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We could possibly see some major updates in the GOP’s investigation into the Russia probe within the next few weeks. Rep. Jim Jordan joins to discuss the latest and and whether anyone will be indicted in the Russia hoax. College student Grace Sambrano is being taught Marxist critical theory in class. She returns for a lesson from Glenn and “Arguing with Socialists” co-author Justin Haskins on how to argue against it without sounding heartless.

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e c o dot com, slash business, pay, welcome the Friday podcast. This is a good one. Jim Jordan joins us from Washington. We talk too. We talk to, I think, one of the best reporters out there, somebody who is really risk everything and has paid a heavy price for telling the truth. John Solomon, we're gonna talk to him about what's really going on with the documents and why the why the Federal Bureau of Investigation can seem to catch these Whittemore terrorist quickly, which I am glad they did, and yet we still don't know what was going on during the twenty sixteen election, where the prosecutions where's the FBI, their vat and how to argue critical theory. All on today's podcast young guy, who is one of the watch watchman on the gates, serves as the ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee on the end of the House Oversight Committee. His name is Jim Jordan, one or more conservative guys. In fact, I think the most conservative guy in.
Greece, welcome, Jim? How are you and you ll find Glinda to be with you today. Thank you very much so I want to. I want to talk about several things, but First of all, let me start with the Whittemore thing, condemned this. This is these are not right, wing people, they're, not constitutional lists, they hate Donald Trump in their own words and the video has the black anarchists flag behind them. Now, I am glad the F b I took them down, but can you tell me why the hell we can take vey these guys down in a seemingly such short order, but we're still asking the question: if there's any coordination with Antigua, No, I didn't I look like you. Do you guys are needed as a criterion in it demonstrate that the FBI is going to happen in a these guys should yet at the end,
you're right, but but also look at it. He fell out for what is it now hundred twenty km date yet rate that there have been lying here today to the city of Portland millinery laying seas to a city? So what we need to figure out, and we have. We ve talked to the Justice Department about this visa, whose financing it's cool way way way way way. What is it just? As you know, I'm sorry Congress makes I'm not coming out. You know on on you hard, I really don T or one of the good guys, but I am so frustrated with hearing about all well, the Justice Department in and Bill BAR is gonna. Be. Do you know that all the when way yeah. Well, you you, you and all kinds of other Americans got you in billions of other Americans will let us go back to the FBI to the to the whole tromp Russia, that we now know without a doubt. We need this already, but now we have proof without a doubt, with the hopes that click made up the cover up her, that the fact that she distort thirty thousand email together without Britain's vote this week show we note what what's up there. It is time
to figure out. How can we actually read some people here? Can we indict some people here so mastered? Yesterday? The prostration yesterday Trump said that. You know Agee were bar has more than enough evidence to indict members of the Obama administration, and I think he went as far as its aim Obama. For the trip but you know Russia stuff. He said it included Obama and Joe Biden, so Do you know what what the press, what the president is referencing there and then look at billboards D done a good job, and I appreciate the work you do it, but, like so many Americans, we are all like come We know what happened here, but I think the president referring to is the now famous Jane with its meeting generated wrongly haven't, even when they are in the White House, with its Obama, its Biden, it Susan right, the now famous email fifteen days later, where Susan Rice does that the greatest your backside, email history, hence, as all the present told to do at all by the book, but that the meeting where they deserve.
we have to get Michael Flan, because Michael Flint S, former headed defence intelligence, we'll figure out what we did. We have to cut up in the already covered up is to get rid of the guy who was formatted. Events intelligent, whose now to be the National Security advisor to the present United States so that the date they have the plan to take up my coupling and they did it just. Nineteen days later, Janeway twenty, both parties in administration when they went and sat up like a black ok. So we know that, according to the work, we know that we ve had that. But now we also have evidence that The president was briefed by Brennan, vibrant and twice so I mean. Are you this goes back all the way to the summer before during the election. Right now, it goes back to three days before it goes back to you. why twenty eight three days before they open investigation three days before that Britain tell them it's a hoax Clinton's doing it to take the heat. Often per Clinton's. Do this to talk to people in a conscious. This whole thing up
three days before three days later on July thirty? First, the open investigation. So those two things that job twenty eight notes and then what Happen on January fifth, twenty. Seventy that seems to point you write to the president, and to MR I enter the vice president. Vice President Biden and I think that's what the presence referring to do so again that what we can do- and I can indeed anyone- you know you ve done a great job, giving people information and I'm in Congress. What I can do is- and we did this- we talked About- There- were just a handful of us three and a half years ago, a handful of us who were talk about this in Congo and want to help us in frankly, we had. We had leaders back then, and the Republican Party who tried to stop this, but we said something smells wrong. And the more we dug into it the more we feel out. There was a right here and now that now it's time for the Justice Department to figure out they're gonna die someone and it's gonna do what they need to do it, but we can control them ok, so here's the here's, the problem. As I see the report is at stake.
