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Rudy Giuliani released even more Hunter Biden information alleging some terrible things, and a new photo emerged allegedly of Joe Biden meeting with Hunter’s Kazakhstani business partners. Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch discusses his new book, “A Republic Under Assault," and the real effects of the COVID-19 lockdowns. Jason Buttrill talks the most recent Hunter Biden revelations and the media and social media’s concerning response.

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Calling all patriots prison? Donald Trump wants to make sure you are prepared to vote on November. Third, the red. Democrats are doing everything in their power to stop Republicans from winning and we want to make sure patriots like you are heard. This is the election of our lifetime, a vote for Donald Trump is a vote to save our country, make sure your ballot is counted text poles. LEO Ella, less to AIDS ro to to find your pulling location. You know it
so great. Is yesterday's podcast we had Jeffrey tubing actively resting his hands in his lap. Happens by God. I love this. Did you see this from CNN? What's his name, the little Short Baldwin fat called ugly? What's his name, I believe you're referring to brain stem? Yes, that's him so should actually said yesterday. This is horrible because it was an accident. It was an accident. I've never fallen off my bike and then suddenly accidentally bastard, I'm sure it was an accident that he was cause on again, but I don't know it can be said for robbers like you're, her Dixon aggravated guys are so we had that yesterday today we start with the really sorted disturbing tale of Hunter Biden, that that shows that, at least on the surface I dont want to use somebody of this at all without really having this to rest. It is in the hands of the police now, but really Giuliani showed an email last night from Hunter vital to his father, saying about how he's endangered little kids in sexual relationship with some fourteen year old. I mean it's pine for yesterday when the news we just about Jeff Tarifa, Jeffrey Tube. Quite obviously, we also have a lot on that the communist socialist Marxists plan and and how to overcome that what you need to do. We also have judicial watch on to talk about things: the memos, the emails from vouchers and China that, even with the foyer request and a court order that looked like they are going to release any time soon. All of that and so much more on today's broadcast and don't forget nine o clock Wednesday night. We do the Glen Back specialist tonight. It's really Giuliani for a full hour, no holds barred and ask him every question that I think the press should ask him. It'll be tough questions and and questions that he wants to answer both sides, because we really want an answer to this tonight only underlines tv and, if you subscribe to place to me tonight, use the name: Glenn you're, gonna, save thirty percent, so that's blaze, tv dot, com, Slash, Glenn, Promo, code plan, sexually explicit materials involving under age, girls from hunger brightened with the police in Delaware,
I want you to know this. Is really serious. If this, It is true- and it I mean I believe the emails I haven't seen anything else. There is something wrong with the emails on what he's talking about with under age lovers, but I haven't seen them. I don't ever Wanna call somebody a pedophile if they are not a penny file We do know that he is out of control. This is sick, and really needs to be addressed. and this has nothing to do with the election? I am variant listed in the corruption of Joe by we know his son is sick. If he knew about this and that's the problem, it looks like Joe Biden knew about this again, to give you the email from Hunter to his father,
he knew about this- we are in a hurry, different ballgame tax messages and photos discussed by Giuliani and shown last night here, too, have been found in a laptop hard drive that purportedly belong to the fifty year old son of Vice President Joe Biden, who is now the democratic presidential nominee, those computer materials are already in possession of the FBI. But there's an update on that'll give you in a minute courting really Giuliani and he showed it last night. There's a text message to hunters Father in which he as the following the he's discussing his sister in law, who for quite some time was his lover. He said quoting she told me therapists that I was sexually inappropriate. This would be, with the unnamed fourteen year old girl, the, Ex messages shown on the screen with some parts blacked out, as Giuliani, continue to read from them said
Biden Sister in law, the went on to say that being sexually inappropriate with a rejected When she says that I face time naked, with her the reason I can't have her out to see me is because I'll walk around naked smoking crack something some being girl on face time when the press when she was pressed. She said that rejected name never said anything like that, but The bottom line is that I created and caused a very safe environment for the kids. Unsafe, unsafe dogs are unsafe environment for the kids, it's there. I would let it go, but then says adapted friend, rejected, sober coach, Ok, so this appears to be he's talking about Halley by the widow of Hunter
other above whose died, they have add a romantic relationship until spring of last year. Giuliani says. The text he read were supported by numerous pictures of under age girls, but, didn't get into what they showed. The former mayor also did provide exact date for when the messages were sent, but at one point suggested it was around three years ago. neither the Biden campaign nor Hunter Biden has denied any other element of the email stories up until now that age then not. I'd anything and not really shed light on the Euro bindings, former business ventures and struggles with drugs though the former vice president had called it a smear campaign. This goes beyond what we saw with the latter.
