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The CIA released one of the wokest commercials ever produced. Meanwhile, Caitlyn Jenner’s first gubernatorial campaign ad has a strikingly different message. Idaho police officer Nate Silvester was suspended for posting a viral TikTok mocking LeBron James, and he calls in to share his story. Tim Ballard of the Nazarene Fund stops by to share the incredible story of a rescue mission to free human trafficking victims.

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Its day number two of the apocalypse and what are they calling a transitory transitory hyperinflation in speaking of Trans? We also talk about out the possibility of Caitlin JANET enough. That's a radio. Hollow factory ends issue right. Thank you very much. We ve got a great great podcast, where you d want to missus. Second of it it begins right now we should point out by the way tonight, please to argue that it started right now on black sea about in the video wholesale. So I can cut you off your congolese tv tonight, Brady Students, America, followed by a brand new Glenn TV to greet episode it's coming up tonight. I will say you can subscribe right here on this package to get that students. America episode also subscribe to the radio progress here. Listening to now, if you haven't already, and if you go to bleed tvs, you two page, you can get the show with Glenn TV for free tonight just subscribe. Their aunt subscribed to the students american to page too. It is tonight on place tv, its power, our and the future. Thank you
you only thinking, notably to commercials for you, the first on is hey. Are you ass per spy. Can you figure out equations and codes and stuff like that? Do you like gadgets? Have you thought about maybe risking your life join the CIA. Ok, First, one is recruiting. Add for the CIA. When I was seventeen, I quoted Zora Neil persons, how it feels to be colored me in my college application essay the line that spoke We stated simply. I am not Tragically colored, there is no sorrow, damned up in my soul, nor lurking behind my eyes. I do not mind at all at seven.
I had no idea what life would bring. Bassorah instrument articulated sort of beauty. Really was something that open your eyes. Don't you find that said, I who, in her life, was telling her she couldn't may get who in her life was saying you are tragically hispanic or whatever who who made her feel that bad is. That would be a family tragedy if it would be a family tragedy. That's how your teaching your correct. I know my girls feel you know. I've felt at one point or another. You know us to their body, or I wish my body was different. Well, ok, that's what society says, and none of that is real. of that Israel, Well, for us, I mean
oh yeah and urban northwestward dia we should be ashamed of our bodies, but for other people, yeah yeah yeah, I think of the audience understood: Thou have cited and worth of Saint Malo students eradication it foam God. If you don't even want to imagine but so I've told my girls the whole time all my girls. No, they could they could grow up. The President of the United States None of them want to. I used to threaten it as a punishment. You know what you're gonna grow, up and you're gonna be president of the United States. So how tragic is that? But I digress, because this is an add for the C. I a beautiful how I felt as a daughter of immigrants, then, and now about me, was or is tragic. Good. I perfectly made great, I can work. Eloquent on complex legal issues- anguish, while also belt
why I gave them some modest in Spanish, that's fantasy. I can change a diaper with one hand and consoler crying toddler within our you doing this at the end of color. I am a mom right. I am assist gender Millennium diagnosis, generalised anxiety disorders, where we start to stop stop with generalised anxiety disorder does sound like someone who should be working at the CIA. I don't know, always very, very nervous. That's not good and is not necessarily the reeds. It's not the stereotype of CIA person, whose like holds hot air, you aren't aha stereotypes, Yes, we need insist, gender and non sis, gender. Immigrants non immigrants, except for those will have lived here for a long time in our white. We need people who hate the cops we need People want to change the world away
from this old system of dusty documents from these quote white founding fathers. We need some really nervous. People I can change diaper with one hand and sing some song. On the other hand, or something like tat factor idea. Could you talk to me about you know you're here Ok, it's! The only thing I have heard in this add was I can I can talk deep legal. doctrine or whatever she tat Sidney mediate him. That's it. That's the only thing. I've heard about leaving CIA. What, if one of the terrorists we have, in our country has a it needs day- added diaper changed way. No easy! You get over here that song that she's belting right
