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Best of the Program | Guests: Rep. Chip Roy & Ryan Walters | 9/21/22

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Glenn exposes the worsening political division in America and paints a terrifying future if America doesn't change its course. Rep. Chip Roy joins to discuss the crisis at the southern border and blasts Republicans for helping President Biden fund the problem. Ryan Walters, Oklahoma's secretary of education, joins to discuss the perversion of America's education system.

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The student I've been talking about a guy we've been talking. We want to do something for thanksgiving, but in our own communities- and you do something in your abilities- will be- will be talking about that in the coming shows as we get closer to thanksgiving, because we we really need to be there for that- lead by example. Okay, on today's podcast, we have JD vance on. We have chip roy, oh my gosh, what's going on on the border with Martha's vineyard and all of that then Putin and oh goody. We had a speech from from Joe Biden at the un today, immediately followed by the new york attorney general suing, donald trump and his children and his family. But hunters don't worry about it. The president, don't worry about it, it's crazy! What's going on, we tried it, give you a semblance of the truth and the podcast today starts with the disturbing truth of where we could actually be going and it's beyond economic meltdown. It is morally. Where are we headed all that begins in just a minute? Let me tell you about relief factor if you're, one of the millions who suffer everyday from pain. I want you to listen up. There is hope, and it comes in the form of relief factor. I see testimonials day after day after day relief factor. If you were like I was or you are like. I was in pain every day, just getting through your day. It's challenging because of that pain. Please try relief factor, it's worked for me. It's not a drug developed by doctors, and you can get the three week quick start to try for only nineteen. Ninety five working in three weeks for yep. It's probably going to work wonders for you. If you don't see, any results in three weeks probably should stop taking it. That's why they have that three week, quick start because seventy percent of the people who try it go on to order more. If you want a drug, free and natural way to get your life back, go to relief factor, dot, com relief, factor, dotcom, here's, the podcast so the eighteen year old, kaler ellingson, he was hit
And killed by a man driving a car in dakota that is a horrible story. But when you find out it was an accident, it gets bad when you find out all of it. Details. It gets much worse. This eighteen year old was out on the street. He was in a street dance called his mom and said: mom? Can you come and rescue me? I am being chased by sharks. In brand do. You know him. She said yeah, I do How do you know him and he's like he's chasing me right now with his car, so when she finally reached him, he was already dead. Shannon brand had run over this kid in
tension, elite killing him now again. That's gotten worse right. What makes it even worse than all of that. is it he's the one who called nine one? One to two report quote the crash. Now he did that After he fled the scene, but he called. and he said I ran over him because He was part of a republican extremist group. And we had a political argument and he calling people to come get brand new actually calling his mom and saying help me mom help me now the judge I asked him to pose fifty thousand dollars bail. He says he's not a flight risk. Listen to this new developments.
