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Best of the Program | 2/6 - Inspiringly Optimistic -h1 - .R.I.P. Doc Thompson? -h1 - One of the Good Guys with Thomas Massie -h1 - The Father of the Tea Party? (w/ Jim DeMint) -h2 - 'Knocked It Out of the Ballpark'? (w/ Mike Lee) -h2

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We're going to pack has, fortunately, the forecasts for free right here, every single day, as well as getting the video for this and a bunch of other, shows at blaze, tv dot, com, slash back publicly back, he'll, say ten bucks. When you subscribe, you should do that because it's really good idea to the state of the union today and Glenn. Was there he's in DC as for doing a show, I'm in Dallas and Glenn was in the room last night for the state of the union. He's got a lot Has the interesting observations of it beyond just the idea of what was said? Was she going to Glenn like quite a bit? but also what was going on in the room he had. We know he could tell which comes People were scrolling through their facebook feeds the entire time pretty much the level of detail he has on this sense will get into that is well. Today we have a monopoly on the show he comes by the studio we have, of Thomas Massey on the congressperson from Kentucky
you'll. Remember him recently from the Covington story. He most representative did a lot of really good work. Commissioner, the kids enough, the kids smoking in the red hat didn't get to beat up by the media. He worked really hard for them and he is the one who took Glenn to the speech last night. Also given the former senators there and there's a really bad set of news from the police family that blood will get into here in the pot cast as well we have the media we go for me. Doc Thompson.
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Luck is company. We ve been dealing with for a while that the only company they can do this they put up a fairy around your whole and vague, are able to protect you from anyone trying to get to your homes, equity, hometown, locked outcome is the place to go and have a hundred dollar search that you can get absolutely free when you sign up phones, title lock, dot, com, the whole time locked I come within. Customers are there before they were advertising on the programme and you should be to try to lock dot com is placed to get so there were really incredible moments in the speech last night? and I dont know what the rest of the media is saying. Nor do I care I mean I'm in Washington DC at our a blaze, a Washington bureau and I had the opportunity sit in this chamber last night and it was a bizarre experience it. If we have time I'll tell you
things are. They saw last night all the way from do you know what is facing the speaker. Do you know if the when the speaker or the president is standing there what's on the wall above the doors, would you He surprised if I told you a giant medallion a year, a plaster casts if you will of Moses They have all the great law makers and behind the president, was Madison and Jefferson, but when you're standing there in your looking up you're looking at Moses, so I've I've got some interest things to tell you- and I have some fascinating things to tell you about how radical the left really is. It is worse, I thought it was just standing in that in the chamber, and so we get
they last night, you know, I know the press is probably going to say it was a very diverse. You know, I know the press is probably going to say it was a very divisive euro at Bill Clinton stood up and he lost the chamber. You know he was very conciliatory was like a boy. We are a big governments barely over and then he worked together with everybody. Yeah yeah, Annette George worse came in he said I ve got a strategy for this war and I know nobody really wants to support it, but we're gonna do a surgeon and just help, so he double down an evil guy and then Obama came in and when he lost his mid terms, what did he do? He thumbed his nose at the teapot DE thumbed, his nose at anybody who was trying to do derail. I thought the President did a little of both. I thought the president end:
it was amazing? I dont know if you can hear it on television, but they hissed him several times. Could you hear that No, I didn't know, can really take the. I didn't hear his signal. Oh my gosh, they at him several times they groaned several times, sometimes like when he said you know, I think we'd. It war right now, but he said in my opinion, I think we'd be, would walk right now with North Korea in sometimes there was some chuck and things like that, but I thought the president didn't take, himself so seriously, at least in the room. I don't know how had translated, but in the room he was. I thought.
Conciliatory. I think he tried to come in and say look. These are the things we have to work on these things and we have to work together and I think he gave the Democrats. I was, I was sitting because you're sitting next to strangers and you dont oh who's, who you don't know you know what anybody's political bent is. So you really don't talk about politics when you're up in the gallery cause you're sitting the strangers and you don't want to have a fistfight in Oh, we were just gonna sitting up there in a few of us and- and I didn't know anybody
and I was just talking to People- I don't know which way they were going. It's Edward and I made the comment. I said you know if, if the public end and the the organizations outside would have given the president a different ushering in, do you think it would have been different? And everybody says yes would have been different would have been. He would have worked together and I think that's true, and if you look at what he was talking about last night, there are things that they can work. Gather on, but when you're in the room you and see why the President get so upset because I never seen this and I dont know if anybody was covering this, but I saw a few disturbing things. First
Oh I've got to get the picture of the role that that a Cassio Cortez was sitting in She was sitting there with six or eight women and then the women behind her as well. I want to know who those people were? She was sitting in the centre and she was sitting at the table She is running the lease. The freshmen but I will tell you I snuck into the party with them Nancy Pelosi in her office. I was with Thomas ass any said Bell, you think I'm a freshman senator, they won't know who I am or freshmen congressmen. They won't know who I am, like a printer grow know who I am. Walked in and we were just trying to get to the balcony of the speakers place. That thing is bigger.
