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The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway joins to share her latest article, “Yes, Biden Is Hiding His Plan to Rig the 2022 Midterm Elections.” Groundbreaking news from the Supreme Court: Roe v. Wade has officially been overturned. Opinion editor for Newsweek Josh Hammer joins to dissect the monumental overturn of Roe v. Wade. 

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This episode is brought to you by the keeping kid safe by from safeguards. Your child, while in the water to safety measures in the home at school and even online keeping kid safe, is upon cast by parents for parents and shares the tools. Parents need to keep the little one safe and themselves sane featuring experts, lively conversation and- real life stories. It's your number one resource for your child's emotional, physical and social, well, being fine keeping kid safe on spotify or wherever you get. Your pack casts his podcast took a surprising turn. We were not expecting roe, vs wade to be overturned today, expecting it last week in the middle of a an interview, and things went wildly wrong with the interview and wild really right with the supreme court. We had a decision to come up
it was a kick out a little luxury for a few minutes, because the person felt we were colluding. I guess with the supreme court, try to make him look bad, but it is a great day of hope. All of your coverage on roe vs wade and the overturning historic moment
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I don't know a single american personally. I dont know single american that actually is not involved deeply in Washington DC. That doesn't want. Free and fair elections that doesn't want every ballot to be counted and wants to make sure There is no monkey business going on and that we can count on our elections every american- I don't care who you voted for, I think, wants that. but my darling, anybody washing and really wants that, especially the Democrats. They are already setting up that the elections going to be stolen. You can't trust it, and now the problems of the voting machines they're doing the same thing they always do, but there are doing something else.
Remember the key to understanding this administration is administration, He is a administrator. That's it all of the agencies are being pushed. to the limit to Take away as many as many rights from you as possible and make the system work in a completely different way. then, constitutionally molly Hemingway's written a great article came out yesterday. Biden is hiding, is planned to rig the twenty twenty two mid term elections MA is joining us now help oh molly, it's great to be here with you, it's great to have done so this is their doing this and every agency, and this one you ve, tried to look into, and their hiding everything that they're doing and you take us from the beginning and then show us what they're doing here
So, in march of twenty twenty one, just a few weeks after president Biden took office, he issued next get a border saying that all six hundred federal agencies had to come up with a plan to expand voting now people were immediately alarmed because the constitution does not give the executive branch authority over our election system that reserved for the state there a very tiny role for hunger, and so the executive branch had not given that authority, and then people are the worried, because expanding voting is inherently political act. You know it's mobilizing. Voters is a political act, and so the bureaucracy should not be involved with it. So people- to know what are these plans gonna? Be everyone had two hundred days in the plan to susan rice
the way you know one of the most political people out there for approval and people started asking what the plans were and they have been dead, practically nothing to return those plans, ever since then, ok, so I want to make sure people understand that is six hundred the federal federal agencies, six hundred head two hundred days to show how we're going to expand citizens. Opportunities too, I just heard a vote and absurd, information about participate in the election oh process, they had until march seventh, twenty twenty one. You I find anything about what s One of those six hundred agencies turned in and congress. we have been asking for it. You ve had the ranking member of every committee in the house asking for the information you ve had them expressing concerns congressional committees. Good government groups outside citys
you're doing boy a request and they just can't get anything, and that seems to be that what they are doing is trying to flow it until well after the election. In one case they said they would respond to the lawyer by may of twenty twenty four, and so it is really difficult to get information which makes it difficult, to even know what's going on, and I just want to be clear. These are inherently political act that too who you reach out to and to mobilise, get out the boat operations. That's what political parties do its particularly dangerous, because we're talking about federal agencies that handout benefit, and so people are told, hey we, really use. You boating, MR persson, whose getting this federal benefit you can see why that would be viewed as proper and unethical compulsion regarding boating if something that is very dangerous and which we have previously had strict was again
tell me, what's happening with the centres for medicare medicaid. We their voter turn out the department of labour. What are they doing? Department Education right to each of them are choosing to respond to this executive order in different ways, and we are getting these indications that their complying with this executive order, even if their refusing to say what exactly there wing but you're, seeing these public facing things where they'll say that they're turning their their health centres in to vote boat places, you know where their focusing their efforts that should be focused on. Job training. You know during a labor crisis on get out the vote, operations at department of education, centers or the federal work study program, which is part of the department of education had previously said. Of course, you can't use federal work study m
monies to engage in electioneering or election activity, and now they're thing you can use these monies to help run. Get if the boat operations- and I just think it's important to remember the context here too- is that we just had this election in two thousand and twenty, where we had mark Zuckerberg finance, the widespread takeover of government, election offices with partisan left, leaning activists and they re on get out the boat operation, the blue areas of swing states. So the context here is really troubling too, because we just saw in two thousand and twenty how this type of operation can have severely partisan a repercussion and why people should be on guard if they want to trust their elections and if they want to have confidence in their election molly. What do we do? We have no press that will do it, the congress,
do not getting responded to the justice depart, Is absolutely corrupt. What do we do so? I do think that raising an outcry over the refusal to find out information is key and there are lawsuits that are ongoing. Two groups have sued to get the information. These agencies are who eerily in violation of federal law and to fully. We would have enough pressure that those losses can be responded to as soon as possible so that the public can know what's going on and people should not despair. I mean fighting over election administration is something that has been going on in this country for centuries and despair is not an appropriate response. because you know you had even a few decades ago the democrat party had disenfranchised like an entire race. People in the south and people didn't despair. They just fought to make sure that the voting system was fair, and so I think the most important thing people can do is get involved.
