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Best of The Program Guests: Rudy Atallah & Salena Zito | 8/11/20

2020-08-11 | 🔗

The Nazarene Fund’s Rudy Atallah, a native of Beirut, explains why the people are revolting, how Hezbollah has a hold on the government, and how the explosion devastated many Christian neighborhoods. Stu found a New York Times podcast dedicated to guilting white parents. Reporter Salena Zito has seen how support for President Trump is still strong and predicts that it’s growing.

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Welcome to the programme? Today we go into a little bit mail in voting. What's going on with that situation, the big explosion in Lebanon, we also talked can back about. What's going on in Washington DC and constant corruption, Selina vetoes on she's great she's, talking about what what does it feel like being on the ground it actually being out travelling she's been reported from all over the country, even though the pandemic, the economy? How do we get that moving forward already running short on supplies for building in construction, and things like that for some real evidence of that and my ridiculous paper towel purchase from some shady chinese website that did not go well. We tell that story and plaintive business that it is going to be launching here in the future. All comes up on the podcast. Today they should go to police tv, dot, com, slash the land, use a promo code, glad you could save ten bucks under police to be subscription and get heavily on the shelf at so many others include Stew does America, you also get the podcast astute as America, and this will, of course, free anywhere. You get your podcast subscribe and rate and review them. If you don't mind taking a second, it helps us to show to a lot more people and it helps us keep a freak and you know get show for free on Youtube as well, at Youtube dot com to search for stew, pursuit of America and Glenn. I guess, is there to public check. I love his fantastic staff as well as all on Youtube and outcasts, all across Amerika periods, departure for today,
the only thinking valued friend of mine, he's Lieutenant Colonel Rudy taller and he is a tired air force officer, he's the chief operating officer of the Nazareth Fund and the executive chief executive officer of White Mountain research He grew up in Lebanon. If I remember rightly, III grew up. He was a native to Beirut. He speak I don't know how many different languages he is a straight up. Guy worked at the White House for awhile and it's an honor to call him. My friend Rudy is with us now high Rudy high Glenn in order to be with you.
I just wanted to check with you real quick on something what's happening in Lebanon. My got tells me this is the start of something really good, Am I wrong on that? your God is right spot on. Actually it's it's a start up. I am afraid to say that if the continued training. This way eleven I was gonna, go back the civil war much international community really find a solution to the issues right now Ok, so tell me tell me exactly what we know. I know you have a team on the ground in Lebanon now tell me What we do know about this ammonium nitrate, was it from Hezbollah from a ran, Why was it there and what happened yesterday with the riots,
Hezbollah is controlled. Hizbollah has slowly slowly taken over and control the lebanese government, so the entire lebanese carbon is extremely extremely corrupt and controlled by IRAN through which proxies Hezbollah. Inside Lebanon, what they took control of the government aid, they D, they control the airport and they also control the seaport. Worthy explosion happened. And under control that the sea they were, they were bringing in all types of weapons missiles. Missile per I once and of course, ammonium nitrate the combination of all of that and nothing ensured or left the port without his beloved, knowing about it in fact, the explosion occurred a quarter and all the entire in old facility. The entire report itself did not anybody near it. And this I about it
the explosion was so massive that devastated a good shock of the city and its impact it close to eighty five percent. The christian area in Beirut, my God, oh so so the bulk of the day, which has occurred in the in the christian areas. Rina, as of as of today, we have We have over two thousand critically wounded, six thousand total wounded. Two hundred dead with many many more missing an Three hundred and fifty thousand people are homeless. Might my cousin losses entire hole? his entire business. My father's house was damaged my closest friends, all homes were destroyed. So it's been, it's been an incredibly difficult pine for everybody and yesterday with bright what was really crazy. That was happening as you had clean
in plain clothes from from the Hezbollah side driving into the cushion areas where the damage occurred and basically offering up to buy homes from people saying. Oh, you lost everything will will purchase your place from you, it's something that they ve over the years is slowly ink. It basically entered and penetrated accretion areas by asking to purchase land from Christian and from people now they're doing it with this damage which is very alarming, so the riot yesterday that people are fed up because there is economic depression, you know that the major devaluation of the lebanese power against the dollar, a lot of food that was entering the ports was being basically wished, the way out of the country and moved across the border into Syria. The continue hopping the Assad regime. Hezbollah is behind all over this, so that people are arriving there,
