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Glenn and Stu run through just how close this election could be between Biden and Trump. Sen. Ted Cruz discusses tonight’s debate, Amy Coney Barrett, and his new book, “One Vote Away,” about how crucial the Supreme Court is. Reporter Salena Zito shares how she and the heartland feel about the election and whether Trump’s support has grown since 2016.

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America and welcome it, is the state podcast, as we get ready for the debate, that really what this podcast is all about. Today's debate debate and the Senate, though Missus Second makes freedom is. Tonight's coverage is well on my Youtube channels, astute as America, dot, com or digital linked to the EU to channel just go there and subscribe to night. Our start at eight p m eastern with these two does America debate. Pre shell, then at nine p M the debate starts. You can watch it on the suitors America, you to channel watch it with friends. Watch it with us. We're gonna knock at me. Talking over, you can still be able to get the debate, overthrown. Our comments and in quick fact, checked here, and there will be. Can that is gonna? Be myself Pat lady steam diesel? Stop it it's gonna, be a great crew. Then a ten thirty two debate post show you can get that on Youtube or at least tv dot com is a promo code. Is glens debates you can save twenty bucks authors version they go through all the debates of it's going off great crews, gonna be there. All of us will be there as well as alley. Stuffy Dave Reuben ugly, these legs regrettable that you want to hear from the author talking heads on the network that you know exactly what they're gonna say: blah Blah Dormice, it's in a blaze, tv, dot com, the code is Glenn Debates or Youtube com search for Stu I ll be the first to join us tonight. Grab some popcorn as we want to find graphic hidden. There came the numbers on this and, and you can play with the percentages of food bins.
whose Travis and you better than he did last time to win with. The changes in demographics, if everything plays out the same same turn out for each group, and each group has the same vote. Share will lose the election, so he s to do better than he did. He always has less. Let's roll some numbers, can we roll animalism? Ok, so let's roll some numbers, let's say Trump. What did Trump have with the African Americans last time? Yes, oh here's a gala African Americans. He had nine eight percent of the vote of average in Amerika. Let's bring that up to fifteen percent of the vote care reasonable, maybe not yeah. I mean that's nice Canada and says he's gonna get thirty. I don't know but that now, but if you got a if he goes eight percent to fifteen percent of the african american vote, he would then when the election, however, as you point out, still lose the popular vote by about three million. Ok, let's go spandex up four percent. Think that's possible! including the
retaining the African Americans back to their own naive in either case of four percent, so yeah Do a thing is possible. Yes, I mean he's given you eat in two thousand, sixteen you're giving thirty to thirty, ok white, male or white voters that are on it. No college education say it's broken up into white, Non College graduates and White College graduates ago very differently. I go, give give a white, no college, What did he had? He had sixty nine percent of the vote. Last time, seventy character seventy here and graduates, what is our? Ah he one forty six percent of white collar of everyone's forty two she's going down. Yes, More college graduates that are a little older now ok and then anything change asian others. The other categories of I don't know, Sir
I would give a result of Joe Biden, three hundred and eight electoral votes, Donald Trump to thirty one and his leave his numbers alone, trumps numbers alone on White College educated, a castle, moving back to sixty two, their whatever he had six may, whatever he had last time, just the same number: that would be Donald three o six Joe Biden to thirty two, that's a tight. This is these things move by one in two percent and they move the entire election again in that scenario, however? Don't of loses the popular vote again now they ve already becoming after equatorial college over the past few years. They will, of course, ramp that I've even higher if this happens to get it is interesting to try to find a way. Let's say we give fifteen percent of african american boat that's up from aid We go see from sixty eight to seven zero sees me twenty eight to thirty percent of hispanic vote While that the same and we
go from. Let's say: seventy two percent of White Non College graduates them. start getting into basically a tie in the popular vote. So is it So for don't to go from sixty to seventy two percent of White Non College graduates very possible, and never has in losing. No college graduates, though, and that the part where I think he's struggling analysis. You know it's your talk, it's you know you look at this again in suburban moms, it's it's that type of group there, seems to be, the issue here for Trump Now you can also to play with the turn out. So, if even if he stays around, let's say seventy percent or less, but you start Craig. That turn up PETE. You know, instead of fifty, I think, the turnout for White Non College graduates of fifty five percent, the the turn up for White College graduates with seventy two percent so white.