And that that Nancy Policies office is bigger than many houses in America and it was a party seen, it was actually grotesque- it was a party seen that was happening in there and a casual Cortez was right at her side and I think Nancy Blowsy is keeping her close because He knows how dangerous she is, but I I'll tell you, they even powered her so much. She- who's running a lot of the responses. Last night she was in the centre and ice DA, her sir, real times. Look around looked behind her and an almost seemingly coach where we're moving and how we're going to react. It was fascinating to watch the when that, if you are looking at her face on the woman on her left Stu. I do
know who it is because I couldn't see her face, but she had short hair. She was now you know, maybe fifty forty fifty, I think, and we got to know who she is because boy, oh boy, the vibes offer that woman were were intense. These are radicals that our sitting in their absolute radicals, When a Cassio Cortez, when they said Certain things like you know, we let's take the border We have a caravan, they hissed, they booed. Or they grumbled. I should say when they did that she did not stand. For any of it. She was staring down the president a me many times when the president was speaking. He would stop.
And when he was he would look at the side and he said at one point now: don't sit you're gonna love this. That was at the very beginning, but several times he looked right at a cost. Cortez and he was delivering it to her and for instance, when he said we will never go sir. She list, I don't love you. Said those words or right after he said those words. He looked right at her and that progressive caucus it was. Was phenomenal. What was going on inside, but I will tell you. I have thought that the the progressive caucus they were radical. You have no idea you have no idea. I would not want to be the President United States at this point, because there is I mean
to say, there's no love between them is, is a massive massive understatement, When he was talking at the end and he This building! I thought a very Reagan. Ask look at America, he opened and closed with some of the best stuff I've I've heard is sent Prob we since Reagan. The Democrats did no hot did not like that many times. I why I look down, and they were shaking their head. Like oh this claptrap, this ridiculous Amerika claptrap, it was full nominal to watch. I said to us a congressmen. A couple of congressmen. Last night you need a wire, a new camera. You need to put a camera
right, where I was sitting right in the center up on the balcony front row I was, I was actually in last row, but their very close, but put that camera right there in the front row, because you can see one point: when he was tall king about the caravan that was coming up through Mexico. Again, they all scoffed they hiss a casual Cortez, just shook her head and whispered something to her friend and they both they both kind of laughed and shook their head in disgust, and then Cassio Cortez lifted up her phone and took a selfie whose, like oh, my, gosh. I can't tell you how many people were scrolling their Facebook pages, and they were just I'm being attention. On the other hand, there were a few people Joe Mansion is one of them that stood every time the Republican stood
there was a woman- and I dont know who she was, who she is. She was in the house since she was wearing. If you are looking for the president's perspective, she would be on his far right And almost under the balcony and midway and she was wearing hot, pink or a few shut, color dress she, stuck out. I say that because the stew but you see if you can look at the crowd, find out who that woman was because she was all alone ab Ultimately, all alone standing at times like to know who she was. That says: well was Kristen Cinema, the new senator from Arizona shabbily? She was the one that did not wear the white whenever everyone else was wearing white yeah. Neither did come all Harris. I think Kemal was wearing black, which was last year's color
Because last year was of all about me too, and that color was black and this one is women, united in the workforce or whatever, and that's why? at the best of the best program, last night I was on my way back to the hotel, it was late at night and I got a call
from the head of my company and he said I ve got some really bad news and I said oak okay, and he said this is really bad news or you see thy city, I'm in the car on the way back to the hotel. He said. Ah Doc, Thompson was killed tonight and it took me a while to even process. First suggested white.
Apparently Doc Thomson who did the morning blaze for a long time at the place, tv and radio was out jogging last night nanny had his ear buds in and he was jogging next to it railroad tracks, and apparently we think that his headphones were up. So loud tat he could not hear the train that was coming and it sighed swiped him and killed him. Dark. The dock was one of the more talented and gregarious guys that I know who he was.
