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Best of the Program | Guests: Rep. Chip Roy & Rep. Troy Nehls | 2/9/22

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Glenn starts the show discussing the latest Homeland Security alert for domestic terrorism, which he describes as “bone-chilling.” Rep. Troy Nehls joins to discuss the Capitol police and their apparent spying. Rep. Chip Roy joins to discuss the fight to defund President Biden’s vaccine mandates.

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Gray programme. Today, great pod podcast, you you don't wanna, MRS. Secondly, we had some amazing people on today we had Chip Roy who is talking about the Republicans losing their spine and perhaps not standing against the vaccine mandate. Also representative, who had the capital police seemingly spying on him- I mean he says he has the evidence. He says Stasi and just stop if these little frightening, especially with something we leave the pod cast with something a new day chess but in the state of readiness to because terror threats are increasing. We read it to you in its entirety and it is a little bone chilling a lot of things on this programme, including an update from the fuckers in Canada, from a police officer. Who said, I can't be a part of this anymore and
the last living member of the bill of rights, if you will of Canada, talk to him because these suing the government you only thinking. So there is a new terrorism advisory that has come out from the Department of Homeland Security, and I will tell you it is to be bone shilling, but a I don't want to be part of a misinformation or dis information campaign. I think the guy remained has our best interest. Ronald Reagan was wrong, when he said government. And the solution government is the problem. That was very, dangerous rhetoric. Anti government
rhetoric. Quite honestly, when George Washington said when the government fear the people there, liberty, when the people fear the government not so much, not so much? I said something like that. Anyway. Here is the original of Homeland Security Bulletin. that we were all shocked and horrified by January, anti Seventh, twenty one. A year ago, it stated- and I quote the acting secretary of Homeland Security, is issued. A national terrorism advisory system bulletin do too Heighten threat environment across the United States, which De Hs believes will persist in the weeks following the successful residential inauguration. Information suggests that some ideologically motivated violent extremists with objections to the exercise of governmental authority and the present
and transition as well as other perceived grievances fuelled by false narratives could can. new to mobilise or insight or commit violence. Ok, all right Alright, I remember going wait a minute. They think anybody who believes that the election was not actually on the up and up is going to commit violence. Huh! Ok, I guess we're all terrorist. Not now that is so Tie of you to think. Here's the new one. That remember, is just a renewal of the one I just read to you yesterday, the Department of Homeland Security, renew the terrorist threat- and it says the I states remains in a heightened threat environment fuel.
by several factors including an online environment filled with false or misleading narratives end conspiracy theories and reforms of mass DIS and Mally information by the way there's a hyperlink, takes you to another page, where the department of when security is gonna help. You fight miss this information, they ve got a site where you could say you know. This is not all that Sir Conspiracy, it's great Let's see it is introduced and or amplified by foreign and domestic threat actors. V Threat actors seek to exacerbate societal friction to see. Discord and undermine public trust in government institutions, too encourage unrest which could, potentially inspire acts of violence. Now that is weird because
I would agree if we were talking about? Oh I no antifraud. If we were to king about people who were burning the streets down, but we're not really talk. About those people? In fact we're? not really even talking about the people who might be incurred, raged to go for violence, no what we are really talking about or the actor, that are using Miss DIS and mal information on line there seek to exacerbate societal, friction too so discord and undermine public trust in government institutions wow. That sounds like the Democratic Party. Who's been undermining this in
the tution and all institutions of our government. Besides the people who are running it, mash casualty, attacks and other acts of targeted violence conducted by loan offenders and small groups, acting in furtherance of ideological beliefs and personal grievances, pose an ongoing threat to the nation. Why the conditions underlying the heightened threat landscape have not significantly changed over the last year convergence of following factors has increased volatility, unpredictability and complexity of the threat environment, one the liver, racial, false or misleading narratives which discord or undermine public trust in? U S, government institutions to continue
calls for violence directed at: U S, critical infrastructure, soft targets, mass gatherings, faith, mace institution such as Turkey synagogues and mosques. institutions of higher education, radical anew religious minorities. Government facilities in personnel, including lawn, horsemen and the military and the media and pursue if the ideological opponents and calls terrorist organizations, foreign terrorist organisations for attacks in the United States, but stone. Recent events- ok, all right. Ok, now listen! They have some additional details here. That they would like the primary terrorism related threat to the United States continues to stem from loan. Offenders are small cells of individuals who are motivated by a range of foreign and or domestic agreed grievances, often culture, aid through the consumption of certain
online content, there's no hyperlink to that. I don't know what that certain content is but it is contribute to the heightened threat of violence in the United States chief. actors. Number one the liberation of false or misleading narratives, which so discord or undermine public trust. In U S government institutions, for example. There is widespread red online proliferation of false or misleading narratives regarding on substantiated, widespread election fraud and co, nineteen even says associated with these themes. Inspire violent extremists, attacks; ok, all right, ok, Joe Rogan. I hope your listening. Ben Shapiro, I hope you read that I know the blaze did.
