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Best of The Program | Guests: Sen. Tom Cotton, Inaya Folarin Iman, & Andrew McCarthy | 6/9/20

2020-06-09 | 🔗

The New York Times is in a leftist civil war, all because it dared to publish Sen. Tom Cotton’s latest op-ed. The senator joins to break it down. British writer Inaya Folarin Iman gives insight on why American protests have spread to the U.K. and the narrative being built worldwide that Western society is hateful. National Review contributing editor Andrew McCarthy joins to discuss whether Minnesota AG Keith Ellison is overcharging George Floyd’s killer and how the case’s outcome could drastically change our police forces.

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Welcome to the programme. It is time for the package. We have Senator Tom Cotton, and here, of course, is the guy who got his up had pulled from the New York Times and the guy who manages the opposite section fired because he said something that sixty percent of Americans agree with terrible terrible idea. Backlash we go over with him. Also talk to reveal that, while he's a guy from the Manhattan instituting who is really all over, the numbers are when it comes to policing in this country. Is it true that black people are being constantly targeted by white officers we get into the numbers they are plus Andrew Mccarthy joins us. Tell us about the Floyd charges, whether its, whether murders, the right way to go, whether it should be some other charge. Real scepticism on how their handling this case in Minneapolis and we'll get into this plus we'll find out. Why calling the police in the middle of the night, if you have a break in, is showing of your white privilege, and it just shows how privileged you are, plus Joe Biden cake it through yet another simple, sentenced: Stalin. Today's podcast go to place TB, dot com, Slash Glenn, use the promo code Glenn for ten bucks off your subscription. You get all the conservative contesting one, including went back of course, market within Pat RE entry will cow stew! Does America as well that show Annie and subscribe to the package you get those free every day at students, students, America or on you to search for stew, you'll find it plus you can get all of these shows every single day from the radio programme as well for free on Pakistan. Listen whenever you feel like it. Here's the bucket.
The only thinking this is the Glinda programme. I cannot believe we have this guy on just based on his last name. Cotton. Does that make you think of you think anyway, we have. We have Senator Tom caught Non with us now who has said just things that should not be said at the New York Times, things that are well I think most people who agree with, but you can't say those things anymore, Senator welcome How are you couldn't I M going to be? Ok, so a senator, I have to tell you: the world has gone Insane The left, the
the media. I heard the New York Times today talking about how having a serious conversation with somebody about well would so what happens when you get rid of the police in Minnesota, Well, you know we don't know exactly yet, but we're gonna work it out, and it's gonna be great, hoping we're talking about major. U S, cities just say, done with the police, This is not your amateur, What happens when you have a newsroom like New York Times, barely dies or or a city like Minneapolis in its mayor that are run by people who think the real world of social justice seminar on a college camp right, and tell you was right. I tell you what, and when you don't have the place, you have anarchy. I mean you literally have anarchy, because there is no I'm an authority to both enforce the law. Be constrained by the law that happen in Minnesota or something
a major cities where the democratic mayors and City Council sort out my slashing police budgets, like in LOS Angeles and New York, the police or withstand between civilization and anarchy, and we made police departments that are well funded, well resourced, well trained, so either our tax cannot leave wait a minute. I cannot believe we're having this conversation, you know to tell me- or if you will see in this, are you I've just listening to you? Thank you. No police departments are important or, of course they are. Of course they are. I just can't believe that we are here at this point What about her, look duenna at what happened with New York Times. So, as you said, the New York Times in total meltdown and has suffered an internal collapse, cause it scenery decided to publish an opinion from a republican sent.
