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West Virginia Treasurer Riley Moore joins Glenn to elaborate on his legislation to ban the tracking of firearms through debit and credit card purchases. Glenn discusses how children in our country are truly lost and the guidance they need. Author Brad Meltzer joins to preview his newest book, "The Nazi Conspiracy.”

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I've got. Some great I've got some great fortune. We have. I know that doesn't sound like you're like how a pencil in the fortune. I will say so much fortune cookies content is not very few found. Some is excited. My glass use, theodore Roosevelt, Brad Meltzer received brain batman Kowal if everything else ok, so have to. I think the Chinese forget Tik tok fortune cookies tar I really bring us down really bring us down like friends, here's a fortunate that we have changed our food, you know as a family and that we all over the fortune cookies and then we all share them. Here's what your price
but just got bigger, think what have you done with What is that? What is that here is my you're ready. It could be better but they're good enough I think this is a communist bloc judges bring us is now that's tik, tok plague. Do here, wait until you hear one last. What else will do it tomorrow show? It was like wait a minute, I'm expecting to find something is like. Americans, I've. Just writing this. No real, quick, they'll! Listen to these fortunes are the programme today is rate with michael shell converter, skellenburg, IRAN. he's talking about the world economic forum. We have a lot of information on that also
gun news with the west virginia treasurer he's on, and justice and testing our with my favorite guest, always brad belts, history, geek he's got a new book out loud and nazi conspiracy to kill churchill, Stalin and after all, in one fell swoop. It's a great great. you have to check out and listen to him. Is he as it rules all over my spat matter, although more on today's podcast
First, let me say about relief factor going about your daily life is while you're living with pain is really difficult. It's really difficult. I know the feeling, because I was in pain for many many years and tried everything I went to every doctor. I tried absolutely everything and then, when you know I heard the commercials for relief bactra like yeah yeah, that's it! That's gonna work only because I've benda it's doctors literally the best doctors in the world for it nobody could could solve it. My wife says you've gotta, try really factor. You know, I'm like it's not going to work. She said I'm not going to list the wind unless you try absolutely everything. So I did. I was stubborn, and so at three weeks. I'm like, I, don't think it's making a difference, so I stopped taking it about three days later, I'm really in pain. I realized it had made a huge impact on my pain and I started
in again and he just got better and better three week, quickstart just try it. Nineteen ninety five you're in pain, go to relief, factor, dot com, that's relief, factor, dot com or call the eight hundred the number for relief. Eight hundred for relief really factor dot com, so the alright. So let me just give you this. Let me give you this story from the associated press when some of the world's wealthiest and most influential figures gather at the world economic forum's annual meeting last year. Sessions on climate change drew high level discussions on topics such as carbon financing and sustainable food systems, but
Entirely different narrative played out on the internet where social media users claimed leaders wanted to force the population to eat insects instead of meat in the name of saving. environment, oh by the way, how I should point this out in a completely on relief added story. I just saw this guy's doing some research on another story in canada and I came across you violate canadian manufacturing dot com, some Really good news Spire food group has announced that it is completed. Construction of its alternative protein manufacturing facilities in london, ontario and which is now the home to the world's largest cricket production facility, aspire new plant will reportedly produce nine thousand metric tons of crickets every year for human and pat consumption. That's about two
alien insects to be distributed annually across canada and throughout the EU? it states. Now I don't. about you, but I've been waiting for a plan to make nice thousand metric tons of crickets. The demand is going re for a year all the time people, my friends here in texas, we're all talking hey. Do you have any cricket I'm out, crickets the supply line for crickets, but good news is a spy, Our food group has completed their pay. induction facility, they're, ready now to just start sending out the crickets. Ah, what was I talking about oh yeah, yeah yeah, I leads I've in davos and conspiracy theories line, blah blah blah, on considerately there's force a population, the innate sex, the annual event in the swiss ski resort, town of Davos, which opens today, as
increasingly become a target of bizarre claims from a girl, When chorus of commentators who believe the forum involves a group of elites manila leading global events for their own benefit experts, I say that it was once a conspiracy theory found in the internet underbelly but now it is hit the main stream. one of the things that Apparently, these conspiracy theories are talking about is how the world economic forum, had the great reset ready to go and work. Hard of you know the w h, Joe in all of the plans to shut down. and the economies of the world when it, two of you know some sort of a pandemic, and then people started with those conspiracy theories and the world economic forum.
