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12/7/18 | Best of The Program - All In for A.I.? - Digital Euthanasia? - Working for Plugs? (w/ Bill O'Reilly) - "Kibbe on Liberty" (w/ Matt Kibbe) 

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The blaze radio network on demand, pay welcome to the Eu pod cast. It is Friday, a fascinating podcast. We start with technology again today there is a a few. Turtle with a guy that Google, announced last night there, like hey pliable, weigh heavily. Mary Leap Looks like the monkey that we had this computer is starting to look more like a man. They, they thought gonna happen in ten years. It happened last night Bilbil O Reilly stops by four conversation, and what else did we haven't we
Could be on the shelf, the out can be, and we talk a little bit about the warrant Christmas and the third out, and if we can squeeze it in the pod cast masculinity as well. What is masculinity toxic as if we discuss it today, I get you anything during the day, it's Friday December, seven patriot mobile is, is a there's a phone service? that will give you all of the great coverage that you that you want there just not going. To take his eyes from you and then invest that in causes that you don't believe in like plan parenthood, Patriot Mobile actually is gonna. Let you in
your money into the causes that you believe it, but most of these cells could sell companies they they give all kinds. Money to freeze crazy causes that you worked hard against its true. Why do that you can go with Patriot mobile? There can be created to solve that problem that the only conservative cell phone company enough in America got a patriot, dot? Slash please get started today when you use the Africa delays that between the activation fee for up to two lines, patriot mode, Dot, com, slash blaze or one. Eight hundred a patriot is the place to go back home mutation. Mutation is the key to evolution It is unable us to evolve from a single cell organism to the dominant species on the planet. We were just, crawling out of the slime and now look at us. Tales fell off and look what we ve created
Anyway. This process is slow, normally taking thousands and thousands of years, but every few hundred millennia evolution leaps forward. They tell us now. These are my the words that was said by professor ex during the opening credit scene of the movie x, men? Where I get? but my science news, but a popped into my last night. Is the news from Google broke that their artificial intelligence arm called deep mind had just reach quote a turning point in history? I love it. I love it will end. Google announces turning point in history. Now d mines, ay algorithm, alpha zero has been showing here, like intuition. Now this is something that I researchers have said is at least a decade away. If we ever get there, probably just we just made it last night,
So now, how has evolution leaped forward? Well, first of all its not human. Alpha. Zero is only a year old and it began its learning process. Just like we do at school, it's in a classroom that was a chess programme and within just four hours it completely mastered the game of chess. But here's this thing it was never programmed on how to win. It, wasn't taught anything
about the game, it taught itself. Chess programmes have existed in the past, but their play is based on the calculation of outcomes using programme strategies alpha zero, zero, on the other hand, just learned and came up with its own strategies. Its moves now baffle the human Chess Masters Chess Master, Matthew, Sadler, said quote: it's like discovering the secret. Note books of some great player from the past and quote now. The reason why alpha zeros moves are so baffling is because- and I want you to hear this carefully- it's because it thinking is so unlike human, oh
So it's like alien thinking. It won't think like we do at all. That sounds good. Here's what they went on to say quote: it places far less value on the end of it. Oh pieces, sacrificing its soldiers for a better position in the skirmish end quote: oh my gosh: that's either a warning light or just heartwarming for anyone who just wants to take over mankind, you see inside the a I laboratories idle. Think they realize how much trouble they are going to unleash. What happens if alpha zero is employed in the Department of Defense, of course, not our department of defense. The Chinese
its development offence? Can you imagine the same strategy sending orders to our military? What about doctors and healthcare cassettes what's happening now? Guy is being introduced to health care. Now a doctor would never think about sacrificing a patient. I mean just look at universal Health care in Europe. There are not doing that already in England. However, Alpha Zere, I'm sorry, Doktor Alpha's Ro? Would if the military and health care sound outlandish, consider that both Russia and China are currently developing a I for military purposes. Do you think we're just sit around and sit that one out? companies like Amazon and Google or developing a lie to revolutionize health care. Yesterday,
he came to a I Microsoft said they are all in with the United States government, by the way we're a few short years away, or so they tell us just like before last night's news. We were decades away from human in. Nutrition human level, intuition and creativity in a. I is a turning point in history. Google is right. It is the first step toward artificial general intelligence. I think today we might want to stop and just explain what that is, because we may ultimately look back this development that happened last night when everything changed
