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Best of The Program | Guests: Sen. Ted Cruz & Lt. Col. Allen West | 11/12/20

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Sen. Ted Cruz breaks down the latest on Georgia and what it really means if Democrats control the Senate. Can people move to Georgia just to vote in its Senate runoffs? Lt. Col. Allen West, who Glenn believes was crucial in keeping Texas red, explains how conservatives can continue to advance. Glenn gives the Venezuelan timeline from success to socialism, which sounds eerily familiar.

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Welcome to the pot cast. Today we have tat crews on the programme, shocked by the latest, going on with the vote counts and where that is headed. We also of Alan West on who is awesome. He was really responsible in a big way for keeping Texas Read, which was tasked with the latest with the corona virus situation. Superfluous. Super hot Venezuela in Yugoslavia. Eating dog dogs are tasty. That's we have a new recipe coming gave them to the weird. When you see what Venezuela went through and what happened in Yugoslavia, wait, I mean stuff, I don't think you heard it least like this any place out from someone who went through it, useless, interesting, gotta, place, GB, Dotcom, Slash, Glinda, provocateurs, glad you could say thirty bucks on your subscription and you'll get an amazing full ran to get a taste of it here on the bar gas and to get the full thing on police tv, dot, com, Slash Glenn. That starts our progress today. If we, if you like this teaser, you do not want to miss Glens Programme from last night. Also brainy, students, America, as well at least you be dot com slashed, lend promo code is glad great.
The only from the great state of Texas joins us now to talk a little bit about election integrity. Also, what's going on with the Senate and importance of the G o p winning the Georgia run off elections, but that is think we are in a world or hurt. Because of you know they wolves and residents down to just take up shop there already suggesting and encouraging people to do this? It's it's crazy! What's going on TAT crews, what the programme Glenn to be back thanks rapidly, so, let's slits, first of all, start with Donald Trump banned, the of the
a lawyers and the affidavits. Do you see anything here that is destroyed, bring to you that you think we'll make an impact? well there. Certainly, a lot disturbing will. What we ve got to do is let the legal process play out and- and we have now, multiple cases pending in multiple states, challenging the outcomes of the election calling for recounts contesting the election. And and that litigation has to be adjudicated and an end, you know it's very the call for any of us for you or me for some one reading twitter to two to know what exactly is right you're at about these allegations and what isn't that's why have a judicial system? We have a judicial system too. Ass to back, send in and the obligation now the trump campaigns lawyers is to go. improve their case. Put on direct evidence, put on expert witnesses, have subjected
cross examination and prove up the case and end the overarching objective, should be to ensure that every legal vote is counted, It also that every vote that was illegally cast is not counted and that's the process. That's plague right now. Do you have any idea why the rejection rate of the male in ballots in Pennsylvania was point zero three, when the ban they have is usually just under one. But new new voters who are voting for the first time with male and ballots. The rejection rate is usually three percent at of two Six million they rejected nine hundred and fifty one ballots. That's that That's almost a perfect. That's almost perfect game yeah, and that certainly suggests that did that when those ballots come under the next set of scrutiny that you're going to see a significant additional set, a balance invalidated
soap. So one of the things that that gives the greatest cause for optimism is this election and the timing over there there's a pretty market disparity in terms of how the votes were were distributed on alone, should day with in person, but Voting Donald one a significant majority of the votes cast bond in pursing voting on election day a male in voting job and what a significant majority of the votes cast early on male. In voting. Now, here's the Good news if you look historically to recount, if you look historically to election litigation at the votes cast, in person on election day The standard daddy, it's sort of hard to screw that up those votes are generally legal and they're not set aside. May in boats historically have a much higher rate of rejection, which is what you pointed out of them when their examined there
a whole series of legal requirements that very state by state but mail in voters concern mail in votes consistently have a higher, a rejection which suggests that, as these votes begin being examined and subject to scrutiny that you're gonna see Joe Biden vote. alleys go down home. That's a good thing. The challenge is for four for President Trump to prevail, he's got around the table. He's got away win, not just in one state, but in several states that makes it a lot to prevail in litigation? I hope that he does so, but it is a real challenge and an end, and we shouldn't We should try to convince ourselves otherwise. So before we gotTa Georgia, let me Lenny. Ass a feeling that that I have and that I think a lot of people who voted for Donald Trump half. We have seen the evidence on what the media has done. We ve seen the evidence of what was happening in Ukraine
We have seen the evidence of the russian collusion case and no one ever seems to pay for their crimes. We know what Hillary Clinton did. We know what Barack Obama did. I mean we could go back and all the way to Ben Gauzy or beyond and again, no one pays for the crime of people feel like who's gonna fight for me that's not it not beholden to the system, who's gonna fight. For me, if Donald Trump goes away, I understand that sentiment near right. I think this through the single best character ticket. President Trump Buddy is that he stands up and fights and all Sir, so tired or republican politicians, the just roll over that are not willing to fight that that that are better scared. Take a punch, scared to have the baby criticise them and, and Trump is not any any. It is
