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Rob Collins, the founder of Coign, joins to discuss the launch of the financial system and how he hopes it will rival credit card companies. Glenn and Stu discuss some odd stories, including pregnancies occurring in female prisons and CNN executives believing CNN+ would be a success. Creator of ConnectEffect Riaz Patel joins to discuss his launch of ConnectEffect and his hope that it'll bring people together.

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Are you sick, twisted freak. Welcome to the programme on today show we talk about the border and the mass, and we talk to one of the attorney general's who filed suit. It was heard in the supreme court yesterday. I don't know if it weren't real well by trying to get these stay in mexico doctrine reinstated also
We talk a little bit about russia and he did does it feel like maybe we're giving too much information to the press on how we're helping ukraine blow things up. It seems like we're, begging, russia to start a war directly with our heads. What it seems like this kind of it kind of does course more news on elon, musk and three as patel an old friend of the program, one of the more honest people. I know starting something to connect with people that I think you're going to really enjoy hearing all this and more on today's podcast, which, by the way, is sponsored by relief factor if you're, one of the billions that have paid day to day stew name your pain. What is it you entirely completely?
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on my wednesday night special detailed look at the war on gender, and our money network, that's driving it. What were we Missing is, is some that was the seeds were planted. A long time ago, gender ideology and this is not spreading because of you know natural pollen. This is there that this there are being these Paul and I think, to giving poland everywhere they paused- we can to make these things grow and those bees, have been very, very busy, It's dangerous ideology combined with super wealthy progressives operations are involved international organizations and an army of nonprofits that, for the poison that is currently waking and making its way through the body of america D
money network, the funding of the war on gender tonight. Only on blaze, tv, it's my special at nine p m, we'll see you there. Nine pm blaze, tv dot, com, blaze, tv you'd, and pluto now. I have been talking to you about a parallel economy and- I want to bring to you different things that people are doing to help and we are playing a a a ass game of catch up, I talked about. I'd foundation. What fifteen years ago, I'd foundation this this network of money? His just is us, downing. As you will see tonight on what the left is doing, and it's all shady I dont want be involved in aiding shady, but I do I want to stop giving my money to places that are not helping
there is a new credit card that is coming out night. I wanna make sure I understand it. The credit card, its a card for conservatives, it's called coin c o I e g in and rob collins. Is the guy who's? Launching this he's the founder rob. How are you, sir? I'm good Thanks for having me on. This is a a real honour, long time listener so relaxing to being on your show. So people still, they know who you are you founded the american action network. He ran the national republican senatorial campaign in two thousand and fourteen, which was a good year you also worthy confirmation, sherpa four neil gore, such with donald, rash, ok, sir, so you ve been around. You know the game that everybody is playing. Tell me what's happening here with coin.
well, as it is described. I spent a lot of time of my twenty thirty in politics. And you know, invested a lot of of that energy. I had to have one action by while the great, but you know I just to see that wall. While politics is critical and automaker policies, we are innovative and the private sector we got started. adopting the model because it is so scared. food against no forty, fifty million americans that if we don't innovate in the private sector. We're never going to be able to catch up. I'm in a tight ties foundation. As you said, you know the top ten credit cards, I'm your man over a million dollars and Let me assure you there is no analogous contribution per that. Think no thanks. I think differently than a dive centre, and preserving the just have been left out and our voices you know
sometimes they rise up and we see that the last week. But generally just a doll murmur because we're spread throughout the credit system. we talk about it. We complain to one another, but for the largest Biological group in america were our public square. You know we have a whisper even amongst ourselves about things that we don't like is it just a way for folks who like to talk about it or folks, were disquiet, but want to give back to no two things: one with coin you're, going to get a great credit card using one percent cash back all the protections. These are all the stuff you expect from every other credit card you're at, but every time you swipe coin. The comfort of our company, take, a piece of the merchant fee and contributor to conserve charities and we're gonna have a system where photo you're, able to vote and feel, like you know, hey. Actually, I did something happened. You somethin, I got my card, I used it
