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CNN and the mainstream media insist that the DNC’s Ukraine scandal and the Deep State coup are debunked conspiracies and that Trump is the real source of corruption. Sen. John Kennedy joins the program after taking a beating from the media for trying to explain the Democrats’ hydra using facts. Justin Haskins, editorial director of the Heartland Institute, joins to discuss a shocking new poll: 25% of Americans and 42% of government workers want to BAN offensive speech. More and more people don’t understand what socialism, assault rifles, or even RIGHTS are. 

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Before we get to the podcast today. I don't want you to forget. If you're anywhere in the SALT Lake City area, we have a few seats that have just open up to the Christmas, which happens this Saturday December seventh, one night only one show only. And it's gonna be fun. It's gonna be a lot of fun, so get your tickets. Now you could do it at Dublin. Decked out Comp declared that Christmas showed its this Saturday somber seven only in SALT Lake City will see their ok on today's podcast Senator John Kennedy YAP. We dug him up and we put a phone right there, we have really bring Kennedy different, John, our eye, Prince Andrew you gonna, be on the throne, was wild and Dershowitz Will he float? We answer that question are full of today's Punkahs,
the only thinking the date of the one hundred and twenty three page document written by GNP members on three Committees formalised the private president's own cycle of distraction denial that he used out to me that he used out to ride out the russian scandal he's using same tactic to save his job now that he's face with impeachment over is political pressure Or on Ukraine is just reads like a new story tie that it only knew is almost overwhelmed by an internally in any new loans. Tromp is now waiting to hear the formal case against him, because he doesn't have to he's no longer waiting. Ultimately, we'll make little difference, senses defence,
so long ago on more from fact and is being stop, selling a disinformation narrative to his followers. That souls. Can fusion and devalues truth for everything else is this: this is gonna, be the opinion peace. This is not a new story who are thus giving the author I just haven't, is just Mark CNN, Washington, CNN. No, it's Dateline, Washington, CNN have just looking again. No it I I don't even see, there's no byline on it is just CNN, I think that does definitely strike me as a political analysis. Piece which I would say is a piece Peace, is something yeah, but is not. That cannot be a could not be a new story. You want it you gotta put down? I want my own. I'm totally gotta one cent
maximum. I read the report released by presidents. The president's house republican allies on Monday was in effect a pre by Oliver report on the democratic impeachment investigation set to be real he's my House Intelligence Committee, Chairman Adam Schiff, the message of the document less of a defence of Trump on its merits, but rather an endorsement of his counterfactual denials. It was simple, nothing Trump did when it came to Grain was wrong. Report said his scheme, run by his scheme, run, my personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, to coerce Ukraine to investigate a political foe. Joe Biden was just fine. According to the partisan document, contrary to a top officials testified, there was no quid pro quo house Republicans claim and the whole UK
indian drama about to cool by his deep state enemies, despite an avalanche of evidence, other? Why? Why I'll? It's really frustrating the way to do it right now they are they. They are only give me another one here that's from the New York Post, so House, Republicans on Monday released a report from ripping Democrats impeachment proceedings, arguing that the evidence collected in the probe so far does not support the accusations. Leveled against president Trump.
The rice or rise to level of removal from office. The evidence presented now this one reads like a new story. The the evidence presented does not prove any of these democratic out allegations and none of the democratic witnesses testified to have any evidence of bribery, extortion or any high crime or misdemeanor. End quote the Republicans asserted this in the one hundred twenty three page report, a copy of which was obtained by the post dueling versions of the case against the president, following two weeks, the House Committee blah blah blah blah blah? They are the the mainstream press is working overtime right now to do a couple of things: listen to this story from salon the Ukrainian prosecutor, who aided Trump attorney rudely Giuliani search for damaging information on former vice President Joe Biden was among hundreds of prosecutors.
Fired in a sweeping anti corruption per one of Julie, Leon. His earliest contacts in Ukraine was given a dismissal noticed last week. Ok, prosecutor, aided Giuliani Hunt for damaging details on Biden, is fired in an anti corruption purge? What does that headline? Tell you, but is it supposed to tell you anti corruption? that these people were removed for justifiable good reasons, because they're just we ve taken action against a bad guy that accurate.
