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2020-09-17 | 🔗

A BLM co-founder has fiscally partnered with a Chinese group, and “The Plot to Change America” author Mike Gonzalez explains how she’s not even hiding it. Glenn reviews last night’s special on civil war and how the Obama administration’s “7 Pillars of Color Revolution," used to flip countries like Ukraine, are all playing out in America. Princeton University claimed that it is systemically racist, but math professor Sergiu Klainerman is fighting back.

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Hey punctures punctually at a great programme for you today we have Candice Owens. We spent about an hour with her talking about the world. What's coming the election little the little spine, Tingley, also something even more binding Lee, a guy who is former national security adviser, and he talk to us about the coming coup. Is he called it, but it is a color revolution, something that I'm gonna be covering on two nights: episode of Blaze, tv, probably the most important emphasis should I just have this feeling is like last call. This is really at last fall and something to be focusing on over the next few weeks. As we come up to the election because you need to know the truth, you will hear the truth and my challenge to social media on today's POD castle language. The programme way
That's. Why haven't? You has been a huge fan of yours? I'm very tickled think thank you very much, so my tell me How about I mean this. This People are going to deny and say this is not happening, but this is exactly why that's what I said on that chalkboard years ago, the all the enemies of Amerika, the anarchists, the communist, the Socialists, the Islamic. They will all band together to destroy America in the end we are seeing that's the vis is a great example. Tell me what's happening so, first of all on the naval, I quote them and make it a practice when to quota left. In my book to plot the change America, I quote: left sources like eighty four for the time they usually lay it. Allow. Yes, sometimes sometimes a heart departs, because they think that Use big words will not understand a right, but but but I quote them so they told
there's no misunderstanding here. I quote the website of the blacks features lab which is one of the many many adventures of sure Garza Alisha Garza he's the founder of Black Lifespan, the organ, the organisation that let us make this very clear from the beginning, the symptoms, of black lives matter, there's nothing wrong with it. We all agree with his sentiment black lives of do, of course. Indeed, it is the organizations themselves that are dead. Happy founded by by three women who are marching They see their marches further Treatin marxist Alisha Guard is probably mean one in the sense that she has. The greatest media profile to shit. What I call a global revolutionary network. That has actors
not only in the United States and Canada, but all over the world and one of one of her many asset is the global is back last matter global network, which is probably the main organization that she found it out and she she led it. She also had found it gathered together, the the the movement for black lives, and in these other acid, that she has the GDP the black futures lad. If you go to their website and you clicked it do, need if you're listeners right now go to their without the site of the black futures, latin click delete body. They will be instructed We need their money to the chinese people, massive association. So what is this EPA this EPA or on their website, says very clearly that that day did back futures?
is it easy fiscal project is a financial project of of Sea Ba and in what is it? What does be a do? Sepia from the beginning has been a partner the People's Republic of China, a pardon with them now in all events. And the country it pushes beating line it it from the beginning. It tried to save me. The key. The people's Republic of China was a good thing, isn't it Wait you right in the middle of the cultural Revolution by the courtroom, It is sixty six, seventy six sucks. She pays great and seventy two in the middle of the cultural revolution to took to push the wine of this should be the Chinese Communist Party and I can only wonder why we see today resembles so much the red card actions of the cultural revolution
So I want to read you know what he says is open. It up. Black features. Lap is fiscally sponsor part of the chinese people It was a I mean, I'm DR. I just went to the website, I'm reading it myself, Ba as a five or one c, three tax exempt organization. Tax identification number is this so it's important again futures, lab on their own website, is a fiscally sponsored project of the Chinese Progressive Association. It is, that's ok, I mean you can't get any more clear These are enemies of the state. You know, China has an interest. China's right right uncle. Undoubtedly, China is rival of the United States, China has, Interest in seeing was beat stabilized China. An interesting see made him in our streets. One thing: You said at the beginning that I want you to go back to
remark, which I think it's important. What we see right now is with with the demonstrations and the riots and in the whole mayhem it attempt to change every facet of America every facet. And they say it only cigar says she is she ate capitalism, chinese, replace capitalism to reopen about that they did movement for black lives says in its work, site. We are against capitalist. We wanna gone Eighty eight I visited input is not just an economic system that one did you want change? Every aspect I been too much to do. About two weeks ago. They ve Socrates done away with authorities, because because they are tied to oppression, I don't know how the gap there Columbia University. One of my matters has done. Play with the marching, then again oppression The universe is two players: man, they ve been.
