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2020-01-15 | 🔗
CNN hammered Bernie Sanders last night for allegedly saying that a woman couldn’t win the 2020 race! Comedian Nick Di Paolo joins to find the humor in all the chaos. And 2020 candidate Tom Steyer might just be a bobble-headed white guy. Space Weather News founder Ben Davidson joins to shed light on where the worldwide chaotic weather is coming from.

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Hey it's a great show. Welcome to the Glinda programme today, really really great show to talk to you a little bit about health care and while the republic they get the democratic nonsense about healthcare, we shouldn't even be considering right now, two worlds, change and I'll. Tell you about that. Also Joe Biden he's on the he's on the Bose and he's on the charge of the caliphate, but that's not exactly how he pronounces it. The guy is clueless. Nick Depalo is with us. We go over what's happening in Russia. Some big news out of Russia today to hacking in Russia will give you a hint on what's coming up on our next special on Ukraine, and I think it's what the Russians were looking for in Ukraine and you happen to have it, and will tell you a little bit about that. Also. Last night's debate with a Democrat to listen to me all the details,
You only thinking, just a quick update. Thank you for all of your prayers. Mary got out of surgery, she's my eldest daughter. She has said policy and has is wrong, Billy. Had her own life turned upside down from epileptic seizures the people at you. T medical center are amazing probably the eye of I'm Emily and I talked about it- I think action This may be the reason we move to tell us. You know we ve weave, kind of wondered and we ve put all bunch of different things into bad, and I think
maybe this is the leading area for epilepsy, perhaps in the world, and what best doctors happens to be the her doctor, her surgeon. It was amazing- and I want to tell you about the miracles- that we saw that that's its truly Archibald, but I want to tie it in to news of the day because some of us that we're talking about is nonsense because of the miracles of technology that are coming our way quickly. So. If you read CNN or anybody else, they down play Bernie Sanders and the Elizabeth WAR and fight, because there now sending signals can we can we stop this? Stop this fight
because they don't want to eat their own, but this is what happens at this point. You gotta eat your own. Wharton were in wooden, shake Bernie Sanders hand, blah blah blah blah blah. I don't really care about really any of that. I don't think. The american people care about that, if he said you know, A woman can't win he's just wrong. Just wrong. It has to be the right person, but Didn't sleep it at a warrant, visage just trying to take shots. Adam I mean He. What he probably said is what I think he explained last night, which was oh, that that Donald Trump is gonna, take cheap shots at women and it's gonna make it difficult like that's it standard line of thought, I knew no one on may have thought a what can't win because he's gonna swing hard and they won't be able to swing hard back or whatever his. This theory is if he even said that
but that's the same as Buddha Judge CARE win. But a judge will be able to win. Because he is a perceived as Anti Christian in some groups here, also homosexual, which is not cool with the american group, He's too young to an experience whatever so in its so it's a political calculation. It's not an anti woman thing rights, ridiculous that they're going through, but I did want to play only one part of this x and that is the CNN and in saying this I've never heard anything like it. So she asks Bernie Sanders, Did you say that he says so loosely not. I did not, and you can find all these key. Save me saying things about women and now what I possibly say that Hilary
Clinton one, the popular vote, so how that I possibly have said that then listen to the follow up after he says that she follows up with Elizabeth, worn listeners. You wanna be here you're, saying that you never told Senator Warren that a woman could not win the elections. There is growth, Senator Warren. What did you think Senator Sandra Centres told you a woman could not when the election, I do she's dying on real. This is what usually happens to a conservative. This the way they can, they treat conservatives, no matter what we say. It is their way you'll never be able to prove it. Otherwise, whatever you intent was whatever you really meant? What it does? matter to them, I have not seen them, do it to a democratic socialist, but
