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Best of the Program | 6/24  We're Pretty Much Done?  - h1  Trump Media Pile On? (w/ Pat Gray) - h1 Biden's Playing His Race Cards Already - h2  'Red Bandana' with Country Music Star Aaron Watson - h3 

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Welcome to the pot cast today backing studio, we ve got border talk, a lot of border talk, reparations for gay people, concentration, camp, rumours and Bitcoin Bitcoin, hitting eleven thousand over the weekend. Devising comparing the Trump election to the Emerald K, assassination, lies and non segregation and worker trying to take him on, and yet we found something that book or said just this weekend than we thought. Wow part need kettle:
and Aaron Watson who, as is next Alva Mouth Red bandanna, it's fantastic he's with us as well. All on today's part, the only thing came from title lock is our sponsor one of the largest real estate title company suffered a breach of nearly nine hundred million Oman or files your homes titled, your mortgage, your bank loans, your personal info may be in the hands, identity, thieves.
Before your homes title, so it appears that you sold it and then they get the loans from online lenders using your equity and stick you with the payments, no identity, theft program or any insurance cover. As you in this and the first thirty days after breach of crucial, so I've got thirty days of protection for you for free, go to home, title locked dot com for thirty days of free title in mortgage fraud, protection home title lock puts a very around your house home title: Lock dotcom go there! Now we talk a little bit about the president, last night he did his first spanish speaking interview. He didn't speak Spanish needed the interviewer, but it was for, I think, tell a mondo it was. It was ink Regrettably unfair its everything that you would expect gang. Why are you ripping families apart? No, I stopped it. I stopped it. It was over.
Burma we're not talking about Obama here, Sir yet, but I stopped it. It was Obama, we're not talking about Obama here, Sir amused a kind of stuff. So It's just so frustrating I just I ain't at once I dont want to have to endure the second time, although he did a really good job. He kept his crew. All the entire time he just Cape Capri stating the staff, the facts I thought he did and Select job on that last night and The media is so convinced that their right on this- and I don't think they are, I think, bull are seeing, and I mean Hispanics and everybody else. People are people we all want secure jobs, secure neighbourhood, safe places for our families wit and he got into what you said that Amis Fourteen members are coming up. There's lots of other people yes, but makes
those people leave it's one in a hundred. That's too many We don't know who these people are. I think that actually works for the average person- and I'm not talking about Now- have been travelling the country here this summer, and I I just don't think people are playing the politics game like talk, radio plays it like, certainly like the media plays it. We are high were focused on this, but the average. American is pretty much done and there just watching it. You know from a distance and if he can remain calm and cool, as he did all the way through he's he's going to make an impact, because this is getting worse and worse and worse and that a crisis. This compromise with the Nancy Pelosi that they announced this weekend, you see that's due on the border. Yeah
they may. He announced she's gonna do these raids and then he said at request of Democrats omitted delay the rates for a couple weeks to see if they can work something out. So she did. She work something out she's gonna provide all of the funding. So they can move on and help unities deal with all of easy, but nothing for actual security. Just yet will help get these people out and on their feet. No, that that's that's, that's not what we were asking for, and I think that, I think, that the average American is gonna, see through this game, and I think the Democrats almost, I think they want him to act through executive order, there it is because it they're not acting reasonably here at all, and I really, I think that they want him to take this on And, quite honestly, I'm at that point, Mr President, just we're gonna lose our country we're going to
is our country, you can't have the kind of influx I find it interesting to the way the media looks at this, because if you go back to let's say when republic You were saying we don't want plant parenthood funded in Danish. They could unquote shut down the government and the focus was constantly on the victims. Right of love. This of the shut down when people who didn't have they're gonna the military people to get their pay checks and like they went through every case they could. Try and when, when the military paychecks came than it was another thing, it was always some des great person who is been effected by the Republicans and the the idea was in a republic. You just get past this little thing. They have with funding abortion and give the money to the people who need it. Look at this situation tell me tat the exact same thing right like report. Begins are asking saying like look. Give us money to deal with all of these asylum claims all these illegal immigrants that are crossing you keep saying that didn't it did. You know