Started: warning misinformation, ya, gotta, control that misinformation and they did hey I've, I am so riddled with eighty. You know that Could story was just telling about the reason. Why was looking up at canada and seeing some things up in canada was because there's a theirs. Story up in canada. Myths out today Daniel Stephanie warrior She was sitting alone in a toronto hospital she was wearing a blue medical gown ass. She was sitting in kind of like a wheelchair, and she has her mask down off of her face. But that's because She went to the hospital because she was having a hard time breathing so he couldn't have the mask over She didn't have covered by the way, but she couldn't put the mask over her face.
because she couldn't breathe, but you know rules, are rules, so the nurse came out started yelling at her and then to security guards came in fact. We I have a little film of it there you see daniele. If you happen to be one on the blaze here comes the as to yell at her you ve, gotta, put that mask on your faces, like I can't breathe, so the sick, ready guards are given gowns and the security words. Pusher up against the wall along with a nurse they they pinner to the wall. You know putting their arm against her chest kind of in a george floyd sort of way there. They are now wheeling her dead body in the wheelchair. With such class she died she died of, it! No, no! No! She died After all, the related issues, but don't worry, there's nobody, I'm sorry! I gotta get back this economic store. There
nobody that is trying to take your rights away there is that not happening in the world, now make forum and the world leaders they have I've been doing this, I mean. Can you Think of a time when all world leaders were doing the same thing we're, Every country was doing exactly the same thing coming sure they all said it's the great reset. sure they all said build back better, which is from the world economic forum. But can you think I mean look kid different? Every country reacted to cove ID and nobody lost their rights. Sure in china. nowhere else. Way so now, increasingly in mainstream corners of the internet and conservative talk shows Stu, I think they're talking about you
The great reset has become shorthand, for what sceptic say is a real organization of society using global uncertainty as a guys to take away rights. Now what would you say that? Why would you say that that is crazy? yes, they put out. You know there, video made by them. That said by twenty thirty years, own nothing, You will not have privacy but you'll like it. I mean what rights are you talking about, taking away of by the way? gotta be careful. What I say here, because you say the words, the great room: sat on youtube and they they take you off of you tube, because he can't say those things. Oh I'm on youtube. Now the great reset, the great reset great reset
doesn't it now? I can't make For instance, let me let me give you this: can spare see theory that it was just from right, wingers, Kay, member of the right winger richard trump card came out last week last last sunday. Why are you looking confused or richard trump covers a obama no era yeah, but he's really a conspiracy theories now, so he is clearly a right wing zealot. So he comes out and he says you know the consumer protection agency guy. We are now looking at gas stoves because there's this really credible source out there. They did a study that sir, as gas stoves can lead to asthma in kids, And so we're we're gonna we're going look at, opening it up to public comments. If should we restrict or ban gas stoves? Well of
worse. This was republican scare tactics. I mean they're, not going do it. There is no intention of doing it and nobody is suggesting this nobody is well. Well, The department of energy? Ok, I mean they're, looking we're efficiency standards. Guy ass, furnaces, they're gonna, try to get rid of gas furnaces and there is not yet released proposed rule for what heaters well tell her away from from gas, and I bet republicans are going to pounce on that to be an act of it. I just like to add that this is like them, and you know who did the study I mean this is I mean how do you question this study. The green energy group behind the saudi study,
cited by richard drummed could junior to just lookin to ban gas doves. That's all he was doing is partner with the chinese government. And their goal is in an economy, wide transformation away from oil and gas. Now the colorado base group for a bit and non profit, the rocky mountain institute and it published study them. A tributes, thirteen percent of u s, childhood asthma cases to gas stove use, but they oh, really getting down. They came up with that in this but that is the work of the organ nation is dead. manning systematic changes to the economy wide little transformation to address climate change crisis and this
groups as we have to you know. We have to go to great lengths to avoid the climate crisis, in twenty. In twenty thirteen. They went a long way. They have joined forces with china's national development and reform commission, which is great feet and China went in a business with them, and then you know some things didn't work out and then the other traffic lights had to be dimmed and nobody could cook on their stoves. But but thou is the first trial. Okay, now they are. They advocate the boy adding of gas stoves, they advocate the banning of gas stoves. Okay, this study, which spans nine paragraphs was based on a bunch of hodgepodge different. Data and methodology spanning various years and countries.