Where that is shared by fifty eight percent of the american people, but apparently babe view that as beyond the pale and they woke newsroom- I would say that the senior leaders- I ve been to the Woke mob at the New York Times May public. On Wednesday of last week, they published Maya on Thursday, they publicly defended it on Friday them they renounced it after the mob demanded that and then on one day, the owner of the New York Times fire the editorial page editor. I would say that he surrender do want mob unless remember this guy is awoke child himself enough. It is their eating their own centre. A lot of people are getting very upset right now, a lot of people on the right there get upset, and there I just got a sob
I am actually ready to grab a bowler popcorn, I'm interested in just watching them just devour themselves its phenomenal. What is happening, and I don't think that there is- you know watching Nancy Policy. The stunt she did yesterday is hysterical. I mean this made her call Togo in bed The New York Times, as is making a fool of cells from eighty sulzberger all the way down to their. You know young in turn to were demanding on pikes because their editor a gender had the audacity to publish an opinion with which I disagree. Although fifty eight percent of Americans a great with it and people are laughing at them, Reporters from other newspapers, producers from television shows armed even reporters in your times, recognise that in your times has become a laughing stock. Expose itself. Why did he has a far left wing propaganda? Outfits
I couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of people is one of the things they had a problem work if they go and look at the replacement The editorial page editor just take a look at her twitter feed, but in the meantime, look of a note she sent out too her workers just a couple days ago. She said You said that if you see anything at all anything Then you or that concerns you then just the attacks or email right away. I mean she is telling grown ups people, should recognise there, not at a college campuses they're, not at a social justice seminar that there they get trigger warnings at work. So they had there not offended by micro. Aggressions I mean this really is the language of campus children brought to the workforce when grown up should be able to say, look you're and social justice many you're in the real world and wondering confronted with an opinion with which we disagree. Proper answer is to refute it with better arguments in return, it's not too
curl up in the feed opposition them sure warnings and say that the bad people, the publishers, and it should be fired. If you don't like it, you can quit. So tell me they said that one of the problems as they they had a real problem with your depiction, which was completely inaccurate of the role of and teeth in the protests Tom Tom Tom Tom. Do you have any evidence at all? That Antigua is playing any role in this Well, I decided the attorney general has repeatedly pointed this out and I dont know many peaceful protestors and demonstrators who take crowbar is with them the marches. I dont think stacks of bricks get into this. It might himself on. Of course, there were agitators and extremists who hijacked and infiltrated protected. First amendment protests for their own purposes,
that was happening the weekend after last, and that's why you saw so much violence on the streets in places like Minneapolis in New York and Washington DC. Now, since the president demanded National guard beyond the sane and washing Dc Employ law. The specialised law enforcement units that are present around the fate of our national government said some democratic governors like Kimbolton Minnesota, recognise that he had no choice but to call out the national Guard that violence diminished significantly. On the course of last week to the point where over this past weekend, it was almost all just protest and demonstration. That's because of and extremists realise that the authorities were now onto their techniques and that they face the risk of pushed back in the place and ultimately arrest and charges so I saw an interview with attorney general bar and he said they. They asked him. Why? Why the Jamaica, single arrests yet of anti european know their involve, and he said something pretty shocking. At least to me. He said because
as we are tracking their funding there very well funded right now, he's go and, after the guys on the streets, he's gone after the leadership he's going after thee. Most likely. The white anti capitalist socialists around the world that have tons of money? that are funding these things. That's to be a bombshell if he hits that, because there'll be all kinds of connections to people we know much grandma That's the right way to approach and order radical organization lacking teeth. I'll say that I don't want to get too far into the details of what may or may not be investigated, and what techniques Our federal government is using, but there's a long history of our federal government try to identify and formats
then criminal organizations and conspiracies to roll them up and end up, not just getting the but soldier, down the street, but all the way up to the king pans. And funders? That was our? U S, grant took down the original version, taken in eighteen. Seventy that's how he took down the mob in the fifties and sixtys. Seven drug gangs in the Eightys and Ninetys terrorist organizations of the last twenty years, the federal has had a long record of rolling up large organisations through careful investigative work and the use of informants and intelligence, and that's what we should be doing can t for right now. So silly, v. If you see how the Soviet Union, after world war, two flipped Czechoslovakia. Hungry and everything else they did
without a shot being fired, and it really is the bottom up top down inside out thing. You put commune, lists in the government in a deep state. If you will, then you fund and you you support rioters on the street, the people rise up and say that governments gotta do something and that deep state, Eat controlled government comes down and you lose your country and you lose your freedom. They did it over. Over and over again, and I believe it's exactly what is happening here in the United States. Power we doing on the investigation into the deep state in all of the people that are that were responsible for the Russia collusion garbage and in writing out and and and finding these people that are are working against freedom in America in our own government.