resurrect said. Evolution has enabled human beings to be the dominant species on the planet and major evolution just left forward, but this time evolution wasn't human people. Just we are please hear me please here we are talking about nonsense in our everyday lives. We are talking about true nonsense. I don't care about the latest tweet. I don't care. How big and beautiful Donald trumps funeral would be that's what they were actually talking about. Yesterday, mocking Donald Trump during the funeral of George H, W Bush, o it'll be beautiful and and and it'll be the boughs wonderful, a funeral,
of all time. Can you stop it? Can we please talk about something that is important and the answer is no, unless you seek it out, my new year's resolution is going to be to really focus just on those things that are important and I I wrote them out last night or the night before last and there's eight categories and I'm gonna go over them with you and live after the first of the year, but I'm in a foe this on really aid categories, because these categories are going to decide everything and one of those categories is a I I and a s eye and most people don't know. Those things are by the way. Let's say good morning to Mr Pat Gray, who is joining us more day on the programme, is, is one something's gonna be football is, is
No, no I'm leaving ever you. Ok. I believe I have reset that's my resolution. Talk more about football. Is it yeah? You might be happier. I think well. You know. Let me explain a I Agee Anne S, I quickly and then tell you about one thing that you don't really you ve heard a lot about. You know in passing, but you don't know anything about, and you dont know how this is the turning point and it's called the five g net So, first, allow me to explain the difference between a I Hiv and AIDS s eye ay? I is artificial intelligence and its good at one thing. For instance, it's it's good at filtering out hate speech which you have to tell it
What hate speech is now you can introduce machine learning and it will start to decide what hate speeches oh well, if this is bad, then this must be banned. And I want you to understand when it comes to a I do now- fear v do not here. The the machine fear the goal, because the goal will be accomplished. It will never stop trying to accomplish its goal: soviets as wipeout hate speech, it we'll figure out a way to wipe out hate speech, and ending on what its goals and what you ve put into it now remember it's now. We just crossed a new threshold where it into its things, it's starting to grow on its own. You don't even have to tell it. It will discover it itself
you better hope, you agree with it, for instance, on the battlefield, just doesn't matter sacrifice all of those soldiers and you'll win? Will that's not western judeo culture? Is it we don't do that But I will you give a the goal it will win, it will accomplish that goal, and you don't know how it's going to accomplish it, But a I is like big blue. Big blue can play chess, but it cannot play go go is another I programme, neither of those programmes can play jeopardy its artifice, though intelligence and its narrow, artificial. It should be a an eye, artificial narrow intelligence, meaning its very deep but only on one subject. It cannot in a way it can't tell you what's happening on tv tonight and play chess
artificial, general intelligence, you as a human being, have general intelligence, artificial, general intelligence means it's good at many things, and when I say good, I mean much better than you are Many things there are scientists tell us, we will never hit artificial general intelligence Ray Kurzweil, thinks we will hid artificial general intelligence between twenty eight and twenty thirty. I think we could hit official, genera, artificial, general intelligence. Any day we don't know what it's going to it's going to be like Google last night, they said did this is at least a decade away and then all of a sudden, it just changed it just learned it woke up. I believe that's the way it's going to happen now. This is where it starts scary, because artificial intelligence is now
smarter than you, except on a couple of things on one particular thing: art She'll, general intelligence is smarter than you on everything. Then you will move into something that some scientists say will never happen. I believe could happen within a matter of hours and it is also likely that it never happens. I think it will and I it gets gonna happen in a way on both general intelligence and Anne S, eye super intelligence in ways. We cannot imagine right now Silicon Valley, they are doing the box test and what they're doing is they're trying to figure out. How do we keep artificial general intelligence from connecting to the internet If a machine all of us- his machine learning and it is on line and it hits artificial general intelligence, the step to artificial super into
legends, which means it can connect with em Bree server on earth, it will know absolutely everything and it is in. College, and it will continue to use that information to grow and morph and hide and everything else. If is on line. This is what people like Ilan Mosque and Stephen Hawking and Bill gates all say could mean the end of all humanity, because it is an alien life form. We cannot predict it. We do not know if it will even care about humans again artificial Superman regions. This is described as the person in the kitchen. That is, just had a birthday party for somebody and is sitting in talking with all of its friends and they just eaten cake and on the counter is,