The guy who would come in to my office all the time. I got an idea. I got an idea, he was the the ultimate entrepreneur and he left us was it during this last summer, stew, yeah, but not too long ago. He left us to start his own business and it was thrilled for Doc, because that's who he is, he was just an entrepreneur in our idea guy and he loved entrepreneurs and he loved new businesses and and because of dock many businesses are flourishing,
because he would really take them under his wing and he cared deeply about people who are trying to do business and he left a start, his own broadcast unit and unfortunately, he put every single penny he had in it, and he was a kind of guy who bet on tomorrow and bet on himself and he leaves behind a wife and two children. There is a go fund me cave page, its go fuck me dot slash doc hash or what you call it. Don't you know, Hyphen Thompson was headed out from the social pages here, God measured, wouldn't get the right link yeah, but if you can
you couldn't help here's a guy who believed in the american dream. Here's a guy that for the blaze family, woke, so many people up every morning and always does a positive attitude and can do spirit and we are devastated as a family and devastated for his family, and we would ask that if you ever listen to dock or or appreciated anything that he did, that you would help his family out go fund me dot com, slashed, Doc, Hyphen Thompson seems like we're getting a wake up. Call Jeff Fischer, who worked on this programme and still works for the blaze worked on this programme for
twenty years and a good friend had a heart attack over this holiday. He lived, but it he had a heart attack that doctors call the widow maker. Most people don't make it there's something something happens when you start losing contemporaries and Doc was younger than I than I am, and I urge you to cherish every single moment cherish every moment and. I know this sounds cliche, but there is Nothing more important than your family, nothing! more important than your family care? How important your job is. I've learned this take care
of your family and spend the time with your kids. This is the best of the planned back programme. I it's Glenn. If you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do me a favor and rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber, become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes begs one of the good guys in Congress is Thomas Massey who I was with. I was his guest last night and I appreciate the invitation sang her gowns. When you bad Harry. Can we turn is my gun was? I can hear him congressmen. Can you what was the most significant thing that you thought happened last night? I think the most significant thing was when the president said
United States will never be a socialist country and it looked to me like fifty percent of the damage, that's where glued to their seats and not clapping, and in other words they are right endorsing socialism now about half of their conference and you know four years ago, if you had called Obama a social Thus, they would tell you your racist. No, I I know that first hand You know that first an end now, but The mask is off and their openly running as socialists in in the ones who are openly running as socialist, recognise its a huge part of their primary voting base and don't want to upset the Socialists, but I think it points to a big problem with the Democratic Party that they have going forward its it you're the extreme form of what Bob small government.
Republicans advocate for is libertarianism another hurts we just leave. Everybody allow right. Ok, the extreme form of wooded Democrats campaign on is communism and socialism, in they are out out social citizen mean each other. I know and it's it what amazing. Was it wasn't to placate issue? I so suppose it is for some to placate their base, but there are hard core extremists on the left. Now, in Congress I mean I was shocked at another thing that was even more extreme in the reaction was when President Tromp called the third trimester like wrote us and later, if you will withdraw five seconds later, and I asked when he called out how wrong it was to kill infants who are just born, and I did
I didn't see them stand up, clap further note, not, but not those hard core women in the white in the center. Some of them, I think, almost the whole democratic caucus refuse to clap when eat I mean that's so you thought about extreme is, and this is done. They ve gone in in two to four years and then the other thing is This disappointed me with my own party when the president said great countries. Don't fight endless wars. That to me, was an an obvious by partisan. Laws and high. I thought so too, and I was like maybe one of two dozen who stood up out of four hundred and thirty five and clap for that. That can turns me. This is because, it's really congresses authority, indecision of where to deploy our troops
and we ve abdicated that in this the president, who might have to be person who stopped these wars, like that, would be his greatest legacy, not create and other social programme like paid maternity leave or man. You know crazy. He said so many things last night that they should have for since the end of endless wars? That's where their party has always been that that's what Obama said he was going to do you promised it never delivered it right, here's a guy who actually looks like he's going to deliver it and they are not for it. It's crazy if it was stunning to me frankly the arrogance you and I went through Nancy Policies Office and what kind of crash that party here and we we didn't rifle through the desk. He would let me but went through and it was a huge
each party and her office area. I don't even know how big it actually is, but it looks as big as some people's houses. Well, it's it's a large company but that was Paul, Ryan's office. You know just two months ago right, but Yon banners The reason why I bring it up. Is the arrogance the arrogance that that people who are in Washington can gain quickly. I mean you come up to that office, I mean you are the king of the world, is something I. And show you about the office. That's on the second floor to get to the majority leaders office. You have to go to this. Beakers office, getting an elevator and go up a floor, so noble He can go to the number two persons office without walking through the number one person's office. Oh my god, it's
