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Best of the Program | Guests: Rep. Thomas Massie & Ben Davidson | 1/22/19

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Best of Program | 1/22/19 - MAGA Hat Hero(s) with KY Congressman Thomas Massie - Who is Leftist Nathan Phillips? - The Blaze Media Tick-tock? - The Polar Shift (w/ Ben Davidson)

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Hello podcaster. Thank you so much for listening today is a really important podcast that we would like you to rate review And share with as many people as you can, today's podcast is a boiled down version of what did on radio today which, lay out the entire map his by minute, what happened with the Covington High school students at the mall, starting before, or they even arrived at the mall, and it is fascinating and will tell you it doesn't just prove them to be right. It proves them to be righteous and it also proves the native American. Is you wait into you like, and so it's it's on it's so infuriating and this kind of comes from a whole day. Basically, we took our whole research staff and had them really
work on this in detail to find where not to believe anything you all of the audio clips you'll hear actually what happened when it happened in this timeline in it proves, without a shadow of a doubt that this american guy that is, the media loves. So much was blatantly lying about this, and this is all by the way possible, because you know you guys helped us out so much by subscribing to please tv dot com, you know its it's have something I hope you're getting real value for, but it's the reason why these things can be done by we can put five hundred and sixty seven people on doing a project like this in one day yeah I just I just had conversation last night with the president of the company and it said, advised to researchers. I want to break down and just like planet so much money and I'm like. I know but it will all workout and provide the right information, and nobody else did this research and we urge you to not only listen to it but to understand it and then make
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and see everything which puts them into a great place to make sure that your title remains your title: don't be a victim home title fraud, it's not a world! You want to live in for pennies a day, I sent a from try to lock Glenda sign up pad as well. Yeah go home, try to log dot com register now for free title scanned and report to see if your home is already compromised hundred dollar value. That gives you free when you sign up at home, try to lock dot com home title block Thomas Massie, one of the great congressman from the great state of Kentucky. Welcome to the program, sir thanks for fit me in this morning, and you bet I appreciate it- you you and I spoke after after I was off air yesterday and we spoke for a few minutes about what I think is a embarrassment, an a possible tragedy on the way to Covington Kentucky. There prepare
praying for you, know crazy people, doing crazy things and- and I think kids are heroes. I really think that they demonstrated a Christ like attitude and the added of Martin Luther King and every one is afraid to come out and say anything. Oh I I agree with you and when everybody was still condemning them, I came out to commend them because they've been coming to Washington see on their own dime for thirty years and for the six years that I've been in, they've always been welcome. At my office, I've done their school cheers with that them on the steps of the capitol. These are the most fine upstanding students. You'll ever meet, and so when I saw that first snippet of video that came out and went viral, I said something doesn't add up here. This can't be the whole story, because I know these kids, I know their parents. I know the alumni from this school this. These are the kind of kids that do the right thing, not because they're afraid of,
and punished, but because they're afraid they'll let down their families or their let down their mentors. And so that's why, by the way, hang on just a second. I want you to know. That's a quote. That's not something he's just saying: that's a quote from one of the former students. We don't we don't a let down our mentors, that's! That is the actually what you want with kids. That's right! That's what they told me and that's what they told me, one of the kids that went there. So you know this is almost like a psychology experiment. I think everybody needs to step back, because a lot of conservatives felt this first video because we were told here's what you're going to see and then, when you watch it you say yeah. I guess that's what I am seeing, but without the context of everything else, you're getting and that's what happened to a lot of people. So if there's a trick, go ahead, okay, going no, no go ahead! Well, the the tragedy of this is is the people who jumped to can,
asian in the first twelve hours of the first eight hours who who said something to save their own skin now, instead of coming get back there saying well now I need a third party investigation to sort all this out and we'll we'll get a report on this they're not they're not exonerating or walking back what they did at this point. So can you help me out if you talk to anybody at the school, I know I talk to Robbie George yesterday, who is with guy who jumped on the bandwagon on Friday? He's he's very big in the catholic church he's, I think, he's a chair of ethics. Can you help me out on that at at Princeton University- and I told him and he said Glenn. How can help I he said I feel so horrible. On Friday I tweeted something that this has to stop. Anisa and then it wasn't until Sunday that I actually saw that there was extra video and I did my homework and he said I feel horrible. I tweet it immediately a retraction, he said, but
nobody? Nobody is willing to step up and protect these kids, and I said it's worse than that. The Para haven't heard word one from the school in a hey. We've got your back. The r Diasys is completely silent on this and that afraid of funding they're afraid. If they support the kids, the rules will go away and stop the funding. If they, if they, if they don't support the kids, the conservatives will go away in the lose their funding. I mean this is horrible. I've talked The alumni and parents who have reached out to me and they wanted somebody to speak up for their kids. That's why I came out Sunday supporting these kids with the strongest statement as I could make, and I think you know hopeful That will give other people cover. If there's a congressman out there saying these are good. Kids got a support on and by the way, Nick Fan meant that kid deserves a medal.