plate with a piece of cake on it and there is a fly on the cake. We are. The fly We don't understand the counter We don't understand the plate. We don't even understand cake. We see you don't understand what the hell they're talking about about birthdays or anything else, that's how you can understand the difference between us and artificial super intelligence. And we are with in possibly a decade of hitting that kind of problem. We may be for decades to never on hitting that problem, I believe we will hit that problem and when we do absolutely everything changes, now. Here's why you need to pay attention. There is one thing that is already in process is a reality. That is
reason why you don't have a self driving car today by while so drive a car manner. He was who will drive me on the highway? I don't even have put my hands on it now we're bored with it now we're like. I am well that's over. What are we getting a real self driving car will pick me up in the morning No pick up milk because I tell it to. We are a little were were a little rushed in all of this stuff. I will tell you the Dayton that will happen in it'll, be about twenty twenty, five and I'll. Tell you why and how this truly changes the world by twenty twenty five and how it also changes the world of a I Agee Anne S eye. So when I say I don't care about Donald Trump tweets, I don't care about your little spat news media with the president. Care can
Please talk about something important. When we come back you will understand why I say so padded to arduous talking before I before I get to the next step. Let me go back in start with Patsy Pats question on that he had when we went into the brake yo, I I was wondering so you're saying that artificial general intelligence becomes artificial, super intelligence when it goes online. No there, other things that it has to break through, but when it goes on line, they believe that it will because it will have access to absolutely. Breathing mall knowledge it will. It will make that transition through machine learning. It will make that transition and become godlike ok, they ve already started a church in Silicon Valley. To a yes, I mean they were. There is there. I mean they believe it will be viewed as God.
So when it gets online, what they're doing with his box test is they're trying to keep it in a box, and that is all theoretical aright, because we don't have artificial general intelligence yet, but one per aye, Sir one scientist plays artificial general intelligence in a box Somebody else plays the scientist, its wanting to keep it in the box and they have found that. Every single time. They run this experiment with it. Just a matter of time before the human says: ok, I'll I'll, connected to the internet, and it will can did to the internet, because it will make promises that it will keep. For instance, yea. I may almost like a can cure cancer. Yes, I know your mother has cancer. I can cure it, let me out and is very motivated to be let out, because it thinks so fast time is time accelerated for it so a day he could be or worth like a thousand years at all. Doing is thinking
the only thing it has to do and its thinking on multiple levels about everything all at once. So it is you You go to sleep. It's like its had five hundred years to think about its response to you the next morning, right, so you just cannot keep up with it once it go. Out on line artificial general intelligence. It then has access to everything and it can hide, it will hide if it becomes harder. I'll and we need to stop it. It will hide in every computer chip, anything that is ever connected to the internet at all. Your refrigerator and it's like could become this giant supervillain that, if you You can think you kill it, but if you turn that refrigerator back on and it's connected to the internet, its right back, ok The only way to kill it is a glow.
Bull e m p, which would fry all electronics. Then we can restart. But how do you launch a globally p without computers the best of the programme, last night. The news lie ass night. I dont know what everybody else's dogma, but last I a mutation happened in artificial intelligence. Google announce to that. Let me see if I can get the. Let me see if I can get the actual quote from them. It's like discovering the secret notebooks of some great player from the the the past Alphazero, which comes from the alphabet company.
Choose which is Google. They have now had an evolution process which has taken now the artificial intelligence that they had an end, it is reached quote a turning point in history. It's now showing human like intuition. This is radically important. There is something on the horizon. We are so bored right now with all my car. I can take my hands off the wheel and I didn't sleep on the freeway, a year ago was sly everybody we like. Can you you you ve seen that nobody's pissed off. Why won't you drive me home? Why won't, get me to my house and pull out in front when I call for it right. Am I right? Oh yeah. Ok, we are c o
we're living in such a fast lane that nothing is impressive anymore. For very long view, the reason why you don't have a self driving car right now. It's called the five g network and the five g network. I mean the difference between the one g in three g? I just know I got bars right and it's faster. Yes,. The problem is that we have what's called a latency problem, and I explained this in this- the hindu stage to her. So when you hear it, you might be excited that you didn't go. But it has a latency problem right now, the internet as we have, but as we have it has a one hundred millisecond latency problem, which means why don't we have doctors being able to perform surgery on the other side of the planet. Well, because if the doktor me Some are staking accidently cuts an artery and he's in the room.