and then you want a quarter of their work. Ass horrified charities will put up her voting and I voted for a charity, and I got the forty fifty thousand dollars to do good thing that I really support and your next time will have different charities, but you know biggest thing is: is trying to help people find out, voice again and find that collective action that says hey. listen to us and also feel good that their commerce is in there. thing and things that I believe, and I that's really important. I am very concerned about the east the standards in the banking community and- and this is still tied to the banking community right you're using mastercard and visa as your beer backbone right. Well, you know. Yes, disrupting his heart. You can't you know, I know we're but believe me, I know said you can't see fifty years
control through the last day. Took me, we like it. Actually you got that right now I can tell you I mean we have true patriots who, as investor because we went to the respect well places we went to the venture, though, and ah, and they say, by saying hey, we have a new forty percent, Eric and public about looking for something we have the market research night they gray and we take conservative and aids are not interested so I mean we used to go recently. Yeah I mean at either you know conserve longer tenure in their job on their own home on their own car, Mary, the other it here they are the cream of. credit crop and We are we were. We would get our doors, the door slander base that we pay the seaward authority. so, we we had to go ah to to really to to people who who understand the movement and are willing to invest in parallel economy. Right are start ups and
if it wasn't for them, I will be on your shoulder some. So that's the reality of where we are. What is the? What is the main? Go? You see this in five years. What? What is your hope that this turns into I'm a week and weaken, donate ten million hundreds of millions of dollars to conserve the cherry, No, we cannot, just as when you say, company conservative charities. What kind of charity are you for? I know it's gonna be here for a vote, but are you thinking instance like first liberty, ones that are defending things in the court or you know like you know something that is going to rescue people. I think two ways to look at it, which is you know, we'd love to have people suggest charities on our we launched yesterday and we've already had. You know. Probably three or four emails with people faint? I consider this one. So we like a rotation, and
I have no broad categories um you know you know we like I I heard earlier. You were talking about the tunnels to towers. I mean we we'd love to partner with great veterans, charity that aren't afraid of the conservatives on edge, asian. I really. freedom, the smaller, smarter government conservation, you know kind offer folks Johnny We want to have a broad spectrum, but we want to rotate out the charity. You know we'd love to smaller charity. There are starting up and give mobile booth about. What they want to know whether we really the biggest thing for us. why make sure conservative everyone Sure that if our folks of coin, my is going our customers much that they deliver aid, as parents? You know a the the the the the charity rating from saying these are good charities and that they that they really let that be our life or isolated, is tangible. Answering bore no us so People get involved it with a coin. I know a website, see alike.
Jeanne dot tom coined com and, like a fun, yeah, whatever social media facebook were all over the place. Just try to an endless. Tell your friend, the main instead, and under you know, behind closed doors. so terrible like tell your friends join as do not know if there was an open conversation that let's get back, kind of where we ve always done is a country which today we you can change your mind, but all you don't have to cooperate funding, although that is not enough- that they want they pushed their own world view data like us and they're trying to push out You can then indoctrinate our kids and tell us what happened, and how to act when it should be in a work like your cup arguably respect you not. You should respect us. I know that. We have. As you know, we have a sponsor patriot, mobile and they ve done
same thing there on the same cell tower so they're they're, renting space from these big guys, so they could provide the coverage but I know I'm a member because I dont want to give the big cell companies any of my money? I know I have to Europe patriot. Was paying I'm a little bit for the space on the tower, but at this point that's best option we have. I want to stop giving these people money this is just like adrian bubble. This is another way to do it with your credit cards if you have visa mastercard or anything you might, want to consider today going to coin dot, com that c o I e g and any reason, They spelled it that way other than because you did Get going dot com
oh yeah. We we wanted it. We wanted a short lean website, wanted a short clean name, and we know we'll have a little neat little main building to them, but are are just we'll ideal adoration young calling card for conservative coin silly. Oh, I e g and dot com coin. Dotcom rob thank you much less. Now, it's gone Thank god. We share the view that this is the master, the Glen back programme, and we really want to thank you for listening. I know what you're thinking Glenn, you see more confident today. Yes, well, my friends that started last night, I apply, my new secret weapon for confidence. I call it sweat block guess
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diamond blount is somebody that was convicted via rape and diamond is like. Ok! Well, you know that's that was before I became diamond, that's when I was rommel blount. Ok, now I'm diamond and saw judge in new york, so your ear, your criminal records should be wiped out right. Well, maybe maybe I mean he's he did go to prison for rape hound, because he was now identifying as a woman, he was housed in the women's facility. Ah good this