Kid, but you and I talked about him for five minutes on the phone yesterday. I would be proud if that kid was my son. There's a lot of times. You know kids stand up and they do things near. Like you put your hand up to your face, and you kind of look through your fingers in your like, oh god, what is my font Sanders daughter going to do or say and this kid was, amazing, especially if you watch all of the video he stop, others getting out of hand it's amazing what what he did. That's right media tried to say he was smirking, but if you If you read the statement and I completely believe him, he was trying to smile so that the other students wouldn't think that was being intimidated or felt threatened. He was trying to deescalate it with a smile and, like you said, what's off camera. In the in the video that went viral but from another angle with another microphone, you can hear
another native american protester who is telling one of Nick's classmates go back to Europe. You stole this land and Nick turns and. And with sign language by motioning without even saying anything convinces his friend not to reciprocate the not to escalate, and while he still got the draw many states. That is just amazing when you see that So we have so you know and please, if you're listening, Facebook, you and call your friends tell everybody. You know we have a detailed. My staff went through all the video yesterday and we together what's in the business, called a tick tock, which means what happen minute by minute. We have the video prior to the kids even arriving, and we have watched it now from several different points of view.
There was somebody chanting build the wall, build the wall. We have the video, you will not believe who it was and we're going to do that next hour with Thomas Massie Congressman from Kentucky. This is this is his. Area He knows these people in Covington Thomas. What can the average person do to support these kids? Well, I think what needs to happen right now is the principal of the school, the the diocese. We need to turn this around. They need to act quickly because you know you need to give people the benefit. Doubt, but when their children, you definitely need to give them the benefit of the doubt, support them, support them on social media. I think
we're. Turning this thing around, I really do. The irony is that this was a social media mob that came after neck and his classmates. But the irony here is that social mean You can turn this thing back around because the delay
waning, media has has really jumped the shark. On this, when I got to give credit to to some of the folks at CNN is uncharacteristically they walked it back a little bit in that think. That's because of the pressure, even even Democrats, look at this and say that could be my kid who's getting docks. That could be my house where they're they're coming to protest. It's it's one thing. Everybody knows twitter, it is a dumpster fire, but people are taking that fire in that dumpster and bringing it into Covington. I mean they. They threaten the school so much that the prosecutor in northern Kentucky had to come out and say, look we're going to prosecute these crimes. This is a crime to threaten the school and you will be prosecuted, so I think just keep the pressure up, keep supporting these kids on on social media and for your friends, you haven't seen the full length video, your your. Would you call it tick tock.
It's going to be so important. That's what they need to see, because not everybody is going to be able to sit through five different videos of watch four hours of video. So if you put that together, that is perfect. I will share that on my facebook, so everybody can know what really happened. The best of the Glenn Beck program I want to spend some time here on Nathan, Phillips and who he is now he is the elderly native American, but I want you to know this whole story. This media version of this story was a microwave meal, I mean it came pre packaged and ready made. The press could written this with their eyes closed, and it appears many of them did. But if you care about something kind of old, Timy called facts, here they are oops is a member of the haha tribe. He was born and raised in Lincoln NE.