The idea is that things making our nervous is trying to change. Diapers with one hand knows: what's gonna happen there, you should use two hands around all possible yeah. Well, it may not be may not mean she may have seen. With the other hand, we wish does she sing with the other hand, I should like to hamper more within all. I don't know I don't know, but I am glad to see that our CIA is fine. Only going woke, I feel safer I think the world a safer. This is one of those things I think you learn. If you are, a business person right now what you're running a business yap you people would say: well how do we recruit the younger generation to come work? What say the sea? I am right now we get up here. Yeah we like they are different,
There are different people right. We need to recruit them in that IRAN should target of in this way, and you can make that argument until you realize you dont want to hire them. You do do you if you're running a business is the last thing you want to do is hire someone who thinks this. What did you do that software company that last week came out and said you know what you can't talk about woke stuff anymore base, Camp Gateway, scap that even say works of anticipating, Pia creating political? You can't talk about anymore, cause it's causing too many problems and weary software company. Where we are a political accompanying, we're not here to change the world were here to change software, so go to work. Now we'll talk. You know what happened. A third of the employees walked out and I can do and to you that c e o what he told you I would work, we didn't have to pay severance. We have no legal hassles, they quit now let's go find the people just want to work and have had enough of this new. But I but I think it's great. I think it's great that we have the CIA recruiting that way. Now, just so, consistent and I-
care about what you are. I don't care. I care, about what you say and do here. The latest campaign commercial for that, California, governorship gubernatorial candidate Caitlin Jenner, listen to this goal most of these floating themselves, We spent a dreamer. California was once the envy of the more we have what everyone else wanted. The american dream grew up here yet for politicians and their policies have destroyed that dream. It's been locked away. close shudder left in the dark burned down. The government is now involved in every part of our lives. taken our money, our jobs
freedom California needs a disrupt, a compassionate disrupt. I came here with a dream forty, eight years ago, to be the greatest athlete in the world. Now I under a different kind of worries, arguably my most important one yet to save,
California. I want to carry the torch for the parents when the balance work and their trials education for business owners who are forced to shut down asters, we were not able to be with their conversations or the family who lost their home in a fire burned into new generation of students who lost a year of education. This past year has redefined politicians, the leaders and our foreign, yet as the warrior kings and the angels we never take kindly to glass ceiling is here instead shattering, whether trailblazer the innovative California is facing figurative. Now we need leaders are not free to leave to new high rate to challenge and change the status quo. I want to prove that it is absolutely possible if we only do it together before its time to reopen our schools, reopen our businesses reopening the golden gate. I don't care if you're republican, democratic, I'm running giving Elinor California to replace our true identity, bring back the goal to the golden state. Now is the time to achieve some to be the shining city on the hill and together will restore and renew the California jury. One is about, if you're on the left. How do you go against that.
If you're on the left, how do you torch Caitlin Jenner? How do you do it. Well, though, just sit here, jeez. She is a terrible, terrible Republic Edna a token, right. You know, I mean real. Just do the same things they do to every everybody republican whom he adds varieties and if you re, if you're a Republican, I don't know Caitlin generous policies are, but I do like the feeling of that, add what we know. Two things about quite legitimate, William, small things more things that we want to know about kidney shudder, but there are two main things we know wild, which it'll two main things have been. but alone on secondment, something else. Coca COLA Jenner, will be better than Gavin Newsome as the governor. Yes, if, if given generous to win, the S will definitely be better. Gave a Newsome. Janet, definitely seems like Caitlin Jenner understands the harm Gavin Newsome has caused for the state
and seems to understand the harm that weakness is creating NEA I mean here, is somebody that we were all told we had to accept because they never thought we would they never conservatives would put their arm around Caitlin Jenner, gay and, they made out. I don't know, I don't know, I mean, as I mean compassion. How could I remember when he first said I want to become a woman, I'm Caitlin Jenner veils it You gotta you gotta, say she's, beautiful conversations, beautiful, beautiful, Ogilvy Electric Shock and legislating Piero Right K, and they never thought that we be compassionate because they think monsters, but we were, and I have problem with Caitlin Jenner. I, if I may, court of law. It's a guy he's a guy. You will always be a guy chemistry tells me biology? Tells me he's a guy, no matter what surgery he has done. He's a guy.