local level find out. What's going on in how elections are administered in your state and make sure are being done properly and that there are no shenanigans going on and you're not gonna, be able no, that unless your deeply involved in the process so start now we have wide. Bread, male invalidating and election season, so that its not just election day, which is frankly who and republicans go boat, its those two months price. or or even many years prior, where their setting up the system, by which everyone this voting or by which the system is so in secure that it can be exploited, and you really happen- just find out what the rules are in your area, find out. What's going on and get involved, do election observation, research and everybody should do that if they care about the republic, because if we don't have elections we can trust. You know you don't know how a country, but don't you know it's not the end of the world. It is required people to get involved and pay attention.
so molly it's it's really interesting to me, because I look at the things that they do and am like who has to, for this, but you Have time if you think that you should be in charge of everything and everybody That is their full time, job to figure out ways to control everything. The can Serve is we have just been in o asleep at the switch were like nigher buddy thinks like this. Now they don't know they too haunters theirs We fifteen percent are very, very active americans that are intent on take the republic and destroying it. We tat if we just have to wake up and start realising its really our fault that this is happening, because we ve just been expecting somebody else to take care of it for us. So I wrote a book on the twenty twenty election com read how the media, big tech and democrats seized our election, and I go through all sorts of
ngos, including that mark Zuckerberg operation, that with a four hundred and fifty million dollar operation. It was more than anyone had ever conceived of spending on something to take over the the government administration of elections. But that is what I worry about the fellow, government? You know they spend four hundred and fifty million dollars in a blink of an eye. They have so much money to throw at this It is really worrisome and the constant mission does not have the right that congress had not authorize it, and yet there are still doing it, but you're absolutely right that a lot of people have just been sleep and not thinking about election integrity for decades. But in my book I actually tell the story, about how there was this court ordered that kept republicans from doing any election day. oversight for nearly forty years. I couldn't believe but when I bring mind about it, but in the seventies, a judge in new jersey put them under a consent to create
It couldn't get involved in any litigation election day litigation and for nearly forty years they were kept under this. It took the joy dying and being replaced by an obama appointed judge. Who said this is ridiculous, like let the republicans out it was so sensitive that during Twenty twenty or twenty sixteen election sean spacer was on the wall. the floor of trump tower and the almost kept them under their content agree for another few years. Like me, If he was, you know he was he's supposed to be on the floor, for instead of floor five and that's how sensitive it was, and it kept republicans from really focusing on this very long time, but there can of liberated now, and so they are doing much more to do election day oversight and are there many more resources and play now real, quick it's on supreme court and what's coming here again to morrow today in just a few minutes,. I think everyone, but there are so many
Decisions in yesterday's decision was a huge victory for the constitution, and it really does speak to the importance of having solid. Originally judges are justices the court, everyone's of course anxious for the dogs to sit in the abortion related decision and a lot of people bought. It should now only earlier, because of these death threats, that her joy is her faithful. So hopefully it well come out this week or next week, but it's been, I think, an overall pretty good term for people who care about the constitution I think it's been very good molly great to have you on. Thank you so much. Thank you take care. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program, and we really want to thank you for listening. What has happened with the dobbs case? we have rovers, is weighed overruled as well
casey. Oh, my gosh I dont think I ever thought. I would see this day to be honest with you, but it's too good day. I've talked about this, we have been together for twenty. Five years and we both said never in our lifetime. With this happen, no, I didn't, I owe my gosh, Its being, why please here the voice of your people. We are true, two men our ways we are, We are sorry it has taken us this long, but please cure your people please Forgive us for what we have done. My gosh.