I'd like to know, or we one of those websites, because the Ngos on to say They are working with public private partnerships, that can analyze the online content and social media to be able who identify these actor. that are spreading false, narratives, I know that are mainstream media and also the social media giants, have already made the blaze target of misinformation. You read so of our stuff. All of which we have one when we go to fight it we win every single time, but that hasn't stop them from claiming that we are of the purveyors of Miss or DIS information.
Now I want to show you that in what was it a month ago, the New York Times along with other think tanks, said it's time to take down these podcast, because these podcast are out of control room Brian Spelter just said the other day, the people that just don't want. I listened newsrooms I'll, listen to news rooms. If you have both sides. If you can be in on it. You know that the latest dilemma play this. Cut. For you see here it is CNN here it is on masks. Cut three. Do you agree with the move doom. There was a and is a time and place for pandemic restrictions, but when they were put in it was always with the understanding that they would be removed as soon as we can, and in this case circle
this is a changed case. Counts are declining also, the science has and we know that vaccines protect very well objects, assignment, promised soldiers to say the science has changed on masks: can you show me a single. a single peer, reviewed paper that show that anything other than an ninety five masks real. he stopped it really So science hasn't changed extending as the science never changes never raise. My our understanding of the science might change right. We may have been wrong before and right now, right, science doesn't change, that's what's so great science, it's a constant yeah! No! No! No! You just said: things and you're talking about two different things. You just said science never changes but then you also said Thus science see it's different when they say follow. Thus science, that's
four then follow science site, and is is great, new discoveries. It is challenging what is known its now falling on your sword and saying yet you know what I Stein was absolutely correct. We don't know we no Sir While we don't know we're gonna, say that's the best theory, Quantum mechanics, that's the boy theory. It seems like crazy talk, but that's the best one other. We don't know we're gonna can new to look. This is our best understanding that science VON Science is You will do what we say because We know all theirs. difference there, and that's The push back his coming because Common sense has to kick it at some point- and it
and seem to be kicking in which people, because They are science. Will you argue again? me, you are arguing against science, I'm not know arguing against thus science. the science that you claim you are now you're not. So the New York Times and other left wing group said that they were gonna start targeting podcast hello, Joe Rogan, hello Ben Shapiro hello me anyway the mark, Levin they're, going to target It was this that was the announcement last month and the New York Times said. We were responsible, partly responsible, encouraging people the four violence on January Sixth, can be further from the truth?
we even told them and gave them the tape they wouldn't retracted, because the science facts, don't matter. Ok, this was just published yesterday by S Squire, who knew it was still around its worth. Pay closest attention now to the events in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, city in its residents continued to be besieged by an unruly conglomeration of truckers, Situation is so critical and so unmanageable the gym Watson mayor of Ottawa declared a state of emergency. the reason why we should pay closest attention. Now is because the usual, flock of buzzards off Ready, seems to be circling in anticipation down here it's late January, the likes of Glenn back
and MIKE Huckabee IRAN to US the likes of Glenn back and my cock use their large online followings to spread the word about the truckers convoy gardener, tens of thousands of engagements in colluding likes and shares, and comments on social media post in favour of the protest based on data from crowd tangle, a social media analytics firm owned by Mega Facebooks parent company. Oh my gosh, so something that I got a lotta heat for, because I wasn't constantly talking about the truckers, belong Large dark draggers time because
and I dont know that much about it. I had the guy Ani seem like a good guy. I, like is what he was saying that should be peaceful. I don't necessarily like their blocking. You know commerce, but their Canadians. They can do what they want to do. I always believe that civil unrest should be just that it should be civil. It should be kind it should be Martin Luther King kind of protest, and I'm I'm a little torn on this one on how they're doing but I haven't seen anything that their violent. In fact, the vice since that was reported in all the person they came in and ran their car guess who that was An anti for member the one who is actually doing violence up? There was Antigua, my guest you don't care about Antigua Bud, I'm the reason why I've been promoting this. That sounds like Miss DIS or mal information.
