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Best of The Program | Guests: Sen. Rand Paul & Rep. Nicole Malliotakis | 2/26/21

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The House-passed Equality Act is frightening. Sen. Rand Paul joins to discuss Biden nominee Dr. Rachel Levine and her controversial stance on transgender surgery for children. Companies are sidestepping the Constitution to enact the Equality Act. Rep. Nicole Malliotakis explains all the pork in the $1.9 trillion COVID relief package. Glenn gives one of his most Radio Hall of Fame-worthy lines yet.

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Rachel today stews here to tell you all about it. Yet true, we ve got a new sponsor dates. Called spoon style fortunes around in a similar way is not here to tell you about that. That is going to be added hid from this podcast will not hear that portion of the podcast here's the good said figures all that goods. Yes, if I show today, I feel Riley's fantastic areas is a great show. I will remind you, however, take the last moment to remind you that police tb dot com, Slash Glenn, is the place to go today is the last day to get your thirty bucks off. If you want to get that thirty bucks off, please tv dot, com, Slash Glenn. I would also encourage you to, of course, subscribe to this part. Castrated review and click over to Stew. Does America to get my party has rather unsubscribe where'd aren't we ran Paul and we have an appearance of Andrew Cuomo Dogmas,
The only thinking we ever need rain Paul and some libertarian thinking in our country, more than ever wealth. To the programme, doctor ran Paul. How are you, Sir you're, a glance extra. You bet yesterday, it during the Senate. Let me just play the clip of ran Paul with Rachel Levine and her com nation hearing, listen, Not all mutilation has been nearly universally condemned. Genital mutilation has been condemned by the debate, show donations. Children's fund United Nations Population Fund, according to the debate, show Little mutilation is recognised internationally as a violation of human rights
until mutilation is considered, particularly egregious because the debate show note: it is new. they always carried out on minors and is a violation of the rights of children, most genital mutilation is not typically performed by force, This debate also notes that by social, invention, social norm, the social pressure to conform, to do what others do and have been doing, as well as the need to be accepted, socially and fear being rejected by the community American Culture is down normalizing. The idea that minors can be given hormones to prevent their biological development of their secondary sexual characteristics, Levine, you have supported both allowing minors to be given hormone blockers to prevent them from Two puberty as well, sir, the destruction of a liner genitalia surgical mutilation or mono interruption of puberty can permanently alter and prevent secondary sexual characteristics. The american College
pediatricians reports that eighty to ninety five percent of pre programmed children with generous forum will express rigs. This resolution by late adolescence, if not, experts to medical intervention and social. Affirmation vis. Statement of yours ran is responsible for headlines like this ran Paul tried to derail Rachel, Levine's historic confirmation hearing with Trans phobic misinformation. You know the interesting thing is, none of it was directed towards her personally are who she knows who was directed towards the question of whether to women can consent, and this is an intellectual quest, Then it's not a. You know, inflammatory question, it's a question of of serious consequence can a young girl of twelve years old or fifteen years old. Can I consent to an abortion center of the earth tears, can they consent dabs surgery. To change their their search? For me, please
important questions and most people would argue that children can really make an informed consent. We have laws do you know a man having sex with a twelve year old, even twelve year old, says yes, because, don't be a twelve year old is capable of concentric. They just on old enough to make the difference It is even worse than this in one of them. clinics in England, one is gender despoil clinics in England, ten percent of kids between the age of three and ten, my goodness peoples, into a three year old, trying to tell them it's fine, they really are of a different sex. She most of this step would be in a three year old thinker, alien, sometimes I'm they had no conception or of any other the importance of any of these incredible questions. But the letter three rolled participated after a five year old were rolled, and then you got these Lou the two lovely courage. encouraging this and reaffirming it, and this is what they merit pediatricians have said. Is it if you don't medically do anything
and you dont reaffirmed that you just gotta let the kid grow up. Most people grow out of it and understand that it is an aberration, not something that they would really desire. Is she gonna be confirmed. overwhelmingly she's a special category now of the Democrats will vote, for. I suspect, a couple Republicans who wanta somehow me no sense, I'm gonna signal about one or two, but its alarming. It isn't about who she is it's about the eye, To my mind that a minor could make the decision and the loudest up is irreversible. You give a boy girls, her then said the ages of fourteen. Sixteen, I don't come back. You give a girl boys home and you don't want a girl is given enough testosterone to grow a beard with their face doesn't go back if they change your mind. So now took to ameliorate just crazy. He to me it is a little bit about who she is and it nothing about our sexuality- are her
trans transition to a woman has everything to do with her other sheet look her mother ass. She was the secretary of Health for the Pennsylvania. She took her mother out of nursing home as soon as covert restrictions, with warning anybody else. Hey you know. Maybe you should do that. she also during Cove id, it had a report out from her on US official Health Department, stationary about how Lee Cove id scare should affect you orgies and she put rules are our kids can't go to school, but her priority was, if you're going to go to a place where you're going to have sex with several people. Here, what you have to do? I mean it, The world is a clown, show an absent.