were detaining them in this are horrible, inhuman way, but we need more money to deal with them. As everybody has noted that the numbers are up incredible amounts so they ve asked for they were asked to take care of. The problem. Democrats are identifying right that this, this detained did you know he's detain, mints are not or not. But the best rightly wanted. They want improve little. So what do they say? What was the worst? What's the is it is? It was handled the same way we say Deborah. Should get over the idea that they should. A fund this in their pushing the elder politics that are difficult out Republicans and deal with the actual victims here, no, this again calls on the Republicans us as the problem. Republicans, doing enough to to help the illegal immigrants and then they talk about whatever Trump tweeted last week why? Why don't we Democrats have to get over their ideological upset with
so let us why don't they just have to give him the money. So here is a very good point and we all know the answer. I think that there's you know, there's sir, there's no real, honest broker, on one side ie, you know what they, Democrats are now proposing. Is you ever leak in your bathroom and it just pouring water out on the floor. What, then suggesting is that they will help them help they'll help rebuild the walls. They'll help you know. To rebuild the floor. Well, wait I dont I need help right now. Shutting the water off that's what we need shut the water off. Well, I'm going to make sure that everybody can get in there in every all the kids have boots. I don't my kids having boots shot. The water off. That's the problem, and you know it.
We can say that its form. Whatever reason, but here's the reason the rip up. The Democrats are doing this and I am convinced of it. I don't have I don't have any evidence except past. And past performance. In exactly the same situation over in Europe. All of the same people that are saying open our borders, open our borders, open our borders are the ones who said you gotta take on this all these migrants you have to Hey come on, you have to take them on and pay Like me were saying you can't take them on. You can't just have open. Migration, you're gonna, have all kinds of problems: you're gonna, have you're gonna have more rapes more violence. Some of these people are good. Some of these people aren't good you're gonna do extremists that are coming across your border. You can't do that
You are also going to upset all of the people who feel like their not being listened to. So what Happening now in Europe Europe is being torn apart and What are the people in France talking about? What are the people in Germany talking about what are they What are the people all over Europe talking about in Spain in Greece, direct elections, full democracy? No, public's one man, one vote full democracy. What doing here, they're trying to get rid of the electoral college. What what the law it is trying to do right now is bring the world to a place, to wear, You have true democracy, which is majority rules.
In Germany there are afraid, because it's the goober right that is asking for direct democracy, because the dirt the the right is, the one saying you know you brought all these migrants in and now everything's going to Hell, and you're telling us to shut up. We can't talk about it will you're. Tired of listening to you, you the power you had? It too long endured you're, trying to shut us up and your letting all these people in and their changing, Germany, not for the better there, not adding they're bringing their stuff and then telling us, with your help, exactly how we're supposed to live. We ve had it so in Germany, the law? It is very afraid of Direct Denmark, see they're trying to stop it. There. In France are not trying to stop it, so what happening here.
Well, we have our hour I grant caravans just like you. Had the migrant boats going up into Europe. They know this destroys a country. They know it. They see it happening now in Europe, the that's? Why they're trying to keep our borders open? They know that it will divide us even more. They now that will cause chaos. They know that it causes political unrest. I know that sounds like a crazy charge to make. I know that and I expect to everyone on the left and in the media. If they would ever cover anything they would come. That is a crazy conspiracy, theory, etc, etc, but Give me another reason. Because this is not compassion, you're doing chaos is never compassionate, never.