college graduates turn up much much higher numbers of whites that do not did not end. I think that number is gonna go higher. Not for White Non College graduates, college graduates. higher than seventy two, and I think it could go higher could go higher for Non college. So, let's say So what's create those of a couple of points each how about a black turnout up or down? What do you think? I think yeah hispanic turn out. Maybe on or flat because because was the wall last year for ok, that is so plain without a little bit we now have Donald Trump at three. In ten electoral votes, job to twenty eight. However, once again Biden still wins the popular vote. I mean it
Do you know is long as he has a couple of state. It's head in the electoral College as long as he wins out, two states or three of its one, we're screwed because they will just dismantling they'll find away. But if he can lose, it least one state to their meddling, You don't owe me and then I think you're ok Look at you and freedom in ten electoral votes. There be an argument to change the electoral college that the left will make cried. We can expect that There is not an argument that the election was fraudulent. Now the Democrats, as I pointed out, or in every election of my adult life that they have lost. They have said it was a fraud and they it was stolen, every single one of them, so they will say that again, in almost any circumstance right there are almost no matter what happens? They're gonna say it was stolen from them, but it will be credible with the american people. Now
there was. You could argue that for a good chunk of the american people, the Bush Gore thing credibly stolen. Now, it's not true. All the meat Recounts show the opposite. George W Bush won the election fair and square, but try to remember the days when you could trust the media, at least that much where you could say after the Rica they were in the bag for Al Gore. Yet, but eventually they came out and said now, we ve done all recounts, no matter how we recounted George Bush, when the, unless she came up with some fraudulent standards and breezy standard that any time we in any any it was a ridiculous thing they had to do to get to any other conclusion there that they're they're, the ones that were counted by the media, came back with the standards that were accepted, work all in favour of Bush Bush won the election, but there's probably thirty five, forty percent of America that sets back. It says that was actually our course brightening for that happen. I think you have to have your right coming down to one state. That's very close me.
b to states that are very close. And if you look back at the Clinton election, with tromp you know weird therein. If about forty thousand people change their mind and switch their votes appropriately, spaced over four states that election swings to Clinton. So, that was a very close election when it comes down to the number of votes that would have needed to be switched it nothing. If you may be some confidence that that it's very difficult to steal and election. That was a steel able election year It will then I think they learn that I like might yet I could suppress, I think, they're their goal. Is they learn from rumour? They were meeting to figure out how to do win this election or take this election or shut him down. on inauguration day. They all on inauguration day and leave these things out, so they ve been looking for ways to make sure that never happens again and
was steel. Will then it will be stealing. Will this time, I think, to part of a situation last time, as they were very confident right? They, they are going to win without the need to pollination arrogance. This time this? Is the craziest election, wherever probably going to see you say there not confident I don't know I think, they're terrified about what happened last time, bright, eyed and I think they are ice. tat. They are terrified but really really confident in some regards because of how many tools they have on the table. You know domain, they so many ways to rig this switch this it. It just takes a little. It takes just a few of those things to go a little right. None of them have to go entirely right, just a few things going a little right and they can turn the tables. And I, They are deciding their arrogant, I mean
Why would the Democrats, suddenly side with violence in the streets, with you know, repealing your guns, they're they're, not there. There now, moderating at all now, but on the opposite, let go in the opposition biting his outwardly running a more leftist campaign. Then he ran in the primary and there's only two reasons for that. You know something that we don't know, and so you don't care anymore or you're, so misguided that that's who you think America is and they asked there's no indication of that to America's. I think. That's who the Democrats are. They are a far left over group of crazy people and I think they believe things like the corona virus, plus the George Floyd stuff plus other, if it's happening is allowing them to go further than a normally would in an election,
they see this as an opportunity to push farther than they ever would mean. This is progressive as and when I want right yeah you take what you can get and they think they can get more and look there's nothing signalling to them that they are losing this race but we can all sit here, lies not hearing so many people on the right so confident that trouble is gonna win because he court and quote one last time and the Poles Clinton favoured well again set your beset your expectations. Here, a little bit the poles are better for Joe Biden now than they four Hillary Clinton and and in Joe Biden is not hated and job right was the secret. Well paid out was the secret weapon of Donald Trump or two thousand sixteen years. Everyone, including the people, voting for her hated Hillary Clinton thing. I don't feel that way against by variety. Think he's they did their worried about him being a losing it a little bit. That's all true, but they did
