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2019-09-12 | 🔗
Tonight there’s yet another 2020 debate, and Glenn is sending a writer to this one. So we may hear an audience member yell “BINGO!” every time Trump is mentioned. Philadelphia’s police commissioner is being asked to resign over a 25-year-old T-shirt picture. Comedian Nick Di Paolo joins the show with his rundown of the 2020 Democrats, Dave Chappelle, and why comedy may just save the country. Sujo John, 9/11 survivor and founder of YouCanFree.us, calls in to share his personal story of that horrible day and how it changed his heart from chasing wealth to rescuing modern-day slaves.

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And a podcast does it's time for today's podcast and a good one. In fact, I don't even know where to start on this one. Well, we started with France and Frank: try being a businessman in France if you think we're screwed up, try being a businessman in France, the story we leave tastic. We also talk about infanticide things that nobody in the media's talking about Nick to follow is on with us today very very funny. We we hired a couple of listeners to watch tonight's debate because, honestly we just can't we just can't do it. So if other, we have other things we're doing yeah for the show yeah. You know I'll, be watching the NFL games I'll be going to my son's school parent teacher meeting about education because you're actually right right. So what I'm going to do right, also, probably, I think the most important break that we have done on the show- and I don't know how long I have a feeling on this and just kind of came out and it through discussion with with do, and it just feels absolutely right how Donald Trump could lose the election. If Warren becomes the candidate, it's kind of a it's, it's it's a horror show it is our version of american horror story. It's a horror show, but you must listen to it. It's all on today's podcast now imagine you're coming home still.
And you're coming from a business trip? Okay, you went went someplace and you are there on business and you are This is Damn this corporation, I the I, I broke my leg. The was working and you're like what I mean. You're. Still you work in an office. As you sit behind, I broke my leg and there was was on a business trip. Ok and then she found out that you were water skiing. What would your wife say. And my business isn't, your daughter sees your business is what you do ok now there are no cameras or anything else. You are stay out on a boat with a group of people. Hot people
water, ski hot people, hot okay. She may be a little suspicious thing else, was going on right and would she say really that's the company's problem which she would you your? that company, and did the company, ask you to go water skiing. Now it is my free time yeah. No, she wouldn't in France, here's what happened An employee died on a business trip, and the family is suing the company and the courts just ruled. Yes, That is a cut. That's the that's the responsibility of the company to make sure that their people are protected. Here's what happened! he was an employee that had a heart attack while having sex with a stranger in is hotel room, uh
The firm they have, my wife would have more of a problem with that. Then the water skiing yeah. Well, I didn't want to give you a static so insane right now I mean we. My life would have a problem with the water skiing. You know so. But he coming in and going and I I have ok, I broke both my legs because we're having his crazy sex. I don't think my wife would say: ok now and she wouldn't say that damn company she'd say I'm leave I'm glad right glad this happened to you right now. I only have to break two arms. I don't have to break all four limits: safety supply. It saves me time right so the family, said that they entitled to compensation compensation, because I workplace injury. And so the company said: no, that's not a workplace it just. I don't know if you know, but he was in his hotel room at night. We had finished work and he
picked up a stranger in the bar, and it was so good, no offense to rub it in here, but it was so good that he had a heart attack during it. Is it I guess you would have been at that hotel if not for the work assigned well, that's what the judge said. Oh my god, that's what the judge said. The employer is responsible for any accident occuring during a business trip, he wouldn't have been there in a quote extramarital relationship with a perfect stranger. Had he not been asked to go on the business trip. Oh my god, amazing man if you think we're insane, we are not fully there. Yet you don't think that could happen in the United States. So please don't wreck dot I just I don't have come on the case to bring you back and you can look. I've got the debate tonight. I'm trying to build myself up with a lot of hope in a lot of good
being so? I can watch the debate in last. Maybe two minutes before my head explodes I'll, say, though I think it's a good idea to if you're going to commit a crime in France, until you're on a business trip. Like in order to go and murder someone. Wouldn't the company be responsible for the murder, I didn't do what I was on. A business trip I did was. I was added quality in right and I just murdered somebody at the bar, but I might if I wasn't working For this I would have never been to the quality. I robbed the bank, but I was only in town that one night, because business told me to go there as long as you can show it's not premeditated. I think your call you are I like it. It was. This bank was a total stranger to me, I'd never seen before and had no idea just to an extramarital robbery with another bank. If, with the debate monitored, my moderator today were to say if a person were to go and have sex on a trip, a business who should be responsible. You have to believe at least eight of the
