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Best of The Program | Guests: Raymond Ibrahim & PolitiZoid | 8/17/21

2021-08-17 | 🔗

Pat Gray joins to discuss Biden’s blame-shifting address and his lack of appearance during this Afghanistan controversy. Author Raymond Ibrahim joins to share his insight on Afghanistan and its prosecution of Christians. Former Disney artist PolitiZoid joins to talk about his viral video parodying a famous Disney ride and how Disney has gone off the woke end.  

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What are the pot cast today today? The day we have a date that will live in infamy, we do a jury wakens on general and general from from, I would say so, he's a pre, pretty big history yeah. He was originally member of the Delta force, a founding member of that you now he ran all of our special operations, for while he has a different take than Joe Biden on Afghanistan. We also talk to somebody who has been in our we'll house for quite some time and expert on the persecution of Christians in the Middle EAST. He tells us what's coming for those people that are remaining in the Middle EAST on this, that when we take on woke incorporated all this- oh, oh and the identity of who the new leader is an afghan state. You're gonna love this one. Last from the past, all entities pumpkin,
the only thinking gray from pedigree unleashed into our studios with this now. Thank you boy? I was out of our president. Yesterday bursting he bursting with bright. He took the mustard office here well, except for the Vienna, the part that this effort, by where he blamed Trump here and hard that he and the Afghan venal, as he said, the book is not as here except for, whereas around but the thugs firing use fault it really didn t really filed solely there or not Martha Buck stops directly right and it was important to know that he made the decision. Buddy was forced into the decision
bye, bye, drop, drop me. This is the one thing that makes the Trump plan like he's done so many other time. Every man, if he's followed one term planning, is followed ass. He uses to change it up at all. Drank doesn't want us going at once to good that's why this is a that. That's why that was a good excuse. Yeah if his consistency and all the other trump related matters like the border, yeah here instance just judge our straight ahead straight zoning plan is going. I mean the nice thing. Is the way he he is so consistent. The way
the border is going, is exactly the way I've gotta get as then is going Gimme a worse than ever before me. Yes, I'll cut, yes, what isolation? Now it's not that's, not gonna play as they actually adding a spending ending yeah. There were thinking that may be a thirteen trillion dollars to twenty one trillion dollars by the end of his term. I thought I was limited for that too. That a trinity spent was ridiculous. You spent that in about an hour, and all Democrats agreed with that spending point out. Our world trouble, I believe, was making them smaller. Wasn t. What point was it like a zone of some of it yeah yeah by the way, George W Bush, spoke out yesterday. He said Lauren I've been watching the tragic events unfolding in Afghanistan with deep sadness, our hearts heavy for both the afghan people, who have suffered so much and for the Americans and native out a NATO allies who have also sacrificed so much the afghan
and now or at the greatest risk as our. as are the same ones who had on the forefront of progress inside their nation press in has promised to evacuate these Afghans, along with american citizens and our allies, states government has legal authority to cut the red tape for refugees during urgent monetary crisis, and this is what I like you know. We could have done that slowly and methodically now. Let's just lay Let's just cut the red tape and no need to really go slowly on who comes here in Amerika, who doesn't I'm sure, all those who are applying only have the best of intentions and real belong here which is yeah. You won't get anybody from the Taliban or Al Qaeda, no, not a single! No, I mean there's gonna be anybody. I mean I just hope we can get more olano Mars.
You know right which we brought in to this country and she has just she loves it. She lies here. He by the way did you hear about the dna test did see this story and yes, there was a dna to hesitate. All you didn't know: yeah endeavoured dna laboratories, it did a test, they Ok, they took, I think, straw from one of them in a cigarette and a cigarette, but from the other. Ok man, the alot of and her I'd rather other slaves, and I have in mind, her husband, brother, yeah, brother, husband, a brother or other husband. Now, here's ITALY find out it is her brother. Well, only ninety nine point: ninety nine, nine, nine nine eight percent chance, So you're saying there's a here, and there is a chance that they're, not
hopefully, that reading done it's done weird his story. They based claim to have legitimately, like she's smoking, and they just took the cigarette bottom untested the dna of Multiple year investigation at an early hour. I it's a very strict its story, but that is what I will who report that was the daily mail daily mail. Yes, I do now I dont, while I heard anyone else reporting it yet. I haven't either very odd story. Well, but interesting, auto is very high on the site is even without letting I evidently. I, let's not talk about it, cause there's nothing to see their let's just get as many people from Afghanistan on two flights here in Amerika Log.