Clown, show This is why she wouldn't answer my question. She refused to answer. The question came up with some empty problem, but she didn't want answered because She truly is an extreme ass. She is so far out there that much to America Red Recoil in horror if they knew what use for but you're right about the practicality of other people, ask The question that was, why didn't dwell on the idea of what she did? Bring your mom out, everybody else to die. Absolutely that's disqualifying! That's me! partner to whether she can do the job, but there is a big issue, normalizing decide that is not your old, can want to change your saxon. You start giving them or mud and its appeal. say no child gets to decide at nine just wrong and children just are capable of making life changing decisions, and there is a permanent to this at some point when they start giving up cross hormones meaning that you give a boy girl or hormones or a girl boy oblige we used are doing
and they do it between the age of fourteen sixteen as minors, their irreversible changes give you become sorted this in between neither boy or girl, but you can't go back a book that came out three years ago that basically says the same stuff, quoting medical science, science and scientists. a warning about how detrimental this can be on children was poor old from Amazon? It's been out for three years. It was pulled for hate speech by Amazon. What Sunday, I believe This also goes right into the equality ACT which, if you'd, by into this stuff, if you don't call people by the right pronoun, if you don't affirm the new sexual norms in general, dead, gender I'd ideology, urine. Trouble
This is this will affect small businesses. This will affect charities. This will foot affect churches and it is, here's to be written in a way where there is no recourse you're not going to a court and having this reversed on you. I don't Think I've ever seen anything this bad. That as a chance aim, passing framework saying where we are, I mentioned story of a young woman in England by the name of cure, a bell and just read on the internet. She was a confused young woman. She says she was confused psychological problems at the time she didn't know who she was withdrawn, discover her identity and she regulator that about transsexuals. I was cool. She went in after a couple of appointments. They were very incur urging it to her. There was no other side presented general taking crow, for a moment and then having a double mastectomy. Now she regrets at his word,
whether sheep she know she's a woman now and she would like to have children cheese all that she will be infertile and she ended up having up you know a body informing double mastectomy, and she just regret. It and their change, some of the rules in England on this now, but this doctor Levine has said that most the time she's for surgery before eighteen, but she is for street kids, so she's her poor kids, who don't happen as you can imagine a girl homeless, fifteen year old, there's a lot. Going on that either your parents have been rotten. Parents or you add psychological problems or you might be skits Apprenti agree- might have other problems from the reason why you're almost but to take those people and prey upon them and say they don't really, need consent and we're gonna get the stake, a sort of a procedure there. Hormones, admittedly, there's really grotesque that they would take a poor child. And impeded put their order and infused their belief in there.
Green views on these are on these children is just abstain, ran. I know you have to run. I want to ask you and I, not sure if you are aware of, what's going on with the World economic forum in the great reset, but already seeing it happened in companies. There is this you're? If you will, between government, Ngos and and corporations these public private partnerships, in all, based on water old s, cheese or yes, g, environmental, social and governmental mandates. These big companies are already adopting these things like the equality ACT and been critical race theory and their jobs it down people throats and it's an end run around the constitution. Let me it. Let me ask you as a libertarian we complain a lot as conservatives about big tech and what they're doing, but
I believe- and I know you believe private business should be able to do what they want to do it right in the free market, but when these companies are aligned so closely with a party and the government, specifically they're doing an end run around the constitution, watch we do Don't use em, don't bother, stop you're, gonna, look Coca COLA, you know about my wife at our credibly upset with them right now they came out with his woke thing about. You need to admit that your wife you're a terrible person. You need to admit that your aggressive that your opinion, aided in a year you apologize for being white and that's the most grotesque sort of race, thing. I've ever heard, that is, the World Economic Forum, is yes, geez, bill gates out their promoting that we need to have critical race theory and map, and there is a great professor from Vanderbilt
african american woman who said you know at the most gracious thing. I've ever heard the bill Gates thinks markets, cattle aren't as the color of their skin. And there were a dumb down map of showing your work or having too much emphasis on the correct answer is, is somehow racist. You know that that hope Hon as racists, but that's where we live, and you got black lives matter. Extorting big corporations who are now paying for black lives matter, people to go right, different cities subsided. I know a guy words, one of the big drug companies who says: oh yeah. there. If I give a hundred dollars by company or match three hundred dollars to black lives matter and I've seen a big and the people, or were in the George Washington Hotel in the Willard Hotel five hundred dollars a night with plane tickets obeyed core by big corporation blue black lives matter. They get people to ride in D C, the people was killed my wife and I were or by big corporations. Big. U S. Corporations pay their way there. So are it is
are there enough Republicans that or are at least feeling some sort of spawned civility to stand up for the car detention and you know it, do something I guess The danger is that you have to have some goodbye. I have some got some courage to stand out because it is a cultural out. There were even Bobby everybody saying I may Transphobia comment yesterday. All I did was asked was whether a minor and consent to this kind of dramatic surgery- nothing, I ever said- was hateful. I said nothing April by these people as it nothing equal about adults who choose to do this, but the culture is out there. That is so strong that so many gone office are afraid to speak out and it's getting worse so there's a handful of if that was begun, the senators a handful of the house and We have to grow our ranks, but we have to resist or that it just gonna role.
