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Author of "Red-Handed" Peter Schweizer discusses President Biden's involvement with Hunter Biden's foreign affairs. Glenn and Stu look at the current status of some critical Senate races. Author Andrew Doyle joins to discuss his new book, "The New Puritans," and how to take on the religion of social justice.

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Approximately every two hours, one pencilly in dies from a drug overdose. These our loved ones, mothers, brothers, grandparents, children and and you never know when you may come across someone experiencing an overdose every I can count, and you can see the life by administering the locks on learn how to get in the locked zone by visiting p, a dot, gov, backslash opioids paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars. Bureau yeah. I'm rafe ready for you. You know you walk late. Every every ten minutes, Some of us been here for though it's usually after the show starts almost before I tried never to get here before the show starts. So what are we doing today? What do we have? I dunno? Are you excited about that? I mean the whole We can only as it is a rude questioned greek.
Some of us have been planning for hours, for the show. It's definitely not stew. Today is a today's, a really really good show. We talked to Andrew Doyle, who we didn't get to ask any of the fun questions. Jesus comedian and stunned some really funny stuff, but he's written a new book called please is it the puritan curtain. The avenue puritans and describes what we're going through, and it's interesting to hear it from the other side of the ocean is there going in ITALY? the blame, and, alas, link with deserve the blame, but you know that they going through it in europe just as much as we're going through it here? Also, this amazing nurse that decided she couldn't She couldn't be a nurse anymore because they were asking her to training for implicit bias, and she said this is dangerous. She's on she's somebody that really is showing you how to take a stand. We
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from the podcast give em the gold line code m? Why be erect hence the mind. Your business silver bars that they're gonna give too just as a thank you for calling in. If you give the promo code em why be final information on their website or call em right now: gold line, dot com, gold line, dot com or call eight six, six gold life. Here's a podcast, the peter. How are you, sir, peters, wiser. Anger is joint, now he is a with the government. Accountability instituting the president, all the author of red handed and the co host of the drill down peter. How are you
I'm gonna go always terrific to be with you. Thanks for having me you bats, I don't even know where to begin on the can we start with the tony Bobby linsky thing, sure, some absolutely political fact? we investigated the claims of tony bobby linsky afore. our business partner of hunter Biden on fox news this week there no credible evidence that Joe Biden played a role in his family foreign business activities, It's pretty remarkable poetic fact is saying that, when hunter I do has acknowledged that it had played a role. Joe Biden has ignored steady played a role. Jane spite and who is Joe Biden. Brother acknowledges that his brother played a role. Of course, you have in black and white the communications that tony and linsky released and turned over to the fbi. That shows Joe Biden playing a role so
This is another example of the fact checking organizations. digging their own grave. They have zero credibility in their apparently prepared to die on this hill, which let him do it it. It just means that people take. even less seriously than they do already. So so help me out and give me some, the gimme some of the hard evidence that shows that Joe was absolutely involved. Will first of all have the communication and the communications ask specific? We say Joe Biden was involved, and so what does that mean? Well, they would make they would have conversations and hunter would refer to the big guy and telling wobbling skis release. These messages would contact the other business partners who had brought amended to deal with
I m a communications, you would say who is the big guy and they would say that's Joe Biden, but don't talk about their very sensitive about it, so we acknowledge acknowledged that way. You have the communications about the so called yet see. This is the chinese energy company. He would chairman ye that tony was brought into. You have the ten percent for the big guy? Well, but big guy, is the word that is used in all the other communications. For talking about Joe Biden, though, that's all explicit in tony babo linsky communications, You have a communications from hundred Biden on the laptop that have been reached, MR ones where they wanted to do a business deals over. He's in hot abiding text, his business partners and says I want my boy my dad and my dad is going to help, though I mean it's it's to me.
