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Best of the Program | Guests: Sen. Mike Lee & Kellyanne Conway | 5/27/22

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Glenn and Stu discuss how something about the Uvalde attack doesn't feel right. Sen. Mike Lee, the author of the upcoming book "Saving Nine," talks with Glenn about the Second Amendment and the importance of maintaining nine justices on the Supreme Court. Former Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway joins to discuss her new memoir, "Here's the Deal," her relationship with her husband, George, and her time in the Trump administration.

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The nfl returns to london. Football is back on the world stage: the tottenham hotspur stadium on nfl network, the saints touchdown wake up early and watch with the world sunday morning, football, the sunday, nine thirty am eastern on nfl network, I'm going to see top gun today and I'm kind of it's kind of like you know he got stopped, stop spending so much time on Tom cruise. Okay, spread that stuff around a little bit he's like the coolest guy alive. You know he's gone through his ups and downs yeah, I mean he might be a monster, but I don't see offensive and we know that, for example, Tom Brady is a monster because of the way he's a horrible human being for his he's another one, yeah he's written down brains, good, looks talent, he's got all the good things in. It happened in his life and he's taking away the good things that could happen in your life. Exactly appropriating are posited exactly right. It's exactly right. This is their they're supermodels. They would date me because he's taking unfair anyway. Here's a today's podcast, it's really good MIKE Lee, is with us, kellyanne, conway bombing, shade dishes the dirt and it's not really dirt. I mean she's, just very, very frank about what happened. I still don't know what the current status of the relationship with her husband as though I've even after you talked about it with her extensively. I still don't know why they're still married, but I'm not really anyway, it's a it's a great podcast today. Don't miss a second here. It is so the I want to be very, very careful because
I dont want to have to apologize for anything, that's where we all should be thinking, let's Say things that we don't know to be true or positions on things we're not short. We do not have all the facts and I'm not gonna. The police under the ass. I am going to question the federal marshals were there where the hell were you. What were you doing? I gonna question them? we have enough information there you're wearing tat nickel gear. Why the hell is in your ass inside, but the police I don't know, it's not looking good for them, but let's not take sides, it's on things and do what the left does before. We know. The truth, Yea
the only thing I get you try to construct. Any reason why they would do some of the hand and very difficult to understand, and the only thing that I keep coming back to is difference between. Let's say it active shooter situation and an inactive shooter situation. If you Think about every hostage movie. You ve ever seen right where a person, maybe he's not actively shooting he holding them hostage or maybe he's in this area. We all knew that they would have Sarah he was holding the mostyn. We had contact with him. We were negotiating etc, set right that the more the right move might be in a situation where he's holding hostage, for example, not to but bustin, because he might kill me, people write the other, thought it You know it is dark, as this is to think about. Potentially He had already done the killing in this room and was barricaded in this room and therefore the thought from the police,
research may have been hey? Let's evacuate all the other kids get everybody else out of the room was in his an hour. If you had him, if you thought than he was barricaded and killed everybody in the classroom gay which he did, except for Who right we do know is that we do not actually not accurate, at least because there is a story and it's the worst story or ever gonna hear I don't want at all, but just give you the details quickly. It seems like the agents said hey. If you need help, you know you lead no, and one of the kids who was hiding said I need help. He heard them came up. And killed the kid. This is from another child who was in the room who witnessed it's ok again like it's dark as it can possibly be, but can see you can construct a scenario where they believe the most, but them this. artists thing to do because there was an on going active shooting going on, was to try. It protect everyone else. So, but I mean that does let's. Let me ask you this, you don't know who did this class
some have windows they so did anybody have eyes on the shooter or the classroom from the outside, if not lie. Second, he was locked in. Ok is locked in there's, no shots being fired. why wasn't at least one police officer position the door, so if that door open up your shot, the guy in the head guy and and why did it take you and our two get everybody out? If you know you guy, you have him locked in a room. Why not go? to every classroom and say out now now go go, go, go, go, go, go, go everybody out, it doesn't thank you and our to do that. So Something just doesn't look right on this and its most likely unbelievable incompetence, but I can't no. What I just I can't
take the lies anymore. I geike. I can't take the not trust anyone any more? We give you this oh see. She came out with a statement yesterday. Young women are not doing this young non binary. People are not doing this trans people are not doing this this the issue we have. Young men are being radicalized right now, really whose Radicalizing them who is radicalizing them I'm not the one that is turning Every student in Amerika to a protester there, Would be you and the teachers unions, by the way. You also check your facts. Yesterday. Colorado teenager pleaded guilty to multiple charges murder,
the twenty nineteen school shooting outside of denver? That left one student dead? eight injured, Alec Mckinney, who was born biologically of female, but identifies as a male pleaded guilty Sixteen counts, including first degree, murder and attempted murder and conspiracy to commit first degree murder after deliberation. Please, give it a rest. A oh see now same people who were outraged by this in the democratic party congress snow democrats, laura potluck guards on our guard, la lover, yeah well, they were the same people that pushed a bill that would have and federal funding for school police in twenty twenty. You dont want to arm the teachers, because the
