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Best of The Program | Guests: Sen. Mike Lee, Drew Holden, & Bridget Phetasy | 9/23/20

2020-09-23 | 🔗

Sen. Mike Lee joins to discuss the Supreme Court drama in the Senate and explains why he would prefer it if Trump nominates Judge Amy Coney Barrett. Drew Holden of the Resurgent runs through his latest stunning Twitter thread on how Democrats have reversed their view on Supreme Court nominees in an election year. He also discusses whether Michael Bloomberg is bribing Florida felons by paying their debts so they can vote. “Walk-Ins Welcome” host Bridget Phetasy discusses how “microcancellations” are dividing American families and an ESPN host’s latest take on the “mostly peaceful” protests.

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The only thinking, how are you doing creek gotta, be back in your show thing you're. Only on your welcome so is seriously. I know we have to pick a woman, for some unknown reason is exchange out of the of the Roma possibility with you will not have the next seventy two hours into little hasty. Ok are so I want to talk to you about the vacancy. What's going on TED, that he has concerns of any body that has nominated because we always screw this up is there anybody on this short list that you feel is a real homerun. Yeah. Look I
it's gonna, be aim. Emmy Tony bear it. I could be wrong, I don't think I'm going to be. I think it's going to be her and I think she would be a fantastic Supreme Court justice. I think be a textual and original list should be devoted to the car. Of constant feeling, limited government. That's what we need so you compare to who do you think she's gonna be more like she? She will we in the mould of her former Boston, Scully, did the mould of Justice Alito, my former boss, in the mould of Justice, Thomas she'll be somewhere haggling over eight late justice, Thomas O, Clarence, Thomas Ossing Roberts. I thought you said Robert surfers. Oh, no! No, who had a very different story Godaddy somewhere between Robertson, hence Glia, he's writing the sweet spot where we would want to be sure that she's, a Scalia, Alito Thomas Type,
jurist in. That's exactly what we want now, the last time she was confirmed in for the Senate. They just raked her across the calls for her religious beliefs. She's strong Catholic and mean just really were, I thought way out of line they were. I was a Glenn it as I sat through there, I was in the committee rooms, Servolo Judiciary Committee, with and as we were going through the process, confirming her a couple of my democratic colleagues Asking these questions, and I couldn't leave what I was hearing at first. One of my colleagues said the dogma seems lives. Strong in due course, are worth trying to write another colleague ask her if she would describe myself as an Orthodox Catholic, both of those questions I'm off to me as though they were saying? Well one thing: if your like. But if you actually believe that stuff than your kind of crazy,
bothers me is a religious minority myself. I find that very as an American I find it appalling. As a constitutional lawyer, I find it shuttle imagine saying that to Ruth Bitter Ginsburg about her religion, I mean that that's it's outrageous. Absolutely outrageous, so tell me about what you are expecting Democrats to do I mean they are talking about burning the place down? If this if this passes tell me, is that is rhetoric or they serious what what what what happening MIKE, I don't know it twenty twenty, and so I I don't know whether read anything just figurative. Or literally because it could easily be both be insofar as their expressing outrage over this. That's really quite absurd.
