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Best of The Program | Guests: Rep. Thomas Massie & Daniel Horowitz | 3/25/20

2020-03-25 | 🔗
Today’s COVID-19 update includes the queen, good news about UV light, and Putin in a hazmat suit. Today, it’s YOUR show! Glenn hears from listeners across the nation about how they’re holding up during these hard times. The $2 trillion stimulus bill is now $6 trillion! Rep. Thomas Massie gives the inside scoop on something even worse: It could pass without a vote, and two more bills are already lined up! Blaze host of the Conservative Review podcast Daniel Horowitz breaks down the ridiculous spending bill and what Americans really need.

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Was one of the top cast us today. We have a kind of a different show. We wanted to hear from you and find out what's going on in the world, because there's as there is a way of looking at things, go through all the news reporters telling us what they think is going on, but we always find that its valuable checking with you and see what's going on in your world, because we learned so much from doing that, and we take a bunch call today from people who have gone through real tough times with this people. We're questioning our future when it comes to our economy in the future of the country. We also to go on and take on a little bit of the ridiculous media narratives about how conservative particular of being portrayed as not caring about human life, which is
the Tsar accusation when you, when you talk about genetically when you want to insert abortion in the issue, but the idea being that we don't care about people because of the stock market futures. That's that's much more important, beginning one is a special tv show on corona virus today, make sure you subscribe and check that out can get it for free on Youtube as well or subscribed to support the cause and make sure these investigations continue at the least tv tat hum slashed Glenn. If you use the promo code Glenn, you will save ten bucks a couple more celebrities and dignitaries have protested. Positive recur virus will play about that and go through the spending bill, which is a lot in their highly questionable plug it into that is well and I'll get into the media the night on Studios America, if you are a pot castles entering it, every episode for free and searching for school does America in putting subscribe. Please rate review this Pakistan that one is wealth and hears Casper, today,
the only thinking here we go there growing virus updates the daily stats, as always as five thirty eight M central time from Johns Hopkins University, total cases worldwide now up about forty thousand four hundred and thirty, four thousand total confirmed deaths worldwide. Nineteen thousand up three thousand total confirmed worldwide recoveries
hundred and eleven that's up. Eight thousand from yesterday all one hundred ninety five countries on earth have confirmed cases except for the penguins, and I am willing to carry eggs on my feet. If they will. Let me, in four percent of active cases, are now considered serious, requiring hospitalization. That is down from five percent yesterday but, as I pointed out, thirteen per- and of U S confirmed cases do currently require hospitalization. However, that's because there are so many people we believe that are walking around with it and and and it's so mild they're not even noticing it the you now has fifty four thousand confirmed cases: seven hundred and eighty four deaths up from forty six thousand, so a jump of thousand five hundred and eighty two deaths yesterday seven hundred and eighty four. Today we have three hundred and seventy nine officially recovered again
the seven hundred and eighty four official deaths county sheriff has now closing all of the guns stores. That's gonna, make it so much better. I mean no these freaking out about the being aware of their rights when you have counties just saying no more guns for you That's no! That's what would do to calm the masses. America Lost five hundred thousand millionaires to cope with nineteen Bernie Sanders is a pig in and he heard the news that as as of the clothes of twenty nineteen, there was an unprecedented eleven million american millionaires that is flexion of the longest bull market in history. Well, lost half a million of them. You don't you celebrating well. You should because, the people that are paying the most in taxes, so others can have
free stuff ten of financial health crisis wrought by Kobe Nineteen has has really hit America's small businesses, but Fifty percent of Americans now are living in shelter in place or home, quarantine, orders and there's a between sheltering in place and home quarantine of any who cares or knows but quarantine is you don't leave us? sheltering place or at home That is why I gotta go to the store you gotta, do what you gotta do: Zan Majority the Pa it's gonna, be ordered to stay at home. In the coming days, the corona virus pandemic sweeps the nation total of thirteen states. At least sixteen municipalities have enacted measures to keep residents inside their homes and prevent the spread of the virus according to see an end. I have to tell you dont know why we're closing down everything everywhere.