People are saying it's the crews there tonight who's there tonight. I will tell you exact number of how many people how many I would say. Yes, you have Joe Biden, he would say who It's tough come back to him. Okay, Bernie Sanders. Yes, companies, always it for everything. Yes, you know Liz with war, yes hundred percent to percent booted, yet somehow another the banks would be involved. If Elizabeth Warren was was that's true, yeah the banks are always give me the company, but really the company. His work we driven by the by the banks, to do it to judge yeah we do it already put it in a way to where every would kind of go like yeah, that's kind of common sense. That is just the average everyday Joe saying that you think is that he's not to me average everyday Joe he's like Mckinsey consultant right like he's he
speaks in that way that we've been in those meetings before like those high level consultants anyway, it all out here, like I don't think they said anything there. You know like there was a lot of a lot of Seattle's, but I yes, yes, yes, syllable to get content ratios variety. I didn't see. Hearing meant to it. I said that I mean that's. What he's good at he's? Good it he's good at just talking around things were. Like I don't know, I don't know what he said, but I kind of feel good yeah Kamala Harris comment: yeah she's, yeah she's, in Bob Frank O'Rourke, Oh yes, he's in because Bob Frank is in ultimate campaign, desperation mode in mostly any key might even say we have bomb on the station I'll be shocked. Is that it edible I'll, be shocked. Dude we got it, you can use the F word. I mean they all. I love it. They're also proud of themselves when they can say, because Donald Trump in a private meeting said S. Whole countries- and so now they all going to get to see the full word, because it's news in Quotes- and so
what about you? Don't what Donald Trump set? He says the whole word and then now Bob Franken saying the F word everywhere: right because he's so desperate for attention, his hispanic priest, Patrick O'Malley, Father, Patrick O'Malley, all very, very hispanic he's very upset use it that that the is young altar boy was, use is yes, word like that and Patrick O'Malley created. So Verde, if I'm not mistaken, you very hispanic very, very nice, triple hispanic yeah, yeah trips, panic yeah. This is this. Is this is a printer? How about Cory? Booker, yeah Cory, Booker WAR because of pandering machine yeah, he's gonna pander, no matter what it said. He actually was, but bashing Trump about the bill that they did together on in criminal justice reform, Chrissy Teague in the model, Slash wife of someone who's accomplish things and he has had it.
Wrote some really nasty thing with all sorts of swears and stuff at Donald Trump and, and he came out Another example of- Trump targeting minority women. Wait a minute. She was calling him like all sorts of swears and and I don't even think he named her- she back with some really like viral rant against it and she said he's like I'm on Creatine Chrissy. Oh, wait! T, Taegan and now a victim of something yes, Chrissy Teigen? Is that apparently the victim her pull poor, multi nation yeah? I didn't really and she's a minority I'd don't know, I honestly don't care, I don't feel like everyone else is so obsessed with this laptop cares. Water, skin color is my next thing. You know you're going to be saying: no, the company is not responsible for that extra marital affair, heart attack, so we had three. Names seven. So far. We have fully Castro yes, Amy Cooper, Club, Char
I don't even know that yeah yeah- no, I did not really relevant and Yang yeah, I would say no, I would say I think Biden would just it would just. I have to look at everybody else and if everybody else was saying yes, then he'd say yes and then he'd, probably flub. Sixty seven sentence is in a row yeah he Yes LPS's nobody is the best of the Glenn Beck program. Is pat- is here from the Pat gray, radio, roundup, otherwise known as Pat great on the least one point of personal privilege. He him his okay. Thank you. Yes, very bad is the host of that podcast, which you can hear live, is
chords it to every morning right before this one or you can download it at your discretion. And you can find that wherever you get podcast or on Blazetv tv dot, com, Pat, yes, talk about the craziness in Philadelphia. Now, Adelphia's acting police, commissioner and the people are calling for her to resign because twenty five years ago she wore a tee shirt. Yeah, that's the end, but you're a teacher. Here's what the t shirt said. Are you ready for this yeah now she's a police commissioner police, Commissioner in Philadelphia right she wore at shirt and it said LAPD. We treat like a king
course that's not funny at all. It's not stop naughty at all, no and Rodney. Yes, yes, oh I never, yes, that double on mom wraps there yeah so there so she came in. She came into work what last week and was wearing that? No, no, no just eight, photos surfaced of her from twenty five years ago. Twenty invite wears a show. She had the d sure Han and now she you know there, there demanding that you reside because of it mean not gonna, be able to. I I ii, you better start deleting your twitter feed right now, our kids are doomed, no faced. Pages be careful of your of your wardrobe, I mean yeah you're, our kids are getting. Our kids are people say on twitter, all time the time and you know what here's the thing, how
kid when you're a fifteen year old boy, you're not saying things necessarily that you believe you're saying that, because you know you can get a rise out of people? Oh yeah, yeah 'cause, it's in tag and icing when you're a fifteen year old boy, you don't know what you believe right, you don't know two billion it's not, and it's not hatred- I mean it could be. You know it. I saw it. I saw Jeff right what his name, Bowers and the way he was. You know beating up on those other kids and he had real hatred in his heart. So Stephen King tells the truth, but for the most part yeah most kids are just saying things that you can find any incentive, insensitive joke from a kid at fifteen years old it's usually made because they think it's going to piss a bunch of people off it's not made because they have a deep seated ideology like it's just like you and what you're thinking not supposed to say. Let's say that right, and when you're young, especially with comedy, When you're young, you don't cut fun, you don't gotta, find out literally our