Well or move forward, a load it more slowly than I would like land, but it is moving forward and park as we lived through two plus years of the mother investigation, even though I think it is now clear that the FBI new from the earliest days in before Bob Mahler was appointed as a special council that the steel dossier was full of garbage, probably full of russian intelligent disinformation and that their no collusion, whatever efforts, he on on sound, there's, no collusion with the Trump campaign. I commend the attorney General and the attorney in Washington for dropping charges against MIKE Flynn, they shouldn't have been brought to begin with, and that was Laura long overdue. We can other reports, for instance, from the inspector general and apartment justice that have the senior FBI leaders abuse their authority in twenty sixteen and two thousand and seventeen. Of course, John Durham is continuing to investigate the entire origin, the Russian collusion hoax, and I expect that will be announced
well before the election and, of course, Lundy Grandma Senate has begun a series hearings that will end up calling in some of the central players involved in those decisions like Jim Coma and Andy Mackay Peter struck, unless a page male, nearly all of them MSNBC or sit in contributors thee. You know the president's pull numbers in Vienna, depending on who you look at, and I dont believe them at this point, and I don't. I can't Imagine America going for a group of people there are supporting what's happening on the streets, but now what America is a different place. Now I guess but this is important for these things to be cleared up before the the President leaves office. Move we we we would have really dangerous people.
Coming in and of the american people. Don't see some arrests and don't we were not cleaning things up. I worry. What's coming next That's one reason why I am confident glad that these investigations will reach their natural conclusion before January before the election, none The attorney general recognises that this closely United country when it comes to electoral politics, you know we had a split session in two thousand eighteen with them twenty house Republicans running the Senate. I think this will be a closer. Tat election as well. It's important, though, that electoral politics, however, when the election not get in the way not get in the way of uncovering the truth about what is perhaps the biggest political scandal. In our country's history, which is the Obama administration efforts to disrupt the peaceful transition of power and use the organs of law enforcement against its political opponents. So
One last thing is: you were on the corona virus early and there's a lot of people now that look. It what's happening with the medical community coming out in saying. Well, racism is much worse disease than corona virus, so you can go protests. These mayors in these governors that were arresting p. That said that people who are protesting the shot down were irresponsible, gonna, kill everybody's grandmother, they were anarchists, etc, etc. People are now marching in the streets, the the corona virus experts are are really endorsing going ahead and and rioting or or at least marching in the streets think. There's a lot of people did say, wait a minute. We destroyed our economy, for what did you PETE even believe this ever
Glenn, I hope- and I pray that we will not see a surge in corona virus cases and ultimately deaths because of the large scale protest demonstrations over the last couple weeks will now and in the weeks ahead of this application of its not in that might give us more competence to get the rest of us. Economy back up and open again, however, I think it's obvious that just de facto, down doornail in effect over, it can be very hard for any governor mayor to tell his or her people you ve got to stay at home You can't earn a living. You can't open your business, you can't take your kids to you. Can't go worship in church after they ve seen these very same mayors and governors not adjust permit but encourage and celebrate protests demonstrations With people marching the straight shoulder shouldered by the thousands, I would also suspect
did except those governors and mayors try to enforce those locked down get say: churches holding services that they're gonna face losses those lawsuit are apt to be successful, I mean it can't be the case that we condone first I'm an activity by the thousands and our streets, but we prohibit first minutes activity by the dozens and churches? Senator Tom cotton, thanks for being on fathers day, is getting closer. You been hinting about gifts or thinking about you know what to give to dad one. My father's day up in style and get a wreck tech grill. We as a family, are cooking a lot on our rhetoric at my house. I been thrilled with it ever since I got one it sturdy. It sleek, it's been like a tank, its grilling technology, because I am the dumbest grill are alive. I have I I'm gonna approaching master guerrilla. I used to burn everything, and on top of that, I can confirm it from an app you dont have to get off the
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she is. She was born in ninety six holy cow. She was born. Ninety. Ninety six in London that she is of your rhubarb heritage. She's, was raised in a british nigerian single parent household. Welcome to the programme. How are you thank you for having their I'm very, very good. Thank you. How many people call you the the Canvas Owens of the UK, I've heard, bandied around ten. We only take on what I don't know if you take that as a good thing or a bad thing, but we mean it is a good thing. Tell me about what our feeling positively good? and what's happening in in Europe. They in the UK they ve just defaced. Guy who fought against fascism better than anybody else in the world, Winston Churchill they. To face the statue of Abraham Lincoln.
