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Tonight, Glenn presents "Restoring Hope" to answer the question: Is it still morning in America? Bob Woodson lays out how the 1776 Unites campaign is providing the counter-narrative to the 1619 Project, arguing that America is defined by its promise, not its defects. Sen. Rand Paul discusses actual policing issues and how to constitutionally restore law and order.

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The trunk campaign has a special offer. Just for you, president. Europe really wants to give you a signed. Twenty twenty make Amerika great again hat. He wants to make sure the lucky winner is one of the top supporters be shorter winter soon, because this is an opportunity you don't want to miss. This offer is only going to a select group of supporters and you're one of them. All you have to do is text back to eighty zero to two today for your chance to win assigned twenty twenty make Amerika great again had an owner piece of history. Again, that's be easy k to eighty zero to two twenty to win this contest and join president drop in the fight to keep Amerika great for former years. This was people. Why? Don't you try for President ache
very special podcast grape POD Heston, you kind of c est. Shimmy apart. If you listen to the whole thing, you'll see, is gonna shoot me apart there towards the end on these special, restoring hope tonight. As eight o clock, don't miss that watch it with your family and if it's already passed when you grab in this pod, cast make sure you go to place dot com or my youtube, gentle and watch. It is really important and broadcast tonight. Also, we ve got a lot of great guests on with us. We ve got were loaded with history and, of course I mean I yeah. I took her on the governor of South Dakota for her White Supremacy celebration called conveniently disguised as a fourth of July celebration there at Mount Rushmore Boy, her white privilege is just on display, like nobody's business, know, MRS Second of today's by gas. So here we are at the start.
Rock ranch. Is that is, has been very, very private for me and my family. We- we don't have guests. Here we were just gonna. Oh ourselves in the blanket of this job and mountain and its fingers and we tune everything out and it's a sacred place. We were gonna, do restoring the covenant in Gettysburg and then covert happen, and you know, God forbid. We have more than three people together. So we, Go Gettysburg and I was haunt because I knew that the covenant something that had to be done and I couldn't sleep at night. I I didn't know what to do. How am I gonna do a restoring event and there
I came up here to the ranch and I Locked the land and it didn't take me very long to skip I vacation and start working on this project heirs to night at eight o clock Please keep our producers in everything Your prayers. It is that there has been miracle after miracle. After miracle of putting this together, I mean I will You probably next week the miracles that have happened, but we the biggest one, yet it'll be a mirror call. It were store, my hope when it actually makes it on the Erika we're in the middle of nowhere. But tonight I urge you To watch this with your family, too
every one. You know that believes in God, at all. And have them watch. And then have the MAC. I urge you I urge you if you feel, as though you I've lost hope, which I completely understand too watch this tonight? They will be on the Glen back you two page. It will all So beyond blaze tv, I think we're putting it up on my facebook. Page as well. And it comes from a place of despair. It really does mean in just the last few months, everything has become very clear, hasn't it. I mean just the Ass, the press has gone from a different opinion too, GOSH. They seem to be in the bag. For a political party to now a co conspirator in what I think
gonna, be remembered by future generations as the biggest robbery in the history of mankind, the deceased. Action of american principles, the theft of Eric and rights and our constitution, the disk Ruction intentional destruction of the great the economy in the history of our nation, and what's worse,. Is the theft of hope. You know, I've talked about these days for almost twenty years now and I was insane every step of the way. I was I would call all kinds of names? You know, because I introduce you to the real routes of progressive ism and that, talk to you about Woodrow Wilson, nor I still hate that guy even today, The New York Times is still trying to defend him, but they can't in this new work, culture.
We expose the acorn in the Tides Foundation and George Soros in the Monday, The money printing that we said that they would do we told you they would print money. We by our own loans and in the end it would be the destruction of the dollar. I was crazy every step of the way We introduced you, do the commune, plan from the nineteen forties to flip a country from cap, list free to a third? rotarian without a shot being fired. We intervene Due to the madness in the evil of the I'm at fearmongering just to control your life and keep those in poverty impoverished. I am proud to say I think we were some of the first to be called racist because we dared all the President, a Marxist, and that he was encouraging the radical left, which was very different than liberals.
We told you about all of these things and we told that their their goal was to reshape the world closer to their hearts, desire. And they were moving the entire world. And we also told you that, because because they couldn't bring the rest of the world to american standards. They would drag us all down to the standards of Mexico weeks most flowered and prevent the communist plan and you knew it was true and the left we have done some calculations and we figure is taken about a hundred million dollars free advertising or or Research or whatever they might have saved, took about a hundred million dollars straw, my reputation.