that's one of the most remarkable moments from a reporter. That tells you everything you need to know about the press today. Yet because you can ask that question in a difficult way too both of them and their right, and that is the way it should be right. You could say to Bernie like hey why'd, you say this and then you could say to her. He says he told me he didn't even say that rightly saying you did exactly that's totally fair way of asking. That is what a journalist is supposed to do. They decided but she was telling the truth. This individual decided that she was telling the truth. Instead of putting them both under the heat lamp and making them swagger, and let the american people decide which ones telling the truth now part of this is the initial story that Bernie This is a CNN report, Now the Washington Post has witnesses and end sources. That say, Bernie didn't, say: so
now, if they're just trying to give their own report credibility or what, but that was an embarrassing moment I mean You cannot ask that question was completely unfair. The audience laughed at it laughed at it. And its partially it could be that they believe Bernie Sanders can't beat Donald Trump and was with worn KEN I don't see how we believe that in watching her performances, I am not impressed at all. I shouldn't think she's. Custom built to be defeated by Donald Trump. Look: here's what we are now here's, what we're fighting and- and I know this first hand out I'll- tell you a story later But what were fighting is people that our burned all the news- and I hear this from everybody. My friends me me. I don't. I can't consume the news on and on cable television, immoral ways do cat is as to frustrating its. I know what everybody's going to say. It's
its lies, manipulation and spin, and it's coming from everywhere, and I know enough of the facts to join. Go. Oh my god, I can't you, you have got to be. Every time I turn on the tv within forty five seconds. I am saying you have got to be kidding me because I know the facts. Most Americans don't know the facts, so they at their news from the, places in sound bites. In headlines not even the stories just headlines. They ve it up their mind that Donald Trump is a monster, so it does matter, who's running against him, You ve got a large number of people that without me basis other than Donald Trump, not being helpful in this department, Who just believe that he's out of control and unstable
and they want em out. So it doesn't matter if its Bernie Sanders or its PETE Buddha judge he'll get a man here. Get forty eight percent, whoever it is. Elizabeth WAR and Bernie Sanders the Anti Christ we'll get about forty four. He took forty eight percent guarantee We were not going to change their minds, there's not gonna. Do it same thing for Donald Trump, rightly correct if he's gonna get forty to forty eight percent, whatever, that is and then, if there be fighting about everybody else, so the guy changers. Here are the ones that we'll be able to tell all the truth about both sides, the we people that will have any credibility during this election, to be Will the sway? People are the p, all who don't really like either of them for or different reasons that are
not that they are saying. Look I you know I like this person. For this reason, I don't like this person for this reason, because the the only way to change people's minds is too eat them where they already are and where most people are, is I don't like the I don't like what the other side stands for and What's crazy is there's enough room on that in all of us to he actually be united. I dont like what the other side stands for, and I, like what side stands for the way this is being executed. It's one thing what they say: it's another thing: what they do and the craziest thing is the guy who looks like he's the most unstable is
Only being judged by the cover and when I say that cover what I mean is his beaches, what he says not he does, judge a person by what they do, not what they say. And Donald Trump is being, and rightly so, because that's where we ve always had to judge people What is he saying well he's saying crazy things, but what is actually doing doing part never gets down to the average American they know any of the doing part they can give you any policies, in fact that we display this clip. We just on the four minute buzz it's from the college fix- and they were To college students- and they they put all of the worst dictators on the planet and I'll drop and ass, these People in college who's the worst who's, the most dangerous, listen to this off
the following five world leaders, which do you think, is the greatest danger to world peace. America's primordial trunks. China's president G Kim Jong Boon in North Korea, Putin. In Russia or the Supreme leader of IRAN, You think I'm fucking shown by the most recent actions that it is trying to think how its age from I would say, trump to all, say Trump. Many of these are worrying by way, must back sums erratic behaviour? How I'm because we believe something having our president bead on a trump. It is severely damage to our country and our to say our president and for only he uses a policy of adverse later I think it is it. I think it is strong. Ok, so we're talking about the ayatollah, Kim Jong on Prince.
