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Best of the Program | Guests: Sen. Ted Cruz & Carol Roth | 3/2/22

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Glenn and Stu kick off the show by discussing President Biden’s State of the Union. Sen. Ted Cruz joins to discuss Biden’s State of the Union and the current state of Ukraine and Russia. Glenn dives into the Russia/Ukraine issue, Biden’s actions, private businesses, and how it all connects to the Great Reset.

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Hey rate show today tremendous showed it learned a lot. We talked about the racist speech. The president gave last electric air a few issues where they were going to go into that today. Also TED Crews joins Us Carol. Raw talks about what's coming with the economy, and I go into a new theory have been saying for the last few days. Something's not right with this refrain thing just attempted something is missing. I think I've pieced together. I may be wrong, I'm only working on a theory, but I thought I would share with you today. That's in our number three of today's podcast Doma searchlights lineup employees to be as well start at eight p m Eastern with students, America failed hassock, show aid. Yes tonight, you're! Writing, I believe the name we got Glenn back home.
Lee Coward, exciting washed up loser immense glens, tv on place, tv. I was stars, and that is brilliant. What am I guess it? One of them is due as also Dave. Reuben is going to be with Us Steve Days, Pat Gray, gonna be a ratio is gonna, be fine. I think we really fun. We go over. The state of the union plays tv dot com, Slash Glenn Promo Code is Glenn, pretend what's on research into police tv, don't forget his wealth of great reset it their actual physical copies in bookstores. Finally, so glens you both, don't don't miss that you get the first chapter, four free glens, Musical Stockholm answer scribe to the progress of this radio show and, of course, do does America available wherever you are? What listening to this particular pot cast any rate and reviewed as well? We really appreciate that five stars is the appropriate number of stars cares. Pucker
The only thing tat the day. Yes, hello, Stew, Glenholdt. Oh my gosh, I'm right, you are, I am great you're on a high from last. I urged me to yeah. Now it was firing inspired, an incredible speaker, fine and we are going to do something about those burn pits Right I have a bumper sticker on my car. That says: when are we going to do something about a burn piss? You know and Now I wear a stick. Her almost every day asked me about the burnt his threat. If not stick or laugh,
Finally, people are going to do something about it because it spent on the top of everybody's list. I mean it may very well be a very serious issues that I have never heard of. It was a surprise. I did not have burned pits like Bio turn. A hundred I know now you could have won a hundred bitcoin. Last night you had burned pit on your bingo garden, but but no, but no Nellis I've decided to change the show just a little bit because eyes. I learn from those people in government, because there their just so knowledgeable their surrounded by the experts. They know they know what's better than we know ourselves so I just want to just one start with come, a Harris explaining. Yes, today on radio the morning hustle. Explaining Ukraine.
I'm learning from this now, listen she's really broken it down, so every I can understand here this evening. Can any level of news, even social media. You seen everything has gone all right now in the Ukraine You gonna Layman's terms for people who don't understand what's going on, and how can this directly affect the people? The United States Ukraine is a country in Europe. This nectar another country, call Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a path country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country, called Ukraine, so big quickly, that's wrong. That's amazing what is, though, my ass. she didn't reveal classified information. I don't think so. I don't think so, but you never know Ryan. Then you never know. So let me explain the this. Eight of the union, The United States is a country that most of us live in and its
not surrounded it has a couple of bodies of water on each side and then down is one country which is of great country a bit, but its kind Emptying it's it's sneaking into our country right now, but that's a different story, forget about that and then on time Bob Ass, our Canadians in its like. I don't want to get into an. I don't get bogged down. Just think. It's a smaller come it's a bigger country not as powerful as the country? again, we live in called Vienna it states in its on top of will fall on us at any point, although- and I just but sometimes, if you feel like somebody standing on your chest, it may be Canada, our holy cow. This is why unbeliever they think they can stand up and say you are or what
I'm tired of this DE funds, a pole, lace Ets, the police and everybody on the left stand up year far because who they think they're voter, is Russia is a country, and there is another major country it's wrong that dead, bigger country does Did it take the little country what with Sforza, is that you're saying this I believe they can get away completely reversing themselves on this policy because they think their voters are that dad dumb, They might be right there may very well be Roy there that I think so I think so That or they have like a giant concussion, because of a burn pit or something I don't know her letter aim. You know it's like to watch