It's going on in the UK yeah. I mean I want to say that I think a lot of people for the past few months and even near the particular had been worried about how to provide the chinaman by implication that has for kind of international politics. What I think about what we ve seen in the last week We can be unmarried vow of american cultural agenda me I'm kind of american base. Show coach award has now been kind of exported, globally now you know I love America together, fantastic country, but I have actually been supplies Thousands and thousands of people in Britain and Central London that thing hands up. Don't you wanted to militarized police forces in the world, which is the british police force. You dont, you don't, but I dont have guns this. How can they shoot they dont have guns you may go so I think what we see as a kind of an attempt to create this kind of how much
I've narrative about what it means to be bloc in the world. I think I've been one that has been essential live to be one of China. For oppression victimization, irrespective of the kind of new and complexity of specific countries? I think absolutely no racism exist but needs to be combated, but in response to the George Floyd killing for the first time and you know, I think, gear their unity across the political spectrum. Much into saying that this was a wrong thing and the man, club and charged and people can debate about what charge and that should be banned, the end of the day that, on our way to justice as a very positive thing, what has now transpired to mean something very very, very different. We are seeing what looks like to me a kind of concerted effort to paying in society at large as a kind of last year,
evil and hide some kind of racism. I think you're standing a really toxic and the more or less and less it to a generation of young people, you haven't had it so better in terms of innovation, three programme of much more to be done, but the narrative that had been told is completely divorced from reality, and I think it's got much darker in actions are unkind of consequences. Unless we seriously grapple with If so, what culture? you tell me what you think, because I agree with you and you know everything that you're saying here leads me to the things that we have been investigating for a long time, at least on on my programme, and that is this. Can started effort by a radical leftist group of of organizations and people that want tear down the western world and capitalism, it do you
leave that that's what you're seeing over in the UK as well. Actually because you something that's not just Spock Foley out of the protests, we see no intended the education system, even in the universe, with a similar thing that happened in american time with this kind of pampered free speech, what we ve seen it with it, under debate and also in the UK. We saw outcome to the election until break there, which is essentially overflowing, and the democratic this them in order to kind of transport, is an agenda. I think I don't wanna make too many connection by do you think is? How did the same underlying ideology but has a deep pitiful when that man's kind of western society, and and achieve you know many of these political upheaval other opportune opportunity to exploit the kind it puts forward a very logical left agenda and I think it I think it really worrying. I think I'm listening
UK we have a situation where out of the conservative Party one day, action in a lot of us thought about one, a positive thing in terms of pushing back again stress, but the last I am, I think, again, Download America had right now a monopoly on culture. They a very significant flies in tandem Libya unintended, changing that narrative and reclaiming more positive, unrealistic representation of the west. Speaking to the young people that this picture is not actually, the reality is something that is still below more work to be done. That is really concerning, so I've recently met the the found. In the end the heads of an organisation turning point. Are. You, ok and I ve been. I've been really excited to see the the
Ideas of freedom start to take root. In a younger generation as well, but it's it's almost like it's a cute little effort overseas because you don't have the? U dont. Our constitution and bill of rights, and, quite honestly, we don't either right now, but is so it's a different look at at liberty, it's kind of a hard sell in some ways. How are you seeing this? The push back on this Globalist marxist kind of I ideology It is their growing push back on that at all, while email Even in Britain, we learnt of the shoe dimension, have a written constitution, but we have a really strong, rich tradition of liberty in time. Now I'm kind of the bill of rights, the Magna Carta right, very rich in that kind of debating tradition that- and I could not at that again had kind of