Just a warning shot. I'm telling you now burn important information to disk. If you find these shows is something that you think I might want to go back and listen burn it to disk. They are Like a drowning man and they are pushing anyway, underwater this is the best and the Glen Back Programme, and we really want to thank you for listening our. I there's something you really exciting happening with the the cat. police- that I think you're just Europe that's gonna love, there's a couple of things that are going on
One of them is and in inspector general investigation, because it Looks like maybe the capital police are a little out of control who would have seen this coming They do not have to answer any for you. No citizen can ask them for documents only. The leadership in the house can really get the documents from the Le Capital Police and the inspector general There is a congressmen that what what happened to him, kind of one of the real big reasons why the inspector generals getting involved His name is congressmen, Troy nails. I liked Columned T money, but He is with us now congressman nails. How are you good morning? Glad it's going to be with you, sir, going be with you. Can you tell me the keys?
but all police appeared to be spying on Publicans and tell your story of what happened to you. Absolutely appear to be spine. Now we have the evidence that are not just spy. their gathering evidence and intelligence from members offices and then having the intelligent section of the capital police, investigate those members- and I am one of those it was a week and there was a Saturday afternoon and the U S capital, These are claiming that one of my office, doors It was wide open and Gender and an officer went inside to check that no one should be there that wasn't rise to Peter. I agree with that. I can get your make sure it's an end up. While he was doing. He noticed some what he determined with suspicion.
his writing on my board by whiteboard. In that way it was my legislative priorities, glad I mean they're they're going in there Spy. Now I'm what some of my legislation that I may be introducing, and they shared it. They shared it with the intelligence division of the capital police who then sent that the higher, and then I have three secret squirrels or, the state I'll say undercover agents for the capital police corps You mean my staff as to the content on the board the content was pretty frightening congressmen. You had two things written on that board. First of all, let's start with body armor. Watch frightening about. That is the fact that we in America are by and body armor from China, what the hell We do so I have drafted. Legislation to say we should not we buy and body armor for our law enforcement agencies in this country.
China and that's what the Bible reason. Body armor was written on that whiteboard is because we are drafting legislation that it will not be banned body armor from China, and that's why I was so brave claim that that suspicious or rattling threatening The threat to America be bind body armor from China. There is no question about that next thing that I'd like to hear your explanation, Explanation of vote is the map to what appears to be the closest exit or entrance for mad men to come in and do nefarious things appeared why she didn t see there are three separate building work Congress have their offices and I'm in the middle bail, and it's the one word a build big building. Next
is the Rayburn building. So we had a hand written map of the rain. rebuilding drawn mad bored with an ax on it and the capital, policing, secret squirrel thou say that Gestapo came in ass. My employ my staffer. Why Is that map with that acts? What does that me and my staffer holding the truth? we were showing in in turn, I wear damn ice machine was because the ice machine in our building was brought back the purpose of that drawing ok. Now that sound, suspicious and threats, He doesn't it. I have had several congressmen and senators tell me that the FBI has been spying on them. The cap. Well, police is turning into a gestapo organization at a congress. Tell me last week that the FBI is KGB.