He and more than five hundred prosecutors from the last regime were fired because they failed to take some exam, that they felt was biased against them, and so they fail to take this exam on what happened in the last administration. They didn't take it so five hundred of them more than five hundred of or fire interesting yeah. This man has denied meeting with Giuliani, but he's farmers. See it say he prepared a seven page dossier which was poor. So long to Giuliani the former prosecutor. Lee appeared in a report by the hills, John Solomon, Giuliani, fed dubious claims to fuel the debunked narrative. That Biden had two per prosecutor terminated. While he was investigating a ukrainian firm that employed his son
How is that debunked? How is it debunked? We have the court documents that were filed by that prosecutor three weeks before he was fired by Joe Biden. He went to art and filed a cord document for investigation to be able to have the powers to do the investigation on Maurice Mamma and Joe Biden, son yeah, so where is has been debunk tat will amend what they fall back on. Usually here is there were multiple investigations going on against breeze, Mama, one of which had ended. Before the bite in situation occur. So they say, while the though the the
negation was over, as you point out, they filed papers for a new investigation. There are other investigations going on on tourism. At the same time, we should also report that this stated thing that Joe Biden was doing in Ukraine totally separate from bereavement. No big deal had nothing it with them. All he was doing was investigating corruption in the oil and gas industry, with his focused attention on Greece must number one competitor. Now, sir, it wasn't even about berries my it was only about their number one compare in the same industry, that's all I. Obviously there are more questions. Anti just say it's debunk is easy right, because you know what I sometimes this does happen right, sometimes report guns do throw around theories that our bs and sometimes they do so what they try to do with Things like this is say: well, look there. You guys know there are concerned
there are some who tell you everything we ve been doing is developed in. This is just another example: dont look into it. We were telling you right now it's another example of different than they do your own homework approach that we take with these investigations check it Look at it read the documents at least do here they are. We have the documents we have them. So when you say there debunked, you know they're not quoting any document there, not quote anyone and show, the document that disproves our documents. Our documents in this case are from the court system in Ukraine I mean so please debunked that I eyeball style correct that show me what makes that report and- those documents in valid, show that to me they can't they can't. Nor will they Listen to this Giuliani told Blaze host Glenn back last month that are you
Solomon to push the claims in the: U S: senior State Department, official George, can't they also testified last month that solomons reporting, if not entirely, is made up in full. Laugh it was filled with non truths and non sequiturs. So he saying that Solomon there. But a Giuliani told me that he used Solomon to push these things now. Don't they that's. What he said is correct me. If I'm wrong Stu. I think he said that. Yes, he gave this information and John Solomon right there. Just inserting contacts tour. I pushed false claims, whether you that's not right off course. Giuliani or Solomon? Wasn't that's like young eel you'll notice that up on my giant chalkboard, there is what is his name, the? Ah they gave the press sky Michael, listen,
I never said anything about Michael ISAF, except that Shall LUCA was working with Michael is of ISAF. A on gas. Bring him a story which he ran and that story was used for the Pfizer request: Mackay I'm not saying that Michael is Sakharov was was part of this kind. Piracy, I'm not saying that Michael is the cough, is completely discredited. I'm not seeing any of that. Only stating the fact that I know that she loop ah, was working the press and she was specifically in her own words in her own documents and emails to the D. And see what Working on. Michael is the call for a block, buster story and ad block buster story. While that block
Mr story happened to the lead right down to the black ledger, which got Paul man afford fired. Is that Michael is cost fault? Was he part of it? I never made that charge. No, I mean if your journalists, who was a real story, it should have been reported correct, and you know we shouldn't dismiss The idea that people were convicted in the release of this black ledger that led to the resignation? an eventual imprisonment of a guy running, one of the two campaigns going running for president at the time means that metaphor thing is not a little detail the mean imagine what Big tat, the two thousand sixteen was so freakin crazy, and so many details happen in so many wild. So Things happened in that election, but there are more elections. In U S history, the biggest story of the entire campaign would be the guy running the campaign, gets fired because of corruption. That's leaked out of a country b overseas is quite still at some level. Is question
even by the mainstream media, whether its, whether its fraudulent or not, was not entered into the the I must warn case clearly eyes is out in the prosecution, never used the black ledger because they felt that it was it had too many flaw the net that anyone who seemed like it was a good possibility that it wasn't real it does seem like a lot of information in it was real, however, but it was a man. In fact, I preferred collection of evidence for acted in a specific way for a specific result erect and which, by the way I got the result. I mean someone in Ukraine released a document that got the head of a campaign fired, United States, but it wasn't worth telling everyone tells us it would its debunked right. There were convictions in Ukraine Over this there are they tape from Ukraine about this and that guy that was convicted. There were two of em one.