and really nobody can really make sense of it, the the the sports at gale university say yes, a little more than questionable away. They put this together now yeah yeah yeah. Now I just I just want to tell you that you should not worry when we have a government official citing something you know, like this study, its from colorado. What could possibly be wrong now? I will say I will say that they have a board of directors, but look how strong the board of directors are board members. We ding who doesn't love, weeding. That's a sentence. I've weeding! That's an aim he's a founder and chairman of the chinese equity firm, broad river capital,
He started the firm after serving as chairman of the china international capital core corporation. It's us state owned investment bank nan. The executives chinese leader, seizing pings. Vice president right hand, man way wing key son. And they have deep participation in china's economic reforms and development and their goal. to serve the nation rocky needs do also sits on china, clean transportation partnership, a chinese, green energy nonprofit, whose founding members include China's national developing reform, commission and ministry of transport. So they you know it. Yes, yes, yes, yes, there deeply, bed with communist china and yet who wins? If the united states gets off of oil and gas in china, dozen ok china. What is our
what is our president? You know his son in bed with China who got the back room air force base? After we'll uk china. but I am sure this is all just because gas dogs are very dangerous, very, very andrews and it's a conspiracy anyway. It's not happening okay and all the despair publican. Thrusting this you into the cultures and this they they don't have any power world economic forum, no power at all. They skiing this week, so are doing their skiing man is just a bunch of rich people getting together get over it. It's not gonna fact your life man window, those bug start to arrive in amerika. I can't wait, ok Oh there's another story out today. Coincidentally, has nothing to do with anything. Well,
three journal says the central bank, digital currency, where you'll have a a bank account with federal reserve that's coming, whether you like it or not, cause we just have to do it, but that's it can spare see it's not going to happen, you're listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program, so I'm gonna play something for you and believe it or not. I have a very deep point on this. It's not just to not. Certainly to make fun of chelsea handler it is to remind people you should stop listening to people like this. This is my first point. This not the deep why she's a moron She was on the tonight, show it jimmy we and she told a story that She made a mission that she would.
They didn't understand. Something, and if you don't understand this, what else? Don't you understand? This is a pretty basic. and this is coming from a woman who is lectured us. Morally and intellectually our superior You know how of our lives. Listen to this admission on Jimmy phone. I didn't now- and this is true I don't know until I was forty years old that the sun and the moon we're not the same thing, hard to believe what are you talking about. I was shocking to me as well as more shocking. I was like I was in africa. We were on safari my sister and I were writing an elephant and there was a man in writing an elephant for us because We don't know how to write an elephant, and my older sister small looked up at this at the at the sky, and she said: Chelsea chelsea look up it's not often you get to see the sun and the moon at the same time,
and I was like blocking our scope. We do I go. We got there always together and as soon as I said that she turned around was what did she say. Another go shut up shut up like I knew I give you a sort of let's canter. Is that what I know of one gun on an and she looked at me because I need you and I just tried to gloss over it ass. I could never mind what I said. I you know, and she said no. I you to tell me what you think is how
winning between the sun and the moon. The and I was like honestly, I just assumed when the sun went down it popped back up as the moon. The like is that not what's happening the man riding the elephant spoke no english and went the like another, dumb american yeah, yeah yeah, absolutely true, okay, murray! Stop! Listening to these people, they're morons, they're, morons And because I you know, look I'm not this, Of purpose knife in the drawer either, but that's pretty darn basic, pretty de darn basic while ok, so she's what forty seven years old, she's almost fifty years old.