Russian we're gonna live in this terrible council cultural world, where nobody speaks out and thereby afraid to say anything. Silence in the face of evil is evil itself. Dietrich bond offer real thank you for being one of those people who will stand up we will help you in any way we possibly can, and that goes for anybody left or right. That will stand against this this night air that is happening. Thank you so much ran. This is the best of the blended programme. Nicole Malea talk is, is the Congress person? brand new in the in the house from New York. She joins us now to give us the details on the vote.
Point nine trillion dollar covert. Nineteen relief package, Nicole how're, you great iron gate- to be with you. I appreciate you have me onto expose what is actually happening in the spill. Yes, oh I read. I read a lot of stuff. The media is busy spinning this, of course, as this is all gonna help those states that are really in need and all those people that are really need. I, read it? That way, can you, Can you fill us in with the facts on what is in this bill? or well. First of all, I think what people need to understand is that there is a trillion dollars left over from the previous package. Show Congress didn't take the time to really identify where the need is where we could potentially be shifting resources. Ensuring that we came out with something that was tailored and specific to the needs of struggling Americans and small businesses are way way way way way way way way way. Oh, I want to make sure I understand this.
A trillion dollars in you know some fictitious bank account that they ve Eddie approved that hasn't been sent out. That is correct, so in education spun spending to reopen schools. Some of it is ppp money for small business on my arm? So so so then, the interesting thing and up the education finding is that the CDC said it would cost twenty five billion to reopen school safely across Amerika. Yet they put sixty four billion dollars in the previous package with them. Majority of it unspent and, as you know, many schools, including those in my city, were me: enclosed and On top of that, they want to could not a hundred and thirty billion dollars in this package with ninety five percent of that funding not being able to be spent until after the after this yourself over? So the estimate is debt to real
schools. It would cost twenty five billion, but between the unspent money in the last bill and the new bill, They are sending our schools two hundred billion dollars that that is correct, So what I say is only under a mismatch government or when, when Democrat certain controlled? It things end up costing eight times as much as originally estimated, so soft. What? What exactly? is that what what did they say? How is what is the response on two hundred million dollars for schools? there's been no response as a matter of fact, as they keep insisting that this is for reopening America, schools. We know they thought the case number one, because the estimates were an eighth of what they are putting into this fund. The second thing is that the money is restricted to be used for over years, has not emergency funding unless they anticipate that the national reopen schools for a whole other year, so
to give an example in New York State, my state Governor Como, did receive four billion wish for school. Yet many of our schools remained closed. Dry state just reopen middle school in New York City and, as you know, the schools we're just resigned about an hour ago and its because I believe really, because he hasn't been able to successfully roll out the opening of these schools and, like the catholic schools, have in our city near me, just to recommend for anybody who is struggling to figure out how to open schools. The this thing you have to do. Is teachers you're to reply? back to class on Monday, if not you're fired. That would be the four thing to do, to open up schools. Maybe it's just me you. Also in this bill are. Are but we are, we are finding now that there is a eighty six.