Was the hand of the Anticorruption Bureau rights was set up by Obama, Clinton, the State Department and George Soros. That's what that organization is, and they head of that organization was convicted of interfering in a U s election and you can get through a whole single Medina as Anti Semitism. I knew it. I knew it the best of the best program AIDS, Glenn you're listen into the Glen bag program. If you like, with your hearing on this, show, make sure you check out pat great unless it's available, where, are you download your favorite podcast. Are you gotTa Ethan in Virginia before we get to pat aloe Ethan, going good, our you, no good
I wanted to ask you in our state of Virginia Democrats, are liking for control and their iterated to change all kinds of gun law. For us, so the counties are surrounding areas are changing into second amendment sanctuary counties. So my question is how much protection to the gun owners? Will that say that second amendment? Thank you worry Hamish protection. Will they give us why would I but I happen to think that sanctuary cities for the second amendment are all cities second amendment. Is the constitution? It is constitutionally protected right, so when oh, what a sanctuary cities with illegals. That's like yeah we're not going to enforce the law because We disagree with it. This is we all are going to enforce the law,
well come down to your sheriffs, You have a really good sheriff the sheriff who does not answer to the governor. Does he try to remember path in the shining sheriffs are the only ones that don't that don't have a hierarchy, they answer to the people, I'm not sure I know the sheriff hierarchy a lot is up on the hierarchy of damn right should be, I'm pretty sure, stiffly made whether you never been right. When I know I've never been tested bright but the, but the idea is that the sheriff is not an appointment from anybody and doesn't answer to. Anybody, but the people, and that's why you're counties are doing it because the county sheriff? If you have a good one is saying that a constitutional right. I respond to the people not to the governor or anybody else, but you will have a fight.
Between the sheriff and the governor. That's why you need to be all Americans should pay very close attention to who they have as their as there earth and make sure you really know that person and that person understands the constitution and will stand thanks. So much even hope that helps answer your question You should also be very much aware of the presidential candidate most likely to do something about this gun situation in that's, Michael Bloomberg. Of course he wants to. He wants to take the guns off the streets, which is great and
I think all which is great to take the guns off of the streets. They were just laying there in the streets line. I was like you know. Could somebody pick these up my mind attire hazard, I'm constantly Ryan tires of all the conduct of the street, and then they go out just by those vessels bayonets right there, always on the end of the guns and not just in case the same thing happens at home, is gonna come and get him out of your house to rush. Do Gimme the relevant. Obviously there is no reason to have something that was developed specifically to kill this. Is this What are they I mean remember this is the guy who, what over the weekend said now, prisons is not a dictator he answered, to US constituency have no, he changed the lot mama, so he doesn't answer to any body. Communist. Don't have constituents citizens. They don T really his thing was all you think the people around him. If he starts going bad, you don't think that they'll any couldn't bring himself
to kill him so you're saying a coup is the constituency, but if you ve noticed a lot of dictators survival long time before a coup bites them. Yes, I know a lot of ill family, yeah, yeah, Theo, family Kim. We believe that younger at your riots came from a verse, yes, remedies, but he's got some other great policies. He tried to explain one of em lashed here, and I think that the poor are really going to respond to this. What he's talking about taxing the porn and how great that will be love it. Here's Michael say: well, taxes are regressive, but in this case yes they are. That's the good thing about them. Big problem is in political will,
don't you have a lot of money where they sell higher taxes? We should have a bigger impact on their behaviour and how they deal with themselves. So I listen to people saying all we don't want attacks the poor. Well, we want the portal longer so that they can get an education and enjoy life. And that's why you do to do exactly what a lot of people say you don't wanna did question is: do you want to pander to those people or do you want to get them to live longer? And this there's just no question: if you raise taxes on foot sugary drinks, for example, they will drink less and there's just no question that fills sugar drink some one of the major contributors. To be city and abuse. It is one of the nation visa bidders. May I join disease and cancer in a variety of other thank ye. I shudder. May I just play I just point out: some people that have money also have big bellies.