Is the ruling? Does it look to be the same as, the original, a ruling I'm just going through it now it does seem to be a six three decision. Which is in keeping with result. of whether roberts would would would come on board for this. Looks like he has sown. Does he we six three decision. Just let that sink in america, what ruth Bader Ginsburg said: Ruth Bader Ginsburg
I said that this is this was unjustly and But decided rovers is weighed sheep it was flawed and it was the idea that abortion is covered in the constitution is not true. It is just as it is Not true and everything that is not in the constitution, does it make it on. Constitutional. It just means it goes to the states to decide that
is the law of the land and has been forever even justice. Ginsburg said that the relevant portion here, the and now the opinion we end this opinion where we began. Abortion presents a profound moral question. The constitution does not prohibit the citizens of each state for regulating or prohibiting abortion. rowan casey irrigated that authority. We now overruled those decisions and return that authority to the people and their elected representatives. The judgment of the fifth circuit is reversed, the cases reminded for further proceedings consistent with this opinion, it is so ordered, ok, we place our producers need to be watching the white house and all others who were going to come out in the statement.
This means janes. Revenge is going to be at least what they say, is there going to be lighting cities on fire tonight? I'm I'm prayerful, but that doesn't happen, but I wouldn t it the media is going to stir things up like there is no tomorrow we can. We can begged the lord for peace and protection on all sides in. I think it some I think it is so important to know that we have to be on guy side because he's not picking sides. He doesn't.
He loves all of his children, equally and we just try to do what he wants us to do so pray for all of those who are terrified about what this means that all those who are I misguided and pray for, peace, to wash over us. I doubt, but I'm not gonna. I have no idea what the lord, why whatever the lord wants will will will deal with it are. I would you make sure that we have talked to leave its office in if we can will do it at the bar in the hour by my apologies to him. I don't mean to be rude, but Sorry, I'm really! I hope I hope we can. All railway ice is local race over over the dobbs decision. Glenn. I don't understand why you didn't do that as really route of you welcome
him off in the middle of that in what what could you possibly be talking about only a hundred of tens of millions of children, potentially the road to living instead of not being alive, and but I I want to make sure he gets his words in here, because I know that was a high priority to him. So, let's get back to him as soon as possible glad he prioritized that it's really import moment for him to make that personal argument and am glad he made it. I don't care, can we get them away? I'm sorry, but we don't have another. We don't have a break long enough to do we can we get analysis on. At this hour, because if we get analysis on this hour, if they have time to read it get analyses on and then move David to next hour. If we can't get analysis because they haven't had time to read it yet, then let's go I'm sorry, I'm just shocked that this came out. We were just having this conversation before we went on the air and Stu said what
gonna to do if the dobbs case comes out, and I said it's not going to come out and he said, but if it comes out- and I said it's not going to come out- but if it does, we have to take that and- and so I'm just shocked, because I did not expect that to happen. Yeah glenn garner a one on one excerpt here and from the ruling. We do not pretend to know how our political system or society will respond to today's decision, overruling rovers at roe and casey, and even if, could foresee what will happen. We would have no the authority to let that knowledge influence our decision gosh. If it's not the central problem with the supreme court so often so glad they pointed that out can only do our job, which is to interpret the law, apply, longstanding principles of stardust isis and decide this case accordingly. We therefore hold that the constitution does not confer a right to abortion period. rowan casey must be overruled. The authority
regulate. Abortion must be returned to the people and their elected representatives. It is the best of times it is the worst of times. we're gonna, see miracles in our lifetime, and I think we just saw one the court rights the president's should be respected, but sometimes the court airs and occasionally the core issues, an important decision that is egregiously wrong when that and started decisive is not a straitjacket. This is something of course. We ve been arguing for decades. And seemingly is obvious, as you point out, or mainly through even ruth bitter ginsburg, supported this at one point in her career, many liberal in oak court, why others feel the same way. This is not a this is not a conservative there's, there's a lot of action for conservatives on the pro life side of this and There is very little appetite for that on. The left, however, there is appetite for this being a terrible law
grievously made grievously. Poor decision made in rovers wade was initially but decided and so the left has been on in on this on board with this, not to say shouldn't have abortion which would gain. This is not what this does and it's important to remember that overturned. overseas wade does, very little to stop abortion in this country. It's it's a v Important first won't, but it will add, is why do you want to get an abortion in his country will still be able to get them is theirs. So why the In the end we ve talked about some of these organizations. We ve worked with so important. It's about still changing hearts and minds. This will not do on its own, but it is an important step, so. Do you remember when I was at first acts? And I was talking about why it was so important. To be good, be steady, don't fight back the way they want you to fight back, because
luther. King was right when you put good, mrs evil side by side with the american people will know, and they will recognize it and they will see it Lot of americans have been duped and a lot of americans it's very, very difficult. You learn this from the history of germany and other places once you decide and You ve gone so far and mentally down the road. It takes a huge amount of courage to say, holy cow? I I was wrong about this switch sides, but I think you're going to sea states. California new york? They are going to become abortion. Mills therein abortion vacations. They are going to push the limits as far as they're gonna say even up to the state, You will see you will see laws in some states that say after
