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Glenn digs into recent research showing that the desire to fit in with popular culture may make people appear more politically extreme than they actually are. BlazeTV host and author of "Why Thanksgiving?" Steve Deace explains why he believes a red tsunami midterm election is coming. Michigan gubernatorial candidate Tudor Dixon joins to discuss her race and blasts Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's disastrous policies. 

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And what a great show today stew is here too, and I dont understand how that happens. Not every show is be perfect. Who is he? How are you get? How are good you know how to yesterday I started as a hopeful and optimistic and which is usually a bad sign yet, but in this case I don't think it is now a thing. So did I think, other some reasons for optimism, written real, easy reasons. We get the stats from you and then Steve dace reinforces this. Then we had tutor dixon on alley. Stuckey, this a great show, don't missis, Second of it, to buy sweat block. You got ninety nine cents right. What am I told get your hands on a product that you are going to love for only ninety nine cents ivan. Can you for a while about it, it's sweat block? And if you, if you listen to me, you know I love it,
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the man. Where do I even begin today? let's get the aid we give some obviousness by the way it showed a day we have steve days on who is really optimistic, and I asked some poles and everything else Everything is looking like. It's not that A red wave more like elevator scene in the shining where it opens up and just the blood and comes rushing out but will will If people don't use that as a positive yeah yeah, I know yeah, it wasn't really a positive, but that's kinda, looking like what this election might kinda look like or a red wave, so to speak,
another is, the hill has done some research and theirs there's, a new study from populous insights? Now this it's going to come as a shock to use do so learn. From this ok, somebody paid for this most likely. We paid for this study gang in the report's findings. They suggest american popular culture, the desire to fit into it have made they had made americans law far more politically extreme than they really are. study uses a clever methodology to measure agreement was statements that people might feel social pressure to reject even in a it online survey differences between stated and privately held opinions were as high as fourteen percentage points among americans sword even higher among certain sub groups militia,
feels who have spearheaded the progressive left in the last decade, but recently transition from full activism to the responsibilities of parenthood. Our privately more conservative when it comes to education issues, three quarters privately believe parents should have more influence in schools curriculums, so wait a minute, so once they get out of school and they have children they start to look at the world differently. Now, that's crazy and this is why abortion so important you know a man's it, rather it what are their cheery and on all the time YAP. Additionally, the youngest voters, those under thirty are privately, checking ideals that are, frequently associated with their generation. Just one in four privately believe c o should take public stances on social issues. What's more privately the If that racism is built into america, drops from sir
the five percent to forty two percent. Way, voters, including the youngest set privately shy away from the most progressive beliefs, maybe The reason president binds net approval rating fell. Seven points during the he can, which he announced the wealth redistribution student loan forgiveness plan. Now the Daddy does say doesn't mean that different don't exist, another shocking revelation, while yeah yeah, they say they do, but within the safety of an individual's mind, almost Every issue takes a step away from the accepted view of self prescribe tribes, rep blackens are less sat on overturning row, verses, weighed and have more reservations about turning the internet into complete the unregulated free speech zone now again
I would say that there is a lot of new wants. That's missing from that section bought that a surprise jamak that's, are less enthusiastic about masking to present prevent this. of covert. Nineteen and ass is likely to think colleges should sensor. Speech knows back good news. It is right. It is good news. It to me is common sense than theirs That may be. The poles are wrong because some People have felt that they might be hostile from society if they actually say how they're going devout. Well, I mean look The poles are, I think, very much favouring republic at the moment. I know everyone likes to bash the poles, but their showing good gate. And at this point maybe the poles are right right. and it's interesting because I think like
