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Best of the Program | Guests: Tyler Ray, Bobby Schindler & Anthony William | 1/29/19

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Best of the Program | Guests: | 1/28/19  - BlazeTV Media Meltdown Special - Tonight 6 PM EST - Gun People Care About This? (w/ Tyler Ray) - UPDATE:  A Mother's Fight for Life? (w/ Bobby Schindler)  - Celery Juice Jihad? (w/ Anthony William)

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Hey podcasters, it is Tuesday tonight was supposed to be the state of the union, but I to do that one so the state. The union is next week tonight on blaze, tv starting at six pm eastern time running until I think eight pm e, is a special live, no commercials. You can find it on Youtube. Facebook also blaze tv, but the special on the media, called media meltdown and everybody. Everybody is going to be a part of this thing. We want you to be there. It's the first kind of move into an important topic that we have to address, and that is how does a rip like survive. Not only in the long run, but just the election of twenty twenty with a media that decides there the arbiter of truth, and if you can prove they're lying with video tape, they don't care. That's tonight
only on blaze, tv join us and then join us in the fight. By becoming a subscriber at blaze, tv dot com, Slash tech, promo code back. Alright, we open up cast with a little bit on the officers that were shot and in Houston, they were going to serve a drug warrant and things did not work out well Also we're gonna spend most of the time with a guy named Anthony, William now he is the medical medium he has. Fascinating story. He is also the guy who has gotten my wife on the cell, reduce jihad that I can't take So we had a fun conversation, don't miss it, the medical medium. It begins now on the podcast.
Listen to the best. Only online. You can sign up now tonight from six to eight eastern, you don't want to miss this. We have Eric bolding double who's, going to be hosting I'm going to be there Bill O'Reilly, I think going to be there. The whole cast of characters from the blaze tv will be there. You don't want to miss this tonight, media meltdown only blaze, tv you'll be able to find it on Facebook. I think on Youtube: wherever can find the blaze media commercial free tonight. Also,
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is of money to crazy, crazy causes that you work hard against. It's true, why do that? You can go with Patriot mobile? They were converted created to solve that problem, that the only conservative cell phone company in America could a patriot dot com, Slash blaze, get started today when you use the offer code, blaze, they're, going to leave the activation fee for up to two lines. Patriot well dot com, slash blaze or one eight hundred patriot is the place to go. I want to take you to Nebraska for something that is troublesome to me. We have a Tyler Ray on the phone and Tyler, your son has a hunting trailer for somebody who doesn't we all live in a part of the country where there's a hunting, trailer explain what that is. Well. Essentially, it's just the trailer that they can secure to keep their own decoys, their blinds there
all their hunting equipment secured, while they're not using it on typically a property, that's been leased or being allowed to use on for hunting and and it's secure when you say that it's got a padlock on it and you're not going in yes, ok, exactly and your son, around Thanksgiving. If I, if I'm correct, had his gun stolen from that trailer and it was an ar. Can you tell me what happened? Actually, the the theft occurred during April, okay, it was taken by individual by the name of Ethan, Molly, uh the trailer, and at that point, so yeah more fortunate was involved. Okay, So did they didn't catch him, though right away, he sold the gun? Did he not correct he sold?
the the weapon to a known gang member in our community. Now? This is an ar. This is the one that the media is all afraid of. This is the one that everybody says all. We need new gun laws This is the this. Is the weapon of death? Is the media would describe it so it stolen by a kid. He then sold it to a known gang member. When did the police get involved and when did they find the gun or the weapon after the sale? Fortunately, a family member of the game number, which is also an adult, took the session of the weapon, knew that was stolen, got it out of our community into a different state to a different family member, and they then contacted law enforcement and we're very, very fortunate. Record. Ok, so it wasn't used in a crime that you know of at least
and the gang member. Who is an adult. I think that's a good thing to point out here. The mom turned it in so he was arrested. That's a felony of having a stolen gun. What happened to the guy who stole the gun? Was he prosecuted? He was not cute if they did not have enough to determine that he had knowledge that the weapon was stolen. Ok, so they're unable to prosecute him, ok and then the gang member who had the gun easy he's, the one that did not he's the one that did not get charged. Ok, so the one who the one who salt stole the gun and sold it to the gang member. He that's a felony correct any idea how many years it carries. By the way he turns office. They are usually looking at
and you know, minimum of eighteen months. Ok, I lived in New York and and travel through New Jersey enough, and it was twenty years minimum there. I believe, all right. So it's a felony. He goes to court yesterday, Now you find out along the way that he's plea, bargained, tell me the story here. Uh we received a letter from the county Bernie's office on November 27th, stating that the depth county attorney involved. Alison loading bridge had dropped the charge from the family to a misdemeanor asked. Why, when I asked that question directly to leave public off the Sarpy County attorney. He stated he couldn't give me an answer that that question that question, and he was not aware that that please was the,