He says he was five years old when he was taken away from his family and put in foster care. He most around several homes and was finally raised by a white family who he says was abusive, tell he was seventeen. He then laugh home started working some construction jobs. Then he joined the Marines. Now almost every media outlet is describing him as a Vietnam, veteran but indian country today, which is a native american magazine, described as a Vietnam era veteran, which imply that he did not actually serve in Vietnam. Just in the era. It's an important disk action because Phillip says it was so hard. When he came back from Vietnam. He said people called me a bitch. We kill her in a hippie girl, spat on me, indian country. Today, no did that this incident happened when Phillips was in uniform, not when he is returning home from Vietnam. We have reached
out to the journalists at indian country today, but we are still waiting for response for several years: Phillips led an annual ceremony, honoring native american WAR veterans at Arlington, national cemetery and after he left the Marines. He struggled with alcoholism. He was in and out of jail at in nineteen. Ninety he met a former middle school teacher who became his companion and they traveled around the country protesting in nineteen, before they settled in Washington DC after the truck the truck they were driving broke down and caught fire during a day in stration in front of the White House. While in Washington he co, founded. The native youth alliance is a nonprofit group. Now this is really important. Nonprofit group works to ensure Traditional culture and spiritual ways continue for the coming generations. He had no Financial support for this organization. At the time he was working, odd jobs in construction when he could buy,
two thousand. He was living in a tipi by the Washington Monument and he lived in that t p by the washing of money of for a tire month of November, with his companion and their toddler, son and baby daughter, and he did it to tell America that American Indians don't have too much to be thankful like before his words, not mine in a pro well written about him in two thousand. The Omaha World Herald said quote privately other the leaders say Philip is regarded back in Nebraska as well intentioned brother, but struggling to cope troubled childhood. The lead of the Omaha tribe generally avoids the type of activism that Phillips prefers the type of activism that Phillips. Prefers now, while living living in Michigan in twenty fifteen. I think in two thousand twelve he made a documentary film
He also made an anti capitalist and anti cop music video, where the cop dies in the end, but then move to Michigan in twenty fifteen. He decided to go or an afternoon stroll according to him on one Saturday and he come across a group of cording to him thirty to the students at Eastern Michigan University having a new. Live American themed Party in their backyard. He say and they were all wearing body paint and feathers. Summoned him over to the fence. He said, he questioned their choice of activity. He said They said they were honoring him here. I'd you're, not honoring me, wasn't honoring. This is racist. He said that The student said go back to the reservation you blank indian. He said that a student full of through
a full beer can Adam and hit him in the head and he backed up in time to get hit instead in the chest, and he immediately called police by the time the police got there. There was no one there and there was no sign of the party at the time Eastern Michigan University said it conducted an investigation, but no media outlets seem to report on the conclusion we reached out to MU to find out their investigation. If it collaborated, cooperated, Phillips accusations of the verbal and physical assault we we are waiting to hear back from them today Phillips, is it an Omaha tribe, elder and the keeper of the sacred pipe into two thousand and sixteen and two thousand and seventeen. He was again on the frontline with a seventeen year old daughter. He was part of the big protests against the Dakota
Access pipeline across Siouxland in South Dakota. This guy is about as left as you can get last for a Phillips was in Washington to participate in the inaugural indigenous peoples March, the March, why organized as a continuation of the twenty sixteen two thousand and seventeen Dakota Pipeline demonstrations it organized by the indigenous peoples, movement and internet grassroots initiative aimed at increasing awareness of voter suppression, now listen to this Devos hated families by walls and borders, an environmental holocaust set and human trafficking and police and military brutality. So he was marching in protest. The wall after telling
Washington Post that he was mobbed by the Covington students. He changed his tune and said he had a pro which the crowd to intervene because of racial tensions between the white students and the black. He Israelites group wait until you hear the tick tock in about fifteen minutes all of this comes undone now. This is is new statement. He said quote: Covington boys, witness these individuals, the black hebrew Israelites group on their soapbox, saying what they had to say. They didn't agree with it and they got offended. They were in the process of attacking these four black individuals eiw there, and I was witnessing all of this and it kept going on in escalating, and it got to a point where you how to do something or walk away. You know you see something that is wrong in your face with that choice. What do I do right or wrong there?
This moment when I realized I had put myself between beast and pray. These young men were beastly and these old black individuals. They were their prey, I stood in between them and though they needed their pounds of flesh and they took it from he. This is the best of the Glenn Beck program. Hi, it's clan. If you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do this favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes thanks. It was Friday afternoon on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. Three separate groups would clash, but only one would take the blame and only one people do homework on. It was a group of
dominantly white kids, some of them wearing maggot hats, make America great again hat put native Americans and also some black street preachers who are known for. Are there Vala? Whole attitude: today's media and social climate. Just based on that description. Hoodie, I think the media would assign the blame on any kind of problem right. Reasonable answer should be after watching sixty seconds of video of a kid smiling at an area native America blaming banging a drum in his face, the reasonable answer should be. I don't know. I only saw sixty seconds of video, but the That's not the way America answered and it's certainly not the way the press answered, because we don't live in that world anymore. We live live in a world where appearances, gender, skin color. Even now, the choice of head fashion instantly
proclaim your guilt or innocence, and the Smiling in that sixty second video had every strike against him white check. Gender male check. My hat check oh did you say he attends a christian school double check. A short viral video on social media in the mainstream media, instant, the clear this kid guilty and all of the kids with him all due to the fact that he checked every single one of their appearance boxes. America is this: who we are? We are persecuting persecuting up each school high school kids, who acted admirably. Who did the way? We would want our children to react by now, you've heard the story.
