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Best of the Program | Guests: Rep. Rodney Davis & Darren Beattie | 1/6/22

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Glenn takes calls from listeners discussing President Trump. Former Duke professor Darren Beattie joins to discuss the infamous Ray Epps and his involvement with January 6 and the FBI. Rep. Rodney Davis joins Glenn to discuss the Democrats blocking access to January 6 records.

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Welcome to the podcast. Glenn back has covered yes, his second bout with covert now try to say at this point I I just seem to seems to like havoc. I don't know it's the onlooker on wave and everyone's gettin it all over again. Glenn has called it. He is here today. However, little scratchy voice is pushing through its not as bad as it was back in twenty twenty. So that's where we're thankful for that he will bring us up to date on general six talk about a New York Times, hit piece on him and some others trying to paid him as insurrectionists. We have some of the details of one particular story involved in the riots at the capital. We don't have answers to someone who is really a cover. Suspicious strange story will get into that. We also have a representative Rodney Davis on trying to find out answers as to what Nancy Pelosi was doing on January six. Why can't we get information from Nancy Policy about some basic questions about General Essex and we get into three Donald Trump Interview. Blended aired last night, you get that believes tv dotcom slush Glenn will play some of it for you today, really interesting stuff from the former president and kind of a hint ass to whether he's going to be running or not. That's all coming up on today's podcast. You can subscribe to this part cask right now. We'd love for you to do that rate and review five stars is the appropriate number of star. Same goes for stew. Does America my show airing five times a week in the past year, five times a week as well police subscribers and review their support, as the only thing to welcome you to the Glen Back Programme? Let me go to Iraq in Indiana, hello, Eric welcome in the global programme.
hey Glenn, thanks for me on big fan, long border. Thank you you- and I thank you. As you know, I don't know why it is necessary. One of this house's that's, ok out her desire. I didn't wanna talk over eighty. I looked in the inner me last night goin an idea which Van fast again it it's the first time since independence day. Two thousand twelve or I fell truly hope, for returning to constitutional values. I just thought there last night, was about the future was about unifying and, like you said, workers so we try to divide us some members of my own family, I'm vaccinated, but my daughters, aren't they won't meet with my daughter's like, like, were divided in, like no doctor told them to do that or anything you literally, the president did And so I think that trumps interview last night was so,
Fine, then so so inspirational that I'm unfolding on board now and like during the twenty sixteen primaries urinating hapless. I went to the TED crews Convention or he announced I hardly fear INA, as is running made. You know- and you know trumpet said things like horse phase and wine TED. I never liked that stuff. You know, and I was always a supporter because I do feel like you, had a role as a dream: the swamp Canna Guy, a name in the nose, your fight back against the media kind of guy, but I never saw him the healers that you would talked about in the past and others have talked about, but man that interview last night really turn me around out. I'm telling you it wasn't since, like I said, two thousand as you know, the tea party stuff, I was there a deasey on Independence Day out there in DC on September, twelve and manner. Such an awesome, dude man, I had such high hopes and it was until last night man that Trump Trump brought that back for me in this morning I called my dad and said a month or after
get this guy reelected and I think you're right, but I think he's running we many of you again last night. I'm he's running yeah. I did. I fired up this one. That's great really glad to hear that Eric. You know that was my intent. I talked to him before we went down there and, I said, look you know Everybody is just talking to you and were re litigating. The past I want to talk about the past I want to talk about. You jerk has. I think people are looking What's going on. Here is a really bad thing about September. Eleventh Eric thanks, recall that thing about not September eleventh January. Sixth, January six. They are now the press is using this as a distraction. All of the really important problems are school. These are a corruption in our FBI, the Justice Department, the Department of Education,
prices, meat prices, inflation spending out of control. All of these things that are happening, Putin, China, They all go to the back burner because there focused on January, eleventh sorry January. Sixth, I can't get this date right January. Six. Because they are focused on that Do you know how many good decent democrats? our feeling alone and feeling like gosh, It's just me, that's going through all of these things. I guess I guess it's a guess that not important that this must be the really important thing that really being screwed by the left and and by the media, and that's tragic, really tragic.