The district attorney had no idea that that was happening. The county attorney county attorney you're had no idea. You knowledge that the plea bargain was given, which which Imagine because, once you drop a former law enforcement once you drop a felony to a misdemeanor you are integer situation, where they do not even get up. Any time in jail right well, and and and that's where I want to pick it up, we'll take a quick break and I want to pick it up there. On the other side of the break up yesterday, there was a hearing Whatever I talk to people who are not part of a gun culture and buy a gun culture, I mean just somebody who grew up around hunters or you know it's come portable, around guns, the people who lived in the cities and have never been around it. They always say: we've got to have more gun laws, and we we just
we we just have to make sure that we put people in a way that you know take is guns and use them for bad things. We keep saying no you, but you know who cares the most about this gun people gun people care about this, the the members of the NRA are the most vigilant. It comes to gun laws. They want these guys prosecuted. We have Tyler Ray on the phone he's from Omaha Nebraska, his sons AR was stolen. He had it out in a trailer all locked up these you're supposed to do. It was a hunting trailer. He had it all locked up. Somebody came stole the gun. He saw two to a gang member. The guy who stole the gun, that's a felony, he was.
He was allowed to plea bargain to a misdemeanor and Tyler. Today what happened and in court well, during the during the hearing in judge the defendants attorney base. Reply that this is a young man. There's made few mistakes in this his life and it was needs an opportunity to be given the chance and of First, the the Deputy county attorney that was doing the prosecution. I will will admit he did. He did put a strong case forward to asking for maximum sentencing for the misdemeanor charge, but you know that calm him down once you drop us only to a misdemeanor. Typically, the court is not
you're very jail time they're, going to give you a probationary period and- and in my opinion, for something of this nature that that that's a it's a it's a it's a slap in everybody in country space. It's also to be a slap in the face of the police officers. I mean the police officers know this. Guy is going to hit me you'll, get away with a felony and you get probation for a felony. Hey come on If you haven't learned a lesson absolutely and the officers that did the investigation, I was able to sit down and speak with the lead officer on that he had done his job. Actually, I would be doing the work was. Actually, there was no question that this was going to be prosecuted as a felony, no question that they had him dead to rights and for them to you know to make a plea for absolutely
reason other? Maybe they keep their conviction rate higher or to speed up the process of the court system is absolutely crazy. It's you know. So is anybody looking into Tyler's anybody? Looking into this I mean when the county attorney the doesn't call you back when you're asking what is going on and he doesn't call you back until the night before the trial and then he she I had no idea. This was pleaded to a misdemeanor, that's out of control, and I can't believe that the people from Nebraska are going to take. Kindly to this. I don't think so either. Yet again you know this. Is I guess you are you say it's a gun culture. This is a. Plain states. We were born raised hunting as young people. Here we have great respect for firearms. The law- and you know when these these situations come up, and we
opportunity to set an example and our public officials are prosecutors. Are county attorneys? They failed to do their job. The people should, first and foremost, these people are typically elected to their position. We should remove it and make sure it's known publicly, why they're being removed because there out of holding the walls for protection to the people and, ultimately, that's the whole key. The laws are in place to protect the people and they're not doing it. I I I tell you, I am you know you a pretty good senator the in the ask- and I know this is this- doesn't end the senator, but the s is: is you know dealing with protecting guns in the Senate in people who are crying for more laws, more laws, I'm sure he would be interested in this story? Are you sure you would be yeah right, look forward to speaking
yeah. So if you contacted him or otherwise, I will have you contacted- contacted doctors, hearing were looking forward to hearing from you, okay, good good, because I think he would be interested in that and- and I e I hope- that the people in Nebraska find out? What is this? This is his county attorney doing what is his name again, uh public off yeah well. What exactly is he doing? Go ahead? Well, in our conversations after the hearing, he and a victims advocate supervisor requested by son of myself, into a private room, to discuss the case and it's uh you know openly saying it. You know if I would have been involved in this earlier. You know this may have gone differently. The point is so this he wasn't involved and these these are people that are under his
direction right, and you know- and I really couldn't get an answer other than we started to get blamed put toward the legislature. State that they're not supporting them on their prosecutions and there telling us that the prisons are too full and we've got to go probation well, then maybe he should reach out to the members of the press in the state and talk about it openly. He could even reach out to me and talk to me about that, because I'm sure people of Nebraska would like to know that if that's what their legislature is doing, saying, hey Let these guys go, I think the people of or ask you should know that, and I sure don't appreciate at least for my public servants. I don't appreciate people who blame others when they are at the top of the chain. Thank you so much and please keep in touch with us and tell us you know if anything develops appreciate it. Thank you