They look. This is not a store collaboration for us to be confirmed, In this context, you and twenty sixteen which they like to point out for their Obama, nominated Merrick, Garland and the Senate, its advice and consent on that nominated by rejecting this year, prison were nominated a replacement. I think it's gonna be Amy. Coney Barrett for Justice, Ginsberg and consistent with the constitution will again give our advice. Set. If we like denominate will confirm her. If we don't, we won't it's it's that simple. They other been s, thereby Supreme Court vacancies He in a presidential election gears twenty nine in the history of our republic. In ten of those cases, the prison, She was held by one party in the Senate by different Party in nice, those ten instances than these were rejected by the Senate. Just like Garland was, on the other hand, they. Ve been nineteen times when a Supreme Court vacancy occurred in it central election year work, but the press
the and the Senate were controlled by the same party. Only one of them nineteen nominees AID Fortis was rejected and he was rejected on a bipartisan basis after an ethic scandal. Every other now many eighteen, nine out of those nineteen was confirmed in an election year when the Senate and the presidency were under the control of the same party. There is none unusual about us doing. This is no reason why they should threatened a burden, house down whatever that meets MIKE You know for the last few years we ve been talking about, we need to make sure were watching Russia and any foreign actors on on our elections. The what the Democrats are doing now with the mail in ballots and how bad our systems are in every state the Soros owning the many of the attorney general's or the district attorney's
I'm really really really concerned that no one is going to believe the result of this election, no matter which weigh it happens, is certainly concerning in two one of the many reasons why we need to resist any effort. Ever to centralize all voting authority because the fact that it would make it more subject manipulation by various actors either outside of our country like like Russia or otherwise, by the way. That's it Finally, what a proposal advanced and passed by the Democratic House of Representatives in this Congress each hour, one would have done decentralized election authority, the more vulnerable arson much far more vulnerable than I would like it to be, but much better than it would be if the reforms proposed the Democratic Party were enacted into law. In the meantime, people can do
airport, by making sure that they vote by looking out for it. Irregularities whenever they see them and- and ring the almighty God with everything in them. That yoga through this particularly difficult election cycle and will make it through a mine, are you concerned with the the lack of record. Amy, Coney Barrett, of all of them are short. Hers is probably the best, but are you concern that we don't know enough about these guys, I'm nearly always concerned that we don't know enough. I wish we were no more with joy bear it. We know more than we know with most We confirmed her about three years ago to the Eu S court of appeals for the seventh circuit and We also have her career long track record. Dynamically? We know that she's been involved in the federalist society. We know that
tax rules originals. We know that she court for Justice Scalia though those are all good signs and all the indications we have from her positive and that's why I'm confident about this choice. Scalia is this: was his favorite system. Her, what what what did you call it a lark yeah? his favorite clerk right yet a key. He loved her, and was not overly emotion. Or attached to clergy. I have a friend, my friend John Fee, who is a law professor I'd be you Court for Justice Scully and I believe it was John tree. He told me that, on the last day of his courtship justice colleague said something to him along the lines of up. You know you guys I'll fungible to me right It is a sort of we here have joking and many joking, your money in most respects. But his point was I get emotionally attached each locker
he loved, judge, bear it, and I think it speaks well of her and of of him that he felt that way just because Donald loves a show, and he likes these big surprises. Let me about Barbara go a bit. I, like her story born to cuban immigrants. You know and really seems to understand, Amerika The cuban american woman selected for the court, but she was also nominated by JEB Bush, Ho Dewey. What do we know about her ok, so here's the thing, I'm sure, she's a great person. I voted to confirm to the Eu S court of Appeals to the Eleventh Circuit, what I can tell she is a good judge there. I would not be comfortable confirming her. To the Supreme Court of the United States. The same way I
b with Amy Coney Bear for the simple reason that we don't know that much about her history of committees, catastrophism. An original ism, at least up before a few years ago, one of the standards I employs I'd, I'd like to go. Twenty years, I like to find out who someone was associating with who they were working with. Twenty years ago, what are they doing to promote understanding of the constitution of Textual ISM? original ism. Twenty years ago, any country Barrett was corking are preparing to court just a Scalia. I know that she was involved heavily in the Federalist decided that entire time I dont know that about Barbara Nagoya. In fact, I haven't been able to find anybody. You can confirm that to me. I could be wrong and having that concern, but because I dont know I did that that nobody would scare me. I did just simply because I dont know I nonetheless
well. Ok, let me let me just switch topics, and I let you go MIKE on the president came out with a ban on woke capital working with the. U S, government he has tried to stop these woke? hypnotists programmes that are that are going on right now and critical race theory, and we have several branches of the administration that ignoring his his order to not do any of these critical race training. Fear meetings, did was the first they had by. They got twelve over thirteen weak course another one's got a twenty one. We course that is going on there, just ignoring aren't we. Should people we fired. I talk to somebody at it at the bee yesterday and he said well, we really can't we can't. Are people who are directly go. Against a presidential directive
That seems wrong to me and, first of all, I am very grateful to to the Office of Management and budget for putting up this memorandum. Last week I had Russ vote. They had of Olympia, come and speak to the Senate, Republicans and explained the need for this Miranda. Look. These people are hating America on America's dime and it's time to cut off their allowance is absolutely ridiculous. Now what we always lived up to the law the ideals that we believe in no more mortals were or improve. But more than any other society that I know anything about. Unrecorded human history. We have the ideals we do embrace them and we gravitate overtime towards them. To shake America's foundations to their core. To suggest that we don't have that those ideals is fundamentally on American. It's not helpful if not what they should be doing. In this case it violates and executive branch directive.