anyone else around and saw that it was the Republicans we're like, let's active on the police, have how do you expect to get away with that? Did although everyone I left sand, because the coverage I was watching they only. Showed the republican standing for that part, and I wanted I wanted to see- is a yo see standing. You know who who on the socialist left stood up for that where they sitting or do they? Don't you I don't know, I don't know I was in the throes of all. You got to be also, looking up at the sitting at the ceiling at the time, so I didn't notice who stood understandable, yeah, I'm curious because they ve that was real. That was not a that was not a republican creation. Now, biting was never the biggest one pushing it, but a huge part of that party. wanted that to happen until they got it on Will they actually tried it? And it was such a catastrophe just like all of their other policies this when they They felt like they had to go and move away from, but
I mean you, you heard the speech gone. It was a Andrea list of all the same crap. They would say he could it. Given that speech and nineteen. Eighty eight. there must be a laundry list of nonsense. I ve been pushing for forever and we're gonna. Take your kids and we're gonna, just shelter em and keep them safe from you. You go to work and will just will because it's not gonna cost you anything. It won't come still die aim and travelling a good union members that are better with your children. When I think about given my children to somebody safe, I think of union members and what insane person on this earth could look. The last two years and think yes, I'd like these people to be more involved in my child education work people who think way
Russia is a big hearted. I try and away horribly wrong that they would go into smaller country and those people. I guess I guess those people, I think even a lot of those people are like wait. A minute you wouldn't even my kid in the building. I know that there is another why that was another one. I was looking up at the ceiling when he actually happen to balls to say and its import, that our kids are in school and stay in school, but how how how could you make that legally say you're the people who want to keep kids I'm confused is one country that starts with Ukraine. Did they come up with you too?
You pray you tube that those people, it's that I it's that bad. It is that bad enemy Europeans really Democrats, I mean come, on come on. Are you really thinking that you're, see what's happening at the schools right and I'm not talking about the far left people, I'm not talking about the zombies. On either side legislate, there's a normal people. Eighty percent of us are normal people. I think that our like ok, this is really. This is not working. Ok is not working but we get all tied up in politics and everything else just set. Those aside common sense House work it out for you right, How is this work it out for you? You want to give these be more power more money. Oh, I don't know. No, I don't
think. So it's like we're on a car lot more like a it SAM, the man with a great price, real right now, you're like don't, buy a car from him, don't don't do it and Oh, no, sir, it's was mass backward mass dad odds, thing right, I am also lets often follows. The word cancer is that without that's a little too and molecular Hetty there being really It's it's time for Americans to just come together on. I don't want any of it people in charge of my life. I don't want them applicants in charge of my life. I don't want the Democrats, it's in charge of my life? I dont want these people in charge of my life no
How could you are in constant lying now the the cuts only benefited the top one percent, which is eight latent lie? lie and then No one who earns less than four hundred thousand dollars or pay a penny more in taxes, a latent well bulletin, just a second a fury operating under a modern monetary theory. Shore, the government, don't have to raise taxes, it'll just print the money of costume cost, except when you grow to the grocery store, and when I heard that inflation, the pain, you're feeling is mostly because of car industry. I thought scuse me? How is the price of cars suddenly affecting my fruits and vegetables? Milk and meat I all those two don't come from the same place.
A doll while you were The cows come from. Many commentators, why did he can do work hard and how their have many of the same letters one and they peach have three letters in their car how they sound. Different? because they are different. I am surrounded. new family of people who have their life back because of relief factor, I'm one of them. I was in pained and got to the to where I just couldn't, do it anymore,
else feel like you know, I just I can't get up another day we ever life that because of relief factor, not a television, commercial, it's it's a group of real people with real results that had real pain. Yourself really factor this guy. When you started completely bald, look at him doesn't doing for your hair, but it will help you get out of paying give it a shot tried a three week. Quick start doesn't work move on, but we're here to tell you it works relief factor not
This is the best and the Glen Back Programme, and we really want to thank you for listening. We have Senator TED crews from the great state of Texas on what this hello, senator. How are you, sir,. I'm doing terrific land greatly with you. I really have won a cause. I was freaking out by all the lies that were told last night and then about halfway through I realized the guy's got like a thirty percent approval rating. None of this stuff is gonna, get done Will you back that or do you think there's a Jew? Well. Well, I think that largely right in and in one of the things it was astonishing was that he wasn't even trying listen, any fair assessment the binding presidency. Thank you
badly. The guy's got a thirty percent approval. Writing the wheels or come off every policy is failing and any order Barry White House heading into a midterm election in November, where they're going to get blown out of the water and they know it. They know they're going to lose the house. They know, there's a very good chance, they're going to lose this time, ordinarily, a White House would say: hey. The state of the union is our best chanced course correct: a change paths and you- and I both saw someone who did this beautifully, which was Bill Clinton attitude brain Wreck- and he is the state of the union to course corrected- it- got real acted as a result. The up what I found astonishing is binding. didn't even try, then there wasn't even the tiniest hint to an alteration of course, most of what it
