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The New York Times’ newest “bombshell” report shows that Trump used legal loopholes to lower his taxes. Trump nominated Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, and the Democrats’ past extreme tactics could lead to her confirmation. CNN’s Wolf Blitzer forced Sen. Richard Blumenthal to admit that Barrett’s confirmation wouldn’t exactly be illegal. Sen. Mike Lee describes why Barrett is a “fantastic” pick and how Democrats may attack her and delay the vote. Project Veritas uncovered major voting fraud in Ilhan Omar’s district, and investigative reporter David Steinberg breaks it down.

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America welcome to a great great to have along in this Monday. We have a great pot cast foreign steep day. Send us do. Can I have a nerd fight about pulls out is not as exciting as I wanted. I really wanted to the full flaky can a nerd out, but they did pleaded a little bit started. Discipline clear! Let tat we talk about the poles. What is it going to take four trump to win? We talk about the election fraud that lot Omar appears to be a part of now that was released over the weekend. We also have a lot of coverage on any Coney bear it. Why are we waiting until the middle of October? Isn't that cutting it a little closer MIKE Lee chimed in that all of this and so much more undertakes pockets to tell him I'm gonna announcement to make. I was all for voting for them.
Drum I was on the bandwagon zone. The bandwagon then New York Times came out with this. Just Absolutely can't believe it is true story about his taxes minded took advantage of awe of taxes. Loophole. Not only that, but he hid it. While he was admitting meeting that during the last debate. Well, no, it isn't the actually admitted took advantage of the tax yet no, but that didn't he didn't go that far. He just said I'd be stupid. If I didn't, if that went into a thousand sixteen, when he said he paid almost no taxes, this, confirms that right, not only does it does, is not going to change anybody's. My nurse, you nurse, there's nothing illegal theirs. Nothing illegal they're, not charging him with anything illegal Nobody actually took advantage of tax loopholes that strict
Is there anybody within the sound of my voice that if it was legal you're not going to jail, you have you the attorney to do it and you were paying zero or seven hundred and forty dollars a year and taxes. Anyone with a zone of my voice, brave A big enough lawyer to call me ago. I wouldn't do that my would. I would send a check to the government just to help and live in exile and learn a little extra to imitate summary on an easy. You would be your patriarch duty honestly, it's your patriotic duty to pay taxes when there piss in all your tax money away, but you're pissing your money away when they're they're they're a horrible bad steward. Do your money I can guarantee that the money I give in tithing and charity
that money goes further than the what fifty percent the thing take from me. You know I mean I far by far and their stuff in there that like he, might have to pay fines for in theory or that he could get into that sort of gold trouble for. But this is all the run out as in mines, he finds right he's been in a long term battle over about seventy million dollars, Gunnar Return, which seem exactly like a father rules on it, but bottom line is exactly exactly zero. Minds are changed by it exactly, but
and you count all of those monarchy. They asked Zeb Aero. No, not one person would change. In fact, I found myself and I've never found myself in this position. I found myself this morning listening to the news again, the way was reported by the New York Times and I was chairing. I was chairing, cover damn right, zero out. All I get those attorney. I now cheese and I don't know what there The point of this is, I mean the only of the only thing about it is, of course, how did they get this? How did they twenty years of his tax return, while they don't want to say that they can, they have to show us a document else. They they can. They have two. They have to preserve their one. Their one in anonymous source and idle to show you the paperwork, but I can't you know it s, His great not a word about the fact that he accepts no income as president
that he doesn't take a dime from the government, he doesn't get any of the four hundred thousand dollars and salary they I mean, not be a good place to mention on by the way he doesn't take a salary of either president is United States. Here's the thing that everybody should be talking about here's a guy who has a global whole chain, hotel chain, ok and it pretty much verifies what we all know it: six four times and really not successful in times, and in doing so, we all know that so there's surprise there. Here's the thing that everybody should be asking about, bindings, three million dollar tax returns.
