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2022-06-15 | 🔗

Utah County Sheriff Mike Smith discusses the demoralizing fall of some red counties as the crime rates spike due to soft Republicans. Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu to discuss the recent Supreme Court decisions and the government's ineptitude on gas and oil. President and CEO of First Liberty Institute Kelly Shackelford joins to discuss the importance of school choice when it comes to taxpayer-funded schools.

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the program. Today we talked to a sheriff who's, trying to figure out how to deal with a prosecutor that is not exactly living up to his end of the bargain when it comes to stopping crime. We also are in the middle of supreme court time, which means that during our two of this show- and this goes on for a couple more weeks- there are days where the supreme court decides. They are going to release of opinions and we got a bunch of them today. We're going to go through that it kind of happens alive on the air during the show. So don't miss it if you can listen to it live, but that's what you're going to hear part of the discussion today, all the supreme court stuff that comes down and then also we talked to Chris Kelly Shackleford, who helps us go through not only the cases that have been decided, but also the ones that are right around the corner. What do they mean to us and the future of this country? It's it's a huge topic right now and we also go into the economy as well, which continues to burn we'll get into that today on the podcast holy cow today, the fed is looking at raising the interest rate. Three quarters of a point: that's not going to help the market right now, if you had bitcoin holy cow, have you looked at your four o one k or your investments? If you had anything in the stock market and then, if you had precious metals, have you looked at that? The only thing that is holding it's value, not even the dollar, the only thing that's holding it's value right now is gold and silver. I want you to call gold lie. Now. Do your own homework, please find out if it's right for you, but do it now, as your dollar becomes worth less and less and less and your bitcoin and all your other investments go down. Please consider gold call them today tell them that I sent you telling me. You were listening to the podcast and give him the the promo code m Y b. It stands for mind your business, which is used to be our model on our coins, which I love mind your business bf mind your business silver bars and they will give you just as a thank you for calling in one of those silver bars request the information at their website, goldline dot com or call them at eight six. Six gold line, eight six, six gold line- make sure you use the promo code m Y b, mind your business, so the this is the Glenn Beck program
talk to about experience, I had last night, here in just cut the towns down from my ranch. I I If a speech on flag day, It was amazing. Every year town has a flag day ceremony and people come to it there about a thousand people, maybe about eight hundred people there yesterday and they did this really moving ceremony, and then I walk out my talk to my first thing I said: was you have to know how unique you are sure how many towns across amerika are. A flag day free, hey everybody come to the high school though I mean, if a fellow who was in the music man for a while, It was amazing, but in talking to people before the event. I I really
got the sense that people are changing and are very concerned because, well let me just talk to the politicians. Look more and more. It seems like there it. There are two kinds of politicians and there aren't there is. There is a big fat middle, but they are not doing much. And it seems like your choice, is the burnt down group or the what fire group. If the what fire group is afraid of the burnt down group, you haven't seen anything yet. Does the left is wanting to burn it down, they just do it wrapped in you know crazy words that make you go. Oh no. no seriously, they just said they loved america. The burnt down people love- america, many times love america too, but they think burnt down and that's the worst idea ever
but unless you stop saying what fire and actually see. What's going on the burning, people are going to win. because it's happening now in our small towns, it is happening in red state america. Yesterday, I told you about a county that is as read as they come in yet there is a prosecuting attorney that changing things not only in his county, but all changing really. I mean I talked to the sheriff appear and he was concerned you know, I don't know how many counties away about this other sheriff you know like two hours away. He said this guy is influential and he is changing the way law enforcement is happening. The sheriff for you talk county. of the most conservative counties in the country makes me
is with us now hello mike. How are you good morning, how are you doing well. Am I'm good? I mean I'm a I'm a little concerned because I think this I'm using your county as an example of what's happening all across the country where you don't need sorrels coming in and buying everything up somewhere. Publicans are doing it themselves. Tell me why you, our county of all places is. Beginning to look a lot like san francisco yeah, I'm that concerns me as well. Let's hear it's a really sky his statement and sad statement for you talk county cassettes, not us and recently we ve had a prosecutor take office who Who brings these ideals and that that I agree with you. They are soros based ideas. There failed brought their failed, chrome,