Talk about policy wise was was his so called build back better bill, which I call build back broke, didn't pass, isn't going to pass, he knows it's not going to pass and end. The whole speech was being delivered to the hard left Democrat base. I guess that shows just how much trouble see, then, if he thinks the hard left bases so unhappy within that it can deliver the whole speech to them, but but it was it was I've seen now state of the union address from the floor of the house. I've seen them from three different presidents, This was the most out of touch state of the union I have ever seen Let me, let me ask you and how does it happen? You have to say when they worth when he said, and by the way, try not to fund the police, it's fun, the police. I had almost exploded but
what play something this is commonly Harris yesterday on a radio show explaining Ukraine and I'll tell you, I'm playing this here in a second listen. If you will should any level of news, even social media. You seen everything has gone all right now in the Ukraine Donna Layman's terms for people who don't understand what's going on, and how can this directly affect the people? The United States Ukraine is a country in Europe. It is this nectar Another country call Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a path country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So big quickly. That's wrong! Ok, TED she's either a third greater or the Democrats think that their voters are this stupid because The only thing I can think of when they say hey, it's The police, Do they not remember? I don't know
just in the last two or three years we They were the ones pushing for re, imagining the police and the Republicans where the one sand, and not a good idea, Do they think they're they're glad their voters are more arms think I might pushed back lot. Is I'm not sure it's an either or does it have to be either no great out where they think their voters are here now now I can be both. It can be both listen it. So there were a couple of moments: the speech. Where Biden uttered a sentence that Spain and rational, and that you and I agree with somebody- said- don't defined the police gaff, all the Republicans. We up and applauded because we support that. He also later said we should. You're a border. We all stood up and applauded at that. We support that. He later said we should keep our schools open.
can we stood up and applauded, deliver and all other than the Republicans driving the applause on those on those three? There is one other way says the CDC said: Master no longer required, and an island The applause on that one. Unlike damn straight boy. It's a miraculous coincidence that happen. state of the union? If it's a how the science has a sense of political timing intimately connected to them, I made a deal. Is you don't question our lady of Guadeloupe, Bay works or miracles? I mean you Jim. Don't know you, but let's go back to the defined the police. The cynicism of the diva thanks, also look. It was obviously Democrats in the last three years who push de funding and abolishing the police all over the country and by the way they haven't just said it in the abstract. They ve done it in democratic city, after democratic city they last
funding for the police, and we now know the results of deepening the police, which is that Primus skyrocketing murderous, skyrocketing, carjack injure skyrocketing property crimes are skyrocketing end. So suddenly the democratic pollsters realize. oh shit. This is really unpopular. Oddly enough people, don't like it when the police disappear and murderers start prowling street. That that that is an unpopular thing with the voters, have they didn't know that before, but they figured it out so the relation nickel, gas lighting is is a they claim. They were never for defining the police, but be the next sentence. Biden said the speech after we should find the police is, he said one of their massive multi million dollar spending bills included some small. the money for police and Republican voted against it. because they were bankrupt in the country and driving inflation through the roof, and so there talking point which body said last
night which they sat at the White House, press breathing is its Republican towards finding the police they didn't vote for our socialist budget? Then we, but a money for police in there, and it is the level of cynicism, it's not even third graters there, but they think the voters are kindergartners. eighty be on redolent. Like playing video games and utterly not paying attention in an end it look. I either One of the things about our democracy issue should respect the motors and respects the people to one of the things you do every day, Your show is that is that you are working to inform and entertain, but actually to discuss what the hell's going on it's. Why? People? Let me state wiping the watch and listen to the Temple and listen to the people. Yes, yes, So let me switch shirt topics here.
Are there real? Is our people serious about a no fly zone that we would in force and send troops into? Ukraine or two go in the war with Russia. Are there that serious, so nobody serious is serious about bad there only a couple of clowns. I think that would be a terrible idea. Horrible either way. It is We build a handful of voices suggesting it. I don't think that's gonna happen. I am certainly posing it broke away. If you look at Ukraine we common what was right. It happens to be a country. Right in Europe. I don't know what Europeans, but that's where that country is that very young listen the invasion in Ukraine.