They ve been a sore spot on racism for a long time, but they may go ahead. Chicago. A very serious go right have always admired numerous escargot echo, my daughter, try to go. There did just announced that the only going except with english apartment next year. People who want to study the black studies studies is a an offshoot of critical fury. Angela Davis explained to you She has been outlined very brief authorities, former black Panther, a member. The comments by the USA, You don't like America system. She calls black studies, the intellect arm of the revolution. It is we go along with all other ethics, that anything that says. Studies after it is is a problem which really is a meaning. You really better do your homework before you get into a glass if it says
studies as the last word in the class right right or fear. We have our theory very critical, grace theory correct. All these things are just that attempts at it with changing America right. MIKE. I thank you so much for your work on on this and so much more. Please. If you have more information on other other aspects, please. Let me know right away because exposing this is the first step of collapsing at just people knowing that lives matter is partnering with the. A pro chinese approach. Communist chinese group What are they doing? Welcome your? Are you register devote? What are they trying to do? Get people to go out and vote
Why would a communist want of vote welders couple reasons? Maybe they do want Joe Biden to win, but then If you understand black lives matter, you understand what the goal here is its about the election. It's about the violence that is coming around the election. Going to scream that it was falsified, that it was corrupt, that we don't have a legitimate president. The was Miss counted theyve, they ve taken votes and voters and they ve disenfranchise them. That's why important and there their leading up right now and saying that you can't trust the vote. While there are also saying we try something new mail in ballots, Why would you do that? would you do that? It just makes no sense. We had a per thinking gaps on America budgeting, you thinking, caps on
Thank you. So much will talk again. Thank you, you bet my gun, my gun, solace, senior fellow heritage Foundation and he's right above the plot to change America. This is a really great article that you to find the daily signal: dot com, this be a Lamb, CO, founder and pro communist China Grouper partnering up. But you can find it for yourself. Just go to blacks, black futures, lab dot. Org, do it now you take a screen shot of it before they change it, but just to find out all about it, but go to the big yellow button, donate and- look what it says this is be a lamb group features lab is fiscally sponsored by a project of the Chinese Progressive Association.
Not even hiding they don't care? The masks are off, they don't even care. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program and, don't forget rate us on Itunes. We all know that the intelligence community of the United States have pulled off coups. We also know that a violent revolution is something that nobody in America believes in Amerika we fight it out at the ballot box, not on the streets. I've shown you last night what is needed for a successful revolution to take place on my chalkboard. I said this is something that I have is a watch list that I have privately been watching since two thousand eight, I dont believe,
that, before the election of Donald Trump, they thought they were going to need to do anything drastic that the left actually thought a revolution was going to be needed, brought in all these revolutionaries? They brought in all the revolutionary thinkers they had everybody they needed in media education, even in the government in the deep state had the money they needed, the social media, that the only thing they needed was to go to the police peace and grab the military and then make the american people docile? So The bottom started rise up. They just they wouldn't say anything well. I think they had all of these things and then when they were shocked that Hillary Clinton didn't win. They knew everything that they had planned is now in danger. And Donald Trump is blowing all of it up
they could have gotten away with it and they would have fundamentally transformed us You know by now or the next election but dont, tromp one and they needed him out novels has been using the word revolution a lot lately and a better start taking them at their word, we're talking a bloody revolution. This is not hyperbole. I want you to listen to this. This is John Kerry. Formally are department of State our Secretary of State who help to deliver and planned these seven pillars of color revolution for other nations. I want you to listen to this. While you attending a panel this summer or I'm sorry. Now this summer The alliance of democracies listen, so we have major challenges. People don't have adequate access to the ballot