But not the way, I'm about to tell it, because I'm how to use the fax. The question that you should have at the end of this hour is how the hell did anyone tell this story any other way. Well, because no is interested in doing the work and no one is interested in the facts. My team yesterday morning got a charge from me early early in the morning, track down every single person in every video and watch it and give me a timeline so that I'm giving you today. Here's a story. Group of boys from Covington Catholic High School in Kentucky finishing up after a long day, they attended the march for life and they were given permission to do a little sightseeing before me. The Lincoln Memorial to depart they arrived and they saw a a pair of dueling demonstrations. There were two day
considerations when they arrived. A group of native Americans had gathered as part of the indigenous peoples March, which the Indiga these people's March was about indigenous people, stolen land and boy orders. Without any walls, then the group, the yeah African American ST preachers. These guys- and I say this because I saw them daily for a- long time in New York, they uh are truly violent. Vial people very small group called the black hebrew Israelites, so the boys stood there for a second and why watch this show really they watched and they listened and the black. The Hebrew Israelites screamed out of the boys, but native Americans telling native Americans that they were evil for practicing their cultural beliefs. It gots,
oh bad, that some of the native Americans walked up and pleaded with them to stop corrupting their gathering. Here's the view go tape, listen you're, not savages! You wanna children, afraid apologetic Bible! You are the children of Israel. Before you started, worshiping told him pose. You was possible, the truth living God. That's right!
corners of the earth, the schedule of the only Bible. We don't have a microphone brother, ok, and this is Jeff. This is the part of freedom of the speech and freedom of religion and that's what we out here for we native Americans. What he's peacefully Easter! You have to come away, they turn around and walk away from your religious philosophy and doctrines and start worshipping the true and living power which, which is name, is your house? That's the most high God, that's right, the most high God his name is yeah. How are you not supposed to worship eagles buffaloes? That's right! Right! That's right! This is the reason why wait okay. Now I want to make sure that you have that there is, if you don't, if you're, not watching us on Blaze TV, you let describe the scene, it's very diff
print, then the scene that you will see in just a few minutes later, because the Covington boys are not around that. It's it's very sparsely populated and you're, seeing a lot of a native Americans there and they are, trying to be kind. But it doesn't get any more insulting than than this. He calls them idol. Worshippers, totem, pole, Eagle, Buff, the Eagle in Buffalo worshippers until a native american man was forced to come over and kindly plead with them to stop which they didn't the black hebrew Israelites then go on with their insults directed directly at the native Americans. What's right about this time that the Israelites decided that they would then direct hostility over to another growing group, a group of boys who were Covington that we
standing close by just watching and listening to these two groups. Here it is death right, That's right globe, daily, more corneas, billionaire! You got angry at your corneas. Billy bar America, great hats on tell him come over here in the lion's den instead of marking over there. You look dirty ass crackers. Your day, coming your day coming your day, coming dusty, ass, wouldn't walk down the street in a black neighborhood and go walk up on nobody playing no games yeah I will stick my foot in your little ass. Ok, if you saw the video which will all be available on blaze, tv and blaze, dot com, you see, the video there's only about maybe
it looks like ten, but in the First, part of the video you only see about four of them. Only one is wearing a make. A great America make American Great make America great again hat only one of seems to be wearing it, then the video that we are showing you and it's still there still gathering so there's very few people there very few of them you'll notice that what the black Israelites did. They were arguing with the native Americans and then said. Why are you arguing with us? You should be going after those little bastards over there make wearing the make it America great again. Hats live corny, ass, Billy Bob go talk to the I'm dirty ass crackers. When the native, when the black Israelites start to address them. You also see on the video. The boy do nothing: they have their hands in their pockets there just watching from a distance. They will turn around and start to walk away. Now,
This is a fight between the attendees of an indigenous peoples March and their hecklers. The black hebrew Israelites. Now it begin. To get out of hand here, because is the native Americans have been kind. The That's when things really go awry, we're not including this on air, because it's absolutely uneditable and an on it is full of profanity, so would be just one giant bleep, but we will tweet this scene out to you. This is when finally, some of the native Americans had had enough and they get into what looks like is going to become a street brawl between the two and, as it begins to completely out of hand. Several native Americans returning shouts and profanity of their own, the street.
Preachers. Again. Result to saying why are you attacking us? They? He directed the racial insults and they pointed again to the Linkedin, high school students to get them out of this jam with the native Americans. Here it is always talking out the ass always talking out their ass, but you won't say that to this peckerwood wearing a make America type and again that's right. That's right! That's right! Fuck that that's right, That's right! That's right! That's right! Just want to make sure you understand what he was saying to the native American. Why aren't you talking peckerwood wearing the make America great again? Hat you're in uh
tomahawk, your all about which of uncle tomahawks! Why don't you crack the Head of that peckerwood with them, make America great again hat. The media has completely dismissed this. Why? I wonder This goes back and forth for over an hour with the black grew Israelites, even resorting to calling other African Americans in the vicinity. The n word, because they'd don't agree with them. Now it's about this time that the boys from Covington High School all begin grad gathering in large numbers waiting for their ride home going to play a small portion of what ensued next, because it leads directly to the incident that would me?
the go viral I'll. Do that in one minute Okay, I'm gonna play a small portion of what happen next, because it leads to the incident that would immediately go viral, but keep it in mind for later, because I'm going to come back to this clip this specific line of insults, tored the cup ten boys again to re. We followed another instance where the Bae black Israelites were being confronted for their racism and bigotry. Listen! Look all these dusty with that racist garbage on look at his dirty ass crack? It's stand in a damn, suffer five minutes.
