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Best of the Program | Guests: Sen. Rand Paul & Rep. Stewart | 1/12/22

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Glenn discusses Ted Cruz questioning an FBI official regarding the FBI's alleged involvement on January 6. Justin Haskins, editorial director of the Heartland Institute and co-author of “The Great Reset,” joins to discuss the book, what the Great Reset is, and how it's coming sooner rather than later. Sen. Rand Paul joins to discuss his questioning of Dr. Fauci over the leaked emails that indicate Dr. Fauci knew more about the origin of COVID than he’s been claiming.

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Welcome to today's Todd cast there's one thing on my mind and it is the great recent and how it touches. Absolutely everything in your life and every story you will see that is in the new cycle today revolves unfolds right in to the great reset, which is the name of my new book. You can get it at glens, new boss, dotcom, make sure you read it here's the plan cast, so we found out a couple of things yesterday that are quite disturbing quite disturbing. yesterday we found out that in North Carolina, they're gonna start doing operations, against domestic terrorists? These are people that
on overthrow the government, etc, etc. There doing all of these exercises. This is the Bubba effect. This is, what the special forces told me in the Carolinas back in two thousand and four. I think that there will come a time when we at that time and space, oh forces are going be doing exercises in the next couple of months, the Carolinas fighting pretty much guerrilla warfare against D. The terrorists. So now I don't have a problem with that, if you're a domestic terrorists, but how are you defining that? We also found out yesterday that apparently the occasion, Secretary Cardona, the one who ask the National School Board for the letter. comparing the protesting parents to domestic terrorists, the education Department of Education is denying that, of course they would. But we we don't
know for Sure Fox NEWS, as they have gone through the mammals and they can prove it. But we'd like to see the evidence of that. That is strong, ordinarily disturbing that means the guy who is are the head of our education? for the country he served originally as Connecticut Education Senate Secretary He is a big fan of the teachers becoming much more woke, promoted resources on micro aggressions, while he was in Connecticut, he is a lefty and he pushing it now the the word comes out is that he actually wrote and said, And I get a letter from the school board describing the guys is engaged in domestic terrorism. And, and will follow up on that? If that's true that mean
is. The bite administration is leading the assault on the american people that not come as honestly a surprise to anyone We also found out yesterday that there is a new d J domestic terrorism unit. The Justice department officially announced yesterday a domestic terrorism unit It was during the opening remarks for testimony about the capital riot this is extraordinarily disturbing because they are looking at you and me as domestic terrorist, Joe Biden was in Georgia. What was it yesterday or the day before? And he was talking about the filibustering he was talking about this note quote: you know new civil rights of Voting act. It's not it's! A one party bill, don't give it any. credibility by calling it a civil rights ACT, it is a one party bill.
It is a way for one party to take control of absolutely everything at the federal level it is. Strong ordinarily dangerous and must be stopped so are now saying. The Joe Biden said that, if you're not with if you're not, with him you are with the confederacy that or actually a follower of Jefferson Davis. If you follow him on this Le Buster and the new one party bill that they are pushing. So looking at domestic terrorist and we can't get any real answers on anything. There is no transparency. Let me ask you too, your government work for you or not? our government afraid of even our elected leaders, yesterday, it was on full display that the answer is no. Can you please play the long version of
the testimony in front of the Senate with TED crews asking our Justice Department in FBI, anybody involved from the FBI in January. Six. Listen to this and tell me who the servant and who is the slave want to to the FBI? How many FBI, agents or confidential informants actively participated in the events of January six. Sir, I'm sure you can appreciate that I can't go into the specific sources and methods did any FBI agents are confidential informants actively participate in the events in January says? Yes, yes, sir. I can't an answer that did any happier. agents are confidential, informants commit crimes of violence. On January six, I can answer that Sir
and did any FBI, agents or FBI informants actively encourage and incite crime the violence. On January six president, I can answer that Miss advent who is re ups, that I am aware of the individual, sir. I don't have the specific background to him well There are a lot of people who are understandably, very well about Mister Rapid, about this draft on the of January fifth, twenty twenty on Epps, wandered around the crowd gathered and there's video out there, if enchanting tomorrow, we need to get into the capital into the capital, is, was strange behaviour so strange that the crowd began. Chanting fed bad bad, bad, bad, bad. The Sanborn was re. Ups are fed, sir. I cannot answer that