Will we ludicrous to eat be arguing in discussing about this didn't want. You can have a conversation about how deeply he was involved in. I would argue it's pretty deep. You can have a conversation, this is well, I don't think he was really doing everything that was going on, but the nose. that Joe Biden with ignorance of all of this, that he didn't know a thing about it, that you didn't benefit financially. That's a big settled in itself settled by Peter schweitzer, tony bob linsky saddled by The actual communications, whether its hollows laptop or the communications, tony bob Linsky had with hunter and with his business partners do you think, there's an enough add evidence that it is a clear, almost open, shut case for impeachment. Ah, I do yes, I do on a couple of levels. First of all, let us remember
Ah, this is about corruption, but it's about something I would argue, that's even more troubling and damaging than that, and this is, I hope, what will be the the the point number one. Ah, if the Republicans take the house and investigate the hunter by point number one needs to be not just that they got there some thirty one million dollars from these chinese entities, but who were the actual business men tat sent the money? german ye see has direct ties. The chinese intelligent again is not debatable bait, you look, it is bio! You look at who we worked for. He was going to chinese intelligence. You look at other money that was trance there's a gentleman, the transport five million dollars to hunt your body. He was at the exact same time, business partners with the vice minister at the ministry of state security whose job was recruiting foreigners to spy on china
If I go to me the question Glenn is yet corruption. Absolutely the question is boy me hunter binding Joe Biden, how you family, larger totter, your fan, they got story. One million dollars from these chinese for chinese business man with links to chinese intelligence you did no discernible service in return and what did the Chinese get out of a deal? did not send you thirty one million dollars because they think you're nice guys that should be used number one. This is a question of compromise copper mark as they used to during the cold war, and it's a question of foreign intelligence penetration. The first family of the united states that issue number one. As far as I'm concerned, russia's dominance in the global nuclear fuel market presents a massive challenge for washington secretary
if energy jennifer grand home said president Biden is redoubling his efforts to break the. U s: reliance on russian nuclear fuel, indicating D stick, uranium enrichment capacity could be increased with up in key legislation, we're gonna get rational support in a bipartisan way for us to make our own fuel supply cycle chain independent, certainly, independent of russia we have to make as happened for our own independence and for our now national security, Peter. What's the problem with that story. What it! What is missing in that story? What was missing in that story. Glenn is one of the big reasons that we are so dependent on russian uranium bow and, let's remember when the by demonstrations said we're not going to take any russian oil because of your invasion of ukraine,
excluded cutting off the supply of russian uranium because we're so depended on it. So how did we get at this stage? the reasons was this deal that we talk about on europe Graham, several years ago, uranium one. This was a new killer. a uranium company that was initially control by a canadian named frank. You strike, who is a big bill, Clinton donor they went over the cosmic stones to meet with president nazarbayev, the head of that country and said: look we want to buy all these lucrative mines that you have producing uranium in your country. give them to us. I'm a canadian. This is the former president of the united states ah and will take good care of it. Jews to adopt those mines, purchase them
paid a sum, one hundred million dollars to the Clinton foundation for bill showing up here's. The problem giustra then flipped and sold those mines as well as minds that he controlled in the united states to who to rafa time the soap state owned uranium company, but now dominates the market that we have a situation where part of the reason that we are so dependent on russian uranium part of the reason that they have been able to almost effectively corner the global market because is because bill Clinton helped facilitate this deal that guy Why should control over uranium mines in the united states, but even more? Fortunately, some of the most power whoa and lucrative and proficient uranium mines in kazakhstan, and that is why we are over a barrel. Today, frank giustra made a lot money in the deal bill Clinton and the Clinton foundation made along
money in the deal. The problem is the american people got screwed because it enhances our dependence on your watching uranium and that We are today and if I'm not mistaken, because it's been a while, since I've looked at this story, it was all kind of done, hush, hush, just kind of russia through the committee's it- should have never gone through because it is a national risk to put everything there and they heller. Clinton said. Oh, I didn't I didn't. I was involved in. I don't know. I just know that I just know that no. The government found that it wouldn't be putting our government at risk and our nation at risk. So you know where go through with it. Within the story happened. Something like that yeah. It is so this deal the sale of uranium, one which was an american uranium company to the russian state owned company. You off the tom required approval by the federal government,
body? The obama administration called fifty as the committee on foreign investment in the united states. I am would think this is a pretty big. Why are we really going to put Putin in charge of all of this uranium or the deal went through quickly? Hillary Clinton, of course, has a seat on syfy. She claimed she didn't remember anything about it and you have all these other actors of the Clinton era in some quarters The bite administration that were in ball involve gland, so member John Podesta, who is of course an adviser to the Clinton's his brother, tony podesta, with actual a lobbyist for uranium one shot on these kinds of deals, and you are john podesta himself that was involved in energy companies that were backed by a russian state That's my thoughts, Joe Biden as current energy on boy who is go shading. Some of these deals involving oil and uranium, is gaining amos, hawk steen.