These people shouldn't be having those courses but awakened, who does a thirteen weak course on anything the government, let alone a twenty one. I know people if, if, if word, if doing that, much I'm in training on things like that nothing to do with any one's job in the federal government. Why do they have to begin with, I dont know his burdens that expendable. But if you, if you don't fire these people, you're going to teach everyone else. You can get away with it, they'll see beyond the wrist they'll make it stop doing it, but they're not gonna fuck. Are you in samples need to be made, You respond to the duly elected president of the United States, Europe part of his administration jack. That's exactly right, but the one thing that day, founders had in mind when they designed the executive branch of government is at the present time
it would be the head of the executive branch of government. They contemplate this vision. Team labyrinth is impenetrable, fortress in which People once inside could never be taken out right. Our civil service laws, need to be reformed, such that the American? People can have a say in who operate their government. The president needs discretion to take out people who are willing to execute and enforce the laws according to directives. We need to overall laws in that area. Going to Washington seems like Hotel, California, you can check it, but you can never leave things so much at the best of the gun that programme drew home is with us seas. From the resurgence hand, the author of the research and welcome to the welcome to the programme drew how I am faced
I'm doing online, have of yours. I you know I would. I would be better if we didn't have our country on fire on fire right now, it seems reasonable thing to be right and it seems to me, drew near graded, pointing this out seems to me they are willing to do anything. They really. I They mean burn all thing down, yeah, I mean you know. Senator humor said the other day that all options are on the table right and they floated all of the bad ideas, be it during the nominating brothels incense- and I cannot but agree with you- So you you do what you do you do best. You took everybody's words now and then you want to give us some of the most stunning Sure, yeah, I mean I think, up from the star President Barack Obama was saying just for short years ago that it would be irresponsible for them.
Again to not consider a nominee before one is even announced. He is in four years later called on to rational Democrat and sent. I regret to do the exact same thing, senator humor out another one of our greatest asset. You saying the same thing he said you know what the Senate has confirmed. Seventeen scope is justified in presidential election years. Then it should do their job. Confirm anomaly back when it was the democratic. Not many right will. Merrick Garland was gonna, be the one, but this was all up and down the ticket. I mean potential Albert Presidential nominee, Joe Biden thing the same thing. It would be genuine constitutional crisis, to block of amendments, Justice Domini on the court. Although thoughts all about all that logic, on entirely out the window in the span of four years. So I have to tell you drew stew- and I are one of the to that. I know of another or more, but the only two that I know of that actually said given up or down vote
I mean we're consistent with gardens with garland, even though I dont think you need to be a consistent on these two, because there is a difference: the Senate ass. It was not controlled by the Democrats and that's usual for them not to you know the year, the the nominee exactly and it's not a rope, stay right, I'm gonna build up, but they not kind of lost on people. Is that the role of the Senate? Isn't it that a candidate, and they have a here. They go their final weapon through its two stood up about it. I grew out. I think I was saying the same thing barrel hadn't that hey you know what fine words like the guy voting down, get it over the boat out, whatever you want, but but have the vote and do it again. This is the offices and a lot of weight. The old Harry Red filibuster play it. You think it's gonna work for you and the short term. It makes a lot of sense, but in the long term look I ve got a lot. I got your fate, so I find interesting, how the change in the left here in on tone Hillary Clinton,
This is the tweet for maybe see news at the time. Calls for a full and fair hearing from air Garland in using judge where Garland as his Domini President Obama, has met his responsibility. Now it's up to the members of the Senate to meet their own end quote. Bed seems respectable so this Hillary Clinton says: Senate Democrats will have to use every single possible maneuver too bent senator Mcconnell from enacting the greatest tragedy, a travesty and monumental hypocrisy in attempting to fill route bitter goods eggs Supreme Court seat. I mean the word. That the left is using now that they are just so stream they are, and you know I think they would be extreme, even if the merit garland situation had happened right. I think it to his credit centres we're pointed out seventeen times. We feel this Supreme Court see in an election year, so the