Text, Shannon of Dance son now remember this clip, because I have to come back to it. By now not only the boys from Covington for getting annoyed, but the entire area in a three hundred meter radius was trying to get the black is relates to shot up. They were the it was deceit, union and disharmony with everyone. They touched the school kids. In order to drown out the racism, racism and bigotry decided that a pep rally. Be louder than the hate coming from the street preachers now This is also something they do every year. They have done this for ten years. Every year they meet steps of the Lincoln Memorial and they shout their prep prep rally child's this time. It worked
also to help drown out the hate direct, mainly towards native Americans. Here's what he Hey He moved who sang This is their prep had nothing to do with anything. They've done it for ten years and it did draw now the hatred now it's a kid thing to do. But it's honestly, I would much uh if I were there, I would have said, thank God, look at these kids. It's
much better listening to the bigotry, coming from the mouths of the black Israelites and now some- and I want to emphasize this- some native Americans who judge lost their temper. Okay,. But right is this- is going on. One of the native american attendees of the indigenous peoples March approaches the cup and in group he walks away from the area that the native american demonstration had gathered and walks right ask the black Israelites do quickly into the middle of high schoolers. Now stops right in front of a seventeen year old banging a drum a couple of inches from his face. This is the moment where it began. Watch and listen.
They come here comes GAD. Looking out make America great again, hats. Look at the hat! Looking ahead We take it. We not take it. Look again, that's right! Yeah! now notice the drum beat with a chance. These are doing their chance. They don't know who this native American is they know over this. That native Americans have been hassled by the bay. Israelites, that they have watched and seen so when the native American comes over, they think that he's on their side trying to drown out the
black Israelites, but did you notice what the black Israelites were? Calling the native American with the drump? They called Amgad here come, who is GAD here. Come who is GAD Gad, who the hell is GAD you have to go to Isaiah chapter Sixty five, the Black Israelites still are continuing to insult the native Americans. This Is a false god. So when he says all here comes GAD, he is mocking the native Americans. Again the totem. Pole worshipper now here comes their false god, with the drum. Nobody in the media said anything about this. Nobody in the media had a problem with any of this. The black is real, Continue to insult the native Americans.
Not a mention of any of it now A native American, his name is Nathan Phillips. I just did twenty it's on who Nathan Phillips is you can find but the blaze tv, our number one of the show we will also tweeted out and make it available for everyone, but in Nutshell, he is a known activist. He is a guy who has protested the Dakota Access pipeline in North Dakota. He has protested thanksgiving by beat by building a teepee next to the Washington Memorial or they let him stay for thirty days because they from native Americans, have nothing to be thankful for he has made an anti cop, an anti.
Capitalist music, video he's well known more from him. Next take the land This is the Glenn Beck program. A tick tock is what it is called in. Business, a rundown of what happened minute by minute. What happened next! This is a look at What happened on the mall in Washington on Friday? frankly, I think this is one of the best things that we do on this program. Is we take events, and we look at them and say here's what really happened. There are hours of tape that exist on this hours and hours of
public video, my team yesterday spent the day doing nothing else, but watching those video, those videos and taking them and saying: okay, wait a minute! This one goes here. This one goes here: here's what happened next. And you have seen if you've been listening to this program, you I've seen in the last twenty minutes that the boy black Israelites were attacking? the native Americans and they were at, Packing the native Americans in vicious vile ways you all I've. Seen that the native Americans at first responded peacefully. Then, when that didn't work, some other native Americans of vast minority came over or and were getting via They were throwing the say, in kind of racial slurs. Back at the native Americans, it so tense that
the video shows it looked like there could have been a race war between the native Americans and the black Israelites. The white boys in Covington had nothing to do with it. All they're going to do is start the cheer or that they have done before they get on the bus is for the last ten years they do. Their school prep cheers. Then they on the buses It is my understanding that they also were trying to relieve the tension, and if you see the video that we provide, you will see that no one was laughing. No one was smiling nuff sing good was going to happen until they started doing their cheers. That broke the food and broke the back of this arg between the native Americans and the black Israelites. But that's when Ethan Phillips sees an opportunity to get press, he