you so much? This is the best of the Glenn Beck program. Hi, it's Glenn. If you're a subscriber to the podcast, can you do us a favor, an rate us on Itunes? If you're not a subscriber become one today and listen on your own time, you can subscribe on Itunes thanks yesterday, we talk to you at the Tucson man who is in Saint Joes Hospital being starved to death in Arizona by Bobby Schindler of the President of the Terry Schivo life and hope. Network Bobby is Terry's brother. Who is there by her side the whole time with her, with with her amazing sister and brother and and also parents Bobby welcome to the program hi good morning. So tell me what happened to our patient yesterday. Well,
it was really extraordinary glad we had a meeting scheduled with the administrators was set for nine hundred o'clock. They didn't see it until one thousand and thirty, but I gotta tell you it wasn't a long meeting the gentleman area with the title of ceo and I believe they lose it is a representative. Was a lawyer of the hospital and also a social worker and just disgusting, and they asked us what we want and uh. It was quite simple what we wanted. We nutrition and hydration, and they agreed with the condition that we would work to try and get David transferred out of that facility to another person that would be willing to to take him. This is amazing. Is and what they've been asking for four weeks. Yes Glenn, I I was quite surprised on how cooperative they were I wasn't expecting that I was in the room. Also, we had Alex Snyder with life. Legally
pence was there with the mother and they were they were. As I said, there are quite cooperative. I've been in these meetings before and they've. Never, we've never experienced the administrators that were so cooperative learning to help, but but there is a condition that I don't want to. David is not out of the woods he is receiving nutrition hydration. Then I went back and forth with their mom this morning. She said looking better every hour. He still does need certain treatments that they're not giving him that we're trying to get the hospital to Mister, but we need to get him out of there, but his vitals are good and it it really was. As you said earlier, will it really was miraculous glad? I I think in large part I want to thank, you and the other people that, but in the social media, I really think that helps it puts pressure on the possible 'cause, there's quite quite frankly they prefer not to have not to be in the media, in particular national program like yourself. Well in he alluded to that more than once a week
yesterday: did they really yeah yeah, good, excellent, alright, so Bobby we spoke yesterday afternoon or we texted each other yesterday afternoon we this all came down, and they is nothing more important at this point than a right to life, and it is being it's all your attack globally, but he in America it is slipping away from us and I think that you need to come put the way to have well this audience that want to participate in this kind of be a. You know, first line of defense when, when something happens like this, we know we have a checklist and we know what we have to do and how we get the word out and You know we go into action. You told me that this is happening all the time in America and we need
be able to be activists and and fight for life. Can you can you put together maybe list of things to do and then maybe come on again and, and you know we can, we can figure, out. A way to you know basically put a you know: a life core together. If you will well? That would be. That would be a tremendous going yeah. So We can do that. We we, we have a call to action. We have kind of. You know something that we follow when these cases occur but they're not they need to be. Organized, but that would be extremely helpful if we can put something like this together, because yesterday at work just just as we I hoped it would and- and as you see it was a successful outcome and and and we try and hope to do that with each call that we get from families so that that would be extremely help
and I think it would be very effective as well. So do you need a hospital now that will take him. Do they need a hospital desperately? we need. We were hoping that David will gain the strength. I honestly believe, and I don't know what is long term. Preneurs prognosis is when, but he needs help and the the half so really gave up on him much too quickly and- and we want to get into a facility that we believe is willing and wanting to try and care for him and we store him, but he needs to get his strength back and once you guys, we to get him out of there 'cause, I don't know quite frankly how long the hospital is going to agree to continue treatments 'cause. They did make that clear yesterday that this was this too and we gave them our word- that we're gonna do our best to find a facility. So we can transfer him alright. So if you know of a facility you work at a facility, you can help connect us, you have any kind of pull at all could may I,
where send them your way Bobby, absolutely our grand and then this has been the most difficult part of these cases. Often times hostels will cooperate with us, but we have to for your contention on funding for civility and it's been very difficult to find a story that would agree to take these patients. Well, that's a whole different kettle of fish and we're and we're working on that on a separate object to, and I would love to to talk about some time, you're working on that as well. Okay, so go to life and hope dot com is that where they can contact you, yes and and also any other families are in crisis. Please please go to arsenal dot com. You can lead to educate yourself as well going on on how to you know, hopefully better protect yourself if you're faced with these types of us that relations it's horrible what's happening, and it is,