but that's fine. I don't have anything against Caitlin Jenner. You know if the anti she wants to be called a she. I have no problem. because she's not forcing me. She understands that if somebody wants to call him her him or him her, it doesn't matter, self confidence comes with from within. and he has no problem with people who call him he that Is fine with me, you the call yourself and I got a plant aright, Kids he's not really got a plant, so miss Mugabe? Can I cut your lemon use you as salve? I mean you know: does it matter What matters is the content of the character? Will Caitlin Jenner be a good governor I mean. I don't know you, don't we
what will be better than governesses and it we'll be satisfying if somehow, Kalen Jenner winds this race that that we can say the first trends governor was was a republican fact. Elderly funds. They are great, just annesley torture. The left fabulous, really weird, California got killed generous, like someone I most normal people in Kaliko, my gosh, English, absolute, absolutely right away. Dwayne the rock Johnson has said that he was. He has an ambition to unite our country and run for president. You want to unite the country pleased or for president, don't wreck your movies. Don't please, though, everybody likes you, please don't don't don't do it, don't do it don't do it? Don't do it. Donald Trump was like the most popular guy. In one of the reasons why the apprentice was so successful as because he rated
incredibly high with African Americans correct, and that's why the network's loved Donald Trump so much, but I don't remember Donald Trump. We second, I was going to be a flaming liberal and now to be pretty good President weighing the rock Johnson we're all going into it. You know like, like a bush residency and our Supreme Court nominee. ah noise gonna, where we record. We have no reason to believe it, but he's gonna be a conservative, I don't think there's any. I mean the only thing that would make you think he would be a conservative ass. He spoke at one republican national convention brazilian years ago, but there's no resist scripts. You know my big thing. The rock and the reason why we should leave entertain it is think of We could save on the military when we have a war would have. We just send him in by himself. We get rid of the military completely
although that money and then just send the right or rural areas, conflict in a room with only one knife and Putin and the right or in it, and only one has to come out, but there's only one knife and it's on the table there, both equal distance from it, who come walking out of that were again in the rocks. What it all these battles I'm, not I'm not sure all the Rhine operator, the battle the rocky instead, the rock like a hundred times when you just keep walking towards you honestly, you can probably get so much muscle that second ahead, an organ background with a fat. That's what that? That's, why? I am all of this. You go out at me in the stomach you're not going to reach anything. That was smart. Anything. Thank you very much self freak. I am, I helped freak, so I am trying to eat healthier and I am but the thing his life
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remember the police officer that did the video about Lebron James on Tik Tok in case you missed it here. It is spent the disturbance we have, the Braun call myself on right away. Please thank you. She's me, sir. He's need not keep them I've please, sir, certain. Oh, no, sir, don't stop it no stop said a whole on the lot. It's love on IRAN A yet again, Listen, I'm out here just disturbance corner the guy trying to stab another guy with a knife. What think I should do wonders them lie: ok, whether both black bronchitis, trying to stab another guy with a knife to Delhi forces completely justified.