this is where I am with this to you mentioned the companies. For example, it's like, I really don't think that people would say what's the problem with these, but he's all these will. Companies are killing us. I don't actually think that's true. The problem is not that. Bed in jerry's wants to set cell ice cream to anti semites. If it's not that it's a problem, is a problem, but the general overhaul problem is did they do what they do in a sudden freedom? They want to shut down. Basically, Israel completely, that's a whole. That is a major problem, but, like tat, you know we talk about this a low tumblr patagonia, is a company that really has it has. identity and they and they say you know what we're about the environment, we're about environmentalism, ism, buyer crap. If you like that that I have no problem with that. what I have a problem with. Is our evil. If you don't agree with asean, don't buy our products and in addition to that of the company that isn't
ideological that actually isn't a left wing company being pressured. into taking all these left wing stands because of things like yesterday right. So why- companies? You do talk to the executors. We ve some of them on who say I was and all this crap was going on a nobody agreed with it, but we had to do it because of this in a bank in this investor. In this you know scenario and that's like press bring, I think, a lot of these companies that are just normal companies that want to sell crap into intellectual companies, there are some common it starts with a but with a mission of being a left wing company, just like patriot, mobile with a mission emission of being a conservative christian company in a boom boom. We see that all the time. That's not the problem. problem. Is these normal companies they get won over by this stuff and pressured into it? And that's it you don't see hobby lobby coming out in saying and we I want you if you're, not a christian,
We want you to buy your art supplies or your fat brags or anything like that. Never say that they never say that they never say why would they write? Viewed from there'll, be no justification. Justified should who you are and leave very about ales all by speaking of just the opposite we now know what is happening at the department of justice and the targeting for the what is it or we up to twenty six pro life individuals that have been charged with a face act now we're up to twenty six christian clark, pristine, color The assistant attorney general for the civil rights at the department of justice. She is the one she's, a vocal abortion proponent. She he's the one who is leading all of this. Now she, That's high ranking deal J,
and she's, and you know it's weird that, but she actually got that job she has the alliance defending freedom. I hate group library, university, fundamentalist christian school. She has said that the protesting anthony found, she should be publicly identified and named and far from any treatment at any public hospital. If and when they fall ill and denied cub each under their insurance is what happened to the days of universal health care, hind, unbelievable. She has hurled insults at republican politicians from a marquis ski
that, rather than going early summer, cows yeah she's voting to the democratic right here in the congressional re. Absolutely what a radical she supported the allegations of Christine blasi ford. She submitted testimony to the senate that Amy coney barrett was unfit to serve because she would likely rule to overturn rovers wade she also has critique pro life laws and courts than a pal them. Branding law protects down syndrome, babies. She said that was dragged draconian. so. She calls the pro life pregnancy centres, predatory and fake clinics. and are part of a coordinated strategy to tear down ro. This is who is running away civil rights office at the d o j by the way
she went to harvard where she argued in ninety. Ninety four to the student newspaper that black people have gone reader mental, physical and spiritual abilities than white people. Ah sheaf She also was passing around the S that was defending a cop killer and compare. the police to the clan that, where we still good news segment here. I'm sorry lives, not well. Here's a good news on this when we know who it is now we know it is We are maybe stretching the definition of good news. That is the fact we know who Dahmer is. We know the guy likes the teenagers that are then say hey. Why are these heads in this refrigerator is slightly better, not much better teenager, all right, okay, okay, how about this job Stewart has,
come out in his new show. That, apparently, is on exhaust. He says utter bite, and ukrainian business is key. Ruction street up off the bat he a segment on his show about hunter bide, niece, said knowledge or stretched a tie towards dad gnaws, not but he said we didn't pay tension to this laptop, and this is corrupt. What's going on is corruption so that's some good news. Sam, okay, some go nuance. Jon Stewart has reached. I've got really good news late. So I make sure I understand, since Jon stewart has reached the point, where he's no longer relevant to anyone he's now occasionally saying things that make sense. Okay, all right. Why do you have to? I just don't want to make sure the little black rain cloud? That's my gosh! Okay, how about this one iota sk ruining actor. Now I was really sceptical about hear me darting, poor, loyally
get worse, the true winning actor tim robins, huska aright, is clear, sizing to actors, unions for what he says are discriminatory, covert nineteen vaccine policy. Now it is a pastime to end your discriminatory policies, robin said and a new york judge ruled that all non vaccinated, new york city employees are reinstate their full employment, entitled back pay in salary from the dead. Determination K, so other people, have joined in on this and he says I'm ready to have a conversation. My attorney Why I'm paying the deuce you are prohibiting me from working This isn't the, but this isn't the best part. This is actually putting his money. Where maybe his mouth is, there was an art it came out yesterday on TIM robins that said I have been a fool