Really getting name any day examples of anyone. Somebody like, maybe it in the media spotlight for awhile, maybe earn a lot of money over the years, and I can think of a single I'm a girl in writing. This langleys you'll be sitting for us, wait a minute what I'm sorry, civic was hit it's it's not like it's just the poor that our dream, king soda right, I think it's parentage, though, that Malta is the poor right because, like if, if you go back, he's gonna buy whatever soda. You wanted a matter in which the taxation is, but for someone who has a lower level of income, they may avoid it because the text, I think that such a great argument, the less they the less money they have the less damage they can do to themselves. They are able to find out what the money right, so you ve not hurt themselves with the food they eat or intake with or drink this
Pat put four grasses theory wanna one right as Limburg knows better than them. They don't know what that guy for themselves. He has to make them by the thing he wants them to buy and Elizabeth WAR, and so they re so the other their interchangeable same people. This is a guy who, what ten years ago, was supposedly a republican fifteen years ago, and then he was an independent and now just not by a communist. I mean no he's not altogether communist people. I think he was replaced by a communist, but I don't think he is a communist. He is clearly a capitalist, but he is a progressive yeah capitalist. Yes, may you
as the EU is the icon of the progressive wing of the of the Republican Party, he's that he's the ultimate now the John Mccain is gone. He's the ultimate. You know he believes in all the big government stuff. He just happens to fancy himself, a Republican until it becomes unpopular. It is there anybody who is against Trump getting rid of the credentials for Bloomberg. Reporters I'd like because I weep and critical of dress. Sometimes I think prompt, gets to hypersensitive of what the media rights about him and he's banning similar porters. But this one is coolly early right. They have come out and made a statement that they will not investigate any Democrats and they will only investigate Trump like How on earth can a news organization Bloomberg get away with that and maintain any level of credibility? I understand that the he's the guy that owns a company and there's weird things. There
and it makes sense. Even what would you say, you're not can investigate Bloomberg or the Democrats, but you have to apply also to trump. What would they say if Murdoch were american and would run for president of the United States right? What would they say they would say you cannot fox and, as you know, a levy ridiculous to think that they would be fine with that they be out of their minds over the out of their minds. This isn't fox, and and Murdoch. This is Bloomberg and Bloomberg New. I mean and there are already making that case. I when I was called up into the Office of Rupert Murdoch, the first talent I am told by Roger Ales, to ever being called up to Rupert Murdoch Office four and he was nervous and I was like Hulu going to meet the guy. I what's happening down under
and I said there with him- and the first question he asked me was: are you running for President and I knew what that was about how about this are you running for president? It was right after eight hundred and twenty eight, I said know what you going to do with all this power. What power you just called the largest group of people together as a private citizen rodger- and I spoke about it this morning. We cannot think of anybody was a private citizen who has called that many people and had that many people come without an entity behind him. So who do you represent? what do you like? I don't want any of that. I just thought we should all get together on them all and they really don't understand. But but the first question was important: are you running for president, because you can't make Huckabee he was run for president. He loses his show here. You can't do that. How is it that you know anybody like MIKE Huckabee is different than Michael Bloomberg,
How can the guy who owns it and they say, oh by the way, we're only go to investigate this and how is it those journalists, dont rebel, go wait a minute, wait a minute. Wait a minute you're telling me I'm not like there's a big story about about by Elisabeth worn, and we can't report on a report that basically saying oh all we can do is aggregate other people's reporting. We can't you any investigations like if you're a journalist, you got into journalism to do investigations and I write well, you can just these people are off limits. River, the whole do not do not prosecute list. We talked about in Ukraine that was so controversial like that's, essentially what they ve done. They ve created a do, not investigate list. How can you? How can I have any credibility and a lot of stuff just comes from the news organisations, Fox NEWS fires as people, not because in a fire some lately, let's makes