spies re. They also I've heard this from several people who vote for we're gonna vote for Joe Biden Age, he's not a radical for I used on a radical, so he can surround himself with radicals and heal. The whole over it out for you, they will think that they will think that while he's gonna be in charge and then you followed up with, does he seem in charge? Well, I don't know I mean these gonna run of ease, Corina levies, levies in dementia? That's tonight- is so important. He had to be seen as placating the radicals. He to be seen as a day. You know doddering old guy, you know like like our all of our grandfathers, get eventually, you know, he's got to seem like that if he pull off that he's. Not that is strong. He's alert, he's got it. You know he makes it typical Joe Biden gaffes, but he holds it together. This is, to be a very good night for Joe Biden. I would
If I were Joe Biden, I would I would try to approach this with the eye of Having a moment. We know the sister soldier moment everyone to always talks about from the Bill Clinton campaign, a moment where you say: I'm not gonna pack, the court yeah not going to let them we're not to funding the police. None of this is on the table for you. I don't want any of it all
It's crazy, so I dont add he said, eats and an end at all that stuff that that that you keep hearing suggested that down trumped ye say I'm doing I met you in any of that. I don't want any of that. I love this country the way it is the if he has that sort of moment, which I don't know that he's capable of, I think his whole party would would revolt. Are it make sure you're watching the debates we can have? The pre coverage was still than we're, gonna have the actual coverage and then afterwards we're all getting together and talk about the debates make sure you join us for all of it, or at least some of its special promo code Glenn debates at blaze, tv dot, com, slap land. This is the best of Glinda Programme and don't forget rain us on I to cruise senator for the great state of Texas and author of a new book that comes out. I think today, one vote away how a single Supreme court seat can change history, a great
look where he explains how it already has and and let you noodle on what it means for the future to cruise our user. Glad I'm doing terrific car, you didn't I'm good and good. I wanna get to your book here in second, first any thoughts about the debate. Well, I I the debate. It ought to be interesting. I think they'll be some fireworks. My assumption is by no take couple of shots at tromp. I think Trump will take several shots at Biden. Ah, what I hope happens is that we see a real contrast of ideas and, in contrast, a vision side. I think we win if we contrast free enterprise with socialism? I think we win if we contrast the rule, of law and the constitution and bill of rights with care and the anarchy and riots in the street, I think Joe
Biden wants to make it just personality contest on whether or not you happen to like Donald J Trump. They think they win that. I don't know they do or not. But I know- and I am confident we win if we folk on the competing vision, running, what's better for America. So in a related question, I'm worried about losing the presidency, but I am terrified of losing the present presidency and the Senate and theirs a real chance of that that the two are closely correlated if you look at the Senate seats that Republicans are defending their therein, purple states there in states that are tough most of the outcomes the presidency in the Senate go together. We either way both or we lose both their theirs, pull a very narrow slices where you win one or the other, but it all likelihood it's it's it's oh good or all bad, an end.
And if we wake up in January of twenty twenty one with Joe Biden Chuck humor and Nancy Pelosi in charge. Guy help. Oh God, help us if they will do more damage and two years that Obama good night I don't think we I dont think we think the fundamental transformation of America is done at that point unless we have the Supreme Court holding to not the republican point of view. I dont want that. I want somebody who's holding to heavy costs. Petition will the if, if Amy Coney bear it is, is We passed through N n N Windsor nomination is that enough on the Supreme Court? to be able to hold this country together. While I think She is a strong nominee. I think the decision denominate judge bear it may well
the single most important decision president tromp has done in office. as you know, I've got a brand new book came out today called on vote away. how a single Supreme court seat can change history and an the book before was in the Senate. I was a Supreme court litigator. What did for a living, is argued cases in front of the? U S Supreme Court and in what the book does Each chapter talks about a different constitutional liberty So there's a chapter on free speech, there's a chance, after on religious liberty, is a chapter Second amendment, there's a chapter on: U S, sovereignty, there's a chap on democracy in elections, and it talks about Bush verses. Gore, I was part of the legal team that represented George W Abortion and the case. When all the way to the Supreme Court and contested election, we easily see that this November an end. What the book does it really tells inside war stories of what's going on at the court at tea.