But in doing so they perfected the machine that there now using on everybody on every body. The reason why there's no courage is because they have trained you to fear the mob. They have trained you to believe that they could smear you mob. Justice would come for, you lie deceit, intimidation, they perfect that machine and its working well. All the while we here, the living daylights out of him when we together over half a million of us. I was it's the largest crowd called by private citizen, in U S history and we came All of us not really knowing why even me one August day, hot humid in Washington DC. To restore honor. And if you were there-
you remember how it felt. Then, in Jerusalem, restoring courage in Dallas each day of service. Nearly sixty thousand Americans came to paint and clean and to help into to build. The serve the community of Dallas and in the end there were no. Objects? We we kept calling people say we have more people to volunteer. Do you have any space for volunteers? They didn't, but we work side by side with our children we get. Together? We Something else it had never been done. The first sold out spoken word event in cowboy stadium. They and we were not for doing it, but you re well that felt. Remember in Birmingham restoring unity where we started that Nazareth Fund, which is now the leader in red. Skewing of Christian and your city slaves in the Middle EAST
Saving and moving tens of thousands of Christians to new homes all around the world when the entire world said no, it can had to be done. We ve gone through a lot together, but I watch tv and I look at things and I think. What is coming next. In some ways, we ve been here before in the nineteen eighties Reagan. Reagan one with a simple message that America was dying to hear. Its morning in Amerika,
We had been talk down, we had been ripped apart. We had endured corruption at war in Vietnam, assassinations of a president, his brother s, ok, Malcolm X our streets had been torn apart. Our institutions were torn apart national guard in the streets. Gasoline heating oil prices shot through the roof unemployment at an all time high since the end of world war two and we had they called stagnation, Africans were held hostage by terrorists in a country few of us even understood and are military had been humiliated in the desert. Sands and it all felt over. Then a nineteen. Eighty enough Democrats and Republicans came to other to elect a new leader who was optimistic. He was com and without arrogance who actual Still believed in this country
Does this american sunset that we thought we all saw with something It was caused by politics, politicians, those in Washington who wish to control us, but most of all our biggest problem is that we had begun to believe the lies that America was a force for evil in the world, Yes, there were some there. Some common sense things that had to be changed, but is our belief in the founding principles, were restored. We could come together and fix it, and install odds window entire world, counted as out the America people pulled off a miracle,
it all began on the ice against the Russians and ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Then, in China, Tiananmen Square and Bill Clinton even said, the era of big government is over and we It is, though our biggest fears were behind us That was our problem because We didn't know at the time was the fact that the very election of Ronald Reagan so frightened those who sought out power and rule that they set a new course, the bird of the new left, one that could control the media corporations, education and methodically build what we now know as the deep state we failed to listen to the Patriots like Eisenhower in Reagan,
eyes, and how are the first to warn us of not just a military industrial complex, but an educational industrial complex. Those in science and higher learning would now be partnering with those in government to conduct studies to feed the population. What those in power would pay them to feed and Reagan's. Last farewell address. He warned us resurgence of national pride that I called the new patriotism. This national ceiling is good, but it count for much and it won't last grounded and thoughtfulness and knowledge in four failed to educate our children. He warned us. We would see a new generation that would not know who America was nor could defender. We didn't listen, and now we ask, is it still morning in America or is it a setting sun?
Has been a conspiracy to overthrow this nation, it's an insidious infestation of Marxism on all of our trusted institutions. But I have told you for almost twenty years that you will be the audience that saves this nation and I still believe that but now I'll call to do something he's telling myself is impossible, but I know its, not we, do not go over. The cliff with the rest of humanity What we need to do now is just remember the difference between right and wrong. We need to remember and stand up for what is true and right and righteous. We need to simply remember the difference between social justice and real justice. We need to stand for our God, for our religion are freedom, our peace for our wives or husbands, and our children
tonight, I'm gonna ask you to do three things and they'll sound simple, because they are, but they will be hard to actually do that. I believe if we don't do these things which all start with an american covenant. We will be swept off this land distant voice of the Mayflower cries out to us. The words of Washington call us back to a life of merit and the final acts of Abraham Lincoln will lead our nation back to the promise of hope tonight lays tv at the best of the programme. So last night, on blaze, tv, I I tried to lay out the case on what is really happening with this,
steam nineteen project now a lot of people just think I would like to podcast know no. It's cast random House is about to release a series of books based on this I believe: evil an intentional destruction of our history. And it's all put together by the New York Times, Random House brought again by George Soros funding. And its its reach is incredible. It is now being taught in all fifty states in thousands and thousands of schools all across the country it most likely is in your neighborhood school. You must mobilise and stop this it not be part of our school. It is an intentional distortion and lies out and out lies. Saying that we have experts
of history, both liberal and and conservative, both black and white letter saying this is fictional. This is not even real sixteen nineteen project has decided that the leader is come out and said: well, we didn't mean to be history this, journalism sore using journalist lie and make a fact. I mean I don't even know what the new, times even doing, but it very well funded and up until recently, I didn't think there was a counter to this attack but as always, No, we don't know the mind of God and he is calling people in the positions all over the world and I we're going to see miracles and why, Those miracles is a man who is really born for these times. His name is Bob Woodson. He is the founder and president of the Woodson Center. We ve had him on a couple of times here recently.