What do we know about the inspector general and if he is somebody that is actually going to look into this stuff. Well, I'm going to, I say this as it relates to Michael Bulk and not the singer. Michael ball. They lived the inspector general over the cap, police and he was in my office last Friday and weak. he's an old secret service agent he's been around a while. He got a little grey around the temples, so I'm gonna give him the benefited now that he's an independent is independent and he's going to conduct a girl of Essex, in which he agreed to do so, and I said I appreciate it. If it was stand alone and independent of any other investigation, he agreed that it would add as well. So I'm gonna give him a little bit of the benefit of the doubt that he will look into this. He did one hell of a job. Glenn as it relates the January sixth and the numerous failures and he identified numerous deficiencies.
with the leadership in the intelligent section of a capital place, but January exclaimed the american people are neither ten January. Six should have never happen there. Had all the intelligence. It was glaring them in the face, the leadership in italian section there had it. They just ensure they kept it in your pocket and who do? What do we see to the Euro January? Sex it should have been, it could have been prevented. waited if they would have shared the intelligence that we had the scary about Capital police is a couple of things. One they don't answer to anybody, but the house leadership. So you know it. democratic or a bad republican- is running it. They can you is it for whatever they want, and there is no foyer they can get in and see anything that they're doing they also are being loaded up with money while their cutting. the funding for police everywhere in this country, the capital,
This is getting more funding and they ve made them into an intelligence. operation and their bill being now offices in Florida and in California. I think now, there's a third one, and they say there are: there are more of these capital police headquarters to look into three. it's against the congressmen, isn't that you have be eyes: job you certainly think so and in these three agents, these special agents that knocked on my door, my employ described them. They look like construction workers, so Yorks exactly right. This is Nancy Policy trying to create her own intelligence agency within the capital police to attack those go ask the individuals that habit dissenting point of view on January, sex and leader Mccarthy asked me to be. One of the pigs could be on the select committee.
I've been a very, very vocal critic of the leadership in the capital police. Specifically the intelligent section about January sick I've been very, very vocal in a critic about the death of Ashley, but an lieutenant bird. That investigation not even going to a grand jury that should have gone to the grand jury at a minimum, but it was it so now I feel certain Benny Thomson and an speaker put in others. They want go away. They want to silence me. They were to destroy me questioning my character, and that is their ultimate goal: the work at all go back to the FBI on their Obama. They did the collusion with triumph. They had the F b, I gotta get them. They did it to our dear friend, Tucker Karlsruhe the annex say looking at the email to his text messages because he's another America first year, and so this is what the left does. They try to destroy P,
book that do not agree with them and have a dissenting opinion, congressmen! Please stay in touch with us. I appreciate you standing up and and shouting from the rooftops, I think the only thing that is gonna stop. This is a republican sweep, but if the rip applicants are like the Republicans last time. then nothing's going to change. We need Republicans who will shocked this corruption down and take Anybody who has been involved in any kind of corruption, criminal corruption and put their ass. In jail without, question Glenn and I can assure you this in your less nurse there toying with the wrong share good glad to hear it
Thank you very much. That's representative Troy nails. He is from the great state of Texas on that but police and when they are becoming the best of a bad that programme chip Roy coming up in just a second, I have to tell you I got an email in and I'd I'd. I mean I'm taking this at face value I got an email, and yesterday Glenn thanks for mentioning our Morton SALT during your Saddam in Gomorrah explanation, oh reply necessary Rick, Morton. Furthermore, illegal still own Morton, solar still event. standard, or just I mean is this just a guy was like That's why family that started it. I'm you know on a yacht some place with all the salt money