it really is going on. I think people are unaware actually see cases like this, but these types of things are are are frequently happening in a healthcare system today and it's in it is frightening the extent the hot the power hospitals have now to make decisions. We go families are asking hi. I also think it is because the the insurance companies aren't afraid anymore, they're, just they're, just not afraid anymore, because they're, you know, pair in bed with with the government and everybody else and we've so so through this system up, there's nobody to run to and nobody that will be shamed into it. I thank you Joseph's hospital in Tucson for doing the right thing, life and hope, dot com go to life and hold dot com Bobby Schindler, you're listening to the best of the Glenn Beck program,
Anthony Anthony Anthony the medical medium. You have turned me into a giant fart bag that cannot go out anywhere because my wife is forcing me to drink. What is it sixteen OZ, of I have a whole. I have a whole bunch of celery every morning when I get up- and I look forward to it because of you make you know: you're lucky, it's not twenty four hour oh, my gosh do not say anything like that. This interview right now, don't
get worse in my household here's the thing at thirty, my wife picked up your book because we have a friend with MS and she's, really she really struggles and she started reading your book and she said this guy is amazing and is made a huge impact on my life, and my wife read, it read your book and she came to me and she's like you, have to read this book and you have surgery shell, celery juice and I'm like no one or the other. I read the book or celery juice and he said re read the book and you'll understand the salary thing I read the book. Can the problem is hi and your arguments credible, but it yeah hate you for it. I read you know that the thing is with with sellers: it's the single most powerful remedy. Right now on
planet to get somebody to move forward. Finally, we have a tool that moves the needle for people that have been stuck. Anybody would add that in multiples growth modest, Hashimoto's, thyroiditis or anything going on Lyme Disease, all of it
really get a leg up, move forward when they're doing that celery juice and there's so much confusion out there right now to why it works or how it works and and what they throw at you is. Oh science, research hasn't figured, you know they haven't figured it out, but they haven't even looked at celery. So so it you know, people say well, it can't work. It can't work if signs of research hasn't looked at it. Science and research is so behind on chronic illness. It's unbelievable over two hundred and fifty million Americans alone suffer with a symptom or condition we're science and research that I want to know. You know worse, science and research to the mom that can't get out of bed and can't take care of her kids and has no answers and she's fatigued or with multiple sclerosis. There's no science research. For any of that you go to doctor to doctor to doctor to doctor. You take a medication, you know. Maybe it works a little bit, maybe
it doesn't take the edge off it's it's. It's actually so disappointing and somebody ways, and so many people are suffering and struggling. It's unbelievable, so yeah the information in the medical, medium book and liver rescue. My latest book, which is because all of this just really stems in the liver, and I talk about why celery juice moves people forward. It's the first thing: it's not even a trend, it's bigger than a trend, a trend doesn't work. That's the thing you know, that's the thing about it. Trend doesn't work, it never does it's only it's a trend is propelled and created by money. You know by interest by money that she investors created trend, and then people use it or whatever and it it could. It could maybe make them feel a little bit better. Maybe not nobody knows, but this is getting people better. It's a graph
roots movement that had been building for years with celery gene that I started it yeah and now it's taking over and I'm really sorry you got sucked into it, believing that there isn't okay. So after you tell it and I hate to be a hate to be, you know, ugh I hate to over share here, but good Lord and I just I eat, I can't conduct business because I'm just like skews me. I e I've. I've got to go in the other room for a few minutes and just fart. I am he and for the love of PETE. Does that ever stop it does. It does and make sure your wife is straining the celery juice so after she chooses it grab like a fine strainer, and you know just point through a mesh strainer and more since he does that. That's really important and sixteen ounces. If you're, still having, if you having that kind of thing going on at sixteen ounces, then wait before you move it up, but,
I want you to do it. What are you out of your mind? Are you out of your mind? Oh my gosh, all right, I stations anywhere in my room. My wife is edit that part of this interview out we're live. That's crap! right, he wasn't talking about me. Sweetheart now. Listen who you know I really I really mmm m. I did with you because the I've gone to doctors for about eight years, and so I know what it's like when people just can't find an answer, I had leaky gut. I have adrenal fit EEG and I'm getting I'm getting fat, and I have an idea that the liver, that's your liver. So that's a big part of all that and that's why it's so good you're drinking the sellers he's because shot. So the rich,
yeah shut up. I was just I show up on the celery juice up. Okay, so so, here's here's the thing: I've Read your story, I know at first I read you know this: the parts of that book that that, oh, pertain to the things that I have seen and you are so very clear on it. You you, you are really the only person that I have seen nails how I feel in totality, and so I'm I'm willing to do these things. 'cause I've gone to every other doctor and nobody could make it right and I link the drugs drugs you take or just not good for you. I don't think that does any good in some ways for some things yeah, but I read the beginning of your tail and I am a guy who has had