Z, Prince President Putin, dictators. And what is it that their focusing on here is unstable. Now let me first this for you is Donald Trump unstable I think, he's mentally unstable. That's just the way. He is that's the way he always has operated. He likes a world of chaos, his world of chaos, and he Is he likes press and he breeze a firm believer? Any press is good press, so he He likes the fight. He likes the king ass. He, like the grind of it all he's a street brawler. However, let's get about the packaging. Let's forget cover that cover. Let's forget but what he says in tweets and everything else- and I know that's important, but let's forget about every second.
There pointing out that he is unstable in the world. How is the unstable? In fact, how is unstable in the world. Here's, how is unstable, he's not playing the game. The state department began to play in this eighteen, thirties and Fortys. They have a plan for the world and its. To be this big United World and the United States is going to be running at all and we'll be the policeman and we'll go and fight these wars. That will never really end this is not some create crackpot theory Rita, out it in What's the book? What's that nineteen, sixteen we used to talk about it all the time, stew tragedy and hope. Tragedy in hope read about it it out?
it outlines it. It was about mutually assured destruction. It's about how we tied our monetary systems together, etc, etc. Will you, part of that? Are our grandparents weren't part of that discussion? It just happened because all of the elite thought that's the way the world should run. It's been getting us involved in places. We shouldn't be involved in now, Democrats, you should be in love with Donald Trump, policies on the world because he, doesn't want to intervene the claim is always been that the United States is just this bully. That's what the left is always said were a bully. We flex our muscles all around the world and we tell people. How will you conservatives agreeing with you. I agree we shouldn't be all over the world, flexing our muscles and trying to nation build. We should be trying to move democracy in
to every region of the world by force. We agree. He is being labelled unstable. Because he's not playing the game that Always been played by every president's sense, Truman. He doesn't by into it he doesn't I quit good news. America neither do you the best of a bad that programme and you're listen into the Glen bag program. If you like, with your hearing on this yo, make sure you check out pat great unless it's available, where ever you download your favorite broadcasts. Nick Dupuis, from Nick dip dot com. You can follow I'm at Nick D, I p
Oh, oh, oh for those of you who have never met an Italian, its Nicht APOLLO, hey you! Don't just make it mic, dip, God com! why I gotta tell you. I was up in New Haven my Father laws up at Yale, Newhaven Hospitalities been sick and so had to fly up this weekend and be with him in and it New Haven in urban Newhaven. Nick, yes, is to buy my drugs. There is good, not heading aspirin, an adult the v. The pizza Newhaven is compatible different and it is so good somebody and they cook it Ray. I mean they almost burn it and as the other parts of the eye, the evident somebody says: that's that it's it's by artisan a little burnt. The I'm sorry to hear you This is a little burnt. I'm sorry! I didn't hear you ok enough
find. How can they just do not fool around with their food at don't fool around with it. What kind Journalists asian is that I feel are out my food. All of you. Well, I mean that's a different story that we are not a pepper bags is the best pizza was voted. The best pizza America Sally Face sallies, you want to alleys? I went to salaries, the idle like a woman can copper pizza, bow gonna man I never said I wouldn't put a big president. I said I'd and made of american women. Why? What did you think about? Did you hear the? Did you hear the way the CNN reporter dismissed everything he said. Go This is why I should be his famous issue. I said I was like tweeting last night, I said that my manager, for the show the debate started. I said, what's the over under on a female a woman asking Bernie if he ever said that I wonder but couldn't become president. My
instincts right on the money, and she just said she just of course cited. Will we lay as if you didn't hear this is one of the most amazing things. I've ever heard it so called journalism. Listen to this, I wanna be here who are saying that you never told Senator Warren that a woman could not win the elections. Senator Warren. What did you think Senator Sandra Centres told you a woman could not when the election mythic? Ah, I never heard anything like that. You habits, have you been watching? The media body is needed, I'm dead, serious, the media Hollywood? been hijacked by the fact feminist movement that that's all. Do it, it's encompassing it's in commercials, commercials there woman! I a heavy bag like a boxer, want a lot of female anger out. There
