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Pat Gray joins to discuss Glenn’s art show and woke Olympians like Raven “The Hulk” Saunders. Stay-at-home mom Nicole Solas joins to discuss how her school board threatened to sue her for asking too many questions about critical race theory. Utah Sen. Mike Lee calls in to discuss the newest trillion-dollar spending bill in the Senate.

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Furthermore, the pot casts day we talk about the limits and some of the funds are going on. With that wonderful patriotism being viewed by all of Amerika ass. He watched the Olympic Games. We also talk about the troubles of debate. I know you're huge job, they be fan Ass, Glenn and I are as well. We have adopted on glens, art show what I try to keep the shortest possible because apparently went well. We have run run up a street o on as well to talk about the similarities between the Woodrow Wilson Administration and the Joe Biden Administration and Senator MIKE leak joins us to tell us why were spending one point, two trillion dollars with the signing of Republican to get it all that today, on the foreign debt forgiveness of private place, tv dotcom, Slash, Glenn Promo Code is Glenn and take a minute to cooks. Thrive on this point cast as well as do does America loveliness scramble, for there is well rate and review the pot cast five stars is the appropriate number of stars. Quick reveal. You know it's great, whatever that'll work, here's the package contains. Mr have re, joins us from Pat Gray unleashed.
yeah. So how the weekend in Port city go with the larger with the art show, it was pretty good devalue, honestly, just just just for the audience. We really do need to get to the news of the day to day it's there's a lot going on patent it. I was listen. My years ago, today, what a great shout Pat Gray, unleashed available on Blaze TV, namely that when we were too late, I wear two people download anywhere, where we really interesting, I was wondering, was how many island Friday, he said people would come in and spit on the painting. I really think I said I don't know: do you did inaccurate inaccurate reuniting lightly? Any painting you know said like no one would show. I mean that people should spit on the painting right well, and it was all he could talk about. Latvia has only, and I will now. Strangely does sorry if the new is more important to show that we again glad I'm sorry, you know in our country
right now is on the edge yeah. You want to talk about your painting right, we don't know. If I didn't mean, is it a big deal just about it? Just like the nice thing out, we retire and his hair pandemic. Let's let slip spent some time. I drawing ok heightened loud, and I know that my skin color in book, all of you to all of my proceeds going to Mercury one. I don't Why? For what like? What are they would it? Is there any? Is there any important issue that maybe we should talk about lightened by anonymously if the site with global sex slavery, maybe the law murdering of Christians around the globe spend some time on that side of your stupid paintings anyway, anyway,
I don't have the final number, but it's about two hundred two hundred fifty thousand dollars raised this weekend really just just Saturday TAT was at yeah. Was it was a wild success. I think we have a generous audience to too bright. to put that sort of money into this cause at the expense of also taking home your paintings. What an incredible honour it was very. It was, and it was wonderful it was. It was packed all day Saturday, yes Saturday and was taking. You know, people about with thirty to fifty at a time through the gallery and Munich talking telling the story is by nature, the paintings and was just great, so many people came from of drove along way. Dino didn't and didn't even buy anything which I was totally fine with.
And it was it was great, and we should have had a lot of criticism from the people who have a purchase your paintings and then the answer is yes, you just have to put it up. When blend comes over, you don't have to have it up all the time brain just voted out. If glens coming over your house put up the painter behind so pad, did you did you watch the Olympics at all? I have watched about two minutes of coverage, really maybe yeah yeah.
I want to watch darling. Second of it. I do know that the women Socrates loss, candid eyeing, is tore down hard by than hoard apart. They seem like such a lovely. Don't they don't? They, though they do so patriotic and in wonderful and loving in dedicated, will wonder the rope or they dunder, though I hope they got equal pay for that loss. I actually, I would have liked them to have one I wear out, have there from a? U s there. I really I'm pass that our era yeah pass that I have always been passing a soccer because soccer I want them to lose because the more you s, soccer teams win the more I have to watch highlights out he s, Pierre or wherever I'm watching spoils. They treated like it's a real sport, whether usually against TED Lasso
TED Lasses doing that is, is normalized normal Zachary you're right. I have on needed new stance in my life, Anti TED last us the right, the does ormolu soccer. Don't don't do it? Did you see the what was her name that Oh you mean the beautiful trends: woman, Victoria's secret woman, yes she's, so beautiful she's. Lastly, she's lovely she's of exhort. You wait a minute of it or are we talking about the same woman were well she's, not a shot beholder the shot. Put all the shot put her yeah. That's not the trans person. Ok, the weightlifter is the trans person. Ok what she women earning noticed. She crept out. Darning, steady development, though that trends weightlifter would excel. to get to the Olympics. It seems oxygen, what its at all the sports hangs again was expected to metal.