that's the stuff on which revolutions are bill came so Harry was addressing the question about the american system. Any through in this line. About look, I mean you know, revolution start on not having access to the ballot already. There he's signalling. That we're gonna have a ballot battle, coming up in in November. Then he goes on to say- and I am quoting if you begin to deny the capacity of your people and your democracy to work, even the founding fathers road in the declaration of independence, the constitution, that we have an inherent right to challenge that So now he saying that in Amerika we can challenge and we have a right to challenge which we do, but
Seniority ties it into next he's encouraged by something where encourages mayors this incredible. Land Haiti s reaction to Killing of George Floyd by those police officers has unleashed a torrent awareness, The people see this unfairness. Now it's, I think, becoming a voting issue Kay really. It was a voting issue when it was black lives matter. How is it a voting issue He is telegraphing, he knew what was going on in the streets and what was coming. It's not a voting issue. Even now, it's not a voting issue. Theirs trying to make it a voting issue. It will be in seven weeks, but what it on carry no, and when did he know it, and how did he find that encouraging the looting: the fires, the rioting, the death that encouraging and the
or into of awareness of voting, John Kerry knows exactly what he's doing here, because he has done it himself before he part of it during the Obama administration in twenty thirteen and twenty fourteen it wasn't here. It was in Russia and Ukraine they feel watching us on Blaze TV. I want to show you a photo. This is John Kerry strolling through Red Square in Moscow back and twenty thirteen interest. In time for him to be strolling around color revolutions were breaking out all over this photo was taken when Russia was at the tail end of their own called the snow or the White Revolution well how did that happen? Well, it was kicked off after a disputed election now. She's gonna sound, very familiar and a couple months. It was kicked
buy online online bloggers, who were suddenly very successful in Sammy at organizing massive protests using Facebook and social media, We heard that before. Oh, civil society and tech camps, in Ukraine, something we exposed on my television programme. That is a must watch now see if this also sounds familiar, afterwards, Russia immediately bands? U S! Hiv. And they kick out the George Soros Van Foundation. We showed you that what was happening in Ukraine and what really was going on with the State Department that Vindelin was trying to cover up that the after was trying to cover up? Was this association with George Soros, USA, Idee and the State Department
Well, Russia was onto it and they kicked us out. Now, I am not saying anything positive about Russia or Putin at all. I I think Putin is a cold blooded killer. But after knowing what we know about what the use o bomber state to pursue is doing with sorrels in Ukraine. I can understand why sorrels or why Putin was Loop pissed off at us, so let me go to that photo with John Kerry in Moscow If you can see this photo, there's a guy immediately to the right, He is the ambassador, the brand new ambassador to Russia at the time, Michael make fall here, Stanford Academic. That became the first non career diplomat to ever ascend to that post. Now he took office, just as the snow revolution was kicking off, and here's why the Russians were a little concerned after
rising in Moscow Mix. Oh gave an interview to a russian outlet. End explained how he was different than other diplomats, and I want to quote most of the specialist on Russia or diplomats, specialist insecurity, arms control or the russian culture. I None of those things I'm in expert on democracy and tidy detour, aerial movements and revolutions. We pointed that guy. Kind of an odd thing for a newly minted ambassador to say once arriving in a country that is just about to go into revolution. And similar on how the State Department in Ukraine was supporting the street advocates? If who, if you remember right, we also talked about all of this.
Ukraine. We showed how the State Department and our civil servants in our embassy were on the ground plying and giving support. To the revolutionaries, mic fall. All was holding secret meetings with protest organizers in the? U S, embassy in Moscow. He met with these people that work leading the revolution before he even met with Putin, said I'm pretty sure pretty sure that Putin had problem with him. In two thousand five make full wrote an academic paper. This is two thousand five on. What was needed for it. Successful, color revolution. So now we go and as a next step now John Kerry is by side with the ambassador right before they go into revolution.