the next day that's dead. On January six, this draft has seen whispering to a person and five seconds later five seconds after he's, whispering to a person that same person begins to forcibly tear down the barricades did mister ebbs urge them to tear down the barricades. Sir similar to that other answers, I cannot answer that shortly thereafter the F b I put out a public post listing, see any information on individuals connected with violent crimes. On January six among those individuals in the bottom, there is MR apps. The FBI publicly asked for information, identify. Offering cash rewards leading information leading
formation leading to the arrest. This was posted and then some time later, magically MR apps disappeared from the public posting according to public records. Mr apps is not and charged with anything. No one's exchange explain why a person video Jeanne people to go to the capital, a person whose conduct was so suspect. The crowd believed was a fad, would magically disappear from the list people. The FBI was looking at Miss, said and a lot of Americans are concerned that the federal government deliberately incur. Ridge, illegal and violent conduct on January six, my question to you- and this is
This is not an ordinary law enforcement question. This is a question of public accountability. Did federal agents are those in service a federal agent, actively encourage violet and criminal conduct on January? Six not to my knowledge. That is extraordinarily disturbing that they are not answering any questions. Now they picked re apps up in I think November. They interview then they will not release any of the transcripts any of the information? Why is this coming to light right now he didn't Do anything illegal saying go into the capital is protected, free speech that is is insane that all of these p all are being charged with criminal trespassing in everything else, just for walking into the capital. Strangely Ray
the guy, who is telling everyone to walk into the capital, never actually walked into the capital building himself on that day. So he incur urged others? He was opening the doors, but he knew Where did anything We don't have any idea. We know this. Guy was an oath keeper. He, the oath keepers, were involved with the FBI informants, which about half of them on the Governor Whittemore Kidnapping case this? Could very well likely be, especially as we find out what the school Board was requested by the Secretary of education. This seems to be a pattern possible possible pad. The question that I have is: where is the transparency and Is anyone going to be held accountable,
they are not afraid of our senators. They are not afraid of Congress. I get nail. because they ll say the New York Times said I was inciting violence. When I was saying don't go to that, capital, Donald Three, this way. but I was saying I could understand how people are frustrated and feel this way, because I can New York Times wants to cancel my podcast my radio broadcasts. and the blaze, and why to put us on a list, so we are, voices cannot be heard because I was encouraging January sick. I did nothing of the sort vague go for that, but re apps hey, let's go in tomorrow. You know we gotta take it, we gotta go into the capital and that's it a problem, I agree
with that being protected speech. How where is the protection for every one else who is actually fighting that has any teeth, if you want this to change? You must stand up right now. You must stand up and call TED crews. Call your senators called damn: frickin, worthless, Mitch, Mcconnell and say this is got to stop. They have got to answer to the law. This is in Oversight Committee, who in charge, the FBI or the people once the people are not in charge and are not allowed to see the secret documents. We are toast,
tell your listening to the best of the globe, and this is the line back programme I do not want to be the bearer of of bad news, whose I always seem to be in that situation. But this is the most important topic I have ever addressed in my life. I was having a conversation with my my wife last night, and I said honey- you know, even our friends are who are very involved in things. I said: do you know any them that are really up on this are concerned about this and she said no, maybe one or two or kind of you know looking into things in asking you questions but they're not really doing anything, and I said why why
said it's paralyzing, it's too terrifying and I know that I'm obtaining a picture I started something a painting last night about World WAR, two on the beaches of of Normandy and it was inspired by something I was reading the other days I've been reading some Eisenhower, and, and on he put out something that said the eyes. of the world are upon you. You are about to commence on a historic journey. there is nothing but victory This is the attitude. This is our world war two. This is fighting fascism, just It was in world war. Two and we must put everything into the problem. Is we don't have leadership right now? That will lead so the p. oh, must lead.