have been so divisive in the past and me being quarantine in in four cove. It has me, rethink everything he said that doesn't mean that he is switched. Sides are aiming for he's just said. I ve been divisive and we're not gonna get anywhere if we show each other down. so we have to have conversation. I I can't believe, I'm sorry, I'm an invite him. I doubt it'll do it, but I'm an invite him for the podcast really yeah. I remember remember he said some things about you back in the don't know he has. That was not a fan. Oh no, he's not! No! And no and I'm not asking him to be a fan. No, I'm asking them to have a civil conversation, and he should be. I mean everyone should be able to do that. It's a very basic human thing. People do when they disagree
it's interesting too, because I don't know his history on the vaccine stuff. But of course that was a you know a. It was largely a leftwing movement for a long time. You know people who are critical of vaccines that was kind of on the left for a very long, and you know there's a there's, a story about a county in in California, where it, The leading county for anti vaccine sort of stuff, where they still getting it now. Look, you don't look like one of idle carry you do you want to do, but one of the it was where the percentage was highest in the country big left wing, county was likely to an overwhelming daily democrat. They ve all switch now that the whole county has switch from aunt vaccine back too if you do not have the vaccine you're a bad person. Your kids, like the whole county in the last two years, has switched completely from the hot of anti back, seen back activity to the opposite, the complete opposite, everything
it's the item as a b c or as a right out of anthony found, cheeseman believe obliging. This is just an believe me when I was fascinating that it'll develop automobile usanga federation thing. You know he raised. I think two million dollars after that performance. After that performance, two million dollars came pouring in I've. Been there mate part that might be people looked at and said crap. Let's give him some money, maybe you can run some adds because that's going to buy it, I dont know what it is, but he did comment on it yesterday. He said Have you ever had dreams that that you add you what you could you do you? Will you once you you draw you so you you'd kill you you. He won't
you want to do you so much? You could do anything, so I didn't think about that. Actually, I know about argued. I know I know I know and don't press him on that no okra hater. I mean I really have good news and not not right now, but I have really good news coming up in a lot of it. This again the shining, being elevator doors, kind of a red wave, sir my colleague a bloodbath. I just say red wave now. I want. I want you to hear the story from the hill democrats. That's our second guessing the decision to put pencil. in the state senate nominee john fetterman on the debate stage. No, after a stumbling performance that put the spotlight on his condition. After a stroke, the state tenant governors, auditory processing problems right halting from a stroke proved to be a major part of the debate. Just two
before the election fetterman had number of awkward pauses and stumbles diddy. I didn't even notice that listened that are sure to be seized upon by the g, o p g, o p is going to pounce on this. Aren't they rush if you're going to do this? Take the video and play it saying. He's not capable of holding the job. This isn't about that. Yo p. Listen to this german steam never should have agreed to this debate clearly has serious health issues. K wait a minute, that's a democratic operative. he should have. They should have never agreed to the debate. Cause. He clearly has serious health issues. No, that's not the debate, It shouldn't be running or he clearly has I mean who says you can't pretend you didn't see what you saw. You can't wish or explain it away. You have to dig in and deal with it.
It's gonna mean we're. Gonna have to turn up the heat on oz No, the this is the best of the Glenn Beck program, the. How are you doing my man, I'm your brother. How are you well, I'm I'm pretty good, I'm always better. When I talk to you at least, this time around. usually the merchant of death it I just get. This is just really throwing me off, but now I mean you're giving me a lot of hope here, and so I want you to sing bird sing, tell what you think is happening in this election and what you see as the outcome will
quotes are the great prophet emperor palpatine. This is all proceeding exactly as I have foreseen links with when we when we got together two weeks ago, I I told you that I for our special here, I'm ablaze tv, the Wednesday night special on the election. I I told you that I saw three factors that were take this beyond away to assist as tsunami. I was away traditional wave elections and midterms. The party that won the presidency and their base is more fired up at the other side of the base. I should say it's more fired up and swing. Voters in the suburbs are enjoy it or the economy is not going well and they swaying, you know one way or the other. That's u traditional wave election like with the Democrats at and twenty eighty etc, where we are, looking at here, is a convergence of three outlier factors, number one. from swirl maugre base it like an estate like where I live. I awoke when we had thirty three counties that voted four obama once or twice they voted for tromp twice and that an and so a lot of us did the work on the ground, and I wouldn't turn it from a blue