So you don't care if workforce and kills another black person do care of white cap children's like person. Even if he's doing to save the life of another person, I mean it doesn't make a hole in a sense, but then again you are really good at best most, I guess I'll take your word for it. So this is this a tick tock video he was. They wanted to fire him. His Marshall stood up for him and they suspended in poor, weak and there's much more to the story nature. History is on with us now getting ready to go back to work tomorrow, right that attract Glenn, how area I'm good error. Are you know I'm good, I'm I'm I'm a little. Sturbed because I'm a part time resident of Idaho and all these Californians are moving in and their wrecking it they're making. Where is he here, the other they are yeah. Civil
the the mayor is seemingly this. What I hear he why It's too. He wants to fire you because he thinks it'll make him famous or get me in a bonus. You know some sort of anti liberty points to fire you for this year, then let them More than that, I'm hearing so far. They have a job and spoke to her. underwater tomorrow, but I do not believe in The liberal area and the city officials are very liberal and they weren't happy with the tick tock and they made they did want to fight, but the lucky. For me, I have a very common sense. We all Marshall, who went to bad for me I'll try to remain neutral at the same time, so as not to put our own job at risk, but so far it I mean the suspension wasn't great, but I still have a jobs. That's good
I think you can always get a job in Texas or you know. Other parts of the state I mean I put good. Words were hit another part of the state library if you had a year, a friend that created go fuck me campaign that's right and you will you just wanted. He was just trying to raise enough money for this. Suspension and I dont, know what they pay police up in Idaho, but last night, when I checked it, was it four hundred and fifty four thousand eight hundred and thirty one dollars so that might be a little higher than the weeks away. slightly get its own, we all glad I add the amount of support that I've been shown has been very humbling and in almost it's been overwhelming, and not just with the donation do they go find me the mean the letters in that the text messages and their emails people from all over
country and even in some parts of the world, Canada, Scotland, Mexico, let me people are people- are really stepping up here, it's really amazing. To me that Leubronn can say anything and nobody is in an uproar over it yeah, but You can't do anything even humorously poke back with something that is very common. There's no there's nothing that you said that was offensive in that nothing right in the yard. It doesn't make any sense, Leubronn and you're a stupid, stupid basketball player. So why would we care How is the morale of your compatriots well they're they're still reeling from this thing. I work in a very small men. I have five five co workers, including Supervisors and aid been building
your than hundreds of phone calls they. Actually, this is really cool. They actually printed out all of the EU in support of me, right now there about ten thousand One could show that to the City council to say: hey, look. We have much more support than we do opposition that I think there are like five total complaints, so we have over ten Elden emails and show of support, though it there I mean it's, it's definitely a break. in what I would describe as may be the minutiae of working and Bellevue Idaho. So, but they do happen with a bit of a headache fielding other phone calls and visits to the station. So that's the only party feel bad about. Is there very busy now because of me? But why that's better than some places in the country I mean. I know Bellevue not like this. This is a sad example here of political correctness. That is gone just insane, but at least you're not. You know a cop,
in some of these other cities, LOS Angeles or in Minnesota, and I don't know how you guys are going to continue to do your job mean went way you are coming under attack and being called the names that cops are being called. I don't know how you get up every day and and and do it You know my Marshall made a good points. She she told me that if they fired me than she would walk off the job, So I said no, don't do that. Please don't sacrifice your job for me and you said was not necessarily all about you of it. The city officials can't have your back or a silly tik Tok video, then what happens when we have a critical incident and God forbid, we have to shoot someone. What happened then doing? Do we get left left out to dry? and no support from our from our you know. City council, with the rest of the community, Mrs you gotta get Goin that's happening. All over the nation were saying good men and women police officers walk off a job,
because there's no reason to do it anymore. I think that's. Why you're, I think, that's why you're go fuck me account went up so high people dont know how to support these guys, which I am really grateful. I've heard you talk about what you're in. With the money you're actually gonna, use that money to support other officers right. Yes, so well, the fund just started flowing in like they did very unexpectedly, I said: well, what do we do with this? I can't just keep this all to myself. That that would be. That would be the right thing to do so. I started brainstorming with my friend and another sort of a business, a friend of mine that got em some experience with this thing, and we came up with the idea to creed I'm sort of like a like a scholarship foundation for displaced officers. They find themselves in similar situations. we can reach out to them, and you know if they miss a week pay or a month pay then we'd be able to help them out with you. No help them out.