Was avoidable, it didn't have to happen and in two things, As the invasion in Ukraine, number one. Last summer, Joe I didn't disgraceful surrender in Afghanistan. Abandoning Afghanistan under the Taliban, leaving Americans behind in carpet. Giving up bog Romero field, releasing terrorists to turn around and murder thirteen. Airbus, men and women? disaster was so bad that every enemy of America looked to Washington I took the badger of the man in the oval office and they determined that Biden was weak and feckless in affected, and Russia did that China did that Duran did that North Korea did that and at the time going, I said chances of Russia debating Ukraine have increased tenfold chances of China invading Taiwan have increased tenfold, but secondly, is the specific
mistakes. That Biden made with regard to Ukraine and Russia, which is put in his life but to invade Ukraine a long long time. Ukraine used to be part of the Soviet Union, longs to reassemble the Soviet Union able to go broader as he described. It is bizarre and terrifying speech. Last week. He wants to surreal, symbol the russian Empire of nineteen twenty two. He has already invaded Ukraine wants. He did so and twenty fourteen he invaded Crimea, the southern part of Ukraine, but he stopped he did go into all of Ukraine. Why did he stopped? The reason is Russia's principal source of revenue, the sale of oil and natural gas in the natural gas runs on pipelines right through the middle of great and the danger that Putin faced this, he invaded Ukraine, he risks damaging or destroying those pipe that if the pipelines are destroyed, he can get as gas to Europe
So what did he do the next year, the next year? Twenty fifty he began? and building a pipeline pipeline called Nord stream to that goes under the ocean. It goes directly from Russia to Germany and it skipper you create and the real isn't. He started building it, so he could at Bay, Ukraine, in twenty nine. keen eye authored by partisan sanctions to stop Nord stream to my sanctions, legislation passed both the Congress, with overwhelming by partisan majorities president trumped signed. sanctions in the law who stopped building. The Nord stream pipeline literally the day that Trump side my sanctions, for over a year the pipeline was dead, binding, you have sworn in as president January twentieth twenty twenty one. four days later January. Twenty fourth Putin began. And building once again, deep sea construction on north
two. Why? Because Biden projected weakness and a few months later Biden normally Wade sanctions on Nord Stream to surrendered allowed Putin to build the pipeline and Glenn. That is why New Putin invade, Ukraine because Biden was so weak and surrendered and allowed him to do that. Do it at this administration believes weakness and appeasement is how you deal with fully aren't lemme. Ask you one quick questions. We both have to run the is ITALY yesterday during the speech oil per barrel broke a hundred and ten, that's that's craziness. there is: there is No doubt, no doubt that the American people are going to pay a very high price for this not going to open up anything Congress. is out of that. You know out of your controller GEO, P control, reasonable people control
Are we still buying russian oil? Are we buying it because they say that everybody is does not buying it? But I read that we're still buying their oil, and so is Europe? Is that true? It is true. We are still buying russian oil. In fact, the region of the country that buys much of the russian oil is the northeast its places like Boston Massachusetts. Why? Because idiot politicians in New York won't allow them to build natural gas pipelines to get from the Marcella jail in Pennsylvania, those fast amounts of natural gas in Pennsylvania, but New York won't allow pipeline to go through so instead the liberals in Massachusetts Import Russian Gas, and russian oil rather than using America an end. Listen. If you look at the sanctions, Biden potent place, he explicitly exams. Energy energy is worth and gets the bulk of his resources. We need not only stop buying russian oil and gas. We
Delete a worldwide boycott, you wanna weaken Putin, we need it, use our economic might to weaken Putin and that means cutting off the sources were his gas and we get plenty to sell the United States at an end. Putin right now assumed Europe, addicted to their gas and and their oil. They have to keep buying it. If suddenly, european refineries, begin purchasing from their sellers, including the United States, including taxes there not just gonna, get it on the spot market, the produce, these are gonna want long term contracts in a brutal start. Seeing these refineries signed ten year contracts with Texas producers that goes right to the heart of his military strength, how he fog directed entire invasion? That's actually how defeat them in Glenn. The problem is Joe Biden, Harris. They believe who's gonna win an end; they don't
Lee there's anything. We can do to stop that, like Ronald Reagan, when he was asked, what do we do in the cold war? What's your planning very simple: we win, they lose We should work to make poodle who's in the way you do so is number one using our economic. Might cut off their oil and number two providing military weapon to the Ukrainians. Now they can defend their own country, not american soldiers we should now. send american soldiers and combat with Russians, but the people of Europe. Later fighting heroically, it really ought to be providing them with Javelin stingers, so they can defend their own cup crews. Thank you very much, sir appreciate your perspective. Today. Senator TED crews from the great state of Texas, this is the best land back programme, has come back to that that conversation we just had on the phone.