leave their shows because the running for president, not because it necessarily they have two on cable because they have the the they have standards. You're saying to himself. We we're not gonna, let we cannot allow even the appearance of having to say when Trump leaves office in twenty twenty eight just a book for Larry terms, and he changed it to the Constitution of New York City to write so when, when Donald Trump leaves and twenty twenty four and he starts the trump television- whose networks is almost certainly gonna. Have it's gonna happen? It's going to happen. What are they gonna say? What are they going to say Are they going to allow trumps were reporters into the into the White House? Of course not Of course there have been all of the other, especially if tromp was running for president. Yet you ve got Bloomberg running for President
Tromp says I'm not letting him in I'm letting his people in here now. I think the President West would allow them in prison. Commune was I broadly allow yeah. Well, that's twenty twenty two right now that's happening in protein. Forty four will be whole new world where we have President West in office has actually Adam West but it's at West, that's what we call them. I know I was singing wild wild West. I was like what and when his that was a gym, Gordon or what was that guy's name. I think you should have, and I shall just give the presidency to Kenya West. It's obviously going to some card ashen let's just pick one at least economies seems kind of Republican Carta card actually has to be the next president of the United left he's black. He has a relative that is transgender yeah, I mean he's got it all. He hasn't everything he's gonna be, so we do very well and internet intersection. Malady Olympics will be great heavy grades.
This is the best of the blend back programme, hey. Its Glenn, and, if you like, what year on the programme, you should check out pad gray unleashed his pot gases available, where ever you download your favorite podcast. I it's Glenn, if you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes bags. We have from the state of Louisiana not agreed, not his greatest taxes, but still pretty great, We have Senator John Kennedy joining us now, hello, senator. How are you, sir? I am well. Let me tell you tat, you mention taxes. Taxes is right. Next door, Louisiana, we love taxes, taxes, five and a half
bigger than we are, but Luciano stem and a half times more interesting willow Let's start anything here list weeks we want apart friends from Senator you are you being lambasted in the press. Now as a conspiracy fearest, and let me let me start with this question- and these two statements be true. Russia, try to cause chaos by trying to hack into our election systems, spread discomfort, you shouldn't online by taking extreme positions on both sides and hacked the Dnc computer that statement over one. Can it can also be true that the Ukrainian, were convinced that Hillary Clinton would be better for their country they were involved. Gathering evidence against Donald Trump and his surrogates to assist a Hillary Clinton win in
collusion with the Dnc members of the State Department, our embassies and the anti Corruption Bureau in Ukraine are those two statements. True, yes, an annual you stayed in the proposition. Very eloquently hours. Ass billion almost show several impact. Was it Russia or Ukraine who tried to influence the? U S election, and I said both a nation which, what's your basis for saying Ukraine and asked refer them to articles ed pieces and long invested, the Tory articles and politico in the financial in the heel in the washing I'm examiner on sheep, news in the economist bad news and New York Times, for example, the headlines
in political January, two thousand seventeen quote Ukraine: efforts to sabotage chop backfire, the financial Times August, the two thousands state like the Lamb was quote, you crying we urge came cream a gauged shop close what sir. This is an obvious these written in the hill by the Ukraine Ambassador to the United States decision the headline too. He is at peace. The Ukraine ambassador, not the eel, quote: shops chops, soon the wrong message to the world, and I could go on now. Did you crane
I try to influence our election in as sophisticated a manner as Russia know. Russia is the master rush. It is a third world the contrary, but it has great spies, bright cyber skills and nuclear weapons, but the two are not mutually exclusive, then I mean just from the reporting. I don't believe These are already at the ball, members of the media, there are yours, aren't don't let them permanent lies, and I don't like it's big NEWS: Oh senator, may I May I direct you to Glenn back dot com where we have laid this all out and I'm not using other people's reporting. I have the direct thence in their own words from State Department documents from Dnc documents. We have payments
