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New York Post columnist Salena Zito joins to blast the corporate media's response to John Fetterman's debate performance, and she gives the facts on his health. Host of "YOUR WELCOME" Michael Malice joins to discuss Senate candidate John Fetterman and whether he's fit for office. BlazeTV contributor Alex Stein explains why he's suing Penn State University after a recent incident. 

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saying the same thing that you should say, which is a god: that's terrible or should not happen to anybody to matter what, whether you grew there with them or not, evil rights? No one deserves to be assaulted, unlike nancy policies, or who celebrated my assault. I condemn this. and which MR philosophy a speedy recovery and links to the tweet where nancy policies, daughter, said rainfalls neighbour, salted. Him was right or assault which was eventually actually one of the very few examples of pre elon musk twitter censorship against the left. They actually deleted that tweed, because it was somewhat endorsing an assault, yeah really really there. And this is a threat to our democracy. Things like this mean I hate even say this, but I hope it was just some rack head. It was this blacked out of their minds. but how does somebody as rich as the policies and is high,
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information at their website but column them? It's it's just easier, lying dot com or eight sixty. Goldline, eight six six goldline find out how they can help you, here's the podcast. the only thinking the stones deleted, Zito, hello, Selina. How are you one side hurry is a very good you, some tired, been working hard, not like I have said Lou, a bank had going. That's that's com. Your time on the road turkey like people. Yes, thank you that, by the way you're the washing examined or national political reporter. You are also a columnist for the new york post and the co author of the great revolt which
explained what happened in twenty. Sixteen you get it You actually talk to people you wrote an amazing article there. His just come out the painful story. How John fishermen arrived at tuesday nights humiliation I read it on the air do just that, star. I want to get to that, but I I first want get. Your reaction on water people say what of the voters saying what's really happening on the ground there You know it's funny story I drew of all the way out to the debate from pittsburgh to harris birds. I got there realize that the only people I would be watching the debate with was either reporters. No, my cab I'm not gonna, learn anything here all the way back halfway across this date and stopped in a bar
and sat back and observe people watching the debate, and I think the most powerful, about watching those reaction was the. Watching the realisation under faces today no idea that jogged berlin was in despair, the a but they understood because he would do a rally here- and there spoke a couple times they understood there was somewhat of a problem, but they didn't. They thought it was beach related, as opposed to cognitive way related awe and when he was put in a position where he had you answer questions and provided all the tools available to him, and he said struggled they now realized. Nobody has been. Having them there I have Josh byrnes has but that's about. It
The other reporters have just omitted me that it is an issue and so as they were talking among each other They were really frustrated an angry at my profession for not being demonstrating exact what the problem is being honest about what these he over the past couple of months really mad at other democrats- leg senator bog casey under a deal with him, in about a half a dozen event, maybe more and and and talk about how terrific shape he did an and I definitely do go on national news after the debate and said he did. A terrific job then Add that with the philadelphia inquirer
the. He won the day and the unemployed and he wondered debate and- and- and you add all that together and and there's this sort of, invisible and quiet thing going with voters saying your gaslight yes and we're tired of it. So easy go to change the way people we are so sat in our camps. Now that I want If anything, would change anybody's mind now will this change their mind. I saw it happening in real time. Look waited a thing. It was so important about the book. The great revolt it was that it was understood this coalition and this conservative party was cut which had been formed long before Donald trump ever done? It ouch age and remained. Will you pencil bang pennsylvania
twenty twenty. So what happened? Joe Biden, one Joe Biden, one barely? What people did not talk about was that there was a nif and red wave down ballot in m congressional races in this state wide roma traces in the state. How in the state senate, that coalition remained true to gather once again proving that this was not about rob, but it was about their lives, their communities to how they are it's package and I think that remains to be the underlying the earth or the story that is consistently missed in in in reporting an end give you another example. Is that the other day did you see the kentucky call minor? Who came to us the back about what yes, yes, here than sat by the way. That's the thing. I see all the time to me that was like yeah, I mean that's. What