because we sold it. I'm not working verity anymore. Her who work in the salt mines cool it s, really cool when People like their product associated with Saddam Gomorrah. Now we hide out, I know it's it's what's funny that mines me when Cathy Wall Green came in to remember this year, Cathy Wall came in and I'm just talk and turn I just doors. Cathy and buddy, introduces themselves and I'm there, and she said I am Cathy, well green and I said ass, smart ass, oh, what a lovelier drugstore she said. Thank you, Oh, my! You really are that put Cathy well Green, ok, anyway, we have cheap Roy on hello chip going, My brand, well, I'm pretty good better. Now that I'm talking to you tell me what happened yesterday, because you were saying look, this should be a lead Miss test for all
it love freedom, don't pass the spending bill, unless it doesn't include any of the mandates, dried, and you know the Good NEWS is that a hundred and sixty one, I think of my colleagues in particular my colleague and I agreed and I didn't support. They continue resolution badly. Fifty one Ok, I thought it was reversal. I'm coming into this is a victory. I'm like only fifty what I thought. Only genuine stood, ok Joe hundred and sixty one republic interposed. However, fifty one, the Publican voted to continue to fund the gun, which is going to fund enforcement of these vaccine mandate than our military against our healthcare workers against our border patrol agent against our law enforcement personnel and it's wrong. I hope the Senate will take up the fight, but I'm not gonna hold my breath now. It's was Mcconnell your problem, you haven't Washington. Is it the least
ship in Washington is quote more concerned about, is more concerned about quote taking back the Senate, taking back the house and they think you just play this game through the year of letting democratic, hang themselves, but my friends Day day oh, you know well wrote this morning in a tweet thread that Democrats or about it the home across all France and they're gonna start to be. We're gonna, move on and say: look, we did it yes and we're never gonna hold these tyrants accountable, perish for shutting our entire way. Why enforcing jabs in arms of the american people, women firing our troops and firing our doctors show. We ought to stand strong and Republicans catch to assume. we're gonna get power November. When we don't fight we're gonna be fighting for them. They are about to do. I'm telling you it's coming. We were just having that same conversation on the air about an hour ago, thereby It's gonna be agonizing thereabout to take a victory, lap there are never going to say that this was the inevitable outcome of a virus
This is even repeating the pattern of the flu virus of nineteen eighteen. It really had nothing to do with any. That man did, This is the way the virus plays out, but they are gonna, take credit for all of this, and they are only bending. Now because they see the people are standing up. How do the real publicans, not see the people standing up Now there is more fight in five but those canadian truckers. There is in the whole of the republican conference. Okay and that's the way- reality and Republicans got to understand that we can talk. About a task forces. contract with American, about what we're gonna do. Look, though, words and we, don't need more words. We need republic
You will demonstrate it was all a commitment to stand up for the people that sent them here to fight. For that. That that's why tromp was successful. That's why people rally round, tromp, because he was talking about America first, he was talking about real american. Any came up here. He said who's. Gonna challenge the status quo in two. My colleagues are running around right now, wherein there khakis in their vast in there. I need to get on an airplane, so they go make your hunting trip or the NGO maker you no fun you're gonna get away or whatever he. Instead of saying. We should be here right now in Washington right now denying the funding of these and AIDS because somewhere in America today, it doctor is gonna lose his or her job, a nurse zulus his or her job, any one of our men and women. A uniform is gonna, lose his or her job because they don't want to come to tyranny and dad governing Republican Party can't stand up for liberty,
hence the tyranny of government, to force a needle in your arm against your will win. literally zero science forward, even if that should batter any calculus even though why the Republican Party exist, we should be standing up in fighting, so the name. Some names look at me. There are so many of the fifty wine I mean. I'm happy go lucky the Lisbon. Is there any? Was there anybody that was campaigning? The other direction that's a good question and we should go look at that. I promise you. I promise you better, the fifty one Republicans you voted for it. Glowing fire Texans by the way you would look. That way than you would go out and see speeches talking about how they oppose the mandates about how they think the these are wrong, but you'll go looking, say well, you just voted to fund it. They hide behind when they hide I will speak for you. continue resolution will push this demarche. Eleven is short term funding, you gotta, make sure men and women in uniform have all the funding they need it. We ve gotta keep funding border patrol and we got it.