a thirty year left wing activist and he March is right up to one of the students and gets right directly in his face. Now the media left all of the pre stuff out. So you have no idea that these kids are actually helping the native American. How betray he they must have felt. So, as Nathan Phillips, the native American walks over with the drum the black Israelites are still still calling them names. The the the native Americans calling Nathan Phillips GAD the name of a fall God and continue to insult them, but not a peep in the media. Now Phillips initially told the Washington POI post the boys surrounded him as he was
preparing to leave. There is zero evidence of this. In fact, our video shows the exact opposite. He lay contradicted this contradicted this in an interview with to Detroit Free Press. Admitting it was he not they that initiated the contact. He so stated that he did this, because the Covington kids were attacking the black Israelites. This, is clearly not what happened. Clearly if you've won watched the video, it is pain. Fully obvious. This is not what happened. The white Boys, stayed way away from the konfrontation. It was a key presentation between the black Israelites and the native Americans, and it was the black Israelites who are known by reporters in New York to be vile, despicable, ST thugs. Now
Phillips actions seemed completely at odds with every other native american present at the net rally that day, only a handful that were nasty, the vast majority were either debating or getting caught Initational with the black Israelites. None of them were at odds with the high school kids. Not a single native American, not one. One of the catalysts for why some of say, Phillips, decided to do what he did was due to the claim that the boys were saying build that wall and they felt insulted by that now remember: Nathan, Phillips is part of a group that is against the border wall, no border no walls. Okay, that's why he was protesting. He protesting the border wall. So, of course,
someone wearing a maggot hat hat this to be for the border wall. That's why he targeted that boy. Now, in interview after interview, he said they were chanting, build that wall in zero instances that we have found on videotape and we've watched it all zero times. Have the boys said build that wall, but we did find it and I played it for you earlier, the organizer of the indigenous peoples March claim. I heard that the New York Times quick to point out that was bill that wall, it's a quote, quote a rallying cry of supporters of Mr Trump, which brings me back to the video. I told you to remember list into it, but this time
listen to the black israelite leader and why he saying, in the background to the native Americans, but all these dusty ass crackers with that races, garbage on look at his dirty ass cracks, stand. Damn son for five minutes stand in a damn son. He's he's saying to the indigenous people build that wall build that wall. Why don't you build that wall there? So we're read about the people from Mexico, so it what's sad, but it was said by the black Israelites, not one of the Covington KIDS out of
all of the video evidence from the entire event, the only time build that wall was ever heard was when it was said by the leader of the black Israelites. The media never did any of this work. They know never looked at the entire body of evidence to find out what really happened. They saw a young white boys from a christian school wearing a mega hat and they Stanley, handed out a verdict of guilty. Did Nathan Phillips. Do this As an activist looking for exposure. Well, I will. Tell you this about that old man who cried on tv, here's what he said in an interview now that you have the video and you've seen it with your own eyes, exactly what happened now. Let me repeat what Nathan Phillips said happened he to told the Washington Post and then the Detroit Free Press. They, the Covington Boys
witness these individuals, the black hebrew Israelites group. On their soapbox about what they had to say. Well, they do and agree with it and they got offended. They were in the process of attacking these four black individuals. I would there, I witnessed all of this and it going on and on and escalating it just got to a. I think where you have to do something or you'll walk away. You know you see something, that's wrong in your face with that choice of right or wrong, and that is the moment when I knew I had to put myself between beast and pray. These young men were beast. He took these old black individuals and that was their prey and I stood between them and so they needed their pound of flesh, and they were looking at me for my pound of flesh. It was ugly what these these were involved in
was racism. It was hatred, it was scary. I mean if you go back and look at the lynchings that were done in America. You'd see the faces on those people, the glee, in the hatred on their faces. That's these faces, look like the Israel lights were saying some harsh things, but some of it was true. These young white american kids, who were being taught in their catholic school, their doctor and their truth, and when they found out that there was more truth out there than what they were being taught, they were. Offended, they were insulted and they were scared and that's how they responded. The one thing who is Todd in Marine core training? Is it a scared? Man will kill you and that's what these boys were. They were scared. I I'm still scared, I'm still feeling vulnerable, but I will not back down this. Man is despicable, despicable.