similar experiences, not like not to the extent that you have, but I so I I'm a believer in this stuff, but it's got to be a lil cool crazy for you to admit this, because I got to believe it does some people hurt your credibility that you say you were an actual medium. Can you start with your tail? I in fact take a quick minutes. I don't want to interrupt. You will take a quick minute here and tell us about the first experience that you had with your grandmother when you are, I think, five four yeah, four years old, four years old, it's an incredible story and will just kind of take it from there Anthony William the medical medium. What's the name of your new book, liver rescue, yeah, liver rescue, liver rescue, medium liver rescue and I think,
but here in the audience heard him say, reduce the celery juice Glen reduced the celery juice Anthony William he's got a new book out called liver rescue he's the author. Also medical medium is how I have come across him and he has credible story starting at four years old. Can you tell us the story, sure sure, sitting at the table at the dinner table to family and heard a voice perfectly clear? It started actually in the morning no hearing the voice right. When I woke up and it you know- I I look I realize, like you were saying before, do you know having the story? You know the the credibility a lot of people might be like. Okay, here's a voice great! I'm going to trust this guy
It's not my fault. That voice gives me advanced medical information even at four years old, where you can't even understand it, like intercut blood, about blood and intricate information about your immune system at five hundred and sixty seven years old. So the story starts where, where I knew my grandmother had cancer and that's how it started at that each but he'd use in, and you know when they when they looked into it. Of course she had cancer, but it even went as far as being in grade school having a child sitting next to me in class, and I told the teacher that the child had meningitis, because the voice told me the trial had meningitis and the teacher was like well, I'm gonna call the tribe parents in so She did call my parents in or all sitting there, and you know the child's parents is saying: no, he doesn't have
sitis, we don't know where he could have even heard of this everything like that anyway, the next morning the child didn't come back to school 'cause. He was in the hospital all night long with one hundred and five temperature diagnose meningitis. So it was. It was always like this. You know at age fourteen I was a stock boy in a grocery store and I was building up my clientele. I was literally building up my clientele.
That age and I would know what was wrong with people, no matter where I was or what I was doing, because I would hear it perfectly clear and you know so. It was always this every day in my life it was never a day off. It was never in our office, but it was information. There was always a band just as advanced as it is now in the books about why someone has multiple sclerosis or rheumatoid arthritis or hockey modest. I read it so we're what what are the real causes, because science research doesn't know the real cause of accidents rises. So all through my life, it was about hearing. This was perfectly clear: it was giving me a fan for information about medical, and you know about people with happening with people, medical knowledge. Only thirty, forty years I had a site to research and still it and feel Liz. After all these Jackie and the thing
that dedicated my life, if the, if the little bit more about my story, is a dedicated, my life helping people to chronically ill being a voice for them because they were told they were crazy or leave the or the really warrants sick, because their doctor couldn't figure it out all through the eighties nineties, all through the two thousand people. You know, I would be it would literally at nursing homes or be by my client bedside giving them be twelve drops when people don't even believe in p, twelve, the I Beni in it all along all this time. Helping people recover, giving them the answers, they need it and I, finally, the waiting list got so big to see me it got so big was got into the millions that I had to put the books out. So that's what happened? The book your reading is the first book I put out
and that was because I couldn't do it anymore were doing the one on one. So did thousands of them over the years, and I had to put the information now, the medical information that's advanced in the book, so I can help out millions, people and part of that's a celery juice and that accelerates, use. Yeah, stop so Anthony II share a story that I don't think I've shared on the air ever at least all of it. When I was fourteen, I walked by my mother in the kitchen, and I remember looking at her. She had her hands in the sink and I was walking down the hallway. And I heard a voice so loud that it made me stop and it said: stop go back. Give your mother a hug tell her. You love her. She won't be here long, And I much to my ever
lasting regret. I didn't 'cause. I thought that was crazy. Couple years later, I heard the same voice. Tell me the same thing about my grand father and it freaked me out. When I was in high school couple in my grand father, died couple years later, I heard the voice again dating a girl and she had no symptoms of anything, and I heard the voice again and I thought for sure she was going to die, and- and I and I remember thinking I don't want this- I don't want this and I went to only one friend and I said: look I've never told anybody this, but these three things. This is the third time this is happened in the first two people died and I am freaking out and as it turned out, she had a brain tumor in the center of her head and she ended up living. But it
freaked me out- and I remember thinking I don't want this- I don't want it, I don't want it, I don't want it. I don't want it. This is a curse, not a blessing. I don't want it. You have to have felt that way. Oh yeah, so I've always felt a spinnaker, so I mean it's really. I mean it hasn't. Given me a normal life, and basically it's just as forced me just to to only do the worked. My whole life. You know it's not about and it was never about me. That's the thing you know someone said: when did he start this yesterday 'cause we're just if someone just hears about me today. It will be like when did he start this three years ago? He just he he must have taken a nutritional class. He must have Scott is interested in health. Actually, no, it's always been this way. I've always been doing this