theme really for the show, wouldn't back in the day. Back in the day, you don't cut funny, you don't cut funny. Is it funny? Don't cuss, but it's really offensive. Is it funny? Yes, don't cut fucka that was my. That was the first thing I told everybody that came to work for me on the show, don't cut funny, you leave it in don't cut, but now it's not funny. You know we were never. I really didn't invent. You know the clapper that hadn't been invented yet, like ha ha ha not funny, but I'm laughing in approval. Now I mean how are kids going to survive the only hope is saturation, I think for kids. Today, yeah I got this white I was. I was reading the going back through we we're talking about history yesterday and I was clicking around through a bunch of stories and went down some wormhole and there was a story about Dan Quayle
Dan Quayle they found they actually found the potato. Kid recently do this. They want to. They found it. Ok, yeah. They found the potato. Kitsada wait, wait for anybody who doesn't know this story he's a child that Dan Quayle had kept in aid in a dark box, underneath his refrigerator sink with the potatoes. It was a horrible horrible when we found this out and he was initially because Dan Quayle impregnated a potato right. So it was a very strange study. The potato has a lot of eyes and he couldn't take the way the potato was looking at it, but that's a different story. There's a lot of justifications for what he did and we're going to do now so he if you remember, of course, he went up and- and the kids spell the word potato correctly. He added on the e in there's a back and forth about how we have to we sped away your right to be spelled that way. Yeah exactly so, you know there's a long story, but I mean it. Basically, I mean Quayle made the point. Essentially, the road is life yeah. I career and was a
dramatically affected his In a terrible way, we have politicians that misspell words one hundred times a day on twitter and no one even bothers noticing right at some there's a saturation of these things. Were people just don't care anymore and maybe we'll get to that point. Kids, give me all have some help wrap on their on their back. This all said so many offensive things on Twitter over the years that you can hire anybody right yeah. So we know there is it less it's the algorithm that doesn't if it's the algorithm and the algorithm is been written by somebody who has an agenda, it will only silence of those be it's doing it now, we're doing it in real time, yeah, just only one, silencing yeah yeah and, for instance, let's take this. You want talk about saturation saturation of the story two years ago that the plan Hood was selling body parts, okay, everybody was talking about and what are the media say not true
true. This is made up. That's edited videos, blah blah blah blah blah right now we have planned parenthood admitting in a court of law and the people that were procuring it admitting Underoath that, yes, they were selling them and The company that was procuring them test, they were taking beating hearts out of intact bodies so Child was born and killed. After birth. That's now under oath. In a court of law. No, talking about nobody, cares because it's it's kind of like, yeah. We missed that boat yeah, it's going to go back on it now, yeah you're not going to get on it. So if you, if you just say saturate it with something when you turn to be true, it doesn't matter Califate Caliphate, yeah
You said they're getting beat up for three years about how a caliphate might and all of a sudden there was a caliphate. There's been like this is your final just starts a podcast called Caliphate. I know like they will this these people or other criticizing. You like crazy, but it was years, are like our easy conspiracy theorist all of the legal they all this money on right. I know I know I know, but that's what happens yeah, that's what happened so I I was reading an article the other day at the was titled Dave Chapelle save the nation. And when I read it, I thought yeah, you know what, if he survives, this might save the nation. Have you seen? Have you seen? Nicked APOLLO no APOLLO, not on Netflix I mean he wrote for Chris Rock. The guy is really really funny comedians that all those guys respect back and admire the Jon Stewart on his last show.
I'm I'm but the It was a joy and I can't wait to go back and be on stage with people like Nick APOLLO and he was then named another comedian, another comedian, he named another comedian to comedians, so Nick is really really good, but he's not doing you know the Netflix Special because he's on the other side He is you think it if you that what's his name- that you spell chappelle- is politically incorrect. Go Youtube and look for nicked APOLLO, really, oh yeah, oh yeah, It's like I. I watched him on like how getting away with he's coming up in a few minutes. Getting away with saying all these things and it's because he's funny he's very, very funny funny know, and I think we're at that point. People don't care anymore. We're starting to I've. Never
a funnier routine, then Dave Chappelle's. I mean that that is an hour and ten minutes of just absolute brilliance and that this does take some chances with this stuff yeah they do and he's not. Really. I wouldn't call that a left wing routine either, because every time you think he's going there he there's a little twist yeah any hits both sides, but you know, but he and it's, but it's also not a right wing routine, no he's not at all. I think people conservatives are like all well, it did. Finally, someone saying some conservative things really really observations about the world and not caring which side it falls on right, and that is like a it's a super power these days it is me bill. Burr has a as a special up there now, which is getting the same type of buzz. Is this your pal and there's? I I want it. I tell you there is. There is a chance that Comedy If the countries the country yeah, I mean you know it is that possibility we lost all sense of humor and you know: we've talked about it for years.