Billion dollars of our tax dollars. To rescue union pension funds yeah. I mean look about that's a narrow, there's a lot in the air, which is why we call it the policy pay off bill, not the actual covert relief bill. So it's not You know a bail out for pensions, but you act we have three point: five billion dollars going overseas internationally for the global health fund for age, Burke closes a malaria good cause but the thing is: why is the american american people picking up eighty percent of the tab for this international organisations expenditures cause. That's what three point five billion dollars equates to, and this is time when even our diplomats overseas have even had access to the vaccine than the other. to show you how bloated this package is less than one percent goes to a vaccine
production and distribution, and you ask any Democratic Republic in local leader or national leader, and they will tell you that the vaccine development distribution. Is the number one thing to getting us back on track, so the fact that its only waiting for big less than one percent and I had to use- Here you by the way, to figure that out, because How can we just got to one try to one point: nine trillion dollars, but when calculus it? Using I hear your Alexa, you find out that point nine point: seven percent of the Un your package is going to what is said to be the number one priority that that is how the loaded the this bill is. Nicole Is there any your new to Congress? So let me ask you, are you? Is it worse than you thought it would be or better or about what you expected will unfortunately have to bear. polarizing in my first part, was in great of us are very polarizing first month.
now. The fact that we lost the Senate was not helpful because there's no balance anymore. They changed the rules in this procedure so that when they don't even need any republican votes, they D changed it from the sixty vote, requirement changes to fifty one votes using or what budget, reconciliation, and so the other basically showed us out of this process, and now you know why? Because they want to dream on all this pork into this bill and as a new Yorker. I can say look of course. I want my city state to have money So one accountability- and I dont trust this mayor or this governor. I believe that they'll take the federal funds and is still increase the cat, is it- are driving new Yorkers out there already talking about opposing higher income taxes and stock transfer attacks mere de Palacio increases. The property tax levy every single year may just ink he's told on our roadways and so taking the money in the still gonna take from the people and with interesting about
the way the Democrats set up this formula is that they changed it based on population to now based on unemployment rate, so governors like when a Cuomo and get a new some are actually being rewarded for shutting down. Economies and driving people out of work, so it's very disheartening to see how he's playing out, but I was a member of the New York State legislature. no in the minority in some kind of use to the list. These types of games being played by hopeful, we'll be able to actually worked together in a bipartisan fashion and something like the presidency, wanted to do, even though he hasn't try get so I I was just talking to Bill O Reilly and he said what was happening in the New York House. An assembly was that The Democrats are going after Cuomo, not because of any of the scandals, but because he's not radical enough deeply. That's true or is, is or is the debt? Are the Democrats in New York waking up to Cuomo night? I think
I'm a crisis in New York or getting along pressure from their constituents, demanding answers and families were demanding justice. Are the governor made a bad mistake by implementing this? that mandate, the nursing homes except covert positive patients, then he under reported it to the public the number of deaths that, as a result of that and then he stone Wall. The legislature they try to get answers, and then his own chief of staff admitted that they were covering up the whole thing simply because they do not want the Department of Justice to gain access to this information. Then he bullied one of the Democratic assembly members whose stood up to him because his uncle a nursing home. So I think they're, getting very tired of the governors antics this new Yorkers are actually join me in adding their aim at that enough Cuomo dot com to send the message that they were, the governor to resign and
this has only been exacerbated now by the fact that a young woman who is part of his administration has come forward with sexual harassment claims. So I think the Democrats really are starting. tired of the Governor Yogi, governor for three year three terms. He does use bullying tactics to get what he wants a. He is vindictive- and I think said he's out doing his welcome both with that other Democrats in the state, but also with the people, which is, why is Paul numbers have just been dropped, much of it last month, so with him and the Plaza Are- and I love to know this in California as well, but you u or from the EU So you might have a good handle in New York with Colombia De Blanco, the wreckage that has and done with these policies, especially because of covered are,
people just wanting to get rid of them or they tying them also to the policies that are so damaging? they are, they are tying them to their policies because they are the ones who put forward these arbitrary region. Reactions. Are these ended, shut down that occurred at local economy that have led to thousands people losing their jobs, better, put small businesses people's livelihoods. in on your schools, the parents, teachers and students they speech you want to go back to school and These very upsetting children don't have school athletics anymore, which is another big issue, not a lot of one of these restrictions that they put in lacked common sense, but you can the jam, but you can't get the yoga studio where you can you brought me, can I escaped in any way I can go to an ice king pavilion escape, but you can't have hockey leaks. It doesn't make any sense, and so it is a lot of frustration and New York City whipping
