Those from coastal cities.
Really from all over, I mean that's the thing that was really surprising and again hardening made it wasn't just, People who live in Europe Red Rural America right happened to do. It should be Oh, you know who live in, say the Connecticut suburbs. You say yeah, you know the truth. Is that sometimes you know at work, they tell us. We have to put these maps on our water. But for the most part I'm over it I'm living my life. We had grandma over for Thanksgiving now we're all getting together to watch football, we're going to our kids, high school basketball games, correct, we're just living our lives It is, it is really a stir any thing there seems to be a split and I'm not or that that split is gonna last except in places that are Ober Goober Auburn, deep, deep blue but it's almost I was up in Connecticut and its own religious now I mean
You are a pariah. If your wearing a mask in some circles outside inside all the time. It's it's not it's, it's almost a mental disorder yeah, you know in the worst thing about it is, I suppose it's one thing: if these people, want to engage in this behavior, but the ones I feel bad for our the service workers, people who queen hotels, people who washed dishes in restaurants, life you're gonna end up having to do this for years and even after the people who consider them shows their betters have moved on. Yeah. I think that's gonna happen with the airline industry too, of the airline industry. Doesn't it doesn't wake up star, pushing back you in article talked about a trip in Washington DC and I have this x. At the same experience when I went into the coastal cities you said it was bizarre to find thousands of people indifferently, dawning
masks outdoors tell me about that. Yeah. I you know again, loot living out here. I was aware that masking when you go into a restaurant or you walk into a hotel was a thing. The idea the people were wearing them outside in March. I aid it just would never have occurred to me that that was it. There was never any real evidence that outdoors transmission of the virus was a thing, but especially when you, walking down down the road there alone here. You know unless you're trying to signal something. You know for other people. I have no idea. What would the public health benefits could be? Well, that's it the same thing, and you talk about that in the article unless you're trying to signal something. I think this is a signal. I think this is like the Red Magda hat
This is a signal you're on one side or the other eye. I think it's horrible but it has become that- and I hope we in pass that, but I I think that's what's happening. Yeah? I think you're exactly right and I should say to me: I think that the sort of deep politicization of the most ordinary acts like walking on this. Reader going into a restaurant or whatever it's horrible. You know, I think that people who go on- Their weight it put on masks to demonstrate some sense of supply priority is noxious. I also think people who stay put, a mega had or let's go brand ensured or whatever just the prison labour going to try to provoke their neighbours that debts of noxious to move beyond I agree, I mean you can wear one, but when you just like I gotta you- were I'm going on the plane. Rile everybody up. That's obnoxious that noxious fun but obnoxious,
We hear you come to the conclusion This is going to be just another stupid thing that we prove medium. You wrote no fault divorce, factory, sliced bread, frozen meals and, of course, infant formula or adopt enthusiastically by the Upper middle class, who then think better of them by the a time the lower orders come around, yeah. How is it that there is a lot to unpack there, but you know one of the most fascinating conclusion that social justice drawn over the last few decades. Is that divorced is actually not something by large that upper middle class profession- we are doing in Iraq? Divorce? If you look at, you know where it sort of falls on the class letter
is actually largely concentrated among the lower middle classes, who used to be that people who are most likely to have in a sort of lifelong, stable marriages and is this consistent pattern that plays out where the people at the top get enthusiastic about something People little bit further down are sort of skeptical and the top impose is it on the bottom and then they think that I will name discarded themselves, but everybody else is stuck with it. Don't know if that's because I think that it is generally a lot of the elites that are doing this at this point and I think I've seen a turn well, you know I think, everybody wanted to do the right thing at the beginning and we all thought the best of each other. And now You know some of these things are just completely, you know either
unproven or dis proven to be a fool. DR in any way an p. Or tired over there like look, I can't live my life in isolation, the red I'm not doing it. I live with this and I think that's becoming dominant with Amr Crow. What are you see on the horizon? I think that What we were going to see here is that people are fine. We're going to come around to the reality that on Europe, It is not like russian roulette. I think that most people think of that if it is like russian roulette, it's it's playing it with her kind of weird gun that has you know a couple million chambers in it and the same thing is true of getting in you car for your morning. Can you you know there is? it is a non zero chance at something.