The value of their money is not is not there. They kept purchase anything and and wood, made. It worse is that there are no jobs, you, The lebanese population is four point. Five million now add on but that one point: five million syrian refugees from the war in Syria and you have extremely you have an extremely volatile area now, with no jobs and nothing so people. Yes three had so they were so fed up there, into the street anywhere basically clashing with the police, and Yesterday, we ve had a total of over seven hundred and twenty eight wounded, and and right now, the entire, but the entire government resigned soda. The play minister- has Andrea resigned and but he's continue working with his people are hot on the up, and the government lebanese government was all hand picked by has latin by IRAN, so
people are waiting to see. What's gonna happen right now, they the people are pushed for a guy named Moi. Bus allowed to become, Prime Minister, because the Constitution of Lebanon States with the Prime minister must be suits me and and so the people are trying to come to select their prime minister, but we will see what happens. This is where the rub is gonna be is that nobody wants IRAN or Hizbollah Beacon, folder government anymore and runs not going to take that sitting down. No became, reduce yeah, yeah yeah. That was something else that was really that's really interesting. I think you're listeners need to know is that you know it's funny date though, the last week on Friday was when the at the Hague was going to come up with its final verdict. In
and the long long investigation over six hundred million dollars worth of investigations on the assassination of the former prime minister of Love and on a two thousand five. If he had any and averting the final verdict has the finger pointing likely Hezbollah directly at IRAN for killing the former prime in it whom everybody loved in Lebanon. So his mama was not gonna. Take that sitting down and it's funny that route. You know a couple days before that final verdict came, this whole explosion happened so delete everything. The Hague is not going to come up with a final verdict until the eighteenth of August show. Now it time for for his beloved to do whatever its now, they dissolve the governments or Hezbollah's probably going to stable. Look, there's no government, so you, come in here. You can't do anything in here and it allows them. To shuffle around, and IRAN now has pledged full support.
Lebanon in the end, and basically the guise of humanity in aid, and we all know what that means. That means you know full support on every other fronts of course, bringing in weapons and missiles and all that stuff, so This is how the game is played. While that's depressing. What Rudy do you believe that this was intentional or a mistake, and was there really fireworks depot in there or was this all stuff for real gets and bombs. I think I personally think it was very. Deliberate. The timing is kind of the big question and you know you look at who benefits from this whole thing of horse. His benefit. The major from the whole thing, though fireworks at the port. I mean the port is near the place where I used to live. I shall see you, so they may mean
in all the animals, the weapons and their ammonium nitrate, and now the people are afraid, also because there are saying that some of the experts are saying that two thousand. Seven hundred and fifty pounds of ammonium nitrate, it wasn't there. There was a lot of it missing so now people are living in fear of potentially second explosion, and I think, you know that in all the rumour start to rise and people start to talk bite, but Hezbollah controlled. All of that and they are known his belides known to sacrifice its own people for the cause I e in two thousand and one dirty israeli incursion of Lebanon. I you know, you are used. I was talking to my friends. They would you know they would literally sacrificed her own kids and then send in people porters, take follows in it, which had him to death on France and see the Israelis are killing kids and the Israelis who are doing anything they were sacrificing their own people just for four
or their own call. So they will do anything to win the battle We have a team from the Nazareth fun on the ground. Yes, you're losing your ip, we do the same I have parts of it so Nazareth Fund and my non profit. The blessing projects, dot I I have everybody, there was trouble. Teens running around were feeding and were helping the poorest of the poor mean yesterday, in addition to all the riots it rained in many the homes have no roofs or no windows, so they would water squatting. People are our starting point. People are afraid to go the hospitals because it cold it because we do have a covert outbreak. So so so in addition, in addition to no food in addition to the explosion, in addition to the crisis, you have covered have everything else on top of it. So we're talking
major major disaster at unprecedented You have a hundred thousand children that are homeless now. What what time of day did this happen? Where was everybody where they at home? together? where the family separated generally Speaking, do you know it it was. It was in the afternoon, and and families were together, but what happened is because it started as a slow burn with a lot of smoke, people call their balconies they congregated in the streets and they were in order will everybody was using their phones to videotape Why you have you know so many captures of the explosion, and it was oh burn in it was about five to seven minutes later, and you had a massive explosion.