in the death of a teenager at a foster county street dance according to court papers that wasn't an accident, but they say a politically motivated attack. W da Y news reporter Matt Henson broke the story for you online today. He joins us live tonight for why the driver confessed to police Matt, then of course, according to core papers moments before he was killed. Eighteen year old, taylor ellingson call mom become rescue him, because forty one you're old, shannon grant was chasing him in the city of MC henry, where the street dance had just wrapped up the papers. Indicate how killer ellingson was being chase, but by the time is, mom could get there. Her son was dead, I don't understand a differences. Forty one year old, shannon brand have a tough time, understanding the charges against him killer, homicide and leaving the scene of a deadly accident is actually wanna call nine one one report, the crash police say it happened in this alley around two thirty sunday morning after the street, dance or paper show brain. I told the nine one one dispatcher that he just
It ellingson, because a teen was part of a republican extremist group and was calling people to come get brand. After a political argument, ellingson mom told police. Her son called just before the crash asking. If she knew brain and she said she did she does. I believe her son new brand, will try to determine exactly what all transpired at the time of the crash, but prior to that as well, please say: Brandt was drunk when he hit and killed ellingson with his s. U v and we do not know of any witnesses. We are still are making attempts to interview potential witnesses from the street dance people that were present prior to the crash happening. A judge ordered brand held on fifty thousand dollars cash, which she had. Elected saying he's not a flight risk job, I'll life and a house and things that I don't exactly wanna see go by the wayside family
There are very important to me. Oh oh, I get it. He has family did. He cares about the as a job and a life that he doesn't want to see, go away, this I, the most disturbing thing is he doesn't under. And when they say he didn't understand the charges he was Uber during that he doesn't understand. Why he can't hit a kid if he calls him a republic and extremist You Joe Biden, thank you I wanna give you one more story. This one is from berlin and festival in berlin, germany offer race based admission pricing. They won't talk,
but extremists. We all know what comes out of germany. According to an ad for the event, white, germans, ten for free or without a donation of their choice, jews and all other attendees had to pay eighty dollars apiece. The areas feast. Joining a white world. A three hour event hosted last sunday, sponsored by the berlin gallery of traditional art, was permits, Did as a college area event, so bob white artist and writers through food. Add our able the event description. States guess participate in an experience that weaves together food and art, where experts work with white artist. To create a multi course, vegan tradition
Erin meal, wildly Ass were eating. They were also regaled with the works of wagner by the moon area an orchestra in corral. Anybody surprised that shit. many would go this way when It is in trouble financially the pressures and why Why are you not surprised by this story?. Hopefully you find it offensive. I know you do Find it offensive and horrifying, but why because the germans have been trained for a very long, long, long, time and the Nazi thing is real. Let me actually give you the right way to read this story. This is this actually, the the real story
an event it. An art festival in portland, Oregon, offered race based admission pricing, according to an ad for the event, black folks ten for free or the donation of their choice. All other attendees had to pay eighty dollars, apiece the black fees, black imagine aerial a three hour event hosted last sunday and sponsored by the portland institute for contemporary art was promoted a culinary event seller. Celebrating black artists and writers through food at our able the event description, states, gas, participate in experience that weaves together food and art where exe. birds, work with black artist to create a multi course. Vegan gluten free meal based If the artist work while guest, had their multi course vegan meal? They were also regaled within turkey dance
you didn't have to change was vague and four. By now, the work for both so. Does anybody notice a problem here. between the speech that the President gave just blew red behind him and marines standing behind him. He declared that there our undesirables, that there a disease of vermin in our society. And we now have our first case of violence where the guy It doesn't even understand why he couldn't run somebody over it Claims they worry a extreme. miss Republican. You have the seeds being planted right now. Now let me give you another story, This is why we better
find our way to our. our morals and our principles. Fast, left wing, the activist in harvard prodigy David hog, and he would much rather have a porch and a portuguese water dog and golden dougal doodle than children, because quote is better for the environment. I am now we're planning on having kid see, here's where we agree. We agree can cross lines right here we agree. I agree with David haug and ice to come together arriving this important yeah. He should never have children. He said I would much rather own a porch and have the water dog and golden dougal doodle long term, it's cheaper, better for the environment. The new boats, he said yes, Kids are nice, but most people can't afford them. So it's nice to have friends with one, but to have one yourself: ok,
anti family and human next story A week ago. Binding, released and executive order on advancing biotechnology and bio manufactory in of innovation for sustainable self and a safe and secure american bio economy. In the order, My administration calls for dramatically: increasing funding for biotech development, including gene, editing quote for Technology and bio manufacturing to help us achieve our societal goals. Could I ask Maybe I miss the memo in the meeting. When did we decide our societal goals? those societal goals. What does bioengineering have to do with it too?