Yeah, where you're coming from Visa he's a guy who is, is you know, living on a government salary? Now I know when you were vice president, you wrote a book, etc, etc. But how is everybody in his family signals? L, so rich on middle class, Joe three million dollars lunch bucket, while that's a lunch with buckets out there, it is laughable and its twenty two to think back at all the things that we beg the media to dig into during the Obama era that they never did whenever you like his college transcripts like basic crap that wouldn't it made no difference at all, we never got all those years. They are able to get the ears of Donald Trump tax returns in in something that is not illegal for the New York Times to do, but whoever guy to them certainly committed a crime right, that's what
That's why while we can reveal our source, but because it's a criminal right, because the person who gave it to you just committed a crime, don't you think I was married from business in this area. This is backed up with eleven. I think so, no serious seriously, I think seriously. Have I don't know I can't remember. I read an article, though that. They they suspected strongly that it might have been married. I have news for I, wouldn't I mean you say: how would she do that she's, she's, a judge. You don't think that there's people that she could call because it came round outdoor sister, the the niece yeah, I'm gonna run the bundle of Macedonia, yeah I'm here unless they have, they might shared the same accountants to me abroad is still there. There have to be somebody who did something very wrong here again It just because he's president does not mean he does not have the right to privacy. So let me ask you: Amy Coney bear it. You know it's going to be responsible for her becoming Supreme Court. I really think in the end
I've got a couple lives, one would be Harry, read also say: Chuck, Chuck, Sumer Siberia, my touch human Nancy, Palazzo, Diane Feinstein. I would say that number Diane Sine Die and Feinstein these they. Did ever We think they are. There are the reason why you don't have of sixty percent vote. We have no real, that's got at in a rather than all right I mean they did everything that jacket. Cavanaugh turned enough people that they said. This is not right. Tommo, Harris's, big on that one egg big and end, and the the one specific question about the dogma lives loudly within you came from deft. I advise time which is like the kind of the big slogan of the, of the Amy Coney Barrett nomination, and I love this. The dogma lives loudly. So in other words, you have a problem, that I believe in the things I professed to believe that
that's the dogma so and so Nancy is fine, because she like loophole who's coming out in a like. Every ten minutes go and pay stop with abortion. You know, but the dogma doesn't leave loudly, doesn't even live in our neighbourhood and the dog catch or not. It was about, but I support that we have the notorious ac, be shirt up now Stu does merged our cobbler blue really is chopped up. Please media that students merged accommodated the whole Shoat store, but the notorious ac b I feel like I gotta, have that I love that's. That's that's what you need yeah, that's one! You needed those overnight for all of us. Probably I could at least have the because we have the we the debate tomorrow. We're gonna do what what is it a promo code? Glens debate before my muse guess at anyway, so visible sign up for the blaze clear tomorrow, we're doing r r
mystery theatre, three thousand thing right, yeah well Stu starting his show it like eight o clock, so he'll do his show. Then we go in at nine o clock into just it. We're really second screen we're gonna, be saying all the things that you want to say were also going. You do in some live fact, checking, but we're not going to organ. Try not to interrupt, except we cheer or have really something very sarcastic to say that's happening tomorrow and then at ten o clock, and this will be on Youtube in the blaze and everything else. Gonna give you our run down, and our analysis of the debate has. Quite honestly, I don't care what but he says anymore deal now. I don't hear what any of these people on tv say anymore. All. In fact, I can't until I can either that's the fact. I just can't listen to it so we're gonna be the group that you can listen to so tomorrow. After the debate make free right, ablaze, tv or the
AIDS, TB, Youtube gentle end and listen, o r r recap of the debate and its Bob Blaze. Tbd com, Slash Glenn the quotas, Glenn debates. Did you actually see the Wolf blinkered twenty percent Boeing Interview, Richard Blumenthal, we had hush now, while every once in a while Wolf will do. Somethin I don't know journalistic and it blew me away. I don't believe that's that's a pretty stronger wording deny it if it is, it is, but he called them out, because here? It is real quick. What are the real publicans doing that. Illegal or illegitimate, because the constitution, as the president has to dominate Supreme Court justice, is the Senate has to advise the consent and confirm so what is illegal about what the president and the Republicans are doing? You say it's illegitimate.