because, obviously we are not fans of the great reset, for example, we are not. And now Gregory them set the collar said that Russia is fighting against the great reset. The globalist reset. As that particular she said yes and then you That she was right, So are you I don't feel like I'm fighting on the same side is Vladimir known on this one: you're, not you're, not that this is. I need to express and I've been trying to express this in many ways you ve got to stop. Looking at the world. You you, to live in the world. You think you live in right now that world is over. It's gone, ok, The reason why we can't make ground is because people won't change, there's been a paradigm shift and until you, cross over and realize. Oh wait a minute. It's a different game being played you're going to lose your destined to lose okay. So here's what
having their two realities there. the one that most of us believe worryin right now, Republicans versus democrats- or you know the the marxist against the constitutional is. We believe that we live in a country that is free. that our republic represents us. and we have rights and the President of the United States, really represents the people of the United States right you don't live in that world anymore here is the real world. This is the world of the elites. It is national socialism, fascism, that's China. in Russia, K, vague EL control, their economies? They will tell industry exactly what to do in Russia and in China, Beauty agree? They kill. You K.
That is a system that they ve had for a long time and their fighting for that nationalist system. Russia is important China is not going to join global community and China is just another. One of many nations are not gonna. Do it? Neither will Putin, ok, but that's what's happening to the west, through the Rate reset the way stern leadership, they're not listening Let me ask you this: How is it the United States, the president? the United States is still buying russian and a rainy and oil today and telling us that there is nothing he can do about the price of oil and how it's going through we owed house going up. We all know we can just turn spigot back on
We are not just saying, feel the pain, correct and the amounts and people are going to have to you know: gonna sacrifice for their values. Wait a minute, I don't see any of you guys sacrificing what you mean you're gonna have to sacrifice in there's nothing. You can do. There's lots of things you can do Because he's not the president of the United States he's one president in the reset America's. special. You notice that you're not really leading the charge, its France, its England, Poland, wherein the mix by it's a coalition. Now let me ask you this: have you ever seen? I am with every war we together, an international coalition. And we ve got some sanctions. Ah ha. have you ever seen, sanctions work.
No not to the extent of in today, they may have some effect. They have only that we made an effect in IRAN, but can only really hard ones. Annie of minimal effects use right, and why is it minimal because ran, can sell to somebody else right: they'll, seller, France, okay, so what do the sanctions really mean because you can't get everybody on the same page right now. Let me talk. bout sanctions, the same kind of sanctions will were to war with with Germany you do business with a business in the Reich. So what did they do IBM was there at Auschwitz. It's me IBM machines. That may the Germans, so efficient well those machines they were, it was early punch cards, they had to be where they had to be fixed every two weeks, while were IBM Not gonna do business IBM did business, they just did it in their use european offices. So
I I'm America all world doing The M Europe was doing it. Ok, you when sanctions you can get all the countries together and then you can private industry cause. You can't tell private industry exactly what to do and I'll find a loophole if they're making money right do agree with that Hey look at the sanctions that are happening right now. The the federal government and all governments around the world. They are not the ones that control Swift, that's a international banking that belongs to the banking sector. When you look at it's happening with the oil in Russia. Russia is not able to fill any tankers gate they they ve got the port, they can get people they can get oil into the tanker, but they can't sell. It anybody there cutting the price there even saying we'll pay for the shipping well, anybody do they won't do
For a couple of reasons, one. The insurance companies will not ensure those companies or those countries that are buying that oil you're on your own somethin habits: do it you pay for all of it? The other thing is the bank. I ve told those countries: sanctions can go on you private, not now, this is not governments. This is private bank saying you know I don't know, That's gonna go well for Yucas and we have to question you, and maybe you should receive sanctions like IBM, say hey, you're, killing. All the Jews were pulling all of our machines out. They didn't do that. Business is never do that. Why is it happening this time. I truly believe. This is the only thing that is made sense to me yet on trying to to figure this whole ukrainian thing out.