help us achieve our societal goals. Dna! States needs to invest in foundational scientific capabilities. We need to develop genetic engineering, technologies and techniques to be bull to write, circuitry foresail cells and predictably, program biology in the same way, which we write software and programme computers, we need the power to unlock biological data include through computing tools and artificial intelligence, we also must ensure the use of biotechnology and bio manufacturing are ethical and responsible. And are centred on a foundation of equity and. common public, good. Advancing racial equality and support the underserved communities through federal government. They must all
will be consistent with the respect for human rights. Okay, So we have an equity Investment in biotechnology ok will you be one more story and all these stories will link together of these stories, will show you you'd better get to a group of people that think, like You do and start talking about these things. King them seriously, standing up for them, you can not be silent anymore is being well I'll. Show you what's being drawn, give you one story, and I think it will all come together for you Ok. Let me just recap the stories that we have just covered the driver in north dakota
at forty. One year old driver ran over an eighteen year old because of a political argument. That's what he says. A political Argument and the eighteen year old was a republican extremist. and so he had to run over him with his car. The now story? Is the port an event that is celebrating black culture and food. I don't a problem with this, but you are charged. Eighty. Box to get in. If your white, it's free for you. If you are a black, and Biden a week ago started talking about to a cop wish our I. our societal goals, which I dont know what they are he wants to be able to fund through a and executive order, biotech Ology not of problem with biotechnology, but with the government
is now going to be doing this and it's going to be based on metrics that are equitable. Last one I wanted to you back to twenty seventeen. At the world economic forum, they doing an interview. Klaus schwab, who is doing an interview, where sergei, what's his face from god, we'll sergei Bryn. They were talking about trans humanism, and forcing implants into the brains of humans and tracking there. Every thought trans. Humanist, artificial intelligence touches touches every single one of Google's main projects, ranging from searched to photos to adds. Bryn said he said it touches everything we do end quote Now after he says all of this schwab.
Tells those in the audience that within ten years, every one on earth will be wearing brain implants within ten years. That would be twenty. Twenty seven this will allow the w e F w e, F and associates to quote measure your brain waves Can you imagine I am quoting in ten years when we're sitting here, we haven't, plant in our brains. So I can immediately feel because All of you will have implants can measure your brainwaves. I can immediately tell you how the people react or feel how the people react to your answers. You cannot stop. It schwab, bragged, ok,. can you imagine any technology is more dangerous than an employee that allows the governor nor any one
to know exactly what you're feeling and thinking ike. I can't think of one let Go back through the stories. Let me go one step. Johnny, engineering and technologies to be well to write circuitry to predictably program biology. In the same way, we write software and programme computers k there part of that, will be brain implants, but, more importantly, that is it having the children. You want that perfecting the races that about making sure you we'd out the wrong thoughts and the wrong kind of people and you go to someone intentionally running someone over because They disagree with you politically and they
I think that's ok, gang you are going to make the nazis look like rookies. If we don't get off this road right now. We all have to stand together in peace and love and We have to go out and vote fifth percent turnout is the voter turn out in an off your election. Fifty percent it our be one hundred percent of independence and
people who understand the fire. That's coming this way. This is the best of the glinda programme. We want us understand the world, the rosetta stone to understanding the news of the day is my new book. It is called The great reset it's available everywhere Ok, so, let's just go through some of the stories here, Venezuela we now know or emptying their prisons and sending violent criminals to our border. We had record two million, illegals apparatus. and at our southwest border this year, two million that we caught probably three million is the real total in,
at three million we add the onion twelve caught just last month, another tool, now these are, special illegals. these are on the terror watch list. Remember your story. There are twenty four people that were found you, the terror watch list now Let me give you a stance on this in twenty seventeen to people through that are on the terror watch lists twenty eighteen, six, twenty eighteen zero tonnes twenty last year of of trump to first dear of binding fifteen, and so far this year seventy eight from Terror watch list have come, through our border We know of. Roy is with us now hello, chip power, you, sir, great glass, greatly on the show, although not doing great about