it's off line, because, no, I wouldn't I didn't know we can help to do deserve they do it. Out of the wooden have been a tough line. It wouldn't have been a tough line. Had you done it differently, yeah, you, you say we're gonna, pull out everybody who is concerned about dying. come to the embassy right now and will get all this paper work done We should have done that first and they ve been doing that they ve just below the process, the entire time, which is not a lot rights here. They ve had plenty of time. I mean, as we as everyone has noted here, Donald Trump negotiated this deal em my palm pale negotiated the steel and the the x this post we may first, so we actually. had more time than was actually, I hope, lied in the deal and still What this way, which is incredible, whom you are you at multiple extra months to prepare for this and still skirted up like them? Man
Fifthly, mass massively pathetic? Well, you know the thing that I really like is the fact that now the entire world, every a single one of our allies now saying they know they can trust us who the other can. I know, they're coming now. They know how their loud I know they are and saying we don't know if we can trust that American I ever have our back we'll yeah, that's england- and I am Denmark in Germany and France are allies are saying, while some of those countries punch above their weight anyway, you only after they don't need, I do they do it only a year they. What would you say if I'm Taiwan, I am Well, don't terrified me, don't worry if China just said when we march in to Taiwan, don't expect the Americans and a gun you Americans won't help in their right xx
equally right, the right. What do you say about that? no you're right clearly have I any move it. China obviously is where this I'm not breaking news to them, but any move they want to make right now they could just get. Oh, they already did with Hong Kong methods how can we do in India did not? He could do it with TAT. I could do with Taiwan, they could do wherever they wanted. Do you guys know there? They know it and they won the impacts to guess you that I see they tried to when the elixir by adding Taiwan it is added gone. They still didn't beat us. Would Taiwan in Hong Kong, but they tried and not an extraordinary, listened very it was very close. It was very, very, very close and Canada cause they're like us anyway, legs aliens apart and China and China. We have also added shine and we'd still be at what had not even half their population. They says amazing, who think that you know what I've times are popular maritime areas into exceptional America is an exceptional they.
five times of the population and no forget the sport camps. The children from their families when there to correct and they take the children that are are destined for greatness. and they never see their families again and there taken these camps and their trained their whole life division What you're gonna do and vague and find a way to beat us too pretty, gee, I normally system doesn't work. Does it They know freedom thing just there's bad or now it's gotta messy, yes, but were exceptional. You know a lot. Great. Britain is exceptional in Japan, exceptional hands exception. Everyone Aguiar is exceptional, there's never exceptional out us because everyone thinks their exceptional or exceptional. He can, I ask, your question. Should anyone be talking about the twenty fifth amendment
Anyone talking about that you mean. Should everyone you forgot all about romp, yes, yeah when he gets back in August. We need to remove him immediately with the twenty fifth amendment. No eleven thirty Fourteen days left often better get that annex I and pretty soon I mean I find this incredible, that no one is talking about them, Why dont you know honestly watching him. Yesterday, yesterday solemnly looked solid and honest because he has worked in two weeks. It maybe, but I would say he seemed completely- were complete competent in his huge mistake. Like a hygiene, he absolutely seem too. I did this intentionally or delayed it out and I stand behind it yeah. I thought he ok I'll, let you know cause on Sunday. I felt the same way worse. This guy is what do we have? or not, but he was He was just making this decision intentionally and it went the way that you are not on the weekend not on the weekend. He wasn't. He wasn't
was actually calling the Fort worth School district. to congratulate them eyes at variance a true thing. True story actually did very brave stand on masks to stand against the governor of Texas. He was making calls support the teachers union. While people were falling out of the sky and being slaughtered in the streets of Afghanistan? just in case you needed to be worse there. It is theirs. There's your present Alzheimer's. Coming into this, none of us believed Joe Biden was completed, a good precedent, but this is in real time and ideas were settled. I thought at this, isn't you know why this is the exact opposite of of I'll drop. My ex Donald Trump to be somewhat of a disaster?