Dont understand that their towns all across Amerika that are still working and can keep social distancing that dog We have the virus, yet they should remain on line just with social distancing so. We can still go to work when we can not every again thirteen. States and see sixteen municipalities have enacted measures that now amounts to one hundred and forty eight million people or half of the population units Military personnel yesterday set up a makeshift morgue outside of New York City in hospital. It is Hollywood disaster scenes that are starting to be seen in so of America's biggest sir
these. Also, you value uv, raise proven now to destroy the Sars covered two virus. The end, action rate of global nineteen is twenty two times higher in Iceland as compare to Australia. The rest it comes as scientists in Hong Kong demonstrate that Sars Kobe to the virus responsible for covered nineteen is easy Lee destroyed with uv light. Just now, all other corona viruses or flues. So it looks like there is indeed going to be a an end to this this summer. The season changes, but it will also mean that it will come back if we haven't found some sort of a vaccine or some sort of ay some sort. An old medicine or drug that works and Prince Charles is tested positive I'm wondering I'm wondering
people in in in Scotland and Ireland see It is good news. Or bad news. The queen, I hope, is in isolation. By the way, did you see Vladimir Putin and he came out yesterday in a space suit. He had a bio suit on. Did it did that? Did that look like the brave Putin? I mean that that looked to me like a leader that was a Where can you imagine if somebody would have put Donald Trump in that suit and he would have gone into a hospital where they had some patience? You would in Erica, you would say: don't or do that, don't ever put in that situation? Not not because he would be in danger, but because he would look like a goofball yet the older do Dukakis on a tank type of Look, it's not exactly ideal the others a spot between what were Putin did in what the President Mexico has been doing. Lily wishes.
Still in walking around and hugging and kissing people and eating the cheeks of children for whatever reason He is how that that story is the most under covered story to me in this entire crisis, which is can do whatever we want. Here we can social, distance all. We want that's all wonderful, however, that we have a country. Suit yourself across border that we don't want to enforce. That is not do anything that is still having soccer matches very very recently starving festival still having their president walk around and do rallies among tons of people theirs no testing going on in that country there, almost certainly ravaged by. Corona virus and the Second, we were to cure it here. It would be cut over the border like crazy from there. It would make difference and would have to do it all over again
if we ever got serious if they were out of control- and we got serious about our border Donald Trump, of course be called racist again how can you not help they didn't do anything in their own country? They didn't do anything you're yelling at Donald Trump for not doing enough they're, not anything come on, let's go to Felicia in Colorado x. I want I want to finish up today. Show we're gonna get we're gonna get into that six trillion dollar bill, it's not to its six trillion dollars. We can into that here in a little while, but I also wanted to spend some time with you on the phone to just a gut check on how you're feeling in what's happening in your life, Felicia called from Colorado, hello, Felicia. A glance at such an honour to be on the listening to you for years. You're. My view beg you has changed my life. Well, thank you
we, let me tell you the reason I called in a second, but what I wanted to let you knows, I'm the new compromise. Fifty four years old was in the hospital. Oh I'll December rehab on November, not a walk again obedient etc, but I Are you in a bubble? You should be when a bombing cause. You should be my my surrounded with saran round my kids when you get anywhere, which has a great and my life Liza eager essential personnel. Does he work, sir? He built hazmat tenth for first responders, but the reason I called is this local guy. I'm doing this for a friend is work. All guy on three apartment properties, and she came on the other day, you posted on their doors that we expect all our the power of the rents and monies do us just like our ways. If you don't pay it on time, you're gonna get eviction notice and we will take you.
And he says we're paying off. Our bills and you'll be held responsible for the payment of all your bills. Nothing is free. This guy is aid. And he'll learn how yeah and a lot of them They have lost their jobs because you know that therein and he sounds like a far more because there we're rent apartment. You know, and you posted these on all his three properties. Now the governor governed pause, not a fan of them, governor powers and Bird Jefferson County where I live the biggest county in the state. There's not decreed anything, but they have said recommend that landlord you know make came range, you know don't charge, lay fees, those kinds of things, but they care these. These oil like this are protected because its nodded
free. So I really wish Doktor Carson would decree that dead? You know be be chosen. Humanity These, were I Felicia. This is I agree with you, and this is where we. This is where the rubber meets the road in this. What I was talking to Thomas Massey about people have to work about their rent. They have to worry about their rent at home. If you're a business person, you have to worry about the rent or the mortgage payment for your offices and that's where people need money right now, we don't need need money to go shopping other than food. If you don't, if you lost your job, you can't pay your rent and these banks getting four trillion dollars and they will be made hole and theirs don't understand why the government just didn't say you know no evictions, no mortgages and not have. The person who owns this guy sounds like a jerk, but the purse.