top memos about the Joe Biden in bed have so to speak with three chinese communist who were sending money to the quote big guy and that money was ten million dollars to be held for the big guy last night, the Delaware State Police Apparently Rudy, Giuliani and Bernard cleric delivered materials, dont know if that was the hard drive or the laptop or, but we don't know, but it was livered to thee. Delaware State Police. They would not comment on that. Whatever one of the the Delaware eight police spokespeople was on unable to confirm or deny whether those materials had been handed over as ready Julie
claimed. However, it appear this is According to the source actually delivered text, messages and photos to the New Council County Police Department. They have the DR or the laptop, or something of that effect. We're gonna get me Or tonight, at nine o clock with Rudy Giuliani as he joins me live two to talk about what's on the hard drive where the hard drive came from, I really want to hear from you today. I'd like to take your phone calls, eighty eight thousand seven hundred and twenty seven Beck. What is it that you think needs to be asked tonight. I want to ask the questions of Rudy Giuliani that no one in the media will ask, and I've got hon of questions, but I want to hear, Do you have a suggestion that maybe I should put up top of the list? This is really important interview. There are people there
don't believe, and it's the be. No, it's amazing is press is not debunking any of this right there not doing it. You know what they're talking about they're talking about the story that the story of the story so they're not talking about What the story actually is they're talking about how fuller, covering or not covering the story without Information which shows you the penetration Nazis. But who shows you how how exposed how many people know about this story. Paul us now. Eighty eight seventy seven be easy Kay now, there's another photograph that has now appeared
a new photograph from the laptop has emerged of democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden Policy, with Hunter Biden and is it kazakhs an oligarch who reportedly worked with the former VP scandal son the picture. First, published by causes. Stani anticorruption website follow the? revelations last week, detailing how Hunter binds overseas business dealings and report that Biden was a go between to broker U S, investments with their causes, Stani former president- This photo was shared by the Kazakh Stani Initiative on asset recovery and it's a picture of Hunter Biden. The former
prime minister and his son and also Hunter Biden. the daily mail published four, day detail rules of Hunter binds alleged work in Kazakhs and claiming he dined regularly with business men. There and did to facilitate investment, for is cash in New York. Wash indeed see and Nevada Mining Company. so here's the thing that the guy he's in the picture with has clear, ties to the full. more president, who was running Yclept, administration, stealing the wealth of that country blind and Hunter Biden is now in a picture with joy, Biden. and these people that we're trying to get their money out of classic Stan and into the United States.