When there is a lack of vision, the people perish so here's the vision, you, First have to know what the great reset is, and I urge all of our late- we have a lot of listeners, it listen to us all over the world in Canada, these become a zealot for this book in England, become a z, France, Germany, ITALY, Hungary, Poland, the Ukraine in power its of the Middle EAST in parts of Africa. anywhere there is freedom. You must be aware of the great reset and just correct me if I'm wrong.
I haven't had a much time, and I know you have an either just doing the research on this book, but is there anything in the world that is explaining this like this book? This is it. This is the world's authority on this. Now isn't it. There is literally nobody on the planet, anything other than you me. Maybe a couple of other people who have helped us with this who know anywhere near as Much what's in the both of I mean really the the is the most obviously unbiased, but it's the most important project that I've ever work. I think, is one of the most important projects anyone has ever worked on in the past ten to fifteen years. At least I think this may be, in the end, the most important thing I've ever done. We won't know until you know all is said and done, but if this book can be red and understood by millions of people and they get past their feet, and they they realize it is time to stand up. It will
the most important work of my entire life. It the reason I was born, it is so critical that every freedom, loving person, understand in in the last chapter- and I you know I honestly in dont, give away the book I read the whole book to you right now on the air. If I could It is all share anything from this. I don't go to them I very and get it just read this book Derailing the great reset is the seventh chapter, the last real chapter. starts with Norman Schwarzkopf, the true the matter. Is you always know what the right thing is to do? The hard part is doing it and we'll we, outline several different things that you have to do and one is the most important separating conspiracy, facts from
spirits in theory. This is, why spoke has fifty pages of fine print footnotes. Everything in it is backed up. There is that this is I would say this just a but you're the co author of this book. I think there is maybe five per cent of this book. Maybe that is opinion. everything else is, is foot noted in document. It is just fact driven yell area a percentage yeah. I think that's, that's probably true that we don't need to enter into our opinions and the vast majority of the book, because we have so much material. The dry right, so many direct quote so many reports going back ten Dean twenty years and that were in the book is all of quotes full of it. In fact, we at some editors tell us that there were too many quotes in the book, and I said not working, we should leave em. We should leave look you leave, because, because we need people to see it coming directly from them it doesn't.
The number one one thing frozen to conspiracy theory and run you to show them in their own words correct and it's it's thing for me to say, it is a completely different thing to hear it from them. And to see it in action, which this book shows. You I said earlier, I was on Tucker last night and it was really frustrated because every topic here about was so crucially important. Last night it was for welcoming the new, the day yesterday overwhelming, but every answer came down too? Well, you know we ve gotta work on this. We have to work on this, no the answer. Is this all part of the great reset and it must be stopped. You can no longer look at intervene. We'll stories and you can't look it read in Donald Trump and end bite, and that is that all fallacy socialism. All of that is fallacy. They are re writing everything. Did you see the opposite
came out yesterday in USA today about pedophilia no It's this pedophilia article is absolutely credible. This is in USA. Today, yesterday, pedophilia is just inappropriate and of the most amazing understood conditions in Amerika. It is no longer supposed to be called pedophilia because stigmatizes pedophilia. They are minor, attracted persons. This is indeed part of the great reset all of this everything that you you think you know is going to be rewritten and if you think it happen. This is what now did all street is being rewritten, all norms are being rewritten. All rules are out the out of the rule book and out of the window bright, and
when you and then that's one of the things I tell people when we were in the in writing this book and and now every When I talk to about the book the big, take away, is when you read this book, if you actually take the time to read it and you stick with it and you any approach it with an open mind: when you walk away from this book, you will not be able to look at the news. The same way again period. Will you, everything you see you will realize it is actually interconnected. These are not isolated stories. They all are part of one big problem and until we realize that you know we're, not gonna fix it. D D. Remember. Are you old enough to remember when I first started going down the progressive Road and Woodrow Wilson? I do yes, ok and with its very reminiscent of this, except this is ten times more powerful, probably a thousand times more powerful. The world didn't makes, France and the number one question that people had was how the hell did we get here. How did we get A country that loved the country,
and everybody was getting along and it was getting better to all of a sudden Obama and what was happening. How did we get there and the? answer was progressive ism well. I said in two thousand: I don't know fourteen fifteen, that the era of Progressive ISM was over. We were now at the end game, but I couldn't define what the end game was, the pair a cords were the key to really understanding the great reset. If you understand this? If, if you learned anything from me ever anything that you thought was a value added trained you to look at the world a different way. scales must fall off your eyes and you must start seeing the world for what the game is. That is currently being played out. People in Washington certainly
