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Best of The Program | Guests: Sen. Rand Paul & Mark Meckler | 1/26/21

2021-01-26 | 🔗

Sen. Rand Paul joins to discuss why he’s calling President Trump’s second impeachment trial a “sham." Convention of States Action founder and president Mark Meckler talks his push to return power to the states. Dr. Fauci says two masks are better than one, so Glenn and Stu decide to go the extra mile – how about 25 masks?

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Wow, I mean Stu and I rolled up our sleeves and we got right to work to build back better, which is something that just rolls off the tongue, especially if you've ever been to Davos or the World economic forum. We concentrate on what the country is really facing and I have a sneaking suspicion. It looks a little like socialism, but it is more of an oligarchy. We talk about that also ran and Paul joins us, and we talk about the convention of states and if two masks is better than one, how many masks can you fit on your ears and really how many is better than two all of today's podcast? I listen to the bench of the program, we're still waiting on Senator and Paul to
join us here. On impeachment and he has just joined us now: doktor? How are you, sir, very Glen thanks REME on you bet want to talk to you about the. What you say is an unconstitutional sham of an impeachment trial. I I don't understand how you can have the the V in the Senate to Caen and remove when he's already removed This is the whole point and I'm gonna go to the floor and about an hour an amateur force abode on this today. Leadership has made a deal and wants to make a deal with Schumer to allow a democrat to over this hearing, but my point is: if you're teaching. The president, the chief justice, needs to be there right, but The person is about longer president, then he's a private citizen. It isn't impeachment if he is
if someone's committed a crime and are no longer the president that form of justice asked you accuse them of a crime and you go to court, but this is only for imports. Can somebody in the constitution says when you impede and later on, you can disqualify, but it's and it isn't or right if you can't impeach them any longer, we are doing something that has never been done to a president before it's going to divide the country for it's a huge mistake and it belongs. Is everything. Biden supposedly says about unity. No, this is the most of this. They market demand and the Democrats doing it. So tell me tell me why John Roberts isn't coming in, isn't invited that doesn't she doesn't make any sense were here's the question you know report were worth their salt. What do you think they ought to ask more today. Did you talk to John Robert? I guarantee that a proper common I guarantee Schumer called him up, begging him to come over and he said well, the constitution,
as I preside over impeachment of the president and he's not the president, because Democrats realise this is going to lessen the legitimacy or call into question the legitimacy of the preceding, but I guarantee, They had a conversation. People should be orders were worth anything they would be pounding Schumer every day. Saying did you talk to John? Robert. What did he say because John Robert Supply it is very important. It goes the very nature and legitimacy of this thing and with joy, which our not showing up the chief justice, not not being here. I really think that is an illegitimate process from top to bottom. Does the constitution say the chief justice has to be seen in that role. Foreign impeachment of the president. So you could argue that John Roberts is actually right. He should, the ear but by not being here, is calling into question the proceeding at all, because there is no call
the impeachment of an ex president of a private citizen, so he's either the or he's not he's, not the president. So she, just calm, but there are also calls into question, whole idea of doing it now say: oh well, we've done this before with a country has been very divided in the past, and no one's ever been convicted. No one's ever tried to try next president, because of how it divide the country, but also because There is no provision for impeaching an Ex president, so the other argument do I will make today is that it's there too about inciting violence. There's a few democrat words that we might want to evaluate number one. I was there when the Bernie Sanders supporter almost killed, Steve Scalise at the ball, he almost killed one of our coaches, and you know what the Democrats were saying: at the they were saying the republican plan health care is you get sick you die that to me sound like an incitement, if you showing me the Republicans are gonna. Let me die you