he was a lobbyist for a russian company called kanak she's safe it. we a a sister company for uranium one if you look at jake, Sullivan, Jake Sullivan, who courses the current national security advisor signed off on, do Clinton would all these deals we're going down washing entity? you're, paying bill Clinton inflated speaking the half a million dollar pop who is approving those deals, a guy named jake solvent now happens to be the national security adviser upper Joe Biden? So this is a problem where it's not just something from the past is something that involves decision makers in the present two. I have to tell you it is so frustrating. I think it is for the average person you know any of this stuff would happen with you know me or you, we'd all be in jail, the Clinton foundation is so incredibly a transparent on its corruption. You know goes way when trump is in office, goes away
no we're shutting down and then lo and behold bind gets in we're opening it up again open for business all of the people I mean you're, either committed to helping people or are committed to making money and brokering deals It is so transparent. Is this thing ever going to be taken care of it's hard to know and in part of upon glamour is, is it you know each study, washington, the all this time as I have there are ways to do: corrupt things in Washington that are profoundly corrupt. If you do them the long way, the wrong way you're going to jail, if you do them the right way, you can get away with it. So we're dealing with very smart people who hire very high priced lawyer to dance around and create subterfuge for what are really doing to give it an
air or of the near in my mind of legality. So that's part of the problem that you haven't, Uruguay, I simply it's a solution. Gear is shame and exposure, and I hope that that is going to leave he too actual criminal investigation either. What coming up november, we're going to have these elections, I'm the balance of the house of representatives and Senate or is in question. Ah, and my point is you have to have independent bodies that are prepare to bring out what information we know. The whole hunter Biden in account is very clear. The fbi is not enough. Hundred by nearly watch out there Can we investigate uranium one? So it means we have to how congressional committees with the pain of power, doing it. That's only going to happen if the republicans have the majority in the house and send it to a lot of these matters. Hanging in the balance is
Who will be controlling congress after the november elections? I just hope there enough in there, they are not corrupt that you know they're, not there being blackmailed to not involved or just but you know what I'm going to sit on the sidelines cause I oh, I don't want my name being brought up at all and yeah. I I fear that could happen easily. yeah. I'm glad I mean look, here's the saying a lot of people are talking about this right now. If we retake the house you're going to investigate x y and see if they say, the do that that, to me will be the dagger in the heart a basically The republican party and of conservatives because people are fed up with a lip service being paid to we're goin to hold them into account, so That's really, I think we're the stakes are at your quite like just because somebody says
looking to join in washington, you're gonna pay a price. If you start dredging up in talking about chinese deals involving the first family the united states are a lot of other. Stop is gonna, come to the fore and there's a lot of people in our positions on a republican five who don't want that to happen either? so that's what we ve got a hold their feet to the fire. I know you ve done that. That's what I'm hoping the jew and, let's hope the people listening are prepared to do that and let the elected officials know this matters to them. and this is a profound import. I've told many officials in Washington d c republicans? I said you know I have one more shot. This is it this it, if you win the house and especially of you in the house and the senate, you aren't standing up and and protecting the american people and the constitution and putting bad guys trial, and then cleaning up the
fbi and justice department, so they can actually put them in jail if you're doing that. You are absolutely done just like you said, The last chance, I'm glad to hear you believe that to absolute, lay thanks, gladys, always great to be with you great talking to you peters, wiser. He is the author of red handed the co host of the podcast, the drill down Peter Schweizer, president the government, accountability institute when it be now, eyes. If we had government accountability, we can bring it back. Vote get out and vote you're listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program. Welcome to the Glenn Beck program, we're glad you're. Here, I'm going to give you some good news. Some good news. First of all,