Who owns apartment buildings. They do still have to pay that mortgage and, if Nobody pays them, they can't pay the mortgage and then they lose the apartment building. So everybody he's in it. Like you said together, so it makes that? We all kind of do what we have to do and work together, but that requires the bank. You know the person who holds the note to also say: ok, I know it's tough times, and you can only make a third of your mortgage payment. That's fine! Don't worry, that's good, but is there happening and that What really needs to happen? Everybody needs to do what they can, but it to happen all the way up to the top. You dont want to: u dont again this sounds like a jerk, but you don't. Stone people because there higher up on the the
the latter, as you might see it and own this big property, while they might be fighting for their life as well, and there getting any relief and that's the problem. We have have to understand that the entire food chain here has been disrupted fully God bless YO, I hope was please stay inside and tell your friend. We will pray for them, as we are should be praying for the people who are in these situations. Many people have already lost their jobs. We as the presidency, as we ve got to turn this engine back on pretty darn soon This is the best in the Glen Back Programme and we really want to thank you for listening, welcomed, a programme, let's go to Thomas Massey in washing you're, not actually in Washington, Aria Thomas
Actually I for that area going sorry for that. I'm sorry here there I'm sorry that you actually had to be in Washington yeah, I'm here, I'm in Washington, so Thomas tell us what actually in this bill it's ace. Six trillion dollar bail out. If you add what the FED is putting on top of it and that's without all the other stuff, the FED is already done so six trillion dollars. I don't and begin to understand it tell me what you tell me: what Tom but the geniuses of done well they're, so smart they're, not even sharing the language with this yet so suppose, the leading intuited cream at last night. It's a thousand pages, and you got the price tag right. As far as what I am hearing, but there's no text literally all I have to
go on. Is the dear colleague ladder front, Chuck humour to the other Democrats where he's bragging on the victory that he got in the bill that that is all that's the most substantial presentation of the bill that I have right now and I suspect they're going to try and pass. Here in Congress, on a unanimous consent without ever? what are we having congressmen book. How does that happen? How can we, possibly spend six trillion dollars and not actually have a vote, which is even mean. How does it work? It means that it's just a bunch of unix at that point- is what it means: means that the administration people within it Ministration- and two or three other people and a bunch of lobbyists, got together and Adele and instead of even giving it the imprimatur of the congressional debate, we there just
sure I believe beer on? I believe they're, just gonna ask for unanimous consent, the demon along like it, wouldn't even you have to do. Do you have to do you to vote on that no pitches, do it so wish it was away the hours that constitutional at all is I mean that Nancy Pelosi, Chuck humor and Mitch, Mcconnell and the boys all got together and and came up with something, and then they get the only vote that basically what it means now there are some of in the conciliation, is that. You know the constitution says you have to have a core to do. Business Europe right, which which is in the House of Representatives is two hundred and eighteen so and what they do is the speaker
soon that serve the quorum. Unless somebody raises an objection and points out that there is only one person in the room, but the speaker has really bad I and doesn't count very well. So if there is one person in the room, the speaker assumes there's a quorum and business goes on Are you gonna at least stand up and say there is no quorum. I want to get out there. There are fewer here and why she can t see? I don't want it the other. Colleagues are again they wanted their coordinate alone, but we were talking about the travesty here, because because this is probably by way this is the third bill. This is the third grown, a virus bill that will have passed if it passes, and there are already talking about bill number four and bill number five. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my gosh
It is a fundamental trillion dollars its oh, it's overt Thomas. I mean we have to do something, but not not not give everything away as others. Nothing left, I mean you know. I just What little I know what little I know: d, the bill just say you know what hold on mortgages. You don't have to pay for mortgages for three months and tell everybody gets back to work or you can't foreclose on people. I know the government is not for closing on people, but how regular banks, because they're getting the back door, four trillion dollars. How about that? How about how about going to make sure that you get immediate unemployment, that's fine nope, he rolled tax, we're not gonna print money, we're just not going to take money from you those are in their work. Be common sense things, but you can be sure that the banks are gonna be made all at
Maybe even more than all but here's the problem Glenn. Let's say this shut down that the governors have perpetrated on our economy. Takes or trillion out or six trillion out. We inject six trillion back in. You can't eat the money. Right farmer still need to grow food. Manufacture still need to make insulin like you know, automobile man truck manufacturers. We'll have to make ambulances to get people to the hospitals right, Thomas yesterday. You go ahead. Go ahead. Because you put the same amount of money into the economy that you took out. Does it mean we ve created. Any goods are grown, any food, that's the problem we have here go in, and today there are asking us to jump off a cliff with their not telling us how far it into the bottom or, what's at the bottom,