Pollack painters envy on a group level it. Organised Penis Ebby, and I know that was gonna happen and but I also, I think, Bernie said: do you really as a belittling women or just because it was politically his calculation political camp colleagues will try with that? What's that nothin, I mean, if that's your political opinion, then you're polluter no opinion on the way the landscape is, I think, wrong, but it's it's his way of saying this country is still massage earnest and I mean he was playing to him so sick. I am so sick if I'm so sick of that I'm. So you, don't like the brides they. These people have been lecturing us about. How racist
Republicans are we'll all your voters went out and narrow the field to a bunch of white people that are all billionaires. I mean What are you saying about the democratic people that are voting now that state? it was while the nub Ernie's knows hairs. Last night like it was like watching the Osmond snorting Calcutta Snow storm was very fair and why don't drug ravaged by drugs. I don't know but but but but wasn't that just just six white people on stage you show how hypocritical that party is in and you say what people say, while black quotas would whittled down to six act again, how many black voters right now you really believe that its white lips do you really? I agree with that that the party is party is run by. Why
intellectuals that just think they know better than everybody else and those of the real active right now. I think the rest of the people I mean Nick years. Let me play, clip of something that came from the college fix, and I would like to know how you combat this. Listen to this question from the college fix up, the following five world leaders, which do you think, is the greatest danger to world peace. America's President Trump China's President G Kim Jong Boon in North Korea, Putin in Russia or the Supreme leader of IRAN, I mean I shown by the Nazis and actions that it is drowned
I would say to rum, I would say Trump to all say Trump. Many of these are worrying by. We must back sums erratic behaviour. How unpredictably is, I think, having our president bead on a trump, it is severely damage to our countries and our to say our president and for Only. He uses a policy of adverse react: late, I think it is it. I think it is strong enough sting act. First, react later should name Leader B somebody who acts in is not reacting all the time. Maybe that's me so the people I dont think have a clue as to who Putin is whose YE is who the a totally as they don't have any clue. And most of these voters I think I could say this about the Republicans to he's just unplugging for the news, so
a bunch of experts that know exactly what we believe without having any real facts and the people who are going to vote for Bernie Sanders or the tight Christ are going to be voting against Donald Trump because they think they know who he is. When you say the anti crisis, you mean Hilary he's gonna jump in yacht club. I wouldn't the pastor that, but that the indoctrination it the other way. Gonna change. Look the media academia I mean these kids and then then the internet, just swimming in this garbage. They don't have to think for themselves and I'm so, here and there Donald Trump though, erratic radical and embody last night, he he's a danger to this car. What are you talking about? economy has never been better. He cried, ISIS in five minutes and he just scared Crap out of the mullahs, and I ran
so what are they looking for in a president? I don't get it. I dont whom you have to get rid of woman studies on college campuses. Everything will be fine. I will tell you the Nick. I do we have to find a way to approach people who I think they know when they they don't really don't have any idea there not paying attention. I mean it is you could The Donald Trump is a wrecking ball. Andy is unstable. If you look at his tweets, it's like crazy town but that's not his actions. You just sit and I was going to say you decided on the head, because the left leaves words yeah words are right exactly the same as that. Yes, the head and what we have to get him out of the mentality, but that all it's from political correctness. The devil Action is control of people's behaviour through the language and they have mastered that. And I just don't understand this. I don't know what they are
can foreign a president and and he's gonna cut. Can I just say this. I hope it's birdie. Burning my favorite lefty you're, not because of its people, tax, but he really believes a garbage atlases authentic visually, though I really It meant detaining it's like out and Larry David, they last night and whether a few minutes when he didn't talk, Alex something missing in this area in him he is a mean I up, but that would not be great. A billion capitalists, crushing the socialist and finally put MR or will it put it the rest Glenn? I don't think it. I dont think it will. I just don't think it will, but it is interesting to me that we could- have a candidate That is an avowed socialist that that as that held up the Soviet Union as a great example of what we could be. I mean it's