majority of americans now say we should arm the the teachers yeah Fifty four percent either strongly are somewhat support: the arming of teachers and staff to respond. A school shooting, only thirty five percent somewhat are strongly oppose. So Tell me about our extremist out of step. Most people guns taken away when actual that's not true. Common sense would be put. Police, their lock. all the doors are the teachers, but you know who's against that. My You know here, and this is why This is why you know all the Democrats can be counted on, not go for this solution put guns in schools, even though a majority of people agree with it. You know why, because the teachers unions,
Yeah teachers, unions, they'd of It should be done there against it. Fact not just against it, they're hostile, our publics, what should be the safest places for students and educators, yet the gunshots, from alone shooter arm with a military, great weapon, shattered the physical safety of the school community involving texas. You know what also is a military grade weapon at the time of flint, lock. And then later he was a cap and ball and then later he was the m16 all guns at time. Our military grade why'd you, need that I took a weapon of war, so was the flintlock and by the way
no matter how they try to change the history of the r It it was a hunting rifle first do have a reversal. Time magazine has released and are bad times calls for america to return to. God are couched in the language of consolation. Special after mass shootings when night children were killed in a school in evolving texas, tuesday, a republican, from colorado tweeted its times like these, that we should as individuals, communities and a nation turned to god. comfort and healing. Please please amiss, we are running out of time. Please turn back to god and beg for him to heal our land.
Marjorie taylor, green of georgia, followed, flexion our nation to take a serious look at the state of our mental health today, don't you I think we do think we do, because today I claim I'm a woman, do nothing else just sit here with all the junk in my pants but I'm wearing panties. and I get come on, say, hey rebuilding, I done a fire and If you make fun of me or even question me, you are they hate or you're the crazy one? I don't think so. I don't think so. No I think we should look at our mental health today. there's a reason we always hear calls for christian nationalism rather than for common sense, gun legislation from the right
we ve shown in our research guns are practically an element of worship in the church of white christian nationalism. Why christian nationalism. You know who knows about gun rights better than anybody else, the native american. What happens when the government took the native american guns away It took their land and destroy them. That's right Why is it that martin luther couldn't get a carry permit. Carry a gun? Why is it be As the local share of said, you don't need that boy, we're Here to protect you relay, they did a bang up job. Why is it the clan made sure that no black ex could have any guns that way
could tear arise them at night. Don't talk me about how it's a white, christian nationalist idea,. It is a nationalist idea. I guess because we're the only nation that has a second amendment, because It was in written form sports. It was written for a government that was out of control. You know, like We define out of control why, That is cancelling everything. To do with carbon? east fuel, because the guy government is in charge of everything. Now government that has just decided to spend us into oblivion, to bear out all of the big guys make special favours for all the people who have big money. You know the government, where you go to jail for something, but if
body in the know, somebody gets popular somebody that, god forbid we're doing. actually the same thing or far worse in washington. There never held too good to account. But you'd go to jail, a government tells its own citizens closed down your business and I have no choice: or your going to jail, a government that says you're going to wear masks after the government says masks, don't make any difference, I think that's a government out of control and That doesn't mean your bar all the things that are going on. If this doesn't meet your bar. Just wait! until they take your guns away now it's not christian or nationalism that
is common sense, gun regulation your listening to the best of the glinda programme. This is the Glen back programme. and conway coming up in just about a half hour. We have a studio with us now senator glee, hello, MIKE, could be with you- mike has put a new book out, we'll talk about it a little bit next week, saving nine, it's all about the supreme court and what they are trying to do the supreme court and why it so important that they don't win. Let's talk about the supreme court
and I want to talk to you through guns right now, We have Biden saying in all the second amendments, not an absolute you couldn't have a cannon, when this was written, I think you could MIKE. I think you could own a cannon. And you can have you know you can't have weapons of war, that's what a flintlock was at the time. Is it absolute or not its absolute with rigour to weapons commonly held by law, abiding citizens for lawful purposes. So yet that extends to guns extends to most answered extends to most knives all night. As far as I am aware, you have the right to bear arms. This goes back. I mean nearly five hundred years. This was a deeply honoured tradition and
is something protected under the english bill of rights ground before we became a comfort so but wait a minute, so you said you have a right to own a weapon that is legally allowed to be held Well then so, could congress just pass laws that just say, and that would be constitutional. They could say you know what only only six shooters are allowed and I mean you know revolvers will now, because we have long history and tradition of allowing people to have guns at. commonly held by law, abiding persons for lawful purposes peaceful purposes. So if It is an established tradition for that weapon. Then you ve got a second a memory right to it. That doesn't mean that we can't keep away from people who are convicted felons or who have been convicted of a misdemeanor offensive domestic violence or are addicted to drugs.