But he got on last night and I don't know I'd love to hear from you. If you watched it last night, they did eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven buck at the end, wife said you know that first time I ever I've ever seen. an interview with him were, it seem like just you people hanging out having a conversation, and I felt that way as well. It was just a different interview and, very, very, very hopeful. In fact, can we play. if you wonder if he is running or not coming I too am the the software, where he is he's saying it was at the very end, and I love you you miss this. but it was at the very end where he said dumb Where is it where he talked about You know making Amerika great again play that please It's so said our country right now I don't know ever been lower and
despite all of the witch hunt in the phoney Russia, Russia, Russia, impeachment it was a beautiful time where the greatest economy in history- we then had the germ virus come in and then I rebuilt the economy really rebuilt twice I can't hotter than the first but where the greatest economy, the greatest everything it was a landmark. It was a beautiful period, and now I see what's happening with energy with inflation with them. A with love allows and I said you know what let's put out a book talking about how beautiful it was Because we're gonna make it that way again, was. That means do we re in Amerika, great ones, will make Amerika great again again again. Ma gave to me there is no way he's. not running would play more of the interview coming up another while thinking about what kind of person it would
take to not run if you were Donald Trump right now the nomination is his. He doesn't have to do any thing to get it, but he he's dozens of points ahead. Of any one else. Who would be challenging him now, of course, any it can happen. You know you never know what the future will bring, but he would have to. Basically it would be very strong man to say no. I dont want this nomination unless he does, thanks. It's just too much of a disruption to his life. He it's his. He doesn't have to be I have two even work for the nomination it's his, so he becomes of one and two shot and the other person is bite in probably who is terrible and are you running the country into the ground? I know you think. Maybe Hilary runs, I'm sure people will run as it. the challenge, especially the way this is going with bite and if it continues to go this poorly, he probably won't even run for re election in the after on somebody else. So
How could you resist it? you just think it was important. Thank you could resist it for another reason. In the interview last night, he said you know, I really had jobs, try to get country back on track and survive and it it's true, I mean he was fighting for his survival ever you day since the in it. He came down the escalator. He was fighting for his own survival and I think saw that coming I thought he would, I think, he's thought you know, he'd still get the good press blah blah blah. You know they would be harsh on him, but not like that and its because he's an outsider, but He was really clear. You know we had dinner afterwards and you know in the When the president of our presence is what do you do for dinner tonight?
the right answer. Is I dont know Mcdonald's, because that's what I said and he looked at me- he actually said You and I we could eat too other for a very long time. He has we good anyway, had dinner with the first lady and I think that's what wounded him deeper than anything else was the attack. On her. so unfair and so cruel on her, and I think you know for him to go back into the arena. Would you I mean you know what it was like Stew, when we were at five and literally every day we were fighting for our life, Do you just immediately say: oh yeah I'd go back, not an eye, so I said I think the only decision for him is if it disrupts his personal life right. I mean what you think, big of a person like Rhonda Santas, whose thinking about potentially running he's,
a million things to think about right, not just whether his it disrupts his personal life, but it's like can I win? Who would be running against you know? Do I know how? play this. One is the right time to announce. None of those things are factors with Trump. All, yes to do is say yes, and it is, I know, there's, no pull that shows anyone can even come close to challenging them. So it Just really like, ok, let me make a personal decision based on myself in my family. What's the best thing, the country. What what do I think is the best way forward with everyone else. There's you know, there's there's a in political calculations to factor in you also. The number one thing you have to factor and if you're anyone other than down will drop is is Donald, I'm going to run because of your Rhonda Santa's in you announce and then two weeks later, Trump announces you are now a sea. you second fiddle on the ticket you're if at best running for vice president. In most circumstances, are there
If I were thinking which it would be crazy for me to think this, but if I were thinking, I'm Rhonda Santa's Jose that way and I'm thinking I might run for present there's no way no way until I have a hard fast public know from Donald Trump that he's not running I write, it'll, be it it'll, be crews to the to the nomination, and what's more makes this difficult and Donald Trump knows. The media he's obviously very, very good at understanding what you get, attention in the media He knows the second. He gives a hard fast know a lot This power drains away like hell, you know, he'll, I think burger King maker and the Republican Party for as long as he wants to be. But, like you know, The media circus around Donald Trump starts going away when he says I'm not running any more.