people do? Let me everyone would like? Oh my god, but it really is that image started to be shared. A cry. the social media at the exact same time that the Washington post wrote it story and they said why, euro, american or so angry resentful. And why we are voting republic, and I thought this is the perfect example. These two moments, together of how my my profession does not understand the very. Pull deaf their covering that call minor was not angry. A result will be a good game like that. He was appreciated, bidding had a job to go to. the ability to leave that job and go sit in a basketball, get a soul. So you bring up in your would so intimately before I go under this
The polls show that oz is now up to three points I would in normal times. I would have expected that to be six seven eight, but who knows, are Are you? What are you thinking about? Is fishermen going win. Is there going to be enough space, between them. Look here's a period! challenge for fetterman and by the way I would say it's been chow. I've been reporting this since mid september, doktor eyes, who are incredibly speck, sceptical of in the beginning when he first announced she was was running, has actually proved and matured as a very good ended it someone who, both in those places as I can in the middle of somewhere and and talk to the voters that nobody thinks about, and he listened I logged on to housing
of miles on the back roads. With odd watched him in rural areas watched him in majority minority area, just listening to more bite away, no one there, a porter would be so he's not there to get a photo off now. later on there and is actually doing it because you want to understand what the issue That was a long way of telling you that I have always thought that joint, better men were losing voters? incrementally, but losing them remember. He was up twelve vantage point, but he also no ability to gain voters, and it's not just based on hidden. His illness I have been doing a little betty, buddies reading it, but I've been reporting that as mayor the whole sorted elevated story, the east,
what really shown in the atlantic knew your time, these glossy beautiful pieces about how he saved this this, this a borough in southwestern pennsylvania, covering him since two thousand and five he didn't say that town he he was your level there he bit in a tent events. he really had very little power to begin with hu. I am aware not population decline and the heart and soul of the town. The hospital where there was the only sit down restaurant for people to go to cap carrier with whom we worked with torn down. I hope people go to swedish deal dot com read the reporting that I've been doing. I know not social media, but but that report, he has been in business or mine,
I saw the. I saw the story on that when it came out and how do the people of the town feel when their hearing hey he saved our town. but that was a beauty of that of that story. That wasn't me telling everyone that that was then check They talked about how their town didn't get better later. about new jobs coming in. They talked about other people that have led to get out there, because there's no hope and there's no opportunity, and they talked about it always being about him and never about them, and they talked about him going after one of their neighbors, a I'm, a young black man who was jogging and he put a shotgun to his chest and kept him there, because he thought she was some sort of a criminal visa free and by the way tat you Life has been destroyed,
The young man's life has been destroyed it. He has never been apologize to or the kind of you went up to a local bar, a night club owned by way by a black entrepreneur. and changed the wording on the sign at two o'clock in the morning and a camera caught it. I'm saying that it was closed and not open because he deemed it on a worthy to be open in the town. These are the stories the people have Can you not the story, not me saying that this is them saying that that's why I think that report is so important. MM, let alone that he didn't pay his taxes in a poorer school district in one of the poorest school districts in the state. He bit pay the school ah you know it it it it it it. It frustrated me, every time all these glossy stories were put out there. You know, with him standing in front of the steel mill
It is at the same time his parents were paying for his education. I mean paying for his family lifestyle, It's either it's amazing to me he remarked, me of in me, ways. Karl Marx, Karl Marx was horrible. Human being that now Her paid a dime of his own way. He he practically bankrupt his parents, He lived off his parents and then his family for his whole life. Never reach He accomplished anything Oh my god. Does that sound big, even imagine not wanting to have purpose in your life and in that way other than the purpose of power. which is what I believe that it is. This has always been about ok, we're retorted Selina Zito us cut salinas ito. Dot com is her web address, but she writes for the new york posten, also the washington examiner when
in twenty sixteen, when you nailed what was happening, you re only one that they media went. How did she get this so right, and you wrote a book about it. You went to work for cnn as a contributor there and I know you silly. I know you were problem. We walked in at first hoping that people will actually listening get it and then they didn't and thus there, on the toilet even more well, why they are they not looking Are they not exposing things like federation? Are they afraid or are they afraid of being ostracised by their own their own group or is it? Is it that they, I won't do it because there on the bandwagon It's an. I haven't entire chapter about this in my book and you think that its problem.