Can we play they caught for cnn. I mean you don't have to fact check this. This is their side saying this damage add, are losing ground with some in very important voters, echo look here. This is black voters, electoral preferences and pre election calling, but black voters at the part, the core part democratic party and, as you can see here in the race for congress, look still getting. Seventy four percent support in the pre election pulling right now, but compare that to the final poland for twenty twenty president and twenty eight in congress back in twenty twenty. It was eighty four percent. Eighty five percent in two thousand eighteen year clearly seeing right here that there is less support for democratic candidates. Congress among african americans- and you can look at the republic and commerce one. You could see that twelve percent not exactly high but that's actually the high water mark. It was nine percent in two thousand twenty nine percent in two thousand and eighteen. So basically, what was about a seventy five? Seventy six point mark
It is now down and allow sixties. Salt looked Democrats the. Why I had with african americans, but in a game in which are trying to drive up margins. The margin among african americans for Democrats is clearly down, and I bet you The the eagerness to go out and vote for a Democrat is also down. You mean the passion actually fashion is dying. I mean it's not just black voters. Hispanic voters were seen the same types of things even when they die necessarily call to the republican side to vote for the candidate. They are often abandoning the Democrat and This is something you're seeing across the board. You know what does it a the elections in the elections? I guess we'll see we start five weeks ago, but that's it we're five ex away from this thing now, Joe by approval rating is forty two point: seven percent this. According to MSNBC, they say put that impression: two with modern president's their first mid term binds right at the same level, trump obama and bill Clinton,
in which were brutal, mid terms for them, and the Democrats, the only exception in modern times, is george. www bush a year after nine eleven trump, He lost the house in eighteen, oh bombers, party lost the party in ten Clinton. His party lost the house in ninety four by Approval rating is right in that same range, yeah, there's, the theory out there that somehow Democrats are going to outperform Biden They there's been some evidence of this in the polling where unity, senate races, in an environment where your president has a thirty nine forty, forty one percent approval rating you'd expect republicans to people. pouring better and seventy centuries is that that sort of held up in the polling. So far, it's hard to to imagine a world where that place The right I mean you know like we were talking
but like masters when he was in here, were actually, I think after he left, and you know, if gift lake is winning the race, or governor in arizona. Is there a world in which carry like wins this race and blake masters loses by nine? What world is that? What what? What what situation? Is there there that much ticket splitting in the you're twenty twenty two, this used to happen way back in the day. Word there be a lotta ticket splitting that's almost completely evaporated over the past few elections. I think tat is, I think, that's possible in arizona, because Arizona has a libertarian that is running as a democrat you tell me when the Democrats actually wanted, omit the libertarian running as well, he's he's a democratic, leaning person, who's running as a libertarian aversion he's a it's either of underhand, like like funded by parliament. Wrath voting is, it is see almost
not that it's very rarely the a factor in elections in our day to day it is. It's always talked up. Early polls always had these third parties up at eight and ten percent, and then the end of the day that doesn't wind up paint playing out. I will say there was pull that came out today from CBS news masters versus Kelly work kelly's only up by three? as this race has an air of significantly. If how easy, if is used, only behind by two and carry lake, wins and wins big hit. Her coattails will carry him the rest. The way but I think that sort of the question in georgia as well where camp seems like he's blowing out abrams. At this point I mean you know, what is he gonna blow out and a purple state, but like going to win relatively handily, it seems in that state and you wonder: pay for hershel walker, or will be dragged along with that, you know
it has been a lot of controversy over the past couple days with walker that we ve talked about but there is a, where he is even down a couple points applicable. In every pull very, very close to a reappear toss up when it comes to the poles. But camp is evidently ahead. It is there. Are there a lot of people in georgia, they're gonna say you know what I think campus doing a good job as governor. I think he's led the state well how, However, I also get a vote for Raphia warnock. I mean that. Is there a huge amount of power we're doing that there may be. We may find other that's the case, but it's it's weird thing in this environment, where we ve seen that ticket splitting crossing those party lines evaporate almost completely. The eighth gonna have to make a big come back for these pulse too right and for the media narratives to be right. You know. it's interesting to me. What's happening to herschel walker, and it is something that you you know everybody has a prey on, but you know he's