Ran so till her. Who would go figure that I'll have the person who used to be a man might have a leg up in that confrontation and again that no reason to change my stance of I'm glad to see the EU s lose because when they win, that's when you see people like a Raven Saunders, she was sporting, neon, green and purple Buzz cut. And she made an ex sign with her risks with a wrists up at the podium. She just crossed her arms and made her and she said later, because everybody said what the hell does that even mean- and she said I m glad you ask it's the intersection of where all people who are oppressed meat that is right at her wrists rife rearing stand on her arrest. Them seems like too many people fear one set arrests and then, and then after she decided to work
and was set backs. The imagine I wanted to meet on arrests. After that again, I was like I think I was oppressed by that I dont know how to go on. She said I just wanted to be me not to apologize to show younger people that all out or how many boxes they try to fit. You in can be all you can and you can accept it of evil. To try to tell me not to do tattoos in piercings and all that look at me now, good or now, I'm latin, I'm Papa. She said she, you know, she's been she's, had a lot of things way and honour for twenty two years and she was, I have finally able to process it and she was finally able to separate raven from the Hulk, which was really.
ok, well, good, that's so radio that is so Reva. Pierre is exactly that type of behaviour you to expand right delight she's, like you know, I have to tell you c Mon Byles and I'm not going to terror part because she's gone through a lot, etc, etc, but You know as I was. I was doing these these tours about the paying one of the paintings that I did was Jesse Owens. I painted em, so you're here eyes would follow you in the room, and I have him at the starting line at the two thirty six, Berlin Olympics and don't talk to me about you know all I've got so many things, I'm oppressor. she was oppressed. He oppress? He was living in Amerika at a time where he had to use a separate water fountain. If you wanted to drink so
half of the population in the United States loved him. The other half didn't love him when when Hitler invited him and the U S to come over for the Berlin Olympics, Half of the black community said you can't do it. You can't can't go because you can't support by Hitler government and you can support the United States government the other half said you have to go? You have to go because you have to show that a black man is humid or human over in Germany because he says you're sub human. So you have to go. after didn't wanna meet with Jesse Owens didn't want to support Jesse Owens Hitler he's in the stadium with Hitler staring at him. You want talk about pressure, shut up, to Jesse Owens, and what did he do? He won gold and then
stood there proudly as the national anthem played. came back. That's why he's a hero? He talked afterward though he democracy there is war. There isn't wording of any good if, after whores their reserve on. Let me take it. Let me tell you the same the same story with Jesse Owens do you know why he won the gold because he was fast track, this time cross eventually for before the others here so What happens when you to turn? You makes up internet forums on you're, not here listening or let me just share this with you. Ok, here's the reason why one in the long jump because the guy who he was competing against notice, that Jesse Owens was jumping too soon and He kind of sneaks over to Jesse side me standing there any says: hey, listen! you're jumping too soon.