We have video tape of them. Admitting to this. We have the court documents out of Ukraine. We have the official documents and it so outrageous that the press, is saying that these are conspiracy, theories, etc, etc. The you know report Erskine can reporters can do whatever they want. Documents do not lie and the documents outline all of it and it's all in their own words. When you look at Jaramillo, who is the proper path lay the whistle blower. His fingers are all over all of that this is why Donald Trump blew a hole in the wall: he was a hand grenade He and Rudy Giuliani went off and they blue, a hole in the wall but exposed all of this stuff that going behind the scenes in Ukraine and
our former administration Clinton and the State Department. And members of our intelligence community were all involved and we have the documents. The question is, Will the Senate actually take this on or are we just going to note to defend a its trump and not expose the exact corruption that I think is reason to the republic, fair, question plan should read the answer. Is I don't know labour Management, the Senate, I'm not a committee chairmen I will tell you that, as you are Two I've gotten a lot of push back from my dinner. Craddock funny about my statement that both Russia and Ukraine tried the influences
like you, I think they're worried somehow admitting that Ukraine tried the influence for election with some time somehow hurt their impeachment proceedings against them. I dont understand that. I think most fair minded people recognise that the ukrainian Government- in the past, not the people, but the government under President Tub oh shit, co and president unique of ditch the governor all were organically and historically corrupt, and I think that's been, then last been well documented. Has been end. We explore they did. When I say we, the Democratic Party and the former administration exploited that corruption and it is. It is vital that that is exposed
If it is not the state department it's going to know from here. Until the end of time they run the show and they can do but ever they want. It also will institutionalize the kind the things that the Democratic Party was doing in Ukraine to try to four to our election. Look if Donald Trump, been found as co. Needing or in collusion with the Russians. I would have been impeachment on him, but he wasn't. They didn't find that evidence, but that evidence is available in documents in court documents Do people work were were tried an convicted in ukrainian court to people for any fearing in our election to try to help Hillary Clinton win if we don't get ahead. On this are elections and the the thus hobby
the whole system is in question. I don't care who goes to jail I want a fair election system. What you are correct, there was a federal district court in Kiev in December of two thousand and eighteen. Which ruled that senior ukrainian officials did metal did try to influence the president. Election in the United States and here is the headline from the article on the Bloomberg NEWS reporting. It quote Ukrainian fishes man or woman in two thousand and sixteen on action by waking secret man of Fort Ledger. Cork says input. Yes, now I didn't
this up and, in fact, Lombard NEWS is only reporting what a ukrainian Courtney it. Now my democratic friends say doctor he'll, who testified in president trumps impeachment proceedings in the house says this is all russian propaganda and my response to that is well. First, I don't point politico in the financial Times Emil magazine and watched him examiner, bombard mood or agents for Adam repeat a thud. I don't believe that, and secondly, Doc for he always shortly entitled to her opinion. I'm just saying I believe these articles by reputable Members of the media, by reputable importers, I don't think their fight Lucian their lawyers on them. Let imprint lash know that much
senator I know you have to run. We have let you go, but I wish you all the best and I pray. Literally every night, for spines to be found in Congress and in the Senate, because what you are talking about is is institutionalized and metastasized and it must be cut out. It is a cancer to our system, and I'm I'm hoping that this is when it gets to the Senate. We actually have a trial about truth and we call these people too, were to answer for the lies that we have seen now in this impeachment hearing. Joanna. Very what person told me Diana phone call comment. He told you say, keep tabs on the truth. He said leader II. Should people don't follow leaders, they follow courage.