The mentality of these elites that they are so morally and intellectually superior and that you know everything is old fashioned and you know: media learned much more important than facts to learn The new facts that are cool you know. men, are men are able to have babies. My problem, doing this show is, I am speechless for the first time in your life. That's what it sounds like yeah cause, I'm I'm I I I I my very transparent with my life and this is coming from
someplace else that is happening in my life. And let me just say this to you- our children have no idea that we know parents. You have no idea how confused and lost your children really are it seem like they get it, but- Chelsea handler is I mean he is she's a genius in today's world there not learn the things that they need to learn and their learning all of these things that are or real horrible that are counter to everything. That is in eternal truth, and I give you Another story here today and I dont know if anybody can see where I'm going to make this connection, but
this story out of england. and it is a story about how satan is is becoming very popular and but there's no blue rituals any more there. No murder, there's no sacrifice. There's no blood rights to Satan, we don't worship the devil. We don't cas magic spells, as the leader of the same tonic temple in england, guy. He said yeah, we do a cult rituals and you know, there's no virgin sacrifices are challenges of blood and weed I believe in the actual or satan that's a thing of the past. Hedonism is learning, alluring to young people now because
everything in religion is outdated and dogmatic and traditional- and you told that you, have to offer yourself. You have to change your ways. the sun telegraph, I'm reading spoken to leaders of members of the satanic groups around the world, to claim that the opportunity he's satanism offers people to engage in activism and they campaign on induce issues such as gender sexuality is part of the epp. He'll for younger members, only those who are less likely to declare themselves christian. The the guy! Who is the while he's. He runs the global order of satan. U k He's a he's, an undertaker fur for a job
He says he has a two hundred percent increase in membership over the last five years. He said I wish I could claim that we could pat ourselves on the back and say: yes, we ve done. We ve done are of internal work here, I'm quoting where, successfully declining the number of christians, but it's more complex ex than that he said to actors are responsible: the decreasing popularity of traditional dogmatic religions, and movement towards self identification and self realisation. He said this amongst younger people- they don't want to be. Identified is part of a prescriptive dogmatic religion. Instead, they want to identify with their own of belief and their own self realisation witches what satanism offers. They are now turning away. He says from incredibly outdated, very obviously stuffy views that our camp
lately, not in keeping with modern times. You know what. He is absolutely right, he's apps lately right, those duffy! Really ledges ideas that come from the bible they are not. in line with current temporary ideas and can Temporary living and you want, then easy life, where you will be accepted and things gotta, be really peachy and swell for you for a while and I I emphasise for awhile as an alcoholic. I know how things how taken The easy route and just dealing with staff not dealing with reality, just have a drink you'll, be yeah that'll all go away. You won't have to worry about you for a while and then
it all comes crashing down on your head. If you, if you who dont know what our kids are faced with. We have no idea. I would not want to be one. I would not want to be a kid in today's world. They are confused and they are being confused in tension. Ali. Social media and the phone that they all look at tat. me four hours a day is the enemy in their pocket. It is also part of their life now, and we are gonna get to a point where I swear to god. I'm gonna be drive and a buggy soon I am, I mean
you, we are not going to be able to pay. hectare, families in this society and christians. It's going again. Really hard to be a christian when sake Aid nests can say, ah we're, not more really yummy not really Satan S. I mean you know, sir is as a young person's religion. You know, and it's just a diversification. That's it that's all it is, and we just explore. You know your identity, your interest, your values, your beliefs, ah, ok, and they say they were. You know saying is just more metaphorical. You know he just the rebel. That's all he is,
we don't believe in a higher power. Instead, we revolve around a religion of the self think of that in today's society. Forget it would came from him around. legion of the self and it's up to individuals to define their own moral code and there and too philip themselves as their own god head sure we get around you know we get together, do rituals in the forest and stuff. You know and you know we have a community bonding in meditation to give people had time to develop your own personal vision of yourself as eight, but we don't mean that literally. I I I I want you to write to me and tell me how I can help you as apparent
Because, as apparent mike aids are, and I'm not satanist and stuff like that, but my kids are Our so lost right now, Tony and I would just for you, like we are just losers, who just feel like wow wow, all of work for decades and none of it took and we know that's not true, but I cannot be the only person feeling that way and. I am out of answers in my own life, many times, but we are, thank god.