You must have tree eyes if used You know what we gotta get rid of tree eyes. Everybody is hurting, we gotta get rid of tree eyes. For there saying the United Aids is the hospital and they how to get rid of tree Azure, just everybody needs to get to a doctor. Well second a due to the hospital me. Or people will die because of that, my or chaos and in chaos, you cannot he'll anything. So tell me exactly guy for me a better explanation, because I don't buy compassion. Chaos, as I have told you for fifteen years, is the operative word of the future. We have going down on the border chaos anything that encourages chaos,
Run from the best of the best program, hey its Glenn. And if you like, what year on the programme, you should check out pad gray unleashed his pot gases available, where ever you download your favorite podcast sallow, pats, hello, glad you have a You have a list of three things that well Democrats are very upset about. Yes, because their policy turnarounds by president Robin all really and so is received so pretty heavy criticism because you know he he was going to do it too dutch tariffs. Different products and any didn't, because they complied with what he wanted them to do than he was going to attack around
pulled out of that at the last minute because he had heard that two hundred and fifty people were gonna be killed in that attack and he thought a disproportionate, then he announced that ice was going to begin deportations this week, and he delayed that, and this is causing America to just be a laughing stock. Now and is it? Is it is it? Is it like a red line in the sand? It is yeah, look like dire and its It's a national security is in fact, because we people dont know where we stand on anything. We know exactly where he stands. Exactly where he stands: Mexico tariffs. It worked, cooperate or I'll give tariffs, They cooperate more money tariffs. The next one ran around tat we going to put a stop to this.
Wait, a minute. Wait, a minute. Wait, a minute, wait, a minute a hundred and fifty people. That's may not be worth and even exchange for a hundred and thirty million dollar machine. That you would think that that liberal, Would love love because It shows compassion that that is honestly. The boy asked message. I have heard a president sand. On any kind of military action, you know it's either weak. Too. Strong The sky is like look, we could pound you in the sand. Not a single life was lost on our side. So I don't want to do anything. That's gonna cause you to lose life because I don't think that's fair and I think that's but what are they call it even response when they say it's abortion and yet proportion proportionate response? That's what they're always this is a way out of proportion and that's what they would have been saying. Yes had we done,
I actually like this. This call from the president- and I have to tell you something I am sick and tired of the press, wanting it both ways, Or the day before the skies wrecked He just why a war he's just rushing into everything. That's what they were saying up until he d changes mine, then its he's reckless. Because nobody knows how to view him. You know he's he drew a red line in the sand and now what our allies think now, what is around think because they know they can cross that red line and not get any punishment? Oh my gosh, I can Take it. I can't take it there's no way you can win, not there's no way I was evident with third one was: was the ice deportations this week since what for deportation, It's when do they want eyes to follow through with deportation plus the the other?
we found out is the acting director of ice said that, because of the of the leak that there start the deportations, the ice Agents would have been in danger this week and they went to Trump and told him that, and he didn't want to the ice agents in danger and the ice. The actor director of ice says that's why he delayed the deportation monks they knew essentially people knew, was come again. You know it was coming. There are some us, some of them are not maybe people who are just for a better light on. All of them are criminally middles, so warning them that this is about to happen. Probably not the best could have endangers for that right. So he delayed it even if, if you don't necessarily follow the exact story, line of the trumpet ministries right where you're sayin it like. Where these things all you know, he makes his big threats and the air was worked out at the very least.
You did the median knows this dance right trump comes out and he makes a brought a bold statement about some policy and then he the EU is using. It obviously as a negotiation tactic and you they all know this like the act they take. Whatever is the first interpretation of what He says and apply it to that moment. So, like ok, it's deportation, he's, the worst person in the world. He can't he wants to get rid of all Hispanics. Oh my gosh disguise it. Basically, Hitler and then he says I am not going to do it and it is this. Guy can make us people with them. We need these deportations, its relevance to the level where the ghost are arguing for the deportations. I don't love the. I love the the access to where they absolutely are convinced that he's Adolf Hitler, wit concentration,
and Andy's Adolf Hitler. Look how much he hates immigrants and yet he's the one going. It's the lowest unemployment rate for Hispanics in the history of Amerika, and I and I remember, Adolf Hitler saying on dates, the lowest unemployment or influence you see. I don't think I'm in Eden was a secular. No, I wasn't is priority. Look what's happening and they join dismiss. All of that is its its honestly. It's like fighting with I've year old, we're five year Old Europe. You see there, you see what the five year olds excuse is going to be. You seek exactly what they're going to say long before cause. You were five once and then they making this excuse and then keep changing their reasons, for why aren't you, It's a very like your five. Ok, I'm not even our ring with you anymore, the president is needs to be I'm just not even arguing with any you any workers?