lean red state trump made it a silently red state and in places like. I want those world market counties. There are not necessarily republican townish, but they are saying the republicans old, despite not having having trump to vote for it. That's number one number, two, We are looking at record low turn out of blacks across the country and if you want to know how much that matters look, it would scots and in two thousand and sixteen everybody sits hilary law that day because you never visited it and that's partly true it's mainly true is that there were twenty thousand fewer black voters in Milwaukee county in two thousand and sixteen, and there were in two thousand and twelve for obama, and that was almost entirety of trumps margin of victory in the state right there. So every still got ninety one percent of the black boat. Everybody always looks it decides that the slice of the pie and not the size of a slice of the pipeline, the size of the pie, turnout is down economically. They ve been crushed by democratic, well and culturally. They are just not down with the train
agenda and what's a girl and woman said, but not now, but you do have an all of government programme to get people ready third and to get out to vote now. That's not you know, they're, not equally. Looking for that. That way, farmer. The they are trying to get and boost. The vote for the Democrats and at an all of government with I don't even know how many hundreds of millions or billions of dollars that had been spent in just the last two years for this correct. But if you would states that have high black democrat voter populations. California, ford on hearing from little birdie than mine on the ground there. The voting numbers are way down in those communities and and and and and you can see that in Biden'S- almost record low approval for a Democrat with black voters now because of history all divisions. Those voters are not yet prepared to migrate positively to the geo PE. That's not the case with this panic orders and- and
This leads us to the third factor. I think we're, at a record migration of hispanic voters that are not just going to be depressed block, because their upset with democrat but affirmatively move into the republican allemande opening or just give you one example that I saw this morning connecticut district five. Is it trick that, even in a year when republicans picked up, fourteen house eaten two thousand twenty democrats, one that sheet by eleven point I point it has a twenty one percent hispanic spanish boat in connecticut five. That's a dummy like like forty percent higher than the hispanic population nationwide right to a large hispanic block here, pull out of it? district just came out this morning that had the republican candidate had not an old the republican how did it can win? Canada get five, but if democrats are dead ending connecticut five, then I just to show you what is cataclysmic really happening across the country, I'm gonna make it
action right now for your audience, when you and I are anchoring blasi bees election, I cover cheer nassau hold you accountable, all blame you. blame you, and we are optimistic spirit that you just tube doll of this in but a jinx on it If you are, I don't do optimism. I just do what I say right. People know that we're sitting here on election night. We get ready to shine off onto days from now here, ablaze tv when you and I sign off what we will be. Talking about the possibility that every jen major jeddak figure in the democratic party, other than Gavin newsome, was just wiped out of office while talking I'm talkin every major current when you think of people. They are grooming for national office, but the gretchen, wittmus, etc of the world that that almost them One of them that was up for election or re election in this campaign. In this
I call that are known entities, almost all their gen x leadership, except for Gavin newsom, wiped out by the time you and I sign off on this amazing cause. They already had a terrible bench, lose all these people don't know where they would go, and we are while retaining about really amazing people yeah, that's where they go so so your expect and I mean with me the republicans: they have a gubernatorial seats. Democrats have six gubernatorial seats that are not up for reelection. You see that democrats. What gaining? I think all right all right now, it's funny is real. Clear politics is beginning to catch up with me now. I know I think it's catch about. Two weeks ago, real clear politics announced basically appalling integrity project in two thousand and answered, I admit As for my man, stew, who sitting next year, because I I