the state of our border and what it means for your and my home state of texas or this whole country, but a but a blast to live in this country and keep fighting for it. chip by the way he's congressmen from texas. I don't think I can any more of this from vienna, The northern states saying a word: a texas border town, what the hell does that mean? What is it mean that they should just take it. Well, there is a third ironing out right idly. It was due to the disease city, council, woman and the mayor say: oh you, we don't have the resources to deal about taxes does that we hold on a second bi regional you mean all of our town, getting actually overwhelming inundated our schools having to deal with massive number, we're actually shut down, because the bailouts and the danger posed them in south, texas or ranch is getting blue, defend the lose friends is getting cut or children dying from fentanyl poisoning, or you know, people living in stash houses. The washington DC glenn, you know. Oh they way
Oh, my gosh, your fifty ship to tomorrow it's two vineyard and we had one hundred dropped off at you know a camel hairs. His house there were seventy three people found in a stash house in Washington DC in early august, twelve the more kid this is real a generation capital thereof cartels there were the headline in baltimore just about a month ago about the dangers of cartels engaged in baltimore in virginia in call. Beppo Virginia taught you a share of last week, meeting with a mom that you have lost their children to and they both at a cartel operation. In culpable Virginia one hour was to our nation capital. It happening this administration knows it? There are lying about it and they need to absolutely have to paid consequences for what they're doing your country so chip I mean I I'm so frustrated. I could papa gasket when I start thinking about this there now, comparing the geo p, governors saying.
if they're like human traffickers, you don't need like human traffickers? You have human traffickers on the border. Human trafficking has never been this bad in america and Biden. Administration is crap, creating and funding those human traffickers, exactly right, and I just want to pause there for a second right to those of us who love our country, where people of faith were watching human beings being used as political pond by these Democrats, yet baby with the finger, a governor, abbot or governor disadvantage for highlighting the problem by moving people who largely volunteered for it moving them to another place, the country to essentially centrally wake people because MSNBC and MSNBC and cnn, and wash opposed your time. They all were to report on it. There's a block of people in our country. No! What's going on your listener out their stop making,
when you go to your churches and you go to your community groups. You want to talk about these things. Cal everybody body weight people up, because your children are dying from the federal as result of the open borders your bandwidth, you're, gonna, get endangered by cartels and gangs. This administration causing it, but let's be honest, republicans, allowing it to happen, and that's why I'm going on ending the continued funding of this crap out on our public. It can the very things that campaign against men didn't get one more penny to a homeland security or administration, Jesus is secure, aboard an amen, amen, but I don't think- turtle face, has the courage to do it. Let me ask you about the sorrows funded law suit against Florida vi leading these illegals, their constitutional right. They don't have constitutional rights don't have constitutional rights. But
here's sorrels funding this obviously, and you match with the soros funded effort, like the lawyers are seeking them out to go into turn them into a again political pawns um, and it's absurd to say that individuals who came to our country are illegally You're, making some claim that administration urban dump the amended the united states, endangering our people, that, for somebody governors moving them around. Our country or country are somehow violating right that they don't really have under the whitman. What is the difference? What is the difference between the vu two santas or or abbot. moving these people to washington, d c or Martha's vineyard in in the daytime, opposed to the federal government moving them all over the country. We don't even know where they go yeah. Well that that's exactly right. The federal government has been distributing people throughout this country. Let's go a step further,
every non governmental organization, every charity, every group and church organization and catholic charities and all the ones that are neck deep in all of this that are running and putting people into hotels in south texas that are literally going and coordinating picking people up and distributing them around the country and by the way, going this really important. Ok, people are saying: oh, but their seeking asylum hold on the vast he's right now are not even claiming asylum. There are not even being worked through any adjudication overcome. Birch island there are literally being brought into a tenth, for example, in the eagle past, it's four acres they're put in through a system that can be absolved, it's all set up just to process them and believe them under a pillow or notice to appear, which is an absolute abomination and a violation about dogs letter, and this the law is being done, purposely its abusive they're, the ones moving human beings.