They send him out to be the ambassador to Russia and then a revolution start, but he's not only an expert in revolutions he's one of the guys who outlined how you do it back in two thousand and five and he called, the seven pillars. And he said, for a color revolution to break out. You need these seven things so this is what became policy in the Obama administration. If we wanted to reject an elected leader and topple a country. And see if it sounds like the arab Spring, Sir, It sounds like all the things we now know. We're not quote spontaneous. That's the thing that really stuck out to me with Joe John Kerry, was the way he was saying these spontaneous these spontaneous groups are just standing there not spontaneous
We now know its historic proof. These were organised, they were not spot. Tat is now listen. Here they come and I'm gonna take him through. Take you through them one by one, but let me just give you all: seven first, This is the Obama administration Guide for rejecting an elected leader and toppling a country one. You have to have a semi autocratic rather than fully autocratic regime too, you need to have an unpopular incumbent unpopular Prime Minister president, or whatever three. You need a united and organised opposition for on a bill, Needed quickly drive home the point that voting results were falsified,
five enough, independent media to inform citizens about a falsified vote. Six up, medical opposition capable of mobilizing tens of thousands or more demonstrators to protest electoral fraud. And seven divisions among the regimes, coercive forces. That would be me, Terry and the police. All of these pillars were present in Georgia in two thousand three, the government was, bold. They president again in the Ukraine in two thousand fourteen. The government came down, they I they were present in Russia and twenty thirteen, but it failed probable. Because they didn't have a semi autocratic. Rather, a fully autocratic regime. Putin has control of that state, but they
think they have the components ready for us now and they are securing a color revolution, now. I welcome well Anyone to tell me with facts. Where I'm wrong, I explain it with facts, just a second, I started to explain it last night with facts at he's tv dot com. If I'm right, we have seven weeks We have seven weeks to the word out and to prepare You cannot strike out. I do I don't have to say this to you, but there are going to be people who are so called on the right The NEO Nazis that want the end of the constitution just as much as these marxist do
That is not the right wing of America. That is the right wing of Europe. We are different, the right believes in freedom and justice for all. Those people are going to strike out and all the press needs in all the all. The. U n needs to come in and make sure that these things for our core, these crazy things, a stop. The only thing they need to silence voices like mine. That will tell you. The truth is is violence on the street. From the other side, it important that you'd play no role in chaos and am not just talking about violence. You must know these facts and have the proof we have them all we're. Releasing everything. But you need to know, we'll go into these seven pillars and just a second.
First, our sponsored by the way The administration is on this and trust the administration frost asked the attorney general bar. And knows this is well. He signal that last night. I think on Fox NEWS or was early this morning. He signalled that he knows and they are not. They are now saying that they will start to treating these people the way they should and they are. He said to the agency's start Charging these people with sedition, so they are on it, you just need a prey like you, VE, never prayed before and learn as fast as the best of the best that programme I am. I am anxious to talk to Princeton, universities, mathematics, professor
you clean urban. He is somebody who wrote an article news. We Prince President, is wrong. The use of university is not systematically racist, they just ass. Some simple questions that I think are worth pondering For the entire country- and he is with us now, sir- do professor how're, you, Sir you re much thanks. I was, but you know I wondered where you got the backbone to become a pariah in the university system by saying these things, and then I read your bile this morning you were born in Romania. And you had your undergraduate degree in Bucharest in eighteen. Seventy three, and did you come here? How old were you, though? I was twenty five that utility you were thirty. Five to thirty If I'm ok,
and so does any of this play into the fact that you ve seen this stuff first hand absolutely, and creepy studying how were these things? Cyprus, the same when the kind of people that are in the bureau. If you today a clap, pushing things that the US familiar to me, it's pretty funny, I'm afraid don't change our ways pretty soon. Do you see us going? The way of hungary and and other nations that have fallen to this before I used to think that these impossibly no states and am now let's George Batch impossible. It is pretty funny what I said. Academia idea in the
as is the cushions. I mean right now, you see they smoke movement. Infecting large businesses. So it is everywhere. And it is the is the main ingredient or the main toxin of this movement, the critical race theory or what? What do you see as the critical ingredients lights up? It your ideologically that's what it is it getting a it occurred to you. It's built up. It has been built up on some duration of market he's got a pretty good fairy rise versions of it, but to get away Harry. Now they want his master most influence in academia and also go so now you stating businesses, which is beginning to a large corporations
everybody worse, so you rode a you wrote an Ipad that went into Newsweek talking the President of Princeton and how wrong wrongly, was when he, in July on July. Fourth believe it or not, that Princeton has systematic racism problems and, so you had no go ahead: yeah Benny. They aren't you for those, a group of faculty members of the fact that your Princeton, who an open letter to heat, as the administration asking calls are good things. Forty eight measures that they want to drink that man, they all centred around from the fact that the Mai These blocks, in fact, not enough money, not represented a painting.