Mom and dad or on the same page, and we love each other. We have a very loving family, so we are able to keep her head above water, but it is difficult because no one has faced these problems before we did an experiment. On our children and its go You awry, we just gave our kids, do you know, Do you know what failure to launch? As you know, what that is right, failure to launch? When there are still living at their house. Eight, oh mamma, dad's house. They haven't launch their life. do you know what psychiatry have now they ve just move the age up. Do you know the age is now. Thirty seven. thirty, seven failure to launch a read it:
that it's it's only a problem when you hit thirty seven and thirty, seven, it's like ok, there is a real issue. Thirty seven, our kids are they are so confused? They don't know what is up. They don't know what is down. They are so in a bubble that they have apps. Loot leave no tolerance to any kind of stress, and I'm telling stress is coming stress is coming. Let me know how we can help you, please We will do our best, your listening to the best of the Glen back programme brad. It is a thrill to have you in studio again. You have a new book out called the nazi conspiracy
no idea. This was even had been plan, the sea red plot to kill roosevelt stolen, an churchill at the height of world war. Two nazis are planning to kill the big three. I do know the story either. How do you know? I mean? How is this the you watch, certain history generals and it's all world war to nazi stuff. I mean you think you know everything. I've never heard that and listen. I have a substantial, seem shows I love war war too. I never knew the store. I don't think the internet is good for many things, but it's good for obscure historical stories and I found scrolling through my feed. I found the store years ago it was at times mention. Maybe half page page article had barely any facts. My you're telling me the nazis tried to kill after Stalin and churchill, the height of war were to an end. I don't know about this store, I'm like I gotta know and then just a paint, a picture, its nineteen forty three it's the moment where Joseph Stalin wants us invade the continent. A continental europe he's getting d.
Submitted by the nazis. He we, of course you know, kingdom and the united states are sending munitions and weapons, but he's like no heed to invade basely. Do what becomes the invasion in normandy ends after realises we gotta get the big three together. The look each other in the eye planned troop movements, plan supplies, plan, morale, and millions of lives Glen or at stake. You know this and really look each other in the eyes. Also, you pain a great picture in the book of the moment. The japanese hit pearl harbor and what that was like in the white house, and then you go overseas and what it was like. What churchill unease Heaven? I think it was dinner with the ambassador of the united states at the time and one finds out and when I am what I love in that moment, when you see churches, we ve all heard the story pearl harbor. We show you to de runway bator aid for a way you ve never seen before. I am what I love is in the moments after we always tell.
Story in america that you know what punch the nazis in the jaw. We one you know the we want. We saved democracy if the world nazi end and that's a beautiful story. Bethesda hollywood version. There is more more complex and actually much more amazing for america to see what we had to do to get there and what I love- is when pearl harbor happens. We of course declare war against the japanese, but they say to adolf hitler. stay out of it. His own advised like stay out of it. Don't mess with america. We only this now hitler slaps his leg literally said his leg and says this is great that it happens. We're gonna declare war on them because in a strong people declare war then wait to be declare war on an winston churchill remembers. This quote he heard about the united states. He says that the united states is like a gigantic boy. and once you light a fire under it, there is no limit to the amount of power it will produce an winston churchill is exactly right and we are on an this story. You know as well as the big three are coming together:
Chill doesn't trust stolen, knowing trust all areas have the artisan trust him at all, because he was on the side. The germans for a while that age start the war on the side, the nazis. The only reason it comes to our side is cause. Hitler invades and he's like. Oh you're gonna beat us I'll, be on the allies side. Now you know it's not a good person, though, and you know we've done books on. We did the secret plot to kill george Washington and we did george washed, and we did that. Thinking conspiracy about the secret plot to kill Abraham lincoln, the first plot, not the John wilkes booth plot, and when I look at what makes a good president, it's not the person that makes the best promises is not the person who makes the best speeches it's a person who, when disaster strikes, can pivot and deal with that disaster and be the right person for that right, mama I'm an empty are in that moment. Whenever anyone thinks of his politics here One belief in himself in its his ability to charm and he's ike