getting such heat because he paid for it portion, allegedly allegedly should point out before even get into the story at all. This is a one source story from the day, lee freaking beast if this it is true, it may be true. I may we talk to her to walk about all sorts. Problems. This guy had back in the day day. His story is one where he said: Lee lead with look the disaster at one point in my life and I've changed that was this entire narrative escaping but like we should all put this in. Effective, there's, no reason to believe this story because it comes from the daily beast, why? What have they are? They ever reported an accurate story in the history of the publication. Not. I know that I know of yeah there hatchet jobs, but new one thing that That comes to mind. Is I don't mind if he was doing this now? You know like six months ago, a year ago I never prominent, but I I was under the understanding that he will. You know he had made huge huge mistakes,
and he is solidly protein is now pro life there are providing keys. Oh I mean why. Why would you vote for warnock? Who you know is going to use public funds for abortions? And I portions, like you, can't even imagine Nogueira abortion, festivals on them again say celebrating your abortion or the guy who me a huge error understood, if denying that anyway, even if he did it made a huge error and then is like you know what in my life it changed my life greener. Look, we ve talked we have literally interviewed former terrorists on the air yeah, we have interviewed criminals on the air people who have murdered people in the past. This is a story. It's a story of redemption. It's a story of redemption with this happened with that what was a cabin heart remember back in the day he was gonna hosting the oscars ending and the left. No doubt,
stop some like jokes that were like kind of borderline on like being homophobic or something I don't remember the exact details of it and then they they toss him out. You didn't get to host the oscars, and it's like we made the the the argument at the at the point. If you think what he did was bad, years ago and now he's coming out in saying. Why don't do that anymore? And I think what I did before was wrong or that act if is wrong, and I am not going to do that- I'm not involved effect. I want the opposite that, the story you want you the story of someone who may have a terrible mistakes in the past and has now realise the error of his ways and is now doing the opposite in this society. No longer true, they don't believe in redemption. Redemption now complicated is an anti christ, not the anti growth breton anti christ kind of featuring right redemption is obviously vital. Ring twice aim now. In this particular case, it is a little complicated because walkers denying it so
have to number one believe the daily beast, which I may it's hard to Imagine anyone doing, but secondarily, if he is let's say lying about this then it's not a redemption story, and I guess this is what they're hanging their hats on, because I don't understand why the left will care about this at all. They are saying it's a fundamental human right to a poor children that they should be. They should all be swimming crossing. The isles of hypocrisy filed an average ponderously. That does not mean that the reason we other opportunity- oh sure I mean look- you have to make your. I don't you gotta pull for who you think is the right person. You can make your decision on this stuff. That's for every individual to decide, Let the media is certainly not the trash heap. That is the ellie beast decide these things area, though let me give you couple of other things in Oregon it, it looks like Tied has turned on the Democrats. It looks like for the first time since the eighties, a report
can governor. Is a real shot, and in the last I think not poles. She's, led the Democrats in Oregon in Oregon if I mean if they are in trouble in oregon odds against According to the daily collar odds of the Democrats in pennsylvania and the senate rates. That's also slipping whittemore. As endorsed a candidate yeah, fortunately, that candidate was investigated for alleged school shooting threats several times and was also on parole, for, I think salting, a police officer, and she and forced him said, he's fantastic and now that all the facts are of no not not so much, not not not so fantastic, so I mean these things are just not going in the right direction for the Democrats yeah now that,
The oregon race is interesting couple of times you think of oregon is just being a blue state, but their governor races have been pretty close. I mean five. Six points has been. The tipple margin there that one thing that's a little bit the happy, but a little bit of an asterisk and this is that there is a an independent in this race. That's up near twenty percent of the vote so will that hold up? We just talked about how third party candidates oftentimes show more in the polls early and then fade toward the end. That could be the case here. I hope it's not. Who is that Canada, taking people, Johnson and independent? I don't know, I don't know the race well enough to admit it seems like from both sides at some level cause they're, both the the average for announced, thirty, thirty, six, thirty three and in eighteen for the independent. In the race, so that, but it still pretty significant thing in organs. Not a pure, Lou state, it's not new york, california, it rhode, island right. It's it's they, these racist, our tempting to republic,