That could happen to you, but I think what a lot of this comes down to is just people's varying in our assessment of risk, but I think we were gonna see now speak kind of quietly apology to themselves. Oh yeah, you know what I dont have to be worried about this. I can't go about my business and I can never be a hundred percent sure that nothing that's going to happen but you know. What do his website is. The lamp magazine, dot com, the article we ve been talking about was in the Atlantic. Where I live, no one cares about covered. Name is Matthew Walter. Thank you, Matthew, appreciated thanks what events so stew, I mean I think, he's coming to the same conclusion and ties in something that we talked about Yesterday- and that is, can we can we put the Nancy Pelosi sought from Yes, this is crazy. This is Nancy Pelosi. Talking about how cry
is just out of hand. Listeners. no I haven't it was cut too. I thought when it is it's absolutely outrageous. Obviously cannot continue. But the fact is There is an added to over lawlessness and our country that springs from I dont know where? Maybe you to begin We do you and we cannot have that lawlessness become the norm ochre, so we have yesterday. The mayor of San Francisco coming out and say enough is enough enough is enough and This person is, you know, was, was part of progressive movement. She was the one who said we're gonna we're gonna cut
our spending for our police were to try something different important note too, that was July yeah this year only a few months ago. They thought they were still on this. You know dissolve the police to fund the police sort of direction and that's which around rob in a lot of cities. Just over the past few weeks. It people are realising how bad of an idea this was which is hard to under and that it could take more than I dont know eight. Second, I know I don't just one viewing of the mainly peaceful marches in net, but there too so locked into that. Currently they couldn't see the narratives and now they're, seeing it, but their blaming it on. Something else are looking to blame it on anything else, but I think this because and we're going to talk to Michael Shellenberger, he's the author of San Francisco. We've had him on a couple of times he's been pushing and saying look at this has got to stop and he's kind of on the left. He started here
to be in the movement that the progressive movement about things like homelessness and stuffy rights activist in that area and in some ways it s still it, but he should say that, like the those approaches the progressives want, don't worry We need to change our work here. I want. I want him to talk about what did took to change, but he'll go in detail. What happened to this matter, this mayor was approached by people average People that got together and said enough is enough. Enough is enough, and the pressure started on her and that's that it's what she says changed her. seeing people- and I think this is happening all across Amerika, even in Prague, massive San Francisco people are waking
that's very, very good news. You're listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program, pre order, your copy of the great reset. Wherever our books are sold, you can get the great reset make sure you give it to somebody before Christmas. The book is officially released in January, but you can offer it now. It's my new book. The great reset and grow makes a great Christmas gift aright we are sitting here was watching some amazing video from you. Go boons. He is the president founder of share together now dot org, you we're covering the crisis on the border, because you are watching that I mean it is clear child. Thinking is happening at an enormous rate.
and so you are tracking all the way from the map. Inside all the way to here in Amerika and not just to the border guard Also they're gonna put him on a plane and they're gonna send them someplace else to Florida. two Alexandria Airport in in right in in that was the Anna up to wherever and who s the process of the children. into the country, making the point that- the notion of we can keep every child safe. That our president, made. That notion is, is incorrect and these children, end up in the hands of traffickers in the? U S so now, you're following the bus and you go to one of the stations for the border patrol where their processing, these kids, you follow the boss, but you don't go in the border. People come out and say: hey thanks for the support, blah blah blah
you're standing there on the edge and I'm gonna show a video you'll, be able to hear what it's doing comes out, like a ram trucker something there was a hundred. Ok and this Toyota comes out It has a border guard in it, can see his face. He pulls a peace stops. He look it. Somebody who is with you of senior member of our team, a female, ok and was filming the bus right, she's filming and he slams down the accelerator, you'll hear the car peel out and then you'll hear the thumb of being hit. Listen watch
as the bus going in now comes, the border patrol agent in apparently is person. I mean that's in rapid was like. I mean that's, that's insane. And for what reason doesn't know us and if he did for a minute, all we do is support law enforcement, but then he fleas the scene of the crime. He gets chase down to a red light, fleas again and it turns into a massive debacle, because he is a border patrol agent. In uniform, Unfortunately it when you spoke of the video to you, he's not even looking forward where you would normally look when you're driving he's looking directly like with eye contact at this woman. Who is trying run over
the autopsy vehicle comes to stop. Exeter and to stop as protocol for them, and I found that Algeria is the gate has to close behind them so that no one can sneak into the gate. So he follows that protocol so he's at least with wherewithal for that year, and he knows I mean he's clearly looking at you guys on the corner and his ten April that is looking out he's not just looking at is looking at this particular woman, but but you don't see, MRS me, by six inches may be enough for me to to touch the truck to slap, decided the truck to yell. Stop it you just truck, a human being with vehicle, now you might say, and this this, this will shut separate. This show from the laughed and rest of media- you might say, that guy thought you or a bunch of lefties we're trying to outdo bad things to the border patrol. Even That's true. I hope he goes to jail. You don't do that either.