I I empathize with Stu, I am- or my name is steve- I'm a recovering mainstream polling, addict, And- and so I I had to wean myself off of this ah here's what can do that actual data in two thousand and twenty guides. The nest nikita militia presidential election with with two candidate. They have a hundred percent, nay mighty. Everybody knows them. Their cemented into a higher turnout. Election should be easier to actually pull that it. Then I lower turnout, bitter ensued and twenty the polls that made up the real, clear politics pulling average were off on the national rates by an average of almost five points. Well outside margin for error, the state battleground state pulling was even worse than that, so they were for off. You know turn out high name Id the highest name id election, maybe in american history between Joe Biden, Donald trump. Where are they with fluctuations? all our demographics and smaller turn out in real terms, and I think real, clear politics two weeks ago started looking at the integrity of its own polling average and low
behold once they did that their forecast started. Looking a lot like mine, the other forecast we were just going over there forecast now is, is a shockingly optimistic examine. It is. It reads very close to yours no point in reading anything that any pulling that is that I'm the attic aggregated by five thirty eight at this point, Nate silver- has just decided to suck it is. Or got bought off. None of that makes any difference you have to follow, basically for if I paused on a national level that have proven they can identify. the maga or trumpet boat in this and they're, not all rasmussen, nature, auger or places like investor's business daily. A an emerson college have shown they're very good at it. I would urge audiences that want to follow point to look at their outlets. State level. There's a few more because you have a few more that our local that have been completely given themselves over yet and then you have to look at environment nanny after you have to understand
and when we are seeing situations with historically hispanic border counties, that has held out adjoining republicans in a state like taxes that that has been reached and an richards was retired. So we're talking about an entire generation now and they have held out blue blue blue blue blue when they suddenly go read its knock as their conforming to some texas reggie cultural identity, something they held out through all of that something new has occurred. That has prompted that. She, I and I think, what's happening with hispanics here. a similar to what happened with black voters from nineteen forty, eight nineteen sixty four and nineteen nineteen. Forty eight harry true and upset Thomas dewey, because sweden coalblack voters back then, and he d segregated military and got a record amount, a black odors, almost forty percent. That was really his margin of victory and then in nineteen sixty four,
kennedy, call them ok and then I'll be jaded. The great society in the voting rights and civil rights act that, with the completed the migration of black voters from republic into democrat black boaters right now have swipe right on there, they're looking at er, I'm sorry hispanic voters are particularly gen x and younger with families they're assimilated. They don't want any more drug mules from El Salvador coming to the country. They don't want any more fat and all coming in. They left those countries away from those elements, They are interested in. The republican party message you they're good about in a wave for republicans. This fall that generation will and then what will happen. Moving forward is just like be J consummated that marriage with black by delivering policy that they wanted, like the voting rights at republicans, if they do that with hispanics, if they, if they dont chuckle, follow. on their promises like you relate to declare an invasion it before through on were cracking down on crime meaningfully. We're gonna get rid of the rumour in
all. My buddy of mine is doing. Hispanic outreach on the ground in a major battleground stated that the number one swedish super hispanic voters that right there are if they follow through, on those things. They have a chance. with genetics and millennium hispanics to consummate a generational marriage, but do but they have to deliver for them after the election glenn, like l, b, J did four blocks. That's the point, I'm with republicans so boy. The Democrats are really reeling from federation, although he raised about two million dollars after the debate It's just is shocking. To me do you think's gonna happen in pennsylvania? I think we have. It outside the margin of cheating or chicanery, and I think we are approaching it. In fact, I think we have approached it so so really cool
let's make here we're looking at whether leagues elden is now outside the margin of cheating that they couldn't even shall we say, fortify the election in new york state I don't really follow, though I would urge audiences to scratch too much about how much money democratic, and its rays along in the cold. They are our spending, sometimes your hand to one and its not make a difference. No, it doesn't make a difference. I mean GINO for example, was even when he ran and special action against Karen handel in georgia a few years ago. He didn't even live in our district. He got the one million donors before brok obama even did in his first presidential rest. I mean I have a very cold tick following they donate, then it's very wrong. They dont donate to the Dnc. So it also does it matter that the irish sea, at rates that the sea, they don't eight directly to their candidates and their causes out of pocket and since a lot of Work very opulent jobs or subsidy jobs can have as many children as we do not get a lot more discretionary spending, and so I think the pennsylvania senate race ended there.