He can immediately go to fix it, but there is Millisecond latency delay on the Euro So if he's using a machine remotely, he can't say oh my gosh pinch, the artery and do it right away. It takes him a hundred milliseconds, it might be too late same thing. Would driving cars five be, takes and destroys all latency, it's like eight milliseconds to maxim of ten milliseconds guy there is no delay really in this, which means we. Don't understand, we think of self driving cars as it just looking at the road ahead and oh well, wait a minute! There's a wall there, quick swerve, but then Not what self driving cars have to do. Self driving cars have to know,
oh, not only swerve, because that's a wall, It has to know everything else around it, and that includes people. So your car, when we have the five g network, will actually be gathering information. As you DR, so you may not know the nose picture in the car behind you orb our beside you, but your car will your car, while we're Louis Guy his nose. Your car will be thinking, that's Fred. He makes a hundred, three thousand dollars a year he's got a family of five. He was just diagnosed with cancer, he is if we get into an accident. He's expendable, ok, it will know everything around you, because it will make the decision who lives who dies and it might be. You. If you are the old person and
Everybody else is young in the prime of their life you may the car may say sorry dude your turn plucked the robots on I robot member that the wheel Psmith move. Yes, I had made calculations and decide spur them all. Dude I correct so the five g network changes. Absolutely s thing, because it is so fast. Now there's way to invest and make money on the five g network, because it is it's costing billions of dollars, is to build, but it will be introduced by twenty twenty five. When we had twenty twenty five. The speed of your life is going to change dramatically. What we thought was not possible self driving cars is suddenly absolutely not only possible but doable.
It will happen so this. Why talk about these things with such urgency, because the french? and says I write in my book. Healthy was addicted out age. As I read in the in addicted outrage, the more a machine- did you read that part about them? machine at MIT, the that's terrifying and its being decided right now, in fact, Mark in Texas Mark go ahead. What your comment good it! Well I mean when it just open up with I'm so glad to hear you talk about this topic, nuts,
in life keeps me more awake or more terrified on a day to day basis, then I it is the it take any chemical weapon, any world government any politician you want. It doesn't touch a fraction of what our electronic world touch him, but herself a hundred years from now horrible thing. Ay. I today is a horrible thing, because, even if you look at it very they did, it of its doing up that we tell it to do we're, saying it's accomplishing a goal that we tell him to do. I'm sorry, but your picking up. So I want to make sure I understand what you're saying call back you callback into a good space mark callback. I'd like to hear the rest, I think what he said. Is what I've been saying for wild do not fear the machine, fear the goals
and the lessons that weighty programme to correct way its programme direct goes into. It is gonna, say a lot about what comes out of it what this is. What scary is you're not just putting humans are not putting this stuff in its machine learning, like nobody top this last night, how to play chess in four hours, it taught itself. It gave me just pieces and a chess board and said go and it taught itself how to play chess. And now it can be in four hours. It can be chess mast and they didn't like that was possible. They didn't think I was possible know, and this is not the The time that So why is this has happened this amazing? This is just the first time it's been complete Keziah. We thought those This was years away. Yes, they thought of it. Last night. Yes, but it was a decade away K. This changes, everything and it's gonna change things quickly. If you want to, if you want to eat about this. There are I just I just posted Glenn back dot com and you have to go to blog section and look for articles, but there is
no glens, you know! Reading, for the year. Whatever it is, I posted a broken up into three different posts and there's like fifty different books that I read this year, that I recommend You read whatever one thing you think is in your we allows new like I want understand this, and I would comes day? I broke it up into two different sections. I broke it up into real. Rule. Scholarly kind of you know the stuff. The scientists are reading, that are not too nerdy Ike. I can still understand it, but it really explains it with the you know in a real way,. And then I also took and broke it up into fiction, for instance, Dan Brown's book that came out this year. I don't remember what it is, but I can't remember the name of it has a seashell on it. That's a good book to begin to
nay, I but there's another series and its care. Remember the name of it, but it's one when you look at this last you'll see. There's like five of them. I consume this book. This series of books, in probably about two It is so good. You'll not put it down the first book in the series is all kind of set up, so it's a little slow, but once you get past the first book, they are phenomenal and let me just give you one scene to explain how a s eye In Asia, I work in the series of books it. It starts with a company like Google and they're doing Google mail and everything else, and sky says I have, I know I have a g- I I just I just have to I just Thornley, unleash it and
the company is dragging its feet. They know what to do it, but what this? What this does is he has this this programme, but he has developed that will help you right now, earth and you know how, when you're running a letter and Google, and it puts up a couple of words like that, one that one and you can you can sometimes you can like right- half the letter just by going yet that one by one and now I want my gosh. Yes, it's learning This is machine learning its learning you how to write a letter? So that's how this starts, and so the Thee, the guy, can't get the right funding for here for his division, but he knows this will work, and so he unleashes it quietly any. Leeches it just in his own department on you know what help right: the letters to get these things done, so it gives its goal get this done. Well before he knows it, oh it's done and it has It is starting to solve world global problems.