run, thousands and thousands of people, and and because I had no choice it, I didn't even want to do it at the beginning. I didn't but stay in the Spirit said to me, and I just say Spirit an because this voice here. So it says to me that you look, you have to care about people, you have to have the compassion. You have to care about what they're going through with their suffering. Is you have to get in touch with that and you have to do something about it, so I've dedicated my whole life doing something about it and that's just finished so I I've got to push back down, though, because I I I actually believe you, but I am skeptical because you know I've met John Edwards and I've. You know, and everybody is seen these crazy people claim all these things and they play on people and I'm a guy who I've I've seen I've spent. I don't know,
I don't know how many hundreds of thousands of dollars I've spent on my health and I have felt alienated and crazy, and even to this day. I still think. Maybe I'm just making all of this up an. I have medical tests that do show me things, but nobody can really tie it all together, and so you you are at the end of your open. So when somebody like you comes along and says now, I tell you, this is what it is. You are are praying on the most vulnerable. That's the way it can be looked looked at. Can you can you help with? Have you sorted through this? Do you have a I don't even know if some sort of a what kind of gun your arms around how you talk to people who are just like look, I You know, I know how this looks. You know when not validated when people are validated for their further aches and pains mister.
Nicholson on this. For you give me yours, migraines, back pain, back pain, burning feelings in their feet. Ache. You see, you know floaters in the eyes, dizziness balance problems, Vertigo issues uh. If you know, when you're not validated and you're, told that you're, you know, whatever is wrong with you. If gives make your making it up in your head or anything like that, instead of like it should be. Looked at that I'm I'm I'm about. Like hang on someone or anything like that, it's actually the opposite. I've been able to bring people stories forward. If you look at my Instagram Medical Medium Instagram page, I have it wouldn't believe you wouldn't believe that thousands of people's lives that are coming back so, if someone's a skeptic and says oh ok, he's got vulnerable people. Wonderful people out there he's probably taking advantage of how what fighting by a book or something by what
I don't even tell anything, celery juice, I don't sell celery juice right now. I know what happens. Ok, hang on hang on, hang on, hang on! Hang on! Hang up. I want you to if you can hang on for just a minute. I've gotta take a network break then we'll then we'll come back, and I will to get a handle on what the base six things are that people can do that will really change their lives. When I told you a few weeks ago that I started drinking celery juice against my will, because my wife was holding me hostage and she had read a book, medical medium. I immediately got a bunch of people said Glenn, please don't jump on the bandwagon of of another fad and- and I completely understand that you know I was with Doctor Atkins when before it is a fad, an I believe what he said was true problem was when it became a fad. Nobody was actually following through on the full thing they weren't doing what he
was talking about. They were just like. Oh, I can just eat high fat and I just do whatever I want. No, no, you can't uh, and so you know when you look at somebody in there like hey I'm on the celery juice diet. Well, that not really what it is. It's a whole philosophy behind it and- and I have I have read medical medium myself because I said to my wife: okay, I'm going to read it before I'm drinking any of that and I I believe it is sound now. Can you find any tickle studies? Let me ask guy who wrote it Anthony William author of Medical,
a medium you've kind of answered that having to there's there's really not a lot out there on the things that you recommend? No other listeners, I think research is so behind on medicine, General Chronicle, the chronically ill chronic illness find the research still believe you're by the packing itself. To get back to miss right this or if you have hockey motors I read, I did store, he still believes your body's actually attacking itself. That's actually fall at the theory from the nineteen fifties to put the blame on the person, because science research doesn't know the cause of your home, and I spell out the causes like in medical, medium, liver rescue. I spell out the causes of gout diabetes, eczema, psoriasis. I spell out that, basically,
you know why it's happening with advanced medical knowledge and that's what people need. They need a fighting chance because we're not winning the battle on chronic illness. Celery juice is one way to help when it it's interesting. You say this gun. You said what people just it's true it's taken off in such a way, hundreds of millions of people are drinking it. Now we're going to not even going to have Larry left pretty soon norms, we're going to have to just be dedicated. We going into Marissa just told me during the break she went and she was going to make yourself salad. She had her eyes or some soup. She had to grab some celery. She could find it in the store k, the makeup this was just in here just a minute ago. She said I just want to thank him for my eczema. She said I started drinking the celery juice. I have really bad eczema. She said I th, I would try it, I stop taking it because my eczema is cleared up and I wanted to see if it was related and it came back row.