the same thing we're seeing in washington right now. There's a hitting there's a chance that pursue wins the Republican, those in the Senate yeah, it's it's interesting, it's hard to believe I think we all think. Ok, it's the west coast. These races never come through. People have had enough, but I think you're right now that racist Zena within ten points tiffany smile. is the candidate, the republicans that publicans really like her. They think she has a real future or they have a lot of hopes for her not an easy race. The horse, patty murray's, been around forever she's, been she's right around fifty percent of the vote, but it's a physical, fifty forty, You re right now closer than you would normally expect in these races, and I think you could see it getting even closer. The last wave election in this for the seat was back into them. And ten when you had the tea party wave, the biggest wave election in a hundred years. Republicans that race was about a four point race that pet for petty murray. She still one which you won by four so these
can get close in these states. But republicans real need to have a great climate for that to actually happen. I think it's there. I think we just don't see, because there is no tea party rallies and things like that here I think people are doing it in their everyday life and there, like. Oh, I cause everybody. I know, oh I'm voting, that trusting to Glenn. There is not really a big protest movement for The right right now, there's a lot resting is. That is interesting. I had anything you don't have that organise protest movement, I don't what the reason for that is exactly I mean. I think I talk to conservatives thereof, they're all pretty upset, but there isn't that, like
what organizational thing that seemed to pop up from the nine twelve project and the tea party back in the day and many other the best of that programme. The Andrew Doyle, the author of the new puritans, welcome to the program, sir, going to talk to you yeah I have. I have so many I have so many questions and very few of them have to do with your article f. Doing some research on you I know, but will the let's, let's get to the book first cause. That's the reason. Why have you on, and you know you your article, that you rode on spite online dot com. How take on the new puritans, I was shocked that this was coming from somebody in the uk, because this is exactly the thinking in the it states as well, and I'm glad to see that this is This is seemingly, I think everywhere. I think something more more people are waking up to the problem is taking.
Longer in certain countries than others. I think canada is probably pretty pretty much lost on this one wow. Ah, but certainly you know a lot of this stuff didn't originate The? U s, and but but over here with finding a lot of these ideas are being imported into our major institutions. Isabel. So you think that something like critical rice theory which, with you so it was sort of grounded in american history, wouldn't really make sense in a country like the uk, but actually it's just been sort of imported wholesale and applied in public policy, government policy, the police or health service, all sorts of areas. Similarly, with gender identity ideology, all this stuff is just being for the past three rush through a major cultural, political educational in. And in the way that it out in america and now with which with does everything evidence of a kind of pushed back again today. So I've been saying for a while that this is the you know when nietzsche was right when when you lose your god, men
we'll find a god and we found our new god, and this is a religion with its own doctrine and theology? and it is unforgiving, if you, if you're in apostate, I think it useful to think in terms of a religion as a kind of analogy. More than anything else I mean it is a secular religion. It's a godless religion. It's it's! It's it's! It is different, but it does have it makes it explicable if you think of it. In those terms, because here you have a movement, a sort of forbid ideological movement that brooks no dissent told it considers anyone who strays from it's path to be a heretics or it can it will have excommunicated, ah in the way the catholic church used to do, I'm it. It ah has it's own holy language. It's own kind of mysterious language and phrases that it likes to use a phrases like toxic masculinity or see it catching on
materials or whatever it might be. You know, I'm trans women are women, they just they just have these crazy, shibboleth, logan m and people are expected to just go along with it without thinking for themselves, I mean as much like a a I suppose they, like the medieval clergy, just sort of thing. We know that you agree with us you're going to be with us, then will come after you have good that'll get because a single council culture, which is of course, a method of public, shaming ritual humiliation. It can deprive people of their livelihoods and their reputation it often very mercilessly up in dispute well not to the to the perceived slight, you know, someone can beat them in very minor. Just make a a a misjudged comments on twitter and they can have their lives utterly destroyed. So it's it's um. It's different from christianity insofar as it has no the exact opposite of its opposite redemption, or anything like that so it's more like a kind of robin the thanks of religion more like a fundamentalist religion. You