crazy and away Guy millionaire. Who is against White guy millionaires. And really old guy, telling all of the young people exactly what to do, because you can't ass the really old guy that's in the office. Now it's hits. I just I've, never seen anything like it did. You did. You say it millionaire. Did you mean billionaire? You talk about style, north no Bernie is a white nonlinear style, a billionaire you're a liar and doesn't have a chance. The gig did you see his head when it was taught them last night, a star? Did you notice that didn't Michael J, Michael J artists thrown issues at the tv Saint stairway, like a brother heard in the back of a chevy on the highway? I myself hating white guy in a very rigorous, and I should be ashamed that not only the know how Sty or made his money I relegate what what what
What did he do desire hedge fund guy? I mean they kept hitting among a lot of money. He made a lease early on was oil, gas and oil and coal. He said Larry ask Mr Climate Guy now, but he said I learn my life you're ever I made my money. I've learned by lesson yeah they on the issues after they have six billion in the back yard, and I still Bloomberg, I'm telling you. I said this to Donald. Trump Jr and I just a couple months ago- and I said I'm telling you this is before Blomberg announced he's going to get in, and I said I think, he's going to be he's going to show up in the end he's going to be a factor. How well Steve Days, who is part of the network is said he made ten predictions and they were pretty stunning, and It could happen. He said, Bernie Sanders. The first four states are gonna, go to four different candidates. He said then Bernie Sanders will rocket, but
I claim the nomination and there'll be a brokered convention they're going to try to get Michelle Obama to run but run any set in the end it it's gonna, be Bernie Sanders. Now I disagree, Do you think I'd milburgh a blow? Margaret somebody also, we don't know about yet
you know what I will go with you on somebody out of the red. Sox is gonna, be other democrats. When are we just get somebody from the asteroids sports? It would have been a gets worse. Just if Alex Cora wasn't on the asteroids during the scandal that you all you are very close, Miss yet another sports failure there. I thought I had touched down very little rash trash, get thanks. So much Nick appreciated, Nick DIP, dot com, Nicht APOLLO it Nick dip dot com. This is the best of the blended programme, pay its Glenn, and if you like, with your on the programme, you should check out pad gray unleashed he's pot gases available where ever you download your favorite podcast. I it's Glenn. If you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes begs I'm in a totally geek out here for a second
Do you get your? Do you get your solar, whether report every morning, because you can Ben Davidson is the founder creator of space space, whether news dot com for some reason weave. We ve come to believe that the sun has nothing to do with anything. Space has nothing to do with our weather, or you know Apps earthquakes are volcanoes or anything like that, and we also have been taught that to the North and South pole are pretty stationary, and that is untrue as well. There are banned cataclysmic events in the history of our planet, the last one happen about what seven hundred and eighty thousand years ago, when the poles actually flipped, and it is a it's. A kind of an earth. Shattering thing usually happens about every three hundred thousand years, like I said, were almost up to eight hundred thousand years now
the poles are moving and they're moving faster and faster, or so it seems. Ben Davidson is here to give us the accurate account of all of this fellow Ben. How area very well, sir. It is honoured, total honor to be back here. I have to apologise at the start because I will have to erect a number that you just gave that fine this. This is a twelve thousand year magnetic excursion, like up in addition to those long ones where the pulse flip and then they stay there there. Also these much shorter want about every twelve thousand, thirteen thousand years we get a magnetic excursion, which is a rapid flip and slipped back. Unfortunately, for us, even though it is a rapid flip and put back. It does come with a considerable amount of time where the magnetic field the shield that our planet has against solar flares. So for nobody, solar wind goes down ok, so I didn't know, I wasn't aware of the twelve thousand year of flip and then