charm, Stalin, cause? I know stone likes me better than you, churchill ain't right ahead. He knows that church, of course prefers him to Stalin and an after the right guy brings. These three together they're in tehran, iran of all places, which again I was like that. How did I not know this and in tehran what's so wild is low. You knew that they were their anger. I know that our conference, but not arrive at their destination plots of closer, but so here comes after flies across the globe. This is the big meeting, millions of lives truly at stake. This meeting must take place of the big three and it comes to town and the motorcade It is moving through the center of the city and everyone's craning there. Now, because they want to see the present united states F, the oars in town and their waving it. Motorcade presence waving back. What none of them, though, is that that is not empty are in the motorcade. That's just a secret service decoy. The real present, the real f tiaras doc down and hiding in the back of a beat up said Dan
racing through the side streets because they are, there were reed, that there's a nazi assassin is about to kill him. I just ruin For one of the nazi conspiracy than were you, but that is chapter one dead so well done to me now is honestly, because I love your novels love your novels and when I found out that this was a knotty that this is a history book. I thought. Okay, well, he's really gonna history, but I really wanted a novel to escape. I get into the first chapter and it's over for me, I'm just you write it like a thriller? Well, that's a thing is you know from me? You know I love these stories. I don't want to read an encyclopedia entry on read some boring thing so and we all know FDR and we all know Winston churchill. We all know Joseph Stalin. We know those names where we grow up with those names. What I love of the people, you don't know in this book so there's a nazi in their name, otto scores any an scores any gets the call from Adolf hitler one day to come down to Adolf hitler secret headquarters, the wolf,
layer- and you know you're in trouble when layer is in the title for a hey. You know, you know you're not going for a party right and an adolf hitler wants all of us. Special operations fighters which, out of school and he is one of those especial ops guy. You want to find the toughest and strongest one Any lines up all especial opt guys in this big room shoulder to shoulder and it gives them a quiz of one question: what do you think of italy? Adolf Hitler says, and they all give these kind of macho answer saying. Oh you know ITALY's on our side will fight to the death with them. You know thank you for us scores any this one. Nazi shouts out above everybody else. I am from Austria, my fewer is gambling. As he knows, Adolf Hitler is from Austria. And he also knows that a true austrian forever, France, ITALY, because a more one they took a key piece of italy and above Austria, never give it back road. So at that moment adolf look turns to otto scores any and he's like you're, my guy
you're, my guy, and he sends them on a secret mission. We won't run this part of the book, but sentiments commissioner, the show crazy and so wild that Josh mention my corner in the book said that we need to put an actual photograph of this secret mission in the book because p, but will not believe this really happen. Nazis fallen from the sky and eighty percent casualty raise what their predict. It is this amazement. His the end result, the secret mission earns outer scores any the nickname. The most things this man in europe- and this is the key easiest nazi store? You ve never heard in your life. Why I know it well and in the thing is, is it does stop with him right there is a guy in their name Franz mayor. So this Nazis a play, a key role in us in assassination plot and Franz mayor is a guy who's on the ground in tehran. The truth as a nazi think he's dead Think he's capture when the allies come there. They like he's done, but he's actually
and a couple years making finding other people who love the nazi cause he's got supplies. He sends a message back to berlin and says I got a drop zone. I gotta say as you can semi supplies and paratroopers semi much and here's a secret code to put on the radio. Like you- and I talking you're gonna, say a certain couple- words, gather and I'm gonna know you got my message and at that moment in time the nazis get the greatest thing that anyone can get in a fight which is an opportunity because the big your come into town and they ve got a guy on the inside on the ground in tehran soon got Franz mayer on one side you ve got schools in another england. the best part of his is that france, mayor is not just there because he loves the nazi cause. He's in love is the nazi and love and gloves and a local woman from a wealthy family. He sleeping with her what he doesn't know if she sleeping with another guy who's, an american gee. I so he's wish. secrets to her she's.