Or have some other mental at yes, who had been adjudicated incompetent by a court of competent jurisdiction, so you have a first wall. California, just the night circuit court of appeals just said that their under twenty one gun restriction is unclear. The and dont know how we can ask somebody who is a team to go fight, a war for us with a gun and allow a dangerous things and down there, life as a citizen for this country and then when they come home. If they come home, you know before the twenty one they dont have full rights so that citizenship, by the way where they lay down their life for their country, holding their weapon of noise right is a gun right there. Be trusted in that context, but not elsewhere its Steam they're allowed to drive a car it is also a dangerous weapon, yet can be. Use has been used for that and Sofia seems like an arbitrary distinction and so Biden
has come out and has said that he wants something has gone. To be done. That is really dangerous. Mcconnell has directed John corn. In two, age with the Democrats on a by partisan solution on gun violence. I have now respect left for John Cournand, even though he is from texas. He no friend of liberty, what? What is that all about? It's it's, Hard to say, I dont know that we heard from John corn and or from Mitch Mcconnell what exactly, if anything they want and enacted. But up I'll tell you this I'll. Take my approach to it. I do think there is danger in upon, Choosing a national emergency and responding to it by saying we need another law, we need another law right now. Every tonne government expanse every time it it extends its reach by passing a new law. It under
Liberty in one way or another doesn't mean it's always a bad thing, but it is a bad thing typically to lead the slate under intense emotion, in the immediate aftermath of an emergency. A crisis- that's were bad law, happens, so so What is coming our way to? What do I do you, think this supreme court knows who the leaker was. Yes, I do. I believe, the supreme court. Almost certainly has figured it out by now. I believe the supreme court probably figured out. We re in a couple of days with hungary and I suspect dont know this, but I suspect what they're doing is their wanted to wait until the end of the term until after they die ruling, has been announced by for daring to the world who it was because that might just add to that. Fusion the discussion around it, and maybe minorities of somebody will pay for that. He I I do I do I.
think they know who it was, and I do think that that person will have consequences if, as I suspect, it was a law clerk, I think that law clerk Black will likely will never practice law it. That's not okay to leak confidential information, not your own. To the world, and this was very, very sensitive information. I hope but he pays for cassettes that another problem we have in america right now. People don't trust the system. And there's no rhythm, there's really not a lot of reasons to trust it. nobody seems to pay for crimes and thats. This add part about this- is that in that case this was one system that still has been trusted. Yes, it is supreme court of united states, look words in all they. They they should plenty of rulings that I disagree with that. I dont, like our federal. court system is the best of its kind in the world and we benefit from a tremendously as americans, because of it when you leave.
