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Best of the Program with Arthur Brooks | 9/28/18

2018-09-28 | 🔗
Ep #191- The Daily Best of GB Podcast: 9/28/18  -Kavanaugh vs. 2018 Democrats, 'Who Won?'  -Bill O'Reilly 'Puts things together' on Kavanaugh? -'Proxy Wars' (w/ Arthur Brooks)

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The blaze radio network on demand very welcome to the airport cast it's Friday bottled week. This thing is possible. Nightmare. And today we delve into so so what happened this week to who won one? We open the show without question, who one and it came from my children last night. What are the ramifications of all How come the F B, I wasn't called their driving. Don't they find out the truth? No, no. They deliver a dossier. What the F b, I again do you trust, does does for trust. The FBI with a dossier Keep those allegations secret, because anybody can say anything: they only gather voices and then they said it would have to call them forward. Do you
rca is safe in the hands of anyone in Washington. Dc honestly to you is the same kind of dossier We have a dull draft, said Donald Trump was taking golden showers in in Moscow, they didn't think that's did they Also Bill Riley joins us. He is great and right spot on today and Arthur Brooks, joins us for a look at the country. This is America worth saving. The one question were not asking, Is all this worth saving? If so, why and how all in today's podcast?
The only thinking it's Friday September, twenty eight- I was home yesterday with my children, their home school, my wife. My wife kept saying. Please turn down the television honeycomb, the kids after pay attention. They had a cabinet hearings on. Normally if the news on the kids are not paying any attention at all, they can do anything if the news is on
yesterday? It was compelling, I said to my wife. I think the kids need to watch this. This is history. This is our country at a pivot point. What we choose to do today and tomorrow and the next day based on what happened yesterday, this is a fork in the road. My kids watched the horror show. They both said to me separately. I don't understand the process, I don't understand How does this even working? I tried to explain it, but couldn't because it made no sense at all. You have a prosecutor asking questions, Line of inquiry, and then we go to five minutes of fluff and then back to her. She can make a point. We can. Find any information. My kids asked me what what is
the evidence? There is no evidence it's her or him, because my kids had finished their homework in it stood all day. I turned it off and turned it on another room. Both my kid separately asked me last night. This quote: who one that bothered me one out of the mouths of babes. Seeing that last night ass, I turned on cable news, cable news
Wasn't news was sports, it was he s Vienne, who block two tackled, who had the touchdown. I'm sick to my stomach. Is anyone thinking of the ramifications in Washington? Is anyone in watching in thinking about what this means for the republic it was it in barest meant. I can call myself an American if this is what the american people want, but I will tell you I cannot believe I'm wrong on this. This is not reflective of the american people, I don't know who one, but I will tell you who lost.
All of us all of us lost yesterday. Our children lost yesterday. I think yesterday is the first day that I could say Mr Franklin, I dont think were capable of keeping this republic it's Friday. Listening to the Glenda Programme, anybody notice yesterday how the Republicans behaved. Now, I'm not gonna give them extra points because is obviously the way they are. The only reason why they didn't question Ford themselves is weak quite honestly, the most
Some mystic part of me says, because they were cowards because they didn't want to be asked them, so they don't. They didn't want to be the ones on film on television asking a question that would then be taken. And twisted into something angry anti women pro He pissed. So what do they do? That an ordinary looking woman who was very qualified to ask all of the questions. So what on cable news last night when don't cable news last night. Is we don't know where she was going? We don't know why she was what she was even building up to, of course, not because this system, is not designed to do what they did yesterday see what this system is has been designed to do now. This is not its original design, but what has been designed to do lately is just give political candidates
The air time, so they can position themselves with their voters. That's all this system is for its not a search for truth. They were looking for the truth last night and if I hear one more damn person say about the. The eye, the F B, I does not deliver truth. They delay. Raw data, so deliver all the he said she said? Well, we have all of that. What we're looking for here is evidence, and there is no but ends: there's no evidence, so the Republicans they get up and they treat Ford with respect. I'm tweeting I'm tweeting the whole time, I'm I'm! I am making sure
I am on my best behaviour because that's what the country needs best behaviour, not as a. Eddie a person but also as it dad. I didn't say this woman is making all this stuff up. I said this woman says this: man pinned her down and tried to take your clothes off. When dad thirty six thirty seven years ago, we're not even sure of the year or not sure of the year. No we're not sure of the month, we're not even sure of the day will. Where did it happen? We don't know that we'll does anybody else say that had happened? She said that there were four other people they're all four of them and said that didn't happen. Now would be very easy for me to then say: see,
she's lying. Instead, I expressed her viewpoint that it is something that they may not have remembered because it was normal for them when the press was was fawning over her crying did not utter to my children. Now she's not crying. Has anybody seen her wipe a tier? I I said yesterday to my kids and to the public that I could feel her fear and I could understand it She was in a very dicey situation yesterday and I felt for her and I listen tour. I went with an open mind
And here's what I found about Ford. Personally, I thought what we saw yesterday. Was somebody who is very afraid somebody, Was very nervous, but I'm sorry I didn't connect the emotion. Of this was the worst experience of my life and I ve never been able to get past it. It's why I have to front doors.