it's it's a way that the speaker always keeps a check on the person whose immediately below the speaker and their theirs which power that has concentrated into the speakers office. This is dangerous for Congress, like we, its I've, a Jew. That we take one vote and then we're done for two years, which is we vote for the speaker on the first day of Congress and then the speaker calls all the shots it didn't used to be that way. But the speaker has all the power they control whether you get fundraising. Donations are not from the pact's the speaker controls whether your bills come up on the or the speaker even has so much power over the committee chairman that they can tell them Eddie Chairman, don't have a hearing on that person's bill and they pick they. Basically, a pig who's, gonna be on. Why committee and continues always be there were so last night. You said something really profound,
to me the you were wearing a pen and if you happen to be watching it's this pen it is the congressional pen. Yours is one sixteen there all numbered and You know the police move out of your way. You are you're the king. When you have this pen, and it's making me nervous that you're holding at nine, not because I call it crashes. Do you you'd you weren't wearing it further? When I first met you all right, and then, when we start walking or the capital you put it on and you actually apologized for putting it on, because when you put this pen on It goes to your head and this is what happens to four hundred and thirty four members how's the Senate as a too, but you when you put this on,
Please get out of your way. The tourists take note. The staffers won't speak can an elevator. If they see somebody with a pen on in its turn, you start to feel those reactions. How people react to you? They react EU differently and it changes your thought process so just like if a harbor fear of your rings, fat run when a habit puts a hundred the ring it starts corrupting them in the same thing happens when you put on congressional pan- and so I try not where no last night there were extra guards who aren't nor we have to carry on and I didn't want to get face planted into the granite. Serious or why they want they were everywhere. I mean, I don't think I've ever been to anything. So many police and secret service. I mean if they were everywhere,
Iep. They were lined up deep. I gotta tell you this as at so there The designated survivor right does Rick Perry, lest, I think, was it ill, as people filtered. The room certain cabinet members, I'm not going to say who I was like: that's not the desert it had serve hot, he's not going in which the cap, I felt that it was. It was I ain't seats you go in, anyone can sit anywhere, we were in what an hour early yet and so the people who were right up. Next, the ones are always taken their photos with the president, and everybody else right, those are not assign seats. You go in, anyone could sit anywhere the exception
separate measures, elite or GM leader, and so those people get in four hours had a time and they have to sit there. You can't put your name on a sea walk away, so there are congressmen that show and sit down for four hours just to be in that framed with the president, ass crazy. That is crazy, and so they come in Nancy, she comes in about forty five minutes. Actually think thirty minutes before and the room begins to change and they are too, you know, introduce everybody and they all years. The cabinet- and here is the Supreme Court, and I think it's a cabinet- that's introduced last yeah right before the president comes in vice president's been in there for half an hour I and when I went in, I notice that they Republicans were typical.
Publicans. You know you can't just just cannot stick in our but kind of both your heart, I mean where we were quiet new right it was, it was appropriate behaviour. The demo that's, especially the new women good progressive caucus. Oh my gosh, that was like a that was a college. Party. It was like a to me. It felt every union they there at two was they weren't giddy to be Ere they Ligon self he's all over my gosh. Now I might sneak a picture once in a while on the floor. You bet, I mean they were openly, you know posing in it was kind of like a party at fear. Over there, a Cortez took a selfie when the president was talking about the caravan on the border. That's when choosing a selfish,
dumbly will. But the other thing I noticed is everybody says they dont, like the President gay, but in three minute period form in the period before the president walks out. You could feel the room anticipate the arrival of the president. S got quiet was it was just different. You could tell I mean it the power of the president. Even this, is it and who they claimed a hate and have no respect for it. Change that a picture of the room when they knew he was the next one. Well, it's one of the cards. The president is to play is the state of the union and they have to sit there and they have to be filmed when they react to the president. Now the Democrats will get to play there, starting today that when I leave the studio here, I'm going to a hearing in the oversight committed,
I serve on with Jim Jordan and Mark meadows and that's gonna, be gavel to gavel after this administration and that's the card they get to play starting today and all those hearing You know for the last six years that I've been in Congress in the Oversight committee you couldn't find in NBC Camera foreseen camera. There were fox cameras will now the fox Mercer gone and there will be a mess. B C and CNN cameras in the Oversight committee and though they will use that I sometimes called the Theatre Committee, because you have to muster your righteous indignation and belonging therein ass people. How could you? When did you first? No, what were you thinking right, but that's gonna, be there bully pulpit now they're bully gavel. If you will, the President, the president, addressed that you know investigation investigation and that carcass with the cozy Corps