baby is born. You can kill it, they ve done it already in Chicago. They ve done it legally in chicago they. They talked about it in Virginia going to do it in new york they're going to do it in California. Believe me: and this will be the place where I think a lot of americans will have to decide in cash I live in a state like that. Can I can I be part of that this is so far. This will become so far over the edge that Most americans will be applied called by what is happening even though. who believe that the europe know that they want to have reasonable limits to abortion
They will not find it reasonable what these deaths states. You are listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program. The Josh hamer is the opinion editor of newsweek. He is the host of the Josh hamer show he is really quite brilliant one of the leading minds in the conservative movement. I think Josh hammer joins us now too. Tell us. What did you? What did you find in this decision Where'd you back with you such a momentous, then millions emotion. Really powerful day honestly, so
but you know how, as you said it did this dropped recently fight. I ashworth in the middle of getting a guess. Lecture portal for organization him on the advisory board have what it dropped. So I barely at any time to kind of skin. Your let alone get the concurrent dissenting opinions, but it looks like this looks very similar to the draft opinion that was leaked by the way it goes a month and a half ago in early may, and I think those of us who were praying that be five justice from this week. Majority opinion would have before the two to stiffen their spying against this unprecedented assault. Now know that our power, as ransford Glenn naturally might take way right now. This looks a lot like the least opinion does is thomas didn't just as Cavanaugh have absent concurring opinions, but unbelief and it s really just a holding aside the constitutional locked up for a second year to speaking it pro lifers
a day like today, I think we really give me the pies and I tweeted this outer earlier. We need to just be grateful for the are half century. A pro life activist forebears, who You know this gladness issue could have gone away after after nineteen. Seventy three had not without a long time ago. Nine. Seventy three I mean this issue would have just gone away. We owe- tremendous debt of gratitude to be pro life, moral activists, political act with, of course. Yes, the legal activists who fight day in and day out to make sure that this grave injustice stayed front and center of our national political conscience and many day today is the culmination of a half century of fighting for truth and justice, but in many ways is also a new beginning for the pro life fight as well interesting, how do you mean a new beginning for the fight? I think it's gonna turn I think we're gonna see abortion turn even darker in the
states that allow it is that visit. Would you meaning by this well looked right perhaps century now, rovers is weighed and its progeny, specifically the clan paranoid versus casey case. It might not be too they took away the states? Obviously, the aggregated authority, away from the states the ability to attempt to nationally codify one view of bee morale, the abortion. It happened. It happened to be a profoundly immoral view, so me sidney I now ships to the states and the pro life events in all. Look at these states, especially obviously, and rights Dave we'll stay mean immediately. Some blue state, like new york in california, progress, be able to touch on there, but we have make sure that our side is well positioned in this day capitals for every will her polish and probably even light blue state,
make sure that we fight for successful, cogent and morally consistent pro life legislation that the state of Oklahoma, actually, Just north of taxes were now. You are like, maybe maybe leading on this. Actually governor com instead find into law. If it has the pro life bill there, Oklahoma three weeks ago, maybe a month ago or so at this point that basically just bad abortion straightforward from option- and there are some obviously like the mother exceptions and so forth, but we really need to start thinking about trade craft legislation now at at the state level, but to your point- yes, I I do fear, of course, that blue states won't be doubled down and in their radicalism, and unfortunately, probably only gonna led to an ever greater divide in our country than we currently have today, but obviously beard we're going to save the other day. You were gonna save millions and millions of unborn children. We we are going to save. She may be
if you can grow up to cure cancer, who can win nobel prizes, I need this. This is a just. A tremendous win for the human species are willing to pay at the map. I tell you. I saw the staff that term it was last year the year before, twenty percent of all pregnancies ended in abortion. Twenty percent That is better a king number, and and we do have our our work cut out for us, because I I think These states are going to double down, but I think you know, god doesn't waste anything you know, there is no waste with god. Even the even them the worst things that could possibly happen, turn out to be something good. You know if you like, the cow. How did that just happen in and think that
evil is going to fully come on mast. I'm am I Josh around you feel about this. I think this could be it the day of over. America's crystal luck. I see these pro life centres being burned to the ground day there. calling for a night of rage around the country. I mean I think, evil is going to show itself and that'll scare the american people hopefully I've been thinking about this a lot it's we actually could. I I've been pressing for a kind of a new george floyd summer of love, kind of thing happening this summer. Coming to a city or suburb near you. Unfortunately, myself look, I live in florida. Lenity live in taxes it they eat It is a moment like this, where I do think where you live matters who'd or mayor raised earlier governor. It matters because
law and order, and you rioting and anarchy, is not really. federal issue. I mean in any needed to a limited extent. I mean in june point twenty I'm calling about this out there. That would break controversial. The time I haven't you agree with they were, he said: couldn't quotes in the troops be aware- and there is some federal legislation from the reconstruction era that would justify that body. Most kind of well in quashing of anarchy does happen, costume speaking up at the state and local levels, up at a moment like that were I fear that you are probably not wrong. I I some solace that governs said this is my governor. I think tensions nor should take some solace that they are represented by buying. republican governor and state legislature there as well so I I fear that You are right. I pray, obviously that no one is held. Die me. I fear, though, that daddy get something done that something bad.