you ve, I'm sure you have read the lease the executive summary of the Renault. What is it they? The Transition Integrity project. Have you read that yet I'm not, but I've heard about their homework assignment. I remember my staff will send you all of them and it's not our opinion. Their words. These are the same exact people that were involved back then. it is a plot to rip deeply. Eighteen, seventy six election where it was apt, Luke CHAOS and I'm telling you it's insurrection how when, when is something going happen. Is there any what I mean? I don't believe that they bar as a member of the deep state, but there is a there, is a group of people who don't care about the election that
just going on and running this country. If we don't get it before Trump leaves Office, God forbid we're not gonna go and we lose. The republic will know that that day, natural me that that concerns me dead, but not here's a goodness. Little alert luck I understand what the beach they want to do- understand somebody's Walter. What you're trying to do, but the Good NEWS is, I think the present gonna win, I think he's got me- can feel it and in our state he won't stay by half and we're always considered that, though the swings data high right, but but he was in a field exactly like twenty sixteen. In some ways, it feels like there's more energy for the President than the way. At least there was said about. There was some energy behind Hillary Clinton being the first woman, etc, etc. There's no energy behind Joe Biden, none course nodded. If this election is about the president about the President
and the energy deposit minutes before the president is is something I've just not seen you. Can the Trump raise the boat parade you can neither the flag there were. You can see it across our great state and frankly, I ve traveled around the country, and you can be honest if I've been in Wisconsin, I've been a confirmation of the attack. This amount to be afforded later tonight. You can You can feel that as well, because they know this guy has been fighting for and here's the thing always come back. You remember the night went went vocabulary says she said you kid: she she couldn't trust the present. I might you can't trust the president, this guy, more than any present in our lifetimes Glenn has done more of what he said. He would you any what he said he but cut taxes. Catastrophe produce regulation produce regular. Did you have a great economy? Had the great How can we ever before the virus? It has come back here to build the wall he's built the walk, did he get out the around your got other? It said he put the embassy in Jerusalem. Put it in Jerusalem. Did he get a new NAFTA New NAFTA and set its fears the best what he said Give you a list of the people. We'll choose from for the Supreme Court's, put out a list shows from there,
this course at your cabinet there now in the court. That is that you know what I'm gonna. Do it again put out a list shows from that list. What, with the passing of Justice Ginsburg Amy Coney bear this guy more than any public affairs more than any politician has done what he has said. He would do that's what you mean and people understand? That's what that's! What the vice president communicate? The other night and that's why I think he's gonna win and I think, frankly, could be big from your lips to gods ear. I, if, if I didn't, have the mainstream media telling infilling your head or my head with polls that I think or wildly inaccurate, and you can prove those by looking at the methodology.
If I didn't have that, I would say this is going to be a landslide, because the left is so out of touch with the American. With the traditional american viewpoint limit. I know we're pressed for time. So let me just ask a couple of a couple of other questions. Brennan has left off the claims that Hilary approve approve the russian hoax. The media is still treating you know everything there saying, as fact How does this story and for the media one has to happen before the they facts are actually called facts NOME with them, from President never happened. But again of latin american people can see through the mainstream media. When will we get started a steep scholars is colluding with worldwide scare mochi some from summer. Some
a day. We will get there never going to do to see with it, as this is the same mainstream media, where you had fifteen people who travelled with the present who said now that the comments that were printed by foreign almond, the sources and they believe the anonymous sources when they had fifteen- I witness it when you have with you, have John Bolton, who wrote in antitrust book say: that's not true impressive? Just the Democratic Party pretending they're doing compounded journalism. When we know they're not show, I don't. I don't ever think they're gonna come around to the truth, but the american people get the truth and they know what that what they did is president was was was completely wrong and they started before he was even even the only reason I can think Nancy Policy is pulling this twenty fifth amendment stunt is because she's trying to win the american people out and just go. I can't do this for another four years, yet probably sell because you know, if you're so competence equally, while these poles then
the election in twenty six days right. What are you where you folks, dollar, twenty four, the member for right amid the debts that that, if it Joe Biden, has kickin everyone tail he's gonna win this thing? Why the campaigns involving right my things he became painted a while, allowing for goodness sake, if he's a bite these up. I doubt about that. Not so, unlike you remember, this Cato did a survey. Now you can trust this survey, which wasn't per se about public Cato did a simple service. It are you, people speaking your mind in the council, culture, environment, revised ourselves and ask: why are you comfortable speaking out sixty percent of them and yet I am reluctant to share my view. in the council culture Mamma we find ourselves, it was sixty percent of organs are reluctant to share their views on it on a kind of a generalised question, might they'd be a little less than straight forward on a pole asking about the most controversial figure and probably our lifetimes in american politics present Trump. I think I think they might so I dont by the poor is there no different anywhere in sixteen when President Ciampi one this election?