an opinion before it's out trying to impact the outcome of that particular dispute. Undermine the credibility of the court. That's what the left trying to do so did they? Do you This changed or hardened the stance of this leak hardened stance of those that were for reno, this lift the leak opinion. I hope and I fundamentally believe that it will hardon the stance of those who would already yes, it preliminarily to cast their votes with just as the leaders masterfully written a binding. So too it was beautiful, is brilliant anyone on either side of this issue I should read that opinion, because it is fantastic yeah. So now we have, let me go back again cause I'm looking at what's come in building this too the nine justices that they're gonna wanna pack, the court we have,
couple of cases that are just. Stairs strong as rovers weighed in their area. Do we not? We have one on gun rights. We do indeed at new york state rifle pistol association, purses, brown a case in which I submitted an amicus brief friend of the court brief very signal, can issues related to the second, which means of what the argument is new? Nor can I know it because I couldn't get a gun in new york and I at fifteen active threats on my life. The end Your time I was in new york we have to prove. You have a need to care your gun an exceptional late. Yes, you have to prove that you are different, differ situated than most citizens and that you have this heightened need to it. What they're doing is taking a generally applicable right the founding fathers gave us and said: okay. This obviously can
before everyone, every can't even be for most people in effect, we're going to make it all available under exceptional circumstances- It's rather the opposite of a right right. So we have I've coming out anything else. It's real controversial that you think they will. There are some admin, critics law decisions coming up that I hope I suspect could end up having some bearing on the ability of the executive branch agencies, unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats to make law. Ok, but the real. the gun one and abortion ill could ignite the streets. And then also start a push for packing the court. Yes, that's what they do Blended, that's why I wrote my look saving nine, which is available on pre order? Now he can bite on amazon now saving nine. I started writing this over a year ago, because I predicted this everything happening, I sort of way. Realized by gosh. We could end up
the situation by the summer of twenty when he too, where row gets overturned and in response to that, the left were trying to demonize and de legitimize the court and isolate those who have voted for it and they're gonna go back their tried and true playbook of nineteen thirty seven where they tried to pack the court, though Explain in saving nine how it is that this backfires, this back fires on the best judicial system in the world? Why is that nineteen thirty seven. Last time the Democrats tried this, it left a last in mark mark that has caused all sorts of problems in our government ever since then the threat of court packing, even though it didn't succeed, their influence, the court it hurt. And intimidated the port. The court to the point that the court deferred blindly to
your and changed the law. So after yard did this, but the Democrats, generally speaking, were against it. It was the Democrats. It were fighting along with the republicans fighting effie are on this. You don't have that situation. Now you don't have that situation now. In fact, the very same democrats who have for decades to come, I'd court packing their ashamed that their party did. This are now changing course. There now back on board. Look Joe Biden when he was in the senate, called it a bone, good idea. It was a bone headed idea when, after your did it and it would be a bone, had an idea now write his words, not mine, ruth bitter Ginsberg, just a couple years before she died. Said essentially, the same thing democrat after Democrat had said this, but now there ignoring now the same, but we have to do and that's because the debt I in my opinion, the Democrats are not democrats there more marxist revolutionaries, because this is once you lose this
you're done as a nation, are you not well yeah yeah yeah, at least as a nation that lives under the rule of law, because in order for. the rule of law to work in order for a republican form of government or in a constitutional republic like ours, you do have to have neutral, independent arbiter of what the law means when people disagree s laws, meaning you lie was that if you pack the court because the court then comes a political football, it said ups resembling a court and starts to resemble the inner galactic senate in star wars were less who wanted an advantage awry. One last thing. I want to talk about the durham case. I just talked to bill bar and he told some fascinating behind the scenes stuff that that's a podcast cast out today and I was really actually angry with him. The alike will aware was is, and he had really good explanations for all of it.