happening and are at the end the day. Of course, that does not mean the justices cannot do what they are supposed to do. So, thank god they did that. So Josh have you looked in to what the the white house has been saying the white house. Yesterday fact I think we have a clip of of of this. What the white house said yesterday about the guns, and then they were turned to the earth leaf Scotus ruling four rovers wade. We have that place, will accept this decision as legitimate, even if he disagrees with it. I think, what's going to come from the supreme court, so it's going to be a decision that we're certainly are going to respond to. So I leave it at me. This is just like any other supreme court decision, just like the one that they did today on. Unkind they whitehouse won't say that there are going to accept it, which I don't think they will there talking now about taking down
tourists in moving them into places like Oklahoma, texas, where abortions will be outlawed putting doctors on our military bases to perform abortions. I mean where? Where does this go? When you have a government that is in defiance of of one branch of the government. So there's a lot to a back here, so we should start from first principles and the idea of judicial supremacy, and they say that this is a peculiar thing to say on a day like today, where such a pro life victory has happened. Admittedly, but if we're going to be intellectually consistent here the idea of a judicial supremacy, the idea that the justice is heavy sole and exclusive ability to interpret the constitution. shit for themselves, in no other constitutional actor in one article to let alone the state has the ability to independently interpreted
that is a road. Yes, in fact, actually was really Abraham lincoln, actually who, in the dread scott case, famously opposed judicial supremacy and included the dread. Scott ruling of these that pertain to every one other than direct scott himself. So I have actually argued argued a formal legal scholarship and article actually that that the corny in view of how each branch of carbon should interpret the constitution for itself in its own abbot is correct. Having said that, having said that, there is a thing called prudence and there's a thing called comedy: and any in a moment like today wedding, It really does. Look like. I agree with you that we are now bracing for rights through the streets when the political rhetoric is adapt cod one when people are trying to it fascinates creek or justice. It. I think you be a at a bare minimum, a profoundly imprudent act for the four,
the the administration to try to undermine this ruling now, but they might do they they might try to kind of issue some kind of olympic the orders or issue some regulations that my tribe, the kind of undermining at the edges here, but at the end of the day, the idea that this returns to the states there not really a whole lot. They can do about that. I mean basically at this point the bread stated, the country, Kentucky west virginia kansas whatever, if they go ahead and ban abortion working to bind administration literally. Do about that me short of sending in the national guard to protect plan parenthood. If the state legislature kentucky goes ahead in bad, it is really not a whole what they can do. Very difficult to envision a world emitted by demonstration, literally sending troops to read state to protect. And parenthood if that they legislature goes ahead in bad, it's practically speaking. This is like a lot of talk, talk and rhetoric that,
see the campaign year and twenty twenty two, so there's really not a whole lot, but practically speaking, they can do to actually prevent red and purple states from a nasty pro life legislation and I'm glad do glad to hear that. I know that they have been working on things mean he is said, you know, there's executive orders so that I can employ their things can do. He's talked about a national public health emergency, which I think has just been crazy. I would hope that the president would come out today and say we strongly disagree with this and you are right, the the core it is not the end all, but the court did not end abortion. It just said that people should decide. I think that's the best kind of court ruling on any of it. The people should decide what this is and send it back to the states Josh. I
thank you very much appreciate your time. was there was another ruling that came out today was important, will no, I mean it you're, embarrassing to be called total. Nothing burger was like a five four decision on something medicare reimbursement related so to have to on foot great. Thank you much appreciated Josh Josh hammer opinion either for news weak and the host the Josh hammer show
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