Naturally and if they have legal fees, they can use the funds for that. So antagonistic yeah than its primary stated, but that will work, That is fantastic. Last I, when I checked it, was at four hundred fifty four I'd like to see if the audience could get up to half a million dollars it. It's a great great cause. To be able to help other officers. I know I know several people who were like. I don't know what to do. One of them, we have to strengthen the the backbone. officers. Let them know that there are not just out in the cold with a giant attorney fee that they are facing. We need to fight back on these things. Legally, yes, yes, I agree Agri Nate. Thank you How much I appreciate your sense of humor. I thought the the tiktok video altogether videos are stupid, but Personally I have heard this was funny
and- and I think stool agree anytime- you wanna take on Leubronn have at it a hundred percent agree and we have got got other other ideas around in my mind that right now good we look forward to thank you so much arrested when you bet you can buy the way go to the Gulf on me page. Just it is the go on me. Please help officer Sylvester and other families. Joe Just the search for that and you'll be able to you you'll be able to help out please these help officer, Sylvester and other families. This is the master, the Glen Back Programme, and we really want to thank you for listening. We are thrill
As always to have TIM Ballard with us. He is the founder of operation, underground railroad. and the ceo now of the Nazareth fund. And he has one hat, of a rescue story to tell you today, item how I create to be here good to have you, did you first tell me about this? Trump was in office. Yoyo was it was several months ago it was amazing rescue operation and when we have been able to tell until right now because of All things are in place, so many ok, amazing actors involved. I mean from tony into the White House to me- was nuts. Let me just Ask you this well here at the White House that a huge loss to the sea. if trade movement, to lose Donald Trump. He was exe, optional this exceptional on this issue,
millions of dollars down ranged on the server ever care on the rescue operations just talking about it evolved who is actually even a louder voice and lots of plans in place, and they all stopped. They stopped. That is tragic, especially with what we have going on in the border. Now, yes, I mean people too. Have you any idea? What's going on and the border and the human trafficking it is, we're incentivize and get our policies are incentive, rising area because were it's this horrible policy that says, if you come across with a child. In your hand, you basically within seven two hours, are released into the states to notice who appear or we called knows to disappear because they notional up another in the country that is, it is gotta recycled, these kids and the using them to as ponds, basically it appearing them with with with clients of smugglers, but events these kids and these women there being traffic there being sold on the path to the United States.
and we're just saying keep coming, keep coming in and was it over were creating the mermaids, its sober it has a bad okay. So tell me this story and you have to lay the parameters out because there's things we can't talk about now, including the countries of destination and origin wrecked, which is fortunate, because the country of origin kind of ads extra layer ray. I now trouble near, but going Together, we its latin american country, and this is happening. We have acted expanded our mission statement to include not We children, but also women. Women are four times more likely to be trafficked and with all these codes, shut down and log downs. having women who are being trafficked from Thailand into Africa from Lattimer? countries in the Caribbean so work. This is, representative of a lot of places and lots of things were doing, but this story, ten women-
nationals. Yet I mean these are one: was a law enforcement officer believe it or not? Why there about the more important fact, fifteen children amongst all of them are trying to take here, their kids, their countries and collapse, and This woman shows up one day. This is about a year to a year and a half ago, and says I can give you a job in a very high and resort town island in the Caribbean, and it was a profession job. These were all prairie professional women and the professional job. This person came into the country where nobody had a job right and said look. I know you have to feed your family and we the professional job and this woman looked professional and she had the pictures in the and it's a real, town that everyone's familiar with come on down and it's a few hour flight from your home and All these women gave their children to grab my grandpa aunts and uncles, in some cases, husbands and for three months journey.