Right now it now the focus goes to Rhonda Santa or whoever else is going to redirect wrecked. So there's no incentive for him not to keep it alive, even if he wasn't running, but I mean it again, everybody inside its inner circle. It people who he worry in his inner circle that are advisers to him. That are no honest. Team are coming out in publicly telling the media he's ninety nine point nine percent running, so like if he won't? that messaging to stop. They would stop it He we Emily clearly has run, is running, and in here I think that means he's the nominee and I think you look honestly I'm more convinced, Donald Trump is the non. Many of the debt of the Republican Party than I am Joe Biden is the nominee. The democratic party and all this has eluded me yeah or common Harris, I have no idea who they're gonna run in twenty twenty four cause. Those two will not that's. That's a disaster that will and I have that won't when I have no idea who they could actually run, but I
I'll tell you that I'd be shocked. If Donald, didn't win and if he approaches the election like ie- it last night where he is see where he's just laying out a strategy of hope and doesn't get. waylaid into all of the stuff. I think he's he's a shoe in because all of those people who voted for him the first time and then were convinced that something was corrupt. Now their seeing wait a minute. Corruption, no corruption, we know what's going on here. These guys are marxists, these guys, are not helping me and my family. It's costing me a fortune because the policies of this guy and I think, it all of those people back that voted for Donald Trump and then some then some get those people back
from twenty sixty your listening to the best of the global. So let's go. Do daring daring baby. He is a former professor, Duke University, former Whitehouse speechwriter and the FAO. Of Revolver NEWS, the anniversary of January Sixth, so let's get an update. from from dear, and I dare a favor. Let me again, you bet, so I wanted to talk to you because the press is making it that there's all kinds of conspiracy theories that the right tis buying into conspiracy theories about this I don't know what the truth is. I just know that there are a few things that don't make any sense. First of all
What's the worst one ever and yet nobody has been charged with sedition or anything like it, and then you have players like re apps play the audio here of Re Epps. Listening, back tomorrow, cuz be a rather we need. We need to go again. We're gonna go to jail for capital so here he is talking clearly about going into the capital. He is stirring people up the night before in this law. ass clip where he was saying that you can hear them. Saying FBI Stooge FBI plant, but here on a what most wanted list and then nothing
happened. Can you me the story about this yeah. I mean this here's a remarkable case if individual re absent just to give a bit fuller contacts, at his involvement was he's not only ubiquitous the evening before January, six going multiple different groups with multiple different agendas and really corralling them and focusing them on this new and utterly bizarre mission to go into the cap, you're a little bit about how people's reaction? What are you talking about bad your affair? he remained persistent. You went to every different group, any focused them on this mission. Doing the capital and what's important to say, is that Isn't just some random drunk being a general fit that we never heard from again. He followed upon the faded mission. The next day on January
veritable where's walls, l and if your listeners, Goto revolver, got used and read the first Ray apps report. We have a video evidence are commencing every move on January, set teeth everywhere and he telling the crowd after from speeches over we're all going to the capital. That's where our problems are. Enemy is the capital. and sure enough at twelve, fifty three p m crucial. Connote trump is still speaking at this time, but at one thousand two hundred and fifty three p dot m Reyes is not at the Trump speech We want to see all the way from Arizona he's wearing a compact, but he's not at the trumps speech important to him is he's right there by the middle barricade and he whispers into someone ear and two seconds later, that someone engages in the first and decisive and faithful Greece to the cap.
Brown: let's start the whole thing off. This is the same guy who the previous evening was telling everyone we need to go into the capital. Initially, as you point out, the FBI's thought he was an important enough to include him as one of the most wanted January sex offenders. They said we need to identify I am well, then the internet identify them and their bed FBI cricket. Until revolver dot news ran a p, basically implicate, the FBI in January and the day after this came out, there said quietly scrub name and it states from their public database and since then, We think that any official FBI agent has said about re up. All knowledge, all knowledge. So we have the tape. Can you can you can ever gonna get an answer on on this
Is there any well that any movement on this yeah? That's one question: I'm really glad that you ask that, because obviously this is very important to me is very important to the country and renewal, you'll get any answer from he married Garland who's been a mob up boy for precisely these types of said, infiltration operates in going back decades, we're not gonna, get any answers from the sham exercise and polluted. A theatre that is the January. Many the only place we're gonna getting answers. I think there are two possibilities: if we're going to get off my answer, but all one part, mobility and it might sound crazy. But I I'm very familiar with the way that these said operations were allotted time. The higher up handlers of people like re up, they think of them ass farm and re up, nay
then trick in some capacity. Maybe he was told that the reason that he was doing what he was doing was four says something that turned out to be not the case. Maybe he feels like he was. Lead. Maybe he didn't really fully understand that he was going to be used as an instrument in an agenda, label. Half the country is domestic care it, but for whatever reason re ups or many of the other actors, who are very sad, preferred informants bacon, step up. They have the power to expose their handlers and to break the gates wide open for that's one option. The second option is the defence attorneys or the defendants in January faces, and on this sign cautiously optimistic. One defensive Ernie for Kelly Maxilla. They owe deeper defended, has on the base the revolver died is reporting issue.