I am in sixty into thousands esteem, he gets in office and he was a disaster on. You know, relationships and everything else, but it all kind. It turned out the right way. You know, I think that they're all treasonous in the press, in your like how, dear God, why would you say that and they like two years later in your life, I protein rises and even goes right, apples, apples here, basically he came in with one of the biggest will forget this one of the biggest things the entire campaign was ISIS in two thousand six. Wiped amount, any wiped him out very similar situation. Here we haven't insurgent groups, starting your words are giving them the country, whereas, like you guys, take it we do better than we could anyway? That's basically is we think about how bad this is. And this has been we all all assumed this is This is very similar to the Taliban, like we what kind of assume that maybe the Taliban would be back and control eventually, but
happened so fast. Like breathtaking? That's the bite administration that I didn't assume he was going to be a good precedent, but this is breathtaking how bad he has been how quickly he is he's gotten to this level of complete failure where this is it is remarkable, no, you do this, and why would you expect less in Afghanistan when this is exactly how breathtaking the border was? Yet the please explain who didn't it wasn't a big build up. It was just like you God I am an every body game. They had a short they ve been running for years on the border that the government releases and use these amazing. Have you seen this the anonymous revolution, the start, a million times for the show like how many migrants are coming in and unlike the lines kind of, follow each other pretty much every year, there's a spy every once in a while, and then you see the chart where they goes up and goes way above the all previous years? Well, the peak of that sharp was two hundred thousand
They ve now had to adjust the chart because it literally went off the chart, went on the charging? I would she was greatly thing gives, due to tender to twenty seven other now north of the top of the annual chart. That's how bad he's been he's been legitimately literally off the charts. Bad congratulate very diverse group that some of the man in the administration or haven't babies, and I just lingots it's something to be proud and really the best of the Glinda programme, clear if the guy who spent on the programme before
He is somebody who's. Just I mean giant mentally, small. He won in ninety three one, the body building championship. A teenager and your life, you a muzzle, then he went on to receive his ba and his Emmy in history. The hen, dual minors in philosophy and lid of literature He also studied closely with Victor Davis Hansen group. Joint courses at Georgetown University, He also studied medieval Islam and semantic languages. It Catholic University of America, Sir as the arabic language and regional specialist at the nearest section of the Library of Congress, where he forms a lot of people that are in the no and government officials. He also off
functions as a journalist has been a media fellow at the Hoover institution news analysed for CBS News and others. He produces a monthly report, muslim persecution of Christians which Why I wanted to bring him on now? He is chronicling day. Day, the abuses and slaughters of Christians throughout the is islamic world and no one is real. Paying attention to what is going on to bring him on its way Abraham. He as the author of sword and cimeter and distinguish senior fellow at gate, Stone Institute. Raymond welcome, are you able to be with you, don't you I gotta talk to you again I am concerned with what's going on in Afghanistan. Unite no. If you are aware, but I started the Nazareth Fund a few years ago
with ISIS and we have been going in and trying to free the women and children that had been made slaves and any one. It is persecuted because there are minority or religious minority. we been trying to get them out and now I think we ve got a whole new country to look at. Can you tell what's going on yeah, absolutely on Afghanistan. Even before what happened recently was is widely considered the APS, worse muslim nation in the world in so far as its treatment minorities, specifically christian minorities, by soviet open doors, international Human Rights organisation they publish their world watch list annually of the top He worse nations, habitually of course system. by Muslim nations, for obvious reasons, but the top ten Oregon and top
nations are the absolute worse in two or three of them are not islamic, usually the first worst nation in the world. is more Korea, but then the second the worst nation and the first mobile nation, is Afghanistan You can imagine with what's happening right now. It's going to get. Inefficiently. Worse for any sort of a believer in that area in its actors are little quote from the world watch list about gas and said quote: it is impossible to openly, as a Christian I, Afghanistan leaving Islam, is considered shameful. Christian converts face dire consequences if their new trade has discovered either they have to flee the country or they will be killed. That's it so, and now, with this new resurgent emboldened, as long mentality, can be sure that it's going to get significantly worse or any? christian living in that nation or even nearby rimming. Can you help us out on the one question that is