Wait. So I'm back on the celery juice. Well, here's what's happening. Here's the problem, that's happening right now is trends that were started by vesters that wanted people to have. You know a popular trend to consume. I could go into a whole bunch of different trends throughout their an alternative medison. Well, though, People now want to capitalize and sellers. You said, ruin it for everybody else, including something that they sell inside the G salaries use, and so what we're going to see is. Basically, you know that the fall, the fall of the, because people can be likened, views are going to have to put in products that are that they have to buy all these different tricks out there. So I want you to be honest. I want to keep it right down to the source, straight celery juice. Sixteen ounces on an empty stomach and in the morning is best and nothing and no pulp in there do not just throw it a smoothie or create
a blend of celery in a blender and then drink the pope with that there's a lot of mistakes being made right now and the reason is because there's there's other interests saying: oh my god wait a minute. This is a rogue trend, death to think one. This is a rogue trend. That's built on people actually feeling. So it's not really a trend or bad get. The bobbitts render a fad because people don't really heal and trends and fads this is about that. So what this is all about, I remember about, I remember with Atkins as an early adopter on that and when they came out with the Atkins bars and everything. I said to my wife, it's over it's over because because now it's a product and now everybody will eat the product and say well, I'm on Atkins and they have no idea what they're doing or the meaning or the ideas behind. Wonder why you eat what you eat and it was
Garbage and it was over and it was over blend blend. Celery juice is in herbal extraction, you'll see dietitians come on to try to actually stop them, and I love the idea. Since it's a lot of amazing once we go see if I can come out or nutritionist or another health professional come on in article because you're dozens and dozens articles written about me right now being the originate are, and everything and people trying to debunk it was happening. Is bill say: oh, it's, a vegetable that you should just eat with some peanut we're on it he's wrong about using it. 'cause science doesn't know anything about it yet and what they don't get, if not a vegetable. It's an herbal extraction, a pow, a full one next year for a reason, and it you know- and the funny thing is, I'm sorry it had to be need to discover it and get it out there because, exactly like you said you know, hey I'm a guided
the voice. So if I find a miracle remedies to move the planet forward, it it it's like well where's, the science. Well, science will find out that their sodium cluster salt is something that information that came to me. The research that the source I have that we were talking about earlier, told me about the sodium cluster salt. It's a subgroup of sodium, it kills pathogens like esteem bar that are responsible for, and that, and you see a fast chronic fatigue syndrome, Fibromyalgia, customers by read. I do think that I've already brought forward that that I put the truth out about asking bar causing these illnesses long before cited research and now they're just talking about it. Celery jeez destroyed the pathogen dsp in bar virus responsible
for all these different illnesses, and that's why it's working- and you know I'm really sorry. I got apologize that I'm three thousand and forty years ahead of science to help the chronically ill. But thing is the thing, meaning I'm sorry for the industries that bank roll an bank on people sickness is because what's happening now, people are starting to get better with that celery juice and it's changing the planet. It not just a trend. It was thrown out there like bone broth and now bone powders in college in's for sale and all these other things that people don't even know if it's helping or not, this is actually turning lives. Around you'll see it on my instagram feed. You'll see it on my facebook, it's changing millions of lives, there's a reason for it. It's pure untampered with information that has no interest group behind it and if saving law it's literally, it's part of the whole thing. That's saving lives along with the medical, medium information. So what is it that it supposed to
do I ever get a reprieve from celery juice. So, if I ever had enough. Well, look how long you been on it now two weeks. Well, that's nothing! I hate it so much. I hate it. I mean look at it every day and I'm like ah pain. The fatigue no will to live or sell. Re Jews and it's a choice. I have to make every day and usually the celery juice loses it in my head. I hated it a lot of people, I love it yeah. I know every now and then it'll be really good stocks thick juicy, which saw its stock that actually are filled with so much because they're all filled with nutritional celery, whether it's the Bentley ones, with more leads or the sticker Jews your stock,
but you'll find you'll get used to it. You'll, like it it's, I think, a lot of people lot of people like it off the stock to start and a lot of people. You know they they tend to learn how to love it. But here's the deal. One thing it will do for you is that when you go off of it, you'll know what it was doing for you. You really will some people feel the benefits in three days, some in two weeks, some in but like no matter what instantly. Why is it tearing me up because my wife loves it love? Is it and I know a lot of people who love it? Why is it tearing me up because you're filled with bugs and it's not a scary thing to have bugs in you, everybody has bugs in them. That's why everybody gets sick with something they have either strap in their system, causing a sinus problems. You t eyes or coughs and all kinds of different things rashes size. They have viruses.