How do you write something crazier, then what's happening, you know what I mean, and it's just the observations that no one is willing to say anymore, that are that are true and funny because it used to be. If you were joking about something you're kind of left, let off off the hook,
right. You didn't lose your job. If you were joking about something and clearly people know you were joking about it. Well that doesn't apply anymore at all. The t, shirt at all right, PD treat you right. That's a joke! Clearly, not so zero. You know what you get fired for that right now, in particular, I mean I guess if she was the police commissioner today maybe would be about five years ago meeting with the police commissioner, LOS Angeles, and without a where this teacher that my thanks man, this is the best of the Glenn Beck program. Hey it's land, and I want to tell you about something that you should be and your day with or Archer morning, and that is the news and why it matters I feel like they show you're going to love the news and why it matters it's a bunch of us. They all get together at the end of the day and just talk about the stories that matter to you and the news why it matters, but for now what every w p! Ladies and gentlemen, from the comfort, I believe in his own home in Georgia, it's Nick to follow hello
not my home. I have an actual studio. You haven't actually studio, I'm doing very well yeah good, so well, I can. I yeah go ahead physical of your physical appearance since essential Riley days as I love it, you got the white here, the go t. Let me just let me just How do you say come out of KFC at Cry you know it's really. You know it's really horrible? My my family has white hair for a very young. My sister is tired of getting there is at thirty. I was the last to get it and I always wanted it cuz. My grandfather had it I've turned into my grand father and if that's not bad enough, I do Look exactly like Colonel Sanders. It's not cool! It's not popular with the women. Well, the white shirt in the black tie. Not helping all the time. Okay, all right, good point out the window. You are fatter than Colonel Sanders. When I actually looked at a picture of Colonel Sanders,
here in worse shape than the guy who is selling fried chicken out of the trunk of his car yeah, but he does P90X three times a week. How you doing I'm doing good, how you doing you looking. Good right. That's right, I just came out of no, it's not stuck. No sure sure you didn't mean it that way. So, Nick, let me let me ask you tonight is the tonight is the democratic debate. In Houston tonight is tonight it's tonight going up against football gee. I wonder who's who's, gonna win in the ratings um what are your thoughts on Joe Biden? Well, he's a Joe bangs out of it and he has not no business. He there's no business being in the race. I mean, I can't believe, he's still in the lead in the sky.
He doesn't know what state is in these. Well, I I love. I love her coming in New Hampshire, this one of the most beautiful states, just just looking around the rocky mountains. He got the smoky mountains and I'll tell you. I love Denver. He. I can't believe So so, but is he? Is he the guy that is doing well? Just because everybody else is nuts, I mean go through them. Yeah Bernie Sanders he's a joy living about March. Do I have to say anymore? I don't know I mean I don't know what that means exactly well, I know he he hates the one percent everything one percent that they're getting all the tax breaks to get the getting all the money. I I I I I hit one percent milk. I graduated Summa,
yes, I don't like that. Why do you? Why do you live in Vermont Bernie? Well, I I love subarus. I love women in flannel. I love covered bridges and health care. He he first of all, he talks like a like me, I'm from Boston. He puts ours on words with uh. You know I'll, have a board current panic and I have to head out I'll, be touring in Nebraska and on and on you and in the bottom and up there, but I wrote the bill: damn it. I will like this punk, I gotta be honest with you, I I'll I what he's print it. Always politics forget about it. You made a good point, though this so far lap and if I was Bernie I'd, be p o to because our lives Warren is just yeah, you know rehashing his ideas. He had the nerve to come out and admit he was a socialist and now she's just trying to steal his thunder. But I found out,
but ours in the were were there should be our CS and adding them where there are, they don't exist, but that's what what the people, though, in Boston people, but I had so no go head to head- welcome to copy me How about the fact that he doesn't understand money? He he says I I don't understand why we can't pay teachers like ballplayers. Now we we, we pay him ball players, but I mean he doesn't understand that you're a. Let me explain. Ok when you can get twenty million people that own in to a science teacher Bring up alone in the kids card again, the teacher like Praesidium then sell twelve thousand beers at ten bucks a pop, and then we can paint what is only one type, a teacher who should get paid like a pro ball player, and that's the young
email teachers who sleep with their fourteen year old boy students I will actually take them to. I will actually represent them in arbitration. Operate into the principles will have to say. Mrs Johnson deserves another two hundred thousand dollars a year. Why is that? Well, she slept with half the basketball team last month and look at our numbers have a great, I don't think that's helpful, I don't, I don't think that's helpful. So what do you want to make a PETE Buddha judge? I hate him more than Hillary. That's all I have to say about that. This is. He is a smarmy little the monias holier than thou. I can't stand this guy and and he's on his whole. I mean he passes, self office history. You know religious whatever and now he's quoting the Bible. He says in action
You know climbing uh on in action on a you know, climate change is a sin he says. So what are you going to? The confessional bless me Father, for I have sinned I have sexual thoughts about my neighbors Wi Fi. I murdered a person twenty years ago and I am not using paper straws I would just come. I was just in LOS Angeles last we can they handed. You know you asked for a straw. They don't even give you a plastic straw, they have to ask for it and then it they were warned you with this paper straw that I did those when we will. They were passing out. Milk when I was in school, They are horrible. Therefore want me to believe that Hollywood stars of snorting coke, with paper straws, become our math. Mcconaughey is nineteen paper cuts in his left? Sinus come on, it's all below, don't get rid of the craziness draws. That's all I ask