He said that he knew that durham would continue, but we're Looking at now the it I mean it looks. gets tying write directly to Hillary Clinton. I mean it looks bad force. Spain and end the Clinton campaign, however, The jury is from. Washington DC there, too, donors to Hillary Clinton campaign. I mean that it's a very tainted jury. Is there anything I mean if these? acts are there and the jury dismisses it it's over right. Yes, that is a central feature. of our system correct. When a crime is prosecuted, you ve got a jury and the jury a decision. The jury's decision is unreliable. so then, if they don't pay again gave nobody pays for this. What What did we had a week? How do we retrieve it? That's a good question so still
the jury's decision. In that case, reviewable. That's those are protections we offer individually, as you should see, and I agree with double jeopardy should nap, but when you get a jury that decides not to convey for whatever reason that doesn't mean the facts go away, it doesn't mean the evidence. Isn't there, it does I, the american people, can't won't be in shouldn't, be informed by the evidence added to the jury. We still will have that, at the best of the best program. Well, it is a pleasure to welcome on the programme the author of here's, the deal and former trump campaign manager, former senior counselor to president drum kelly and conway, hello, Kelly and our you, I'm wonderful guy. Back and thank you for having me today, Hubert hear your voice in person. Thank you so
I have. I have to start because this is the I mean, I'm sorry, but this is the thing that I've always wondered. You and your husband are you like James carville in and Mary Matlin, now Not- and I know I'm glad you asked a question as other people to write it and they presume it. That's not what this is. He was never a Democrat working against my republic presidential candidate, that would be carbon who helped make they'll Clinton's career mary madeline- Smart republicans try you work for the bushes and others in this case, george and I both for a single mind that donald trump had to beat Hillary Clinton and become president of the united states. George was incredibly supportive, even helpful comments. He mp may night after leaving his a job a few blocks away from chump tower and right in the book, this new book ears video when great, be decreed great father. They give to get on it for I write their very explicitly that people say without
in incumbent way, Donald trump would not have been elected and twenty. Sixteen that's debatable, but what will never be in doubt is that without george conway kelleam We could not have been, campaign manager in this closing months of twenty. Sixteen, to the extent I was he in If not insisted me to take my shot, he was the george was the only person I told in the hours after president, MR trump offered me to him, management, germany's kelly and you're doing this. He can actually, when with you and I'll help, more at home, and he did, and so people just need to know the facts. Where did I had something else in common and not just its parents of these four wonderful children? Glenn but we had in common that we both accepted big jobs in the trump administration and windows mighta there. They saw me out there, and again but george had accepted a position at a nomination as the head of the civil division of the? U S, departure justice, that's a big job and he
you know did that. Now he changed his mind about donald trump. This is america. We can all see that going back. You can change your mind about that. Will tromp about power, tonight what you're having for dinner, whatever it is, but to do it in such a public away, was so not george and was so not helpful onto his wife, not normal, what why did he feel it was necessary? You say it wasn't like him what can you get into that? Why did he feel it was so necessary? people who change their mind about donald chomping people who are already congenitally afflicted with trump derangement syndrome, for which there are no therapeutics and no vaccine safety look around there, certainly isn't they feel duty bound to express that publicly because they find an immediate and equally versa for a hungry audience in so doing, but as I put in my book, you know I miss the privately brilliant can Conway not publicly bombastic bombastic one that he had become and
listen, George is a very smart person. He graduated harvard at twenty graduated yale law school at twenty three made partner at um, the premier law firm in new york city at thirty unheard of in these days after five years, only unheard of and and he's we've been married for many decades we have four children together. What what what this all comes down to? Is I understand what was happening and the reason I call it cheating by tweeting is because of how he was spending his time. So if you have a side piece, if you have a goo mas, the italians in my family retirement and my family did a growing up. If you had a you know, you have a mistress, you're spending With that person thinking about her in meat with hurriedly being at our and planning there in presenting you with her and to sell this was very similar in that this. This seemed an awful lot of his time at his attention, and you saw what happened. George,
we became a folk hero, but actually Kelly, Conway's husband did I put in the book quantitatively that he was referred to as Kellynch conway's hugger routinely, which tells you all you need to know about what their real motive was, particularly those beginning months, if not years, which was to try to stay. to me to try to put division between donald trump and made to try to get me to quit. My job was good at my job. And I loved my job. I love my public service job and I was darn good at it and I was very focused on it and I think the media who never knew who who's. we know what the job of the media glenn is, in my view, to get the story, but they took it upon themselves to get Is it it and those around him, his family members, his senior staffers and their families and I couldn't get enough of killing and always has been it s. Just one quick, follow up question cause you right in the book that vodka came to you and gave you, I think two names of marriage councillors. and you guys went what it once you guys are married in. It are things better in our we did not out