When the people she really richly pre occurs, called a culture craving respect and The problem with my profession is the same problem that use incorporate a mayor. in major news organisations, but also in institutions and governments, but also then in sports organisations in that the people in the boardroom are all come from. The same, They all live in the same super zip code will only by super zip code. The wealthiest counties in the country are, they all went to that same great well now they may have come from iowa, but they left far behind once they DC or new york, and, and so what happens is when they go to. whether it is right as story or do a commercial or make a bone added this I should like the nfl bell and
I'm a capper dick, whatever he wanted. Despite having a contract. That said, you cannot do. That is because they go. They does show disconnected from the people who read their story, go by their tickets, who sit in this That is the larger problem right. That's what the problem beginning! It began at the same time where mark of companies can kept buying up smaller companies, so there's less coat lowered. Inaction to the people who buy your products, but also I'm local news organizations chart started to shudder and and show people had to gravitate you buying their, items and or reading the news from places that job know them. They'll know anyone that sets an appeal every sunday, no anyone, the tis a clear before dinner. They don't know anyone around the gander, lily way of you at the gun.
and show because, that when they plop into a place they they seem like a freak show let's say you're all y'all or freak show. I have one minute. I have one minute the reporter that her job was threatened. I mean she was just beat up by everybody from NBC yeah port Is she folded, it was that a message did everybody who was covering this? No clearly what how bad fetterman was once they did so guys, Watch them what's the same things. I think they knew. They always knew that the shepherd is a very good report and I will think her praises forever because she has kept on that story and he continued to keep on the story. I would. I will keep an eye on her and I think it just think that as a young woman in a sixty three or grandma barely happened,
you're right to stop one last question tension its veteran gonna win or on what I think it is a bit. I think in the laws I hope you're right this time. Thank you. So much Selina god bless and will follow your reporting. Selina Zito dongle your listening to the best of the glinda programme. I love michael malice. He is the most of the podcast you're. Welcome and he's. That's what it says on my my seat here from my producers, media and attempts to convince glenn to endorse john futterman have got it. I call- and I know you're doing this just because you think fetter been in office would be fun. No, that's not correct that naturally, and I also want to point out something
I had a correction issued from vice magazine, which had said correction. in a previous article, Michael, Alice was identified as a comedian right, so I Evan I dont finally vonny at all, my that's. Why I'm on this as to how and where humours rose to die carbon and all right all right all right. So why Why are you going to try to convince me too? for John futterman, I dont think I do not convince you to vote for him because you're not of, but I will convince you that it's a good thing that he defeats doktor oz and for a couple reasons, would you agree with me that it is a superior situation for america that we went about. obama tromp than if we had gone obama romney romney in the elections. Yes, so if you went back in time to twenty twelve- and you told yourself, Glenn
quit now you're going to be a mess in ten years, but other than that you should prefer I'd, get rid of stuk because he's out of control, but you should prefer that obama take this election. Because it's gonna work on the long term, you would have thought you were crazy, but that would have been the correct resolve right. Ok Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Am I no? No I'm leading to put your honor out, sir, if I could May I speak as the I go ahead earth I stopped I stopped trying to figure out long term strategies after tat, because I realized you know what it's got it. it'll all work out for the best? Just do the next right thing and you'll, never
convince me that the next right thing is to have john. If interbedded atkins haven't you very easily, and this is why, because the only power the republican base has over the publican party is to refuse to put rhinos into congress, that is their only power we saw in twenty. Sixteen were establishment candidate after stems from candidate. was the stop tromp candidate, we're seeing it now in twenty twenty two, where much Mcconnell is pulling money from new Hampshire wouldn't ball, which has a chance against maggie hassen if it's a wave election and he's putting into whatever north or south, carolina ferocious definitely going to build republican because Mitch Mcconnell wants that vote can the more loyal to him than towards the the owing and to the american people. So so, if you are gone held out, let me just finish: if you're gonna take last this summer or other it's better to have that loss be a democratic. And even talk, then let suppose a Barack obama, whose charismatic or nancy policy who is it. Parliamentarian, ok, except