things sorely needed to have strong leaders who will actually fight for us, though you know you talked about people held accountable. I am beyond frustrated that we ve gone through full years of the administration and and none of the people who committed criminal conduct, ah police sizing the Department of Justice politicizing, the FBI police, size in the intelligence operation. None of them have been held. Annabelle, none of them had been prosecuted, n, N, n n. It's it's mad, but it's it's. It's also the loss of trust in our system, and I think the loss of the republic. If, if no one goes to jail or pays for the crimes and we don't root out the hi guys, and I think that opportunity slip through our fingers. What do we have left to add a ear ear right and in a big part of the problem, so for the first couple of years, Jeff session
was the attorney general way and you know, as a decent man, for whom the job was simply to back. He was not up for the job; he did not do a good of it, and there was no accountability for the first couple of years more came in bar is is a much better attorney general. I'm grateful at least that bar initiated investigations and assign prosecutors deal after these folks, but they haven't yet it in, and we are potentially running at a time yeah. So so I don't know what the hell's taking I don't know either love, but but it is from my perspective in the Senate US sometimes interesting social matters. It shows people yell at me closed. Why don't? Why? Don't you prosecute them? under our constitutional system, that's not actually and authority. I have right I'm in the legislature, I can introduce legislation, I can pass legislation, I can can
in hearings and I've chaired hearings repeatedly in fact, would just just this week we had Andrew became the former deputy director, the FBI, hoo hoo, at the hearing I cross, examined and led him up, but I dont the ability to convey the grand jury and secured indictment. Only the executive branch can do. and so I can call for it. But it's gotta be the executive It's that actually executes are limit because we're gonna run out of time. Is it true? You can move to Georgia, and then move away after you voted you can. There is some possibility if you do, that, you'll get prosecuted for voter fraud, but that would be after the fact, and that would be after a crazy left wing Socialists Democrat was elected and and then let me be very clear if the Democrats and these two seats at its very possible that they win these two seats.
Then, we go from a fifty two. Forty eight set it to a fifty fifty Senate if Joe Biden as president- That means Chuck, humor majority leader. If Chuck shimmers majority leader there will be zero constraints on the most radical left wing ideas there pursuing Chuck Schumer's majority later they will end the filibuster. They will pass a massive tax increase. They will enact the green new deal which will destroy millions of jobs, especially in the state of Texas and now only that they will add to new states to the union designed to get for new democratic senators. Immediately and they will pack the: U S Supreme Court. They will add for new left wing activist judges who will take away. Our free speech rights are religious liberty rights. Our second amendment right. All of that threat. Is a clear and present danger and with it all happened January one way or the other So what do we do? When
that that is the only answer is to win Georgia. Travelling to George I'm spending money, I'm sending my tea might engaging in resources, I've been doing everything I can to burn out conservatives turn out freedom, loving George, turn out anybody, because this is a fight. It's not just for Georgia. It is now for the entire country, Let me know if there's anything we can do to help on the ground there, because we are in deep trouble tat, deep, deep, deep, deep trouble. Get it Joe Mansion said he's not gonna to you know he won't pass any those things, but I don't really want to risk the country on hoping and wishing that somebody on the other side is gonna rescue us I don't believe mansion at all. An end, if shimmers majority later I'll, tell you who is effectively majority later
is a yo see because shimmer will be terrified being prime read from the left by air sea. He seen too many Democrats defeated two left wing, primary challenges. That means there is nothing absolutely nothing humor wooden due to appease air sea in the far left that is dangerous and then look. Let's just take. one component of the stakes packing the court, which arms absent we convince they will do if they get power, as you I've got a new book that just came out. One vote away: how a single Supreme court seat can change history that book each chapter goes through a different. constitutional liberty and explains from the inside How are free speech religious liberties, our second amendment that they all hang by a single vote, and it tells war stories about the big landmark cases at the court
No, the book one vote away also has a chapter on Bush versus Gore. As you know, I was part of the legal team that represented George W Bush in that case, and so I take readers behind the means as to what happened in Tallahassee twenty years ago, and Bush versus Gore were saying that happened right now across the country. If you understand what's going on in these recounts, if you want understand how that, plays out and what to expect next, you can at one vote away on Amazon or Barnes Nobler, where we get books it it. It's been a New York as best seller five weeks in a row now which Glenn you know gradually finds them crazy here. Does they hate that you have done that The times and they hate writing your name and they hate writing my day Manuel they room What do we have? We had you. You know Bush verses Gore and we had some of the best attorneys in the country. Do we have the best attorneys now.