The same thing we now know from New Doc since that Peter Switzer had that are not related to the laptop that. That's it exactly why they received three and a half million dollars from the oligarch in Russia. The the wife of the former mayor of Moscow. So now you have clear pattern developing now this picture is important because, Joe Biden said now they ve, never look. Our official calendar shows. I never met with these guys. Yeah, well, you're official calendar does Leave us space open on fortunately the picture shows that you did. and this Isn T a U s picture. This is a pig Released by the Anti Corruption Department in Kazakhstan,
so how many sources are we gonna have to these discredit. Law enforcement sources reported are confirming the emails in question. Including one which the ukrainian officials were thanking. Hunter for, inviting him to meet his father are real FBI. Has declined to confirm whether or not its examining the laptop at its contents but they are now saying these letters. These emails are real. Yesterday, a reporter said so Wisconsin's Republican Centre RON Johnson put out a statement on homeland Security, Letterhead saying Hunter Biden. Gather with other by family members, profited off the by name. Is there any legitimacy to Senator Johnson's claims? Biden said none that's so ever now. This is really important, none
what's whatsoever. This is the same garbage really Rudy Giuliani trumps Henchmen it's the last ditch effort in this desperate campaign to smear me and my family there's no loose. there's? No ever there's nothing here. Listen to this! even the man who served with him on that committee, The former nominee for the Republican Party said there is no basis to this end. The vast majority of the intelligence people have come out and said there is no basis at all he's talk. being about something that was said long ago he's not talk, king, about the new evidence. Have you noticed that every Statement has been about what the Republican said. Even Donald trumps, own supporters said under oath. when was that questioning that was during the impeachment and, there was no smoking gun.
we didn't have any of these documents at the time, so he is trying to say no, Everybody is already clearness of this, no not of these new documents. Whilst Journal editorial came out today said Joe Biden has two and answer the questions now about this, on Johnson asked the secret service to provide information about hunters travel. History says needs it. Next ten days we don't have any word on whether that's happening or not, I want to give the theory when I give you a theory on why this laptop showed up this repair shop. It is only a theory. But I think it's worth exploring
I'm gonna give you a theory. People are and how to divert blocked Biden. Why would he possibly drop this laptop off. have you ever known, anyone to self sabotage. Have you ever known anyone who, just why, things to stop but doesn't know how to stop them. what Giuliani shared last night was text, message to Joe Biden from his son, and I just want to give you just this. He said The sister in law is Ed claimed that I was being sexually inappropriate when she's That I face time with someone naked with her, and the reason I can't have her out to see me is because I'll walk around naked smoking crack.
And also doing something with girls on face time. She I pressed her. She said that she never said anything like that, but the bottom line is, I create caused a very unsafe environment for the kids not sure he's talking about some third party, for Ten year old, I thinking be talking about. Bows children when he as I created a varies unsafe environment for the kids. If it's top there. I would let it go but there, He goes on and it's all rejected. He's discussing this with his father at an inn. Another email that I read that was discussing about how he has put the family in danger.
and he also is little angry with his father, because he said this is the campaign. That's doing this and he's here expressing sorrow and anger and desperation. He wants out. I think it's possible. but whether he knew he was doing it or not. If that signature of Hunter by turns out to be authentic, and he is the guy who dropped it off. I think it's me. as he wanted this to end. I think his father, you know start good things about Joe Biden with his kids and he was just protecting, but these documents. Show Joe Biden. was using his son to enrich the family and you
Do that to somebody who is struggling from massive massive alcohol and drug problems, you don't and it it appear. If these things are true, it appears as though he knew about it and he was using his son Andrews trying to hold him together. So he could enrich the family, that's despicable and, if that's true it makes sense that Hunter would release this because he wants out and his father is, is part. the problem that he's facing he can get away from his problems, because Father is like just do these things, it's Michael Corleone, and an Fredo its accession What, however, is the fruit of the eyed and family is writing succession for them. It is he's just Kendall. I've watched the show at all on HBO yeah, It is it's that store it basically
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splitting a global pandemic for partisan or personal gain, that's what's happening- and it is no good reason for the continued locked down other than political agenda, mostly to get Donald Trump. In fact, the science suggests that some of the measures are are on fallen dangerous, indelibly. There's new numbers out. I just yesterday Talking about how young people, being killed in part thanks to the lock down, will travel so You ve got the increased ass related to those who have been forgotten. Just awful. It is, and you know we ve never had bought, downstairs to curtail an epidemic like this. It's it's never but before human history, the idea you would shut down an economy took her talent. Epidemic is the equivalent of gonna kill the patient to save him. until we ve had it