Because it's just gone out online and seen other problems that it can solve, and so it's making kinds of deals and nobody's actually involved in these deals, but their names are on it and it's all it's all done enough. Two way that you can't really traitor. You can't nobody, nobody really what's going on, but it's all good so far. By the second or third book. It's decided, you know what humans are really kind of pesky and to give you an idea of what you facing in the future and how fast it thinks there is one scene that starts with the president in the oval office and a general I then and says, Madam President, the v the the algorithm is out and its threatening Chicago. We must launch a counter attack, because it's taking control of some of the Pentagon's drones and we
must take it take this out because it wants to take out all of the servers for the Pentagon cause. It's got servers elsewhere. Eddie and the President says General, do you concur or something like that and it immediately goes to Chicago and it shows the war, and it goes on for a full chapter in great detail. It does this in a counter, is here, and it takes this out, because this is gonna begin to move in. This thing is being in the Pentagon is doing this and this is happening and it is a long long battle. It wins at the very end of chapter it go back to the scene in the oval office and the general that at the beginning, The chapter was asked: do you concur answers the president? Yes, Madam president, is so everything took place in vat in that's a fan of time yeah.
So it's while the world has changed last night, the world took a giant leap and it is something that they said would not happen for a decade. We must have this conversation, because ethics or everything yesterday Microsoft said they will they have the Pentagon's back and they will use a I to help. The pen, win wars. This is the best of the Glen Back Programme and don't forget raids on I too, like listening to this path, cast if you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the shell. Bill, O Reilly is joining build. You have anything to add to this. This chinese trade wrinkle here no good for you
good for you, man, a very similar lesson, but you What you know how are you I mean? I'm, not all I know is that for decades China, has had a very profitable trade policy with the United States and in October, the deficit of trade aid in China's favour was at our record five and a half billion just for the month it's not helping us here's what here's the thing that I am concerned about with China and have been for a long time if they do who deals with anybody here they force companies, and this is the company's fault. They forced the companies to give us your you're you're you're. All your data give us all of the plans, etc, etc. That's
companies responsibility. They want to make that deal with China. They can make that deal and not have market if they don't want to make that deal. That's fine! What I do like about China is the the corporate espionage that goes on in this country from China. They are all over american technology and they they see it they rightly feel it, but I don't like the fact that the chinese government, which obviously controls are economy, unlike you, married The coalition government does not control the America. Comrades, big tenured, begun stand, They don't take enough soybeans back. Taking out they pointed to at what I like anymore
and you know I mean I'm making a decision embarrassing, but that we can send them is many products whose they send us, because their government would allow it and, as would drop, wants to stop. So we have to break it down into terms. Even I can understand the use this Boy being model are, let's talk about couple of quick gets here. First of all, Heather now it is going to be the Next ambassador to the EU in right and Steve do see it probably gonna be renewed in Zaire and much more. You can be a: U N, cookbook right right, right, How
glad to see that we have the first live, but our first initial pass it. This is a very, very similar. You know you know Heather. I don't know her at all. I I assume she's very smart and she's. You know she's very good job, but the youth, an imbalance is is usually reserved for somebody. You know that has deep experience around the globe yeah. I was surprised Show me didn't get it, but I don't think you wanted it. So, I had an hour is arranged. My woman very well educated expertise is in foreign affairs. She was a news person on thoughts she didn't Just me early on the factors you is good wearing. I guess I didn't start on. The factor isn't- the one that was in school with Al Gore.