Jesse, so what he would start when it organised. Don't look at me looking at me. Don't look at me you're jumping to soon so I'm gonna to I'm saunter over to the. The parrot and I'm just gonna, I'm just drop my towel, where you should jump. And so he does- and this is a german competitor, I believe- for the isn't it oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah many puts his towel down right, where Jesse Owens should jump, Jesse, Owens Jumps and wins the gold in it. Take long for that guy to be sent to the russian front that guy was sent to the russian French because he lost to Jesse Owens any help, Jesse Owens, Jesse Owens and in he became friends he was sent to the russian front, and the last thing you said to Jesse Owens was please one thing I ask please,
tell my children when this madness is all over. I was not one of them don't. Tell me about your oppression whole raven don't tell me like your oppression, mother was it to think they had to deal with well, yeah jobs would hold largest, it got appears, you know, and I am sure that there is a lot of people who are Press that were really sad to hear that that kind of oppression was going on on her people. Don't look at this any more, but the Nazis were very anti piercing. Very. That was one of the things that people dont really. This is set out in the discussions that have already noticed that already outta yes to power based on the non last we're such cry. Babies thank you
pack gray unleash where we your podcast, best Glinda programme. This is the lender programme, Nicole soul. Us is a steady, stayed home mom in South Kingstown, Rhode Island. She enrolled her five year old daughter in kindergarten in the South Kingstown School District and then said you don't want some information. Could she had heard that the teachers were starting to teach critical race theory, and so she said I need some. I need some information from the school now she is. She is perfectly legal for her to request. In fact they have it on their own website. You want information, blah blah blah, you do it well
She requested the information. Then she figured. I should probably pull my daughter out of school after they they thought to sue her because Republic Reykir request about critical race theory engender theory, which the district told her to submit she is now being represented by the Goldwater Institute, and she is on the phone with us now, high Nicole. How are you hi, Glenarm good thanks, so much for having ensured not only they threatened to sue you, they told you, you had to pay seventy four thousand dollars. to find out of the school district? Is teaching see. Artie right- and this is the first time that they have given me- the very high estimate- figure- like information which, frankly, we already pay for with our attack that they had been nine thousand dollar feed to get information. When I first started permitting my public records or class other empty
nation with two thousand three thousand dollars the Goldwater Institute RE submitted a public records require, on my behalf, with much more specific heard that were more likely to turn up information, and that would now seventy four thousand dollars which isn't and because this is, like information and its it should be a government secret information that really that the public have right to act fast and a public record just the way. I got that information in town? Eighty four
The budget goes to the school and across twenty seven thousand dollars for students to educate, and now I have to pay seventy four thousand dollars to know how their being educated at the things like. This is not the way it supposed to work. So you asked for lesson plans and course, materials used or sign at any school within Self Kingston School Department in the twenty twenty one school year that include any of the following terms. Sixteen nineteen projects in education, project or Howard's in equitable math, gender theory, white privilege or whiteness, systematic racism, c r, T or critical race theory Ebay. candy or candy, Robin De Angelo or just de Angelo? They said that that They could do that, but it would take them eight hours to retrieve yeah. I think it was a lot more hours. I think it was them like like six hundred ninety three hours or something like that and that
in a way they have under the statue. They can charge that in dollars. An hour compiling and retrieve other information, but it still have to be a reasonable fee, and when your ass, for life in materials and instruction material that shouldn't happen, requested under it be a parrot access to public record that these are not just public documents I've been material there at any point, can just email this me of their own volition. They can just respond to my question that I, an email without the charge me money, because this issue is the conversation about what our kids are. Learning, though they're, the ones that that constrain me to the public record request process, and I leave their doing that to evade my question and not answer them, Now, what did you hear that they, the teachers, were incorporating all this stuff in well,
The principle from the alimentary go where my daughter would go. I've been polar out and place term private school that they two great values of gender identity and every great, and she said They have a fur in line of thinking about history that they teach children in every grade, and she told me this after I said you teach anything with anti racism and, as we all know how terrorism really does mean phrases, I'm a portable, my beareth off all the same thing. So the point I told me that they do in fact teach these. Youth and when I asked well how exactly Do you do it in every great big? They said that they have these common, This is that they use them. When I ask all you know, When did this common practice start? It was all nonsense. Either I dont know where let me get back to you and then. Finally, it was the matter of public record for ass, though I know there are But leave hearing at and I have tons of evident, but I've uncovered thirty public records, request them with my own research, showing that that at the school district believe