And trafficking in human beings and the waters are bare hands the little girl getting rate that stand out as we speak, the american than died with federal poisoning, as we speak the people who are going to be endangered by the criminals. You alluded to come from Venezuela or caused this world. The terrorists you're talking about it's just a matter of time and republicans ought to stand up and fight, but the american people, I will tell you the sheriff in bear county that is, is investigate easy, the f b. I now invite two what happened in florida with dissent is flying these people up. He does it, he doesn't claim anything is illegal. He just says I don't. it doesn't feel right. When are we in basing investigations on feelings? Second of all, this is the same guy who, in his county, you add what fifty people die in the back of a truck. Did he care vat
you know it's really good boy, and yet I've got a great relationship with a laugh The line police officers in san antonio are sheriffs deputy. This is nothing more than sheriff salazar playing power six and doing so in a way that would endanger taxes won't be very clear in any any of my listeners out there and into in San Antonio my constituents. This isn't lloyd abomination. What the sheriff is doing here challenged for it. I should be removed from office in summer. I used to go, take them down or two in terms of his political career. We should replace them with? Somebody else is absurd. Yeah. Fifty three people you said dying in attracting trailer san Antonio. You have people. that we can't even get a lot of our cases brought on drug crimes because they don't prosecutor because levels of debt the days of it and because you ve got and weak leadership. We need. Strong leadership and our city to root out crime, and we don't need you ve got a boy political games where this was very specific, going after dissenters, because the sand,
is daring to say that we ought to highlight this or by a you, know, moving people around the country or so that people can understand, happening, the taxes and afford and other state good are bearing the brunt of this is absurd. I don't even like how'd How do cities claimed to be sanctuary cities and then say we don't? We can't take these people, how impossible or about the deasey couch woman man. I can't name who sat all you do is wonderful, any other. turning us into a border town. One second, you called the abolition of ice your Lauding DC, as far back as six or seven years ago, you and and and myriad bouser, that the merrier saying you're a sanctuary city and you are complaining about it- good being dropped off we're getting three or four thousand a day warring across the border and touches the other being we're headed nodding, not even got away the extent you. people are bearing her head in the sand. It and I want to go back to the federal crisis, because I've seen for people die
in a country which I represent. I've seen people high profile people, not a people. Dont know What talking to marked out little round table last week with twelve mobs who have all buried their kids bent of widening and the american people. Don't understand we're talking about pills, we're talking about one built until because it was cooked up in a lie in a cordial backyard funded by chinese ventnor. We actually had to want boardman hairs. Count me the other day whom at stake, and we took a pill because that looked like candy. There was ways with federal. Did they had from profit I mean I'm telling you people don't know, what's happening in the eighties Glen, the cocaine epidemic that we had. One hundred thousand people dying a year we're talking one hundred and seven thousand down like opioids and and and drugs last year. Seventy two thousand of it's fentanyl is a major problem and it because
we're not secure the border. So I just I would like to add something I had forgotten all when I was in the hospital and it most killed me and I read the box that it comes in. There was a patch My wife could not touch patch, when she was putting it on because it could killer job. by putting her finger where the faint nor was gay. That's how, interests. It is on the box, as for end of life, use. Only. We have remember, it doesn't Take a lot to kill you one two, three hundred pounds of fenton all came across our southern border in august. That's all grid pounds more than july and third to in thousand pounds this year.