but in a book that you did not girl, you cheated We too namesneezer, yet one better I said no to one and then he sort of shrugged at the other, and we never went the way I look at it is that that it wouldn't be- so public about something so private, except it's important to know that I take my marriage vows very soon, as always been faithful to them and when I said, wherever I meant it and dumb. It was very nice bianca trump who- and I put in a book the Glen you know I I was talking to her about something else. Our offices were right next to each other in the west wing. On the second floor, I called the cool kids wearing white house counsel's office me johnny, afternoon dena power at a Mary cover a prosperous and I and I she was very new values- a very nice person. Very gracious very kind- and she gave it to me as you know, I was open to receiving it. She said: listen. I've got lots of Democrats in my family. I know how this goes in these they're, making things harder for all less than it was very nice of her, but we never wet, and I did the reason I talk about it is I think that if
We wanted to do that. He would have done it because at the ways we see the way he spent his time, he did exactly what he wanted to do. So I will make very clear right now made clear in the book because they know it gets manipulated- is that george, does not a loyalty team, feel pity donald trump or to the present, I teach or to a political party or to this or that The vows were to me Sophie the changes mine. He can do that this is america, but changing his mind about me and that job after we moved our family there together, but the kids and new schools, except a job and even when he took his name out of contention seat, yes out of out of contention forty civil division, you asked justice when he put out a statement not on twitter, but he wasn't much. It will treat your then put out a statement saying Mr president, thank you for this wonderful opportunity and of course I still support you, administration and the war of my wonderful wife,
well days later he set out his first tweet I put in the book that Sean spicer. Then the press secretary is coming toward me in the east room and he said, did you know about this and he showing me a tweet that apparently came from george conway of an entire chapter of my new book. Here's the deal glenn that says but george doesn't tweet and that's what I said. I said that can't be true that he doesn't tweet as a fake account or, and then and we all know the rested his yeah. Ok. So are you. You mentioned that of anchor was very gracious to you and that's the one thing that I don't think that now Ver comes out about the president is well. His children are very, very gracious, but he is incredibly gracious and warm in person. It's like he's like a different person when he's not on you know, when he's not on stage, is doing that red right of him. You have it.
we'll be right, and I know that you've had contact with him. So you know this to be true. You've had conversations with him in person more than a few ah glenn. It is absolutely true, and if donald trump was not a good boss, let alone a good boss to women or a good boss to working mothers there were many in the white house. I would. work there, and why would I do that? He was a great body. Very warm and I think, Donald trump- will never get full credit for something he's ever asked credit for just how many times he trance positively transformed people's lives by picking up the phone. by making a call by making his private jet available back in the day by budget just connecting people need with opportunity and he never really. You know he doesn't brag about that any more than the people who would run around in the coms department thing I think he's ada. Do go: do it off the record, a scream, stop with your nine grandchildren and he would say why would I do that I enjoy them in private. In other words, he he's very then, take that way, any very warm ungracious, an epa Hillary Clinton, I've written a book. Hillary Clinton acknowledged as much in a debate
in one of the debates and twenty sixteen one, each other trump and hilary were asked about the other, say something nice about the other compliment the other and her compliment of him was. I don't agree with all of those things. We disagree on everything, but he has raised a really great kids. Adult kills and and then look what happened on? They went after them still do, but but absolutely true and look at some measure of we can all be remembered for our kids. I think that's wonderful. I said when you no one My daughter, quartier she's, only twelve was didn't, want to move to washington and of the forty nine phase, pollster if you get seventy five percent agreement on something you really winning, but as a mom, you basically need to get close to a hundred percent agreements. I knew all four kids on board and she was really the hold out and I really feel for her and she greek great and now almost a woman, Claudia is you know, b somebody even the washington post is doing a profile on me and they said well. We saw The problem is only with a change that or petitions stop. The comic gives removing to DC. Without about. I said what
me she's honest, they said the rights of account. The rest of the country often pretend I'm a revolutionary. I'm a change I I'm to do this. They go to mcdonald's every night order, number three, I said, but you know at least she admits that she she at least she admits she wants things to stay the same and not move, and they said well. What do you say to her? I said till she said mama, I don't wanna go to deceive me notice, known as jordan. They say, guess what you cure cancer, now be noticed: quartier, Conway's, mother and that's very true and freedom, trump, you know he raised great kids were all trying to raise great kids, it's the most. It's of the one. Most wonderful contribution can make to society. It is I mean I and I know, That's one thing I knew the whole time was that his kids loved him and the end, I'm sure my kids would walk through that wall of fire. I mean they. They never abandoned him at least publicly, and the idea doubt that they agree on everything
but maybe that's just me and I'm not asking for him for inside information. We're talking to kelly and Conway she has a brand new book that is out now we're gonna spend more time with her hearing just a second. If you want to pay up the the book. It's called here's the deal by kelly and conway. It is out now, wherever wherever you order, your books are get your books.
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