Is that all white people are right that I just found a document saying that in that part of their goal, is to have put it by a biased trainings with students and teachers, and There are one hundred percent committed to that, but they're not Kelly. the exactly how and so I and to be completely trend. that people can do if they want to and roll their kids in the district or opt out of certain less than I am, and we can finally engaged in a robust public debate about the values of a critical a barrier, antiracist mode, everyone call it. I tell you the file for freedom of Information ACT and you don't have to pay for it. I mean it's its again on our time on our dime
and you ask for all records of communications, including e mail communication to or from any South Kingston School Department, official principle teacher teaching assistant counselor any other person from January one. Twenty twenty two: the data, this request, which includes any of the following terms. Sixteen nineteen projects in education, Howard's in equitable match enter theory, blah blah blah all of these things that that is that is public record. I know that here in Texas, when we finally did get the freedom of Information ACT from a school district called South Lake, It showed that they were king, the parents and saying we're just gonna: do it anyway and let's one of them said: let's keep this information away from the parents and to the people went to jail over it and nobody to pay for that information because it came from a government source yeah thirty
Freedom of Information ACT is is therefore from the access to public records ACT, which other Rhode, island statue and not Rhode. Island statute carved out that fifteen dollars an hour see that a public undertakings can charge. for the council charge you zero and cents for her coffee. But you're right that this information should not have to cross taxpayers there are already paying for the information just by having the public anybody do their job, I think that that's gonna be point of contention that it's not reasonable doubt the seventy four thousand honesty and on it thoroughly, not equitable. For all of this talk that no have about equity and everyone having equal access. I dont know how you'd you justify that kind of thesis. Note your kid is learning, because it sounds like they're saying that only the extremely wealthy are prey you information about what the Cabman learning. So what did the Goldwater people say? And what what are you doing about this now?
right now we're determining what our next step is. We're still talking about that and I am sure, will make it efficiency and on whether we want to go to court or if we want to take some other legal actions. How is community responding to the people in the school? Are they with you or against stewards at split I only have overwhelming support. I have parents and even tee, emailing me and thanking me for putting myself out there I also got lots of hips from parents about. Why is being taught in in school here and it sometime You got verification, though, if they say all my my kid how to do something with black eyes matter in class, and I'm I'm telling you I'm hoping you can do something with it, but they're scared. Actually tell me the name of the clock, neither the teacher, the actual,
assignment because they don't wanna, be reallocated against the way that I was at Elliot against. But you know you can't just the latter and say something happening. Have no proof, though, people are still scared, but they are extremely supportive. Well, stay stay brave, This'Ll only get harder. If people like you don't stand up now, only gonna get harder and you most likely won't win in the future. If we don't stand up now, I wish you all the best of luck. Is there anything that our audience can do to help you, I just want to reiterate what you said: that more parents need to start standing up there to their school board and just to remember that school boys are made up of ordinary people. They live next door to us. There are family members and our friend they people are not working behind the iron curtain, the Kremlin. Yet, though we need to
and up to them now and let them know that we're not going to tolerate this indoctrination of kids in our school, were you ever mean nor you, an activist. Would you ever see yourself this now I I've. Never and politically involved. This only happened because I told my daughter in school and then they publicly per and assuming, though I had the reform publicly, because they were trying to destroy my refugee and publicly layer getting so bold, so bold gap Thank you so much. I appreciated gutless, this is the best London programme until you wasn't. My art show this weekend was Michael E arches I mean he's real God, decisive structure, government spending belly, couldn't it couldn't put a little padding and therefore the art it put it padding in for a private jet flight to your art, show ACT and maybe a couple of paintings along with him. But oh, no, I'm too serious. I I've got
to do people don't want to spending money MIKE. You live it up. The real reason I didn't come club, which is I'm still offended that you didn't, including any of my I mean, I know six figures. bad graphic american art motor these days, but I really do it for me. You know that's good stuff, my my clean, the senator from Utah Europe late last night Working on this by partisan government spending bill how many of you guys voted against this thing. There were bout, forty we voted against it. Maybe five who voted against at the earlier stages, Tuesday, waiting when we vote on this a couple times last week, it built didn't get exist at the time, didn't exist until last night.