don't think he would serve out his full term, and that would put his wife That is fine, but the point is as woods: slow right! Ok, ok, ok, you know only let me say one more sentence: if you're under debate stage saying that your goal is to work with the Democrats and your goal is to tighten up background checks, you know perfectly well how this person is going to govern, but this is this is where you put your point being that it is that the anti trump candidates right, where they establish from people, but this is of his visit trumps peck crisis, tromp endorsed romney twice. Tromp only cares of someone returns his calls. then I'll decide exactly. You have nothing to say I'll get your eyes I have been in office would be very, very bad. We shall have a very bad. We bow varied. Why do you want to be heard and democrat because you want somebody's gotta being examined
no not now only no, if he's going to pay, if we have to have an encumbered democrat one that is terrible like a in some ways would be preferable because maybe they be easier to beat this is also His strategy been that's been attempted by the democrats multiple times and it has not worked out. Particularly we got John Lee. We have. We have Joe Biden on the same strategy. I don't want another incompetent person in which you rather have obama in the white house right now than Joe Biden. Such a figure? By that I mean. Isn't it a good thing? Diane Feinstein, according to your post, was told three times by chuck shimmer that she has to retire and she agreed three times and three times she forgot about. The conversation is not a good thing. Yes, it is. It is both eyes in it
good thing when the democratic parties regard as a laughing stock, as John Stewart made the bush administration for eight years, instead of simply some organization that people can look up to admire, look might look like. Let michael listen to me. Listen to me! These are all good things. It's not a good night on election night or bad, election day on the next morning, having you on saying these things will go. You know what europe It is a good thing that betterment doesn't feel good bill. Right is save that save that cause. I don't need that. Is there any situation where you'd prefer that the democratic can it went over the republican candidate. I think this predators speaking for myself here. I usually am incredibly hate partisanship. This particular election I more partisan than normal, because I want there to be an ready to stop what
doing the facts is like doktor oz, as I stated, a thousand times, is not the candidate that hunt as it were, not looking senator. However, these votes, at her and the fact that we may have supreme court justices that there are to be able to push through and things of that nature, I think, are really important so controlling and set it matters that we can get up to fifty four. Fifty five senator send you're looking at a potential filibuster proof majority at twenty twenty four. Yes, I tell you there are reasons for this. Yes, so despite you just saying you're, not a partisan, you're, saying the only just to be clear, the only times your company with a democratic and see if there's sixty republicans known, I'm I'm comfortable with a democrat like if, Joe Liebermann decided to run idea like ok, he's pretty good. Is he a jolly burden, robotic hair just because he like
size, the damn it I ask you what you have just liebermann now, that's the that's! The old labour bent on some things have got on something I at least agreed with him at times, and he did have his own mind, I'm getting a little better than was good and some things nokia, how you like it Europe can disagree with me are the only time there is an effective anti war coalition in congress is when you have a republican president and that's when the Democrats become anti war in every other circumstance. Both parties are tripping over themselves to support imperialism in the war state and
So I think that it would be good, for I dont have things I've done everything I say we ever do democrats in office now there are thrown how many billions of dollars like if you had a republican president, that's the only time, there's an anti war coalition in congress with that. But I know a polite president's have led many. Many wars are right and the only time Dave opposition is with the left wing of the democratic opposition. Michael happens is on a positive note. I know what I'm saying none at all, but what he is saying is if we had- and I don't think it's the same will be true with donald trump, and I think this is changing. I think there are of, conservatives are actually changing either where they're like what what it can. We learned our lesson here. This doesn't work, get out entities, you're not learned our lesson cause you keep voting in rhinos. An oz is the king of that he had a chauffeur ten years, he had never stood up her concern about principles and show once he's oprah when peace, puppet, an opera, winfrey single, handedly