When the secrets back to us, I could make this If I want, my editor will be like. No one will believe this. It all. Really. And all the more war to anyone who loves history like I was like this is the greatest is worried, store and and and the thing that you realises it could have changed the entire war right. It could if, if the big, three or assassinated at this moment in time, this is just them where the nazis it started to go against them. They really to win, and we have to remember assassination was used as a weapon all the time back that right? So when he went admiral yamamoto one of the chief architects of pearl harbor. You know states. We get information where he is where he's gonna fly and the goat after and they say what you want to do. You want to kill him or not. If there are no less than if we kill em, they could retaliate against us. They retaliated against us before. This is the main architect of pearl harbor ends. At that moment, sdr says quote: get yamamoto and we do. We get em weak
Well, we know the stories of hitler, which you know they try and kill him in the alps. They try and kill him on a train. The nazis tried it. They find out that when in churchill, they think, is on a commercial flight. They shoot the flight out of the sky, it just a guy who looks like Winston churchill. They get the wrong guy. So all through the war, assassination is being used, when the big three come to tehran, it's a tantalizing target for the nazis and you have to ask yourself. Why do I not know the story? How do you and I, who obsess over the stuff, not know the story and its because one when churchill comes back and and and after come back from the meeting after holds a big a conference at the white house, and he says yes, the medium really well, we planning, you know, doesn't tell it, but he knows it. Planned invasion of normandy is coming now, but he says by the way the nazi tried to kill us
the secret service. I. Why do you say that? How did you tell him what you were saying? It becomes a front page of every newspaper, it's a big jain story again, but guess what guess? What happened soon after that normandy a hundred and fifty thousand men storm the beaches, Amelia more standing by successive waves and then This destroy becomes a footnote in history gets lost until nerds. Like me, dig it up and show you look at this moment that we all forgot almost like. Do you rumsfeld on September, tenth came out and said: there's two trillion dollars of of funding missing dear nevertheless, I don't remember that solaces amazing, so the night before cause, we had it on our show. Prep remember states we are going to talk about. It runs. comes out, and they had just done some audit of the pentagon, and he was like this is worse than we thought and it was. It was some staggering number. It was like one
two trillion dollars that they can't account for and then and we're going to get down to the bottom of it and the next morning, unbelievable. It was just. It was a non story because the next morning was nine eleven. While the thing is is there's always to me sister is the best history right because we the stories that we hear we tell over and over again in the story of war, war, too, is not just you know, amazing battle where millions of lives are at stake. It's also one of the few maybe he times in the american government, where we think that the government, when in we did the right thing we save the day for everyone and everyone on every side. Politics agrees that doesnt right, it's an m war. Two too, is is not just an internet. It's it's an ideal, its what makes America the best right. It's the moment we stand up to evil and and Josh. I we write these books like when we did the nazi conspiracy we're like ok, it's it's great to say that we have this amount, employ you never have to kill, after installing churchill. But what's the book really about
What's a really about what is, as you know, we you- and I know our love of history- is not just that. We love dates, in fact, some share stuff, what we love and you I've been together along time decades now is that it informs us and about us today right when history tells us who we are today and One of the things I remember is when charlottesville happened. We saw not, thrown at genoa. Nazis were marching and charles farmer, china thrown a wound. The word nazi, the weights thrown around a truly nazis, are marching there and all wringing our hands and going. How does this happen in america? Why we fighting nazis in in modern times the things I didn't know is- and you see too early in the book- is back and war war too There was a rally in madison square garden. Twenty thousand nazis in the heart of new york city screw the sheer and they have a big giant banner of george. washington, surrounded by swastikas and the first speaker the day says of george Washington, we're alive today, be friends with adolf hitler and
oh, my gosh, I'm like why we fighting nazis. They never left the world war too, is not that long ago. Anne Frank has borne the same. Yours, barber walter's, and it's just not that long ago, Think about that right, it's not that long ago and to me, reason why we tell these stories is so you know to me the american dream is not about just making money it's about. When you see someone being bullied when you see someone be impaired on, you use your voice, and you say enough enough an over over time. You know we see it. You know adolf nobody does. As he says, those p are the cause, your problems. He goes to those. Those german who are suffering economically. Those people are the court cause your problems. He means the jewish people and All those germans there. They believe him if they take him at his word and listen when someone says to me you're the cause. My problem, I'm like oh, my gosh of a mata hate those people who are they? What are they doing, but we we seed over and over through history, whether it's a black community, you see with you, know the guy
committed the imminent committee, what there's always a group or someone say those people are the problem right and when you see that's That's a code. It's a code history and we need to be better than what angers us. We do not fall for that. We have to say when someone's been picked on user voice and say enough, not just wanted to your group impact on, but any group that's been picked on it, how to say. No. We, used to say I disagree, what you say, but I a fight to the death sentence right to say it
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