and tat we ve, seen over and over again in large democratic cities that with you know they use on crime rates, go up and suffers reason? Our prosecutor believes that if he brings them here to utah, county he's gonna have a different result and he just isn't what is it? feeling of the community right now, as they see this going on in I can tell you were with law enforcement. In its demoralising in our officers are out there working hard for their community. are there for their citizens. They love, they love their communities. They want to serve on. They want to help them. Maybe they worked tirelessly to to bring crime and to investigate these things Then they fall on the lap of the prosecutor and nothing happens in this demoralising and we see victims
read that demise through these programmes in on it? It is you look it. You know you too, counting. You look at the republican party and we are very largely republicans here. You look at the republican platform in the platform. Is so swift and certain punishments with just an appropriate penalties, are essential deterrence to crime and victim writer always superior superior to criminals rights, and we have a utah county attorney who doesn't follow that platform, yet he he runs on it. He he he is not a republican we've seen over the past year. What twenty years from the nineties, or the thirty years, I guess or nineties, to the early pre coven twenty twenties- are a real drop in violent crime, but since
at least the last couple of years. We ve seen that totally reverse and it has gone up what what is the cause about and what can we do to stop it up there There is a kind of things out there that you can say as the cause about it, but to stop it think everybody needs to be engaged. She knows we look at law enforcement. You see this movement across the nation and it really is, sorrels movement. You know that this all cops are bad, and were seen here, and you talk counting we're seeing a account attorney who keeps the ultimate a finger at law enforcement saying there the problem, demoralize law enforcement in others. There is a reason why they're doing that. So for me, I looked But if the situation you look at our community and you ve got a real a small number of law enforcement, compare compared to the citizens, trying to serve, and so for me answer is well on the same team here, less work together as citizens. Long for
We are begging for you to be part of our team to help combat crime. If I really get the impression that the people we are on your side and on the side of the cops, but the activists and you don't need George soros, when you got somebody like David Levitt, you got real problems because he's he's got a family name. Is one of these guys like in texas? We have the bushes he's one. these guys with the name and soya is like. I know that family or I know those names and not paying attention to what he's doing any he's got a good oh game going on, as is press conferences, he says, oh, no, we we, We got rid of the special victims unit, which is you know on sex crimes and abuse and everything else, the really nasty stuff
we got rid of that because we found an easier way to do it. You. You see that what I have heard you, I've never had caught Tell members in your county any of them now, and people are afraid, because they're watching what he's doing in the office is. That true, it is you know we we look at this view unit in and he did dismantle he. You know we saw the part of that, I guess it's a little untrue is as a rule of law enforcement. We still have an ass for you. You know, you know we're pressing forward. We push out too are Our employees are officers, you do your job. Do your job regardless of what David Levitt chooses to do you do your job and he can answer to that. people for his inaction, so we push forward, he pulled his prosecutors out of it. You know it was it's a model that is
its use across the nation it. It is a model that works, and he a pole. These ass out here to be when you had a sex crime, they would from the minute this crime was reported and a prosecutor was in all all the way through the process so that when these in the court we didn't have a a prosecutor who is opening up a folder and looking into the case for the first time. You know five minutes before it goes to court. and that's what we have now, we have untrained prosecutors. That he's put these positions that have a stack of of cases that they're looking at five minutes before core and they're not involved in the case, and so you get what you pay for in. That scenario is as cartel and he is not going to go ahead. No go ahead where's cartels go. You know. We have had tough on crime with our firm major crises, as far as we work hard in these cartels. You know some people may get in their mind. Oh you know it's
drug users? It's? U have to realise that cartels operate like fortune five hundred companies and if learn looking in their liabilities, their risks. All these things. Ok, I'm looking at an area where you know what the risks or low so big This is better here, and so we move business here. We ve always been able to to be really, upon them, and we still are on the law enforcement side, but they're just not getting process it properly and saw the risks are low and and they they flow to wear. this is good and restore law and that's what's happening I have heard, and I don't know if this is true- that on arrests, some officers are being told that kind of almost laugh and go like that's fine I'll be out soon. I mean it's starting to sound. Like new york, that that's happening, and even worse than that were held in ITALY, especially when you talk drugs or other things. Our officers are arrest