see how years always kind of glorified movies of people committing violence when their children are going to die for not having insurance. That is an incitement to violence, but now One Republican ever called for Bernie Sanders to be impeached because we thought that was ludicrous and it wasn't necessarily his fault that this man reacted violently, but they're gonna have a standard for the President, who said March peacefully to the capital. They could say: oh no, that was incitement to violence and he's responsible, but not, but sanders, not Maxine waters, not Cory Booker, who said get up in their face, so it's it's double standard and people are going to see it for that what does it matter anymore? I mean it seems as though the fix is in between big corporations and and government. It just seems like the fix is in and who cares about double standards anymore, because she told Tony ever does anything about it. Nothing changes
the thing is I'm not one who wants to give up? You know. I know people are very frustrated. People are like well, you know if all this fraud happened and nobody is going to do anything. Why should I even vote? I'm of the opposite opinion control controlled thirty five state Legislatures Republican Party does we need a beat. Those begins overland till they fix the electoral system. I'm already calling people in the Georgia legislature and say you'll need to fix it because twenty twenty the Senate, Rachel be back up again and you need to fix it system of your cat about twice where you purge the roles and you need to fix it. Where you cannot solicit people, you cannot use taxpayers money, to send out applications to vote the Indian I should have to apply for a ballot. Moveon org shouldn't be able to apply, neither should the NRA, it should be the individual applying for a ballot if you change the rules to do that, and you get back to show your idea in person. I think this possibility. We could get back to fair elections, and I am
Keep fighting instead of a cat We did. Washington never could have been done. A washing begun Washington will control anything in Washington now plus those of us who believe it states rights there election should be the charge of the states into, but I wouldn't give up on it. We can fight and we should, because, if they do to where we do all male imbalance will become like Oregon and now Colorado: they do all male and bowed their. Who knows who although to those elections, but guess why only grass with I will I'll tell you that this is the way. I feel I'm just frustrated in talking about the double standard in pointing out what the news is saying and what they're calling name calling cause it's like its net nothing's, going to stop that, I am with you honor percent that we have got to get into our low. Communities and our states, people say: well, we can't fix the other states, but don't worry about the other states fix yours
and shore it up and do everything you can to make sure that it is buttoned up and is that's. Metaphorically speaking, bullet proof as possible. One reason I would say we have to call the double standard is today. If I don't say anything, Republicans and Democrats, agree by unanimous consent to install. A Democrat to preside over this procedure. I an illegitimate proceeding with an illegitimate Democrat overseeing it. So I'm going subject to that and call out the double standards. And I don't. Will win. The Democrats will win, but I'm going to force them to vote on it, and my hope is that I get forty. Republicans to vote with me, and if I do, that shows they don't have the votes to impeach at that point, and so basically the trial is over. They can go through the manipulation, but if forty vote that this is an unconstitutional use of the impeachment power. Then they're done They can do whatever the hell they want, but we will show them that we're gonna stand strong, but if I don't do
Our leadership will acquiesce with Schumer they'll, be a vote and they will go to whole trial, as if this sham is actually a real impeachment side. So we do to fight them, and I don't know I'm just not willing to give up on it. I keep fighting them every day, whether they're in my party or in the other party, I keep fighting fight on in a figurative, Glenn make sure we say that the fighting is figurative, so I don't know. We're gonna, win some battles and really come twenty when two you're gonna find that people can be quite unhappy with the unemployment divides. Got brain was well it's as what is doing and the effects that it will have on the economy just stunning these things are. These things are happening, ran you have an opponent in the Republican Party Romney? Who is really pushing hard for it, seemingly pushing hard for this impeachment trial
and it really is only about making sure the Donald Trump can't ever run for office again. Do you think you can? hold forty senators together, We do have forty there's at you know. We have forty eight total and I'd say: there's five or six, that have been leaning the other way, but to tell you the truth, some of that five or six have been more critical of the the policy. Trying to overturn the electoral college and of the president's remarks trying to get the vice president to intercede? That kind of thing, and maybe when push comes to shove, and they also think about self preservation, which other most politicians. Ultimately do they made this