don't do that now. You say that you just think this is something that is showing how close they are just to stamping the pressure there under Glenn. You do such a great joggins too, on the show of disconnecting dots for America, you do an amazing jobs. If we just continue that threat connecting dots earlier a day and the day before have interviews with state, true person You have to remember notches, bore patrol we using State Trooper National Guard, Texas Guard this this is copy book the message on the border. Anybody you talk to Sir we are here to support the refugees and I say Son- is twenty five. No, you sign up for the? U S National guard for a different reason enough, sir we're here to support the refugees. Say, but they're, not refugees, sir we're here to support the refugees and what that says to me- and I look at this the permission that our law enforcement agents on the border are under because of the administration. The message and ended and the edict
and the mantra from the by an administration they're going to crack you're going to see this happen more more and more more we say border patrol agents commit suicide This is a result, I believe, of an unholy pressure on our law enforcement from the administration. Because can you imagine, every day after day, I'll show you kids being fished out of the river. If you see that as a border patrol agent- and you know, you're not deterring illegal, aggression that press gonna mount up? Something's gonna snap, but you are seeing charges against him? Yes, and so this is federal, so the district attorney is taking it. It's even in the attorney general of taxes is office. At the moment, the charges against him by the state, not even by us, is aggravated assault with a deadly weapon which is a felony and then second felony fleeing the scene of a crime theirs to be a civil suit by the women who were struck by the vehicle rightfully so, but there
a federal suit. Let's get even got to do with her, so he's he's in serious hot water at this moment, and he do. We know a thing about him and his record. Do I look? It's public knowledge is names, Roberta Doran, no reference to the boxer, but but an he's been with border patrol for a long time, the calm Bobby and what we know. No prior behaviour like this, which again tells me it's just- is the snapping disguises. having the he doesn't know us he's, never had any interacts. If he knows anything about us going, you know we all know these guys are with us fight for Algeria. The day before we delivered goods to border patrol physical ray sources right. So I think this so it's unfortunate. He has to. Of course he acted individual and will see whether the state feels that the pressure was he was. What does it matter still? He should still should pay for by a form of crime. I mean you know flu, the scheme is said, is also
It is bad as the first one I mean, you know too bad decisions. Yeah, you make a mistake, you dont flee the miss. You dont flee the scene and I think the peeling out of the tires intentional, yes, speak. Sir, speaks volumes. I also thank you for everything that you're doing. Let let me ask you one more question: when they filed this, I have heard that is Nine eyewitnesses nine eyewitnesses whose at sworn affidavits on site pity this very serious pity set. Where did himself from border patrol, because people can arrest them. That's gotta. Come from us as a whole is a debacle Fortunately gleam when that case was fine. By pity to the dutch to turn its office yesterday. They omitted to enter the witness reports or the video how How is that possible? Not amend its possible if it's done intentional? It's not in the case file. So now we had to go to the district attorney. Also
to fight the attorney general to say, look nine eyewitnesses signed, for David on site, none of its in the case file to problem. There's so much cover up at the border. Glenn this Much minutes, it's insane what's happening down their guy, who are working on the border. You can't just Let things fall where they fall, let the chips fall where they may, please. We but I believe most people in the union. states are with the border patrol. You start covering. You start doing anything like this. I know the pressure I know, but you ve got b on the up and up- and I am I right- They truly dont think I believe- and I know
ninety nine percent of our are border Patrol Archive Reno law enforcement officials, etc, etc. Are good guys, don't make excuse it is for the bad guys. Let that Ships fall where they may. We ve got to her somebody, we trust, and if you start doing stuff like this, you lose our trust and then, when we have what we have Yoko. Thank you. Much. Thank you. Thank you to keep us up to speed on on what happens.
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