shoe behind the curtain, who the services are what they're doing and in many of the landmark cases in each of these areas. I literally and then- and so I tell the behind the scenes who the part These were what was going on and aunt em out yet really a striking on on issue after issue after issue so much? of the landmark cases are five before meaning we're just one vote away. One more leftist judge is the difference between in losing our rights to free speech, religious liberty. The second amendment versus preserving keeping those rights. While we have John Roberts, who I think has been wrong and all of the big constitutional questions. I don't even know who he is any more. I mean he just seems like he's worried about pr or I don't know what buttoned do out it go ahead. It it's pain, fallen unfortunate and I've known John Roberts twenty five years. John,
was a former clerk, the chief justice Rank West as was, I am I gotta say what has happened a job in the last couple of years and particularly this term, has been horrific. He has become Sandra Day, O Connor and in personally I gets driven by antipathy for Donald Trump. It is difficult to imagine two people more antithetical, more opposite. The John Robertson, Donald Trump and an end there whole series of decisions. This term or John Robert sided with the left on the cord. In a way that was really inconsistent. When the constitution in consists, with the laws, and one of the thing I tried to do in this book one vote away that the last chapter is all on supply, Court nominees and how to get it right yet and it traces the history, the Supreme Court nominations going back to Dwight De Eisenhower, and if you look As you know, this gland Democrats
are our nearly a hundred percent. Virtually every democratic nominee. It's exactly as the Democrats would want almost every case republic, a terrible this? What we don't even back five hundred and eight in theirs, clear pattern, there's a difference between when we get it right when we get it wrong. If you look at those justices who stayed faithful to their own state, faithful, the constitution, antidote, Scalia, Clarence, Thomas SAM Alito, chief justice, William Renquist, my four boss, every one of them had a long proven record as a conservative. They stood up for the constitution. They were constitutional is, and this is the critical piece they had been scoria, aided by the press. They had been pounded by the press and they hadn't wavered. That's what produces results that, what's with what produces consistency. On the other hand, when report
can have a stealth nominees, someone that doesn't have a record someone that hasn't been criticized a hundred pounds the time they turn out to be a disaster. Hurry do does bear it. Have that long record TED Argos does does does Barrett have that ref were a record. The audio we lost the audio with tat are you? Can you hear me Ok here, you're coming back sorry cycle in the audio fading in and out. Ok, I'm sorry, I'm asking if Amy Coney bear it. Has that record that long record? You know, I hope so her credentials are very, very strong. She what she was first in the class at noted, a law school she clerk for Justice, Scalia she has been a law professor at Notre Dame for twenty years. She has been one of the most respected appellate judges in the country for the past three years. Also a mob of seven kids, which, which is amazing. I can't even imagine doing that much less doing along with everything else, she's done.
An end. So I hope she proves a strong and consistent constitution list at my preferences. always for a longer proven record, but I think everything we know no about. Her is strong and encouraging. Ok You're in your book. You do breakdown, gun rights, chapter three of religious liberty, cool choice. abortion, free speech, crime law and order, and then democracy in the electoral process all of those are about to be lost. All of those are about to be lost. How go ahead gut? ever every one of them is hanging in the balance. Let's, let's start with with free speech, one of the things I too, about in in the book is, is the case citizens. United. Now a lot of people have heard of citizens. United. The Democrats hate that
and they attack it. Constantly most people don't action. No, what citizens United Concerned said and United was a non profit organization that made a movie critical of Hillary Clinton. And the Obama administration wanted to find them for credit. Icing Hillary Clinton than the question there was: can we as s since criticise our politicians at the oral argument, the Obama justice carbon justice, SAM Alito, ass, the Obama D O J under your argument. Could the federal government ban books if it disagree with a book? If it didn't want the book to criticise a politician, could it banned books the Obama, the OJ, said. Yes, we could ban books now. Fortunately, a Supreme Court rejected that radical proposition, but the vote was five before there were four we're justices willing to take away our free speech right to make it give the gun.