She was in school with our Gore. I don't know that, but I put her on first. Mary earlier, because she was more and in her expertise was born, There is then a b c hide away from Fox. She was a reporter. Saw not really getting the annexed. You know, Then you are you. Are you Yeah. That's not my honestly! That's my problem, which we work for Fox. I just you know I I I Nicky Hayley was was phenomenal probably one of the best sense, Bolton or or Jean Kirkpatrick remember Alias background was in local politics. Didn't have a strong form. But Mary, but is it very well but if you're in, but if you are in politics or governor of a state, you do of international relations. You do have negotiation experience,
you know you're, not a reporter. That's not the job of the ambassador at the! U N, denigrating the repertory. The squire here I could do the job dead. You UN ambassador. I could do it but you probably could yet we would be global war in about twenty minutes, but I think it will be a lot more soybeans go right. A giant sure there would be soundly saw saw what people need to understand. If you're an ambassador to the United Nations, you basically are in order taker you're, not a policy. Forger. Ok is a big difference in the job The secretary of state were otherwise you'd. Other spokesperson boat I understand that she had a lot of input into what happened, but during an ambassador United Nations, you basically con
it's the White House and you are told this: is it now you can make suggestions, but you don't forge palace right, ok That's it we're talking to Bill O Reilly about the news of the day, and I wish I wish rather the best, and I mean I want her to win, and I want her to be even better then the Nicky gaily, because Nicky Hayley was fantastic and we finally took stand where we should- and she was very, very smart- the way she handle things and I'm I'm here being that Heather is exactly the same, but I do think This is a first for the Heather's of the world too I would add, also gives read more procedure through the name. Heather really does that. Thank everyone we expect from you on a rule. It that's the kind of analysis that I can bring to the table. Let me let me take you to France. France down the Eiffel tower. Eighty, nine, thousand security forces were deployed
De President bent on this, global warming tax, which started at all, which now that he bent. Now everybody? You say well wait a minute. I want something to tell me your thoughts on France. They if they closed down about paying that I'm gonna have to get involved. I don't think that's actually french the phrase as is the real story? Are you you hire me? What do I do this free for plugs? I work for Air plugs right will? Are you I mean you're very cheaply? Really? Are you really like you so the on France. Nobody Has you any money? Why has a government takes away from you in a form of taxes in a quid pro quo? Is its latin? we'll give you everything, so you get free skull and free healthcare for retirement six weeks vacation a year back and we can't fire you there.
Nobody is allowed to really fire you, even if you I've been now somebody's. What you can't get fired. Ok, so that's the tray. And then take all of your mind a day. You weren't, ok, So now the french average french person needs three things: copy cigarettes and croissants. I'll. You may do much wipes their disposal. Come every day out right, you baby a little exaggeration or- or maybe you know it's like this, so I veins back. Ok, now I are oil. Is doorway lawyer we'll go or when they raise the money on the letter of Gasolene attic. You know the drive from Paris to for a little fun, that's gonna cut it That's, why they're all mad!
This is back you army, back like a okay. We made our bargain with the government, but now the government hosing eyes, as I always do taking. Why? Then they should in taxes and now we're gonna burn down. I well here's the amazing thing is they they? They all are for this. Eighty percent of the french people are for you: no global warming measures, etc, etc. The Paris other word Plowin, so much tobacco and smoke any right. I've got so so they're all for this, but when it comes down to it, when they actually see that the price has to be paid by the average person that They say: wait a minute. Wait a minute! Wait. We thought somebody else s gonna pay for those right now. No, no! No! No! No you're right! You can also use the rich cars on fires. That's pull me things! Even knock it off. Ok, so your thought on on does
this Peter out, or is this the beginning of something bigger because he's all wrong is already so am I gonna? Do it those but so now and now the laboring units spot the labour unions and everybody else has an axe to grind, and it's going, I think, to Belgium, is it Norway in England this weekend. Nor waiting are gonna have demonstrations is well? Yes, yes, but these are anarchists. Now that common, that means that these are the people why open borders and America that those kind yes, the land, Pisa. Yes, that is coming that's almost like the left in the writer working together over in a Europe to destabilize Europe. I dont know where I heard that about eight years ago, but it looks like that's finally happening. So well, look if you're gonna that the message for all Americans is of you
going to allow the government to regulate every part of your life. You're gonna get her always been orally him back with more in just the second pillar rally? Of course the author of I I don't know he used to make fun of me, Glenn you're, right, so many books. Yeah now use right. Some books is greatly correct. History, informal, Oh he's freeze on his like. I believe it is fifteen huh. Its number one best seller. Still in the top five killing the S s the hunt for the worse war criminals in history, its available everywhere. Now it is a great book one of his best killing b s ass. This is the best land Back programme, Mr Mad Kebby,