To go, make some money. It is to save their families and they get there and you mean different times. I didn't coming but they have they land and their passports are taken to process. Some are given drinks, but they all I have one thing in common: they wake up in another country where they don't, big, the language while one of the most horrific curve two countries in the World Bank and the way literally naked and raped, immediately and told this is your new life? You will, you will work here and you will be a sex. Slaves is in essence they have these women Glenn. We because our guys were on the ground there and literally into jail cell behind the brothel little bought bars lock from the outside and art. Got the lead. We actually looking for kids, in this area, and we got this lead that there's a bunch of these were these women, who does the language. They don't want to be there Argos when in pretending to be clients and
First time they went and above all, these women are praying women just They were just bring every night. God send us anyone, someone, because there's no way out. What can they do? No passport does speak the language, No way to communicate with anybody- and this is where this stuck. I'll go in and start talking about doing a party at this brothel night club kind of place, with the owners navy their buying? My great you know, one of the women's looks up and sees our guys who look. They look like sex tourists in our guys are awesome. Undercover operators, but sent something it was a spiritual connection. Truly, we talk to them later and they said we sent something about your guys, their differently. Something different about them so they rode a little note. I gotta get together in one of the women wrote in her left hand, so that couldn't be traced back just in case there. Spear Grant was wrong right. their left hand, a. U than those put forward, help us police and why
over to one of the operator should actually here that the studio today and gave it to him and he opened. It looked at it. He called me immediately. you won't believe it's like we ve been made, but I think by the right people they know who we are. And later they just said garages, something about you guess again, it was the sturdy little to India. so we were able to get in now. This country, as you know, blank as we ve, talked a lot about it. In fact, you ve been the Venice Eric yes very correct area, and we know this and in other people's they dont work in this country because you wanna, come you re, leave them as we have no choice right. So we livery go into this place, the capital a great ago warrant signed. It looks legitimate They get into the place to get the girls out and the cops taking money from the traffickers right in front of our guys and we
get the girls out immediately. We had this plan ready to go in case. This happened, our guys are literally despite being chased by pass and traffickers. Running with these ten girls from safe, how to save us, we're planned out and layered. So we had another law enforcement agency who we didn't tell about the operation in the same country, knowing that we have probably for about ten twelve hours before they figure out how to leverage the who situation in their benefit, but we got then we got them bear clean for the time we needed to be clean and they help us get the passports but we're running around its the whole thing was found that has been produced into a documentary. That's gonna come out hopefully by next year. That is crazy. It we have some We have some footage of. I don't know if we ve been playing it here. This is the after the rescue footage. where you guys. I think this is when you guys earth Trying to
you shall twenty robins jet there. So the story, historic, it's crazy we, basically we Health from the U N, in a neighbouring country that gives them temporary visas it over in their livery hiding for seven weeks in another country. close enough to the traffickers, three to where they can't come out so there in hiding for seven weeks and on what we do We can't take him to a commercial earth liner airport, because I think that with their traffickers ever looking for these girls, this a ton of money, they're losing and they're not going rested because that is paid to the cops off extremely dangerous. We generally worked his way. We generally that would leave. What do you do? Yeah yeah, yeah ignatyevna, going to get him out. So. I call tony Robins set Tony Gotta get these girls out of this country. And I can't take him through a republic. What he says, no problem, but they didn't even batman
I'm sending my seven thirty seven down right now to pick him up. Just like that and then, with the problem of where they gonna go, they can't go back to their Country you know where that places the candle back there. No, the traffickers got them from their. They know where their houses are, their homes are look We had a super tight connected with the White House in the time again, just like Tony one phone call, the White House, we need these Is this never happens? That does not mean that I can give us visas, there's no net the threat to deny stayed Rona instantly not really no problem can it you'll have the sooner we can put em out visas for them and and got them to to do at its any the White House. Didn besides this, by the way at all, is right in the middle an election year and based on the country, it was, and I mean it would have been a great poet of any massive massive story and massive story that played on so many different angles, and it's one of the reasons again. Why,
my thoughts of Donald Trump and his family have just change so deeply. He didn't I exploited. He know the end Quite honestly he should have, but he didn't we, even ask them not to we would is hoping they wouldn't, because we don't want this. You know right to have a discussion about. No, you can't do it right and even ask didn't even ask but said we do, request that they come and get an official welcome at the White House, Unbelievable Tony's playin takes him to do you. They have taken to the White House in theirs told welcome to the United States people not a camera in the place on below anew unbelievable and the other stop Tony requested? Please come to my house. I want their first day of freedom to be at my house, which is Beautiful new mansion on the ocean- and that was literally their first steps on american soil- were because they went from the tarmac to a bus there first, Tony's house and oh my, just tears everywhere, Tony and say just sharing
with prayers and gives those people are amazing, unbelievable people here really truly amazing. Really, you know you can see quit. You want about Tony Robins, but until you ve met him, you I mean it's easy to think. That's! That's just you know he's just do it here he is one of the most to his wife is about my gun, amazing that really genuine Maybe we genuine eve. better than you see them on stage a mean: oh yeah, cameras on off the same people, no matter what Exactly the same
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