But the power to make it illegal to make movies to beg books to criticise our politicians, That is, I think, a profound threat to our liberties. The book that tend to put up with one vote away, he talks about the electoral process which tat. If the President and there's a good shot. He wins again without the popular vote. The the Democrats are prepared with stay, just to say. We are delivering all of our votes for the, for the Elect rural College to the popular vote winner, which is not that's not the way it works. Can they do that and how do we hold on to the elect college, which I think is the most important thing for the balance of our country. While I am deeply concerned that were headed for a period of chaos in in the weeks after election day
than by any measure. This could be a close selection and, if its close Joe, I'd and is already made explicit that if he doesn't win, he intent the challenge to the legitimacy of the election Bush. said Gore, as you mentioned, there's an entire chapter talking about Bush versus Gore. The last time we had a significant contest, did presidential election in the courts I was a young lawyer. I was on the George W Bush campaign at the time, in fact, piety, and I met on that- campaign, we were at cubicles about twenty feet apart from each other on the campaign, I down and Tallahassee the entire time of the required retail? It was Kay on election night, George, The Should one the boats were counted. He wanted was declared president and then the votes were close enough. That outboard challenged me filed a whole series of law suits all throughout Florida. Seeking to reverse the outcome of the election and when it was seeking to do was throw out votes that wherefore George, W Bush and try
find new votes that were for him and then that's what anyone in a recount if you lie your incentive is, keep counting and counting and counting too you can change the outcome. Well, it was utter chaos. I remember we had a war room with a white boy with seven different cases, all on the White when any one of which could could flip presidency of the United States. That case went to the: U S Supreme Court twice the time we won unanimously nine zero, the Supreme Court Vague hated the decision of the Florida Supreme Court sent it back said they got it wrong. The second time it went up to the core We want seven too, on the violation, so seven to the Supreme Court agreed what was happen in Florida violated the equal protection clause of the constitution, but critically, which, though it was five four on the remedy on the outcome, where five for the court ruled enough is enough. We ve count, the votes. The votes have been counted for times. George W Bush
she's one of four times did the law the election is over it's time to move on this decision with thirty six days of uncertainty of chaos. The country in the world didn't know who the next president going to be, I think we could see it me. much worse this year, instead of just one state Florida I'd, I think by if he loses, could challenge in three four five states simultaneously we could see chaos. You know there's this guy. I'm sure you know about called it: the transition integrity project, oh and it's a group, Abiden supporters, hard Democrats, left is but graybeards and the Democratic Party and then also about Republicans who are never trumpeters. You hate the president. Also there almost all Biden, supporters and they re through what they called war games about the election and they had John produced The play Joe Biden, John Podesta, as you know, was bill. Clinton is chief of staff. He was Heller
Clinton's campaign chairman Sober DES protesters are respected figure in the Democratic party heap Joe Biden in this scenario that they labelled clear Trump victory, so clear win what possessed playing Biden did was channel the outcome of the election, get democratic states to send electors who, who voted for, and even though the people in the states didn't vote for Biden and Anna, surely in this scenario they had three states. California, organ in Washington, try. seen from the country? It is we could be facing real Kay.
ass I and it's why we need a nine justice Supreme Court. I agree with you. We in fact eyes have a special tonight going through those actual transcripts to show the american people. These are radicals that will not accept no for an answer. Ted crews. Thank you very much TED crews. His new book is out today. It is one vote away how a single Supreme court seat can change history a lot of behind the scenes, the best of the gun that program. You are, of course, a columnist for the New York Post, national political reporter for Washington, Examiner Co. Author of the great revolt which talked the first race and twenty sixteen, and what the media missed. Why are you feeling today cause I'm about to throw up, I'm sooner
till we get that. I also feel your doubts order, like crazy, hard kind of anxiety feel gave us prettily normal, especially if you're a political, Turkey like you- and I are Charlie you're, the director who don't know others that it would be they were based on that constant cover. on cable news. There were other media that most people not live and die by american politics. I think that going in is this evening, The onus is on Joe Biden tribute. A number of things to either wines odor is over someone's about or his heart going to woo is about not necessarily that will go to throb, but people will take
look at him and said depends on what lay urine Baker get him in a number of things. First about you through parliament or he's to moderate, ah but the third problem- and I think this is the one people are sort of anticipating- is the kings on his game anymore and he has got a sap. I dont think that gas or his problem right. I think there, But his problem is saying things like you want to start by college, which he did not Those are not that those our problem a, but also don't. You think I think, there's a lot of people that that I've talked to at least that are voting for Donald Trump Army for Joe Biden and they they say you're while he's not part of the hard left. So if he if he looks like he's mortal hard left, that's a problem, but but the other thing is, they always says he's not part,