in general of calling this a monumental hypocrisy, the greatest travesty. It just gets its baldly ridiculous, but when they were thing exact opposite just four years ago. It really does for anyone city who may still kind of thing that there are people on the left side of the iron work, in good faith to training you things that are in the best interest of the american people, rather than politicians were gunning for power. I hope this dashes that thinking and this is my drew- it seems like I know- there's a few conservatives out there who have a lot of em I like who were kind of trying to propose this. This idea, We would maybe good deal with the Democrats and tell them the well but dont pack, the court, and then, if you don't pay court, then we must put up a nominee and I'm not I like it. I like please sentiment. It feels good. I wish we had a country in which that was appropriate. I'd still push for a nominee, but I I wish that we had. Country in which the Democrats could be trusted in such a situation, but quite clear
We don't right here is doing here, your spot. I it's one of the things where I know you, talk about David trenches and Jonah Goal Barge, who are just kind of waiting and hoping that the damsel act in good faith and particularly on something like this. Because I don't know where they ve been for the last few years, not merely having been paying attention, but I don't know how many conservative you know where the with any electricity going on between the ears could look if they have an odd situation and say? Yes, I trust these same people to now act in good faith. It's like the schoolyard thing right This is the sort of thing that you can usually learn at five six, seven year old, when you ask someone not to do something and give something up for it, and for some reason that that message hasn't hit home for some of these books. It hasn't hit home, though I think for a lot of Democrats to that, or you know, there's theirs. Between a Marxist, a progressive, a liberal and a Democrat hotel in common with Democrats, some things in common with liberals, but their employer things on me, no, we both agree with the bill of rights. When you get in
progressive and marxist is a different story, but the those are the people that are now in charge and it yet- peers, as though they just Despise America and will destroy it if they have to and destroy. Because they want to at least the ones that their listening to and empowering on the streets yet- and I think parliament, as you know they they feel entirely compelled to some measure of power and control, and there use do their familiar with having a supreme court and having a justice system that by law she's going to is willing to legislate on the bench is willing to carry victory, is unwilling to carry water. When democrats lose elections or Cancun, education through or whatever it is, and I think you are you're seeing right now. This kind of collective freak out on the streets is: oh, no. What happened? we lose, that what happens if that sort of power and authority goes out, the window and you're right
I think there is a lot of people who are willing to truly burned down anything any end. Institution. Anyhow, you write your hearing, talk about packing the Supreme Court, abolishing the electoral college doing away with a filibuster if anything that could an impediment? To that? vision of what they think of as a better America can go. The window incredibly quickly eyes it as soon as they they get threatened, as a great story in the place today might Bloomberg helps pay court fines for thirty one thousand, one hundred Florida Phelan, so they can vote but they're all and picked their their democrats, that they're doing and their thereof, hispanic or blacks are not doing for white. How is Michael Bloomberg Gonna get away with this? Is you know We also do not confident he is. If there were another universe in which I personally am, I think I'm a pretty big fan, restoring voting rights to follow me. They serve their time, but the idea of going through
selecting only the ones who you can count We rely on to vote down one. Yes, I mean sure there's an enormous number of legal challenges, I'm sure he'll get sued IKEA? I would be relatively surprise, I think, if we were to get away with it one and two again It just shows how obviously in bad faith, what he's doing as bigger but he was really concerned about, was restoring the rights of balance. A lot of great work in Florida dawn. Pushing on and if you there's a lot of work to do that, rather than handpicked throughout the voting rules are people who you think are going to vote for your team, so drew He wore game this out in your head. How does America come back together after this, because We are seeing what the left is doing to the voting rules into you know may allow ballot send and things like this in floor, we're seeing it We know that they are going to be litigating everything they