what kind of a nagging question- and I don't understand it at All- and that is why I did the afghan people not put up any kind of fight what what what happened there. Well, I would say that There is what we are told and this actually, what I'm saying are now actually comports very well with so many other things that we talk about in the West and Americans of work. But there wasn't me he told us knows what the analysts and the experts tell us is the reality- the people on the ground in Afghanistan and in these countries really cared for the western, for all the things that the West cherishes. Ok, the visa, That we say are very. Although cornerstone of western culture, let's see gender equality for one example or be no eliminating the patriarchy
the things that have existed not just in Afghanistan and not just because of Islam, I would say: Islam actually reinforces so menu. pray, Morty old tendencies towards a patriarchal was and so forth, not created in actually just its it reinforces it. So they go way back these ideas, in places like Afghanistan and when you just go there and as the? U S, government actually did it. actually increasingly in more recent years, try to imports. You know, not what degree, but it sounds like a large degree, they were twenty import, woke culture as well. None of that's gonna fly with any Afghanis at all because they're just not part of it. culture and they might have to an extent in the inner much as the Americans in there, and they were trying to work with they played along, but once it because in imminent that the? U S is leaving and saw for all other charade, just came off and ask him off, and I was right to the way it was an unfortunate
idea in the sole nation building and try to import democracy? Two cultures that simply it doesnt resonate with at all for married myriad reasons. That's why it fails in after two decades in all the money in blood and treasure that's been spent. why we are where we are so because I heard Tucker Karlsson last. I talk about how will you know we were teaching all these woke principles, and you know, these are principles that don't sit well with half the population over here has this made them the term to an Islamist? Even her or Is it just visages I don't care just not these guys anymore. I would
are you the former historically, wherever the west in any way, shape or form retreats worries perceived to be weak? It has actually immensely exacerbated the idea of radical Islam. So if you go back to see the colonial era in the nineteenth century, the nineteenth century early twentieth century, where, but where, today We would describe America or not America's actions, most of Europe's european action in the Middle EAST and the islamic World, very negative, it was toxic. Masculinity was not multicultural, it was no our way or the highway. That's how Europeans more or less came about that actually believe it or not, and no putting aside all judgments worked and Muslims didn't resentful Didion. They actually try to catch up, they saw it as the winning way. Then we have to be part of our culture it's what you saw that he job go away at ironic today, the twenty percent, for you see that the job of the workers in that. But when you go back to
Eighteen hundred me with the pictures, women in the Middle EAST and Egypt again stand and Syria these countries, they actually look like western women, so they were actually tried Emily, but in as much as the west for starts to retreat. Start to say our ways are bad. Our histories, awful your way is love, is wonderful, Ed. actually isn't scene, as all your being polite, let me try to reciprocate, is actually seen as admission of weakness, all these and it makes Muslims go back to their own. Way and that's why you see today, in the twenty first century, a large segment of the muslim population trying to emulate the seventh century Muslims that joining hottest of Mohammed time so yeah there's a symbiotic relationship with western weakness. La Mc aggression, and I think, with what happened in Afghanistan. You you see about again, so I Read the story this morning about a woman who is a mayor of a small town in the Taliban. Come in- and she said I am just waiting for them-
to come and take me and kill me said- there's no place for me to go and so I'm just waiting the Taliban has said all known where were now we're not like that anymore. Do you does any sane person believe that to be true, no but the problem is. We were lacking insanity to a large extent, especially when it comes to our leaders in our betters, for what for whatever reason they just want safe according to same principles, Even worse. The Madame reports came out around the August eleven a week ago, the Taliban door to door and forcibly taking girls youngest twelve of either sex slaves to be their wives and again so you see it's all back. Amazing, you know twenty years of bad and the most powerful nation and all the money that spans while the blood and all that it. Then we are not just back to work.
we were, I would argue, joint even worse spot. It all have to do the very myopic western world view ok, look, we killed the bad guys got rid of the bad guys would say, Osama Bin Laden and remember Mullah Omar and now We set up a government, and obviously there are gonna wanna be like us, because this is a national combination. This is what they don't understand in order to reach a good sort of western. Democracy and end the principles that we have. You have to have a bedrock before that began. Just important You know a surface of Islam or tribalism and our bed right I would argue somebody judeo christian principles that's why you can build the what we essentially built, and but because they don't see them, and they actually learn and when you say that other guy, that's the worst, they judeo christian principles are, that's your being. Whenever a triumphal, a stone and so forth, and so on.