Well, you know what I don't think this is really constitutional and the best it gives him, and now they can still criticized the speech. They criticise the policy, but then they can say well. Do we really want to get into the point of you know why impeaching former presidents, my friend, Thomas Massey, the coercion from work in Turkey, tweeted out today, said yeah when we start doing line up. I want to do FDR. Let me have FDR you don't just crazy notion, but I think we can. I think we had forty and of Ok, maybe we get forty three, maybe forty five out of the forty eight hour, we won't get Rhonda he's already city, thinks its constitutional and ought to be done, but there are a couple others than may just choose to criticise the president on the policy but may say it's kind of crazy to impeach an next president. One last topic: I want to talk to you about, and that is we're hearing from everybody. We have to deprogram these trump people and they're also using language that they're domestic terrorists etc, and it
It appears as though I watched the hearing for the head of the Department of Homeland Security domestic terrorism is number one on his agenda now. I remember the Obama years who I dont think they're talking about the same kind of domestic terrorism. There I would talk about this- is one of the problems with the patriot. Act can be so easily turned around and used on anybody exactly right exactly right, but here's the Good NEWS, Glenn, the Good NEWS, is the camps that we will sent to will be run by Katie Kirk and she has that beautiful smile. You will just take your Soma LAN, it won't hurt so right. You take your soma you'll drift off into some sort of opiate sleep, and they will probably I reprogram here it is. Is funny and that's the way everybody deals with it is it
all a reality that this is a direction that they're seriously going in, and I'm not but camps? What I'm talking about labeling people like you or me as domestic terrorist. Absolutely, and I don't want to treat it just as a joke, because the Patriot ACT no joke and they used it not against terrorists. They used it against average. Ordinary Americans impact, not just some laboratory. Americans ever had a cell phone. They they collected our phone calls and then James, proper lied about it, So, yes, it is very dangerous to see what happens. It's always read the details of these, because they say over one hundred terrorism like oh yeah, I dont like that. You know the people who blew up the the courthouse in Oklahoma, I'm I'm find them get the death penalty and found them being a jail for ever. Those are bad murderous people, you that is domestic terrorism, but if domestic terrorism is, you know
To George Stephanopoulos, I'm sure he thinks I'm a terrorist, because I refuse to accept that there was no fraud in the election, so it becomes an ideological test. I read something scary, yesterday that there are people, want to bring back the ideas of sedition, the alien and sedition acts the John Adams put forward, which basically was putting Americans, including one congressman in for their speech because was it you don't have a right to misinform people, but then who becomes the judge of what is? Misinformation was true information. This is scary world they're. Talking about, I don't wanna downplayed at all. We will have to, but hard part, as you know, is they're gonna point some really bad people committed violence. So you won't let that happen and war to be able to be good enough in our response to say no we're talking about speech and who's going to be the arbiter of true speech. Yeah, I mean if you look at the argument between the many of the founders during the sedition act. They argued that you could as press vague,
even lie and make things up. They had a right and the government had no place in that argument at all to try to shut them down, I mean they, they, it is far in their correction of that as I mean almost to the point of me being kind of uncomfortable. When you first here the ideas until you actually really read them free speech means that freedom of speech- it's a platitude, but It's true that people say the answer for bad speech or disinformation is more speech not less, but there's something profound in that statement in the sense that ITALY, the idea to believe that you know if, if if you allow nazis to speak and say, Paypal thing people by the raises. Are you allow races to speak? somehow there aren't enough of us to combat that that somehow were weak and feeble minded enough that those ideas were overcome us. I don't think