That meant a lot to me and I think it's true centre keep speaking the truth. Thank you. So much God bless you you bet by the best of it, Like listening to this podcast, if you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the shall we have the one. The only didn't Haskins on with us and not just an idle? are you doing on the pretty good? I'm done pretty good you're, the Material Director of the Heartland Institute, which I absolutely love you guys have done so much to fight many things, but in lately you're, really focusing on the fight against socialism. Eugene
did a new rasmussen- stud, the unlikely voters, can you can use to take us through this yeah absolutely so it was a poor conducted in the middle of November November. Thirteen and fourteen two thousand likely voters, and we asked, in a variety of questions, about Bernie Sanders at Elizabeth Warren, some questions about socialism and then some questions about free speech. I think that the most important interesting question was about free speech, free speech rights on it was should federal or state governments ban speech that a majority of Americans believes to be offences, including speech, consider to be racist or sexes. That's exact wording that we gave to to the respondents and the results were a court
of of likely voters said. Yes, we should ban speech governments should then that speech and among various groups are based on age. Thirty, seven percent of younger people said yes to that question. That was the highest of any demographic based on age and forty two percent of government employees, which this might be the most interesting part of the survey, said yes to that questions of forty two percent of governments or of a government employees that we serve. It said that we should ban. Speech course that a majority of people think is offensive. That makes total sense to me. It makes sense to you. It makes absolute sense to me, especially when you think of this as a optional survey right we're not pulling people who are in Washington DC, so so we're pulling government workers across the We will who are most government workers in most parts of the country, while their teachers, and I think that that's why you're seeing this very far left view of free
Each were eating is incredibly disturbing when you, when you realise that most of these people are probably your local government workers, you're, probably mostly public schools. So. Let me go through some of this because I think it's it's odd, which is a free market, economic system or socialism. So stay nine percent, which is good for today. I guess sixty nine percent set of free market economic system, twelve since said socialism and aid, percent said not sure. Ok, that's right! you vote for a presidential candidate to identifies him or herself as a socialist twenties experts sent said yes, there's only twelve, percent than what identify as a socialist twenty six percent said. Yes, fifty percent said no twenty four percent said not sure not where I'd like it, but not horrible. If you will
Do you have favourable somewhat favourable, somewhat unfavourable or very unfavourable impressions of Bernie Sanders? Eighteen percent, very April twenty nine percent somewhat favourable seventeen somewhat unfavourable thirty one very unfavourable in five, not sure what We do need these numbers taken together, begin to tell you anything you. I think that the mood the important thing in the numbers that you just mentioned is that really a large percentage of Americans, even people who I done a fight as Democrats in our cross tabs, we found that is basically one in three Democrats said that they do not. They would not vote first Socialist candidate. I dont know if Donald Trump is listening, but this might be helpful information in twenty twenty has. If you can classify people as a socialist,
if you can, if you can show Americans that what Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth worn and other people are proposing out there is socialists is socialist policies, then I think most Americans are going to reject one of the really interesting things that we found in the data is that twenty percent about twenty percent of both Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warner of Elizabeth of Borders, own supporters said that they would not vote for a socialist candidate we're talking about, but the moat the people, whether the highest favorability view of Bernie Sanders said that they would not vote for a socialist. Late for president well, that's that's really interesting. Do they not realise that Bernie Sanders is a socialist hyping? Do they not known that's who their debt there supporting, and I mean I think that that tells you that a lot of people are very confused about what their hearing from people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth WAR
Do you support legislation that would ban private ownership of assault? Rifles forty nine percent said yes, forty three Send said. No, and only eight Santer, not sure yet very, very disturbing. I think I think that the them not just the assault rifle question, but also acquire we asked about the second amendment: do you support repealing these support? Repealing the second amendment which current guarantees America's right to bear arms Twentyth, or per cent said yes, ten per and said not sure. Sixty six percent said no, that's right in a third of, eighteen, thirty, nine year old, a third thirty. Three percent said that they would support banning the second amendment so twenty four percent overall of all likely voters, but thirty three percent of younger people. So over time this is going to get is owing to become a bigger
problem and in about a third by the way of Democrats, said that they support repealing the second amendment. So I think we have a lot of work to do. Glenn Tita people about the IMF the second amendment and what it really means so it's what's frightening is often this is showing that the deterioration of the bill of rights, So the first amendment and the second amendment you lose those you lose everything else yet without question and I think it goes all the way back to what we talked about earlier. In the conversation when we were saying that there is such a high support for socialism. Amongst government workers and