What do we do in amerika? I go on to be clear. That does numbers are exactly right from the perspective of border patrol apprehension, but that does not count. What got through does not count what coming along with the got known got away. That did not count what dp out in touch with our law enforcement, intercepted average. God pass border patrol; in other words, the numbers are massively higher than even that, and when you look at that just so. Everybody understands one to two milligrams can kill you that it's on the end of a pencil, that's what we're talking about when I take one pillar can kill everyone throughout their forget politics for him go, make sure that your children, your grandchildren, your loved ones, the people that you care about know this. You take a xanax, you take an adderall, you take something that looks like candy. If it's laced with fentanyl you die and it is a it is getting distributed.
our country. We stop two girls in arizona about two months ago, with five hundred thousand pills in their cars. In fact, we stop the car with a hundred thousand pills at it. This is a direct consequence of this administration, but I want to be equally a critical it republican funding. The women that is carrying out this tyranny against the american people, form open borders, hiring IRA david having our energy admonish, giving absolute stored on administration continuing backs. mandate which are harming urban, women and military. We ve got to stop enabling that's glenn republicans. We can stop it. Just stop, not one more penny. Why would you find the very things you pain against. That's what I don't understand about republicans diameter, cuba and credit cabin mccarthy. Yesterday, cabin jed hey
If they're not going to do anything about the border, we should not be voting to fund a cr. That's a big statement. That's a big statement. I'd like to see him back it up. I he have my support if he backs that up not sure he has the the courage incohonees to do it being from tat. as you know what that means, but I I hope that he does. I hope, the republicans Chile mean what they say: chip roy from, great state of texas in the? U s house. Thank you so much. I appreciated chip by the way you have two square, your shoulders and stand up straight. You are on the right side of history. You are on the right side. It is so clear this battle of good verse, is evil who is actually helping people traffic children it scientists and the g o p, or is it this government that is,
that is turning its blind eye and allowing the cartels allowing china to coming would boatloads of vietnam. Our children are at risk. and what are we fighting about We are fighting another evil. Having having a debate, did on whether or not you can mutilate our children in a Spittle on the right side of history. Do not shy away. You
are on the right side of history. You were listening to the nest in the glinda programme really Glenda programme. Yesterday I had a woman colleagues to the show and she was telling me about what happening in oakland? schools with books, you know what she said. You have it now I'm sorry, I thought that's what the video you were saying anyway, what she said was they are now passing out. Teachers and our passing out
you know qr codes for the books that have been banned in the library and all about transgender ism and everything else in my question was. Why is this such a priority for the left. Why are they doing this, and why are so many that said, just six years ago, seven years ago, yeah. Well, then, Thing is, you know: you're gonna say that men can have babies and the law laughed at that and said: that's not gonna happen, that's ridiculous and now it's happening and they seem to be not only supporting it, but they are true. To tell you crazy. If you don't believe it why guy, who, I think is really sharp on. Education is Ryan walter's a fan of his easy oklahoma secretary of education because he has come.
Let no nonsense, he is running for Oklahoma state superintendent ryan welcomed the Glen back programme, Thanks for on the and thank you for highlighting this, is you know, frankly, this is the final stage of a war, the george soros has ban waging against american society for years in the final stage of it is to completely indoctrinate our kids simple. teachers with liberal left wing activists and her schools into a situation where they teach they are taught to hate this country, and then, frankly, they were taught to be the most confused generation in the history of the world being told that their gender fluid being talked about. actually in the first and second grade classes being groomed. We have never seen anything like this from a civilised society. So how is this? How is this happening because the avc which person is not insane. They know. Men cannot be pregnant. They know that
story, our you know in the library with a dude in a dress is not normal. Not healthy for children are the are the average democrat waking up to this ryan. Yes in Oklahoma, folks, waking up to it. We finally- and I appreciate you shining a light on things where they call it things like diversity, equity and inclusion. Yeah, they put it in every college and you know, and people got well that doesn't sound so bad, then you get in there and you go there. Making them go on white privilege walks there talking to them. about how to talk to kids about sex cartoons. pouring rapid material? We ve got these books on the shelves gland that if someone in a park was showing It's the images that are in these books. I know that are in our schools, they would be arrested. I know I'm a and we've got, and we have this teacher and the the caller was talking about this teacher and norman who after job