week. I think the question actually becomes whether there Is enough of a of a soon, army there they now it carries Austria, no over the finish line over the objection of car row, who is actually funding the tv ads for the? Is that their? Why Why is he doing there? Who is always he's? Who is always them? This is not new. I just think we didn't I pay attention to certain things for the last twenty years, but this is what is his reason? Well, how is he coming out and saying? What is he saying about? This is insane because the this is the people that run the republican party or Or I'm away to no longer running at the way things are trending these people that would rather loose to democrats than me control to your audience. Glenn. That's why true this is. This is this is why who presidential runs network and John Mccain said worse things about the republican candidates in their primary than they ever did their democratic on its when they got into the general election. I mean you, can you
in politics the hills you're willing to die on and those who are willing to take out that really ultimately find out who you are and so He can do all the white boards on fox news that he wants, but in the end you are who you're willing to take out and and the fact that having did josh shapiro as the governor of pennsylvania is more suitable to karl to cairo tells you all you need to know yeah, I never. If I'm not taken, I never had Carl rove on at fox internal. Remember nah not often if it is not often at all- and that was one of the problems as I I had more problems from the right. Pushing roger ales because I would take on the Republicans woke amount. Glenn just die, and I was I was told you know your part, you know your promise, you won't play the game. No, I won't I won't does not a game so not again
you think it's a losing gay now and we're playing a we're playing for which called civilization. Now there were literally voting for sanity. This year, literally that's it literally, what were voting for is. Are we a sane people or not? That is literally the main issue on the ballot: every definable thing of civilization. That you could imagine has been destroyed, deconstructed war, we are literally voting on whether we are still a sane and rational people need is just as an example. When you go in saying we ve been fighting this away war against Putin here since february right, the new ad intrinsic your prime minister. Could they tried mitt romney thy good morning when the recent forecasts you that didn't work, genetic to try out I'm kinda eager as the prime minister over there in the uk he's gotta announced later today, if racking ban. So let me get this straight. We are standing up to cute and by giving him more dominion over the world's energy supply. Help me understand that, but we did that with our own domestic production
the EU already did it uk is now about to do it. That is literally insane. Absolutely we used to have to tell. remains during wars going doktor shrimp, my their resources. Ok, now we have to tell them to use them Glenn. Ok, this is a serious. We have clearly have gone and absolutely not pay see before you go. I want to ask you about the michigan race you are. That was the one state. You were a little sceptical on the organization up there. What was gonna happen in Michigan? What are you? Are you optimistic on Michigan? Now I am up. mystic on Michigan, I think that what has happened there is tutors performance in the very first debate, I am and the way that she catalyzed issues there near the wind and the weighted that I think, she's being outside there, she told me last week, like twenty two one night, but the way that she cat alive to those issues that were there. That was probably fifty million dollar level appearance. If we translated at into campaign dollars
and now you're what you're looking at michigan. This is a state by the way were almost as many union households voted in twenty twenty, white evangelicals into it Women were won by ten points in two thousand and eighteen wench, first got elected, and I just mentioned tutors- do not spend about twenty one on tv. I think it be lectured in michigan were held today. I think that she would wipe your real, clear politics just said, she's in when she's gonna be on with me in half an hour by the As the hang on over the breakers, I may have some more things to talk to about, including here we are number one. Children spoke on thanksgiving. which I am so grateful for so grateful for. Thank you for that. But do you think I just did an hour long sit down with carry lake. I really like her and I think, she's the real deal but you're take on her whenever carry lay comes on tv. Two things come to mining in goma, pop culture, bob number one that scene
It's a wonderful life when violet button wash We're not dress the I you know that When it comes to minded anger and burt says I gotta go home and see what the wife's doing right and the second thing is: I'm randy the score of the natural She is a natural, your listening to the best of the Glen back programme, tudor dixon, welcome to the programme. Thank you. Thank you for having made it is. It is great to talk to you and you are killing it. up in in a place where I am shocked. I am shocked that whittemore, a competitive and then at the same time I am shocked that anybody can beat her
because I just feel like I feel like the whole country has been hypnotized or half of the countries been hypnotized and they just don't see things clearly anymore. They continue to try to hypnotize. Have you see what happened in the debate? She stood on the debate stage and looked straight into the camera and said she's attacking meat. opponents. Attacking me for shutting down school schools in michigan or shut down for three months. Is schools in michigan the first shut down for almost two years? It's outrageous to think that she can just gaslight light the entire state, but she can't so parents today are outraged that You would have the nerve to look directly in their eyes and we will you look in the camera you're looking directly in the eyes of the parents of michigan and say what happened to you didn't happen, do sinks They think they're Jed eyes. I dont think they are. I know I don't think so either so
happen with schools. The reading writing math all of this stuff that was stride because of the lock downs really bad in michigan, but then on. hop of it. You add the gender theory and everything else, schools, make no sense anymore. I think it's great that you brought that up as she made a comment in the debate, it was so belittling to parents who think that these books are a danger to their kids and she looked at me and she said I'm. My opponent thinks that books are more dangerous than guns. I think that is the most shame comment, because we should look at all dangerous work, yet we shouldn't the little one. Parents concern over the others and we have a problem with guns, but she doesn't