Barack obama, the nomination, it would be nice. If we are surprised over with free, has not come out and help to doktor us at all, what wouldn't help about she supports it would help. We can say that, as I said, we will see the lack what's she has to support by Well, she would be black, that's true, you're right, it's need. I always forget that you're not really black cloth, but in the constitution of em, so so, Michael living. Let me ask you this: what your thoughts when you watched him, because if it were in funny at all, it was really sad, but it made me also angry to watch directive. It was extremely funny because he open up the debate by saying good night and this shaved chewbacca that it, but is white blocked me because she's, like oh,
John fetterman said I don't remember the statue of liberty. I said he doesn't remember, remember anything you statistic which is despicable: it is despicable his family and his team put a broomstick up his bomb and put him in front that mike when any other candidate could have served that purpose. Because they're not really voting for fishermen you're voting for democratic about right, like it yeah you're, really really, the staff will run though they like the senate office. So even if you can't even talk, it doesn't really matter, we saw there was strong thurman for the enmity is literally hundreds. All yeah you're ears, you're, seeing that with. What's your name, you just talking about in ireland on yeah you're scene, same thing. That is that that is the biggest you no threat to democracy. They keeps as a threat to democracy. They don't actually care about deliberation. They only one people in their they'll take them brain damaged. You know,
a stretcher almost lay dead, they stood just said he will bring support the republic in any circumstances until they now what I said at what I said was I not a partisan which, by the way, true I'm not a register republican or democrat. I voted party all the time, my point, is only in this election. What I'm rooting for nine, as I am voting for what I'm rooting for is added freaking, the end of democratic control of the senate. This should not be a controversial point on this particular. Moreover, it loud I had to say I am with him on this, because we are at the end of the republic. and I know that make some people happy then make me happy I'd like to before we turn it down. I like to see. Can we get it on the top enough and find you know, find an elon musk. That will come and go yeah
we're firing all you people. I am just shocked that we got stew to admit on air that he's a member of Andrew yanks forward party type, a study. Where are your and our years? Nobody area is this: where you're an anarchist, you come off and stir it all up and that you leave This is why John veterans, wise wife block, do not by the way la real quick. What do you think's? That changes are going to mean anything substantial with twitter? Yes, I think that for a long time I'm corporate journalists and academic professors who were I refer to as members of the enemy class. They were taking loss after loss after loss on twitter, because for First time they accountability, they're, not in their offices, where they kind of sperm protected against criticism. And now without having that shield in front of them there really
I have come to Jesus moment with their depravity and malfeasance and it's gonna be actually glories to watch the throat them through. Tantrums happy so does on monday he said the changed. Some changes are going into effect. The first changes back on be donald trump, whose back, I hope trump. I hope trump waits until after the mid terms, because this is a scandal- the Democrats in issuing distraction from inflation and portion and all on spending, so we can whereby trump on november yeah really hope he has the presence of mind to keep his mouth shut. Just for another two weeks, Michael Myers, Thank you. So much appreciated my oil supplies guy's gonna run when holster applicants is urgent. Jerk is such a jerk. he just loves to stirred up he's, going to be on the coverage and I'm like gods can be fun yeah. I liked it we're not gonna get any real work done.
Because he's just going to play contrarian just to get us all going, but anyway we're going to have a a lot of fun. All of the blaze hosts the biggest blaze hosts are going to be there with our coverage you don't want to miss it. On election night. We have made in Kelly we dave reuben, jason, whitlock, stew, pat everybody was asking about our guns. All is also prime time. Ninety nine alec stein, who is between him and malice. If I, lose control of the night. It will be these two to blame because that they use never know what they're going to say. Also just reminder the following wednesday a week later, I'm doing a special show on targets of tyranny, how to survive be an enemy of the state. This is an amazing show? We are going to have a small audience if you would like to be a part, we