It is illogical and sent a center. Where does it say, that's a legitimate in the? U S constitution or in the law. Where does it say that what they are doing, the Republicans is illegal. You hear me, though I do not see the constitutional, legal, any legal or every night, an unwritten rules of the sad. I guess he is illegitimate on around guy. You agree that there's nothing illegal or a toad the illegitimate as to what they're doing third time it may not violate the letter.
Prostitution. I write a letter to the letter or even the whole words or the spirit of the entire document. You get you take one of those needles lead. Their jamming ended Joe Biden Chest tomorrow right before he goes on state. Do that to all the founders, and they would also say now not has nothing to do with the constitution. Do remember doing an interview with him as a long term. Really is adviser was easy and then only remember ass, set it to me this serve this weekend, because there are like he's doing the same thing. Is you had amount about HIV bonuses or something or some story? I and you are holding his feet of carcass. He was friend make this big deal about it, you're like what is illegal about this, and it did the same thing. The saving
it's not illegal as early as ill temper, ass, ill dill gun had the time you're, the attorney general. You should really be only concern what what's illegal right. You made that point pretty clearly Joe him. That interview was not happy. You did not away so you know all the social justice warriors relax, Wolf Blitzer, had his beard removed with duct tape. Right after that interview, so he's learned his lesson learned his lesson, really
oh yeah! Well, as we are seeing today. Well, nobody will see him he might, even by the time you seem, you probably have his beard grown, but my guess is Wolf Spirit would grow in every day. If you removed it every day it would grow ripe. His name is wulfric adds that I make meets. This is the best one that programme from the state of you Tom, Senator MIKE Lee joined. Today The senator! How are you, sir, I'm through a great just? You know it bill bars year, one right after the other yeah partial, been all that you ever had. Bill BAR
Why should I mean? Look at you, you little party. They want to move forward in order to speak up or eat little else other than dope, or it's a billboard Alla time. Good new power economy really live here and what are you drunk today? This is me- and this is the likely I know, but likely- that is usually on the ears very buttoned up and very serious This is what happens when a woman has a diet, coke aright so MIKE regulations on the nomination, I think this is the person that you really wanted it out of all of the lists. Is this a person you would have picked? She spent one slash six she's gonna, do an amazing job and I told the president This really was good work on his part, wouldn't get her confirms. So May I ask why? Is it gonna take until October? Twelve test the process
I wish we could start a faster than that. I was told by the chairman that that would be the day we would start there were a couple of virtue asked whether we can start a week earlier work even the man and he pointed out that there are people with that curled up on a nominee a lot, a process that it has to occur be ice is already filled it out, but the FBI's already done that all nonetheless, we're too needs to happen so let me put it this way if he decides to start the hearing tomorrow, I'm here I'm ready to go. I add that there is nothing constitution, there's nothing in federal statute. It requires us, even told your ear? Certainly nothing in the constitutional federal statue record just wait a certain period of time before starting shed hearings. If we can help them at all which were going to do so? I think we're
do it should arrive later, because this year we get that started the sooner we can get a confirmed so the we need to face down the uncertainty and we need to resolve the uncertainty. So would you get this job down so they can't pull crap like what they pulled with break out. The reason why I say to her twelve is in the year twenty: twenty that's all if time, We could all be speaking some space language by that time. And it pushes the vote to October what twenty ninth Stew October? Twenty? Ninth- that's that's right away, just a few days from the election. If it stalled, delayed anything changes. You would You could see a vote that doesn't happen until after the election and then you know. Well, I but words in your mouth put words in my mouth, then the Romney weasels will all scattering oh! Well, I don't know it too. Didn't win the election. Should he not win
the almost you say that what will stipulate for the record that that would be bad lastly, origin, because once you what's it all about from the streams and gross post maastricht. What you do that all sort of bad stuff stinks happen if you wait until after the elections than if we lose your watch it. Either the Senate Majority or the White House for having forbid both than you some people doubting whether we should be doing this or not, this needs to happen sooner rather than later. He needs to get started as agreed Did you read the the op ed from Bloomberg, written by somebody who I think clerk with her, a different judge for a different, judging Supreme Court. She he said I disagree with from judicial nominee on almost everything, but I think she's, brilliant and he's of a lefty. Doesn't agree with
You know with with the way she does. Things are what she's gonna pass his work, he said, but she is so smart that you someone like her on the court to analyze. He said even I disagreed with her. He said I would go to her for the understanding of what these tangled words meant, sometimes because he could just so clearly cut through it and explain it. I got an, I thought it was fantastic and it's one of the many reasons. Why should I be confirmed why she will be confirmed, look Somebody who were its delegated life of war and peace. Dedicated her life to raising her seven children, she's, fantastic and as I felt was exactly right. She needs to be confirmed so We're gonna get the shoulder. So do you? Do you have any inkling on? Why?