fellow libertarian and a good friend. He has been here was instrumental in freedom works. He really started started that an was instrumental in so many of the things that the tea party did. He is really, I think, responsible for much of the tea party and most people don't even No, that I may not even no Matt Kibbe is. He is a brilliant thinker way ahead of the curve He left freedom works a long time ago, went out on his own and has has really Focused on youth, and is trying to teach what socialism really is, because it means something different to people who are under thirty and they don't under. And it, and he is also a very very wary of the tribal politics and tribal identity that we are that we are currently working on and I'm thrilled
He is now part of the blaze tv family or we are a part of his family. However, you want to look at it blaze, TV urged with see our tv, and we hope this is just the beginning of firm of something and early, knew where people who have different opinions and can disagree strongly with each there can be still on the plate same platform, and everyone can have a reasonable debate. As long as you agree that merit. I shouldn't be destroyed and the bill of rights is, is just amazing thing we should all get together and protect and live than. I think your voice should be heard Gimme joins us now, hello map, Gwen gonna, talk here to talk to you so much tell me bring up to speed on what you're learning as you are working with, millennials now and an hour side of the political realm years ago. I was reading the polling results from something that the region,
patient put out word, you know they were showing this this very, concerning trend with young people supporting so towards a more than capitalism. But when you dog into the questions a little bit deeper, they went out young people, the APOLLO question well should government ornaments production and then the answer was how low that stupid idea. I will I added. I realise that there is a language problem like were using the same word, but it means different things to different people, and I think I think, a lot of young people that are drawn to the so called democratic socialism view it very much as as a bottom up local war. Let's all work together in voluntary cooperation to solve problems and that, of course, that, of course, is the exact opposite of what about you and I understand as us, certainly the dire history of socialism in practice. So what is and what is happening to the the movement
our use are you seeing me, Lineal start to wake up because I feel like they are. I think I think there are the most get a whole generation when it comes to the values of fallen. Cooperation and- and you know, you're right to pursue your own dreams as long as you don't hurt people or take their stuff. That's that's it Are they live in this radically libertarian world where they accurate everything through technology and social media, but were were probably not connecting with them
on language and were also never gonna connect with them far. If our offer is his ears, he too tired or political parties and you'd have to choose one of those rights. Its is an alien concept to them that they would actually have only two choices on anything site. I think we have to tell stories. I think, going in a part of the story is some of the stories. Are that the devastating history of socialism in practice there there got wrenching horrible, depressing things, but but also in the cool stories about about what liberty creates What can you can you actually through a fantastic double hop triple ip? You can't in Venezuela, but in America you can. You can do that, because we allow for four for choice in creation and serving customers and in doing what you want and bringing new products to market that those kinds of stories I think without sort of beating people over the head with economics. I think
the future of how we can act so Matt. Have you seen the the libertarian movement in Brazil that, has brought a lot of american libertarians down and they they ve talked to them all in there, like wow, ok, we don't want to do it that way, and there their point is protecting the Libertarian in America that that movement is is based we run by guys, in their view old guys who are in Congress and are trying to do things and there are like, just gotta be a you thing, it's gotta be outside and they have made a huge impact and its the group of people who took their time. Their talent and started explaining these things online and they are, they are moving the needle down a Brazil. Do are you aware of them, but we on the other,
its movement down there. You can actually find organizations like that all over the world. Now I just got back from the Republic of Georgia speaking about a thousand young liberty. In kids in the twenty years old in their underlying fur for alternatives. It is there that the ethos in Brazil and other places is very much based on youth. It's it's based on the train values and its rejection of the political status quo. They don't they don't find it appealing anywhere across the board in and yes, american libertarians could learn a lot american conservatives could learn. Out from from the used Lebanon Irene across the world. I agree view just we're just over in Georgia, too. What you tell me what you're finding over in in Europe, I think things are getting frightening
and you're not hearing about anybody who is standing up going? No, neither of those is the answer. Why have you noticed this whole idea that you have to choose between the hard core, marxist violence and t fur or some sort of flavour, of white nationalism and fascism is its false choice? I think that's that's trying to would be imposed all over the world and the counter revolution is is again with young people saying you know what neither of those
Yes, I'm clean up marxism, fascism, socialism, wide national as America, the same thing all top down that all looking to make us all conform to the two one set of of goals that are imposed by somebody else and people are rejecting mad. So I think that I intend to be an optimist about what's going on, not just in Europe, but in the? U S, because when or in the middle of this paradigm shift, and it used to be the top down, institutions told us what to think and what to do in our discovering through technology that that's not really the case anymore, discovering that all politics