That's true, in fact, I think America's is more excepting a more integrated in in thought and raised, and we ve ever been weathers urges or marriage. Ah, you know I asked people. I know I don't know the percentages. I know lots of people everywhere around me who are married to people of other races. That's a commonplace thing and a good thing and we are. We are a country that is not a racist country? We are not a country that each other other, so tired of these people, people what terrible place America is when in reality, we are better than have ever been in my lifetime and gosh think of the last two hundred years, how much better it is to be alive. Now, if you're, a personal color,
or a person of Japan, trade or of your a person is somehow a minority. Maybe even a person wants to teach her kids at home that actually even more acceptable for us are just a person ran Paul. Thank you. Very much, Senator from Kentucky ran Paul would be looking forward to your speech today and see how the Republicans line up this is the master. The Glen back Programme- and we really want to thank you for Listening- arrives, vowed. She has come out on double asking- and I think this is as a public service- we need you to hear this. Listen, Firefox, add our hearing now about double masking ling, Chu masks or trying to get one those and ninety five medical, great masks do believe that that's and you know it
it is likely does because I mean this is a physical, covering Russia prevent drop and virus virus, to get in, if you have a physical, covering with one layer you put in the layer on it just makes common sense that it is I would be more effective and that's the reason why you see people either double doing a version of an n. Ninety five right. Which is to say the obvious, write him in, but I do it's important that we take these steps, you're wearing a mask, I'm wearing a mask, but I wanted to wear two masks are we able to resume run now. What I really like about the mass that I got, I I the hay global ear loop disposable, face mass that you're going to get in most places, pretty nice, but what's nice? Is it comes with this certificate of safety. It's been inspected by the Communist Party of China, oh good, make it safe. It's got that Red STAR on it. So it's so God!
but I'm not a scientist. I know you're a doctor, I'm a doctor. Can I ask you a question as a doctor sure you're, a patient or just a concern citizen and not a doctor of zero doctors about a doctor to doktor conversation. Is I've done it down? Yes them, I am so doktor factually said to masks, would improve things sure I just got to ask, wouldn't three improve it more well I mean the science is pretty clear for would even be better and let me just put on now I got four mask on, and it's really it's three for as long as the right number, four not or not the right number you just ass. It was bad. Alright rights servers like it would be front what yeah I'd say. I would say ten tat. We have four or five. Six seven, eight nine ten, I think ten Canada, time or even better. Now,
I am wearing ten mask and my ears are collapse there. Okay, so so now you can see not comfortable on the ears but I am perfectly from any kind of little people or anything like that. Now you have ten mother it's very hard to get on your you have to have big dumbo ears. They don't support. I have structure failing. My ear had masks. May I suggest You have a neighbor or friend with a nail gun you just a couple of nails right behind your ears, Not all the way, and that would be madness, but you can't get them. I take it.
You shouldn't leave your house. If you can't get ten on your face, you shouldn't leave your. Can I go with just my hands on the side of my head? Well, it's not quite as good, but I guess you could now I'm putting on an extra I'm putting on eleven Ah, eleven eleven masks, which I think is even better, of course, much better than two is is eleven mass that much better than ten masks, Oh no! No I mean it is here I mean. Obviously, it is better if you put that on that and is really the place where your ears start to collapse, because your now, you're, not a doctor. I am what's that actual bone in your ear doktor back. What is the sweet spot for the number of mass well, Could I would like to recommend, I want the five year twenty five masks: twenty five and
What what are you for all your phone, my nose very good, no is no who break the law you know mine's canting musty as it is of having follow breathing through the twenty five. Yes, well, that is a frame you could suffocate. Four okay. What I would tell you that he de suffocates sounds Forty four, we take a secular river this year. The re failure you got there the die of coal, because
So well, I guess he wouldn't be. You wouldn't be wearing the twenty five masks if it wasn't for Cofin no fee. So technically it is a covid death. Here's a difference she has his mask. And fry. Hold on his face. I have on my and that's why I am perfectly safe, from any droplets that might come my way from Stan. I know still has had Covid and I have had came here. I hate to bring this up, but your eyes are not protected at all right now, I could see your eyes, who are the smart They have the masks and half the s and put those over your eyes like. So see why you're not a doktor occurs.