add in in your article and I'd like to talk to you about this and time to the book. I thought one of the things that you said in your article that was so powerful. Was the thought experiment, licious have a little thought. Experiment you talk about the school district in canada would be back. Thousands of books, because the contents are offensive to modern sensibilities and that they would work further to this as a flame purification ceremony, yes dear, that would have happened a decade ago. The answer is no, but you read that and you think my cash. I can't believe people believe this people have sort of not realise how quickly and rapidly that they started to accept these absolutely incredible things. As normal. I mean that's, not what I was saying. The optical and I find the book. Is it if you don't
If you can put yourself in your own mindset, as you were at ten fifteen years ago, and if you couldn't say these things would be happening now, we would be in a position where a a boy who might be a bit of feminine or girl who likes to play football, that they would be encouraged to believe they're in the wrong body. You would have police investigating you, on crime, h incidents, which is very regular. That happened in the uk doesn't happen in america. You have the first member that it happens here, and you know the older these things. You know the ottawa a school board that I mentioned, because you know they they burn, they removed thousands of books and thirty different well, I believe, I'm burned some of them and and and, like you say, called the flame purification ceremony, and you know you have to be pretty historically illiterate, not to see the sinister implications of that, but no one would have believed any of this could have happened and no one would believe, for instance, that you would have schools segregating people by skin color and gold activities, which is what has happened here in london at the american school called the high school. But it's a
if the school, in fact the most expensive a day school in the uk and in ah in California, you have to brentwood school segregating parents or for for for teacher feedback session and then segregated into my skin color got lots. Universities you now want I already have lgbt only domes or a proposing a dorms specific equal for black students. I mean all of this stuff, which is incredibly obviously regretted, and it's happen really over the past twelve years. No more than that, it's all happened very very quickly, and people just Put that into context and think about where they were ten years ago. Would anyone have expected this? Would anyone have accepted? They would have said this wasn't possible in a liberal democracy and in a forward thinking, people just kidding but infinity, but we all now except that? Well, why do we accept it, but we shouldn't we should we should,
but again it is regressive. So how do we ve? How do we fight this battle? The difficulties that we have is that the people in charge I bought into it so in this wouldn't matter if it was just those crazy people on twitter with animals. tat screaming you decided basin, did according everyone a fascist and that they see homophobia and racists and at each other, if it were just the crazy activists. Didn't matter, because we could just ignore them and get on with our lives. But the problem is it's infected. I mean the the us government is completely infected with this stuff or it's in all. I like, I say, all of them, adrian It is dangerous and play the other overwhelmed by it, which means you have people who spoke today, be the experts in the field, misrepresenting reality for ideological purposes. You now have leading medical journal talking about, have sex with respect even though the fact that the spectrum- and I know a biologist, you know you got well. What are you at the outset?
in court, nominee, jackson with us to define a woman, and she said can't I'm not a biologist, you know in our country we have when you asked politician what is a woman they summer and they stuck to them. They don't know what to do because they're terrified of getting it wrong, even though it's a moderately intelligent child continue the answer to that. So the problem isn't the activists. The problem is those in authority capitulating. The activists we'd have to find some way. I mean, I guess, they're intimidated all the bought into it, but you have to find some way to sort of redress. The and and the reason why, in the book, the new puritans- and I called it outrage because I'm making direct is what happened- during that period of hysteria in the late seventeenth century, and of course it was just one year is very short, lived everyone.
in bulk repented afterwards and thought they'd made a mistake, but it wouldn't have mattered if it was just the goals screaming which at everyone or it was because the ministers and the magistrates believe the girls and perpetuated the fantasy. And it's a similar thing here. If the people screaming online budget, the girl screening, which your turf, whatever what they got, you alright it'll pass it it's. The people have authority who are struggling to this and going along with it, and they really so. We just have to find a way to have more people who are in opposition to the authority to stand up to it. Have a car, just say. No, I know we all know what a woman is. We all know that mostly the kings dream of color blindness is the ideal, but it's not the sultan version of white supremacy which about providential, argues.