This is one of those things we ve always use as an example of the absurd possibilities. It s were to continue, and now it's good to know that it is actually happen, our alike. So while he was a resident, I love that the residents of the rose him singer centre, the section of the prison, not a prisoner, but a resident arrested him. It was a section of the prison. Maybe it had drapes and everything else sounds: mammy sewing machines for the women. You know the women folk they like collisions like diamond vienna, like diamond shore. Apparently diamond also likes to violently rape, and in a bathroom diamond does diamond bunch argument Rameau now diamond cause. Our mel did do that you're, not I know diamond didn't know that I'm in did it is well. While what are the odds, what are the odds? No hope, both related, I mean they're. Both blunt, I think they're they think they're, both relative
but what's the odds that both of them violently raped women, that percentage chances of this occurring would be anything over a hundred percent were I have to tell you I I would like to I'd like to side with you, but I don't know the law has been experience right. You know you're, not for well versed in that now. You are not because I do not. I lesbian well, I actually emma lesbian. I am only attracted to women, so I think maybe that now so that was, rape, ok story that just doesn't seem to make sense to me cnn executives, when they see their streaming platform that lasted a full. for weeks and I'd like to spend the time counting, but it's just one two three, it's just too high of a number to spend that
of time counting the weeks They ve. cnn executives thought that they could a track thirty million global subscriptions because they they broke this a bear there's. A memo with this Twenty nine million cnn super fans there. They believe there are twenty nine. I believe, but pardon D, art sit up on that Y yeah. They believed that twenty or twenty nine million super fans. Now I don't know where they come up with that number but those super vans feel trapped in the air what you say right
They are a very long delay to go to Albert Kirkhi, yes and cnn happens to be other television, then does not make a superficial. No, it doesn't even make a personal statement is alive or mac right. He had it isn't even people who would what would be taste to watch it for free no certainly not gonna pay for now now then I, if you to make an honest guest guess of the number legitimately. the number of cnn. Who fans and you in that meeting and they were saying this notion looking around? What would you they set number. Eighty three hundred. Yeah, I would say I would say superfans global globally, I would say less than a hundred thousand. Much more than a hundred now have to include the insane.
You have to weigh more people than the same people. Don't done nothing crowding about that. I'm not saying all insane, I'm saying, there's a subset of saint pierre me. The insane people of the world may be more likely to delve to the world of cnn place, but they are not exclusively right. Well, the problem is all of those people subscribed they just that they just in their imaginary world right so also Funds are still enjoying cnn, plus the device. That they had a legitimate estimate not a legitimate estimate, but an estimate that someone provided them that they will have thirty million subscribers is crime Nina there is think they're blaming mckinsey for this, the consulting outfit, which is one of the most recent renowned you know who they are ones. It came up with three million. I've heard them blamed for it. I don't know for sure. If it it was them, but that is who is it?
getting the well jade from inside sources short well. You can't play many of the people working at cnn now of the air above reproach Why you no good we at this time, I have enough information to judge whether this was a success. I hail from the potato, I heard what you heard a potato say. I think it was a potato whose potato in a suit and ill fitting suit, really yeah. he who is like we care We judge you know where this is a success or not. How could one know how what information has been provided to make a determination, three hundred million dollars spent? I know real subscribers and other than this, though, and the fact that it's been shut down already. What what? What? What information do we have as to judge whether six other than those of earlier. We don't, we don't really doesn't do orally to now. I think my My thought is by the you're. Twenty three: eighteen,
we will have a a beginning of the understanding as to whether sealant plus was a success or failure. Sure it's gonna take that much time here. This is just as important a product that most importantly, easy, and it has done since its launch at least seventy five years before we get. To that I mean they ve got his. information is the cdc. Had the FDA had wrought me got away, never gotten, so he co condo from Japan just married hat, soom meek, who which is lovely she's a fiction. computer synthesized pop singer, and he was very disappointed. because he said no one in his family showed up for the wedding you're kidding and I would just like to say that
one of the first things it's come out of japan, that is, it said, is quite quite a long time, but a long time I think I see that's the way. We should be you know? We should erika I am. I so sure that would happen. I think a lot of people go to you don't want to hurt his feelings, you don't you don't deny that that is a fictional character and just on his computer, that's his love. We gonna bet, love, wins, always love winds, see I think I would get with. If that invitation came in the mail, my wife would say we're not going to that, and I would say, are you kidding me? I gotta see this. I've got to be a part of this situation. I would go with you. I will have the last sunday like yeah. Ah Jeez material weeks where it is. Where are you he's gone on your honeymoon they should. He should have invited all we want to come out to flow japan to watch. That thing happened