I'm still getting the protection of twelve or thirteen mass of my mouth. Well, that's not the other eleven on my eighty five is it it's not twenty five is it. I can't see. Well, I'm not giving I'm not giving talking to you very clearly I can't understand you because of all the masks. For those of you who are doktor, let me just say that I am a doctor of humanity. You know the law, athlete any human condition the guy Linda further, Have we been known her on Europe S body? that I think you can? I I
My path, I'll bet, you're, about to find out. The things we do for you, every day every day, not scientists. We put our own bodies at risk, for you for science man, are we going to get an award for that now, signs magazine. Gonna write that no light who might not be so if lateral, but they might would not say it's impossible. I did I just. I just feel like. We need to know what the the correct number of master, because I mean it. Obviously Who is better than one to protect? You three be better than to four would be better than three. What is that? Is there any point that we stop
this process only what your ears can can hold their nearest caught my eye and only hold tat about an eight or nine Mass nine held eleven eleven seem to be the breaking point. Then I had to actually hold them to my ears because I feel if you were the best thing. What you need to do is basic come up with a band that goes behind the head, because they have some of those like the n. Ninety five masks that I have have the strap that goes behind the head. It has to so what are we doing? Can we look with this is such a. Apologize, look why? I'm in the radio Hall of Fame, but my staff isn't now I they they didn't. They they brought. These stupid masks tumor How can we do this right? Please? I would like the masks, all the way around your head- and I like to see if we can get a hundred on
cause that would be better than ninety nine. It would be ninety eight one hundred times better. Each one is wow. Really I didn't know how it worked is just a linear process. That's exactly how it works. One hundred times better wow, you are a doctor, I'm scientists more than a doctor, which requires all kinds of math, so again, so you think the? U want them ass. They go behind the head and our and ninety five masts or you want the. What you are you ok with surgical. I think surgical would be o k and ninety five, if you could get a hunt red ninety fives you'd be hundred better, no there's wayward works annoyed, but here are good. God may will they not accompany a hundred mighty like talking? it is seriously. It's like talking to an aunt when I, How can you about science- and I feel it
try to put a hundred of these things, are Henrietta habit, cone, heads afterward, it's gotta. Well, so you're not willing to sacrifice for you left your eyes totally unprotected during that experiment. Who knows what entered your eyes or your ear. Holes ear holes must be protected to you know this is the best of the Glen Back Program, it's finally, two thousand and twenty one with all of your worries behind you. In that stink we called two thousand and twenty and now what do we have to look forward to a new year started off right with a new grill. Not just any grill make it a rec tech. It is the ultimate in grilling, with real wood. You will grill more often and you will make the best food you've ever made. Plus you can spend more quality time with your family and friends. While your grill is doing all of the work, because you can monitor it from an app on your phone. Imagine cooking
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the programme, how area? I'm good. It's going to be with you guys. So, you know the problems are getting bigger and bigger. Since we last talked to the numbers of the states, we need thirty four states to call a convention, thirty eight, to ratify any amendments that would be proposed. What are our numbers? Look like for those states that that actually want to. Make some changes. The eye a lot since we last spoke as though I was there with you, I think we're at six states at that point out. Fifteen states, out of the thirty four on board that here we have twenty one state can I think we're gonna look at adding between six and ten states if you're so will be well path. That way marks So you re use it. He had sixteen, so you re twenty six in you need. Thirty, four. Is that feasible? here in the next year. Do you think thirty four could be feasible in the next years?