think, he's the kind of funny, but I think- he's gotta there and an he. He doesn't really any shouldn't care. What the Democrats, because it is never gonna. Please Democrats this. This was a game that George W Bush Cotta got caught up in heat. He He started to try to please the other side of the equation, to know none awaiting a decision is valued please it's that you try to appeal. To the reasonable people. On the left, but the people not on the left, but in the Democratic party does it. I tried to do this just trying to I'm not going to appease I'm not going to change, but I I will try to appeal to the reasonable people out there, but the reasonable people never stand up They just never stand up, There is no good, it does no good appeal to does no good it didn't do any good for Bush the hated his guts even more when he tried to appeal to him
and the same is true for trump- he- that you can't win that war, that the idea that he is the most anti gay president ever I am so sorry, IP low sickness and say he's the only problem. Gay marriage president to ever be elected because every other, Verizon email, every The president was against it when they were first Elect and he wasn't like because I brought it say this now. Now. I was years ago here got years he's always been gave friendly. I don't know what you people are talking about, and I dont know you're talking about, I mean obviously, that you do he's not Elizabeth. Is it Elizabeth warn the now come out with this yet regulations for regulation nor gay people because they didn't get a marriage ruling fast enough as a fascinating one? like. You know this is there's another story. That's been go. We re everybody toasters cyanide at what we do not like a shooting of residues wedding present its addressing that they can leading it. Tax breaks all this time. She saying that they should get now the tax breaks from marriage, which
never been summoned the Democrats of ever liked anyway. But apparently I do because it applies. I don't even know I came. This is why I am against tax breaks for marriage entirely We started government shouldn't, be innocent, beheld and told me I'd at all, so this is via viral video that went around the left this weekend about how the trouble demonstration is trying to prevent and arguing a court that that detained. Immigrants should not get soap or toothpaste, because that's not the governments, role and forces. This is This is a concentration camp. I mean even even in concentration camps. We give soap and toothpaste and there's people like come I was detained by Syrians and they gave me toothpaste. This is unbelievable. What they include in the context of this. This video is, of course, that the trumpet The government lawyer now in the trumpet administration is arguing case that was brought up in two thousand and fifteen. It's an old
ministration case that is just continued into the Trump Administration and the guy its position is not that they should not give businesses or toothpaste it's that it's not a put a specific violation of the floor as agreement, we ve talked about Latin afore over the years, which is one of the things that set up this idea. So there, our trying to talk about a very specific legal thing tossed out there, as it is its trump violation, but the violation actually occurred during Obama doesn't stop. Everyone here, dumb friends from sharing it, though within it with the context of the left that has now. Idea that this was an Obama problem. This is not a trump problem. The Trump argument is coming as a continuation of a case that started during the Obama era, but it just doesn't matter- and I don't know like we used to do you you gonna, come up with, is well, maybe we'll come up with a logical reason,
These people will understand that their being misled, that they'll see the truth at the sea, the fact and that no such that it just seems hopeless amid they just don't care about it. They care about signalling whatever's inside makes them feel like their superior to your neanderthal, grandpa who's that horrible white conservative that we all do state you have such distaste for and they have this like, that is the motivation. The motivation is never the truth. Motivation isn't for these immigrant families since the last thing in the world. They cared about as evidence that this thing happened during the Obama administration and none of them, even though it like that for me to have clear evidence that you don't care about these immigrant families, they don't care its job a little piece of the puzzle. LAO them to show their friends at their better than ever. The Inn. Let's say this audience and that's the goal. The goal is not the truth. The goal is not to help a family. The goal was not the protective woman.