No, and in one of the things that I have urged, urge the play the and end the Trump legal team is is to bring in bigger guns. I'll, tell you candidly summit of some of the top lawyers have not been eagerly open to this and if that is frustrating dynamic. I wish, if you look at What happened in Bush versus Gore, the team it was assembled, I think, was the in a team of hurting theatres, and and and unfortunately they have not done the same thing here. Ten crews. Thank you. So much God bless Thank you got the best of it. We know this man.
We know this man who we know the ribbons and the metals that have and on his chest for a long time and in the service he has given to the United States the service that he has just rendered to the loan star state is remarkable, I think he is then he's gonna say no, but I think he is single handedly. The bay the reason why Texas did not have a blue wave his name, Lieutenant Colonel Alan West. Alan Area, a good guy? But you know one of the lessons learned at the military leaders never take credit. They only take responsibility. So this victory in tax, belongs to the grassroots activists. Are those volunteers all those people who were they heart tat you saw darkened outdoors holding rallies and things of that nature, and I'm just so proud to be here in Texas, pound of the folks that I got the opportunity to be with over these past five or six months.
enough to last Tuesday, but the work use. What we have said. These are credible gauge. We cannot go backwards. We have to make sure that we continue to do too and those guys, especially what the success we saw, the Rio Grande ballot, Alan are these. The people that have been elected there there's their Texan. At least at heart right. I mean there used to be a time I lived here in the eighties and Texas was a very different place. It was proud, but not not to denigrate any other state. It was proud but it was different and it was poor. To be free and I'm sure, with all the influx that's coming in that that Texans really understand that any more, I think one of the crucial thing is that you have to happen as I always stress the most important elected a position in the indian Ass, a Barrack dappling, your taxes school board, so we ve got to get back to teach you what makes
Texas, unique when they taxes so Special Also, we need to make sure where share and that measures with the adults that a moving into taxes. So I think we have to change. yourselves see that you haul Van comes in a family from a different place. We gotta go up without welcome wagon mentality and tell the welcome the taxes Why are you here and they we got it to the while you're here right. and what did we may gains on school boards? Did we did you see any of that, are you watching down at that level? Yes, schoolboy races and the State Board of Education that we had reopen possess Since there we maintain those with joy it is as well, and that there were some- school board elections that were all this November ballot. They were pushed forward because of the covert issues are made more survey, but you got, a new round of municipal elections will be covered up our backs Bay and soldiers the council, the School board Yoke
The commission sees account of corpses. Where we now need to focus to build that that solid Foundation that solid base, the next generation of straw, constitutional conservatives is Texas prepared to stand. Alone. If we'd. I mean I've been very impressed with Christie. Nome up in so Dakota AIR are weaker air to stand alone. If there is a a federal man, Sk Mandate, or You know a federal grab for guns or of you know. The next thing I probably happen is everybody has to be on a red history now yeah yeah. I e that absolutely right in his very fact. You, though, that vice president
it is a camel hair and say that you use executive oars round about the second amendment and common take. It is not just a bumper sticker slogan here. Taxes as a way of life is a way of thinking, and I really believe that you will see Texas see itself as a leader Beacon of Liberty, of freedom for the United States of America and as I have always said, that you have reiterated, also saw those taxes so goes, there I had only if we have Joe Biden I than these folks think that they're gonna get it offers a star talking about it. borders and allow people to fly to the United States back, I'm quite sure. Your taxes will say well, they may be able to come here to Arizona or somewhere else would appear to texts. I hope right. I hope you're right, I'm I'm very concerned. How concerned are you about winning Georgia? Well no that's my state whilst border, raise as I think that the most important they did you see happen. It George at this to save, as here taxes, we'll save
greater social is coming to take over the major urban population, and the latter that that is. It is the latter. Metropolitan area account a good at county decay. Accounting county. But when you get outside that much but where you get back into Georgia started a very important data. have to do, and I have been asked to come back to two georgette about those. The toil races and look afforded we're just gonna coordination date. I think we can help Georgia, but again we ve got to get Don't take our measures to all parts of that state that the largest state EAST, the Mississippi River, is George. We, if the ear, God forbid, Joe Biden is our president Who is how do we continue to make? progress