But I wanted to talk to him today part of our restoring hope broadcast today tonight eight p dot m, but he was also on the one thousand six hundred and nineteen project episode for a few minutes last night, because started the counter. Seventeen. Seventy six unites dot com welcomed, program Bob. How are you feeling Glenn and God be with you again so bad tell the american people exist. Actually what the sixteen nineteen project is as I was looking into it in is that we did our research on it. I was shocked at how well financed how well organised and how deeply In now in the system it already has become more what a lap has done, they have views. The legacy of this Rights movement
and also the American America's birth defect of slavery- and they abuse there too. Define America as incurable racist, social Jones has assembled a group of journalists, and not even researchers, and they have come together reframe the birthday of America's being one thousand six hundred and nineteen. One hundred and twenty african slaves arrived on a shore and not one thousand seven hundred and seventy six, our contention, is that because some from sign is up there of the council, The declaration of independence were slaveowners big. Therefore, there there was written with by people who were hypocrites and therefore that the documents that they penned is also flawed. And so essentially actually they are using, but black experience
And the rich legacy of the civil rights movement as a framework to reach to me, this country and proclaim as being irretrievably racist and, in essence, all away. People are victim as and all black people are victims, and if something is- Your dna, it cannot be changed and that this message as being communicated and since the message is there- you seeing the black immunity as the messenger, the bludgeon, to try to destroy this country. We thought the messenger on the other side should be led by black sort of like the Civil rights coalition led by blacks but participated by all, and so we were set. Border. A lot of scholars, but also activist and we're offering not a counter debate but a counter narrative too a challenge, what they are doing and it is in
and for us to not make this some intellectual jousting parent us, but we european leaders whose lives, embody the simple. Plantation of the principles of our founders, because some of them were with drug addicts, some of that were predators, but through God's gate grace they were redeemed, and so in that sense, one thousand seven hundred and seventy six that we put together is start. With sin, because America is founded on the whole notion of redemption, but the lab defines it by send the left, and so what they're? Looking for? cheap short cut too Damson and destroy everything that is not pure. So that's why they want to story. They monuments the bay they wanted. Fine their America by its birth defect, not biased, promised seventy seventy six by Contes defiance and Erica by its promise in Iraq
isn't going after the Lincoln the patient statue is because when you try to destroy the truth, The first thing you do is to destroy evidence of the troop, and so that's why they are targeting the statue. And it has nothing to do with racial justice- because They even to face the statue of Frederick Douglass. And ass a result that there is an article in the guardian and twenty sixteen or are they talking about China? The communist government in China and I just want to quote from this effort, to commemorate the past or often misleading or so fragmentary as to be meaningless, almost all of the blacks historic sites in China, for example, tell either partial histories or outright lies the com.