people there resisting arrest them assaulting our officers and then the county attorney won't pro it's on those crimes. So a few saw the police officers that no consequences, and when we ask this, we ask This is a response we get well. It well confuse the jury it and our job. we're just our jobs or are dropped. Honourable, what Are you talking about somebody? We crimes in our community and also tries to arrest them. They don't want to be arrested, so they fight the officer. How is that can confused to tell a jury. I don't know, but I I have to tell you this is you know I've I've made light of of this? Are I brought this to light to the national audience, because I this is happening in our communities and people are not aware of it and you don't need george soros. When you have these, the
Republicans who I dont know what his deal is? I just know he is not the Republican that he makes everybody believe he is. I mean there, though family has always been squishy, but this there's something really wrong here? He is taking felonies and pleading them down to misdemeanours. This is going to create a new york, city or a san francisco or los angeles kind of crime wave. Its allowed to continue am I wrong. No you're, not wrong in its it's. You know when you too, when you talk about taken, fell these and bringing them down the misdemeanours. You know he'll put out this narrative that he's he's prosecuting the worse he doesn't do play deals. Will YA Absolutely does he hears smoke and mirrors he's doing pleaded as before they ever hit the core he's. He had one
friend legislators run a bill. Aids. It was a be three hundred a couple years ago gave the prosecutor the ability to drop these on these down. He does it continually in so there, he is dealing them away before they ever get the core. You know he says he doesn't like pleaded tree one more. I'm sorry to interrupt, but one more quick question here, cause emily get about sixty seconds it true. I saw a case where a grandfather was molesting. His granddaughter felony and he decided to drop down to a misdemeanor because he was concerned, what that would do to the grandfather is that true, did. I read that case right now, you're at it re. Unfortunately, that is true in a sad gosh. You don't I'll, tell you what what do you?
say about a prosecutor who, in a press release, makes a statement that the criminal justice the is the greatest threat to american freedom that we ve seen in a generation. What do you say about that? He said that he said that. and I don't wholly colonel our criminal justice system is imperfect, but it I'd put it up against any system in the world this is america area. I can only be what he would say, something like that. we're talking to sheriff MIKE smith. Thank you very much sheriff. I appreciate your honesty on this. I well, tell you look you have to decide who to vote for, but I'm telling every city in amerika you better look what's going on in your town, it because it's coming disguised as a republican, and these
aids are starting to fall, one by one cause you're, not paying attention what's going on in your own, and you know we live to believe that, while we can trust them, you have get the word out. People. People are not necessarily who you think they are and this prosecutor is stronger, in my opinion, extraordinarily dangerous. His name is David Levitt. and the whole levitt thing is, I mean are these all of these institutional families. Enough is enough enough. His
This is the best one big programme. We have at least five supreme court rulings coming out Kelly. Tackle for it's gonna, be joining us from first liberty coming up in just a minute. He'll tell us what all of these mean and how much they will affect us in our lives Do you ever remember time like this? Do where you you felt? such an impact from the supreme court on more than one case she I know the obama care one pops divide as a big one that we followed so closely for such a such a long time. This one, though,.
because its role. That was one case. This is this. This is the sort of marquis of the entire supreme court right. It's the focus of every single time, the set it looks I didn't know, nominee there, always Cast on whether they're going to be for or against rovers is weighed that one. Sleeping there, but their several other cases. As you mentioned, the one about guns is a big one in new york, the case about the the government's right regulate power. Power plants is a man, of one when it comes to global warming and how much we ass we're gonna, be paying for electricity. We have these The prayer on feeling I'm or another big one on religious liberty. Go him right think I'm overstating or or overriding the impact. We should ask Kelly this next hour. Of the epa one is, this seems like alma First, a an enron where the
commerce clause that was decided during the fda are administration was and run around the constitutional powers. They gave the federal government in access to everything in our life This kind of seems, like an end, run around that decision. In a way doesn't it possibly yeah. Could that could be the way this place out. You know, and I think it is the court His is a more focus on our lives and I think the founders really intended you know. I don't think that they wanted area, But I mean it has become the backstop against all sorts of abuses by our government I mean the courts as a whole have been without stopping this administration from doing all sorts of crazy things from requiring vaccines, to you know, I'm that we could probably in five or six cases just over the past six months that have been pushed. They ve been stopped from doing things