most of those government workers are teachers. What are they teaching our kids, what their teaching our kids at the second amendment is awful and that it should be repealed. Their teaching, our kids, that hate speech that things that are considered to be offensive speech should not be allowed in a free society. They are. They are teaching our kids to reject the constitution, to reject a bill of rights to reject individual liberty, and that's why I think you're, seeing younger people support these socialist policies at a much higher rate. Then you're seeing older people, so I just want to give. I just want to restate these forty six percent of those who identified as working for the government. You say it's mainly teachers support legit. Action that would ban private ownership of assault. Why a rifles Forty three percent of independence and thirty, two percent of Republicans say its support legislation that would ban private ownership of assault style rifles. Thirty, two percent
of Republicans? Would. Well, you gotta remember that certain that I think that that's pretty, accurate? These are likely voters. I think that that's a reflection of what going on with the media and the fact that media has been banned, English term for a very long time, and that most people still don't really understand what assault rifles are support amongst republicans for repealing the second amendment was pretty low. So I think that's a positive, but I think that people don't understand what socialism is. I don't think they understand what a full rifles are. I dont think that they understand what right Tom, what rights are right? I think fund Finally, they do not understand the importance of freedom. I think that's what this shows put Lee and that's where we need to focus our attention. I think it's worse with the younger people them with older people, it's worth worse with Democrats than when the Republicans, it's even worse, with burning
aunt or supporters and Elizabeth horns of orders? But it's not good all across the board. We have to start with foundational core principles and work our way up from there. How do you do that? Just and I mean I know this- is what you do for a living at the heartland. To do this, what you do for a living? How do you do that. How do we turning this around when it's it's are? It is in the two civilized in our educational system from birth to graduation. Right to the two things. I think that the most important ways to battle these problems. To fight against social, Some number one, you absolutely every single parents, every single grandparent on Uncle friend fan.
Remember who is concerned about this issue needs to talk to younger people about these issues. They need to teach kids while there in the school system before they get into the public school system, basic core concept, about individual rights and respecting other people's rights. That's number one, We have to take that seriously number two we need to get. We need to break the stranglehold that the government has on public budgets. Mission and we then the only way to do that is with school choice. There are universal school choice. Ideas have been out there for a very long time: universal Education, savings accounts programmes, etc. We don't have them even in the most conservative states. Why don't? We have that in states like Texas and Alabama in places you have indeed been a charge for a long time. We don't have a fair either. It is shocking to me how bad Texas you know I lived here in the eighties and Texas was a differ. Place in the eighties compared to what it is now it is drifted far Texas, you know, has very
Powerful unions and teachers- you know the teachers, a federation. Here it is very, very strong. They have they have taken over our schools and nobody wants to do anything about it. They at least the upper levels you're right and it's not in Texas, it's all a cry. No country is the most conservative states in the country. The teachers unions are still the most powerful political organisation. It at the state level in many cases, but especially at the local level, I mean look at the local level. Teachers dominate virtually every election, they decide who is going to be put in control of school boards and local elections, fur for City Council and things like that mostly decided by teachers and teachers are being taught it far. Left teachers call use across the country, whether being indoctrinated with the idea that they need to be
alternating other people about socialism, and so it's this endless cycle. This drift in in conservative states end and liberal states in a moderate states. Is this drift tour socialism, because foundation, only the people who are teaching younger people are all on the left side of the political spectrum and the only way to get rid of that is. They have school choice so that parents can take their kids out of those schools, and in schools that embraced the values that they believe in, but right now, unless you can afford a private school or unless you can afford to home school your child, you don't have that that option, and so conservatives need to make it clear that if it no republic, it should be supported. No conservative candidate should be supported. No Democrat, no political candidate should be supported.
Unless they embraced school choice, will thank you for doing the survey and and breaking that survey here and hopefully will be picked up, because I think so many people have no idea how bad things are really truly getting in Amerika and something better wake them up. Pretty just an thank you. So much thank weren't. You bet my bag, the blaze radio network on demand.
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