The Democrats are gonna, try to use again, because if these they use religion or they try another Cavenaugh, it's gonna kill them. It's gonna kill But during the election, yes, it is and so one would ordinarily think that that means they won't try that because it would be extraordinarily harmful to them, but it like those in nature. Watch on the discovery channel, When you see the world peace approaching the water, that they know is a fresh going to be, and I dont do it I'll be here: they're really thirsty, Yazzi gotta get to that water and and and they can't help themselves back my be what we see here as time introduce your committee were brought up with all my colleagues. You know. Maybe we shouldn't start questioning a judicial nominees religious beliefs, because there are at least two arguably, free provisions of the constitution that prohibited from doing that and because, if people
because it's what I did and they obviously set out of nowhere. We really think that dumb, if a nominee as Chris, religious beliefs, organ attack for that, and we should. This was on the record. This was in the light of day. So you don't think they're gonna start because of a fish. They did something, I think just as bad. They is not on so to show it to do this, but they they tat her Her adoption of her non white, kids. And somehow another that's racist, yeah so, I didn't know that and in Europe, and neither did she apparently fear that decider is of such things, and they have made that this we have also made the decision as came
in her last confirmation hearing for the US court appeals for the short circuit that dumb ass. She was apparently to Catholic that the dogma lives loudly within her and that somehow bad so yeah, I suspect. Also things will come out, not because it will do the many good not because it will enable them to defeat or not, because it will help them in this election, but because they can't help it Do you think things would have been the same? Do you think she would have been nominated and You could be as short as anyone could be, that it will go through if Cavanaugh would have happened, I think they re really push their luck on capital. I think big. Through the hail Mary pass. The Vienna varies final seconds of the game. And they laughed. I do think it's going to be a little harder for the polish pull this trick this time, because
As I pointed out in our Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday, I went through the list of people they personally attacking just getting started just rattling up a few names. In all its breadth cabinet and, of course, there's Robert Bork, of course, there's my phone boss, semele Owen than Theirs Clarence, Thomas, all of whom had their their character personally attack to the core. I think it turned out to be really untrue and really uncorroborated signal. I challenge you goes to, namely one nearly one democratic. Nobody has ever been treated that way by Republicans credits from a group of people who catch up this from a group of people who spoke for a really really law type a day about everything else. They had no response to that because, if not how we roll and so on, I think
deepen their mind. They realise that what they're doing is wrong. That's what they're doing the clowns them and and that means the process, and so I hope you find some conscience in there. Talking to senator likely. It is speaking of Democrats be themselves the great word by the way they are threatening all sorts of procedural delays, including in up to throwing random impeachment in the process to try to delay this things they can get it passed. The election is possible that any of that can work It's possible. They can delay its arms on ice a baby we see Sunday New, show yesterday and one of my democratic colleagues Durban from Illinois, was opposite me and being coerced by George Definite was Mr Solana, who asked Cylinder Durban Weather
they doing that Durban, as I recall, basically said, look. We can delayed maybe a couple days but I really don't think we have a procedure wherewithal to just stop it. I hope that that written into the case, I hope that that lot bluffing in that that Sir sincere and correct assessment by the planned for that, because there are procedural tools if they can pull, including those in involve impeachment that can at least get more difficult, was so off of the off of the nomination of the Supreme Court here and one one last question because you will know what this means. You know it declare an emergency people. Don't understand that that gives us. All kinds of new power and spending in everything else, There's a story that came out over the weekend Present Donald Trump slated to announce a measure that day.