do anything about it. We had at a school shooting in Michigan. She said she thought we should have a discussion. So how? How much does she want to keep our kids case? We have a problem with books in the school these these books in our schools are ab lately horrific they are genuinely teaching kids how to have sex and she laughed about a sheep a little, but she marks the parents who are saying this is a problem and Stephen colbert does the same thing, what he has a show on, and he says you know this. This isn't happening pair. Don't say that how both how bizarre that these politicians are saying the problem. You know what keeps saying it, because parents are sick and tired of being manipulated and embarrassed and the little by politicians who don't care I agree with you a hundred percent and I can't do this I say fuck. I can't believe that the race is competitive in some ways, because if we were,
king ten years ago, even damn crafts would have said no, no, no, no! No! This is crazy. This is just a few elite that have somehow or another galvanise, their believers around them into this religion. Were you can't question anything and, as apparent once you cross into my kids and you're. screwing with my kids there that's a line that we just accra, I'm not going across it like marine Joe Biden. They believe the same things. It's the Biden, Whittemore politics. He saw Joe Biden sitting down with someone. is marking young women protect playing around. In my in camp onset and marking little girls act and they obviously think that it is a joke to say the young girls are Silly in an anybody can be a little girl and you have
going on you have this situation, where they're trying to push this sex and gender on kids and we're we're saying we want a florida style bill in the state of Michigan, where we're not going to talk about sex and gender from kindergarten kids great, and you will not hear that out of the Democrats, you will not hear that from gretchen march she was very clear on the debate stage, the other night one would I, We want to know where gradual whitmer stance on this and she made it clear that she does not think it's an issue and it's not she's not going to do any. think about it. Well, it's one of the top issues that I hear across the state of michigan you and you too, you noted that test scores michigan, just had the greatest drop in taskforce we ve ever seen. We are now the ninth worst in
nation we're in the bottom ten in the nation for education, and she is out there bragging that she is the governor for students. It say it say travesty, what's happening, he and twenty nineteen she was actually sued by students in detroit for a civil rights violation because They said they did not have access to literacy. That's how bad it is in a state of michigan and she stands on. A debate stage looks into the camera with smirk and tells you what happened to you didn't really happen So let me ask you: men change kind of change, the subject a bit, what what is up, postal three, it's on the on the ballot in its about sterilizing children without mental consent right yeah. So this is other thing that she lied about. It is a she is. She will stand up on the stage and say that this is just bringing back row to the state of
again. It is absolutely not your right what it does. The language is written so that, first of all, I repeat, every law that we have surrounding the force on the books in michigan is null and void. So this is this is new constitutional language, so it and it would be placed in- the constitution is the most radical abortion law in that country country. Only the only other play does it have a lot like us are china and north korea, but it does allow what you're saying because the way it is written is that an individual has the right to do whatever they want. What, when it comes to sterilize asia and reproduction, all of these different things which ended in it also says you dont, have them parental consent, so we used to have a law that said a minor would have to have parental consent, cabot abortions, this
a minor, needs, no parental consent for abortion or sterilization. So it would allow a minor to get puberty blockers without their parents, knowing it also says that it doesn't have to be a doctor that would perform an abortion there's also abortion up to the moment upper abortion for any reason, including sex selection. There's no reason it's it's no limits, abortion in the state of michigan, and they will lie to your face about what it actually is. But if you read the proposal, it is very clear that these, The laws that are on the books will no longer be there and they, you haven't zero limits on abortion in the state of Michigan. It is well known that this proposal People in Michigan understand it at the question we we have. We know that there are a lot of people out there that are, you are knocking they're, trying to give out pamphlets they're, trying to explain it because, of course, the way they write. These is so they you. You know
the average person you read it and you go. Oh, maybe that's not that bad and the Democrats are out there saying. Oh, it's it's exactly oh it's everything you know we're just keeping the status quo, which it's not, but you have to remember that it very suspicious because at the same time as you're trying to pull, a proposal on the ballot that would allow this. You have the michigan department of ad teaching a training to teachers, saying we want when kids. I went to school this year asked them their gender. Ask them their pronoun. Might ask them, ask them there and then don't tell their parents and if they want to learn how to transition talk to them about that. Without talking to mom and dad so come to ask you did, did do you who are you seeing people on the campaign trail that are like look? I don't normally vote for a republican, but he's gotta end its very interesting
has. Michigan has a very large muslim population that has historically always voted Democrats and we were at an event just a few days ago, and a man came up to me and he said to me: I've always voted Democrat. I found this in our schools, and I was outraged- and he said I want to our democratic elected official, That's you, gotta get the thought of the schools and he said they called me a racist and they called me a big it. He said I even if not even that, I'm just a Democrat. He said a few weeks ago, I was a Democrat running for office. He said I am no longer running for
office as a Democrat, and I will never vote Democrat again now that I've been treated this when he said for my life here in this country of always in a devoted democrat and for them to look at me. Call me a big it in a racist, because I don't want my children to be reading books about how to have sex in middle school. I just he was shot and that's the interesting thing is so are our muslim population has historically voted a crack and he said I'm talking all my friends about voting republican, because at the end of the day he said no matter what issue There is out there my kids, they're gonna, be my number one issue always and it's not just that in Michigan. You have this but obviously we see inflation. We see what's going on in a country with higher prices, and we see that we have governor here. Who is very, very much.