keep claiming that we're trying to throw the election and we're trying to cheat with. I guess Russia again, I don't know what it is, but they I believe a the aim of active tromp is president. I don't know unless it's a blow out. I would believe that This was a fair election. How do we? you together yeah. You know I mean my first thought climate I think what we need to do is have a really rock solid Supreme Court with nine justice is that we can count on whatever happens, from the election. We're gonna need to have a supreme court. That is able to legislate the outcomes right. We got fifty separate state based election, all of which could end up at the Supreme Court. I think we need to have an institution that people can trust and rely on. That has probably, as many justices as usual, sit on it to be, will make that decision. One too I think what you're gonna need to see an on both sides right. I don't think so
uniquely democrat problem. But what you're going to need to see is the more trusted respected he says within the institution, come back and say: ok, we have, we have it we think we have no one's youve institutions, you're gonna need of its president up one's reelection, you're gonna need Joe Biden and Iraq, Obama and Nancy Policy and shock treatment to get up and say we are accepting the results of this election. You see that concerns that no, I am I think the problem is I don't. I could see it from me: by then probably Obama, but the idea of Seeing someone like Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton, who, having accepted the result of a twenty sixteen election, to come out and say death, I trust that this was fair when we so many more variables play. I guess the short answer is yes, I bore gained it out, and so I dont have a good. I dont have a good answer for how we can walk back from that leave us. Mr right, thank you very much, for I really appreciate it. God bless
I do wonder about a new as well. Thank you. Thank you drew Holden from this is the best of Glinda Programme and don't forget, raids on I too long time, no see, I now spend too. I know your view mean you're trapped California, you're gonna slide off into the sea song point that upon me, I guess That was actually very mad cow for me by your looking around and saying. Maybe I should get out. Maybe maybe you haven't been convinced. Yet what is our first got it? first of all you are getting out for the wall before we get into Europe spectator, which is an awesome column. What is like right now in
California, you know seems like Aragon for two weeks, and I came back and steam blankets. That all down the well bad feels it, strain. You know I went down to the third through promenades due from shipping and anxious reminder of everyone. Some word and I wasn't placed their shut down. It was weird to be an Arizona and Texas where things are much more open. I you go into restaurants and eat with mass everybody seemed to be used by five wary mass, but they also worth fell just going. Their lives will be coming back here. Feel very closely then people more than interactions, people that are upsetting. I feel like everybody become very suspicious of each other, and you know beginning of pandemic there is, there is a kind of stuff.
Geraghty we're all in this together and quickly shifted to you know crossing the street hurriedly, and making sure they hear, yearn it's a strange as it straight it doesn't show up. I had spent a born and the homeless the Cinderella just a staggering beds the thing that is the most noted, the law, just keep getting worse, so are Californians getting it. Are they starting to see? Where way these guys, maybe not maybe maybe this is in the best way to a government for a state I don't know you know to become some. Who pays more attention to these things there? seemed to be a strange, a lack of awareness between Luke. People, your voting for and the policies that you're complaining about their. I feel- and I think
what California in particular you'll see. People just leave. California, and I always say how's worrying. You know the Maid Muddle Youtube shine down through fire. Their whole ran about that everything. Don't take your crappy policy Thank you. They were They don't have them, because it's not you know about, it's a weird, disconnect that I fully understand. I'm curious with the west. Happens in these states were out. There should receive the care. Forty refugees, so You write in Europe. You writing your column. Almost every Democrat who is voting for tromp has a personal story about being ostracize shamed or losing a close friend or family member over politics. I've opera after Hilary lost the left would learn that bullying people tone, policing and punishing people for wrong. Think only too people off how wrong I was. I was there, I I you know
evidence of me being very wrong. Is that I'm having conversation with you about this and much safer you say they would one here from being man, I'm somebody who is the last still lives, then a very liberal place where people feel like because I'm oh publicly open about my own in the tent, in politics that making him fast their true feelings to me, though, there things just even on the ground from crime is that they would never publicly meant to say and I feel like every single Listen who robbed me mourning for trunk? Who was a form. Democrat, wished winded surprising number.