It would have been a ceremony. Well, here's what a man with nine wives, nine. Wives, nine, nine wives he has just been married crazily in a church in Brazil and he says that term here has a sexual appetite that just can't be satiated with just one wife, sounds like a dream, come true really, and so he try I'd too, have sex by appointment, but he that was just too difficult, because there were times that he would say in about the other girl in any one of you. You know her and it would be easier. You view disconnect boot pick on demand right you to walk in, that's was elected, like everybody must also be no seven eleven there if a budget differ
flavors yeah of monster energy drinks? You don't want to have just one that you would schedule in advance. I don't always have cool ranch, doritos right, nacho cheese. You might want spicy nacho. You might want that spice mycelium, which is spicy sweet chili, was delicious shouts really good. Sometimes I you know I just want a candy bar. You know sing should be able to have whatever you want everyone away. They never win every asterisk within the bounds of holy matrimony. That is a really important gotta. Why be really a bad thing. If people decided they could just have sex side of marriage when going on. Instead, Mary as many people as you can and does rotate through. That's the that's the the godly. way doing it. I think it's gonna last well now I should say he married. He married eight he's already law What no? Yes, he lost yeah. She on second thought when she sobered up,
She thought I might have it. Much communion wine here cover I yeah I was young. I thought you were my bridesmaids and apparently no me we're all his wife. This is lie. You marry fictional characters, yeah, they always stick around here and they don't see you delete them in. They're gone. The best political programme I want to welcome back very friend of the programme is somebody if you're a long time. Lister of this programme You might remember rias petal. He is now the founder of connect effect. He is tv producer to time. Emmy nominee couldn't get it done.
Does anyone know that I am watching you invest if he wasn't there he's, also guy that I think we met in twenty fifty her twice sixteen and I do. there was shooting you're, a muslim you're, a gay man, and there was a shooting and you were in the meat I was telling you this is real. This is what's happening and then I came along and you're like ok, I gotta know what's really gonna yeah and you up to Alaska yeah and said I just want to meet these people cause. I can't live in a world if that's really what I'm surrounded by yes and you found out- that's not not remotely not remotely that fifty four but the population or not the cliche, that I was led to believe their action, he'll human beings and we had Such a great time getting together, I still follow on instagram wheat, which have from time to time, but the the thing that always strike struck me was
How honest you always were? You were really looking for information. You are trying to prove anything. You just wanted to know what the truth was and how different Our understanding of the news was because you live in your world. Yes, and I did my world and I remember putting things up and the chalkboard- and you said, none of those things happen now none of those things I knew about yeah. Not only were all big stories to conservatives. It was weird, never met it used to be the strangest thing. When I would come here and visit you that I'd get on the plane and leave the l a feeds I have here a completely different news, completely different stories I met. This is insane you different worlds, so you been trying to bridge the gap for a long time, and we talked about show those where you could actually talk. Things have only got worse. Yes, absolutely, and I think that was the big bang what was the screen world and I call the screen world all the edits that magically appear for us and our home is the screen world is not
real world it's a very particular point of view. and very highly edited, and so for seven years at what is the truth, every time I would bring people together: seven people, ten people, fifty people and, alas, gourd dallas or new york. They were never the cliches that I was led to believe, and I counsel wondering how do they connect and why wouldn't they connect and really it came down to the power of the screen world is now way. We see the world, not people can be standing in front of us we cannot see them or their humanity, because we see into through the edits that we think we know about? It is really terrifying cassettes. You know who we're talkin off the air. Children, suicide and depression is off the charts unbelievable, unbelievable and I think it's because of this there's nothing real! You do really know, people there's no ray and covered only made it worse, who no real connections going on at connect and that's the thing it so funny
everyone seems to be lacking, true authentic connection, and I think that we like, for seven years. Is that true connect it is not remotely information based if we're all living in an information age that the words weeks, change or seven percent of communication is the body language that it's all of those things that create humanity, none of those you from a screen? You just get the words which, like sequentially, stay at each other gets us absolutely nowhere fast, and so I have tried to think what is it to do this to heart, reset, actually fish we'll people in a room, so there they can see each other and not see the edits that they think they know about each other, and that took seven years of testing and testing and tell her you. How are you gonna do this, so it's called connective act and what it is it's an in person, it's an entertainment variance and its design. That way, because I reach out to a policy institute and they said everything we're doing about bridging, facilitated conversations. Not working. People just show up