The people who are involved in this, the media, no intellectual, curiosity, in fact they are working here and in hand because they will become wealthy on this and they will ensure their life or this stuff at at best there ignorant at worst there of it, but the scales have to fall from your eyes and once you finish this book, you will realize exact what you just said: Justin, oh my gosh. It's it's the matrix I hate to use the red pill, but it is the matrix yeah. I think the thing for me that what sort of that my sort of matrix moment, I guess we recall that When I realized the amount of money behind this, that's fuelling it. When I really that there were groups that had been working since the Paris climate accords and some even before the Paris Climate, a growing in the run up to that
now have assets under management of a hundred and thirty shrill in not billion trillion dollars all calling for some sort of eschew system. I realise that I knew that this was the this- was why bigger than a single election way bigger than a single issue way bigger than just talk about at one or two times, and maybe people will do something about it. No, when you you, don't that kind of money behind a cause unless there a plan and less there's unless there's end game and unless you, been doing this for a very very long time, and what's trysting is all of this. Money is much of it. Is going to buy property. It's good owing to buy tangier assets in a black, Iraq is now one of the bigger and land loner landowners in the United States, if not the world, they do
unbelievable access to capital, but they are boxing pull out. The reason why I think black rock and other companies like this. go again and paying fifty percent over the asking price of homes. Now think of that We know we're in a bubble the case Schiller Index, which measures bubbles for housing shows I think it was what was its two hundred and thirty percent in two thousand eight it was in a hundred low, timid hundreds. We are almost three hundred percent overvalued. Now one hundred is where it should be if its anything under a hundred we ve now or broken two hundred? I don't think we ve ever broken one hundred and seventy five. We are almost there. Three hundred points now in case the Schiller. Why, when that right nice is a massive bubble. Why would they companies go in and by at fifty percent higher in
tie your neighborhoods they're doing it, because the only thing that will be of value you can hold onto it, we'll be land and property because you will be the renter, not the surf and and the dollar changes you lose everything and you and fight against this. I dont want this to be gloom and doom it. It is a lot had taken and it is frightening. the eyes of the world or upon us now our solutions. The last chapter are actual hard solutions things we must do, but it begins educating yourself Getting the facts you can get, it goes who glens new book, dot com, that's glens, new book, dot, com, we will see you tonight
program. You were listening to the best of Glinda programme. This is the England Back programme. We have ran Paul, a guy who has been the leader of fire. Fighting faulty I I'm I'm I'm paraphrasing here. I think- and I want to make sure that I have his his opinion down as we go into this. I don't think and Paul is, by any stretch of the imagination, anti vaccine he is really anti corruption and anti big farms
suitable, hiding everything and the government coming in. It's not it's not a vaccine problem. It's a government problem to have that right, Rand, yeah. I think so, and I think the main thing is is I'm am against mandate and freedom and I eirik individuals would make their choice. depended on a risk. So the fact that a ten year Does it very low risk for dying or spreading? The disease is different than an eighty year old, whose at much higher whisper dying and spreading the thing, and so you'd make different decisions don't be an individual decision. If you ask me advice. So I wouldn't I wouldn't vaccinate. and you were a kid I don't think there's any reason too. I also wooden vaccinate somebody's. I didn't ask that was younger for antibodies. Clear, Have the disease you're as well protected were brought perhaps better than a vaccine from natural your immunity, okay, so What is it I mean is this yesterday, we now know that, because
of a four year request. We now know what we put out on our special and send to you from DARPA Israel. That found she was was knowingly involved with gain of function, research we We know that DARPA turned them down. We know now that, because new mammals that what laid out on our time line again. where he was calling all these people together and then just discussed dating anyone that stepped out of line the day after that meeting happen, we know those things are facts, but he's playing politics and saying you're, smearing him and are no facts to defend him. question when we look at the origin of the virus, where it came from the scientists that were corresponding with ye from day one Yes, as this was unfolding some of these
you're going on through the middle of the night there telling him they looked at the sequence of the dna, we looked at the genome of the virus and their very a concern that are unusual things in it. They don't look like they come from nature. These are values, buddies. All saying this in a day or two though Fauci and Collins have a big conference call with all these people people who are telling them proud that we have emails from them, saying we think it came from the lab? This looks terrible. Doesn't look like you for major with three days. They live now change their mind in their signed, a letter within forty edit. So this is how involved is this? Isn't just as people that are unconnected. These are his and his minions colleagues, people who controls the funding for right away. Or to the two Nature magazine and say: oh yeah, we don't if there is any way this could have come from a lab.