I just put him in a category yesterday of either a who didn't know what was going on or most likely just an activist, but the this man is DIS, a despicable liar. And the media held him up and they are still holding him up just by saying. Well I mean, I guess, there's some other information out and now video. I guess things are changing. No, it's not enough CNN. It's not enough Brian Stelter! It's not enough Washington Post, that's not enough New York Times, and it's not enough for you or for me. You must stand up for these boys in Covington. They have and hassled. They have death threats. There's cool you shut down today, the school
principal should know you are on notice. You do and the arch the Archdiocese need stand up and correct what you said about these boys. These boys are heroes. Who tried do the right thing and were betrayed betrayed by the group of people that they were trying to assist an help and protect and then but made by the media then betray it by social media and all of us who might have said something that wasn't true, because we believe the media and and finally, they were betrayed by our own principle their own priest their own church. There uh archdiocese, though own mayor, it's despicable. What is happened? These boys, I would be proud, proud,
call my own son, these pair parents of these boys are under attack, some of are being attacked at work. People are calling and said you should fire these cretins who have raised these boys am Erica. You are at a point of choosing. It isn't hard now. This one isn't even a close call. You are at a point of choosing and if you stay silent now, silence in the face of evil is evil itself not to stand right now is to stand, but I warn you: God will not hold you guiltless. We will all pay dearly for this mistake. These
boys are innocent and not just innocent. The story you have been told is the exact opposite. They are pretty actors of the week. If you want this information, you can find it at the blaze tv dot com. I urge you to join us because it is your dollar that paid Everybody on my research team to spend there entire day doing nothing but work on this story to get it right. Please become a subscriber at he's tv dot com, slash back. If you can, if or did I understand it,. But somebody's got to set the record straight and if you can't afford it- and even if you can't afford a decide not to do it, that's fine. I urge every, And within the sound of my voice, to take this information, it will be on
he's tv. It will be on the blaze dot com. All of this will be posted, but it is now in your hands. We did the work. It is now in your hands to correct the error of this grave grave mistake? This is the best of the Glenn Beck Program polls are important for several reasons. One is just GPS. There was an emergency meeting called at the end of last year, where the world had to come together reset reset the gps. They were schedule to do every ten years and they were scheduled that in twenty twenty, but something is changing now, it's not just the medic pulls the magnetic poles tell us something about the current
of the magma that is around the iron core of the earth. Is this relay? Did to the Earth except we're? Seeing? Is this related at all to the the the Stone dome that is looking pretty nasty day by day, a guy who can tell us what all of this means and what's happening, is Ben Davidson, he's the founder of spaceweathernews dot com band, welcomed program. How are you I'm doing very well and good morning served at pleasure. I can assure you, as both mine and that of the three hundred and seventy thousand citizen scientist observers, I'm representing here today, wealth. So tell me about the polar shift people. I don't think understand that the magnetic n within Magnetic S, have moved about every twelve thousand years, and and what does it mean? Well, it means that there is a process that is happening on our planet right now, that doesn't happen very.
For the vast majority of the time we live in this you know quad, my happy relatively peaceful planet, sure there're, storms and earthquakes, and things like that. But it's allowed us to thrive. Unfortunately, that's not always the case. You know those same genius ancestors of ours that gave us geometry philosophy, architecture. They also insisted that we not forget the most important stories, the ones they etched into stone, and that's of basically the end of the world as they knew it when the planet and the heavens that they were so used to being repeatable and predictable and calm and peaceful turned against them sort of in their words. Now granted. That's not a very scientific way of saying it. It was the best they could come up with and unfortunately the evidence says that they weren't making it up just like they didn't make up philosophy: geometry in architecture. This day
seemed to happen, and we are well into this one now and getting to the point where some of the events we've been seeing on earth. The last few years are directly tied to it, and it's going to be getting much much worse explain expo I mean how fast, first of all, every twelve thousand years there should be a polar shift there, just historically looking at twelve thousand years we're now at eleven thousand nine hundred and sixty years, an icsp. Lane what's happening. Well, I'm glad that you mentioned those times. It's it's tough to know it actually, juror on the year we are, I mean for all we know based on. What's happened the last couple years. This could be a lot. You know a lot more. Plus on our heels, a lot more up on our heels than we realize. But what's happening is this magnetic field around our planet
It comes from these magnetic poles. One comes out of the north, one comes out of the south and it wraps around our planet. Now this is important because, apart from asteroids, every last little thing that is scary from space is electromagnetic. It's electromagnetic waves like gamma rays and x rays, or it's charged particles like protons cosmic rays, high energy electrons. This magnetic field is what blocks this and protects our planet. If we don't have as strong Magnetic field which we've we've basically been losing it slowly for the entire of modern history? But it's just started move rally diminishing yet really diminishing much faster. Now we're going to start to see the effects and we have started seeing the effects on the earthquakes, the volcanoes, technological susceptibility and even some some and health issues that go along with this. So the magnetic poles actually shift, because just