We know that when it comes to immigration and other one where they were just I would say in the argument: we can't do it ourselves, we need congressional support and then congress would say yeah. We were not going to do that and they'd say: okay, we'll do it ourselves and luckily the core, have been there to stop, is over and over again there not perfect, but now they seem to be the only people in our institutional framework who care about the constitution well they will get around the constitution. Eventually, I think they're gonna declare a national emergency, a climate emergency aura banking. Emergency or a energy shortage emergency one way or another emergencies are coming, That's how you really make an end run around congress and the supreme court living this story from CNBC raising children is expensive in the united states, and families are feeling the pressure more than twelve
point five million children in the. U s live in poverty, even middle class families are increasingly struggling to pay for every day expenses. Yeah Why is that the EU s department of we're culture has port published a report using twenty fifteen data that estimated expenses of child rearing from birth, through the age, seventeen in a middle income, family of two adults and two children it. Two hundred and thirty, three thousand six hundred and ten with inflation. That mean two hundred and eighty six thousand in- one in twenty two, but Trusting for inflation, they say, may not be enough child. air costs have actually outpaced inflation in twenty twenty childcare expenses rose, five, point zero. Three percent year after year, compared to the annual inflation rate of just one point two at the time the fact that
is sending an infant to day care in many places across the country could be seen if it currently more expensive than state public tuition to send them to college the united States has been very reluctant very conservative when it comes to these kinds of family policies, The issues with child care is the: u S isn't are is a patchwork system. We, programmes that fully subsidize eligible children. We have tax credits, subsidize a portion of child care cost for higher income families. We also have grants for states to help them expand access the with all these systems. Is that, with this multitude of approaches, we're just in close to anything universal or affordable. kay, so your CNBC sang really we need pre k money. We
we need more money and we can't solve this problem state by state. It has to be solved at the federal government again, another crisis the government can take care of. Well, I don't know about you, but I get a little tired of working for everybody else pay. My fair share. I pay more than my fair share and I usually you know, I've never had a problem paying my taxes because I loved the country and I am willing to help others. I just think that helping. Others is not doing gender studies, helping others is not enforcing. the idea that our public schools have to have open bathrooms with all of our kids and hide information from us parents. no sorry at what point You start saying: I'm not really being represented here, while you can't, because
we have representation you, for your representative. That's one Problems with us is we'll hire somebody but they'll do the exact opposite. Usually now there is a great article in the federalist about the student loans, bail out because we saved and behaved responsibly president Oh Biden will punish us, nor it is his plan fair to those who don't go to college. We put I've children through college, one still attending we saved up. We never look out any loans we didn't want. Our kids burden would debt. Our kids went to William Mary, Mary, washington, dartmouth, johns hopkins and the university of pennsylvania. So far, the total cost of these colleges then well more then Six hundred thousand dollars will
last week, Biden force taxpayers to assume nearly six billion dollars in federal student loans for sixty four five hundred and sixty thousand borrowers. news stories announced the decision on forcing taxpayers to pay off the loan, for others appears delayed until closer to the election. Whilst Debt is likely to be paid off by taxpayers. Democrats will probably keep their other borrowers. Locked in politically by continuing to freeze, repayments and warning that republicans will end this my wife- and I have just borrowed all of this money and sent our kids to public universities. If so, we could add six hundred thousand dollars to spin on all sides. Some other things: nicer: cars, houses, fun, trips or We could have given that money to our children, in grandchildren. When we die to save, to pay for a families college bills. We always
purchased used cars and you know, and we were a year old when we'd, when they we drove them. For years. My foot, Doris lasted sixteen years more than two hundred What five thousand miles my pony transport, for my wife if lasted almost as long before. Russ meant that it could not. Your past, the states yearly safety check. because we saved up and behaved responsibly present. Binding, is gonna. Punish us, though, You didn't say for work. Ninety eighty hour weeks, who spend their money on other nice things instead now We are paying off and picking up their tab for theirs, kids, education. How exactly is that fair? Nor it fair to those who, don't go to college. This is a great article that you really need to read at the federalist. But I This is way a lot of people are going to start to feel
as we have. Shortages are self and shortages of money, our people going to deal with the process that we are sending welfare checks. and were selling for sending food stamps down to the border. When we have hungry people here by the way, the direct impact. Of the leaf fed, it's gonna be fine. again today. They are they are raising the rates of interest so anything connected to the interest rates. That's credit cards adjustable rate mortgages or you know fixed eight mortgages that you haven't secured, yet All of this will change today and could change directly there.