Cinema Amazing found in college or saying: oh, no, it didn't take effect, less write, another letter to lance it where they call everybody who said that came from a lab. They call us conspiracy, they arrest On top of that, some of the people that went in that were hard core saying, no, that this this came from a lab. They choose in their mind and then a couple of months later they get funding from fell These organizations correct without question all tied to funding and lots of funding. We ve talked about what, LAB God, that's the tip of the iceberg. The ego help alive over a hundred million dollars over several your period. They were finally some of that too. a few million into the blue on lab or yeah. Was it about money, and if you cross tony faulty, you don't get your money and the things he controls the purse strings for the entire country Entire university system has been doing for four years. People live in
of what he will do them. So he- and I thought a very reasonable question yesterday- was look you're discrediting all of this. The you know. People have made up their minds and you have no credibility laughed and he's blaming you for death threats. I mean I've seen you having to get through a crowd. After a Trump speech, you had death threats. You you have had several of them, it's? Not a new thing He's just saying that you're attacking him and over nothing, but raising money in politics is consistent with, arrogance is level of arrogance that he's developed. He said a couple of weeks ago that he is science, that any attack on him an attack on science to you, today he said that anybody who dares oppose him or encouraging death threats the
been on the receiving end of semi automatic gunfire? I wished the yards away from Steve's police when he almost died. I was ten feet away from a staff or that was shot, and you know why the guy doing the shooting was a Bernie Sanders supporter, but not one of us, not one of the Republicans on the battlefield said: oh, it was burning their small, but that's it given our level of personal attack that values now stooping to he saying that the personal bread he gets are actually the fault of his critics. Well, you know my wife received and package that looked like anthrax about a month ago at our house we have? A woman has recently been charged with a with threatening to kill us I was shot out. I've had six on my ribs broke. And we were more in the city by an angry crowd, so the thing is you he needs Venus to back off, but he needs to answer the question. Reading. He did in the committee yesterday was Miss direction, so you didn't have to ask the question
The question was: why did he smear we scientists from Stanford, Oxford and Harvard? Why did he smear there? as fringe epidemiologist, and why did he spiral with Francis Collins that take them down in a very public. Why? He wouldn't s question. So so? How does this end Rand because The same thing happened in the in the Senate. Hearing with the criminal justice and the FBI theirs. who fear there? No fear How does this and how do we get to somebody? paying a price one way or another, elections. Are a consequence of u dont controlled the committee's you dont control the investigation. So if you don't could hold the presidency, you dont have influence at the Department of Justice referred tony faulty poor criminal process, you should read the OJ, but its merit garlic, the same one: who's going after parents
school board meeting. So I dont have any belief that mere garlon will do his duty, but we are, you probably things, but we can't force them to do their duty. What I can to help people This is why elections are important if we went into twenty, two reform, re elected and twenty twenty two and Republicans take over I will use the subpoena power. I will not be shy about people have seen my interactions with these people. I will get every document, investigate where the where the virus came from, will investigate what leave out, she knew when he knew it and we will get the documents. Yes, he was all became a function. Research and he's been lying about that from the very beginning, the same It was turned down by the defence debarment by DARPA he's doing the same experimented he approve. then what doktor she now they identical so I was saying all we never did those experiments what they did. virtually identical. They did on the same theme with the same sort of end point of creating, new viruses that don't exist in nature, and then
asking them on human cells to guess we're doing gain a function. Research and he's got away with it because he has a complicit left wing media never challenges it. Surrender I am very concerned about a couple of things: one: the credibility of doctors, science, medicine. It did. You know you have done Turn right now that are are horrible. On are not treating people they just I'll take some aspirin and go home. There are treatments that are available, but the dock reserves frayed to proscribe anything or there. You know part of this, this brainwashing cabal on corona virus, I think we're there is another real problem sighing. And medicine is going to be in real real trouble, Do you feel bad I'm coming with? You Telecoin on that gland. Is this: while the government, doctors in the ones who controlled government policy have been awful,