never open up the chocolate factory anymore. If you wanna be a part of it, broadcast. You have to email. Now it is for Saturday november twelfth it'll be in the evening saturday november twelve tickets at Glenn back dot com. Do it now tickets at glue bac, dot, com and I'll. Welcome you into our studios the best of the Glenn Beck program, the alex I never know what's going to happen, but it's already been a rough day. Would you say it's been only when the right of all ready already, Well, today's unorthodox two is an honor and a privilege, but then you got a gala going on here. So the places you know, while you got ten different people running in and out of the chair, superman outfit nuts place right now we told them that they had to wear the superman outfit to be able to bring the chairs in so that makes
and he s actually makes later shares, look really heavy, so Alex's the host of conspiracy castle. he is a blaze tv contributor, prime time. Ninety nine alex time I just I just did something with you on television last week and I played some the clips of you you go in and you'll go into city council meetings and you I don't know how you pull off with a straight face for as long as you do, because their absurd. What you're saying is absurd and everybody tax like it's, not no, I mean we live. We live in an absurd world, so people are having trouble decide what is real and what has taken? You know. My committee cures, Andy kaufman to really I'm just kind of a hack, I'm just you know basically mixing absurdity in rio, and in the culture we live in today. You can't tell what you can't make it, so you're just up at a campus. You are going to give a talk with their what's his government
again gavin and they actually spat on you, literally literally- and it was a pretty this- this girl she'd been practicing, That was not a first times bitter. Can we play The video here did you guys you're too, I am entails, this is the future of the brightest
oh my god. My car stable, said she had a lot of sped. so she was. You have to get you naughty a person let me just ethnic minority will do railways crazy, like that it was just the micro, is a little too close to my mother. Yes, we did really. We know what you are you may I know I was in a war zone and the economic boom of gaining I'm sorry, the audio and I've heard of a still larger gay. So you penn state they wanted. You not to be had penn state, they don't their stand? Freedom of speech at all. Are you d garrido, When you think about it I mean not the spitter I mean the spitter is just now she's a young kid. I mean I'm not going to go after her that'd be punching down, but no, I am going to file a civil
It's lawsuit against penn state university because they said they had a lot of kickback land before the advancing. Oh, it should be shut down. It should be shut down in the university administrator said: oh we're going to go on with it. We believe in free speech, where state universities are publicly funded, their federal money so they're held to- standard than these private colleges. if they shut it down. You know that made them liable to a lawsuit, but this is the problem when, when you're in that group, Glenn ever you're a fascist, you're a fascist, I said we'll define a fascist for me- and I think, benito mussolini define fascism as the merger of corporation and state, I'm and I sat- and I know, incorporation and stay together at all either, but these kids do so. It's all projection its solemn linsky rules. For radicals, where you accuse the enemy, doing what you're actually doing- and this is a clear cut example of these kids being confused and not even knowing it's like the dog that chases the car once it catches up to the bumper or doesn't know what to do with it. So so this is the future and we used to say yeah well, until they get into the real world. That's all.
They are in the real world, now we're the ones having to change I I saw a pole recently about freedom of speech and everybody says they're for freedom of speech, but there's a good now. I believe the majority of people under forty that are saying give it I mean some free speech should put you in jail It is ridiculous and if you look at on twitter right now now the eland must taking it over and giving the impression that we can have reached people are going nuts. They are so excited. The people on the left, Glenn are melting down and that's where mike. Why are these people, these blue, checkmark, afraid of letting human being say. However, they feel and that's promise they don't want you to be able to say I actually feel also hey, is going to be interesting next few weeks really on twitter, because I just have this great urge just to go either. Ivermectin is the best and you know people push the boundaries of free speech, which
There has to be responsibility with every right. There's responsibility as I do that. That's done this, sir. good for society moment. Favorite is a guy or achieve any woman, rachel, levine and rachel, a vain who was born dick levine and if you say Rachel Levine as a man on twitter, you can get kicked off twitter. As a matter of fact, avalon be that's why their account suspended for just saying basically affect me rachel Levine, although she's one of the most beautiful, administrators. You ve ever had she's a man, that's a awesome baby say I dunno. If that's how he said it, but if you say that a mad man it sharper, they may go, but I'm just saying it's just. You can even point out the elephant in the room. So when you say the ivory, you say the sudden adult des injure, you say any of that type of stuff on twitter, you're subjects removal, although that that.