Find a cool. The economy, which means they're trying to get you to buying stuff. And its pulling us into a recession is busy investing in consumer spending is slowed too much, but they're gonna get it right. This time, sir, it's gonna do still make borrowing more expensive for companies. Higher costs of capital the evaluation, the stock markets gonna get compressed. We ve already seen a lot of that happening right now, but this will increased drag on your forum kay or anything that you have that sir retirement fun The problem. Is it we're going up three quarters of a per cent stew, how was it for each point, just the federal budgets- borrowing, yes, Stick our member yet one, but each percentage point costs us another for honey
billion dollars per year, which is the equivalent of adding a new defence department every year cash. By adding a point one point- and it said something like forty or so four trillion dollars over a decade any good, to a point where just the interest on our national debt becomes. The focus of our entire budget of Surely I mean we're not that far away from this becoming really a society that just repays debt, rather than actually does at the best of the buddha programme, Kelly Shackelford, a very good friend of the programme and now a powerhouse to be reckoned with with
the organization ease, the ceo of first liberty institute is chief council of first liberty institute as well kelly welcome to the programme, I've been beyond glad said. so you ve been watching these roll out from the supreme court. We had a surprisingly high number today. We had six different cases, You tell me, which are the orton ones in which actually will affect us. Well, I think for your audience, I doubt very many of them- would be of any interest. Ah, I think that's a weird time. Glenn we've got a you know. a record number. If you look over the past few weeks that had been not issued, I mean there's only sixty five cases this term and we were, we rely. Twenty nine or something just a week or so ago, which is has happened since maybe nineteen fifty so but we're getting closer were now down to. I think seventeen or eighteen, but but all
big winter laughter, the dobbs case. The second amendment case the border. case, the remaining mexico, the two big religious liberty cases, which are both our cases at first liberty, we're waiting for all these big cases and it looks like they're just gonna, maybe unleash a more very short amount of time close to each other, but it will wait till next week and see what happens next week. So what two big religious, decisions that are coming. I know coach Kennedy, that's one then, what's the other one The other one is a case out of maine or where they they had a school choice program where parents could pick any a a school that they wanted for their kids as long as it one religious, and so it was, pure discrimination, and that is that all religious schools and I think we're gonna win. I in the argument will well, but this will be a really big.
pace because it will make clear nationwide that when you have school choice, which we We should have that you can exclude the religious schools. He gathered, compete against them, like everybody else had begun to pick the best education for their children, and I think that will be a really big case sort of almost the final nail in the coffin on these attempts to discriminate in school choice and the only step really will be to get school choice where parents choose. You know it. It shouldn't be just rich people get to choose their schools. Everybody should be to choose what tracked kid that their tax money. and and quite honestly, why should I have to pay to two wishes? I mean I'm a to help the kid said. You knows: parents don't have any money, but this all be choice and I think those public schools would go out of business quickly. I was in front of an audience
last night I gave a speech and I was asking the audience some pretty basic. Questions about africa american history and you know I think I said three times from the stage last night: wow our school system has great lee failed us on these things. Nobody would raise their end on on a couple of questions that I thought were fairly easy: yeah, it's It's really amazing look anomaly. Are they failing in that way right, but there are also failing in what they're trying to indoctrinate yield. third graters and second greater stuff that parents are just appalled by we all appalled by so, as you say, add a number these goals, guy business, I think a number of those schools would actually have to start acting. like there in that community and there
actually having to be better and they're actually having to be good so having to represent the morals and by use of their community and not some sort of woke crazy start that they're putting an element elementary school. So I know you be great and lots of ways in its passing me Glenn, it's one of those issues that your republicans her. William favours school choice, but so are Democrats african, american hispanic manic coming measure, large percentages, and yet they can't get it through, because the teachers, and has such a walk that they're not voting for something that is very important, so their people, and so I think this part of why you see sorted. This really fracturing of a lot of things that we had kind of counted. On the mean that there is a district yesterday at taxes, its eighty four percent hispanic then sadly lacking book bore a congress. They elected a republican. You will never see that in the past been
you know they're they're voting values, and so some of these things are changing, but I that case I think it'll be really big. It's called carson, vs macon and, of course the coach kennedy case is a huge case I just think we dealt with for fifty years allotted- is bad all decisions created a sort of hostility to religion, air schools, and It shouldn't be that way. The founders never meant to be that way. Oh, they believed in free speech. They believe in the free exercise of religion, and and that should be what the law is and I think we're going to move back that way after coach Kennedy comes down, but we'll have to wait and see what the opinion says. you know, I gotta tell you if I had a coach who is a muslim and he wanted to take his prayer rug out at the end of a football game and say a prayer we have a problem with that. but I am obviously not a muslim, and you know why what why does anybody have a problem with these things is