And that drink then he'd rating and at that summit has to be noticed. Anything they d, don't call racist anymore. They called, if he's gonna glaciers, which to me can't much worse if adequate each day away to the handicapped. They get very little data. Be clever. The president, the answer back. Sometime luggage, late August, back and conceded the fact that the new university, either eighty cell He's got me greatly that country's racing rightly that something has to be done, and he details some Some may say that he seems to be taken and in much less than what the right course the one thing but still accepting that families of that letter, which is a date I believe that it is wasting socially unacceptable.
One of the fact that it's not true one of the things that I hear from people they say. Well, you have to admit white people have had you know an easier time than black people or etc, etc. But What they fail to recognize is the solution to any of that is locked with Martin Luther King idea. That judge me by the content of my character and merit They don't seem to recognise that solution the directive must be rejected and then they are rightly rejected. Reject it as being raised is the help which is pretty amazing, so yeah according to them. This is also raises If you make the kind of considerations based on very bad, you should not look the color of clean? They also right it's what treaty You say you see: Son
say today, you in prison. You have over sixty five administrators dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion. You write if implemented how many, how many more administrators are going to be needed, I told my boy that that's what We don T make is that the coding to what the picture is very complicated and that obviously the whole thing, all, the practical comes from one minority act with Shire black traffic Are you gonna make it who are these days an issue but the under representation at Facebook, but come out it wanted.
When you go particularly, what did I do you get around it. Do you have to come up with solutions which will accept in principle that people should be judged by according to their need that, according to the percentage, you represent the nobody gonna peoples, which is exactly the that's exactly what we divorced ourselves from late. Princeton even had a quota on how many Jews could go there. How many Catholics good, go there I mean we. We we spent decades trying to get it to where it was just based on your merit and, quite honestly in me, cases, white people lose two Asians, for example, If you look at the development that, according to which a treaty that thought mustn't, I've got nothing the country and probably in the world, the number of white paper.
You're serious because I don't believe you For people from all over any other method of color, you back people, because he had the collar people from India on your computer, colored according to get out of this I mean I hate the kind of thing just anyway, but what you are coloured view that but he thought- maybe you know mainly from all over the world, could be noted that somehow we always it is ridiculous. Professor What what has the response? Ben too? Your stop. I got a letter to my surprise. I cannot expect. I hope, if you actually, this is this: is it the force in a city
I studied let's, I never got anything like the elevation. I write mathematics paper right, technical though this was the first time in July that ethical today, really worried about what's going on, and I thought it right to hit a false one dialogue. I only got positive reform here tonight it brought a while that I got I got my man was positive. And the other. People cause they somehow don't do this to me is it means that come out of this terrible disease, that we see a movie. Weakness has taught me that issue pushing back you're, outta, the bushes I can't let you had more courage to push back again.
And now I want to bring it just one name, because people market market story of jasper, all their other, Conversely, I don't know if I thought he'd know collecting data The political priorities of combat college, who I thought that you, everybody that in the college was supposed to take this, indoctrination course never forget, Any good at issue here was thought He has still to be terminated the steel you'd, if you stood on his position and in the end you want you want with. It, helps like the one that has bought a group of other things. Well organised around what we call this,
Then they treat him a lot celebrate. This allows it still has not yet started effectively, but nevertheless we took them. At this point, find it in the hands of the girl. No able to highlight a few lawyer. Let us wait until the leader of the aid. In the end, they gave up don't give up the love, which is maybe an angel. I am thrilled to hear that there is somebody who is standing up and I can't wait until you're really ready to push out and be truly effective on a grand scale. Voices like yours and his and what you're doing is so important. And I I thank you for the courage to speak out. I'm sorry that I e that it had to be somebody from Romania whose just seen it before, because
That's the kind of thing that makes it very possible implausible that it could happen in Amerika if a man- chickens, Born here continue to have the arrogance that it could never happen here. Professor, Thank you very much, Sir Sir. You climate is a professor of mathematics at Princeton Universes
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