instead, I inferior well real unmask said see you learn more said, the bird is free, eleven o clock, he tweeted last night, the bird has been freed. Will you know in egg? I take it back to the mid term too. It's like you know now that they give the impression that we have free speech oftentimes. I think they can. Even since it s more like we see we're. Gonna have a red wave in the coming up election, but because of all the decision at the bite- administrative, by an administration is put in for the past two years. We can't even get novice and change everything, so that will all lay on the laps of conservative. So when the economy, crashes and everything goes to crap they're going to say well, you guys had all the control. You guys did it all. You know you didn't. This is all a republican problem, and I said this a couple of weeks ago, you watched been denying that we're in a recession. They be dying that there's any kind of problems, jobs or fine, weave all been saying: no they're, not this is gonna get worse from here. Now Biden is already setting up, I'm telling you, if you give
if the congress in the senate to the republicans from it's going to get worse yeah and you look at our economy. I mean the idea that anybody can buy a single family home people. Can I mean people can't afford their groceries. People can't afford to fill up the gas tank, so people are shrugging right now and in their asking for help, but all I can do is given eighty eighty more billion dollars. Ukraine, I mean it is absurd that these people didn't wanna help us. I think everything there doing is controlled demolition of the imf can system, especially the idea that why are they taking us off energy independence? The oil and gas industry can lift up this entire world. We can we basically supply, not just your taxes. Why are we not doing that? Why are we not taking advantage of the things that would make our country, which was the most what country in the world I dunno, if that's the case any longer, how old are you? Thirty, five? Thirty, five years old, I was just sobering up when I was Eighty five point you know: do you say that going that changed my life? I could drinking when I was thirty one and that was the biggest changed my life at that was, and everybody out there, I'm not trying to be a you know. Next
Nancy. I know everybody would have their fine, but alcohol and drugs is a lifestyle that will only make you more depressed and it will only run you like the whole just destroy in once? You can take a step back, but you can't see it. You can see the forest for the big tree and from your face, if you're out there we are struggling, take a break take a month off, take a couple of weeks off, but you know in society with a fitting on the drug crisis. Everybody has a problem. They want to medicate, so I think, sadly, the drug problems only going to get worse. I was reading writing holiday's new book, which is about discipline and one of the things he talks because he doesn't drink at all and he he talks about how the best way to make a decision as to whether we should continue a habit. That's questionable to you is to think about it is it if it came out today and you knew everything about it. Would you still make the decision like if alcohol was released in stores tomorrow for the first time with all the infirm in that we already know about it, would you start drinking to morrow? Yes,
Yes, I will, but I really is wise way of looking at that, because you know more about these things they become like drinking. Is cultural I I drink, certainly a little bit more than you guys. At this point, yeah, but not a lot, I'm not both social drinker I'll have a drink or two. If we go out to dinner or whatever and often you go out and it just feels like alright, everyone else is ordering a drink. I should order a drink and that's just dumb cultural pressure. pendulous said the same thing you know he just came in. at the point where he was like. You know what I don't care anymore. I'm not I'm not going to be embarrassed about not ordering a drink. Oh I I, I think you guys are on the other side of this, where maybe you know you've had a glen. Certainly I dunno you know Alex's as well, but, like you had a the problem with this, it was ruining your little these lines. I mean look at what a major tonight had that and you came on the other side and he said hey like now. I can
get this and see how absurd these things work, because you went through that pain. Most people don't go through that pain. I never had any per year at any negative, consequences from drinking other than a couple of bad headaches and development right. You so like you get, but you eliza it's dumb decision. Overall it doesn't it doesnt improve your life, it doesn't make it doesn't give you any long term prospects. of of growth per se, it's just something we do, because its culturally their firewood about stock in jack, Daniels or makers mark would have made a lot of money. by adopting it at all, you want is good. I am convinced I just me alone at combat points, do- and I always say this- you know- and I stole this from Charles barkley in the eighties- I'm not a role model, so I don't want to give anybody necessarily advice, but the first piece of advice give everybody, as I say that do not worry about the opinions of others and socially china. Nobody cares. Even your person, that's probably
say you know what is your biggest fan is a stranger in your biggest you, no enemies, Robbie somebody, real close, you shall worrying about the opinions are strangers. Just be yourself, If I saw, I saw an interview, Larry king right before he passed away, and they said what is some advice for future broadcasters, and he said kid just be yourself, and I think that you know you could extrapolate that for everybody, just shove. That doesn't mean be a jerk moreno ale, but just be yourself and be unapologetically, and I will tell you that especially with drinking out of you, were like this, but you didn't really have a problem with it, not gm. When I stop doing, in misery loves company, Nobody likes europe, good friends, I lost most of all and I we ended up with do that this is not a color, so dry or those of your friends. They like you the way you are an when you say, hey, I'm clean up, but you do whatever you want done bother me. I'm just make this choice for me, a lot of