You have to get enough of the legislators that are considering it, and so an I'm like my real. Why now to get to thirty four is by twenty, Twenty four and I say that because we have thirty one legislators that currently have both houses controlled by Republicans republican legislators, of course, much more likely to want to take power away from Washington DC. We have Minnesota that a split house, so we just have to flip one house. I think we can do that. I think Virginia is going to flip this year and our activists are engaged in bring me state houses all over the country. So what about these states that are controlled right now by Republicans? What what's holding them back? Well Fortunately, the number one thing holding them back is what I would describe, sadly, as the fringe right and what you have both from an organization, my recognised from way back when called the John Berks Society, and they come into these legislature,
and they try to scare the legislators and fear cells in what they say is gonna, have a runaway convention and working to lose our constitution, and my response to that is Are you watching? What's going on in Washington DC? Do you think you're living under the original constitution right? I fear, what's going on in Washington, DC right now in the marxist who've, actually taken control far more than I fear anything that the citizens could do. You know what I fear that it's not the marxist that are taking control. I think the Marxists are thee. Are the hand that we are supposed to watch and are the enforcing hand. Think we have the government colluding with giant corporations now we're living in an oligarchy, but maybe I'm in absolute agreement. Glenn. I think we're seeing something unusual, which is we have absolute cooperation. Article alignment between an oligarchy and people who believe Marxism in Gonna, write or unusual thing
waiting to see that voluntary cooperation and it doesn't make sense if we, if you understand how business works it just doesn't make sense. Unless you understand it's an oligarchy that is up up at the top so whether the states that are close, that our listeners could get involved with to try to pressure the states States that are immediately in the docs are West, Virginia is hot. North Carolina is hot. South Carolina is hot right now, Idaho, in just last few, I've been in Idaho Montana, in Wisconsin all of those states. Looking very strong, and the reality is wherever they are, even in the states that have passed. For example, in my home state of Texas, the grassroots are still very active, they're active. Helping other states they're active in maintaining the resolutions in their own states and they're active Other issues like right now, our grassroots across the country, all five million of more active in in ballot integrity election reforms so market
answer the question seriously, because it is something that I heard a lot and concern to me a great deal until I talk to you answer the question? about a runaway convention where we lose our rights and we lose our bar bill of rights should embedded answers? I'm going to start with the end answer in the simplest one, which is a convention he's only a suggesting meeting. In other words, people are going to come out of there with suggestions and they're going to send those suggestions out to the states for ratification and it takes thirty eight states to ratify that the highest Barney our system of american governance very difficult to reach, and that means only Thirteen states can stop anything. So I'm going to pause it, the one that I hear most often Glen, which is we're going to lose our second amendment, it takes only thirteen states do not ratify not ratifying means, they simply don't take it up. I can tell you twenty for states in the United States of America. You can carry handgun into the capitals. I do all the time I'm armed everywhere I can be in fifteen states.
Actually filling in a cause- your back and sit in the gallery, not something that I do, but the idea that those states somehow going to ratify the repeal of second amendment. It's absurd and ridiculous and I'll make same To your listeners, I always make my personal email meckler at cos action dot com, if you believe in the runaway convention myth Then maybe amendment you believe, would be ratified by thirty eight states. In the list of thirty eight states, I've made that offer to millions of people. I've never received an email. You you talk about a fork in the road that were with it whereat, and I think you are absolutely right, you say the first. The first. The first turn is the country comes apart, secession, civil war, violence, because we can't sickly divide. As much as I wish. We could just say: hey, California, live the way you want to live, but that's the second one-
which is we go back to the way we were where states have great powers to do whatever they want and they can live whatever they want. But I'm not I don't have to pay for California's mistakes and I don't have to live that way. In Texas. We can just divide. I'd buy me. You know almost natural selection. If you will people just congregate with like minded people, but I don't think that's gonna happen either you say what I think we all out of work and the right to describe. I call it the great decoupling is taking place in America and I think it inevitable its unstoppable cultural are dividing politically were dividing would have in commercial you're, starting to do business with different firms and in different ways of doing business. I think that's going continued and I don't think it's bad one way decided that we decouple is the second, I don't see how that happens without violence and destruction and the loss of our place in the world in one thousand, seven hundred and eighty seven, the founder for face
dangerous world, not just great Britain, but France and Spain. Potential worldwide enemies that would have loved to have taken over the colonies. They understood that needed to unite. They actually didn't like each other, and this is something that we mistake. When we look back at the colonies, we think they were so united that united against a greater and fell, but they didn't trust each other. There were sectarian. Christianity was one of the main things that divided them: trade, diverse loyalties, weed actually really been unified in the way people think. As a country, the south is different than the north. The east is different than the West there's, actually a lot of disdain out there between the parts of the country. It's okay, Our founding form of government came out of that federalism is a government designed for people who don't like each other that much don't we get along, but no that they, to be united around a certain set of things? Otherwise we going to be too weak in the world that the beginning- and we need to go back to that.