we learned with you know an alternator or a generator, the the the molten part of the core. That is that's, I think, now cool in it's going around the iron part of the core, like a GEN Peter does, and so it's it's it's creating this magnetic field, but telling us that this molten core is moving faster, which can add, explain what's happening. Is that what's explaining under happening at like, for instance, the the yellow, and I can't remember what they call up at the big? You know the big the volcano in Yellowstone. Well, you know it's interesting. There are ways that that could explain it, but for example, you don't necessarily need it. The weakest part of the magnetic field right now, for example, is over the S Atlantic. It's called the S Atlantic anomaly. Now they try to explain this by saying that right, underneath there into the core there are these anomalous motions, but the thing
is the magnetic North pole is moving towards, say Berea from Canada and the magnetic S. Pole has already left Antarctica, it's way ahead in the race and it's going up into the indian Ocean. Both magnetic holes are moving away from that exact point, and so is hear some anomalous activity at the core underneath the S Atlantic anomaly, or is it just the fact that both magnetic points on planet are moving further away from it and with magnets? The force falls off at one over distance cute. So what we have here is a lot of questions way beneath our feet, but we'd don't have a whole lot of uncertainty up here at the, first, we can see a lot of these things. The technology and innovation of the last few decades has allowed us to very well track a lot these things and while purse only I am actually not as worried about Yellowstone. I think there are a couple in California or again and
Washington. That actually worry me a bit more. All of the volcanoes in every single fault line, and that's not just the major ones that surround the ocean, but that thing new new that run on the center of the country country? All of those are at major major risk when you went when this goes live, further you moved your family to New Mexico, because you said it's good place to be. Where do you not want to be. You do not want to be anywhere near coastline when this happens, the weather interaction between the land, an ocean, it's already responsible for some of the harder to forecast major storms and their effects. That's going to increase because as much as temp, sure and pressure and water vapor play a role in whether there's also this we called the global electric circuit- and this is not you know- fringe pants or anything like that. It's just at a higher level, ascential
there is electric current going from basically the top of the atmosphere down to the ground in fair weather, high pressure in low pressure. It comes back up into the sky. Now, the only stopping the sun from having complete control over this electric circuit in our atmosphere and which goes down into the ground as well, which is how it accesses the crust in the magma things like that. The only thing stopping it is that magnetic shield around our planet as this is decreasing, we are seeing that space weather thing like solar flares, just a regular, solar wind. These things are having a much greater effect on the weather, the earthquakes, the volcanic eruptions granted. We haven't seen any major global affecting ones yet, but we are starting to see them not only increase the number but increase in frequency when we would be expect sing the surge of energy from the sun or from cosmic rays from rest to the galaxy, and so you have you have this knowledge that earthquakes are electromagnetic,
I don't know how much you've been following this, but this is now great mainstream science, that earth have an electromagnetic component to them cause Mick raise those things I mentioned a bit ago. The most or ones go right through the earth. The slightly less powerful ones hit the mantle and change the cossidae level there, especially in silica, rich volcanoes, one of those to be Yellowstone and we're talking about the weather. That is, that is mostly electricity and so current going up and down. This is what actually drives the storms, EAST and West, what strengthens them? What weakens them when they get disconnected from that current and so again the the thing standing in the way of the sun having complete control over the weather, the earthquakes and are volcanoes, which does seem to happen every time we get a magnetic pole shift. Is that magneto which is losing strength as the polls are moving. You know, a lot of people know holes are moving, but they don't know that we're actually losing the strength of the
because that's what happens when it moves real, quick, the polls always drift and move, but what we king is a dramatic uptick and if I'm not mistaken, la last year. The polls moved as much as one would expect in a decade, etc. If you look over long timescales, absolutely it's only slightly faster than what happened the decade before but their model was based on the idea that what happened the decade before was an anomaly, and it wouldn't possibly happen again. Well. The short version of the story is both the magnetic field position and the strength of the magnetic poles were very, very stable for a cup one thousand years somewhere between two and three thousand years. Move a little bit a few miles to maybe ten miles every couple of years to all of us the magnetic pull, started, taking off and was actually the southern one that started about one hundred years earlier, which
why it's already left Antarctica and up in the indian Ocean. But the north is actually move faster now to try to catch up, and as it's doing so, it has literally dwarfed thousand of years of motion a couple of times. So from one thousand nine hundred to about one thousand nine hundred and eighty, it dwarfed the last one thousand years of motion. It broke that again in just the next thirty years broke that again in just the last decade, and it broke it again here in the last eight years which, as you said, it was supposed to come out at twenty, twenty, they began realizing this problem in twenty eighteen, so it is continue, to speed up. We are losing the field faster and faster, and for those of us who track the sun every single day and the weather in the earthquakes in the volcanoes every single day, it is utterly clear that so all are and smaller, solar flares are able to do more and more in the weather than
less and less powerful solar wind is able to trigger stronger and stronger earthquakes. Things like that Ben. Thank you so much. I appreciate it. Then you can, you can follow him and find additional information spaceweathernews dot com. I know this sounds crazy because nobody ever talks about it, but it's actual science and why important and may explain more about what's going on with our weather and with with what's coming than anything else, spaceweathernews dot com. Thank you. So much better than. Radio network on demand
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