That nation was so big that they act. She fell in love, MECCA Cyprus, a hundred miles away a registered four point. Three on the Richter scale is considerable. Third largest non nuclear explosion in history I've never seen anything like it. I mean I honestly thought it was a nuclear weapon. When it went off, you saw the explosion, you saw the fire, and then you saw that I mean you just saw the air. The air pressure just boom push out from that. I've never seen that, except for a massive massive bomb or a clear hydrogen bomb. Terrifying Thank you so much Rudy. Thank you for bringing up to speed anything. You need anything. You need from also the listeners your support and prayers. Anything you can do we're bringing in aid were trying to bypass the corrupt government, warmth
and make sure that none of the funds that we send out there goes to the government itself or to local politicians, because the control everything were trying to take it directly to the people. Anything I can do to support us would be greatly appreciated, because a need is great. Go to the Nazareth, fun dot, Org the Nazareth Fund, DOT, org and help please Christians and the christian community that took the brunt. Of all of this, which always seems to be the case in the Middle EAST. The Nazarene fund got or the best of that programme. Really one of the most honest. Reporters I have ever met. You know back in the day, I was. I was sceptical of every report or not skeptical enough and seen all the tricks and
rapporteur, said she wanted to do an interview and, as I am, set for an interview and she asked tough questions, but she actually got the story right. She was working in Pittsburgh at the time now, she's everywhere, she's, a national political rapporteur for the Washington Examiner a columnists for the New York pose to the author co, author of the book, the great revolt which kind of goes into. Why Donald Trump one in twenty sixteen myth that press ever cared to read it? They would know why he won and they would stop doing what they're doing quite honestly Selina joins. We now can I just read one of your columns Selina so much the same butts much different in Pennsylvania this election year. You got it right last time, what are you feeling and seeing so far with what eighty days away from the election
First of all, thank you for having Leon. I remember that first interview. Well, it was Columbus Ohio and I could tell you like this girl. What's up, didn't trust anybody to move on? I fell, but what I love about you is you actually listen to people. Did in that interview and you are, as a reporter you're one of the only people that still go to the coffee shops and you talk to people in the supermarket. You talk to real people and that's what gave you such an edge ass time when you're the only one saying guys he's gonna win, he's gonna win? you know you could on a key point Glenn and- and it's not even as much as that, I you know get out of town, if you will I'm always on the road, I have done I.
You re through Coburg an arm but responsibly. I always have a bad guy and I always keep a distance from some from from tee all people arm, but still able to understand what continue going on. I never take highway. I never take like interstate turnpikes ice Jack to the back roads, because that's where you can to listen to people listening. Who cares what I think I'm I'm one person is listening to people their communities in their home town in their home territory, You understand where the election is going having bad debt from yours, so you're on the back roads in Pennsylvania. And what did you find the same and what did you find different in? What does it mean well. You know, I think all of us can very easily for every week drive her something pretty quickly. It'll look like a did. Every year, re like yours,
people are in their yards people. You know getting But then, when you see down. You really work. You can see how much things have changed, and that goes from how we eat your where and how we work when we are when we participate in things outside of our house. We have masks, we keep a distant. We inside we'd outside Europe, Africa and we try to adapt as much as we we can, but there's been also so much taken away from us. You know I don't want it. That is just a simple joy awake Hardly your grandchildren hugging, your parent. If you appear someone that has to be added the public. You do that very reluctantly, because there's so much unknown,
another thing is beside you know what do people eat? Another thing that I know that is what I think I pointed out in twenty succeeded and everyone laughed at me, the amount of Trump sign and people would say right away that sign vote. They go about five. They tell the story part of this story about enthusiasm, twenty in preparing? It? Was incredibly well, it looks Martha were different from twenty six in that beer or trunk sign and people, don't have one day while others have a flag, but most importantly, fine, you see is unwanted homemade, which you see hundreds of them that fines. A more astonished right and Sylvia them there just going down to the local
Republican Committee had commerce and pick it up now. These are very acquaintance the most frequently used, all work went through her jail, here. I have time show I sought to talk to people my ass. Shed, and this is why you should listen to people. My function wise, especially in particular in some of these war or places or I've, read numerous swords Taiwan, should oppose about how these voter turn our Trump Charles If I had a pretty well, they voted for tromp and they did it are going to this time. But when you said you find out your people voted for Clinton. Nobody in Pennsylvania voted proclaimed in trouble? I want my boy thousand bout, but what
the event, and I think this is so fascinating. What they told me to a person is we couldn't even Currently they didn't, even though this county existed in Pennsylvania. You know They didn't with eight. It will carry you think that was import. World acceptable. Urban areas. Sometimes that is incredibly important for people a further apart and in particular now you don't want to in a way to show their or how they feel about something, but Fine, is a good way to do that, What I had that has changed. There are about provided sites out there that their work, but I would still say that type over by his eyes are a hundred lower now, what's all looking at?