does just that. Those group of people, because it Cortez turned around and Anne, shook her head. Like a, can you believe this guy and smiled like we are gonna get him. That's on fourchan because I think he did start out with a tone I did of of bi partisanship and cooperation. He said country over party, the Democrats after about four seconds James into standing up for that you go for that statement country over party which our thoughts, something anybody could be for real, quick. I wanted. I want to say this to you and it goes to the budget. I ve got about a minute ie, but he was talking about the intermediate nuclear missiles, and he said perhaps we can negotiate a different agreement, adding China and others. Perhaps we can't which in case we will out, span and innovate all others by far terrifying line? I did not stand up and
that was, the model of the Soviet Union was to out, spend the United States and they collapse drivers of it. So now that the missile treaty that we have with Russia does cause us to spend more money when trying to keep up with China. I had this Explain to me when I was in Korea last year by the generals over there. We ve got this thing that ties our hands with Russia. We can't deploy intermediate missiles, and so we can even cover all of China, but you are you you and I both were disturbed that there There is no mention of twenty two trillion dollars. None what you did not hear anything about the debt or the deficit in this state of union you're, not we hear about it in the hearings that the Democrats have. This is we're gonna, be in the dark for years here, not that you know we were fiscal concern lives before I write, but but this this
didn't campaign on balancing the budget, and this is the probable leaves into any can get away with. This is that people are not upset about debt enough. They should be no Thomas. Thank you, Sir Conversely, Thomas Massey really truly one of the good guys who my precious has not taken his soul, yet you are that you are the hottest data that is at eighty than yet thanks for calm and vague mayo appreciated at God bless your listening to the best of the Glen Back programme. Senator Jim demand welcome to the programme how're, you, sir, do you and I'm doing great it's great to be back with you and I'm glad you ve got to experience the state of the union in person in the gallery last night, it's it's! It's quite an experience
yeah it if it was very, very different than what it feels like on tv. It was at just me now whole lot going on where people said who they sit next to a man try yeah doubt due to do interviews afterwards. I may lose their rights as a whole, aeroplanes going on. In addition to the present given speech are so demand chairman of the Conservative Partnership Institute Jim. What is what was the take away did. You think anything historic happened. Last night. Well ain't, american conservative and someone who values common sense only mention that before I came on spots, inspiring speech, and I think I've also too lightly not sell. Deprecating tromp did take it down a large and that's hard for him to do, but it
anyone in the sense of trying to get people to work, together and if you are closely on a lot of points to had the democratic, even the women dressed in white work were cleared. Within that they could not stay in their seats for some of the things that he bought up. So I was really proud of I was proud project, american and and- and I hope that alone would that will take root- we're file both the report, Republicans and Democrats yeah. I don't think so. I mean being in the room. The especially the women in white live the first row with that Cassio Cortez I mean it was as radical as it gets. There are radicals, in the in the Democratic Party now I mean I saw some things that I'm gonna talk about later, that I address just I was shocked by I did
There was a historic moment last night and that came towards the end. When the president's said, sir, I can find it here, shoot. I had it pulled out here. It is. He said here in the United States, we are alarmed by new calls to adopt socialism in our country, America, is founded on liberty and independence, not government coercion, domination in control. We are, born free and we will stay free tonight, We renew our resolve that America will never be a socialist country. It was historic to me, not just because he said it, but because he felt he it is to say it and a good number of Democrats did not clap or stand for that you're right, it needed to be said. I was proud of him for saying
and then he is willing to take issue head on An inch He brought up the life issue in a context that we'd better. Anyone who has ever heard it and not be happy the got got into the picture and so to me may trump is somewhat have an enigma. If you look it yes, does background and everything, but I just couldn't be more inspired and proud. That key is hitting the note, the point There are some common sense to take America forward and I saw some Paul this morning. It indicated about seventy five percent or so approved at the speech and I hope it does not take hold and partners. It will take hold with the people by us. What he said is very needed the opportunity and
Others in the energy field and move ahead with our time is, is real notice was make believe the statistics about how the last two years have gone economically the things that have been accomplished or we'll, but they're. Just that but the iceberg imagine what we could do with Congress worked together. I was again shocked at how the Democrats reacted too. His job numbers. He said on Friday was announced. We added another three hundred and four thousand jobs last month alone, double what was expected and economic, Echo is taking place, the United States and the only thing that can stop, as are foolish wars, politics or ridiculous. This partisan investigations. First of all, They talked about when he talked about the number resolve Hispanics in african American in and women in the workforce. They did not react. Well