Last night I finally receded, as I was sitting on the Senate poor with a bunch of my colleagues who were getting ready, give speeches in favour of it and all of a sudden, I'm gonna electronically, two thousand seven two pages, long, yellow lights. There's an easy read on a strange that they voted to proceed to it without knowing what it was. First, let me ask you this is in this kind of just like we were really last week, just San hey, how Do you want to spend will fill it in later. How much do you want to spend? Isn't is that what it was a year but kind of what they were doing? The idea is shutting overall threshold amounts citing up, you know in general terms what the agreement would consist of, but normally that's not we vote on actual piece of legislation, we ve got it now, it's twenty seven hundred two pages, long how much is bad? How much you spending on this one stones,
point two trillion dollars. All of that and about one point, two trillion dollars. Five hundred and fifty of it new federal spreading, above and beyond what we were expected to spend this year, which me is given that the terrible time be spending more money at a time when, due to deliberate reckless overspending by the federal government for middle class, and you're funny that everything they purchase is more expensive from from from chicken breast to gasoline two cars to housing. Everything is more expensive because we're spending how much money in Washington my Gus still now. Can we listen to this old timey guy blah blah blah inflation? I dont, you know that it did. Inflation is not a problem socket. the problem mutely, because their drainage advertising there now they're, not actually printing their digitizing MIKE and that is to lay different
strategy and that better. That of course makes those dollars spent very differently inflation proof doesn't make. You know you met you brought up on your on the floor. The Senate, I watched somebody highlights end you made a great point about inflation. You are like even just the act of spending all of this money, when you talking about infrastructure will drive the cost of the things that are already expensive up, because now the private sector has to compete with the government. that's exactly right, so everything that goes into these projects from cement outward materials you used to make concrete to steal to labour and everything else. All those things are more expensive right now and so what I'm not a fan of stimulus style spending. To those who might be they might be able to make a slightly less bad.
for this at a time when demand for you production is low and industries are shutting down, are still would like to see government doing that, but whatever you can make a case for it. In that circumstance, I wonder I agree with, but but you can't make a good case for one right now where everything is inflated, where every federal dollar we put into this is gonna go less far because it's a federal darn. It comes with lots of strings attached, and will we can watch for because of the fact that these things were in short supply and can be procured only at a premium. We will get less from this as a result of the fact that its federal as a result of the fact that we're doing it right now, so why are they saying? This is a good deal? What why why? Why are the Republicans even thinking we have to do any of this stuff will look I am always reluctant to speak for those who are not present. I am not a good spokesman for them, because I d we fundamentally with what they're doing I suspected one of the more on the phone with us? They say: ok, we'll
first of all, we need infrastructure. Secondly, We do this, then, what the Democrats, on their bill bill that they intend to pass with. simple majority. Later this week or one later this month, they will spend less They would otherwise spent. If we didn't do this now, if we were in court and someone testify to that effect, I'd stand up and say objection assumes facts, not in But it's I don't know how they can possibly know that they will spend less if we pass this bill. In any event, it doesn't mean, what I want to put our names on something that we think is bad and harmful to american people who don't agree with that? Look like there. There are three different people and groups of people in America, one of which would benefit from this bill, one of which my noticed much of a difference and the others will be heard by the first group consisting of those who might benefit from ten to be wealthy well connected
individuals who business interests in this country, who might actually get rid of it. The next group consists of well Americans who have enough money that they won't notice a big hit to their costed? There there's lifestyle? Ah, but almost one else. The overwhelming majority of Americans fit into the third category of people who have limited paychecks through many cases, living paycheck creature, the door will by less as a result of spending like this one. Those people will be hurt, so ways we're exchanging one, for another in some ways, taking money away from poor middle class Americans and giving it to the wealthy and well connected. I can't just that this is the opposite of it. Is opposite the opposite of Robin Hood, exactly the senator lay there some argument that the passing something by partisan gives Senator Mansion Senator Cinema some some.