A subpoena, demanding the testimony from re up and Stuart Road through the founder and leader of the Oak Keepers Militia Group was also curiously uncharged, and so one of two things can happen. Either this Keener goes through and they actually do have to testify under oath, in which case I can be extremely interesting or in the of agents and informing the government has the power to block subpoena and if the government debts intervene and somehow blocked subpoena That would be unfortunate, but the very act of laughing it itself indicates that there's something really don't wanna hear which gives an additional income mission as well. So I am really looking forward to seeing what happened with the defence attorneys, really embracing potential entrapment faith, understanding that the fact that you,
it's. The gaiters were very likely FED is exculpatory. information on the part of their clients, independence to be paid directly. Thank you enough for all the work that you have done. It revolver dot news on on this subject. I dont know how it ends. I don't know who he was If you are looking for somebody who was the instigator and had a plan. He seems to be the number one candidate. You know not people on talk, radio podcast, who are saying hey, we're gonna, be brilliant fight, fight fight. Let me let me ask you what we do know about him where disease where's he come from. What does he do? What is it story, well, he has an interesting background like like many people who end up may serve jobbers and contractors for this type of work he does have a military background
the marine. He also has a back and as the President of the Arizona chapter of the old peepers militia group and failure, whip, revolver, dot. Nooses reporting will be that young people should be most heavily prosecuted for them, a bogeyman militia group associated with one thing and it's a whole other read that we have investigated, reported on that a lot of the old keepers both were underlings were being it with very serious charges there being hit with conspiracy charges, and when you look the charging document. The charging document fight me words and the actions and the behaviors of Stewart roads is found and head of it who, for whatever reason, is not only
the charge a year later, a year later, he hasn't even been subject to a proper search. The only serving the he's been protected too, with a single cell phone four months after January set, and so it just happens to be the case that re up with the president of the Arizona chapter this very same ballistic group and we have all kinds of footage of him prowling around with Stuart roads as well, which is an interesting and interesting connection to say the least There is at least really heavy smoke whether there is a fire there and he is the center of it. I don't know, but there there are
questions that must be answered by the government on the programme, so I have Rodney Davis on whether Caesar congressmen from Illinois he has just written. Strongly worded letter which I've always loved when it comes to the United Nations, but I don't know if he's gonna get any answers on this. I hope he does ease written a letter to Nancy Pelosi. Any he's here to tell us the answers he's demanding, along with other Republicans, congressmen? How are you, sir, I knew a great land. Thanks for having me are you bet you bet ok. So what are the things you are asking for in this in this letter from Nancy Pelosi one guy. You know Republicans condemned the violence,
place a year ago I was unanimous, but here we are today still wondering what the sergeant long to the house believe the only law enforcement officials pointed directly by the speaker, what did he do in preparation leading up to January six. Those men conflicting testimony in all other ass, for as the leader of working on respect of oversight committee is just too If the communication we want to know what preparations were made and the only standing in the way of us getting the community since we re who controls security operations. You speak of policy ok, so you're not asking for anything special you you sit on the oversight committee. You are, The lead opposition, so you course are going to ask for these things: just ask for the The emails and the transmissions back and forth on, preparations
January? Six now I've talked to Donald Trump. He said that he offered the National Guard to Washington. I dont know if that's true or not, but that's what he said, but he said he was turned down now he Pelosi did. Did they turn help down but that's what we don't know in its ironic. When did you get you you Citizens who no longer works will gather voluntary, maternal that thousands of communications emails, letters, etc. January six Select Committee but Speaker pollution I even turn over the communications of her own way: who's in charge? security on the house to the capital. And he's a government employ. Was the current government employ that she appoint We also natural that information over to us the question this morning. She hiding in We can do a lot of answers based on completely testimony
from the Senate investigation. Almost it just under a year ago. and we ought to be able to get the answers, because the american people deserve to know why security posture was so bad frankly, going think it any better. Today if we were to go through another event like we did I don't think so either I mean, unless you're, unless you're coming in disguise, discovered congressmen, Let me ask you You going to be able to get any of these answers. I mean it seems that bad people do bad things all where the country now and nobody's ever held accountable you is there. Any teeth that can be engaged to get the speaker who comply. Unfortunately, the house is a very majority driven institution and remember the capital.