Right, but none of these things have anything to do with the reasoning behind. It was just signalling their virtue to everyone else than that what's gonna, that's that eventually just comes undone but eventually comes and on how I have I have something I I have from the New York Times the daily they sent a reporter over to Germany, because there are now in Germany looking for direct democracy and that just goes to mob rule. That's just majority rule and why do they not understand that? Do they not know that we we went over to Germany to talk to some of these radicals that are trying to get monsieur any rules or you will not believe this, I'm I'm listening to it and I'm thinking People are so stupid, ores, who dishonest, I'm not sure which one it is a combination of the two could be it
could be quickly just so stupid that they don't see an end at one point: the geyser, like the New York Times, reporters and well. What about the death penalty that this is a very controversial in Germany, death penalty, if you're against it apparently because of Hitler? nobody's for the death penalty over there. So they took the those crazy thing that everyone is for gay, no death penalty and said what happens if people just voted for the death penalty and the guy from the group that wants you, no direct democracy, said well, that's ridiculous. We'd! Never do that and then the New York Times like well. How do you know that they wouldn't do that I mean. Are you you're saying that you understand your group so much that they will never go that way, because remember once you, have majority rule the majority
could rule on any thing, and you can't you can't necessarily stop it. Then you open hello, hello. Now what you're doing here in Amerika our side wouldn't be crazy, o o k, It's really not nuts thanks bat. Agri unleashed Tete, a tete where you get your podcast or listen and watch on. Please tv, dot, com, slashed gun he's a promo code. This is the best of the blend back programme. How do we get to Joe Biden? here's some my audio of of Joe, I didn't a saying that the Donald
Election night was a little like something else in history. Listen people get out of here the idea we given twenty five bucks, butting worth thinking, wonder bridge, so they do not qualify for public housing qualified for food. They qualify for programmes, that's crazy. We should be doing the opposite. Rev even call lemon com for a long time. There should be job training increases, not training people how to be criminals. There's so much we can do is within our capacity to do it. That's the interesting I think, what's happening now, as I think that the normal trump may have reawakened. Sensibilities in this country to say: well, maybe We can do this now, just like our generation's awaken. When Doktor King Bobby Kennedy reassess our whole generation on back in man, he's millennials, they get it, and now they want to getting they get it. Man,
They get it these millennials, they get it. Man, wow man, it's like when our generation man woke up man, and because I really hate thee, the argument that you should get in trouble for comparing things like those. We are gone, we're back, compares enough now, the policy to Nazis and, like the annual, be like ok and you're like well. What's what do you say and he said well, I dont think that have this policy, because you know one of the reasons why this has happened before like this is the first step down this road and and we shouldn't go down the road anywhere near these things, and you dont, like you're, making an analogy, and of course, when you're making a point, one of the things you do is go to most extreme level of that right like it's to set the precedent, The argument is theoretically possible right, like you know,
were to say what I don't want any government intervention. I never want more. What about world war? Two right doesn't mean you comparing whatever conflict. You're. Talking now to world, where do you, try to set the precedent that in theory you might be for war actually right- and I saw usually hate that argument here, though he really is just comparing it. He saying The there are certain things in our history that get people started this should be considered on the same level right. He saying people ass much ass, a nation, nothing of this think of us, my my, other told me, I asked him one time: what were the nineteen sixty like that. And he said well, they were different because the vast majority of people were still you know on the same side, and so we kind of all stood around watching our television sets go, and this is crazy, Happening to our country, he said it wasn't. It wasn't, is universal
it looked out he's giving a Pacific northwest kind of analogy for him, which didn't have a lot of a lot of that, but he'd. He even talked about. He said when by Kennedy and Martin Luther king were shot and Malcolm X. He said we the whole world was coming undone said it just felt like everything was coming undone now he's just put the assassination. Of Martin Luther king the civil rights Icon and Robert Kennedy. Another icon, the assassination of those two. Into the same category as Donald Trump winning an election. As saying that as shocking Mitch shocked the system. Do you really?
think that it was a shocking as Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedys assassination and by the way, What are those assassinations do better and then what happens Candlestick Park, the left kind of fell apart. The left kind of fell apart. It was kind of the beginning of the end of the radicalized movement because people had had enough at enough. So It is. Are you implying that when you woke up because what he sang is people woke up to that and they decided to stand up more active, be more active No, actually normal people stood up and said: yeah, ok, stop this. This is this is raising this. What's going on this, Rights ACT was already moving forwards. Civil rights ACT was done in nineteen. Sixty four.