I got in my car yesterday and I just needed to get out of the house for a while. So my wife and I took a drive and He drove through a little the little town here called South Lake our town, schooner centre, really nice very really just this quaint little thing and in the town. It was like a horror movie. It was like every thing that you ve ever seen in what was it that the quiet movie or the b? You know the one where the monsters are coming out. Set movies to wear them, monsters here, the noise quiet place walking quiet place yet walking dead quietly with the omega man it was. There was no place to spend money. There is no place to spend money. If you had money so I always this good of other than paying my mortgage and making sure that I have money to get food. What else
need money for right now, what else you matters here, there's a whole number of things. You need money, for What I'm saying you can't that stuff that the stuff that should be covered right now and not giving me check, we giving check your You're not even means testing you're, not even you're, not even looking at what I'm going through now you're. Giving people a cheque for fifteen hundred dollars. Some people have their jobs, other people's don't have their jobs, but there's no testing on that. This is ridiculous. This bill is ridiculous. I did the church humor said in his letter, the money will keep coming at tell this crime It is over so. How do you know it's two trillion dollars once you promised to pay people money for as long as this goes on and what
the when what is the the end look like we can somebody define the I've been looking for a trip wires. When is the crisis over when we're I'm going back to work or does the crisis continue because we have damage to our society and the engine of capitalism and so continues on for another year. Another two I mean this is open. The floodgates the floodgates its conditioning, our generation to paternalistic government Glenn. If I how'd you four weeks ago that the governor would come out and tell people they can't go to church, you'd, think it's crazy, but you know I was really insane. If I said, and people are gonna stay home and the churches are gonna closed and they're gonna do to flee. Do what a government says? You know I would, if I disagree with it,
don't think so. I think people I think Americans want to do what's right for America and the president, came out and said: maybe we should maybe we should all stay at home. Everybody wants to do the right thing, but the right thing also includes saving the nation. It all no includes not just saving people, We are more we're in idea where a nation where in economy the dear is being killed, the economy is being killed our hour. Particularly to revive the idea and the nation and the economy is being killed. There is there comes a point where you have to look at it, like the president, has been saying and think you know guys you can't just tell everyone to stay home for x two months. It's not gonna happen. There's nothing left at the end. There will be nothing left. Editor Euro people
above and beyond. What is necessary to do the right thing. There's a hotline now in Kentucky where you can turn in your neighbor, you can see somebody do something that the governor said not to do. There's a hot line that the governor set up- and I called it's just to Justice- and I thought well maybe the probably staff it with offshore. You know a call center. But is it turns out they, the governors actually just taken people that used to work in other departments and conscripted them to take these calls? Workpeople learned niches on their neighbours and it's been so like you, can't even get through their so many people snitching on their neighbours, Oh darling, jurists bets Her head that Europe always did is they had snitch is never knew. Who was snitching on add is in you never knew who was snitching on you, we ve all. Is trusted our neighbour Thomas
I actually don't have a problem with the governors doing you know the the heavy lifting and all that stuff I am much bigger problem with the with the government and the federal government doing it, because there's no last resort, they are the final policemen there, the final stop and what the gun there are doing vice telling president Trump that he has do. Ok, the NASH guard is insidious they're doing it by because they don't want to spend the money and if he calls it than the feds pay for it. If the stake calls it than their off the hook, so this the governors are wanting the present into call, but you can not allow the federal government to have control nation wide of the national guard. If I give a govern Big, a governor wants to do it. That's fine people can get away from that governor to forty nine other states. But if the press,
it? Does it and they don't release the power. There's no place to go. That's it! That's a great point. You know what the points I made about the governors. Doing these things is absurd, my colleagues here say. Look this is a government taking the government is taking than from people their livelihood. So we must pay the people back for their there. What was taken from but I am pointing out, did it's the governors who are taking and it's the federal government who is giving back so we are now with this bill. We will be in governors to destroy their own economy and to put people out of work, and anyone who have won governor who stood up to all of it now to settle, it's coming in and saying: well, you might as well go in with the rest of the lot, because now we are going to finance all this malfeasance rightly economy fright, and are. There are states that are looking at these other states like,
crazy, I mean it you know, the city's here in Dallas had been look and been blasting our governor, because he hasn't, but the entire state on locked down the entire he doesn't need to be unlocked dont down made Dallas does maybe Houston does and those those mayors can do that as they safe see fit, but it needs to be held at the lowest possible level. And does not need to be the entire state what's happening in Seattle doesn't mean it's happening in Spokane Washington. That's correct! the only way. We're gonna know that by the way is testing, there's something that gun minute, saying which really annoys me. Is they say we one everybody tested everybody does it need to get tested? Actually, that we get out of this, is when we know who has it and who does it? Yes, when we solution, albeit unity, we should all be.