it differently than the rest. The state, the or assisted at fifty percent capacity for indoor dining New York city was shut down for so long and, finally, that twenty five percent pushing we got no more now a thirty five percent inching up toward fifty, but why are we being treated differently than the rest of the state? So people are upset about this They see that the governor and the mayor had we too much power and note the Venice power needs to be rescinded. I've said that you have repeatedly but they never mind the democratic dragging their feet, but they finally up it, go and do it and take back their power as a co, equal branch of government and work to reopen this economy and get children back to school and get people back to work. I have to tell you, I think, between what companies are have discovered, with zoom in and virtual work, etc, etc, and the absolute devasted
Given that has been done to Manhattan and and your district in southern Brooklyn and Staten Island? I don't. and I know you won't agree with us, I'm sure, but I dont see New York City ever recovering to the continuity of the city that it once was it. Just for a decade how how power you? How is that area going to pay for all of the services that it needs and have promised, When everybody's moving away companies are react shutting down. Absolutely I'm right about the policies that have been put in place that are driving people out? I do have hoped that York City will recover that We do have a mayors reason, I'm hoping that somebody who will be Yoke really really tried her rollback some of this stuff mayor. Did I mean look at whether a beach defending the police,
a completely ridiculous idea, sledges crime skyrocketing We had a lot of mismanagement, mismanagement of our tax dollars, which is why I am so concerned with billions more coming to New York, but I do believe that it is up to the people. The people have to be vocal. They have the complaint and I ran from air of New York City in TWAIN. Seventeen I think, we'd be better position. Had I want that election fortunately, this mayor spend more and more money in the problems get worse and worse. So that is the definition of mismanagement I think so. I think we should be doing differently to tackle our homeless crisis, to make sure streetcher safer, to make sure that our trains are running to make sure that Our children are getting a good education in person, you'll be dieter. things that I think are. Unfortunately, government has just strayed from the basics of what the supposed to be doing. My people expect you to keep them safe, give their kids a good education. Be short traffic is flaw in the tree
the running on time, making sure that isn't environment where jobs can grow and unfortunately street into all sorts of areas. Did I get back to the basics enough? What I'm gonna be pushing for speaking out for both in Washington it when I'm back home in New York City. Thank you so, Congresswoman Nicole, Malian Tarkas from New York thanks for checking whether Cyprus? This is the best of Glinda Programme and don't forget, raids on? I, too welcome the Glen Back programme. It is Friday. I want to tell you about the podcast that comes out tomorrow with tools he gabert. It is really Estonia really? Is this fascinating, but I think it's important that we work cover something I just said Why do you want you? Let you sometimes you say these things are so profound in the moment you are such a what already use them, because of just in a
you're, so rapid fire with the many great moment Joanna we miss JAM and I think the audience may have. Mr Gem, just a few moments ago take the audience. What's a settled in clear your mind, what do have just contemplate this Brilliant analysis by Glyn Back sausages, desserts, really yummy, caught with a spoon style, forks, USA. Fifty Exactly is so vague. Like style fork, IDA, that is the copy says, cut with a fork, but the actual terms for four states is cut with a spoon the end as I I I
we are thinking for honey spoon, not fork, and I forgot about the word- stake right now: it's an over hasty commercials. Why would you really were to take? But so are you I just want to show you: how are you hurrying shot up? Are you cutting the fork Witherspoon? Yes, we hear a lot more time. I'm sorry, I don't reason hot with a spoon style for I know he is it or is it a fork that cuts like as a spoon How are you you know you, you did nothing. You re just
there's a reason they gave that to you and twenty January, following the hall of Fame, a word radio holiday may bring heirs of the table, a jury to bring that what our hold on. Let me present is not an ideal how the spleen style for cod with a part of your acceptance speech, did you caught a spoon whether honour the luck? I dont know how I got this job. I dont. I keep this job. I really don't. I listened other shows yeah. I know how challenge it. Everybody else is, I listen, I'm like they don't make any mistakes they don't. if you ever do it never say they ve, never say this hot with a spoon style, for you know that I listen. I don't know how they do that I know I must have had pictures of somebody that I never took. Nor did I know I am there. You know I bought something and it was in like a
kit of some use jacket or something in areas like he's got that jacket you should put a one year lords going to use it. I dont know what words in the jacket- I don't even know it. actually was starters there. Why? You would need a spoons guy before I just use of course show why would entirely org arise, spoil all right there, two different utensil, certain separate. Your cutlery is also trying to utter What was that about Radio Hall of Fame wow. I mean that's what gaining achievement again. You had pictures of somebody in a jacket. I don't own here. Is here's the thing. Could we go back to the show? Please cod?
speed? I ordered you. Did you talk to talk about child forks? You know it's a weird. I am more comfortable with this. Then. If you are actually heaping praise on me if you are you're a great, but I would rather have you this out. That's how sad my life is. Surprisingly enough, I'm more comfortable! I should die, urging you feel awkward when, when P I'll, say positive thing which really nice, because it doesn't happen at least very often, I've remove myself from the outset that I'm throughout my entire life. Well here is a great thing: you're standing in my shadow for just the last twenty five years. I now see that's what does that say about now? It serves add its depressing when I think about it. So I tried it rather well
I can't drink anymore, so think how I feel
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