article experiment done on the american people. I don't recall, given informed consent to it now. And there is no one basis for CDC. Recommended it and what is that, then we have. people praying in New York for fear for fear, being arrested, being told you know you were the one kind of mass you'll be thrown off the plane. You can't even apple anymore, you're so restricted in your library and now we're using it as an excuse to curtail and suppress the right to vote? The left is telling people they're going to die. If they vote in person, they should have to choose their help over their boat, which is about the most depressing thing. I've ever heard from the right to vote until it's results people were lying on a more risky way to vote, voting by now. So is it up ending
tyres society. We need open society up again. We gotta get a freedom that will you you mean lodged a Ford a request for the FAO Chee emails between forty and the w h? Oh, what? What are you you think you're going to find and did they deliver them I don't think we got him yet. I thought I think we're supposed to get a bachelor legal. I didn't want to give us anything until after the election and I request that was really. Quite specific item was done little friends. The daily call foundation that give us males around the beginning of a pandemic communications between found. She is top deputy concerning W H, Yo China, and I call on the Irish and I'm a charitable guy. Why am I I was thinking. Maybe the Chinese were lying to us, want to figure out what they were telling us and what lies will nominate their accuracy. I give us the document,
they ve been following the least little packages, only four thousand pages or child there telling us how she has we view which is rather extraordinary they should act like saying your master will review every email before get away. That already didn't happen, but the that's what's happening now, and so we ve got enough what did fell G and they CDC know em were being told by China and evaluated. At the corner. I was in the beginning, you epidemic it's kind of it. Port in issue. If a political fight right now and you have the deep state holding up the wreckage so you didn't believe in the deep state- Four years ago I was kind of there I mean I I didn't like term deep state, but I did think that there was a, you know a legacy class of federal people that just didn't really care. I think that's what
deep state is, but it's it's more insidious than that as we are seeing now, if you didn't believe in sixteen ok, but if you do leave it now, you're, either in in self imposed. Ignorance or you just don't pay attention at all, I use my initial phrase, for it was all government is: is this government the things it beyond control by civil authorities, a meeting, people, like it and put in place, actually learn the government by the american people Fair Democrats and Republicans President's probably know exactly I'm talking about your resistance in at the top. echelons of the agencies must either the senior executives service senior let's literally there to see you at your service, but the top level civil servants who think they know better. Then the p arms put in place by the american people and
they just have contempt for anyone who thinks that they can tell them what to do. They see them. else as long term measures and political appointed a short term that's true, whether you democratic bubblegum, now you're a Trump republican work. Conservative The contempt is beyond all measure, because the dirty little secret is the deep state leadership on talking about it's entirely. Practically speaking a Democrat and left, you talk about the deep state in in your new book and I I want to ask you it's different than it used to be. I think, Obama administration, and we have shown documents that that lead one to believe. This is absolutely true and verifiable that they really almost militarized that deep stay, they really were putting the final touches on it, so we could go on and on and on, and I think that
Why Donald Trump is so dangerous too. What we have going on in the federal government, because he's not part of it and he is such a wrecking ball that he's, supposing it all of it all going to see anyone actually go to jail on the things that are happening. Not without a radical change in whose doing investigating and prosecuting I'll, take the Justice Department under its current leadership, the FBI, the current leadership is gonna. Do anything more than we seeing that today, my perception has been taken. Modification but more fully lacking and you just can't rely its common old adage. What you can you on one agency, the member state itself and that's what's happening essentially with the Justice Department you received with the laptop It's a we laptop all over again when they had it
the hide it and they only first up to having at once someone who was the one. Is there going to be a way for the american people to know I mean, I think we already. I think the american people are realising oh wait. A minute there is something to this is is ere it. You see an end to this, that the press finally says oh, like they do, With the wiener laptop well, you know we were as the book accounts we talk about, are exposed. in the current state of play scandal in August, two thousand sixty will in time. For that time, just when the documents came out, thank because the cover up ended then, as we broke it open, and I think this is what this is Hilary reader and you know? The grand jury is probably gonna, be voters on election day and they're going to figure out