Talking point to go back to Democrats and say we shouldn't drop the filibuster. Do you think there is anything to that at all? Yet? Look I don't want them to drop the filibuster. They shouldn't drop, the Shoah, Bostra. We have no guarantee that We didn't do this, they would drop the filibuster or that by doing this they want no guarantee whatsoever. What we the vote on the legislation before us now the legislation before us. Two thousand seven hundred two pages long, which we received late last night,. Has been hammered out over a period of four months by ten very smart, very hardworking soldiers, centrist it with him. I happened to disagree on this issue, but but they walked on it. They had four months to come up with two thousand seven hundred and two pages. It is beyond folly to suggest that the end
your son. It should now get up to speed on that and be expected to process it amended vote on it and ass. It were in a period of a few days, we need arguably it just as much time as they did at a minimum. We need at least a few weeks to work on this. We have no business spending. This amount of money and passing this size of a bill that we saw for the first time last night within a few days, I remember it was Barack Obama. Who said he was gonna have the yet the transparency that had never happened before and he would pose to every bill for at least a couple of weeks before it was ever voted on. They never did that. Nobody ever has an intention of doing this, and all of these things aren't r, r, r banged out and and really a lot in the house is just
put together by the the heads of the party and then everybody else is just told vote for it. Yes, don't that's exactly right and it reflects what of it said I assume that you see in this place. You know soldiers get praise when they pass big spending bills. They get criticise when they vote against them. They assume passing legislation is a good thing in the abstract. I am reminded of something that Calvin Coolidge wants, You said it allow maker it's important to both past good built and stop at once. The book important, but as between the two, it's the second. That's more important, more important, stop about built because it a good deal that doesnt have. They can always be passed later. A bad bill wants it passed It's an airline hotspot, unwise near I get ever get rid of it and that's why we're gonna focus on those look. A handful of sellers we'll get praised if this thing passes, but that praise
that adulation that political notoriety for a few days who have long term com? the question for Americans America's porn middle class, and that concerns me greatly, Can you tell us what infrastructure even means now MIKE You're lucky means a lot of things in this builder they're talking about all sorts of things from love from highways bridges nothing. I just as we have every time there is a big bill, it's an infrastructure bill. When and how much was going to take to actually fix the roads and bridges the federal roads and bridges cause? tired of hearing about infrastructure, fixing the roads and bridges, because nobody ever shows us any progress on that and says: ok, we're a lot closer, just an endless infrastructure bill fixer roads and bridges right,
lucky, you can always identify things that have been fixed and that's why things like this to be very tempting, because people can point to good things. Good people, good communities that are well deserving of improper to the questioner, raises. They have to be this much does it have to be right now, have to be true, this government I'm still going through this bill Is it takes a while to do? I didn't read like a fast pace but the Glen I will be shocked if there isn't a whole lot of infrastructure, and here there is a federal in nature that is non or should not be federal. Now, If its parliament interstate highway, then right up, perhaps it should be federal or some other project it with an appropriate federal nexus with close, maybe so, I only regret that a large portion of this is going to go to surface street.
Started shop in the same state, and things that are otherwise not necessarily appropriate for the federal government and that's not just an esoteric problem. It creates real financial problems, the minute you add a dollar, a federal stunning to an infrastructure project in many states like mine, it can thirty percent. Sometimes more to the cost of the project, because you have to comply with it seventeen labyrinth of federal regulations and mandate, and so you're buying less with more money when you make it federal, we shouldn't do that. There? Is also a three point: five trillion dollar human infrastructure bill coming our way. Yes, yes, that is it bill that the Senate Democrats are working on that they believe that they can pass with a mere did. They want droughts and I'm the inflation bomb, because that would truly be it over time, the bills can be more palatable. If you can
them something most Americans understand and resonate with Atrium Daggett, yeah yeah Picard about the troops or about national. Gerda generally weren't you talk about, is the rupture perhaps still accepted more easily, but this is You saw inflation bomb that they want to pass with a simple majority, a whole lot of stuff that has now. thing to do with infrastructure is just big government study and to put that in perspective, have trillion dollars. Many of us expect it will be more like four or five trillion dollars. Broadway Gotcha muffin. On poor with what we spend In a particular year, out of the entire federal government in an uncle what year so it they expect. It weakens roughly double about em out and have no consequences. The crazy they're, just not looking at the facts,
only thirty, seven percent- of all. U S dollars there ever come into existence had been printed in. the last eighteen months, you don't do that without making a whole lot of core middle class Americans. For one last thing, I'd like to ask you, because I know that their working on airports here, but the green new deal would like to get rid of all airplanes. You know by twenty thirty. Why would we bid building new airports if we have to dramatically caught our air travel? I dislike it ass somebody there and see if we can find an answer. Michael E, thank you so much for being on us a bond with us and thank you for standing in fighting the good fight. I certainly appreciated it. Senator Michael E, from Utah on the latest infrastructure bill that they put together in the Senate
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