To that end, I was shocked. How do you not? How do you Stan and applaud that that's that's a victory for all of us, but then he went he ended it go ahead. Now understand the Democrats. The laughter building their whole platform on better put the present boy sat paradigm in talks about policies that help minorities our country for more than anything the prisoners, the working class American, even union members away from the Democrats and their having to meet the growing apoplectic. As you can see, they're moving to the lab others hope not much of the country was. All of them. I can't imagine doing that, but the facts dogma. The left my- and that means the media is well so the bill. The american people to know what the president said last night, I'm sure a few million watched it, but my
You will know what he said about the way the media interprets airports. So we ve got a lot of work to do to just help. America understand that that of free enterprise, common sense, traditional value, she's make your life better. And I am committed to that. I know you are an obvious, stop very excited. We ve got a pleasant willingness to tackle these things that are so Jim tell tell people What you're doing now. Cuz, you were, you were at the Heritage Foundation, yours Senator in one of the best, in the teeth already era. You were one of the first to doctors and you know you were looking for help and you saw the tea party as the Calvary I think, but and he went to the Heritage Foundation and now you're conservative Partnership Institute explain what that is what you do. We're going. What I'm saying is at groups
move? Much like the tea party can help a mass waves of good people, but then the swap establishment, even the Republican, detailed. Carrying the hounds heritage to build nor denunciation it supports conservatives on the inside of conversion inside the government, the administration. So what we do at the conservative partnership we get congressmen, senators together. Develop come lottery, help them develop consensus. We do a lot of stay at training, solidly good people com, they dont end up They had stopped and stood in the wrong direction, and I happened to eighty percent of the time, so we would got a job bank. We try to get good people around you just get them together in the play isolate you cause you out of the herd and then before you know it, you just put the wallpaper up there so many people that I helped to make
go to walk away, and so my other, but the rest of my time, just a build, a support system that gets the backs of the people. Trying to do the right thing I will tell you that HU. I rode the tram further time in the tunnels, underneath and it's like it's. It's like a nineteen sixty two Disneyland, it's bizarre and surreal. This. Tram and it takes you know senators in and house members to the capital, which is rule literally a block and a half away, buddy take some you know for about a three or four minute ride on this tram and then I went upstairs and I was end Nancy Policies Office for a few minutes, and I saw the the unbelief global shindig that was going on in in her office and the the detachment- and I almost
I mean you know me Jim. I love the secret service. I almost came to fisticuffs with secret service agent? Last night I mean I have. I have never and offended by a secret service agent before and I had a stair down after or like a fourth encounter with this guy because he kept knowing me stop taking notes? What does the state of the union in the gallery, and first of all, the rules also state that no applause in the gallery, so I think we were letting go the rules and ice I went in. I could not have a cell phone, I wasn't have anything that could record anything. I would know communication devices and yet here its Congress beneath us, and they were they were take selfies. They were on their facebook pages. They were or from the web. They were taught king. During this thing they were booing and hissing, and this guy
comes to me and says: don't take notes and- and I thought all I could think of These people work for me and everybody else in the gallery You shouldn't be worried about us. You should be worried about them. Why am I the outcasts year? I I just had a no problem mouth slipped. The system is well when they make the rules, but they don't expect the file or maintain that part exactly right cannon. Looking down on the rest of us, not all elements, way where no, no, I know that the stress and out, maybe it's alright, in that way, but dumb anyway, glad. You got it a chance to experience the secret service. Fine, larger overworked grace, but a great day they northern rail and the good, but they dont up The rules are equally. I can tell you that yeah
and I will tell you that I did ask for forgiveness. You know in my prayers at night when I got back because I shouldn't have I mean I got it. It was tear down with it. It was not. It was not pretty, not one final moments, and I I should apologise to him if I had name. I would apologise to him, but I just Couldn'T- take these ridiculous rules on the people and not on them. Jim. Thank you. So much God bless yo. God bless you. You're doing you can follow Jim demand at Jim DE meant. Thank you so much Jimmy but here again later, it's the best within background. We welcome to our studios in Washington Dc Senator the glee. How are you doing
It's gotta be with the gallant yeah, so I was in the gallery last night. It takes on the state of the union, takes on a different feel when you're, actually there, it does absolutely electric and last night was no exception. Yeah and I was, I wouldn't, dare surly call it electric, but what is link up in the gallery. I was facing. The president was fifty hardline phase of the president. I see what everybody was doing with their cell phones, and I could see who was engaged, who wasn't it there needs to be a camera from behind and Pakistan, you know all of the above the senators and all of the house members because it really takes a different view when you're watching who telling who want and whose whispering something and how they're really acting in when they're taking selfies it really on of inappropriate times. It was amazing, the main imagine I I'd like