That you see what's happening, they bring the package without the fountain, groundwork be laid at the end results what we see and what we always keeps you, we're talking: they were Raymond Abraham. Who is an expert on the Middle EAST? What is coming our way? Do you think, because of this collapse oh, I would argue with its money, because I remember Almost twenty years ago, you know aims a lottery. Who was the second at the time of Al Qaeda is currently that the head of Al Qaeda since a solemn alone and I'd, but I remember when I was I've been lot in ever about three years after the invasion of Afghanistan. Some reporters and asked him shamans worry. What's your? What then where's, Osama Bin Laden Words, Malawi, don't hear about it and what he said it was very telling I'll give you the quoth. He said to them, jihad in the of all law is greater than any individual organisation. It's a struggle between what truth and falsehood until all mighty urge the earth. Many said: Molly, Omar and shake Osama Bin Laden Armenia
did you so do talk to soldiers of Islam in the journey if she had, but the struggle continues for all time, and so you see those that patients swear, it looked like they lost, they stepped back now. but look there winning, even though those two guys are not there, my mama, Omar and shape was I'm not an aim in the water we'll come and go Mohammed himself. The prophet came and died, but the jihad, on so, and there are already saying this just recently leader said: it's our belief that one day that we are heading will have become an islamic law will come not just afghan extent. You just said this couple days ago: but all over the world. We are not in a hurry. We believe it will come day. Jihad will not end until the last day. So you see it is it's. This impatient meant quality that we are dealing with while we usually just sit and look at the little myopic sort of world but milestones in the end, just stop amount to much.
Raymond anything. Yes on, where we should go from here and and and I mean as a people, not as a government, Vienna were this audience is very involved in rescuing people in the Middle EAST and all over the world that especially women and children that are founded situations, and we want to help all per acquitted minorities get to safety in any suggestion and on what we should be looking towards or how we can help well, the firstly, of course you have to be armed with adequate knowledge. Oh you are an undersea most of your audiences, We have to understand that no more time out something like christian persecution or religious persecution of minorities general. When you come The standard is overwhelmingly. The lion's share about phenomenon is being dealt out at the hands of Muslims and even in the face
it's up to, you haven't been subsaharan Muslim Africans, Nigeria. We have a genocide of Christian of course, in EAST Asia, Pakistan in Malaysia, Indonesia and, of course, the heart of a muslim World Ultra North Africa, the least Turkey, when you understood that I think you start to realize. There's an ideology behind this aid is a boy to get our heads rapid that ideology and understand that are going anywhere, Eddie I'm suits, but around or two centuries you don't to say every Muslim believe those or every Muslims out to do this. To understand that you do have this core in their doing that and they need to be eventually exercised in order to put an end to People need to understand the difference between a Muslim and in his ill and an Islamist right That is the real problem and we refuse to name it
Raymond Abraham. Thank you. So much we'll talk again. My friend thank you. This is the best one back programme came wherever video early. I think last week from political, Lloyd, political oil has done, several videos that are well worth your time to watch. Let me just up lay the highlights of this one. It starts in Disneyland, it say, woke world
ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls watch. This video thinks it's a small world except everything has changed inside, but it looks exactly like it. It's it's a world of privilege in boats that are cramped. Welcome to Disney's RE education camps. If your skin, if you're skin is white. It's time near contrite, its
world. After all, it's a world of power, a world of fears, and we work long days to make souvenirs, although millions have died in the wiggers aside, it'll woke world. After all, there is a land where, once you lived free as a capitalist pig bourgeoisie, rickety detail, we are facts and we would vote Democrat if we just yet passed. That was a guy who put this together would like to remain anonymous. So we're just going to refer to him as a the creative director of political oil is a former Disney artist. Welcome to the programme you pad how area,
I'm doing well I'd like to know oration there. Thank you so you must have a great job especially since me, you don't you after you don't have to take at it in the bows. You also don't have to take the hits families not quite ready for that. Yet I think it will but considering I was in LOS Angeles and I want my own shop, so quiet. They couldn't really handle the value of their debated that pleased that you share, but tired watching my country go down the drain and it's it's time to do something to release cartoons for about. Ten years ago. At times we are funding M M, a team. Well guys want around other times. It's just make it if it depends on what the opportunity
The opportunity is there by term about a seven year. Hiatus offer doing these cartoons and jumped back in the game with sharp apiece called ships the chance of getting so out of if over the impeachment scam and Gypsy a noun should come on I'll, say in all these things that were undoubtedly out false, and every one of them prove that he was lying, and so I addressed him up like illegal region and I put some tromp here on the road runner em out, laughter and previously. the White House was sharing at them. Philip was like Well, I guess I'm back since then they put nodded if I can, between quiet jobs to visa list, quite a while the do. I'm in the piece you displayed took about forty five weeks: the complete fell while full time of year.