there's a risen, a real group of amazing doctors out there, but Harry doctors, who did the great Barrington decoration J a charter. Martin call door and doktor outta, I believe from These are amazing doctors. There are now putting our stuff on now. Brownstone dot org had become associated with wholesale college. Doktor Alice is part of that Molly might carry who have seen on Fox is amazing girl, some amazing doctors out there, but it's all sort of peripheral and the centre on podcast their case. Yon conservative media you know it wasn't just those three. The great Barrington declaration was signed by fifty thousand doctors, including myself, so you know this we're not rude and we're out here, but we do have to push back then I'll, say on therapeutic that nobody needs to know. doctors, don't even though this you know there was a discussion
Hydroxide cork on Ann Arbor, Macrian have largely stayed out of that because I think I don't know the answer, but now Even organized medicine is saying, flew, vocs, Amene their failures, Rio at em, I any is antidepressant, he has of anti inflammatory properties. Instead of staying doing nothing, it's a very safe antidepressants. You can take that, for we talk your doctor, and it may well lesson your risk of being in the hospital. There are treatments out their inhaled stay, Lloyd are pretty bananas. Are a lot of doctors are now starting to prescribe that there's a doctor Bartlett there has been a real euro out in West taxes. Talking about this though but people to be informed and you can't go along anymore, just say: oh well, the doktor told me there's nothing to do. Call another doktor, all your doktor pack and say yours. Ernest twenty four hours later. Can I get the monoclonal idolized today that you wouldn't give me yesterday, so you How to be an advocate, and really I tell people all the time
if you're getting older you need an advocate you need your spouse to be an advocate, but you also need your kids to be navigate because the medical world complicated world and its full of opinions and disagreement. But you have to advocate Beer Emily. If you want to get the best treatment last question, ran is, is an overall question. I said to President Trump a couple of weeks ago in an interview that I did with him. This is so out of control. Every department is out of control and I think that We need to shut these agencies down, and I said You at least have to fire every one in these federal agencies that have any kind of you bureaucratic. Roll get em all out and in return to factory settings he said will be impossible to do unless we have the right g, o, p members and a real commitment to it is, and I
Just wrote a book on the great reset, I think we need a have. You tried. Unplugging it and plugging it back in and store factory settings that involvement is coming with you on eliminating agencies. Many of these agents who have no good purpose, and I would eliminate them completely, but am also providing people and talking you're. The reason Anthony God she became prominence- was establishment, Republicans committees over in the Senate, all loved him at first, They said trumps to eradicate. We don't like what trumpet saying and press conferences. We do so he of scientists from the first global Prescott images Falco. Actually, before a contradiction Japan and contradicting himself, then contradicting himself sort of sounding. Reasonable in scientific and believe all to sort of this media diva who's up, listen left wing Democrat now he's nothing else. He as a politician. He wants to take down his enemies. He is not objective in any form, but Trump should have fired him.
what ended up happening is everybody around from Seville. You can't fire and you can't fire anymore. You know hello break loose. We can't do it before the election will now notice. for nine months from an atlas in the other reasonable people are saying we need to try to save and prevent this illness from those vulnerable, the elderly etc, and then, Use other send our money to evacuate in wherefore masked on her head, and so that's the problem. We and into, but if ever were another public administration. We need someone with a strong enough well to fire these people under Heaven upon and Congo to do it in a lot of these things have to be done by Congress, so good luck and and you're right. We we have to have. strong leaders in Congress elections do have consequences ran. Thank you for the hard fight prescience.
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