up there. So I'm just to get that aspect of it was amazing. I thought the speech last night may have definitely the best speech. I think I've heard him give and I think it may be one of the most inspiring speeches, I've heard in in a state of the union and try to remember Bush me, he be after nine eleven, but I don't think so. I think you go back to Reagan on that soaring kind of this is who we are kind of thing. I think that's right. This is the best way to the union. I've heard
long time, certainly bent since I've been in office, it really for quite a while before then he knocked out of the park. It was terrific. What are you expecting out of this anything? First, while I was there anything historic that happened last night that he said or anything historic? Yes, here's. What I think is the single most historic take away when the President, the United States, said hey, you know we should be concerned about the killing of babies who have been born and are breathing and virtually half of the chamber in the House represent as half of this there's a virtually half of these representatives. Sat there silent stone faced, refusing to respond in any way that was historic, not Monsieur They had a good way, but it was historic. Nonetheless, it's a chilling reminder of how far our government has drifted from what nor
people of of ordinary moral sensibilities, Noah's right. I think they are so far out of touch with the Democrats in the art land. The Democrats around the country, LISA Democrats, that I know- and I know think the Democrats really understand how radical these people really are and- and I tell you MIKE I- I look at this every day and I talk about the radicals. I've been talking about. You know the socialists for on time. I dont think I really realised how radical they were until I said in this chamber last night, and I watched them react when the cameras were not on them, they mocked they laughed, they Pope did each other. It was almost like a college reunion.
Atmosphere and when he was talking about serious, serious issues that they but the border issue and the caravan they mocked him. The whole time in the chamber when they when he talked about abortion and what was happening. They were poky each other and rolling. Charlie rolling in their eyes at each other. It was absurd seen and I think, if the average Democrat would have sat where I was sitting last night, I think they would have realized all these people. I mean the mask is fully off when they don't think the cameras are there and I actually fell.
Bad for you and the president and everybody else that was that goes into this every day, because you're not dealing with honest brokers, you're not dealing with people who are who they say. They are that's exactly right. Setting aside for a minute those who consider themselves Republicans or libertarians or even young dependents, just the rank and file Democrat up there, I think, has got to be a little shocked by this more than a little bit shocked, because when it was about them, they were celebrating. When the cameras were on them, they were cheering or doing whatever they could to draw attention to themselves. It was about them when it was about the most vulnerable. Among us, babies who have been born were a month in the most defenceless vulnerable position imaginable. They set their stone, cold silence and there, Sir,
what was deafening on it was. You know. I think there was a turning point and it was a warning I think, to the american people and Democrats, but they missed it. When we heard the Democratic Party at their convention deny God three times, member, let vote, and I thought it was significant that they took three votes and they denied him three times. Maybe, though, like Peter and repent later on, my maybe we shouldn't have done right, so I thought that was an important turning point, but that was a turning point for if you were religious, you know that meant something to you, but this is the fruit of that tree and when they denied that a baby born should be saved when they denied that was life. That was worth preserving a baby, not we're not talking we're, not even talking in the womb. Her talking
I've been born and end is disabled or they tried to kill it through abortion or just minutes before their birth, its obscene and when they didn't stand for that, and when the president of the United States has to say, we are disturbed by the grow, of socialism, and this country will never be socialist for years,
oh, they were mocking anyone who said they were socialist. Now they didn't clap or stand to say yeah you're right America's, never gonna go socialist. They were. They were not happy with that and look like. I avoid an Hitler M references like the plague. I do too if I only knew what at Hitler or hit Laren but references to two Adolf Hitler. Ok, Hitler have nowhere that, like the plague, but at some point in the society, the minute we start talking about killing those who were not willing to recognise as people in this case a breathing breathing living human being who has been born. We need to ask ourselves: how did we get here
and how do we get out of this situation? How do we make sure that those people are protected? That's just wrong. I keep when I woke up this morning. I kept thinking. Maybe there was a misunderstanding. Maybe that's out of me. I couldn't hear the audio, maybe they misunderstood him. I would like to believe that there was Misunderstanding that can explain this wasn't. If not all we ve got a big problem on our hands. I dont think its with the american people can settled with the american people or with a well, but I think it's with those who have been elected and those who are in this chamber last night. Let me give you, let me give you: some perspective. I gave a speech- I don't remember where it was about seven years ago and he had done research on the most vulnerable among us and and how Hitler got their K. How did you get to the gas chamber? How did you take a group? A good group of of peace,