His party does not just suppress history. It re created to serve the present. That is exactly what is happening here, exactly It really is happening here and that's why it is important for us to push back against as we are doing a lot of momentum. In other words, it is so insidious that the most popular a book in Amazon and a socialist section this communism for kids today, starting in the in the end a grades, therefore, we are mounting. An offensive against this by we're developing curriculum so so that parents and teachers and others we have something competitive. We also beginning to develop histories since their their whole claim to the black humanity. Is that the problems about a wedlock birds,
and the crime and violence that you're seeing is a legacy of slavery and discrimination. Where we're debunking that. By preserving evidence, that and at the end of slavery and eighteen sixty five, seventy five percent of all black families, according to the record, so six major points, Patience had a man and a woman raising children and, as time is short, his writing documents. That's what the next hundred years the black family in our christian faith and our entrepreneurial spirit cause us to thrive and achieve she's in the midst of oppressive circumstances, and so we are We are demonstrating this we're going to be educating people that merit is defined by its promise and not by his birth except Also hub Woodson would soon is mine,
it is a religion bob. What is going on right now is a perverted evil. Religion, and it is controlled by Marxist ended, is funded by really really wealthy. People who think The destruction of Amerika will play into their hands, but I I buy warn you. You cannot open a can of evil without it coming to get you in the end is running seventeen. Seventy six unites. You will see a little bit more from him as bring him into the cabin here at the standing rock ranch from the eighteen hundreds and we a little bit about what needs to be done and the future, if you there A few things that I'm gonna ask you to do tonight. But one of them is to support organizations that actually make a difference
And one of those organizations is seventeen: seventy six unites dot com. You and I are on the same page on one thing: we I firmly believe that the answer is going we're going to be saved. Or lost, but I believe saved by the african american Community cause of their connection to God and in is enough. There will be people that will stand and come to the rescue of this nation that under stands what really is at stake and how their being used and Bobby think you're a big part of that solution. So thank you for being. Program. If you want to donate, go to one thousand, seven hundred and seventy six unites dot com. That's with an s one thousand seven hundred and seventy six unites.
Com. This is the message that the Glen Back Programme- and we really want to thank you for listening, ran fall is joining us now. He is trying again too. Make it harder for police to take your stuff. It's civil asset forfeiture, he's abilities reintroducing as Rubio police reform hits and this would be a really good reform, Roy Saint Paul welcome to the programme. How are you hey glad you know it's a pretty radical notion. We have this idea where we thought of it that you should be innocent until proven guilty with the government,
could not take your stuff unless they convicted you rime and what has been going on a long time, this civil asset for future. We have stories like a young man leaving Boston driving the Californian. His dad gives him a thousand dollars to set up shop in California and try to find his way somewhere along the road. In Nevada somewhere it gets stopped and a little town by trooper, who said do, you have any money, says yeah. I got a thousand bucks. My dad gave me says will prove to us that, if not a drug money- and they said- while I don't- with just a thousand dollars in cash, and so the policemen then says well if you sign this agreement, not a sewers will give you five hundred back now when you can be on your way with five hundred bucks Sort of highway robbery- it's amazing- this went on and is to do for justice and other good groups have looked into this and it. Amazing that we would allow people to Money from somebody without a conviction without a charge and then where the money goes, the money goes to
Cars and television sets for the police who took the money they get to keep the money and spend it at the at the police house. That is actually higher highway robbery, I mean there's no other way to describe this. I had this first came to me, probably in the Eightys and Ninetys, maybe and member hearing a story of somebody who Cynthia. I arrest said you know where's all this cash. You know we think that you're you're laundering money here whatever and they did and they lost their business. Never got their money back the case was never proven. It was flimsy to begin with and there was nothing they could do. That was the first time I heard about it, and now I am hearing more and more about situations, just as you described and here s another one year, here's another one, people had a hotel fully paid for, and they found that the police, were looking for hotels. It didn't have mortgages, so they found
hotel, was completely paid off the guided inherited it from his grandparents and they said? Well, we have a some of your rooms being used by people who were selling drugs and they and we absolutely don't countenance tat- we have rules against. It will do anything we can to prevent this from happening and they identified like eight rooms and eight people over a ten year period of just you know, hotel on the side of the road is gonna, have problems with this, but what they did is they took their, try to take the entire hotel from the family, the entire, hotel because one it was paid off and two. They came with his charge that because drug dealers had had you some of the rooms at the hotel, people were also how responsible is due for justice. I believe defended them. They actually won the case, but in oak a way without the Institute for Justice is help, it would have been where hundreds of thousand dollars and legal feed just to try to protect the government from taking your business,
So how did we start here? How did we get here Rand? How did it? How did that happen and had been happening for soil along it? Well intentioned people who think drugs are a scourge, and I dont disagree. I mean I don't want our kids on drug smuggling. Drugs are terrible, illegal drugs I think we should could should preach against that and persuade against that, but where we allowed is too much power to gravitate to the government on this, it's also part of what we have with some of the racial disparity. I dont think arc Ray, is consumed with racism. I dont think Arkansas countries, consumer prejudice. I think we ought to have less of it. Then we will have had for a long time. Many of us are bad up, are in many ways so much better than it was fifty years ago or forty years ago, when the laws have allowed a disparate amount of blood individuals we caught in a war on drugs, civil asset forfeiture now because of racism, but because there is more, crime in poor areas in our cities and the police.