the sports illustrated has just come out with just an amazingly bad article. When faith in football teamed up against american democracy. The? U s supreme court will decide the case of a football coach at a public high school who was told he wasn't allowed to pray on the field in front of players, the exp The result is a win for the coach and further erosion of the separation between church and state where they find that kill you, is it was amazing glenn. I I've been doing this kind of work for thirty three years, and this is the first time I can ever remember an hour go by the media being so ridiculous that it led to its own new story. There were story here
saturday, at fox news or at a bright bar at all kinds of media because of the twitter explosion that occurred. When sports illustrated posted this story, it was so ridiculous and so biased everybody's. Only okay, a coach praying by himself or twenty second, is the end of democracy, number one we're nodded right, see. You know where we're republic, a constitutional republic, a number two separation of church and state, no violent number, one that those words our constitution, but number two, Tell me where the institution of the churches in this plan tell me where the institution status is coach. Kennedy, it's the state, I'm I mean this is really ridiculous and very young. Again sports illustrated that you said she stick to sport. a and a and not try to get into woke politics in their sports or they're going to out there. This is the reason why they're losing so many people. So let me
Let me take it further. As we look at sports illustrated, we see all of the errors there. That's one thing: I listened to the arguing I listen online through your website, It was amazing to be it to listen to a supreme court hearing was incredible. I've never done it before in its entirety, live and opposing side was was claiming it was. It was nothing like ooh, Like the facts of the story, it was all over the all over the board. I could leave that they could get away with saying the things that they did it being perjury yeah.
I think I mean the only people a lot of people don't know, but on the other side- and let me let me mentioned going into people- want to listen to- it- is still up at a r r media website, which is first liberty live dot com. They can go, listen the argument that it it they. I think because what happened is that school district, and that I represent themselves. God is their attorneys, americans, united for separation of church and state, which is an interest group with a pre. An extreme agenda, they're, they're, all secular humanists. They want to push religion out of society, and these are their attorneys. Will they don't they're not very experienced at the supreme court? So I think they did something really foolish, which is you start trying to twist the facts there's a record! So we could point to the record, and if you remember our council, parliament is copied in number one got a supreme court at the end
his rebuttal, he just nailed fact after factor fact and the record that they were trying to pervert what I can read the record, so that doesn't work, and so what what was happening by the way for your audience? If they wonder what we're talking about his coach only wanted to pray by himself, he went. He went by himself. He he just the second preyer after the game, to thank god for the privilege of coach in the young men and coach. You got that from that movie facing the giant. Steady saw any made that pledge seven, eight years, that's what he did until they told the start and the one point midway through his years. Some kids went and prayed with him too, but as soon as a school said Don't do that with the kid he should. Oh, that's, fine, that's not what I'm trying to do when he went back by himself, a man firing him because he wouldn't really never agree hating. Just I get you never ever invited them. They asked him and he said it's a free country. Do it do you know Would you want so it wasn't like use. Indoctrinated are pulling people in there
if that's really only important. That's exactly right He never did and- and they admitted that I mean It- was one of them they admitted they admitted he never coerced anyone or, and yet they Our new their new theory at the supreme court was a sail on. This is all about coach Kennedy. What pray with the kids an amendment, Favorite was they put a picture in the brief and they argue this all the time in the media messes up all the time. It was a picture of on a knee after the game, surrounded by all these players and they saying, look, see, see all the players. What what Didn't mention was that was after coach was told, hey, you go to any again. You're gonna be fired even by yourself and useful look! I don't want to get the kids in trouble, so I'm gonna wait until they're singing the fight song facing the audience, because I don't want them with me, so he went by himself. But what was happening is the whole. country was watching this, and he
it's down on his knee and he felt people coming around him was like. Oh no, the kids are coming around me when you, and his eyes it was the other team, all the players, all the coaches, and so, as I told the media What about him playing with his players? This about in america when the government and tried to shut down somebody's first amendment right, americans, rise up and say you're gonna have to run over me too, and that's what was happening. Had nothing to do with his players. It was the other team there an american thorhall becoming active let. Let me let me take a quick one minute break and come back to. You were talking to Kelly's shackelford from first liberty about what's happening in the supreme court. I just wanna take your temper. You're on on what's happening with the security for the supreme court. The vote that happened in congress yesterday and why
It's John roberts decision. Why they're waiting on this decision that is causing most of the annex to talk to you here in one minute,
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