more information and they just keep exchanging it and no one actually listens and no one actually learners impact it. So it was. How can I get people. the physical room- and we do fifty two hundred people at a time- to really see each other. The people in the room, the ring world and not screen world not seeing each other through the screen ruled and it takes its heart? Recent their humanity. So how do you do that cause you? I would think that would depending on where you are, you would have not a conservative show em in some very timid liberals were a lotta liberal show up in some very timid conservatives and you fight, an agenda. Yes, you know, I mean How do you? How do you her yet getting there? The thinking is the actual connected. That's what it is. This is that when you connect with someone in a meaningful in person way in person, human to human you'll, talk open and honestly tat women when we sat down opposite each other and twenty sixteen and I came with my vote we just looked at each other more like oh you're, just a human.
He wants to know what you have a connection. You'll talk openly and honestly, when you talk openly and honestly, you will understand, and understanding deepens the connection. That's the connective it now. People are talking without the can and just as exchanges of information put so they don't talk. First, they sit From the moment, the doors open, there's music, there's images on the screen to sign stories that be I've never seen whether its editor I've seen in the news. Oh yeah, that's what cnn ran. That's what fuck side by side and his colleagues has, which had a duty which eta do not see and we're currently running through history. Here's an edit you do know indebted to before even start the programme there. Seeing your only that they are only seeing what at it and so I would imagine it's very important to let the audience know that you're not and change them politically. Not at all. You are just trying to say you don't know the whole story, you along all the right and the host we doesn't necessarily even matter when you, trying to fix things in your world. We would, I did a puck,
special awhile ago were brought seven americans together to talk about guns endless. so great and they just spiraled and smiled until the end, for a firearms instructor and the demand action. Woman spent time together, made a joke and said all the defences were gone because they had connected and then they took openly the understood. They realise that were ninety percent there ya, but when they were all in a room guarded with their information, I more we started it. We were both gas earned. This could night absolutely and by the end I think the marxist professor was like this was great yeah yeah because stop seeing each other through the screens and a school and come out you all day every day and the way the screens work. more attention extraction, is what they call it: a google, that's all their doing. So whenever you like those energy, more of it you're angry about this, send you more The real facts are that anger makes money the is a shift to create any human being. Is anger what
I was faster than any virus fear, and so, if the screen are constantly making you feel the world is burning constantly, then you're never going to be able to connect, but they make to change, seeing judging more money, the more you're watching, and so we hard reset the share humanity the people in the room- and it's very interesting because at some point they start realizing wait was going to say that, but I only that from a screen, and so we sell data people talk about what you know. Did you work on the front line of covert great? Tell us about that. If you didn't it's your time to sit, can listen because you received a screen at it that was designed to make upset and angry to look at more to look at more to look at more to look at more ads and so I'm trying to get people amazing things. When people meet in the real world there counselling Jim each other with what they know from the screen, which has little to no relevance to the person that they're talking to you the first one is happening where an orange can orange county this saturday April thirtieth I'm working with an organizational civic genius and I really was real
relentless what I was finding a partner that they did not have a political affiliation, because I cannot tell someone know what that way. They should think I don't live their life, even live their lives, thousands and thousands of days as them. That's not it's actually, not the. I shouldn't that the problem is people who are trying to tell people what to think? Not how to think? Why to think you will believe this. I don't care what site it's you believe this and there's no compromise. You must believe this or you are bad, that its that's. What's killing us yeah, that's killing, and when you and I met years ago, I came in with this perception of what I thought you were and when we sat the human de clicked in and we were able to talk at all. I want the whole point of this is I just want people to stop fighting in their families and stop fighting in their communities, because if you can't can't sit down with the people in your community in order to solve your problems, woodwind. So what age group where it is most