There's a couple of things that I saw today. There was a story about a seventy seven year, old, guy who's being released from prison because Trump has said This is ridiculous. He was digging a trench, around his property because he was afraid of fires. And he dug a trench and he kind of made a little mot. He took a like a two foot stream and channeled it in so that water was around his property and the EPA threw him in jail, he seventy seven Thruman jail. I didn't know Bernie owned a shovel, yeah yeah as well, in jail, but trump it's just has just let him let him out and now well that is well, that's good. Now EPA
is saying that they want to eliminate all animal testing. Look. I said this on a special years ago. I said as far as animal testing. You know if hooked in a monkey's brain up to a car battery is going to save somebody from Diana AIDS. I have two things to say: the Red is positive in the black is negative: okay. If you don't want to use animals, replace the let's, let's replace the animals with career politicians, let's, let's, let's pump some chemicals in solvent Jerrold Nadler and see how he does after week, Smoking black. No! I am he just reacts like normal human beings- do when they walk up the stairs when he laughed like to collect yeah. I know this is this. Is the this is quite a work out? For me all right was. It sounds like you have to burn.
Hello. This is on the mexican border yeah. I I I have been, I believe, in Texas, now, by the way, you're living you moved to Georgia, yeah. How do you? How do you like it? I love it down here. I moved to a you- know very red state and first thing I did when I got down here. I want to be seven so I bought a handgun and I put it on my not that I went through chick fil a drive through, and I thought I was going to scale system in the window that didn't even phase them like we got list at thirty, eight snub nose. That's six hundred and forty two lightweight it. I shot. I shot my step with that. Let's round my sister on the fourth of July and I'm like that's a nice, Are you Diane, but anyways? Can I get them to catch up with how many? How many shows a year, do you do Nick how help How often are you out on the road not as much as I used to be glad that's the whole idea. I I just hate the road you know, so I used to do third, thirty five weeks yeah when I was young and single- and
Some women and it was fun and you know, but after eight time back to Cleveland. You know how many times can you visit? The bowl hall of fame, and so I probably I don't know- probably it's probably around fifteen. So have you been money. Have you been affected by this this quashing of comedy over the last one thousand and fifteen years. I well Yes, and no I mean I'm sure I didn't do myself any favors like landing, gig gigs as far as tv natural Hollywood show business, that's the thing. Don't know, but but as far as like performances, I I came out of the Is it as a righty on tough crowd in like two thousand and two? I you know I was spewing- the term cultural Marxism on that show which was a brilliant
idea by may I have eleven dollars in the bank come on now yeah I made everybody gives Dennis Miller and it's what's in, get credit for being right, he's a they had seventy million in the bank when they are so, but so I got. I got pigeonholed as a concert I'm not I'm a comedian who happens to lean right in it and is in so so people came out and and God. Trump came along, so you know but but So no, I I a few people walk out of my shows all the time. Well, it is not, and I may not be for your politics. I mean you are. You are my clothing, the Your! U you are you say everything. You say everything. Let me ask you what your your thought is on the Dave Chappelle Special, I absolutely loved it Dave Chapelle and I've said this. Ok and I know I'm, I I like him as a person. I honestly, I don't think Richard Pryor or Chris Rock, have anything on Dave ship
I think he's a genius I have written for Chris Rock I I wrote, but Chris Rock- and I am sure pal is Just- is like a jazz musician. Smooth he's smart, he's, concise. That being said, my only problem is people out there and people on my side gone. He oh he's fearless. Well, he first supposed to, this black guy with a hundred million in the bank, but she got to lose I'm Fairless seven year old, white guy, saying this stuff forever. That's why I'm doing a show in the back of an Applebee's right now, but that special, tremendous and I'm glad somebody that that's that's famous and has that many people watching but the message, but I but but I've been preaching that and if you watch my actual breath of fresh air? I touched on basically the same things: Dave Chappelle He came out a few months after month we touched on the same subject: people should put him
by siding going. This is how it is for white guy, so I I just don't like that. They don't know he's fearless His black guy in show business has never got in trouble for anything other than OJ in a couple of extreme cases. But I mean uh he's not going to get in trouble for anything he says and so you don't think this because he has gotten pushback yeah push back to one thing, but being canned being in I'll put under the radar for the rest of your show. Biz career is another thing and that that's that's never gonna happen to ship. I can I use the. Sample, remember: Tracy Morgan, his wife was pregnant. He actually came out and said it. Babies, gay I'm going to kill it. He actually said that and uh you know, six months later he has a new series on TBS I mean you, I mean yeah
tell me a white guy that could say something that outrageous and I'll be banned from the planet. So I I but he's a genius. You pals genius genius and he's that my top five easy, and I suggest everybody watched that special, but I then then watch mine and I'm not not compare myself him as a comedian. 'cause he's tremendous, but you know you're going to see the point of view from a white great fifty seven year old, white guy and and and he has a little more leeway to say stuff that I don't even know I cut LOS you, you do cut loose. He is, and I think, he's being. The people are assigning things to him that he didn't necessarily say his. His jokes many of them make you a minute before you say: wait, wait a minute. Did he say that or did he say this? He he's making a point, but you can't really pin him down he's just we'll thing to say things, but I don't I wouldn't,
I wouldn't say that he's. For instance, you know pro if, but I I don't know that he's pro abortion either. I don't know where he stands, which I his part of the genius of the way he's. He wrote this dude yeah- I do it's funny. You say that cuz the next hour, I'm working on I have about minutes on abortion, and you won't know where I stand either. You know, I look, I I can't say people's people I'm pro life as I lean right. My politics but I'd be a hypocrite to say that, because when I was young, I got a few girls pregnant and I was glad to a land Para. Buds are beautifully. Put I have right on the jack.