And in the tool that takes us back. There is a convention of states. We take the power away from the federal government. We give it back to the people in the states. We let California be California and Texas, be So what are the one thing that they, the states that are joining, what that they're looking to change is a common thread that all of them are saying: yeah we're going to Where we really think we should propose this three common threads, and this is what the convention is designed to address, and one is anything that would put the government's physical in order that would limit the fiscal power Washington DC. So that would include things that people no with like a balanced budget amendment being imposed most, states have them they're, not all healthy, because them, but they do better because of them. I would be so things like spending in taxation limitations could be imposed under that. The second is turbulence in both of these are
five percent issues. Eighty five percent of the american public, regardless of party, are in favour of time limits and I would argue not just for Congress Glenn, but also for the judiciary, also, first tapirs and bureaucrats. How we clean out the deep state and then the last, anything that would limit the scope and the power or the jurisdiction of the federal government along our problems came out of the reinterpretation of commerce clause. Theirs. Authority in the constitution, for the Department of Education, energy, the USDA, the FDA. All these agencies come from Supreme Court Quantum Court interpretations that gave this power to the federal government, and the founders told us themselves if the supreme is out of control, hold a convention, can proposed amendments and restrain the Supreme Court and overturn those things. So those are the things that were finding that the state have wide agreement about. You know I've been there. Pushing for almost a year Sanctuary state kind of attitude until we get to a convention of states to wear these
this states that are in conservative hands and want to conserve the bill of rights. Time the federal government is doing something that it doesn't have the right to do where it sanctuary state for the bill of rights. We're not going to do that. We're just not but that's going to cost these states an awful lot of money if they did I do not participate. You're gonna see banking big business and the federal government attack these states- and I too just put him out of business and me get economically, really painful for them. Do this. It's even have a chance to to. Stand against what we have going on now I think they do and by the way I am in favour of that affect our mutual friend Daniel Horowitz. A lot about this or grass roots are in favour of that.
An uneasy road. We ve never had an easy, how those of us who love and fight for freedom, big it is doable. I think, there's there's a commercial aspect to you: discuss them oligarchy and the government and their alignment. Part of this is an oligarch. Problem and what I mean by that is. We are beholding now, you and I and all conservatives to commercial interests that don't like us now want to shut it this obviously with parlor and others being scraped from the web, and so I'm in the of building something called the stack. We need as conservative everything, that we need to operate in a digital world from the cloud to the ground. Everything in between that would include conservative banks. Conservative web hosting conservative email services. If we don't have that ultimately, all of us will be controlled and erased from the digital world. This is fantastic, Tell me you have some big backers on this,
There are billionaires across the country that are very interested this in this, and we are an early stage. Because this, this really really been motivated. I've been saying this for years, but it's really been motivated by what happened. Parlor parlor. On talking to wild behind power and a lot of other people, big money, folks and technologists on the right who want to make this happen leave it has passed happen, work working on the email service provider. Customer resource management commonly called CRM, we're working or working on banking right now, a have a we work on merchant account, bite or so people can tax hard. All of it is in the works currently good. We must have that. I am very concerned about the banks and I think, that's gonna start happening soon. Mark keep us but a speed on both of these things? William, absolutely it's my pleasure. Thank you. That's Mark meckler. He is with the convention of states and,
You can follow him and contact him convention of states, dot com, follow him on Twitter at Mark Meckler,
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