into the Biden, whittemore politics and she is trying to shut down a pipeline in the state of michigan, so were also looking at inflation at rising energy costs rise and gas prices, and we have some of the highest gas prices in the entire country we're at almost four twenty, a gallon now for gas, This is a governor who tried to pull him implement a forty five cents, a gallon gas tax domain. Is she got our way we ve even higher is what michigan is going, through right. Now is outrageous, but every time we we hit her on this stuff. The Democrats come in and give her a bunch more money. So I would ask your listeners to go to tutor, dixon dot com and help us out so tutor what what are the things? Would you give me the first three things that you want to get done right away? I want to make sure that we get our kids back on track because, as you heard, our kids are still behind in education. So we,
get tutoring into our school. But this is what we really. How are you gonna? Do that with the teachers unions, which I think are the biggest problem, they them and their money is the biggest problem in fixing our schools and Michigan have a very strong union. She has been endorsed by the unions. They put a lot of money into the democratic governors, association and dave run. when he a million, probably now twenty five million and add against, gets me. We know that the problem and think about that twenty five million and adds against me and we have had a very limited, but should I heard you say that not everybody has been embraced? that you hope he I you know we ve had. We have struggled to prove to people that we to do this now. I think we finally proven that we can and we have people coming on board, but we need more people,
Why? I asked that people get a tutor, dixon dot com, but I will say you're right that teachers, unions, tough. We have to work with them and say we want to hire retired teachers and not have this affected their role and their retirement programme, but bring people in there is. There is no bigger failure that robbing our kids have an education that twice that law suit existed with children suing the governors, in that their civil rights have been violated because there's no bigger travesty than robbing a child of their edges. shit, I'm leaving them illiterate because you end up having you, you can't really ask what is your future? You have slaves. We it's a terrible situation and in Michigan we end up at honestly, you can predict your prison population by your literacy rate. if you rob your children of a and education and the ability to read. Then you can get in he that you're going to have to figure out how to manage crime and right now, were seen rising crime rates. Michigan has risen in crime more than
southern other states and another thing that she's not addressing. But of course, because she went out and marched with the people that held up the defined the police science. She said she support the spirit of defunding, the police. So now, not only has she failed, our kids, but she's failed our public, our communities, our public safety and that's. The second thing we want to get education back on track want to get tutors in the schools, and then we want to actually fund our police officers, but we have a plan. But a billion new dollars and kept policing to recruit, retain police, to bring them to the state of michigan or to rise folks up from their own communities and have them join the police force to bring pride back to that your fashion and make sure that we keep our community safe and then our last thing is due reduced strangulation, where our economic development is in shambles at the state of michigan, and the main reason is it's just too hard to do business here. Democrats want to over regulate everything. Tutor. I am I appreciate to the euro,
near zeal. And your spirit and you're willing to get in to this nightmare politics in America today urge you. If you would like to help to draw out. I urge you to go to tutor, dixon dot com, that's tudor dixon dot com she It has a real chance of winning here and if it is the, if it is the blood Best stephen king bloodbath, election night. is she may win by by a few percentage points and shock the entire world? The thank so much and we looked is moving forward to seeing what you're gonna do in Michigan. A thank you. I, things that we were shocked the world and am anxious to do good to thank you so much tudor dixon dot. The
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