but back and so just breaking down for dummies. Like me, the the north and South pole they drift. Don't necessarily lock together, like one big magnet but let's just say they go on this excursion and they start. You know the North pole starts heading down. You know into Siberia, which it is now starts to head down a kind of it locked, in the place, you know it does a quick flipped as ago east in Western. Can it go all the way and reverse the poles on an excursion excursion? You know, there's there's concern evidence everywhere. You look all around the world. The only thing that we are certain of I was actually a funny story behind us that became relevant just this past, for what we know for certain is that we have these magnetic events about every twelve to thirteen thousand years. There are extreme hardships,
climate, wise and extending to the more extreme extinction level, events and at same time. The noticing that a lot of times the climate swings too cold during those events, at least at the start of them, and so in terms of where the poles going to end up what is specifically going to happen at this location, that no idea- and we are not George. Now the interesting story about this. As we ve been sort of following the the really nerdy peer review, literature and all the top journals on this for quite some time, and then this year, Harvard professor published an article in an Astro, oh Journal and by the way Astro that that stuff in space we should be having listened and work related penalty of physics, and he said that there was really no way that you could get an extinction. But back from these twelve thousand year magnetic excursions, because the amount of solar light
but come in wouldn't be enough to tell everything now in addition to that, not being whatsoever there's also, are they just the solar life there there's the uv. We know about the matter hand and gives a cycle, but there's also the protons a meal at, and these are the things that were discovering do have a significant effect on the weather on atmosphere, chemistry, nobody wants to be breeding acid rain. These things have an effect on earthquakes, ok, those than in other things like that, and we sort of gotten a needle and academic if you will and academic fight with this end in a few weeks, MAC. The number one earth external in the world called reviews of GEO Physics is out of this country. Here from the Americans, the physical union, they came down and definitively stamp these things, as probably the most prolific. If I can put it this terrible way, killers of species on this planet once you're getting outside
things. Like always, you know a huge meteor had run it killed. Ninety, but about those are like the super rare one. These are the things that happen, these magnetic excursions visa the thing that really challenge species that big species out that really really make life more difficult for life. An hour it so the sober. What I want to talk to you about is I want to We can have time cover the earthquakes like living I dont know if any of these are connected, but we just had a really powerful earthquake in I'll shoot in an elegant. They give a San Juan Import, Erika order, recap you're so and quickly. Let me just cover this: do you think this is related to what we're talking about in a way? Yes, earthquakes are going to happen yea out or what
in an earthquake would have eventually Porter Rico again, no matter what right, but the sort of thing that were noticing is the very first people who broke these, daddy's really just had a hint of what they call a correlation, a connection between the power of the sun, and these earthquakes the weather and the volcanoes they had this head and it was enough to be what they call statistically significant, but there was just say it was like a flight nudge. Oh yes, the sun does not these. Thank you you don't think that its taking less and less for the sun to give that knowledge as earth shield against the sun is weakening. It's the only thing standing in between what we have now and what we work with our whole lives on the sun, having control over the. If you like, if people think of the planet, like you know, the starship enterprise, or you know some some spaceship
what we have the electromagnetic fields field is shields up, and we put these shields. You know up automatically nature. Does it through the electromagnetic fields and at stopping all of the junk or the the let's other phaser fire from the sun. It stops all of that, but, as are poles start to drift, those shields go down and they cause all kinds of problems from earthquakes, too severe weather, I'm really quite interested. Also in technology. We have we we talked about you know, oh my gosh, the the the atmosphere and the but what he called the big holes that were above the young, the South Pole. I think they Yeah, the ozone layer, everybody freaked out about the ozone layer. Having a hole in it in Electromagnetic romantic field.