Magnates far left Movement Antigua and a k, K, K terrorist organisations what that designation mean anything ok, so it's been a while Look at that delegation, but it allows the president key can utilise certain assets certain lovers of authority within the government, including a treasure, the pilot to block among others, these financial transactions carried, by the organization in question, so that we can stop them. Engaging in acts of terror, and so that this could be a significant move. I certainly think that in both cases. In the case of four KKK and Antigua you ve seen a lot of evidence that terrorists their game so Rob
and I know of no reason why the law as written wooden extent, to those categories so makes sense to me likely. Thank you very much. God bless I thank you very much. My back to your tie. Your listening to its neighbour, easier key, has had information on illegal Ilona marked as I understand it, hasn't unable to share it because he didn't have the smoking gun. He had bullets. And now may be willing to uncover some of those things that he had found on ballot, harvesting fraud, its legal to ballot harvest. I dont know why in Minnesota, but the fraud that goes along with it was, exposed by project vera toss this weekend. Welcome David,
Thanks for having me again absolutely so let me play the audio here from project vera toss. So people know what the new information is. Listen
Who is one filling out? They happened to balance out the other somebody illegal work and other candidates for them, and that is why it has taken to ask. How can you tell us that decision was simply by us in our form of other peoples without a job? You don't wanna, let you stay for those in the absence of that one can come and get it. You just know what he's doing it for them so that the aid for us they then fill out about signing the balance before an absence, and then they, where do they pay the money back. I can come up to the minute. We signed the thing
that's pretty stunning David! He s pretty this has also been circulating locally. It's been known, students, twenty sixteen, her first election. It was simply an open secret this reached me and Scott Johnson at power line I believe we ve been hearing this since late twenty eighteen. Regarding her having arranged a massive massive vote by, campaign in her primary win and twenty sixty in the general on twenty six June, which is when she the elected as they stay representative and then again in twenty eighteen, it was the primary and the general when she was voted to Congress. So this programme is not new method. I have hinted at it. I did discuss it with you briefly on the airlines. May right- and I said, look
This is everywhere in the way I put it was look. We are already talking about essentially Lee, or string of felonies committed by a Congress person in U S, history, and that before we get to the bad stuff and the bad stuff which we were referencing, isn't this perhaps story equally large about buying campaign for several election. So because voting is controlled by the state. Do we need to have the attorney general, who is watching her back its Keith Ellison, Can the federal government get involved in this Good question. The answer is: Keith Ellison can't be bypassed here, not our canned. Workers are federal, federal, ok, the air and, of course this is not something that
dissidents situation like Cortland, where you get it didn't and release and not charged and no bail. If the candidate is caught bribing a voter for as little as a candy bar you could be found in five years in prison, and now we are talking about hundreds per annum. Thousands of roads over at least for elections but you have to believe that those in the somali community are going to very apprehensive to talk to investigators, I mean it's a Gary if this truly going on, then it me is that everything else that is linked to it. The at a violence, etc, etc. If you, you know, We blow the whistle here that that's all, so true.