So we had already moved that a barrier we were moving forward and the people led the politicians, Amanda, correct, correct any Take the assassination of Martin Luther King or Robert Kennedy that happened for years before they started. Shooting people. I mean This version of his point is essentially who you get to this. They d, that things are good racially right and things, fine and then there's an assassination and you like, while people really do hate minority figures and they have another assassination. People really do hate other. People and then this is kind of what I think he saying, which is. We got lulled into sleep by the wonderful Obama years, and this has come. Joe Biden, and then we realise that while we haven't pasties raise issues, Donald Trump got elected, and so we need to get active again. Of course we had. We know We- and we pointed this out of the time. The Obama election king,
at a time where I think we had really had move past a lot of those things not because of Obama's election because people, ok, fuel, Karel, you're, stupid state, skin color. Who cares why? How you could make a decision based on that in any way by the way that includes things like affirmative action, And all of these other think which don't make me don't make, does genes based on skin color thought there was something we all agreed on and then about. It gets into office and its the constant focus he's constantly highlighting racial divides? He spent a ears telling us how much white people hate black people when no. No, I mean I'm not say, there's no racism. Of course there is, but, like generally speaking, I mean You know I don't have I mean I don't average age. I should see it. I'm into our conservative in Texas should my c racism over time, and you know Talk to we have David Harrison, none news and why it matters that I and II
sport, yesterday's, like we're, not victims. Here, he's Africa american, if you dont, know him he's got I'm calling his victim stop, making us out to be victims. We don't you reparations from you. We Need to be able to do the things that we want to do. We need to be able to live our lives without your involvement in them. If we don't want for informing. We don't need the government getting in our way, and you know that that is, I think, we're the average african American is right, like I want people to do. Our thing stops you're getting at our way, and yet constantly highlighted by the media. It is like, as the only thing Anyone cares about a racial divides to the point that even Abiden is on the wrong side of it on the Democratic Party that even PETE Buddha Judge is on the wrong side of it. You can't even be all liberal white person who says every single one of these arguments is true and and put basically reparations that's not even enough. There's nothing. That's enough, and that's the one.
Here is like you can't. These are the The extreme elements of these movements are not able to be recent worth while a monologue, was almost I feel like. We just witnessed the crucifixion crucifixion of Jesus Christ there. I don't want that. Eight repetitive us are easy. I think see the result of that the storm Klaus gather this the best of my background. I it's Glenn. If you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on. Itunes begs mister, Eyre and Watson is joining us now in case you dont, know errand and you're. A country music fan where have you been,
Watson is the most successful, independent artist, I think of any genre of all time. Avonlea I, like that I like this I'll go with that yeah is just country or is it any I'd like the dialect? Eighty that have a sound so much better. Doesn't it doesn't it? You could throw world Y yeah worldwide universal? I don't know, but I think you are thinking. I think you are going to see you good to see you think for. Haven't you been working hard, getting this new CD ready, it's called red bandanna. Yes, sir, and I listened to all of it. I I called you what four weeks ago, yes, yeah, you released a couple of songs to be a programme director music stations. And I was fairly good at picking hits I don't know, if I could do that anymore, but
I heard a song on this city when you only replaced the early only released a couple. I think it's called kiss that girl get his eye yeah. I It is a smash they give people will play it already if the player, it's a smash value,
Can we play just a little bit of kissed kiss that girl goodbye pretty much on rainy days? Adjusts no good for me, man, no name mix in misery and would go ass. He gazed Harding flag, how ways, no time to wait. You're gonna break view banned in Van again loud. It was a good day today that boy sat down with the way that boy factor is that that is the work of the year Dhabi. That is amazing. Great, do you know what my daughter she's nine and when she was listen into the album I said girl. What do you think the first single should be ensured?