whether they want to indict Joe Biden one way or another, and that the big question will you write extensively in your book about voter suppression, and an how's. This is going to possibly change everything. The name of the book is republic under assault by Tom Fit, and so so Do you have confidence that the, I won't be able to pull off voter fraud on a massive scale and chew. the results of the election and now and we see this with the Pennsylvania willing, which actually covered arrows. that allows balance to be cowed without a postmark. More frankly that when any, now becomes an after a vaccination began impose Martin, I know just it it's an opening, asian gone cod undermines confidence in you. I can't I had become convinced, even since I've written a book and became even more than
the left as euro interest in Europe. They don't care about what they got a process in place in a programme and play to overturn the results of the election of the current job. They don't like and in a we talk just I'm sure you talked about the rendition integrity project. Will you had your game and the guy, I'm buying was no one other than John Podesta and their war gaming was pushing it The Congress and having certain states threatened The seed from the union in order to have the Biden, electoral college slate seated I think you miss the. I think you miss the headline there, that or game was what, if Donald Trump wins in a landslide and there's no way to change the result. There's no court case that can change it. He just openly winds in a landslide. What do we do? anyone who wanted a the integrity to be
involved with the transition would say we admit defeat, but that that's not what they did they. Said what you just said: that's their plan if he wins in a landslide, so sure enough, the laughter Turning it's the right that one except the result of the election when, in fact the left is planning for the title, acts that good precipitate a silly. And how do I know about this? I read about it in the New York Times agent. And we're attack for raising Barnes about why this is the best one day programme, we say to our chief researcher Jason, bilateral who was working on another, show that we're gonna have to air next week? Now it's on the binds one hundred day plan his first one hundred days in office, if indeed winds itself, little terrifying
but we had to change, because we booked Rudy Giuliani for a full hour tonight, just to talk to us about the King NEWS, that that really came out last night, which is really disturbing, so it works, and so there is a lot actually the came out last night we had the we had the Kazakhs and photo that proved a lot of that stuff right just a second. So if you don't know what that is Joe Biden has denied that he and his son met with the leadership of calves, Kazakhstan, which, their word. They were. There were many accusations of money laundering and trying to get the well of the nation out of out of Catholic Stand and job said no. There's nothing on our official record there. I don't recall that that didn't happen while Mallory. picture and it continues to deny that he discussed any of his sons, business opportunities everywhere. He was running around doing for foreign policy things, but weak
showing that that is false. Seeing there's no way he lied. He was these the right there there's a photo shown into that and that is to say what he did. But unfortunately, there are also comes with all kinds of documents now and not just from the laptop, but from Hunter widens former partner whose in jail prison and his lips pissed off about it. In a few days ago, told Peters, wiser, come over and I will give you access to my Google email drive and and I'll give you access to twenty six thousand emails, and now the news that other haven't move him out of the facility to he's out to another one, because they fear that he might be at risk They should put him where what's his name was his fine and the cameras, I'm sure I'll work, you have he's probably going right directors, gonna write and then also week. We got the news that the FBI had is also in agreement with the intelligence community, as the d j that look
this is not a russian disinformation operation, it is not there you have the dna, Thou. You also have the FBI and the o all saying this is not true. I just story right before we got on the air with MSNBC how trump supporters are being convinced of the truth of these conspiracy theory. So this this is absolutely insane they're taking the word over Adam Shift, the run their Adam ship is where the most of this came from he's That said it, the dna had to make a very rare public announcement to denounce it? but they're, not even listening to that they're, not listen to the empty ideology or the dna, their lists, to Adam Schiff Every single major outlet I'd say why They have seriously cross the line. During this election I mean it is insane how they are sticking with that narrative and running with it. They won't even comment on this. I don't think your post even still had the least even have access to their twitter account even still
I don't think so from the post from now. I dont think that I don't think so they are they. The post was told that they after retract the story before they get their their twitter feedback. That is absolutely in saving now, especially how much more fact checking do you need to do their independent fact. Checkers are going to work, but I mean, if you notice, the stories in the media today are not about the story, thereabout, it's a story about how story has been blocked or released yet so they ve skipped even telling their audience. What story is if you're listening You know if you're listening from you know the left, you would know that. There was a hard drive, its quest general? There was some documents and the media and the and twitter and Facebook blocked it because they were trying to protect from conspiracy theories. That's all you know tat.