They have different bugs in pathogens that we have in us. I would you have enough of them in your intestinal tract in your in your hydrochloric acid has been low for years in your. I reserves are low in your liver with you. It's all about the liver. Your liver reserve really low your c stagnant sluggish in there. Your bios low, your each the old low, all this in your digestive tract. So when you start dumping out stuff that stuff yeah no worries use that has power and when it starts to within their killed off all these bugs mold yeast fungus, unproductive fungus, viruses, bacteria and you're, just gonna be like outgassing that meaning, like you're, just gonna, how you're going to have to go through the process, but one thing's for certain. It's gonna move you forward. It moves so many people forward to. If I light a match, move into the next room quickly, without even walking I'm
on it I'm actually really proud of you and I'm honored that had been on the shelf. Really. No, I I ii. I have a lot of respect for your bravery. I I believe that we do? Have people on the other side of the veil that are guiding us? I do believe that you can become one with the spirit of empathy if you will and it changes your outlook- and I know that has to be a pretty hard cross to bear. I mean unless you're a really great fraud and you would be exposed, I would think by now. If you were, but after after thirty five years of working on the crime, feel now in the public and now
published by a lot more than ever before, you know I still haven't lost the fact that I'm working for the people, because that's what it's about I'm working for them. It's not about me. It never was it's about the person that really is suffering and struggling, and you know what Glenn, when you're, not sick and you don't have any and you don't have really any symptoms are contending with, or it's really mild stuff at you just. You just think that the chronically ill that you just don't get in touch with it. I see it all the time out there. I see it. He lives in a speed out there in the media and other places where people don't realize that when you're really sick with stuff, it changes you as a person, does Allen's use you like no other and the people that are sick. They just don't get it. We just don't know what that's like. They really don't see that in you know what celery juice is there for them when, get sick down the road to you. The point is, though, I'll hang on just a second. I have to insert so you got that to look forward to I go, you know
bottom line is, if the, if the, if the gift that it's there for people to celery juice and it's one of the very towards one of the powerful tool to one of the most powerful one in the medical, medium series books that are put out there. You know intricate really advance information ahead of science. The people can heal and you know what tens of thousands of doctors across the country and user using my book in their practices right now, because millions of patients have brought the books in and the demand that their doctors to learn and they're actually doing not all the doctors. Of course I mean this, but there's some shirts plenty that this is so yeah they're just going to be like I'm not going to make this information, but there's 10s of thousands at r and globally. It's happening too, so the celery juice, hey, is a big part of it. I look I'm proud of you, because, if you're drinking that much you doing sixteen That's incredible, truly that I have that on tape and I'm going to play that for my wife
and the Anthony. I really appreciate your time. I'd love to get you and for a podcast and talk a little deeper about some of the things that are in the book. I will tell you that your description, at least for what I have been dying with an I have, is the best described. I have read from anybody and I've seen some of the best in the world and I think that's while you're connecting because you do- you are connecting with your connecting the dots where so many others are like. Oh, and also this might be in your like. No, I don't have any of that and you just narrowed it down and and you've just captured it and appreciate everything you do, and I appreciate the trouble that you probably indoor and I the fact that you enjoyed this forty minutes with me. So
thank you so much my God go ahead like the opposite. Right yeah, my job is to provide the answers for the chronically ill and if, if someone's, dealing with even a symptom- and they don't consider themselves chronically ill, then my job is to provide answers for people they're doing with symptoms. They don't want right. The bottom line is yeah as that I've been here for people, I still lamb and it people can break that barrier and say where's his source, and you know, maybe you know a lot of people. They can push that aside and they can just get the information and she'll they're going to make their lives better. Thank you so Anthony William, the author of new book called liver rescue and also medical medium, and you follow him on Instagram and you will see the thousands of people that are doing what he says and how they're affected. I know that my life has been affected, buy him and by per
Well, no took very good friend of ours, who has MS has been greatly affected in a positive way by by his by his book, his teachings and philosophies on how to make yourself feel much much better. Anthony William can find him at medicalmedium dot com he's radio network on demand.
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