it's a heavy investment in time to do something like this and you doing it by yourself or are there others involved in it? right now. The animation was done by myself. I have some friends that helps contribute some elements of the post, there's that began, and you know it, pictures and now, when that sort of thing, I had some help and then I had some friends starts up brought together that the course with all my music was recreate, yeah, that none of that was pulled from any you. General Disney material Right, o the orchestra. Everything had to be recreated die using synthesizers then, but I can't like a child, though fortunately I got a parameter, they bring together a lot acting students and and
of course, the end was an adult choir, so I'm running sure how many people up singing x- I wasn't there. They sent me the files, but without help. I couldn't pull this off of me at that songs, not right. We do want to feel like you're, no fracture yeah and I to tell you, the animation is unbelievable. I mean you were four Disney. one point as an animator and it is damning. This is really really well done. What why did you take on Disney. Well, I wouldn't do what I do without Walt Disney. I like, I grew up Not wanting to be an animated crook wanting to be Walt Disney You know I've noticed history. The I've actually travel too. marshalling Missouri twice and stood in front of him.
Officers in Kansas City, and course down the tour here and allay multiple times, adjuster tracing his steps because I can imagine what our country would be like without a man. I am. Glad to hear you say: I've been allowed to go into the archives. I've gone through his daily calendars and his diaries he's an amazing man and I don't know if you could say this about very many people at least especially in the twentieth century, Imagine America with out Walt Disney, it would be a rabbit, the different place and I'm not sure we'd still be free, because he put so much americana into us buried deep into us, his kids. Well, yes,
Just imagine what how it would be like without him. Another would have been no counterbalance it's what we got now. I dont know how to Wilbur restructured the take over was It was just like an opportunity that presented itself to the left, but they took care of it by overtaking while company I I I understand why Wall took the company public wanted to execute. Aside use, one of the worst mistake you ever made followed up only by him not really have any good succession plan when he died. He didn't mean, you, re, probably saw like use more that, but that happen much data than here dissipated- and you know I learned what America was. Watching those shorts? You know pinkos bill, one
Albania that all those sorts of people just gave you sat upright him and a connection to the people that came before us. Damn that that connection has been severed, and I know it would be just made up. But what did the end and energy to get to that part? But I actually know his congressional testimony or you saw about the communist and how you could turn that in on itself, where actually calling the current regime Disney Communist as its loading head about we innovation lab, does the older Germany is rising right? Emma was actually cremated. Well, that's what they want you to believe is actually in the middle of the African. What is that stupid ride called the African John, the jungle right? That's where the freeways, the freezers in the middle of the jungle, the jungle, crews, Are there? Are there more people like you, then we
pink. While we don't think there are anybody there is. Anybody like you are. There are more is need people that are in that company that are just silent right now. There are a lot of traditional folks below the line and Hollywood, meaning that out there there that the craftspeople, the ones but actually do the work is opposed, once green light in projects and dumb actors commanding a large salaries that they keep their head down I have a body that is having to you no direct whoops right now and then I get ago on members this- it's not my saying. I hate this and the other little share my videos around by email, the other personally mail and give me the thumbs up. But what really needs to happen is an opportunity to start But when those folks into a new operation that outward yes, I want, I know that you're not gonna be cancelled and that they can do,
their families and inside their country. At the same time, that's an opportunity like that, you presented itself and I think that there are tons of people in Hollywood would jump. The chap. I will tell you, though, that concern just don't part where their money as easily as liberals do especially on things like movies, they. They don't like the odds of success and ended. Interesting, because when it comes to politics, it seems like the left never runs out of money, but it's very difficult on the right. For some reason, There is a very different mindset abandon you know. I cannot stress the world between entered, They met in politics and there's very the other the people who run the money and politics are very certainly ways and am very able Botanic get the same. Sales pitch is where the money is gonna go in the outcome, are you are? You know
I actually created Jim spot through tromp campaign that they're, not one of them, got use and it wasn't the photo his work and what you actually, they would wait, but it would go up the food chain and the next Why would you be willing to share them? I'd love to see them? I am yeah rebranded them as political weight, and there are now there on the EU to channel and the twitter arise that don't make sense to release, but I mean I was out there. I didn't sleep all last October and I put out spot that could come up like today. after a debate or something I just didn't get used to. It was very frustrating because it it yet. I feel, like the pieces idea, could have moved the needle we could about and talks that attrition for traditional campaign add would not have reached to bite. You know it's gonna take time it up, for you don't have a lot of time, but you know what you paramour at it and is the opportunities presented themselves, an undisguised electronic keep building.
I believe I have to tell you. I was really really impressed with this video and, I begin to share some of your of some of your work as well and hope to talk to you off line as well. I think what you are doing is exactly right, and I really appreciate your passion and your willingness to risk. Thank you. Thank you very hit. It that Bobby
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