Normally it's a Vatican next week just stop and get your tickets now, but you're right. He sort of. Has the Michael Jordan remembered Michael Jordans called they said. Why don't you ever talk politics and he says because both Republicans and Democrats by snake, and uh. It's sort of Chappelle, sorry Buddy, but I don't he's doing that intentionally, I mean he's. That's how he thinks he's looking at both sides fairly, and you don't see that from so comics and that that that was the genius of it that you, like you said you could get him down, and it's really funny on top of that and look Netflix is Netflix, but let's not downplay the success of a breath of fresh air. I mean you're at eight hundred thousand views now on. You You can watch it for free, I mean it's done really well, people who are have a thirst, for this right now. That's that's exactly right. Do they do have a thirst for it? I'm lucky Trump came along because yeah, I'm I'm brutally honest about it. So wait, wait, wait! Is it Trump or is? that people
you're starting to see the effects in their own life. You know everybody wants to be nice. You know, I don't say that their handicap. It makes him feel bad. Ok, I don't want to, but then You get to a point where you like, shut up shut. This is affecting my life. There's a six foot, four guy in dress. That's now wrestling my daughter in female wrestling shut up, and so I they're just there is played out long enough to where people are seeing it affect their their own life in an egg? give way it will not some of it, but but when Trump look, this is when I and again folks keep this in context. I'm a comedian! I have a much darker sense of humor than you do. But this is I swear to God and I said I'm going to vote for Trump and I'm laying on the couch I'm half asleep. I got one eye open. Remember he won
to the physically challenged or board of the New York. Yes, I look over the tv and I see Trump and I I said: where do I pull the lever? This guy does not give a crappy. This is my guy and you know what he he's been great for me because call the media out on the pc, bull crap and can yes, like you, said, just with the way things are evolving. People have had enough, but but I'd love that He would say anything I'm watching him doing rally the other day and they throw a heckler out and as it from a guy out front. Those is a weight problem. The best of the Glenn Beck program to go John is his name, he's a nine slash, eleven survivor and a founder of something called. You can free us.
He has an amazing story. Welcome to Joe. How are you it's been good to be back with you I want to. I want to take the radio audience through your story a bit. First of all, you are living in India and it had moving to America always been a part of your plan or your dream, and if so, why Great question: a lot reasons why America, you know, even for those from halfway around the world. America always stands out as it's amazing place where dreams and dreamers collide, and if you have a dream somewhere within you in some part of the world, everybody To come to this country and as part of me and my view of America W through the lenses of television, movies and arts and then going up in India where you know, as Christians are in minority. I just knew the America that place that sweet. All data Judea christian principles, but that was another big reason why I wanted to come here and everything that America stands for is is is very appealing and going to people and
other side of the world where they want to build their dreams and in this it's not about your pedigreed now, but your last name. If you can add value, you can make something out of your life in this country. I don't think there's any country in the world that provides that foundation, but It's so good to hear this from people who actually know because we have lost our way so far. We we just we don't see the the uniqueness of America when you're living in it. So you come, to the United States in February of two thousand and one and you find yourself a pretty good job. You are working on floor of the World Trade center. So when I, Fifty dollars two bags and tell people loaded with a lot of green and of all the places I find work on the 81st floor of the north tower of the World Trade Center. And what are you doing. I'm doing marketing for a telecommunications company in my dream was to start actually data center,
enter the telecom world and I was building my steps towards that and trying to understand what life is all about about in America. What is true? Capitalism mean because growing up in India are, you know, although they believe in capitalism is not quite a capitalist economy, and it was just so excited to come through the of all the is New York City, I mean almost like the nuclear reactor of capital is around the world. Created the wealth which which not only helps will have a better life but solves problems around the world. So that was my goal and my wife also works. Fish was looking on the 71st floor of the South Tower of the World Trade center. So both of us, This is at the World Trade Center and she was pregnant. She was almost. Second land, and that was an exciting season, our life as you are getting ready for a baby to arrive up, close childhood and and and life takes such an incredible turn on September. Eleventh two thousand one, and you feel like on September, eleventh you're there. What time in the morning did you get there? I got a.