The government. All we don't want to. I was shut down. We have shut down for american people, hold it against us, and we're gonna lose in November. What that's the end? That is absolute nonsense. It is viewed by consultants and pulse in this town rather than just standing up and saying it is Democrats who would seek to shut down the government rather than allowing individuals to carry out their own conscience and not be fire because they choose not get back today, but it is already is a three week time period, minutes three weeks and I and I understand I'm with you chip but It is three weeks why can't this happen again, right. Also, that's why we're talking rights? All your listers out there go K. Well, we didn't stop it. So far in the house, shut it solves a vote on it. Child did the Senate Republicans confine their ball, but they walled in when they go ahead and fund as over the next three weeks, then we should,
this fight by March eleven. Now what were already winning democratic state is right: there we're taking the emigrant offer him. They are gonna black away from most of these mandate, but right Today, I got two emails. Yesterday from the Andersson Very hospital could help save my life a decade ago. Were you doctors and nurses who are facing being fired because they don't believe taking it action is in their interests. They believe they about what the unity and they don't think they should take it, and so we ve got people being fired two day. So Republicans all you, people, me why you're congressmen? Are you senator? No, you expect them to get it right this time, if it still devoting a Senate or by March eleven, when basic CR expires, we should shut. We should up not fund the, one of these mandates that they strike that I will be calling because I've seen the list, and I will be calling a couple of people that are friends of mine, that didn't vote with you and asking why and get off the get off.
fence here and vote for the next time around on any of the other thing I did born yesterday was introduced legislation say that all of our men and women and uniform who have been discharged. They should one and not be forced to get that the vaccine, two should be allowed to come back and serve and get their job back and three get continued times. is towards retirement and towards there you know, career advancement for the time since they ve been walked out that was thirty days ago, one or two years ago, until I injuries logically, yesterday to do that. Thank you for that. I is going to go through or that tied to this, well, who knows? I introduced a bill yesterday in order to try to push the issue. I would like to stress that bans that concept at any of the user funding lights to say guys. Provisions in there to make sure that we got people. They literally lost her career after fifteen, twenty twenty five thirty years of service and on, and we. shouldn't be forcing them after the old up so
there is the New York Posters reporting today that they found a little something the covered relief bill that the Democrats ran through last march. You remember. when they were talking about, we gotta catch. These people were still in money and not reporting to the IRA Ass, an put in the I it was what was it thousand dollars or five thousand dollars. Then it became ten thousand dollars the over a year and they could spy on your bank accounts right, ral, there's a new IRS rule that is was in the covert relief bill and nobody caught it requires as users of pay PAL Van MO and other third party payment services to report all transactions over six hundred dollars a year. Till the IRS, so They got you if you're using digital now and not using the bank to pay for things
They now have access to everything that you do what is his business where there had it? Ok, and we need to remember that when everybody this list understand we are at war with a corporate crony class that wants to take away your freedom and wants, you want your life and tell you what to do. It extends to what you just talked about in terms of the force of government court, coordinating with the force of corporate Amerika to come after you, but it's also what we're seeing with big tack and shutting down free speech. It's also to the old house. care in big farm up and big insurance. They are rolling in money gland Pfizer his rolling in money insurance companies. Did you know you man, I think I'm getting my start right did eighty. Percent of their revenue from federal government contracts arise, jumps right from government contracts across all levels of government. Think about that you're insurance companies. The vast majority of our big insurance company
they make the majority of their income from government. We have a corporate crony system we surely one healthcare? We have big tech, big education, right, We have all this collusion with all of these big entities and they are taking every step. They can't right now to shut you down. You big institution, just when there s g requirements and all of their. You know woke ideology that there too, the Thai to every dollar they get spent. All of the bank's you're gonna come in and you the banking power to shut down our ability to transact or work with, but you shall go, go find me now. Thankfully, there was a backlash. Go funding Ok, we're gonna, take those doors in the least retarded to people, but that still all people, but to give money to theirs. Truckers grove We came in as it now now at first we're gonna, steal it and give other charity than they Oh, that might be a problem so now to give it back to The original donors, but that's what they're going to do and the end of an authoritarian, the tyrants
Wanna use corporate Amerika and they ve got willing, complicit you, no friends in the board room. Who are all too happy to use the power of corporate Amerika to clamp down on our freedom in the name of the work carried out. It's amazing and the people who were all ok with it used to be the people would say, fear, corporate Amerika, now they're all on board with corporate Amerika. It's weird cheaper, the Republican from the great state of Texas Congressmen Chip Roy. Thank you very much for being on the programme today. Thanks go and keep up the fight night, everybody got Regensburg. It right of white got lots. Thank you
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