Tested and then we can go back to work. Those who don't have it tested clear, go back to work. I must thank you so much for all that you do. The congressmen from Kentucky Thomas Massey will be watching you and the rest of the year, congressmen and senators today in the house in the Senate as they as they. Maybe I don't even vote on six trillion dollars being spent thanks. Thomas The best of the global programme. Welcome to the programme we have Daniel Horowitz on with us. He is play the blaze podcast host and also with the conservative review, ease the senior editor of conservative review
and he has taken a look into the corona virus rescue bill, the one that is now six trillion dollars, six trillion dollars Daniel I've, never seen anything like six trillion dollars and it looks like they're going to just pass this without an actual roll call vote there just going to pass it more glare. I don't even know if I'm looking at the bill right now. I got some sort of copy, which is six hundred nineteen pages, but all They're gonna vote on aid within an hour, so very go I cannot give you all the details now to be fair. I think it's two trillion not six trillion but well it is two trillion. It's two trillion with the four trillion from the FED programme you have fulfilled? Yes, This is just the beginning. He here of
The important thing before we get into provisions public in their brilliant. We managed to bank robber. Venezuela, while still not in covering certain people, and then all this is gonna, go into a black hole within a week or two. If, as the democratic, There seem to want to do they keep it shut down going on vit severely vis indefinitely on no amount of trillions of dollars. You could print can ameliorate that pig. So with both to Lord and too little at the same time and expose them to a bunch of political peril and what they do, crap have showed is that you can never out bid. Then, if you don't provide a pulled contrast in addressing the crisis in a different way again, their certain things we have to do with the third in funding for them for the hospital they have a hundred thirty billion. For that we agree to add on extending
unemployment benefits because we shot people down in some states. That will be a thousand to one thousand four hundred dollars a week. Now very generous, so done do that and then, let's get back to work over the next few weeks, with the prudent balance, geographically, demographically and and and take care of the ass problem, but it instead what they do with the indiscriminately throw. Turn billion dollars in the form of twelve hundred dollar rebates at people, five dollars per Cade, even to family that didn't Lou. They penny, but then it your earning more than a hundred fifty thousand dollars is the family as a small business owner, but that last year on last year's tax return. But this year your slaughtered, you get nothing, So they're gonna get hit politically. For that this whole thing just it makes no sense Gwen, because either
We are directed this in a different way and we get back to solving the problem. Or there is no money in the world that will solve it. So there is no money in the world that will solve this. What what needed to happen, Daniel, I think, is is solved. The immediate needs of those who lost their job for those who are about to lose their house because they lost their job. For those who are about to lose their business, I mean any that helps business people out you know four especially the small business person. Just by saying look, you don't have to worry about your rent. How much is your rent send the bill. Send us what's going on. You know some way of just If you haven't mortgage talking to the banks and saying look, you know you guys are gonna, get it for
real in dollars through the back door and that just what we're announcing this week, little oh, what we had so it did last week and let alone what you know is coming next week. So no mortgage foreclosures mortgage break for three months for everybody that we too, but that would didn't take care of the apartment building owner that has to make the not in pay for that mortgage. They could then As that on I mean that's the kind. Kind of things that we need and that no That's in their none of that in their that exist that's the point once you are good in one thousand to twelve hundred dollars a week for unemployment benefit indefinitely and yo again in last Billy took care of the pay believe for twelve weeks, which now be will advance the cash to the small businesses to cover that up So you have the immediate problem, the bandaid.