But aside and downplayed in this file of cultural flow which really I'm in captain? I could many open up in particular by a lot in the last, but I think intended the push back, I think, can in funding squabbling. So I'm part of an organization in the? U K quota free speaking and we have not been really provocative turned of trying to defend people there are even facing I'm gonna lose my job and opposition to simple things that they felt even recently in the UK. Quite horrifying. I'm a gentleman, a radio presented was was cut, it is being investigated for criticising backwards. Matter to you know, is a really really fear thin oversee either the whole situation in terms of the New York Times in America ever back said the push back is there, but it's definitely much stronger. Much more forthright, I mean if we look at the lockdown chamber tonight and quite supplies the house, the heart that wasn't that much pushed back in time to put bigger
peace time, removal of our liberties and Anne, and so I think that a lot of people have felt quite some kind of exhausted by the constant barrage of negativity. I think that what we see now something sales friend, to name the UK statues the dimension of Winston Churchill, reading about town, historic, cultural, more, a monument, being defined and violence against the police, a normal Fiji depended significant thing a lot of people are waking up in saying that we cannot let this go on. All this is really gonna spiral. And said something much much darker than it already is. So how to see America, how does the United States of America and Vienna be honest I'm not asking for a piano nice fluffy answer here? How does he it states of America. Look too, though, in great Britain who may have looked on us favourably in the past. What are you? Wouldn't you
each person think about what's happening over here. I think the average person is probably sees another parallels and it depends on the perspectives. I think why, founded that a lot of people that were in favour of breaks out with you that the majority of the country We had a lot of sympathy with chum, not necessarily intended united particular policy should advocate but in terms of what he, but you have in regards to a kind of figures by taking on the establishment taking on I'm the kind of institutions that have been saved entrench, but not really, I'm dealing with the kind of issues plaguing people, and so I think, a lot of people and in Britain that support the banks have been very sympathetic towards that end.
If you are allowed in terms of the way in which you know been forgotten in America, particularly the one about the cool, laughed weapon eyes impeachment tunnel in some ways it s about Look see the way that many people, particularly about the collapse in America, what the most stubborn in regard to the lock on and on things like bats, I think they are quite similar parallel, but I think I have similar with Here- really depends on he's big speak to you unfortunately, I think particularly maybe maybe try I'll phone, always America with the most positive option, but I think that the growing number of people that deep sea threat encouraged to see that a lot of the time that the way that the media represent political events America, and also in Britain, is not actually the full scope of what is happening: I will tell you that I think we look at Great Britain. Many of us look a great Britain in the same exact way. We
We know why we didn't understand all the ins and outs of bricks it we were with you because it it seems as though you were experiencing the same thing with a government that had just become abusive to the p. Well done matter what we say: they just do whatever they want anyway. It's that that that deep state is what is being called over here. It is it happening all over the western world nets really got to stop Scott stop, I know you go ahead. They will be visible action of ITALY coming up in November. That was in the marketing of if, in Britain, that was in December, I think is definitely through democracy until argument that we need to push back and not succumb to the kind of tactics of the radical left, So very talking to you all the best of luck over in London end and stay free, gutless. Thank you think, scrapping
at the best of a bad debt programme. Sandy Mccarthy contributing Editor National Review senior. Fellow for the National Review Institute. He has been on with several times good friend of the programme, Andy you wrote a great peace for the National Review, the new Floyd murder charges will be tough to prove and may imperil good cops, as I am reading it. What is happening with the prosecution seems nuts seems nuts. You goin thanks so much haven't me call attention to the site, you don't take care some kind of weird Lee were charged and under charged at this point, and I keep the Heaven a kind of police myself, because I have the same cynicism about
Chief Allison, how do you do and neither do I need to kind of like try to put that in a box and just look at this in a clinical way, rather than fighting it too much with what I think of him. So for what it's worth you know the show, then who's the main guy? Of course, I think the second degree. Charge second degree Marta charge that he that Alison put in, which was designed at least politically, to say that they in ratcheted up the charges, is a reach, but it's not an impossible reach, and I repeat the thing I think we have to keep mind. Is that the way they do their charges and endless remember now. We have not seen an indictment yet so far, these guys have only been charged with complaints. So we don't know what the fuck