like a kiss bag. Goodbye sir. She was and that girl right, oh she's, an absolute right, you'll sing that all day I heard that the first my wife and I were in the car driving and we must have played it six time, her love it. I love any just great. You know it. I've heads had so much fun making this album? I really feluccas songwriter I'm catching my stride. I think so too. Poor, my heart into all twenty of these songs. Some of em are light hearted, like that when right there that's light, hearted, it's fun May I just say first volley the first person to put twenty songs on a cd all penned by use and Alan Johnston's acts in raw gay. So nobody does this. This is I'm a fan of yours I listen to your rooms. I know you you been around forever, so I dont know necessarily all your old stuff, but I know your last for yeah. This is different,
some yeah, this one's different and I think better. I think it's your, asked what I tell you but I notice that there is there's too there's two sides to this. Yeah one is one is fun just fun lots of fun stuff in others are really deeply feel personal and hardy out even a different, sound in in some ways, and my You're right you're right, what happened. I think, as I've got an older, I'm I'm more confident. Letting people know that I don't have it all together, and can we go to a song because you just set out? Let me see it is triangle the devil. Yeah. Let me just let me just play a little bit of this, and I want you to listen to the lyrics because
I think it's. I don't know what you were thinking yeah, but it's an interesting set of lyrics without golden HALO doesn't go somewhere. I read Van DEN Emblem G, God knows: what do I do with good is seldom so with members do not get well. I must still thing gasoline. One would think by now might have no one, not the man. They're think I am in ways there the stubble every step along the way like a lotta cave while they have an enterprising thinking like a damn good. So what were you thinking when you writing this? Why did you see this? Is
next verse goes So beware of broken glass. She you stare into the window of my soul and judge me not only bear at all, so you know there. You are not alone, and think everybody, my wife she's amazing she's. The closest to perfect that I know she never gets mad. I've never heard, her say one harsh words you ve, never loaded the dishwasher them. As I've every time I load the disclosure get a harsh words. That's yacht the way you don't put this on the bottom in you don't put this on the Thai. Yes, there, ok are hiding there all right. Ok, not! That was just assume that they are a good. I thought so too, but I thought maybe she was a very good idea and if they do not learn the unity hours right. I wonder to write a song. So if I was for
depressed. I don't know I was tired, but I'm very much like to write how I feel an I've. Always been like that, but I've only shared the positive moments on albums and I think that's in some ways taken the heart out of some of my earlier albums. This song trot. The Devil There was a local boy who committed suicide. He was one week away from becoming, an eagle scout and his everyone. You said they never knew that this boy was experiencing such pain, pain and his. Add put something on Facebook. That just said I wish people would be more. Ah, oh, an honest about their struggles. I wish celebrities and singers would would would be more.
Would be more honest of on social media, not just put forth this fake perfect. Imagery you know, and I wrote that song because I was like you know what people need to understand that like I try to, Be a good husband and I try be a good dad, but I fall short, but I keep trying. And I think that's the biggest thing is you ve gotta keep trying and I put this song out and then weeks ago we play the Grendel opera and a soldier. And he and his wife came to see me play and he said he struggled with PTSD and he is had yet he said I have suicidal tendencies is what he said. And he said this song- try like the devil I listened to every morning in it, It's me right frame of mind that, like it's ok-
I am not alone in this because I think that's what I think we are I want to be viewed as something spectacular in and we all want to. We want everyone to know that we have it altogether, but I think but we don't- and I think be an honest and going you know what. I don't have it all together, you know, and people like you know, you know your area, you're a Christian. You haven't altogether I'll, go first of all I am so messed up than I need Jesus more than most. So, let's just set, let's set the bar really low for me, but I put my heart into this record in theirs. Theirs I hearted moments, but then there's moments. Words like I need to be honest with my fans. I need to share my heart with them. They deserve that they deserve something, that's real. If its truly going to be music with meaning, then it it is to be the whole heart were, with the air and want to do, you want to explain this song first or play armed Alex