Leaned by the way the emails- probably I have a thousand at this point- leave much more heavily in favour trump. Obviously, that could be so so I've been they saw. My audience I anecdotal is is what it is, but it's still seemed a big pattern of people who independence independence. I feel like a for more policy. They seem to let's say, while I can look aside from his chair, a girl- and I can look at what are you doing on paper with? The Democrats is at least personal Almost every single person re me had a personal story. I mean people got divorced over this over. Let the politics and that fights and peer to parent who had finds out with their children. Their kids aren't hiking man there not being there gray head. This is me, there were fighting things to read this: doesn't happen. I dont think since the civil war, when you know that this
Split in the family would happen and it really divided the families I mean we had arguments for a long time with family members, but we still got together That's not happening, we're we're getting warmer eyes of lots of people telling us can go see my kids anymore can go see my son and daughter. Can't I mean it's not yet some searching and I fear for on the left or the right perspective as wilder. There are a lot of people whose pair I been kind of taken down the very far right conspiracy theories that are extremely You know, how am I gonna cure nine territory where there a little bed unreachable and then. Here on the last, wherever, where you know from doing even sender, my whatever you may want to call it
I'm all right. I call a trunk devotion. Sender, man laughed, the tramped arrangements in Germany is very intense and there is their unreachable. So there's just keyboard surely losing themselves into the tribal and things and much because you know unless you're pretty who were doing work there. There isn't much to stop that process. I think once and start happening again, Our media and our society It is very supportive of that divide and everywhere. You're, here you'll hear on the left or the timing out break up. You'll see tweeted this all the time I thought I'd start talking to my parents. I wrote them out. I mean that come from a big, huge irish Catholic family, where, everybody was there were
some different opinions. All across the political spectrum me there are ten heads and my dad's family and we drink then to us by my grandparents rest in peace. There were amazing we, do not fight over money or politics. Blood comes before All that you use you love each other and have disagreements, and yes, people again I can talk to and can sometimes, but the normal Irish Catholic them, we we tell our love each other. Everyone's they'll make I've been with them, I'll have great relationships. Even if our politics are, you know I have. I have a very far, however, extremely the servant of ongoing, and I have answered you were in the Portland protest Camp I think we all still sit down and break bread and love each other than that is where I come from. I hate you When people talk about the fabric of society, sorry, the shrine
this is where I think the Maoist, it's just about. Can I get. I dont think people can understand what happens also when people feel rejected that that feeling of rejection is article eight can be radicalizing could evolve day, suddenly be ostracised or shame. You know there lit up little story. People- I work being our or being its very strange to it. Such a strange I don't understand. I didn't think what a strange for people to be doing mad to one another as if that couldn't turn around and happened to them. I gotta tell you it is it is so bizarre Stu. Is there any doubt in your mind conservative, as this company is we? We ve and progressive sweet had people were for if it
he had somebody who was like Joe Biden supporter is there No doubt in your mind that we would all be cool with that person. I mean resist theirs. I dont understand this outing stuff in the aim, in the that's awful just an authority group of awful people. Let s go head on I call it late micro cancellation- you know these- we talk a lot about Campbell call charges in the discourse, and then I think this this. Evidence of micro cancellations and I'm viewing, which of little ones that are happening all over America and friend, groups them families. I don't think we can underestimate that affect the people I hear from worm. Janet republican voting for Biden almost across. The board and is a character in trumps character that they have the biggest issue and some of the corruption and some other people surrounding etc with. No,