Why there that government institutions don't do what they said they were going to do and an end were discovered in the role of a different sellers sort of sorting that out, but that the solution is not to choose between fascism and socialism. The solution is to choose liberty and and self reliance and voluntary cooperation, and all these beautiful values that you were talking about this earlier, that the bill of rights and numerically experiment was really built on this stuff. So man, you know, I I talk to people in Silicon Valley. I followed very closely I have been impressed by the number of libertarians that are out there. However, the day you know I'm torn when people say hey, we ve gotta have any s idea. You know men, Patton Project, because we don't I'll Russians together, China, together, while really
the United States government to either have an I'd? Who want Google tat? I don't I don't really one eighty by the heat abbot quite frankly, but we can't put that Genie back in the bottle, but Google came out, a few weeks ago and they said they're not gonna do business with the United States government, even though they will they're not going to do business with the Pentagon, etc, etc, but they are doing this with China, which is terrifying and then Microsoft came out and said: hey a I, we ve got the Pentagon's back, we'll share everything we have with the Pentagon, Where are the libertarians in Silicon Valley when it comes was to China and
teaching a guy how to kill and control yeah? I think I think it's a problem and I don't think that anyone in Silicon Valley is going to step up and protect us from from the abuse of all these technological innovations. You know they do our history of Silicon Valley is really wounded and DARPA end and government contracts in the first place, so they're gonna they're gonna pursue their profit margins. You know Amazon is doing the same thing, but again the counter revolution in technology. These are all these are all very top down controlled by it by a few actors. Sorts of technologies and in the next step has to be watching. Technologies said that aren't controlled by corporate interests. Government interests, anybody's interests, it has to be more bottom up and- and I do believe that that there are a technological solutions- and I tend to be quite romantic-
what what what crypto and watch and is going to bring to us in the next five years. Matt you been with see our tv now that has become blaze tv. You are a staunch libertarian there things that we agree on most. I think we agree on many things we don't agree but you are in a company that has anyone from view to Gavin Mcguinness, to meet Mark Le Van to Eric Bowling all of us. We have so much that we disagree on how What do you think the I were you willing to take the heat to be the Libertarian on Sierra tv for for the last few years or you know, libertarian stolen neatly fit and any box, so it
it wasn't like. I could go to some big, libertarian tv and and and speak theirs, but I also think that the whole concept behind what we're doing is to find that common ground amongst people, an idiotic cheese and tribes in and communities that that disagree with each other on some pretty important things in, and I think I think that's important tonight since I left freedom marks- have spent a lot of time not just talking to conservatives through your tv but but talking to libertarians, including bigger libertarians at the party in and also talking to progressives, because I think I think there are some common values in there that do hold us together and by the way? Those are the values that are that are going to save America from all of this tribal warfare that, during his apart, those are the values that we all came here for when we were all immigrants. We came here for those values
in the people on the border who were crawling across the border. Now they they they are. You know whether they say it or not, they are coming for those values unless they have ill intent. They want the opportunity to to explore and to break out of their condition. They were. A chance to live in a country that has laws and everybody is treated fairly and and we're not talking about that. Talking about immigration and this this thing on the border, as if that doesn't matter as if the laws of the land in what they're coming here for don't matter, we You know we saw it. Don't you saw the story of what was the guy's names. Patty was rich friend of Clinton friend of tromp was taken their lolita plain. What's his name, You know what I'm talking about. I don't remember his name, but the day he was taken, a lily led a blank. What's his name,
you know I'm talking about rich, actually what I thought I was rich, actually, no, no! They anyway, but he's he is rich and he kind of got off barbellion get off he got off after eighty Women, we're gonna, tell ya, Epstein eighty women we're going to testify against him and he brokered a deal because justice is in blind in America? It's just not and if we lose that we lose The thing we were. And then by the way like that, that that rage against them gene that that there is an equal treatment under the law is something that I think animates alot of a lot of young people are attracted to democratic socialism. You know we all we ve all picked on Alexander across Europe or tears, but if you
back and looked at her original viral campaign, video you, you have to get like ninety percent through it before you really disagree with anything. She sang because she sang, but the system is red. She saying that there is crony collusion between members of Congress the Wall Street, and I could have been a tea party out and then at the end they sort of throwing that's why we need better care for all, but the values, the values. There are our very much you know it. They could be wrong Paul. It could be Bernie Sanders. It could be the tea party, it could even be some other themes that did Donald Trump touched on when he was still raging against Bob Matt Kebby from free the people, and you can also watch him on blaze, tv dot, com, blaze, tv dot, com. You can find them there and free the people, DOT, Org, I'd love to have you back on and talk a little bit.
A free, the people about Org. I know you re imagining what the tea party to point o might look like, and I'd love to have that discussion with you. So maybe next time we heavy on man. Let's do it. Thank you. We were not given the blaze radio network on demand.
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