agent and over but eighteen to eighty it can be anyone and, and when you go, do you have to produce paid. Or can you just watch you you can't, so everyone sit in its everything to design the way the seats are set up. The way the screen works, it's all highly highly highly produce, so everyone sitting very large you so there's no hiding in the back, but how can I give amy it's like anywhere? Not today, but you'd, not everyone speaks and whose x is random. It's actually done through away inside their pouches. Some people have a chip in some people don't and the people of bluechip sectors. To stand up- and then they have a conversation, its away, So are not speaking too I mean you are speaking in front of the whole group, but you're, not speaking. And having interaction with the whole gruner, though group is kind of channeling it through different conversation correctly, is correct and allow. Of them. We say it's one story told between two world: what is the real world all of us in the room and the others all the media we have on the screen and so the scr
It plays a large part in it, with edits in media coming at the audience showing them What is true, because if this is true on the screen of capital in the real world, were constantly juxtaposing the two and it really being this mine, blowing hard reset. So do you have? Are you gonna have video there look at? Can you return, maybe and and show me some video and and give me the results of what this happen. We can. We we actually have two tests on the website, connect effect dot. U s under testimonials, okay, one! We took women and we add, if women once connected, could they solve each other's most deep challenging question? So we took these total strangers didn't know each other connected and they're? Reading these unbelievable real questions like? Why am I single my whole life? Why do I draw men that would abuse me and the audience helps we'll find the answers on believes incredible, because all that happens is we have a problem. We go to an expert, we have a problem. We go to an expert diagnosed medicated some
we just need opinions of other people and social buffering in that doesn't exist anymore. So that was one test. The other was at a university because we had to do set this university afraid of each other, not just physically but ideologically lawyer, and so we thought. Could we take students once connected after sixty minutes? Would they be? into the other side's ideology, and you look at the video they were. They saw the who all thing differently and they realise that all these people in the real world in the room are not the enemies. Perceive coming through the added. So how do you get people? To I mean? Are you just traveling the country? Are you asking route places to host you, we are we're looking for organizations we're looking for churches, synagogues anywhere where people have stopped talking, which is pretty much everywhere everywhere, we're looking- and it's not just led by me. It's a system, that's replicated and designed to done by many people. The system is called epic forbes described was a game changer a few years ago. It's a different way of approaching people that you have to engage through equalization, that's the ie! If I don't,
Could you as an equal? What are the point of view talking about like. Why am I talking to you? I don't like your equal and then beyond the peace personalization. I don't care what you Because, whatever you read I've got you ve got stats. I've got stats, you gonna live articles. Now we go nowhere. What do you know What have you experienced of racism? Whatever you experience of suffering? That's what? need to know, but if you keep bringing a cap, bridging these conversations, Seven people in the room and four hundred the opinions and suddenly see Pelosi was there and Mitch Mcconnell and I'm like: why are they in the room? They're, certainly not going to be helping. You fix your problem in your school, and so it's personalization than information gathering. The thing I tell people stop talking about what you know we know but you know asked But what am I not know tat. Is that the I think that, is one of the real keys to his. If people say I can't talk to them. or I wanted just. I need to change their mind. If you report seeing the conversation that way you are saying to yourself. They don't have anything of value. To teach me. Yes,
when you both exchange that just the boy sick thing and I don't mean stats. I mean you as a person. Some? Yes, how did you get there as soon you get there things change, I always ask people what, are we not cyclops? Is why we have two eyes. Do the exact same thing, not even an inch half apart, because the only way to see depth and perspective, so I tell people look Well, with your view, you knew need the other view to see the world in more than two dimensions? You have to know what you do know constantly. I would come to the blaze and you and I would sit down whether we are traveling on a. I would learn so much about the world that I
I never knew, and vice versa. Likewise, and it was the only way that I saw things with depth, it was no longer a two dimensional edit in the scream world. It was three dimensional in the real world. I've been thinking about this a lot lately we have to wrap up. I have been thinking about this a lot lately, the the scripture. There must be opposition in all things. All of it must be. We we, we don't want to argue and you've got to agree to one side. No, there must be opposition in all four solutions: yes, yes and and to see depth, yes to react, Thank you so much you can find out more on this at connect effect dot. U S, that's connect effect, dot u s
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