Well sure we ve, we published plenty of evidence that her campaign and we have video evidence, again what what we have here. This person actually posted on line the video that o Keefe has posted bragging about what is doing just posted on online. Without there that's the same thing. We have back in the twenty six p m, when out for NEWS Minnesota, hosted a video. Taken out and ill harm campaign events, where they were talking about, Whoever it was in the community who had leaked of her fraudulent marriage. They had the hunter. Person down and get him out of the community, and this was at her can paint posted on their Facebook person who actually we recorded that video, his name was grew hot hot. She was at the time out
They offer a triple stabbing in Ohio and he was out of state Yeah he lit in Ohio. He was now in Minnesota, running or Cole running her intimidation camp and try to remember that the same guy he's running, as co intimidation campaign he's going to a knocking, doors, a legend, saying we want another you're gonna keep your mouth quiet. If I mark here that you gave us twenty five bucks one or we can trust you oh he's he's running a protection racket. We also have have thought of them simply running a boat buying campaign where they have bags. Play going out organised by earlier see. He was and pay manager spread. Eleven different building managers for these eleven,
eleven towers that mostly house the somali refugees who see the riverside the money was getting sick at around each of them. It was and please, if you show forgetting his van and we drive it down and boat. We'll give set amount. I've heard the amount of fifty four, the primary and Twenty five for the general so David, Is anyone going to look into this well this? were given to the F B. I can confirm earlier this year, people in again remember given false information to the FBI. Is a felony in itself we had locals who were willing to give us information face to face to the FBI early. This year regarding that is for prior elections now did not have any concrete,
and so we had with several people, confirming this now again early this year. After speaking with the FBI, someone said you know, let's call James Oki get him down here, see if you can ask them in the act this year and as we can see, he was successful. So we now have, then the door with proof of her do, This year we can go back and look at what Sixteen twenty eighteen, I feel very common. Now about this also just last night, o Keefe spoke with behind him, had it been county, attorney's office so, he said what you have on the tape is illegal and we are looking to it so it's a great start. Let me let me play. Let me play a little bit more of the the tape. This is the ballast heart, the ballot harvester. What is it liven Mohammed, where he is on social media, make a video here about the stack of absentee ballots in his car that he collect.
It's for the campaign of a Democrat, listen numbers. I wanted I gotta web, who had last labs imbalance sunk. I am so much it very well household and villages web, but I got a web page. Is all these absentee Belarus can do as you well know, refuting my car's evil of them be a hundred clear months or today, at three hundred ballots for Jamal. Is that is that in enough, because really he could have three hundred balance for Jamal. Just because he was knocking on doors which is called ballad harvesting it is fine, at least in Minnesota. I dont think its fine, but he could, just go and get the ballots from people that were You know signing them of their own volition. Let's not exactly correct. It is fine to collect three ballots three hundred, according to Minnesota minutes
so it did not find it. It is already illegal. Of course, we ve got folks like me, Elias that Britain's Kui election law turned. You here has led the vote by male suits have been Billy three dozen lawsuits together hope. I male ballot harvesting signature law to get that relax to get. Everything relax the have votes be able that counts, one two weeks after election day, that's mark alive she's the one who's been suing every state to make what you see being in that video legal? Not not the fact that he's purchasing boats right, but you make resting three hundred ballots, just going door to door like that legal, so that an appeal fight across the country in every state- it is an absolute
prices at this point and it all should have been avoided. They ve been doing this since March. Early this year. You'll remember the the moments the corona virus, lockdown started to begin guys like Mark Elias and democratic party, Lee millions and millions of dollars came out of nowhere and they started these suits all over. Country to implement both by now and to choose the two to relax. All these other lot. Now vote by male- had never ever been impulse. Ended in eight months art until November, a member They do have it into a fairly decent job of it. It took them several. Years of refinement and law suits and refinement and process refinement he was trying to do in eight months. They knew from the start. This was going to be disaster we now have on camera, just a big of a disaster. In face of November
thank you very much David Steinberg investigative reporter. Covering the news came out from project very toss this weekend about let harvesting fraud in Minnesota people are risking literally risking their life to bring information out. You're, not gonna, see this information in the mainstream media. Its Gordon for you to share these things. Were if your friends who are still undecided or you know, or just it is normal people that maybe hearing things. People are not hearing the truth, because their only watching one side or the other. Thank you very much. I appreciate it.
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