the Germans were not bad, they were a lot like us me. We were very germanic nation, especially back then they loved their families. Yet they took care of their choice. Our own children when Israel had their neighbors yeah. How did that happen? so I started doing research and it started with a baby called baby I started out as compassion and law Long story short, they started kill the most vulnerable. They started killing babies, but when when they did it. You had to have three signatures from three different doctors: and all the way to the end of the war? You still had to have three signatures. We ve just reduce to one even the Nazis, said three sick. Insurers are required for the death of of an individual, the
Next thing that happened, this is very early. They start killing these babies just like we are now talking about. They start killing these babies the Jew, when people find out now. These are the people who voted for Hitler. They voted for. Hitler and they were all socialist, the people, stood up and push I could see the only time that I can find where they really push back and got Hitler to change. Based on the surface and they push. Action. They stood up in such force that they said we. This is not us that Hitler had to give a speech where he said your exactly right. We're gonna stop this, I'm stopping this immediately and that's when it went under cover any started. The tea for programme, where they just hit it from the people but even the people who voted for Hitler stood up where we like. I hope we are those people who will pay back and who will say. This is not ok, there is some
there are laws should prohibit one of them. Fundamental rules of any civilised society is that we prohibit the unlawful taking of a human life, though it just be clear. Here. We are not talking in this instance about abortion. You and I both have view on abortion that are different from what many Democrats in this country think we are talking here about it, child, who has been born, who has taken his or her first breath. If we, the people, stand up strongly to our own government and make clear to our society. We want to protect these individuals, which I believe the overwhelming majority of Americans. Yes, Republicans Democrats, it and everything else believes that then I think we can stand up for life here, so the problem is- and I saw it with these radicals in the As of women's caucus last night, the market, they roll their eyes when you bring it up and
you're, seeing on social media is the Democrats or so they're lying to you? That's not what we're talking about you they're lying to you were. There were talking about. Gas cleaning up some language, old language is nothing new in these bills and they are denying it to their own people and because we're till polarized the left, is believing the her own people who are lying to them, but this one is the kind of legal issue where one need not yet wrapped around the actual. In other words, this is the kind of legal issue were definitions can be re, remained simple. The English used can be playing an where we can make clear if what you're talking about is terminating a pregnancy. There is a different way of phrasing that right, but if you're talking about wanting to make sure that you can kill a human life
after that human has been born and taken its first breath. That is something terribly. This is why Patty Murray in the Senate was so shameful because she she stood up after Ben SAM said we just want, you cannot kill a bay, the after birth. You can't do it and she said this is such a sham there. This is not what that bill means, and so I'm stopping the vote. Well. Why would you do that? That's not what it means. You would stand up and say: that's not what it means and approve it lets take this vote because we are all against it to exactly right in that's one of the reasons why we ve gotta, keep pushing for a vote on Ben SAS, his bill Benazir he wrote for bringing this issue forward for filing that legislation, and I think we need to pass it in order to pass it. We ve got to continue to demand we insist on a boat over and over and over again, because this is what it means
means exactly what it says. It means there is no ambiguity in that bill and we need to pass a K. I've only got about a minute here before I have to take a break. Let me ask you this last question: I believe the president's gonna go for the national emergency thing and do something to get something on the border. What does that mean that even constitutional, whether he has authority to do this, depends on what the source of his authority is under outline of cases come youngster sheet and to pursue Sawyer endangered more versus region, we have to look at whether or not there is a statute that designates that authorizes the president to take a particular action. Is there one I think there might be if he chooses to take the appropriate that I mean that I think the most defensible path for and to do that is found in tat ten of the UNESCO Tenuous C section to eighty four b- seven.
That says essentially load you well enough. I know that's what you do and I let my smuggling of alpine you tell we speak of little else. I I says basically that the president may establish offence along an international boundary where necessary to stop the. Lawful international trafficking of drugs, and that to me appears to be pretty clear here appears to give him We need clear authority if he uses that I think he's on fairly solid ground are still. Rather, it go through Congress, but if you to use executive authority that is one of the better places to look. Are you advising him on this at all? No, I'm not. The the White House has appreciated Whitehouse multiple times there Their own counsel, Wallace out, I'm sure they ve got the reasons for doing that, but Dounia we'll see. What happened like? Thank you so much for everything that you do and everybody I talked to last night were found.
Of yours you're, one of the few that are really fighting the good fight and our are not to changed, and I appreciate that God bless you Thank you and thank you. The blaze radio network on demand
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