twitter locked the account of the former DNA, when the director of national intelligence were Rick Grenelle Will you be he shared and image of ballot sent to him, a friend living in California who says they were addressed to his parents, who had been dead for ten years. Why was this has happened? And why I can't we talk about this, one Why do they feel they have to ban him now for that there are still, and irreversible. Why debating this innocent question? Look! What's happening with these bout, we have a staff person in office who lives and who got form for other ballots into her residence, or the ballot people who already moved there. You don't think there is potential for mischief there, what we glint. Why is there just one party who thinks it's ok, to count ballots after election day, even if you can't do stay was the postmark date on the envelope about arrived at. Why that's why
be only one party who want that to happen, that that is the disease Can we find her cause? That's exactly what's gonna happen, pent up! Well, I write it Jerry Stoppage, Jim. I will tell you that I fear for the voices if they can take Grenelle, and silence him here here with evidence in his own life. We're gonna, be able to defend the president or the election on social media at all, because they will silence all of our voices.
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there is a huge gap between the bottom ten percent and the top one percent and people in the bottom. Ten percent are stuck there and the people at the top are resilience and stay at the top and basically have a hand over everyone and the people at the bottom, especially the communities of color do not really there have a chance, but it's a very limited chance of getting even in the top ten percent, though all right. So you have to argue this. It's It's a flawed thing too, if you're going to argue that this system, as currently stands is a free market, because it's not a free market, it is big businesses and those with real money, colluding with Congress in and everybody else, not through just elections,
through lobbying That really I mean that's, why you see Google and Twitter getting all of the special exemptions, because they ve cut enough money to be able to do. so don't argue that this damn that were using right now. This system needs to be cleaned up and people need Go to jail and laws need to be enacted to stop this kind of stuff. grace, let me introduce you to just in Haskins reviewed every two met heavy already talk on the phone. We actually talking today on the bachelor are so just in welcome Justin Justin is, I think, one of the best voices on socialism Marxism. What's going on in America, and also critical theory and I get a little fuzzy and probably too much in the weeds on critical theory. So I wanted to get Justin who I think has really good. I Justin
hey. I do and glad because you gotta go to talk to you, so just in you understand what grace is trying to find out right, I do yes with grief and I spoke yesterday and she's got an assignment coming up and if we don't get an eye on this assignment, we're gonna have lobbied by matter like protests on the front line of the college. I think that's. What we're gonna do. Ok, be the plan. So just I do understand that. Take her take her through and the audience, because there's a lot of people are united. did GAD scared, GAD sad yesterday in and by the way of your ablaze tv subscriber, that is out, right now you can watch it on demand tomorrow, It will be released on Youtube for everybody else, about three o clock in the afternoon grace, I urge you to watch that because he, also, I mean me, he's a professor and he explains? What's going on really really well, I think that will help you as well. If you have
buddy in your life that is trying to figure things out, watch that podcast with em because he's these really good are so just and where do we start I think that the best the most important thing to understand is what critical theorists are trying to do and what What critical periods are trying to do there? Looking at the world? The way of looking at the world as a critical period and weather to do there, trying to explain why the problems that exist in the world exists the way that they do and essentially what critical Fareth argue up and there is a whole bunch of different. kinds of critical theories, but what they always try to argue is that the reason why some groups of people in society, whether its race or religion or any other kind of group class The reason why those people are not successful relative to their people not as successful as other people is because of power structures, differences between power in society. So
for example, critical raised. There is one of the easiest ones to understand white people, wrote the laws of the United States. This is how race theorist would talk. Room white people wrote of the United States? So the system is rigged in the favour of white people, even if they didn't do it deliberately, they subconsciously did it. They created a system that benefits their own and so African Americans and Hispanics and other groups who have no hope of success, because the rules are written to favour the p who are in power and in that's what makes it so hard for people too move out of lower classes in the upper classes. This is what they would argue, and so all the problems that exist in society exist it directly or indirectly. because of a difference in power dynamics between groups, so the only way to fix that is for there to be no differences in powers between groups