At seven hundred and thirty. That morning I was stuck with you see a little earlier around eight. So I was I was early in the morning. Seven hundred and thirty and blend you let the New York you remember, it was that cloudless day beautiful day and then everything would change forever us you're there and you before the plane hits just literally a few minutes before it hits. You send an email to a friend who went to church with you. Yes, You know I was like you mentioned earlier. I was empty on the inside. Yeah you know, then you know that and a lot of people listening to you know this life is not just about consumption and some times that we get wrapped up in stuff junk. I call it junk in the funk around us and we think life is all about the next new thing. The next new toy, the next new gadget and sadly I was leaving America I could I could. I could. Thing that money could get, but then it hole in my heart- and I knew my purpose for which God send me to
Great land was not just to make money that something more and I felt like. I was almost losing that losing that mission losing the plot. So I wrote an email to my friend thanks. I know that the call all my life I've been chasing. Stuff in America, I want to be chasing that which is on God's heart, and I send that at eight hundred and five in the from the twin towers. You don't know that your wife is running late. If I, if I remember right and not in her office tower- was hit first hers or yours. High tower was hit first, the North STAR wars hit first incredible Expl, and that almost rips, the building american flight level in a Boeing, seven, six, seven, four hundred and forty flying at four. At forty miles an hour carrying tenth. Gallons of jet fuel then how many floors above you was it plane, literally stuck by eight hundred and eighty nine
but part of the wing of the plane rich through a floor. As all of I want to see those images. They would know that the plane went in an angle into the building yeah. So so there was fire that got such to cut start around us as Getfield dumps its way, all through the other, build and did you see the plane coming toward the building, I didn't see the plane, but someone on my floor. She saw the plane. Everything happened so fast, but we felt this incredible explosion that building rattling and we knew as a plane. What else could hit you at that height? But all of us Glenn thought was small commuter plane, probably a pilot no, I haven't had a cardiac problem or something right crash the plane. Nobody knew whether big jet plane and nobody knew that it was actually a terrorist attack that it was intentionally flow into the building so Did you start to get then yeah, we far away through the fire and the jet field and started running down, and that's when I pass all these brave firemen and policemen leaving
probably brave men, and heroes of our country. We were going down and they were going up. So we high five, then saying you guys are the real heroes uh. We had no idea. That would be the last time America would be seeing these brave men. So we started running down and I'm running down with a very heavy heart phone down. Working. I can't reach my wife so come down. Eighty one floors I reached the plaza level and from there we were told, go down one more level to the concourse level. And I'm walking towards the S tower to be looking for my wife if she has now gone up and that's when the S tower collapses around me. Hello, and so it I mean I would imagine it was a little terrifying of with everything falling around you that you felt like you might get hit by things, or were you far enough away? No, I
It's actually almost right in front of the building, and it was an amazing story of God's deliverance. I'm twenty feet away from the building and made my way through the revolving doors of the towers that take you literally in front there and that's when the ground starts, shaking that glasses, shattering and now with fifteen, many people and we started crying out and we on top of each other and I are preparing them, I told them we're going to die and I told him call upon the name of Jesus. We knew time which and we started praying a lot prayer thinking we're going to die. So I was bored and that debris of that I was in about a pocket of over three feet of soda NASH. The steel well the only thing that really survive. Everything was alright ash and dust building when it got when when it came down the front facade, so the building stood up for awhile and I was right there, so that's probably what saved my life and everything went as like in a in a way I mushroom is it just went past die so that protected me, but then I was burning debris and I
pulled out by a man and you bring in FBI agent and, as he pulled me and I pulled him, we both told each other we going to die. He said he was the FBI and I do you know where you're going? He said? Yes, I know my savior. I thought we were going to die. Choking other, certainly ash. When a red light, flashes and restart crawling away and I'd like out of pit the I I to go back under the Knox dollar, which was still standing the ground shakes. The mock tower goes down this brave Computer died that day, you know his name yeah. His name is Lenny Hayton who is left behind for children. He was a bump FBI Actually, the only active FBI agent arrived at that they just Italy, just incredible: I had Charlie, to meet his wife and then just to know about his life. Story of another man who who could have avoided that place at, but he felt so driven by love, horoscope,
for young fellow human beings on the call of duty that just made him race and run back into the tower. So look for more people and Glenn, Let's say something yeah, that's what makes America great you know when people talk about make America great, I say the people of 'em, a great America great, not our money. It's not a building is not technology. The fact that they are people that willing to love on their neighbor there, that the people that care for this country- and I Perdue apps I've seen you television, metry person? I know beyond what to do in the media is a true love that you have for America, people like you speak up on issues. People that want to this country, knowing about to happen and for me was come from India. That's what I about America, the great american Spirit that is deep. Interesting everyone that calls himself an american