Aren't we starting to see holes in the field? and we are starting to see some parts change more rapidly. Than others, so specifically that the scariest part of the magnetic field right now is setting a top of Brazil in the South Atlantic. They call it the South Atlantic Animal the explanation for why it's there really depend then, who you ask it does happen to be the exact point on earth where both poles are moving away, and so, interestingly enough, like a clock where one poles everyone's six, their boat, you know going clockwise or counterfeit. We are actually going in the same direction and so well. The north pole is about to cross onto the coastline of Siberia, the south magnetic pole much much earlier, lest the continent of Africa They got is racing up into the Indian Ocean to South of Australia, novel
close your eyes and picture with the earth looks like side area and Australia and the Indian Ocean there on the same, wanted to go on a collision point, and if you take that collision point look at the other side of the planet, that's where the fields are getting the weakest the fastest and that's probably gonna, be the scariest. First, it's almost Brazil can be our canary in the coal mine so how long before you think we actually start to recognise this and start every technological problems or health problems, while This is happening rapidly right. This is not like. Twelve thousand years, it slowly been having. This is now moving quickly, the pole a much much much quickly. Just to give you an idea of earth lost about ten percent of its strength and about a hundred and fifty years from eighteen. Fifty two two thousand- we lost another ten percent, just in the last twenty years, and so that you can do some extrapolation math there and see where
things are headed and how fast there headed there. Now we are at a point where we are very, very lucky in this last round of activity which happened in the earlier part of the last decade, it did give us out of what we normally see. There were solar Blair's. There were those ejection, the boat proton, an electron either like, as you put it, I really like that by the way- and we were seeing that weaker and weaker space, whether would be able to give that large. Now we mentioned that already in terms of the earthquakes in the weather, but that same thing goes for the technology is well into. There was one solar storm we had in twenty fifteen and you don't look over the work of the solar, Staunton dont impact. This one out doesn't jump out at you at all with an average one, but not for some reason it happened, dinner it happen, at a time when the earth magnetic field didn't handle it. Well, there were airline problems of the EAST Coast of United States,
New Zealand and Norway. There were Did your great problems in numerous south american and central american countries transformers were blowing in some parts of Africa, these sixteen twenty seventeen we started become back up and they were. I was wonder How close we came and, of course, the the reason why not every every little bird from the sun does this? We are on a steady decline here with the magnetic. Situation, but if you're the zoo men on that steady decline, looks like the stock market does go up and down, even though there were no longer downward, and so twenty fifteen and actually twenty four team. We could noticed that we were in a real down tat YE. Sixteen twenty seven tv started to come back up and we peak sometime around twenty in early twenty nineteen and we are getting ready for what they call our next GEO magnetic jerk its rapid jerk. They they think it comes from the core
and it plays a considerable role in how the magnetic field is doing, is expected to happen within the next twelve to eighteen months, my only hope really, I can say for it, is that we don't get the same level. Acceleration that we got last time, because if we go for more than five percent a century, the five percent a decade and then we take that same jump, we lose five percent a year we have twenty years to lose. The whole thing about already down twenty point Sadly, we dont lose all of it comes back, rang direct erect. What is that. Once the air, it's the sort of thing where everything is deteriorating rapidly from science. Is, it could happen in a matter of a day, but if you stretched out two weeks that more than enough time and it looks like the field or stay in the city nation for probably wants to a couple of years
a ban as though it were a delight talking to you no way out no way out here. That is the Good NEWS is this is the magnet like excursion cycle, and since it happened every time, thousand years how many times of human survived it Ok, you! It is one thing to look at the scariest for the situation. We had happened sixty thousand years ago about thirty five to forty eight thousand years ago. Thirty, six thousand years ago, twenty four thousand years ago, one twelve thousand years ago, called the Gotham Bird Magnetic excursion. Here we are twelve thousand. Thirteen thousand years from the last one, approximately an earth magnetic the others changing like it hasn't changed in thousands of years. That's the picture is only so many coincidences wanting nor, but it would also be unwise to recognise that every person in the world is not the descendants of the survivors of the last one, the end
We have this in our dna. We are all survivors Ben thanks. So much really good. Do really got to talk to you can follow him at the real s zeros. Or is it s Euro. It, as is the easiest thing, just look for space. Whether news, suspicious observers and whatever internet search. Your using they're gonna know what you're looking for a space, whether news dotcom. Thank you so much been appreciated the blaze radio network on demand.
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