yeah. I know I did it on purpose. Shall continue to do in my next job, so I'm gone out and said: we need to pull her teaching certificate. she should be allowed to teach in any school. The state of a cohesive wont to get you to talk about this and one that we have a democratic states, reprint tender that refuse to do it but that's the reality of it. If you say you're a psa, you are a left wing activist you're, not a teacher. She said, I'm a political activist. Okay go go, work berkeley! Go to yale. There's plenty of left wing indoctrination up there get out of our case Schools worsening there, We learned the basic knowledge so that they can be workforce ready. We actually want our kids to love. Our country understand why we have the greatest country in the world. Take your active. Go somewhere else with it. I will tell you: it's disturbing to see. I mean in some ways I'm glad, but at other ways it's very disturbing. The latest pull I saw on teachers only see steeper sent trust their tea there is now in their schools. That's
way down way down everybody's always said yachts dot, not not my teacher to my school, that's great! They Are losing their place and society as a revered common sense kind of group of people. You know my background and the public school teacher. That's my background and I talk the public school teachers every day that are going. you're completely turning the profession upside down by it, liberal activists. We have these woke administrators that are going in so many teachers. I I'm dealing with an issue here in Oklahoma, where they're telling telling certain teachers you are going to go, do sex ed with your middle school. Kids, the teacher said no, no I'm not mean I'm not a mere teach math. Oh, yes, you will everything. Political will, and you get your point out, they are undermining the profession. You're good features, we're not gonna stick around because
what they got him the profession for they are completely undermining the trust in our society and use the fabric of america where again and we went from reading writing and arithmetic. We were to understanding the basics of american you know principles and our foundation and now is. completely thinks about it. I was you know, Two years ago, when I was in a training, is a history teacher where I had a priest You're telling us you, you really should, if anything, good about the declaration of independence, Thomas jefferson, with a slave owner, you know, and I'm going and I got into it back and forth with the present are going. This is outrageous. How do you not understand that You know that this was a a documented change, the course of human history. Well, I'm gonna tell ya, I feel, like we haven't gone down a slope. In the last ten years, we've fallen off a cliff, oh yeah. I think that's tame compared to what We're here today on the honor and stories of now, you tell me russia is equal to its core. That should be the basis of our history and frankly, this is job America mission,
Joe Biden once in our schools? Again, soros has done an amazing job for this perspective infiltrating every aspect of society and playing in these the foundational elements are getting anywhere school, you know them, there are countries in in the world that have banned george, Charles he's an enemy of the state. He and his organizations are not allowed in the country, because I ve seen what he's done in many cases to their economies I wonder if we are ever going to wake up to his influence. It is so dangerous. What he's doing. you know what I mean. You know, that's the sad borders While conservatives, you know we owe to work well, in our family, were god fearing people going to church or anything else. We have had this under lining of the entire society, an attack on the basic building blocks, and again I quote
education or schools. If we lose, this battle, we lose the war. We do I if our kids grow up and say hey mom dad. Actually, if you believe in you know traditional society if you believe in low tax rates, if you actually believe in the family unit, mother and father The owner of the actual you're you're, a big it So you know I don't. I don't really care what you know. Those are bigoted positions and this country is evil and begged him to its core. People grow up and believe that I mean the countries. I mean and that's not hyperbole, a service that is that is just fact. If we lose this generation to and again we're not talking about. I thought forty years ago, when we looked at liberal indoctrination, it was hey, you know. Actually we should. We should pay green taxes. Actually, you know we should. We should have a better, be pro choice and it was at that which again is it? Is it good but now we ve gone. I mean I was
thinking the other. I can't imagine explaining all my grandparents are passed. I can imagine explaining to them. the sexualization of our kids. I mean they wouldn't believe me tell them. This is what we're dealing with in schools. Now it is again it's not a slope, it's a cliff that we've fallen off and they indoctrination of our kids. Well, these the key is to not go over the cliff with the rest of society, the key He is to recognise. Wait, wait, wait you you, you want me. do what believe what say? What? No? if we can just get enough people to square their shoulders cause it's. I don't think so, Its ever been more clear. Illnesses is adverse as evil. When you try to destroy the family when you're too to sexual lies children. When you are empowering drugs into the country gangs to come into the country, lawlessness to be happening on our streets.