hard left in there I mean he's just gonna get the job done an keep those people at Bay, but if he doesn't look, like if he has a moment where he's confused or or any of US senior moments. I think people are also tuning in to see if he is going to be, if he's, if he's. Actually there that concern at All- Absolutely I do here that concern. I also hear that concern from people out in your report about you either part of the far left he's going to lose moderate voters who don't particular care for Donald Trump Comport lunch, but think that they have a choice were fighting. If he goes to Well he's going to lose that that does not mean that go to trap. That does mean they said is how he also could lose people on the far right, they have a really wake, illustrated sorry about
this on my latest column, at examiner- where there was this house that I have always done today filled with like Bernie Sanders. Paraffiny yet there was a club for dinner of life. Sign up here and there are to be at least thirty sign. any bit yard. Now the only there's one time you will find it bizarre that the media are twenty twenty struggle Why do you don't know they re undetected, prouder right, you're, the one that you have to ignore them and their needs are not match that they're going to check it out and assent. the way are, you know what we told you. We wanted some unless you gave us by, she doesn't have our back. he's not with that on our issues or showing up your candidature tapped on top while
no, the. If the, if he's ass tonight about the police, which he should be asked about Maybe he has not rail reigned in the violence until very recently, and then, even he's even come out and said. The only one is talking about defending the police is Donald Trump. is there going to be effective now you know, there's this assumption that by the by the political strategies and in large part by my profession, the dead some twenty years ago, where people don't have the access to or clean up and find out if they throw up, because we have such a large distrust in my profession and, quite frankly, we have earned it. Ah, people are not going to take when someone says at face value at doing the gods and
there are going to work out and say no acts were he's. Not he's not here, why wouldn't you into that trap of being considered hip ago holiday certain would neither where the based on both sides are given that we again you're. Ok, I know you are speaking like that additional politician and he is one you spent forty years, a wife and kid it's his third swelling big words, concepts and try to sort of talk down not jumped from button, Voters he's really has a problem in were only their support. the article you wrote forgotten counties will make their voices heard is that everybody should read this year, talk about county,
was Democrat forever notoriously Democrat and these small counties little by little had been moving towards the Republicans and you talk about one where it was lopsided for the Democrats. Wherever and now it's a Republican, the registration gone off the charts for the Republicans there, and you mentioned several counties in Pennsylvania like that is is that enough I mean trouble our needs. Every single vote he can get in some of these states just to just a battle. The the past, The ability of a rigged election are the numbers for Trump do you think solid and bigger than they were in sixteen sure. I don't think I could tunny sixty
I wrote in August the choice, sixteen or ten pounds a watch that it took. Two thousand more voters showed up beneath counted for tromp overwhelming the trump would win the matter. What happened in Philadelphia did Matt, is Clinton was able to replicate Obama, members or accede. Then he would still well- and I said by forty thousand votes. It was actually forty, four thousand, that those members those numbers to increase I'm not increase, they need remains study first, they need. Draw out of one percent- more voters will be able to set. Philadelphia numbers it doesn't matter what the challenge now is what matters. Is it you get one percent more? Also, I'm real keeping my eye on the top here counties in Pennsylvania,
from warn all the way over to lack of water. These accounts that I called the energy county- and these are an agriculture county, either counties where a lot of voters did not show up for Trump, even though they would that Republican, but because they thought the way he talks with more we gave a liberal democrat from the outer projects have been you're right now he has a record and the record is something, but their bears very supportive of our energy workers, because a worsening the regulation, but also act- for though it is because of the trade deal, they learn that trade deal. Now you you throw out about two thousand more voters in both a county and again the same scenario exists, offers you have to continue
to draw out voters in those original ten county and almost all of them had switch the registration from the car to republic than in the past forty years, I'll. Tell you that I know a lot of people like me that this first election in twenty sixteen first election- I didn't for a Republican or a Democrat, I voted for an independent, that's time? I've ever done that and I know a lot of people that did that or just didn't vote, because They couldn't vulgar Hillary Clinton and just could involve for Donald Trump. He didn't have a record, they didn't believe in him, now thou they do and those people come out. Absolutely, I had authorities it's about a week and a half ago from Hamburg, County Pennsylvania and I walked into the county republic- did not, as these are one of those counties. That debate is changed for registration. There was a gentleman there who was that these have been a Democrat. All this, why did not vote for Donald Trump and twenty six key and sweets was turning Justice party affiliation,
along with several thousand people there without wine outside the building while and then see, was voting for trumpet type these people your words out of the great reward in the back of a great result is a pull that we did who, with itself, are gonna, buy from voters in Michigan. Cards in Pennsylvania, Ohio in Iowa, and we asked them to do a family member friend or a poster that you were going to vote for Trump thirty four percent no, I'm twenty sixteen about busy movie compared to what we are experiencing now I'd Selina. Thank you so much we'll talk again and by the way, happy birthday thank you learn twenty again
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