with the last voting for the right. Almost every single person has at cute. Is it being kind of red, told by mainstream media between coal read and write and protests, and now even with bad thing, let's say: they're gonna get rid of the filibustering, sack the cords, and then personal experience of being core unquote cancelled, or I will continue at bridges fallacy here. Just a second. I want to play an audio clip and, and ask you if you think people that vote for Democrats actually believe this stuff or if they're, just tolerating when he talks about like black lives matter. Ninety three percent of the protests or peaceful there,
overwhelming majority leave rape and, by the way, the seven percent that are not gave a very broad definition of, what's not Gordon Cole, peaceful, that, for example, if you block traffic or something like that or if you respond to police provocation, even now, a big percentage of that which we did that wasn't peaceful, is actually outside agitators, extremist right wing agitated, posing as protesters in order to make the protests. Look bad, that's the first thing Brigitte I mean we are hearing this, like the guy who we're he. We are hearing this all the time from the media that that that it's a peaceful, no, the the pro test when they started they were peaceful now there generally a bunch of white punks that are just destroying things because they can so they're not peaceful, and it certainly not right wing agents coming in our people
Do people believe that? Are you just look at it and roll your eyes? I I don't know I don't. I think it depends on the individual really why what you believe? So thinking a lot about this because because I'm hearing from so many people who were behind the idea. I think everybody was kind of on board. We need to really look Please brutality and man right thing, I wonder how you didn't. Do we know what percentage of people actually protest? Then you know how many, how many people in America, because I need a lot of other people were just observing ass, going down and probably supporting, but not necessarily all you I dont know I do you know anybody when that, when that first killing happened. Do you know anybody that said
No police are always right. Now now we were united, we were united and some our another. It was used to divide us. I mean I just I wonder Q, Why the biggest none seeing. I do think, probably few lists, statistically at how many protests there were even little one, the majority of them, probably working for probably went off without ahead. For the most part, I think everything that happened during the day probably was peaceful Is that a good metric, though like so what? If only seven percent, were violent? Like that's not acceptable like if you would spent only seven percent of your days, murdering someone you'd still be thought of generally as a murder, you, if you like, I will not one day while any Elba exclude kitchen, and no one else is that one thing necessarily the seven percent are even voting. You notices
and they were I do. I do think that a lot of people who are dead or violent- and this is why, I feel the left has done a very bad job. The Democratic Party in general, They have no divorce themselves from this extreme Adam and in fact you know for all the time while carrying water and all this stuff. I don t them pushing back hard enough again that violence in a space have started. Jude, because they realise that its calling that they mean to but for the most part they ve been accepted at and allowed at and which guarantee and an encouraging, even if it's out of sight of their mouths, even so do do. Do you think the average person that doesn't pay attention to the news that they'd know that the Democrats were like crazy on this. I I think the problem is that the average person who
doesn't pay attention to the news. What little they're getting they? Can separate them? from four eight nine separate the more no, they can't separate the seven percent from the ninety percent. The may I gonna like the news and say, while the left is crazy, even Even I mean there, they are he parent, the majority. I know why you know people who are a kind of call by the liberals and my family, who are, I would, have we met the other day because I was on the phone with a family member with old school. By liberal body providing and he was like Bridget, I'm very worried about you. In the aftermath of the election as Trump wines, which I think he's going to. I think You can get out of our let him his life's, though the party ready
our voting. Wiring gonna burn made very bad news. They lose sight each others like blue. Did he say? Did you see that to him Of course, I'm here here and kind of laughing, but he was saying you know that same thing is that those are those people are voting. This is a pretty good bye. He pays more attention to the news. I would say that they have. These anti from people are very thorough, whoever it is that the it'd be outside agitators, nobody here, but you have the upper end of the Democrats, actually supporting this stuff. And its? it's really it's it's a frightening type
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