This is why it is so important for people. It's really important. People understand this. This is a fine. the mentally marxist concept and the reason I say, That is not only because Karl Marx made these exact same kinds of arguments about wealth when he's arguing against capitalism, but because, when you take this to its logical end, if you have different amounts of wealth in society, even if you could fit all the other differences in power. If you have different amounts of wealth in society, then you have different amounts of power in society. So the only way to fix the problem, if you take its due to its logical and it for everyone to have exactly the same amount of well, that's communism. That's why this system all too We always leads back to Marxism, because that only way for them to have no different, is in power that in society the other way to go is like a national socialism or some sort of authoritarianism does have to be communism, but it's always Marxism me know the the Nazis were socialist national socialist and what they
add, was you can have private property, but you, and only use it the way the state wants you to use it. What the rate reset now being pushed by the? U N, and also the Economic Forum World Economic Forum, that rate. Reset is based on this same thing that we're a balance. Everything out and you'll be companies will be able to own things, but, and they you'll be the manufacturing. Company apple will still exist, but they'll be partners with the government. They'll have to make the things that the government and their advisers say. they need to make it's more of a chinese communism where it's a hybrid between the two. They say there is no free market in that. Would you agree Justin? Yet that's that's exactly right. This is the.
that you, you get socialism in the twenty first century, you're, not gonna, get it brew, marching people out of it cities into communes and the countryside, like they did fifty sixty years ago, the not going happen. You're gonna, do it exactly the way you just described by controlling the economy, not necessarily owning everything and the elites. Course of the only people in in the world who are qualified enough to tell everyone in the world how to live right next to be beat the Elite II roll? All of us so you're exactly right and I think that's what the great it is all about nuts. What the World economic Forum is put. This is the best one big for you, and I say if you don't mind that my professor did day yesterday in class. He said if you disagree with me. I appreciate that because you are not taking things at face Value Hill,
for him. He ate a deeper good good, good, so What what else do you need help with shies cell? would you oppose critical fury without hounding heartless? All I doubt it as this is a growing we could go on for two hours on visual Eurostar Justin. Yeah. I think that the best way to start is to do exactly what one side earlier and admit that the current system is broken, its full of cronyism. It's no good! We don't like the current system as it stands. Now, it's not really important. It's not the free market. What we are experiencing is not the free market exactly and then I think that I think the second, point that you want a hammer right away if you want to say What I want is a system that makes
every one wealthy I want everyone's life to be better. I want everyone to be wealthy and successful and healthy and happy, what I want, and I believe that history shows unequivocally that the best way to do that is to have a free market. I'm system that, when you put the freer market is in a society. Coupled with individual liberty, coupled with protections under the rule of law, the freer that market is. More economic success that country has forever body a call everyone on board We in the book we talk about the really important point to make in the book we taco about India, and if you, look here, India, it was a communist country. Was a socialist country. Caste caste system mean it was your either gonna make it or you're not now that is the free market in India, Indians, splitting it's it's still not America,
but it is changing a great deal and it gives people the opportunity at any level too. start something themselves. You in India, you have all kinds of the shop owners had nothing. They had nothing and now they have their own card for their own shop and vigour much happier and have access to wealth now that they didn't have before. That's it. That's exactly right in eighty in actually the story of India and really the story of some of the liberalization of gone on in China to, although there are obviously not a free market country, one of those places hundreds of millions of people over the past. Fifty hundreds of millions of people more people have left poverty in those countries then people live in the United States in just the past. Fifty years
so why is it that we don't hear that narrative ever being talked about when we have these conversations about socialism and capitalism and capitalism and free markets that, even though the just putting a little drop of free market capitalism into their system. There thing hundreds of millions of people from poverty, the best thing that could have ever happened to India. and to China, is just a little bit of of capitalism, society, and so it's been in use. The word free market over capitalism. Capitalism is, is what people think of when they think of this country, and This country, unfortunately, is crony capitalism is on the path to what Russia has. Russia doesn't have a free market. You have a boy your people that are still in pain, because you had the the former communist take control. They just took off their uniform and put a suit on now. become oligarchs and now they
off each other, emits it's it's a mob run system over there. Russia is an example of of Communists now knowing how to use the free market as the everyday average person and and those in power take control again and stead of just having the state take it from people they just take it? They just take the power and the money and they become oligarchs so you need to really talk about Adam Smith's understanding of a moral society. Andy and Andy stem bed. You you haven't seen here in Amerika who requires people to be involved, but if you believe in the individual and you believe in free will and freedom of choice,