Sudo, when I'm going to take a one minute break and then I'm going to come back, and I want you to tell people what happened afterwards, because that was a big change in your life. The ground shook literally and figuratively, and you have gone on to do some remarkable things. I want to hear the second part of your life. Now you know Sue Joanne, I were talking yesterday. He was on television, so we were talking just the other day about the thing that he's working on and we both believe that uh the only way that we're going to save this nation and save freedom of mankind is if we put into action the things and the and really the the covenant. At our pilgrims and George Washington, Abraham Lincoln made with God and that is we will serve you in the best way to serve God. As Benjamin Franklin said,
to serve your fellow man. The one thing that we can all agree on now and not argue about is slavery is horrible and need. To be stopped, and it's worse today than it's ever been so here's this guy who's chasing the almighty dollar in the World Trade center they come down en Su Joe you, believe that you were you directed and saved you and your wife saved that day to be able to do something different than just making money absolutely glenn- and I felt God calling me into this and the fact that I was rescued at someone you know who rescued me gave up his life and story of the gospel narrative. God sends look. God sent his son to look for broken people like our and the fact that Kevin rescued you and me can belted out
It compels us to look for people in the message of Jesus was he came to set the captives free and there are people spiritually captive and there's. Also physically captive So I got exposed to this problem. Glen Urban, Boris slavery, how there's forty one million people play every year. When I saw the can Since then. I know, you've seen it in different parts of the world. Lumina kept himself and pp. I remember be, I remember, being in the red Light district, thirty, seven thousand sex workers and women kept in these cages three feet by six. I felt that moment something common with those girls affair I know what it is to be trapped and, if one came and rescued me. Perhaps God is tapping on me to rescue these women and children on his behalf- and saw that in india- and I come back and I knew America is a place where people are generous and I came and shot this problem and we started. We started this nonprofit. You can and this has become my life, calling become my mission and
the problem in America. The problem, the Middle EAST problem, major, a global problem, every zip code, our children are vulnerable, and it's been on mission, looking for women and children who are trapped in sex slavery, but beyond sex slavery. Children also shop in in labor trafficking, and that excited you have a passion, bland but nazarene fun, and what you've done in helping Chris sleep on some from what countries? Where was the under the threat of ISIS and AL excited that we get in. Which we need to talk about this and also work in the future. Problem. That is one of the greatest evils of our times. We don't engage right now. This problem, a generation that's coming up behind us will say why did you not do enough? I want something with you. You know you also may have been in this place around the world have been horrors of the past. I remember being in Elmira Castle in Qana, and they tell you about the slave trade. I've been in places where Hitler ran wild in and walked on Miller
the juice and we we stand in those places and we question and we ask white people not do enough, and so This is a problem in our world and we've got to do whatever we can there the cry rising from the brothels of the world, as is a cry rising from children and women and Question are: we are we listening to that crack amazing to me. The New York Times just started selling something called one thousand six hundred and nineteen answer podcast to serial that they're doing on the year. One thousand six hundred and nineteen. They say that's the year of really America's founding cuz. That's when race, that's when slavery was brought here Our pilgrims came in one thousand, six hundred and twenty and it's the four hundred anniversary of our pilgrims, the the year after and you know you can either look back blame everything on that, and I don't know what you're gaining out of that except more anger and frustration and you're, not lifting anybody up. Instead, we should.
Looking towards today, because I can't do anything to change what people did in the past, but I don't I want to be remembered as the people in the past that did nothing. And were you know, involved in cakes and circuses, and this problem is real and if we can come together and to solve the problem today, it will solve the problems of the past. It will heal those wounds, so well said, and I want to say something: it may not be politically correct. Could tell your listeners at listening to you listening to Us Glen right now, don't get this guide, when liberals beat you about about the problem of slavery, the path if those people care so much about things that happen in the past I own in Christ and come join people like us in the fight of this problem. That's happening right now. I don't know any country in the world. And that I shared it. Blood on the issue slavery. I looked up the number the other day. It's almost six hundred thousand
people under a million Americans got killed in the civil war. America's paid the price with blood under the issue of slavery, and as we all at all and some It should not be passed down and there are people who come then talk about the past and say we have to get involved in repatriation, for small group of people that this problem that was a global problem. The the problem right now in our street, how about a problem right now around the world when you and I and everyone Who has who cares about this problem right or left can be part of a great solution. Thank you, Sir Joh Sue, Joe John. I I will. I encourage you to check out his organization and help where you can it's you can free dot us? You can free dot. Us out and join the fight joined the growing numbers of people who are saying you know what let's deal with real problems, the blaze radio network on demand,
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