my friends, would they weren't for it two scarlet letter for whatever reason, because you're not on the same level, you not the one getting intoxicated yeah, we're its really really strange, so. Where are you going from here? What's what's the next? Well, I'm headed to florida, but I got another speaking engagement in the spring at university of tennessee under the same group, uncensored america. So we'll see, I'm sure the you know, I'm sure that college kids will be out in full force with their pitchforks, but at the same time And you know people say: oh, it's so scary, it's really not that scary, getting people yelling at you. I love. I love it. You know I love invitations ever me? It's like I can do this every week in going I get on the lights. Go not only because it don't. You know you look at all those kids, you she every single one of you, like others, kid you're insane will the only person more insane than those kids was my parents outshining dynamic sign. So so did you the fishermen debate? Oh yes,
I mean as embarrassing. The only person like the debate more than any conservative is doctor OZ. I mean he he was he's a real champion. He was, I think, that I think that took great restraint from us. because fishermen was a jerk from the yet go he's, not only not only having hard time processing things. He, though, one thing he's a lot like my grandfather, my my dad's father, who was, jerk in real life and then, when he had a stroke he was just mean- and I kind of got that from fishermen too I think he's kind of a mean guy out for sure and his wife, jersey, Jazeera she's not very likely there, but you know the wouldn't what I've noticed on twitter now without the blue, checkmark they're saying, if you tease veteran they're saying oh, you cannot make fun of urine able, as here in a blast one and that we need more stroke victims in politics. It's just you know, there's a big elephant in the room. If we pointed elevate eraser, your big hudson tell you about the Democrats. That
they already have Feinstein, they have Nancy Pelosi? Who is you know, arguably not everyone. Korea are you. Have you have Joe Biden and now fed? I mean they say they believe in the individual and democracy. I don't think so. I think they would line up a whole bunch of zombies if they would just vote the way everybody them to vote. Will that's obvious. Did you see the runway footage of chucks humor talking to Joe Biden? He said you could do you know here morning that the debate didn't hurt us that much than these people do not care about these? Actually, candidates em, if they would, they would put the visit best canada forward, but the five john futterman is, you know one of the most important senate seats and pennsylvania and he is their best waste? That's just the kind of a shocking sad realization that lurches is going to be running the country I mean come on. I really think he looks and he looks like frankenstein from young frankenstein. I really if
Jeanne wilder was around. Maybe somebody can do this. Just you know with photoshop, but I'd like to see futterman dressed in the tuxedo onstage doing put down the ritz. From the movie young frankenstein. Don't you remember, but none to read you don't remember somebody. Look it up yeah! Well, it is john fetterman england. One of the movies that were shot here was the Addams family values, which is a great movie, and he looks like a character out of adamson yeah he's I mean he literally looks I simply got a lurch situation going, I mean any the guy. Yet with his tie was I mean. How do you even consider a guy who, I lived until work, he was forty or fifty and in his parents basement well- and I- and I brought it to this- was to how did he even become the lieutenant governor? How did that dunno? How did he become mayor in the town that he was mayor? They lost forty percent of their population, their their population went down to seventeen hundred people, so I mean the guy
in its catch him a similar debate, overcoming these people. They can lose elections now? They fail upwards. It's insane. I had loved him he's always talking about gun, violence and all the things he did draws. Never did anything to stop gun violence, you're mayor of the city of seventeen hundred people. How much guy I lived in a small town growing up. It was like ten times that it's like how there's no gun violence there? What what haven't you gun violence was, this trial. I know that there was a black man running through his name. He didn't have a gun at veteran, did held him at gunpoint. He said doing that, that's true we did sit up well and speaking of gun violence. I think if Paul Pelosi might have had a gun, his situation would have been a little better in san francisco or somebody around him. I mean like that is a terrifying situation. We don't know anything about who did it? We all know what's happening on twitter, where every republican that has ever been born is already being blamed for it. So congratulations everyone. I apology.
yeah but like in reality. How does this house there are not more protection on a nancy policies? Hope, that's absolutely inexcusable course there should be theirs, We takes one idiot right. It only takes one person, even if she was now famous she's, very, very wealthy. You should I have some security there and these you protect yourself. These are the same people who said january. Six is worse than nine eleven, so I mean come on. If you're going to protect yourself, they believe that she would be late if they believe that then she would be protected as if her houses fort knox and Alex stein you always a pleasure, is an honour and a pleasure. It's it's good to have you here and joining us on election. Yes, sir I'll be there, and we got some bits, some wild of coming so make sure to tune aim, guys gonna be going insane for the ukraine, the italy I
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