in it. The songs cough fifty eight and it's a tribute to the fifty eight men and women that were killed at the rule ninety one festival in LAS Vegas. A few years back. We play that film Festival, Are you the year before the shooting the arm I was home that need that Sunday when I heard about the shooting- and I had friends there, and I the heartbreaking then, a few months later we played national funnels rodeo back in Vegas, and some of the sum of the people who had been injured came out to my show, an of course you know have talked about this. I have that they have that song blue bonnets, that I wrote about my daughter, Julia, that my wife and I lost, and this person who had been injured at the festival, who also lost a friend there. She said
your song, blue bonuses, really helped me She goes. I really wish you would write a song for victims and their families- and I said, ok and I thought- well, I guess, how do you write a song like that, but the next day, I woke up with some with an idea of this, this song that could be called fifty eight that would be short meaningful in maybe fifty eight seconds long. Just I want in the record, letting them people. Those families know that, like we remember them were still thinking about them. The sooner this fifty eight seconds, long sculled, fifty eight,
Fifty eight last fifty eight every day, the long, fifty wings way, whilst stars fifty eight. Just
your alum is that the problem by the way is red, bandanna and in his name, is errand Watson, and it is it's it's a great if you like, Aaron Watson. This is the best he's done. I thank you and we're having him on, because radio play, earn Watson very because he doesn't have a record label and so he's kind of the guy who would change, wouldn't where the skinny genes, as wouldn't sing, songs that somebody else roadie so like I'd, know I'd rather just play Anna the plane, hunky tongue someplace then- we'll get rich and get famous playin somebody else's songs and you kind of address this in the song dark horses, which you betray our four but its deep. This time, it's not about you. Well, you had a big influence on the direction of this album
told you a little bit about what s bad so well, we had dinner, but we had dinner and I had told you about what I was thinking. And you said, Erin I get it you're the underdog urine, unsigned artists, your independent because I'm independent it's difficult for me to get played on mainstream radio now we ve had some top forty hits, but it is. It is difficult. You know we don't get nominated for awards, because I'm independent it just AEGIS is what it is, and I'm ok with that. So is the underdog mentality that are always kind of have to embark. But you said: listen- you ve trotted albums number one. You ve done things that have never been done before you know you are. You are the PETE. You said I think you said you are like the people's champ, your showing them that, despite the industry telling you you can't you proven them wrong and you
like you- need a right songs that inspire these people, that that don't talk about how difficult it is for you you, do your living. The dream. Your define gravity show these People in by these people- that's why they support you is because they believe in you. I have no recollection of saying that I might have been hammered, even though our supper. I do remember saying that, but I I we'll tell you when I heard dark horses, I appeared before I guess this is us kind of song that everybody needs to hear the lyrics. This is the one were kick off. The show to the new show. This is like this song goes out to everyone whose dreaming its I get out their work. But off earned it don't give up. If you know I get ready, they're gonna tell you you're, not good enough, get ready
you may not get into the college you want. You may not get this that you want right off the bat. Whatever your dream is in. You need to get ready cause. It's not going to be easy, get ready and get out there and in work hard, listen
listen to dark horse year. This one goes out and the dreamer always out their Raymond. Don't you let em click your wings or say that cheap came is one goes out to the loser, losing time and time again and SAM again keeps on believing someday they're gonna win. When nobody knows your name. Nobody knows your face. You out long before you thought that raise their beds laughing drink there. There were new birth to the finish line and show the words you back, because you are a man. What does he want afraid of by changing it off them? Younger kids, back this is from the new city that is out is called red bandanna by air and Watson is, I don't know if it's I'm the only one to feel this way, but there are problems that I will always associate with summer yeah.
Are things that I always associate with summer when you had the windows down and urge you ve got the stereo cranked and you're just singing at the top your lungs, because no one can hear you yeah. That's this kind of alum man it and that's that is, the great compliment. I wanted this to be something that People could enjoy its cinematic it hidden. I like crazy thought that I did crazy things. Like I recorded my grandmother's win chimes. I recorded the train that passes by the ranch I recorded. My my dad's AM fuzz radio hang on more on the blaze radio network on demand,
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