police chief cannot make a single security decision without going to speak of close is appointed sergeant at arms political, appointing you know what I'm gonna get this information. It's what I meant the house should Ministration Cadbury when Republican take over Congress in November twenty twenty two and I have later but I am serious. I want all of these communications at that time and if they destroyed or they no longer exist. When I get there, I will hold, as chairman of the house, had met anyone who's responsible that criminally accountable you will be able to do that, Absolutely I will and I dare them to trial to try and not preserve those communications, and I dare them Kashmir back so Tudjman, Explain what the end game here is. I mean I just can't figure out
They really truly believe they're gonna have power till the end of time. This is, going to come out at some point? What is the end game here that you, you think they're playing? I wish I could get into their minds and find out what their in games or, but all they do is play political game and this is where the speaker likes to deflect that she has no. She has no you're over the capital security. We all know, let's be asked her own legislative council. General Council is the one tell me the charging alarmed that he can turn this information over to us after conflicts. testimony of the shared between ventured arms, boring and police Chief Steve son, who are no longer in their jobs, what's Roger Large will not turn their children Their end game is to delay in the flax. and then one we do take the majority, Michael, was to make sure that we get the users we need, because my job as well, republican onto chow shared making merry and it has the
future chairman of that committee to make sure the security posture of the capital never fails again, congressmen, I was I talked to the point. last I did an interview with him and I I gave a list of all of the agencies that need to be cleared out from top to bottom, and it's going to take. enormous courage to clean this nasty vipers out. And ended, it's gonna, it's gonna take partners to do it as well. The The people there have power all that anyone wants. I think, both Republican and Democrat, all People want is that if you actually did something that you pay? rice like I have no problem with people who broke into the capital. Damage or whatever I have
oh problem, charging them and having them go to jail for a few months, not political, but because they are other laws that the same needs to go for the people in Congress. Do you I believe the Republicans have the spine and the cleanliness, if you will to be, well to take this up against them. Can't speak for anybody else in Congress, except for myself. When I and show you, I will do everything we can the power of my committee as the chair of the house, had been committed to hold them criminally accountable, especially They do not abide by our preservation request, so I do believe the Republicans as a whole can whom the Democrats, cattle, but how can we do what my job is? My job on this project your committee to make sure that the cap was safe. and also when we take over I'll, make sure
The capitals open again show that people on student groups can come back and see what the cap in the entire complex is all about. One last question, I don't know, if you have the answer to this are looked into it at. We can't seem to get any information. It's it's like get more. We can't seem to get any real information from anybody about how much people are still being held that haven't been either charged or tried. We we don't know the conditions that these people are are living in, who were arrested last year Is there any way to get that information? Well, one yes, one when we take over the. How should we add German, Jim join other Judiciary Committee, chairman Dreamy, comber, be oversight committee and me or else administration. You know what I'm going to do. What can we do ask or knows a fish responsible
What we ve seen even the judicial boy say, hang on a shack something's, not right here at condition prison for shouting have to have been permitted, testify. The Democrats don't want to hear from them and right and remember the only office there. declared off limits for this January? Six Select committee is me Pelosi's policies- When you look at capital police is run by nancy policy it is a it's. It's the rule. If you will the police force for the House Majority leader, I cannot think of the reason why our founders did it that way, maybe maybe they just trusted you know people would always be on the up and up Do you have any idea what's going on with a capital police in their new approach, to being an intelligence arm.
of our government. Well, the intelligence division police is one of the main divisions have failed not to January search, haven't clearly shows that they were given directed. Origins from the north woke up the eye office that sharing the imminent attack on the capital may be forthcoming, the pool chief of the Catholic. We should the time didn't even have that intelligent. I spoke with him. The day and the day after in This is a problem that has yet to bypass the values we share Capital Clichy, like security decisions on it. Gotta do. It was, of course, more new charging and arms one one. Last question Should the capital police be something before it, because, we can't even we can't even never freedom of Information ACT that they were on two because they fall
into a different category that is controlled by the speaker of the house. I don't think that's good. the Republicans or the Democrats or independence to ever have that this police force be able to be avoided, oh. You know what I'm glad you brought it up glad because one, before January six, when I took it with the leader public House administration to better, I entered, used a bill to reform the processes that the capital to follow, make them more transparent, make them more accountable, and I did not get Even in one committee hearing or Ba to have one market be able to debate that need and make the capital police more transfer. then I'll. Do that sheriff representative congressmen, Rodney Davis from Illinois running when you become the the chairman, you call me
I will do everything I can to rally the troops to make sure you can change this with a capital police. I think with being a secretive operation. It is a very a very dangerous thing to the republic, so you so much for your hard work. While thank you, gonna take here. You bet Randy Davis congressmen from Illinois,
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