Patrol there more often because they're trying to stop crime and to what happens is the wide kid in the basement in the suburbs never gets caught with drugs, even though we may have on, but the black or the poor. Kid gets caught more often and swords those are our disproportionately full of young black men and Some of it is, is unfair because the war on drugs, that's what we need to approach is more is not obey racism issue, but more of an issue of how We approached them on drugs and has it been unfair to some people? so Rand. Let me switch topics here with you for just a second and and ask you, because I know the one thing that I can count on with ran Paul and just a handful of you guys you won't violate. The constitution for Security I am really concerned because it is absolute lawlessness, lawlessness and
is surprisingly happening with mainly democratic mayors and governors and They are, I mean the job, of the government, is to protect its citizens from lawlessness and they're not doing it locally. I don't worry the top to come down and been be hard ass on it? But we have to have an end to this lawlessness. How can Do it. Without violating the constitution or giving any kind of new powers that we don't want to give to. The state the main thing is: you hit the nail on the head. We shouldn't back down and we shouldn just sort of acquiesced, people and mobs taking over our cities, but we-
to be very loud, and we have to loudly proclaim that not one major city or very few major cities in our countries have had a republican mare in the last fifty years. Law of all is the main city. In Kentucky we have an ETA republican Mare since nineteen. Seventy two and we ve got some problems there. But if there are complaints about the police force, and complained to needs for reform. They need the the Democrats did this. The Democrats have run our cities are major cities for fifty years and the one thing I would point out- and I think it's too simplistic to make this all about racism- is that you know Chicago. A third of the police force is african. American most of the police chiefs have been african American. Most of the measures have been african American over the last fifty years. It is about just well racism, it's about fixing problems but they're all demo. So how people get away with blaming Republicans in Washington. For this, these are mostly local problems, even present Obama, when he wrote about this said that alter
Local officials in Minneapolis are going to have to fix it and it Minneapolis. There hadn't been a republican mayor since one thousand nine hundred and seventy two also so I don't blame me to attach word attaches, but mostly enforcement or local issues and Democrats, they d be self examining and asking themselves. Why have we been electing Democrats? Look garner? I spoke out about air Garner being choked death five years ago six years ago, and it was terrible is, is about the same as a George, Lloyd Thing, and de you never fired him family, Ojo runs for president in this sort of bizarre halfway run for president and then even They fired him, but took him five years The thing we need to acknowledge is, the union's get bad cops reinstated. Most cops are good people- ninety nine percent of it. We cannot lose sight of that, but in many,
was over the last eight years or been six really bad cops who were fired. One I'm broke some guys knows, while the guy was in handcuffs, that kind of stuff can't be tolerated, and even the police will tell you that. But then he got and stated by the Union so the unions are responsible for coming this up, but not one Democrat will mention that you hear them doing all near fake crocodile tears all over the Senate floor, but not one of them will admit to you that, yes, the union protects bad gobs, Is there anything that the Republicans can do and should be? Do I mean I feel like they're? Just it's a waste, the rope lessons are a waste right now. I think Americans, feel as though there is an insurrection that is happening. This is a very well funded laid out marxist attack. On our institutions and on our history honour on all of it.
And nobody is willing to call this an insurrection. I mean they are calling for the destruction of the United States of America and capitalism. Is there anything constitutionally that this is why I think there is pushed back and I think there is a growing silent and may be less than silent majority out there. I know you look at the poor people in Seattle. They are pushing back. They are saying my goodness, Seattle has elected a socialist to the to the City council out there there mirror says: oh, this isn't in our insurrection is a city of love, and these are acts of love as people being and this autonomous zone so yes or hast? We push back and I think we always look to Washington for it, but really take back our cities and we need to point out the s. Writing the city. You know, sir, has lost think of it. Lost all of the cruise industry. They had a million people come into their every year on the cruise industry. Now that was some due to the virus, but elsewhere
conventions, big city, shadows, a beautiful city and like having conventions of the other climate school in mildness. Summertime guess what nobody's gonna come to a city that, as an autonomous zone, would people shooting each other new and eighty it's running around, saying no police and define the police said she's going to have the people need to run for office there and they need to say the Democrats are in if I'm republican can't win run as an independent and say you're going to fix the things that Democrats are screwed up for fifty years. Ran Paul. Thank you. So much ran Paul senator from Kentucky came up with work and please stay on guard with a constitution, appalled at Senate DOT Gov?
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