charges are gonna look like, but if they look like this they'll be three different theories of murder and just common sense says to me: that a jury watching that last indefensible. Eight minutes he's gonna, convert this guy up something to me my complaint and my worry about the second degree charge, which is the felony murder theory under which what he's basically saying is that when the cops first put hands on this guy I announced that whole situation evolve. That was an assault and be the end, Mr Floyd, later I'd so that's the fidelity murder buried. A felony is a third degree under Minnesota LAW, I think from a policy standpoint that we dump thing to do, because it puts cops on the street good cops in The of the idea that if they do the things you have to do in order to do effective
leasing like you superior force not a greater force or excessive force, but yet I'm superior force against them. Resisting arrest you now worry that you could be charged with a felony, but that That means that you know juries, don't do policy, they do the one case with the one sure defended one victim. I could see the jury convicting on that Harry, I think it's more likely they can picked on his second theory, which is indifference. Good. I think that's, that's a good. Match for what their evidences tat dust basic. I yeah. I have to tell you Annie. I think that is where this whole thing meets. When I watch that didn't seem like I'm out to murder, a guy look like, I don't really care in, I mean really truly praised in depth. Indifference is
What it appeared to be right that I think one now I know people who practice LAW in Minnesota, who tell me that there are some troublesome case law. With that and I know that that as a prosecutor, you have to worry about that stuff when we it for what it or are you when we indicted, though the blind shake a million years ago? There was some add law in our circuit on attempted bombings and some other stuff that we had to worry about, but we really felt like- and I think they is the prosecutors here should feel like they're evidence is so strong in terms of the recklessness and depravity of that. I I just cannot see a jury acquitted ok. So that's that good news right cause he would go to jail and it, but the that be the second. Is this depraved indifference, The murder count of of sex degree, murder,
the great martyr and end you know, Glenn, I think people get into hung up on another Too many episodes dragnet are Hawaii five hours at me off it's not a martyr one. You know people around right of people other serious enough because it doesn't sound serious enough murdered is murder and I think if this bag is convicted of murder, no one's gonna remember that it was third degree martyr did you for it and some time at the justice sometimes categorically you know you go first, second, third, because the seriousness, sometimes it's just that the conduct is so different. They have to put it in a different section of the statutes, not necessarily a reflection that it's not as serious as second hurry and how much of a sentence does that usually get how much, how much time with this guy stiff, spend behind bars up to twenty five years? Ok,
now. The other three degree would be forty just so you know. So that's I'd be much difference. We're talking about ok, so the other three aiding and abetting, and in your article you talk about how this one, you have to run through hoops because they're all so charged aren't. Are they not also charged with second degree bitch, with, aiding and abetting both second degree and manslaughter, and I think radically. This is where you worry about then being more of a you know. Radical eighty alive than a technical lawyer, Negligence, Matt and slaughter in Minnesota is negligent homicide and As we all know, negligence mean something happens that nobody intended by your careless something that you didn't forces? but you should have that's terrible happens. You're characterizes a risk if a guy dies, eighty
in a bedding liability It means that the accomplice, fifty eight or in a better the under new and what the principle is trying to accomplish joint open did something active to bring it about. Well, no one tries to accomplish negligence, so at the proper time with the air, of aiding and abetting being matched up with negligence. But I think he would have been and he would still be fine when they ultimately indict if he indicted them not as aid or than a better is but his principles, because at least the two guys who were holding down along with show, but they had to know what they were doing was was Alice and wrong. If not the praise- and I think you could get it- you could convict them just as people committed manslaughter rather than trying to go through the mental hopes of did they understand what Chopin was trying to accomplish and how did they try to join? You know I mean not that back