Why they need to spend an extra one and a half trillion dollar five hundred billion for the bail out for the industries, three hundred sixty seven billion small business loaned, but there's nothing to loan for because they are shut down and then a hundred fifty billion as the government and then be have you thirty. In for education are not at all a billion for mass transit, which I thought that the ultimate people's Brenner we want to keep that shut down. It doesn't make any then, but then at the same time, their Adam. The thing: how dare you, Mr Trump hope to get back to work in some modicum of normal thi by April twelfth by ether? How dare you do that? We need to go on indefinitely and it's almost like they're happy about it. So, in that case again this money will be gobbled up in no time and will be on to the next ten trillion. And here the file question Glenn, There is no downside to doing this to you.
No pain to spending so immediately more than we need you just now which had what any normal person would do. Why not loaded, wide open and give every family a hundred thousand dollar check. No real where in the limit What I mean I write it there's no limit you're. My question why you alive anxiety at one worried about the and of getting back to work in the corona virus. You know it just stay home, hear them two thousand hours, nothing towards. I want to know what is wrong with that: We are worried that line reality? Mitch? Mcconnell said that this is a or time world war? Two, like investment, we're you're wrong. You there's nothing to invest in. You can invest in a dead body, actually write it gotta go in a black, exactly right. Yet what you need if we re enlightenment, in world war. Two we had planes and tanks and factories at the end of it at the end of this week
did we invest in what do we have but what do we have we're not walking away with anything that can be used? Part me, you're invent in people thing home you us racket right and not investing in their home if they If they have a home in their being foreclosed on you're, not giving them money or any kind of relief there still going to lose their home. That's what people are worried about right now there were about their home, their worried about having enough food for their family and a shelter while their at home, the name thing is: are we destroying the entire country for a virus I mean you're gonna, be anything left? That's I think the what their worried about beyond the corona virus itself. They were those three things? Do I have a home? Do I have food and gonna, be anything job to go back to in the end, this building
an address any of those anti speak here whom issue there is another point. I think your listeners need to get involved in at a grassroots level, with state. Property or in local property taxes, and it's time to get the legislate involved in it. What problems. I see happening in the next few weeks. Is this: we know Imperial college study was bogus two million death, this an add on that is our theory element and I do think it is more lethal than the regular flu. But again what the is there a value added to going from social, different thing to complete, lock down, where the evidence of that? Where is the evidence that they stop wasn't baked into the cake from January? February, which it absolutely was because we had it's from Wool Han. When I would confer shut up in in January, though, unfortunately, all the people that are like, but we have to save, live well. Yeah thanks to EU policy had a true. I had a ban on trumped ban at latest trends twenty nine through that baked into the camp
my concern, blended bed were headed for the following scenario: where Trump try over the next few weeks to see how to achieve the proper balance and the democratic governors are Thun. Suddenly powerful than God. You know I wish things would have been this hour, full movie last half century and they're going to just to make him look. Look bad push more severe shutdown we need to tell them. We are not going to bail out the thief. If you are go more severe than needed in the coming weeks. Then you need to pay that, and one of the ways of doing that is they have to start on. Languishing property taxes like you like you said, though homeowners could afford it. I will Daniel that I think this is where the president absolutely needs to go. He needs to next week say you know. Here's. The plan we're gonna continue to look at how we're doing, but instead who states they are either past it or
it's not the problem. You have to keep your social distancing, but I giving this power to the states and every state should open up when they can. We argue to be there to help you open up and we're be there and we will encourage you to open up, but it's the individual states, I'm telling you now open up the country not saying open up New York, that's for Cuomo to do I'm not saying open. California, that's forget to do I'm saying. As far as the federal government is concerned, we are open, for business in what thirty eight of the states what he is, Thirty of them? How, twenty five, We will incentivize people to get back to work as soon as they possibly can. What what what's wrong with the president doing that war I'll tell you that I have a call from the State Department telling me their hope is to get refuge
resettlement back up in going by April seven. So if it, the Upper refugee resettlement leave us, I promise is that right, I mean on building that? Would you say that to me that I will read it out it from the State Department, Bureau, population, migration, refugees, yet unbelievable dead, thank you so much appreciated you can read his column you can follow him at our M conservative. Its Daniel Horowitz also place podcast the conservative review editor Daniel Horowitz
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