with out Donald Trump. How do we make progress with Hispanics and with the african american community? I mean he did for the first time, make real inroads there and we need continue doing that you actually right inessa. My mission here taxes, and I would hope that other states, party chairman, I see that they will make it their vision, and the Republican Party as a whole should do that. You know my first trip after becoming a chairman for the Republic of Texas. Taxes was to the Rio Grande Valley, and my last Europe, for the election. Just last Tuesday was back going through Rio Grande ballot, apology, all work to Del Rio and between ITALY and I was going back down there and that's the
now about outreach. Reach gladness about engagement is about policy inclusive as it that's what Donald Shop did when he shouted two thousand sixteen to the black community. What have you got to lose? She was absolutely right is the first Republican. It ever said that he backed it up with the policies, and so the Republican Party taxes was the point of it. That bring it out. It was fun the independence day of eighteen, sixty seven by a hundred effective black back when you make them type of knowledge? No did you get people's attention and comes the major where you can create that delineation. That separation. An aggressor Social Democrat Party were the trooper here's a systemic racism in America and what the report The boy has always stood for so that what we have to do is God the about engagement. I will make sure to do that. I know you have to run run. I ask you one more question about the debate: Dominion voting system, it's it's being discredited now.
but it was discredited in Texas before the elections we pay asked on that voting system And I ll go and get the exact quote: many voters, citizens, which has been used, multiple states where fraud has been alleged, Blah blah blah it has been rejected by the Texas Secretary of State Attorney general's office for failing to meet basic security standards, Comment on that. Voting system a huge it out best. One upon this is not just a little software glitch. This is a systemic problem with that the system and that the number one we should look at who is in Joe Dominion and also we should be asking the questions of those secretaries, the attorney general. Did you go through the same? Do Dillon as we did hear, taxes. That's why taxes it's gotta could take it leader, the Barrack Ellen West. Thank you think. You again for everything that you have done for your country end and for the great state of Texas, the head of the Republican Party like hearing
excess. Thank your listening to the best of the global problem. I want to invite you two. Educate your own family. We are entering a time now. Where I mean it I was crazy to think to vote for Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders now is actually campaigning for the Labour secretary position. Labour second, you know how bad things will get if he's in charge of labour with the labour unions and everything else. Oh my gosh,
What can Harris tweeted out a video the other day just before the election, a tease, a teaser? of what she she hopes is on the way here. It is. There is a big difference between equality happening. A quality suggests how everyone should get the same amount. The problem with that matter by starting up in the same light. So if we're all get the same amount, but you started out that there are not of a year we get them out, but you so lonely that far back it is about giving people the resources of the support they need, so that everyone can be on an equal footing and then come on equal footing. Equitable treatment is we all end up at the same time? So that's not America, but that steps. That's not the free market, that's not even
natural in any way for have everybody end up at the same place because we're the same way different desires, different different amounts of things were willing to tolerate mean successful people are successful because do a lot of stuff that others won't. You know They work harder longer hours, not always, but generally speaking, they have done something in their life that that puts them in a position of being right. There we're not we're not all hunter bindings. We can we'll be crackheads and some are another millionaires as well K, that's life of privilege. That's what happens when governments are in control of everything and there are no rules. Alexander Solzhenitsyn was a russian dissident. He's
years in the gulags and the Soviet Union, because he criticised Stalin. He eventually got out and defected to the U S and he was really clear on how socialism progresses Listen to how he put it he said liberalism was inevitably displaced by radicalism Roy ethical ism had to surrender to socialism and socialism could never resist communism guy switch stage. America is in right now we're in the radicalism phase, which lie. Aids then to the socialism phase. A few weeks ago, the the victims of Communism Memorial Foundation released its annual report on: U S, attitudes towards socialism, communism and collectivism, the survey but basically confirms what stage America is in survey
Forty percent of Americans have a favourable view of socialism up from thirty six percent. Last year, among generation Z, those born after nineteen thirty. Ninety six, forty nine percent prefer socialism. Third, percent have a positive view of Marxism tone, Six percent of Americans all american support, the gradual elimination of capitalism in favour of a more socialist system, and only forty four percent of generation Z, think the american flag most accurately represents freedom, this is where we were headed. This is where we're headed and article ism socialism, then into authoritarianism. Let me go this quote from Alexandria. Curzio Cortez lie last Friday after after buying had had been preaching unity she said. Is it