it was amazing is if they would have left this alone and just ignored, it would have been a lot more. It would impair lot smaller. They actually also put out a report saying how they actually caused us to go. Viral went viral after they should be put the light on this when trying to censor this is This is a lesson to the heavy. Never watched are studied any authoritarian dictatorship all throughout history sensors is what brings them down. They push radicals into a corner when radicals any exist before They forced them to go underground; they force them to bring all this stuff out in public and that's what they're doing so, what what's the analysis of? Why they're doing it and they obviously you'd, have to have some awareness of this is a genuine and their arrogance there We are bring themselves down just think they are the ones that are gonna yes seed and they don't. I honestly believe, either honestly believe Their own bubble is the
bubble that really matters or exists, as you think, that's a big part of it. I think some, I honestly think you look like the extended conversations with some of these guys at these tech companies. Some of them not all some of them actually think they're being blocked. Arbiters of free speech in a in an appropriate way in a weird away in a weird. Why but like because think legitimately, things are absolutely no like. They think this is false information. I don't think they do. I nor do I think, maybe, of them do, but I think anyone who is actually looking and says. Well, I see a magna report on a, but let me just look at it the eye think you're you're you're too far to intelligent to actually look at these things and say: yeah, there's nothing here I mean it's clear, nobody's the button campaign is, Walking all other denials go back to the denials from the impeachment hearing there saying that you know
and all drugs on people testified that there was nothing no wrong doing. That was there was six months ago. As of this, that's not this. Tell me, What you think about the the really disturbing. a story that Rudy Giuliani and Bernard Cleric, broad apparently to the Delaware, police of a Hunter Biden. Having sexual relationships with fourteen year old girl, so really disturbing. I I personally wish this would not have hit the media right now. I wish I am so glad that they caught it and I'm so glad that they send off the police whether this can be investigated. I just don't I he. There are a lot of people that are trying to make this story about Hunter Biden,
This is not a story about Hunter bite, and this is all about Joe Biden. Well, the reason why they came out is because he apparently admits it in a email to his dad. So his dad knew about it. So that's that connection but I I I tell you it's it's weird for a group of people who want to make it a all into conspiracy theories that they were, didn't, wouldn't immediately jump on that story and say see. This is how ridiculous it is. I think their shutting up on that particular story cause it is uncomfortable, it's not it's It's not a home run and automatic home run. You know I mean you have to think about that one and nobody wants to think about that they could easily make that into this is just salacious and crazy and bubble and they're not what does that Now I mean they refuse to denounce any of it really that later,
They they made a really, you know, half baked it. at the very beginning to say that, like this, that meeting between the ukrainian executive they couldn't find it on the schedule, which was not a denial, and it even later walked back that even pitiful and non denial they refuted any other? And again that goes well? You stupid. This is of people trying to say that it's not real. Are there part of some disinformation think nobody has denied it by This would be very easy for buying into the night crazy. Is it is just set the stage for a binding to be removed from office if he wins and come Allah Harris being the next President, United States, wouldn't that fabulous for all involved
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