I believe, is, is a God thing we were given free will if you believe in Martin Luther King and what he said, that all men should be looked at and judge by the content of their character, not the color of their skin, not there? Well, nothing just what they do a merit based society where, the government, as it says in the declaration of independence, is instituted among men to protect, those rights. Right now our government is protecting the rights of the wealthy instead of tackling the rights of all men? It's why justice is blind, but we don't have a blind justice system anymore, look at happens. If you are a elected official you, get away with anything if you're somebody with power, you can get away with it. If you're somebody who's just the average Joe you could of prison. That's
not blind justice- that's, not the constitution, that's not part two of the system that we, uphold. We want people to to be happy and fulfilled, but unless you can are your own course. Unless you can say yeah, I know I'm gonna be pork as it sucks, but I really believe in the toy train we'll store cause, I'm an expert on toy train wheels and that's all I want to sell, Ok! Well, that's probably not gonna be successful, but that person goes to work every day and they. Love their job, they love it because They have the chance to be who they are I can guarantee you a success on that, but they ve. They are happy The other thing you have to remember
and this is really kind of aunt- em- Adam Smith's moral sentiments? In a nutshell, the boy ass kind of capitalism, the kind of capitalism that says what do people need hey? What do they need? How can I make their life better, for instance, windows windows by bill gates, changed the world and made our lives so much easier? because all of a sudden we didn't have to have to learn code, just all of a sudden. The window was there and we can use these instruments and change the world and made all of our lives better apple what does the world need? They? They need a way to access music and their phone and take pictures. So the free market asked what do they need and created it. So the asked way for capitalism to really work is well.
You have those entrepreneurs that are saying how can I Lake make people's lives better? How can I make their lives easier people are incentivize to help other people. Amazing things happen, for instance, will always be the rich they get, I'm in fact, my wife for my fortieth birthday fifteen years ago my forty of birth, My wife bought the very first flat screen. Hang on the Wall Television. It was a Sony training Tron flat. scream It weighs a Hon and it costs ten thousand dollars a fly, screen now hangs in some of the lowest class homes in Amerika because, yes, the rich, do by it, but that money push.
It forward, so it can go down and become cheaper and cheaper and cheaper and tell people. Can everybody can access it? Yet, at that that's a month ago, point one and the other Their side of that is that progress that progress can. we come when you a high level of efficiency in the economy, and what government does when they start getting involved in the economy, is slowing that efficiency down and make harder for that progress to occur and that actually limits the ability over the long run, for lower income people to move out of poverty because their limiting economic opportunities- and we see this across our entire country about the state Answer- level with things like occupational licensing rules, where you can even cut people's hair now without getting a licence we see this, for all, kinds of other things. Regulations are actually keeping p
well in poverty, in limiting economic growth, if we didn't have some Much of that the economy, be growing. Faster people would be making more money. The quality of life would be improved, that's not have in large part because the government is keeping its boot on the throne of- regular people and not allowing them to have those economic opportunities in their wisdom is rigged at the top, because the wealthiest most financial corporations are able to buy support at the political level to craft the rule, so it benefits then, and not their competitors. If remark, system would never allow. For any of that to happen I just want you to remember. One thing grace you people will say we have people will suffer people will people will go broke, yes, ass, they will it is not always because you're a nice compassionate hate longer that use
people have to pay the consequences. The banks now ever paid the consequences they were say they were saved by the federal government in this. In this crony capitalism, they made really bad unethical decisions. They should have paid for it now. Would we of all paid for it? Yes, but I can t I contend, we are paying for it in a different way right now with civil unrest, it a loving parent that allows their children to feel the ramifications of their own actions. My dad told me if you ever are pulled over and you're drunk or driving, and you get pulled over you're going to jail. You will not see my ass Balan, you out, and he meant it, and it works did he do that cause he's a bad guy. No, because my actions
We have serious consequences and I need to pay that price. That's real compassion, not just handing everybody anything that they want. Grace I've gotta run is. How has this been helpful? Yes, absolutely This has helped me so much narrowed down how I can argue against critical theory, Eight, a we want to hear the updates on it and send me your paper because I'd love to read it Now you bad thanks just in thank you very much just Justin. I, by the way, are working on a new book. You are going to really really love
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