well. I want to do I wanted to ask you they're just based on a couple of headlines just today. Americans are growing less willing to beg for permission to make a living, next one faith, leaders, protests governor new sums, order, barring in person, worship Pull reveals. Half of Democrats. Don't think Joe Biden will serve all four years if elected president who is going to pay? Do you think and who's gonna be blamed? for the the riots on the streets, the not being able to go to work, It's gonna be blamed, is gonna be on Donald Trump, or is it? Do you think gonna be on the Democratic Party Donald Trump, has certainly has plenty of faults, but one it is not that he is to blame for riots, and and he is to blame for these. These cities there
having these massive protests. Ah, I haven't coming up in the Wall Street Journal about how people are two to move our biggest he's in America because its protested? His rifle because it Kobe but oh, but you the places where it's been oath, restrict when there is little bill? Least liberty available? Are the ones that are run by democratic you, whether at a day or a city, an anti damn they understand who'd, impacting there are wide and added while there might be some there might be people at their work. The bakers have never vote for talk, talk. They just won't show up to those curtail by Angela I think that that is the thing we don't understand
in my book. The great evolve, which I worked with great Brad, taught in the back. We are really nasty and we did a lot. We could pull when, after I went out and get the turtle reporting, we wanted to make sure we understood that the reporting matched up with the data on this most important added in their four percent, so if I it by Trump voters in the skin, with Pennsylvania, Ohio in Iowa, did not tell a family member, a friend or a poster that they were going to vote for Donald Trump and beyond twenty six. You do look at busy merely compared to what were experiencing right now. All year. I think there's a lot of people that are out there that just one, to put a yard. I wouldn't put a yard sign on my yard,
put a bumper sticker on my comment. I have my car vandalized for a bumper sticker. You know I learned Here then, from people have of the time I appeared by from people all the time they don't wanna put signs in their yard invitation where the closer you get to a city, they don't want- the signing area they don't want to put a bumper sticker, their work For a number of reasons, how not so much as hell but should impact them because its impact, my fayaway others impact my teenage kid in fact my job it biota
is that our people going to care for my business, because I support your listening to the best of the Glinda programme. Stew is found a new podcast. That's not racist at all. It just blames all the problems on white people and what a surprise it comes from the New York Times, and it is about how we mommy and daddy broke the school system. Yet that's all I people's fault. Here's the promo from the New York Times, Sarah Cainy cuts to the cereal tat cast. I tell you about our new. Shall nice white That's it
by HANS off he, while his made some of the best most thought provoking most emotional radio stories. I ever heard back and twenty fifteen Hannah wanted to find out what would happen inside this one public school in her neighbourhood during a sudden influx of white students into a school that are barely had any weight students before and then not satisfied that she fully understood what she was saying. She went all the way back to the founding of the school in the nineteen sixties and then forward again up to the present day, which you gonna have actually had a realized. She could put a name to the unspoken force that kept getting in the way of making the school better white parents. I've been waiting so long to tell people about this. Shall I now I can finally say: listen to nice, my parents, nice. My parents is made by Cyril productions and your times company thing line it. Whenever you get your pack has now, I know we all die on the subject on that's gonna, so be great knowledge of surprising outcome. Would you see I've come in? I was shocked at the problem with with school with schools that our than have lots of minorities in them are,
in flux of white Para kids come in and they ruin it and you could blame why parents think about our narrative at the opposite club. I mean it's a. We are really written by some white nationalist who would say that we have these white schools, they are great and those on these black people came in and ruin them its exact. I story there telling accept that is blaming white people. I want you to today S. I knew a producer that take that exact scrip produce at exactly the same way with I don't know you, Sarah somebody somebody's woman's voice and just reverse it, and we're in a play am side by side tomorrow, and you tell me, is this racist because one I guarantee you will sound horrifying, even if its produced exactly the same way just say black parents over wife
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