one archiving, these trump sycophants, for when they try to downplay or deny their complicity in the future? I first decent probability of many deleted, tweets writings photos in the future and quote she talks Zira and so does the left the room, circles that they too, been guilty of some court of war, crime or genocide again. I guess that is the equivalent of genocide. For most Democrats, if it's a its attacks cut, that's ethically genocide to these crazy people Former members of the Obama Biden Administration have set up a website called the tree. but count ability project. We told you about earlier this week remember what they did? It says we should not allow the following groups of people to profit from their experience, those who elected him. Those Staffed is government and those who funded him, so anybody who supported at all Donald Trump, you
shouldn't be able to get a job or be, I'll come in the region, public square, the arrogance Is the same arrogance that we see in history books? they set up. A twitter account just last week. It already has over four thousand followers. It's the star. of black lists. That's what it is. You know who created black lists held Trials executed, millions of their political enemies, Stalin, and now those generation, Z, people who think communism sounds pretty need Stalin and now we're communists. So How do we get here honestly. Listen to a Marian Smith. She's, the executive director of the victims of communism, Memorial Foundation here's what she said
represents a total failure of our education system, not just schools, but also basic dishonesty and our media and popular culture. When one in four Americans want to eliminate the free market and embrace socialism, we know we failed to educate about the historic and moral failings of those ideologies. This shift in how Americans perceive their country has been a very long deliberate projects act of the left me give you one Ronald Reagan, said at the end of his term. This was his farewell address from the oval office. Listen and informed patriotism is what we want And it we're doing a good enough job teaching our children what America is and what she represents. in the long history of the world, we ve got to do a better job of getting across that America is freedom. Freedom of speech,
freedom of religion, freedom of enterprise. and freedom is special and rare. It spreads if we forget what we did don't know who we are I'm warning of an eradication of that of the american memory that could result ultimately in an erosion of the american sphere. We have gotten who we are and it has been intentional- do you know that after high school after high Most Americans never take another american history class again eighty two percent of? U S. Colleges don't require a single course in: U S, history or U S government to earn a degree men. times even a degree in history. America's the evil empire over. Half a century. Our universities have been just pay but Ganda Centres for Marxism, and
anti american statements and philosophy. America already has re education camps, they're called universities and colleges. Who can really quote the declaration of independence, Joe Biden,. Can't even quote the declaration of independence, and is that because he Remember it because these two older senile or- because he thinks parts of it now are politically incorrect, but all are created. And endowed by their creator. You know the thing. the Marxists attacks on America's educational system are going to get much worse under Biden, Harris Administration, he's considering picking the head of the teachers union. To be the new secretary of education. School choice is going away, and I will
Bet you it's a matter of time before you can educate your own kids. This is gonna, be an uphill battle. The most important thing we can do right now is pay attention to what's happening in Georgia and help in any way we can. We, lose those two Senate seats. The second thing that we have to do is educate ourselves and our children announced a couple of weeks ago on us so for mercury, one that we are starting. The amount can journey experience, is actually a physical place right across the brick yard here on the studio lot, and we can't planet because of covert. We haven't move forward on that. Instead, we put all of our eggs into teaching
and we have a programme that starts hopefully depending on what's happening right now, but hopefully we have our first class before the first of the year. But this is gonna- be free. If you want to watch it online you'll get it on blaze, tv, if your subscriber but you can get it on mercury, one for free worker, one dot, org and I think they're, making it available to anybody who wants to to oppose this. You'll be able to get it on Youtube, but you and watch this it's a three day course that you can t that shows you. The original document shows you everything. You need to know, questions everything that you think you know teaches you how to critically think we're in the first class online for whole families. Soon don't have a date just because of the presidential Election mass, but it soon
My family is going to be that we're taking my kids are taking it. My wife wants to take it on taking it and we'll. Take it with me. What What you do is go to mercury, one dot, Org right now and sign up for the class. It's free. We just want to know so we can alert you that it's coming it's. This time sure. You watch it If you want to involve your family and that's either coming here or just watching it online water where you are in the world. Just go to mercury, one dot, Org right now and sign up that's mercury, one dot, org, sign up now for the american Journey experience
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