Actually we were going in the right direction and there's this new social justice movement turned up and derailed the whole project and- and you know like I said, just just get people in power- they need the graver. So I have a m: have a history archive in a gigantic vault with a bunch of history in it, and we have quite a bit from the sale in which trials and you know most people don't know that the same which trials happened. Were stopped because the guy in power was approach by two other ministers and said you're you're reading the bible all wrong every reading it wrong, so it took the lead leaders to stop the leader. On the salem exactly, there are a number of things that were happening. The girls started accusing very powerful people
and you'll note in the in the court transcripts from the records that whenever they get that or the ministers or the magistrate so e m, they gently corrected them. So, for instance, they accused samuel, your being a witch and of course we did with the acting president of harvard, but this was not some small fry and I'm the magistrates simply said to the girls. You must be mistaken. You must be thinking you're comfortable with it, who you've already accused in jail at the moment. So you see they they. They only believed up to
I'm I'm in eventually the deputy governor of the colony wrote to the leading clergyman in the country and said by the way is spectral evidence admissible in court and what spectral evidence was was simply the girl's testimony was taken as truth. What we today would call the experience of comparison. I make it the book they face, all which is doubtful. That was evidence. In other words, the accusation was taken as proof, I'm I'm very much at those minutes to go back to them if they know that that is not admissible in court and everything collapsed. All of the cases collapsed overnight as soon as that happened. So today you see when you have people say that the institutions are systemically racist and you ask for evidence, and they say it's all lived experience. It's the same thing I we have to get to the point where we say actually no lived, experience spectral. It then that's not good enough. We need to get back to the enlightenment values where we, we have rationality and evidence lead to paste them all login data and unreason m and the dc nice movement. This new religion is complete.
He opposed to any kind of rational thought and actually mistrust. The valleys of the enlightenment is being until the product of a dead white straight men. You in your country arc all countries right now in the western world are in real trouble with fuel energy inflation food, all of it warehouse iD for really hard times we survive this, do we wake up in time. well, I mean a lot of people. Use that point of view to make the point that, given the cost living crisis. Given the energy crisis, given the global recession, that actually we shouldn't be worried about what they call the cops She wore we shouldn't be focusing on maybe issues either destruction, but actually these issues get to the heart of what
it doesnt. You know if you, if you don't, if you don't hold back, but I thought you would be able to deal with cost of living issued energy issues, financial disaster. Justice and progress, as we have known it within our lifetime and everything else clock since it doesnt. You know if you If you don't, if you didn't hold, you wouldn't be able to deal with cost of living energy issues or financial disasters. You know you, you need to have a fundamental basis of rationality, a a a in order for anything else to be addressed. So I think is far more important than people than people realize. I think people are waking up to that and I think it's an absolute disaster when you see bite, the administration they'd be bearing in mind bite and with, nominated in the first by the could be perceived as being the non awoke chemical candidate and and look at what he's done and look up what he's pushed through and, ah you know, look at who's, the leader point it and it it it's. It's just not the case that that that perception was accurate and eighteen.
Damaging. It is hugely damaging in its. It gets to the core of what we ve done. Well as a civilization and a recount. I don't think we can. Then I went to class and I don't think it's too hyperbolic or to say that we are on the verge of collapse. If we keep going down this line, Andrew Doyle the book is the new puritans, how the religion of social justice captured the western world and your time andrew, thank you so much loved to have yet again that be fantastic thanks, very much god much Andrew Doyle. The
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