You're on the side of evil and I've. I think that it's never been more clear which, side is good, and I am not talking about republican democrat. I'm talking about good versus evil, its very clear right again. What we're not I mean to me We ve moved beyond the stages of some of these little skirmishes wherein the broader battle or what is the future of amerika? What is the core of america again? two years ago, you at least had this. You know the democratic party who who's, who believed in at least two fundamental principles of america. But now we got the far left at hijacked somewhat. the conversation but again for oklahoma moment. I thought you know are Democrats. Or are mostly you know, conservative value people. I mean it is not your california, your new york Democrat, and they talk to me all the time about this upcoming yeah. This is insane like I cannot believe some of this stuff. It's me
pushed down again to pornography in schools, the sexual they should get, I got them That's every day, the goat. There is no place in our schools for that, but again it if we don't confront it if we don't address it directly. Anatomy means addressing the perpetrators like sure and making sure that she's not teaching her far from denmark, but is also the fundamental where's it coming from its the d. I programmes in our higher at institution is Ricky on being pushed into our school? It is administrators and are going in there that are pushing this at a high level down upon the teachers and if we don't address it, reach sound. What's gonna happen is all your all your we're headed tee zimbabwe you could be able Crowd teacher republican teacher is always you walk in the classroom. And don't push ideology on kid. I argued I thought of history class and a government class for a proper ten years I never knew more than ever to my political put like my personal opinions, I walked in and here's american history, whereas what happened here, what was going on
If we don't address this and what's going to happen, is who's going to be left in these schools you're just going to have the furthest you're going to have teachers only to the left of Bernie sanders, because why would you walk in as a teacher into an environment where all your administrators are pushing you to push? You know left wing ideology sexualization, all this kind of stuff? we're gonna be left in our schools are gonna, be teachers. It are more like activists that want to come in here do that finance. That's the fear where headed had a very quickly if we don't turn ryan around ryan for running for Oklahoma state superintendent. You are the Oklahoma secretary of education. If people want to get involved in your campaign and help you, but are they need to do Yes, sir! Thank you more than you know, or if they could go to the website ryan Walters for oklahoma dot com. You know again. The Democrats are using every scare tactic known to man down here or to try to to try to win this race now by the, Are you a knocking at the door, but just the heights of everybody yeah
oh yeah, all the above came under the book and and the national teachers union already done two million dollars and the negative ads against me wow. So I made it. You know where I'm getting it down here, but you know I mean the reality is when you speak true to going on when you call them out directly on what their plans are. and you she you and you stand with oklahomans and say we're not going to allow the federal government Joe Biden, to put his way into our schools with this radical ideology, we're gonna? and oklahomans are gonna see through it, and I appreciate any help from your audience, and I appreciate the priest, What you're doing what you ve done? A great job shine a light on all the two things pushed down by the fed in the parlour. Thank you, ryan. alters for Oklahoma, dot, com ryan alters for oklahoma dotcom. Thank you ran appreciated. You know it's Amazing to me, as I've talked to several people in differ, states that say the teachers unions control the legislature, the if
the teachers union decides to get involved. It's over as they have so much money and they overwhelm people you you You cannot, you have to ask where's that money coming from. So when you see and add you, have to know where that money is coming from its coming from the teachers unions, they are the ones that are pushing this and they will say and do anything it's not about our children for them those teachers, unions, all about power, control and money. We We have got to let our stateless state legislators. No, they are not alone, and they need to stand against these teachers unions because they are really one of the biggest routes at the boy
of this sick, sick tree
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