Mental gymnastics is, I think, over complicating, which should be a pretty straightforward question. And how do you prove that any of them we're trying to accomplish killing this guy. Like you, I think that's a great book because the evidence that the complaint suggests the contrary these bar, rains didn't do what they should have done to stop them from happening, but at least one of them said the shelving unit. Don't don't you think we are all this guy over on his shoulder again, I'm a little bit worried that he's gonna go into a variant forms a medical distressing Sheldon who's the nineteen year veteran and is the senior guy out. This is not on our that's. Why we're leaving him on his stomach as he continued to sit on the guys makin right. Only so half fact I've gotta I say I wasn't trying to kill the guy. You know when you try to kill the guy. He think he'd, don't ask. Do you think he's doing ok, you think we should perhaps
I dont mean right of it. I just I just that begin on. The defence lawyers are gonna, have a field day with that sort of stuff, but I think, if you George them with this. I got your homicide being profit your disposition is look, you can continue to sit on the guys back. What somebody sitting on his neck, two minutes after he has no pulse. Even if you didn't have the worst of intentions, that's careless! That's manslaughter! That's what we have now or war and stop worrying. You know. Don't charge the case in a way where you have to prove what these guys must have thought Sheldon withdrawing to accomplish I've been on a jury before Andrew and we wanted to send this guy away for a very long time. All of us knew he did it most of us knew he did it.
And and just had a feeling that we are going to release this guy into the wilderness, but we could not agree that the charge was the right charge and we're that's not that's not right, and you know what kind of even danced around well shouldn't. We, give it to me anyway, cause he's gonna get out, and do it no, no end It's a very different thing in a jury room if they screw this up and charge them. I dont know if this is unique, with jurors, but that's that was my experience we go in there. We went in thinking. This is a very bad guy, but it doesn't match what they are telling us to do and they're telling us specifically. It's got to be X, Y and Z. Will that do Fit you're, going that's by variance with the jury system, twenty years of being
trial lawyer or abolish the prosecutor These are really very as a general matter. You can always find outliers, but their very conscientious. Are they finally evidence closely? They really do do what the court's tell them to do. As a general matter, and they dont convict people even now. The evidence can be horrifying if it doesn't match up with the judge, tells them has to be proved. So your ear, your hand, what right to be concerned about how this case gets charge, one last question: is there anything that the feds can do just in case I mean, I know, I'm very, very I'm just pessimistic when it comes to Keith Alison- and I don't I don't trust him. And it would be very, very good for a radical to have this just can only in the last moment slip away and then they walk free
is there anything that the feds can be doing at the same time. So God forbid screw it up at the state level. It's not to a walk away. He's free, yes they are conducting a civil rights investigation. Now, that's that's a tougher proof, then a straightforward state martyr prosecution because you have to prove an intense basic. To discriminate, entered deprived somebody of their constitutional right. In them and their legal rights. I thought a tougher case to prove, but they would get if they can, if they think they can make that they can get a second bite at the apple, because we have what's known as the dual sovereignty. Doctrine is an exception to double jeopardy in a basically means. The feds in the state are different sovereigns, so just because you get acquitted in the state
The state can prosecute you again, but the feds good Andrew. Thank you so much appreciate Andrew Mccarthy contributing entered the national review. I It really interesting that what I'm worried about is exactly what our F K was worried about, just in a different way. He was worried about these cases going down and the the prosecutor. Where's batching the case in the jury. Just let know doing what they mean I wanna do cause. They were all white, I'm worried, the same thing, he was worried about the guy's walk and free they did the crime. I'm worried about the same thing and I'm worried about the prosecution just for a different reason, because I think this guy is a radical and God forbid. It is true, I ain't even saying it, but it's just I mean you're too me. Crazier things are happening now that this,
is overcharged and they they fail on the prosecution and we have a massive massive problem. On our hands. I hope the federal government is watching this closely
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