what did Joe Biden do when he first got into office? He made it so Europe could have this pipeline k, they're gonna get oil, Then, when he started flexing his muscles. What did he do? He said Well. You know this is five weeks ago I mean we don't know if I mean if he goes in and tries to take Ukraine, but if it's just a small incursion, then maybe Maybe they will have to discuss it. Weiner incursion minor incursion. That means probably those two territories that he first said he was gonna, go in and get a minor incursion, then maybe I dont, know what will do well, if I'm Putin, I look, it my advisers when I hear that go. Did he just tell us, we could take half of Ukraine and it would be kind of cool. Let's go so our president, It has been enabling enabling enabling the whole world. Why didn't
just a lie about it. Why didn't you're just say Ukraine's now. gonna get into NATO. It's not even on its it's more, not doing that what did you just say that been avoided right? We did take easy steps and we enabled him every step of the way. I'm not saying we plotted this or it was a plan to have him, but it is a crisis now, a major crisis that you don't want to go to waste. so now he's in I've never seemed sanctions like this ever before Total and complete that little leaky oil problem does. now that these are the harshest sanctions I've recently on a country, I've ever seen an end. It's because of the poor. I've, it businesses being
step with the global government. That's never happened before that and tell you but there's always works workarounds, because their global companies pay so now which completely shut off. If this works Why will these sanctions be the first sanctions to work, because both sides are participating in unison right. There were public private partnerships in global, not America not led by Biden but led by the world, led by the entire west. We didn't put this together. It was a cooperative see what We can accomplish. If we all just work as one imagine what we could do now. Cash, because of this, oil has just shot through the roof, and
No, I mean I mean it's good and bad. It stops inflation because nobody can afford anything or go anywhere because they can afford oil. Oil helps us with all kinds of things from synthetics to medicine. two fertilizer and now every it's a crisis. It's a crisis or, being at a hundred and fifty sixty two hundred dollars a barrel is a crisis and it caused food shortages. you remember what happened when there was a weed shortage and they Egypt, Arab Spring,. So we all have to work together again. We are watching the formation. What Ukraine is, is fifty in days to flattened the curve. That's what Ukraine is, covered was real, how it got out I dont know not important, but it was real. It's not a
spirits, easy it was real. What did they do took advantage? They took it. and all of us cheer did on we're like that's right, we should stay in our house forfeit, but we let the government do all of these things we let them because it was an emergency yeah you you should do those things. You should have those powers and your never gonna get them back. Ukraine is fifteen days to flattened curve what, happens. On the other side, I dont think we ever go back and they the case. Only the great He said only this public private glow. the partnership, is, is gonna work from here on out. Look at what accomplished without any bullets. so you're worried about how this power is used in the future may not just in invading nation of alienation inviting you. Let me delegation as Carmelo would explain it. Let me take just
one minute and then just talk to you about Switzerland, which I find amazing. The president pointed out is a speech yesterday. Okay, so did No, that Switzerland was like they're not going to take. Why I took on the star, neutral booting. Now we're no troll, you know what we do. We take golden money from anybody. It's our heads, all anonymous. It's why swiss Bank accounts are different than any other bank account. It's come legally private, but Ask any questions has put it here: hey, that's the swiss bank. Account that everybody knows so the world came to the bank's Kay. to switch to Switzerland and said hey guys you gotta, cut off all of the funding and call of those accounts with all of the oligarchs in everything in Russia and there like.
You realize you're in Switzerland, that's kind of what we do. We We can't do that. We're not going to do that. Otherwise, where it out a swiss bank account next day: you're starting to see stories about how Switzerland is holding all of pilfered gold for Venezuela and from the Philippines we ve known there. They have dirty golden dirty money, but where do you think the Nazi money went. Yes, we know that. but that was released after they said no, no, no, we can't help out and what did they do? after that release. Oh, you know what I'm sorry we had hot chocolate and the Swiss Miss on our mind. We're gonna help. That's because the business sector com him down on Switzerland and said you're going to play by our rules. Thing. I learned about tarp. I know
a guy who worked for city, Citibank and he was there rum CFO he was there the night? the crash was happening. It was a Sunday night and he, said we didn't need the bail out. We were fine and the government said to him and all those in the room. You are all taking this all. you, whether you like it or not. No one is leaving this room until all of your signatures are on this paper. You had no choice, that's fascism, that's what's happening here and we're going to wake up after this is all said and done. It will be like all. This was great. And then will realize oh
Oh just like Canada, they enacted the great reset and the left think that's wonderful you know just to get rid of these very violent terrorists. Truckers that that's it's. What the great reset is that this is a positive attribute of the great reset but know that it is the great reset. This is the usual system This is not. This is so the brand new that there? are doing to Putin. Now, let's see if it works ma guess is it will and we'll all celebrate war Nothing
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