I was not able to get past it. It didn't seem connected now she was asking for caffeine. I wanted to ask the question, which I think is absolutely appropriate and I'm not trying to thrower under the bus, but in you your case, you had to fly here. What you don't like to do. You had to fly here you're now your family is under attack. People have come out of the woods. You don't know what this hearing is going to be I can't imagine you ve slept well for a week. Are you under any kind of doctor's orders are medication? Why are you asking for caffeine? I would think that this would keep you wide awake. This is the most important thing. You'll ever probably do why caffeine when she said halfway through I'm sorry senator. I can't keep up my brains, not working fast right now. I wondered,
and are you on any kind of medication that is not a smear, that's an honest, Question because she seemed detached to me recalling the word the time of her life, her voice, her voice, changed. But I didn't see in her face, I didn't see it in her eyes now that doesn't mean that it didn't happen. I think she was tranquil Ized. I think she is. She was on medication, which I understand. But if that's true, that would explain why didn't seem to come from the chest. It seemed to come from her head now. Maybe others had a different experience with her, but I walked away from it thinking she somewhat credible.
She should be taken seriously, but I don't know, but I was actually before Cavanaugh spoke more open to her having a slam. Junk I wanted to see how he was going to respond, and then I saw him respond and I'm sorry, but that emotion was real. That emotion came from the heart.
Ahead. Now I am willing to say they both believe exactly what they're saying one hundred percent. I have a hard time with somebody saying to the press saying in his statement. I didn't know for sure, but after I met with my attorneys for six days, I am one hundred percent sure it was bred Cavenaugh. Could it be bred, Cavanaugh YAP, it could be. Is it I have no idea, because I do believe him so now were left with what we do, but what we do here. That's a funny thing: that's why you don't air these things in public? That's why
you have you: have a prosecutor's office who looks at the cops and says: will you get me a bunch of raw data here? It means nothing. I know where we had the FBI. Ask all these questions will ya. You got a lot of questions here, but I don't see any answers. I dont have a case. I be laughed out of court. This is why the Democrats did not bring this up two months ago, because there is no answer to this. You know who you know who the The old abuser easier. Senator Feinstein and the rest of her plan who try to round up and Lynch a man Bay,
John here say how that letter how's that letter leat, we all know the Democratic Party leaked that letter. Why. Because they knew they had nothing, all they had was a smear now they may believe her and you can believe her, I'm not God. So I'm at the point where I say I think it's pretty weak, but who am I to say, I can't judge her emotion. I have a problem with it, but everybody's different So I'm not gonna judge her. I look at Cavenaugh. I believe him.
I believe his emotion was real. I believe this man was, I believe, this man, you wanna, talk about reparations. How do you? How do you repair his life? Now, God if he's a liar God, help her if she's a liar but dear God, help us because we are turning into animals. What's really frightening is people deserve people deserve in a republic the government that they get? What. Held it yesterday say about us the best of a bad that programme
bill our things busy back. I'm glad you're back on the radio. Thank you feel better. I hope I am feeling better at yesterday did not help my blood pressure at all. You know I watch this yesterday. I am anxious to hear your your view of this. I thought you know, with an exception of the lack of evidence, the lack of any specific detail I couldn't come out say: oh she's lying this is clearly a lie. It didn't feel it did feel like it came from her heart as much as it did from her head, but she was so afraid of testifying. Yesterday. I think that kind of jumbled everything so I dont I don't know if I even got a real read from her, but I'm here to take it at face value. If there is evidence.
There is no evidence and when Cavenaugh came up I I mean he made me cry two or three times just because of the thought. Of what his life has been like against against us. All that is its shadow boxing tell me about it back. I know what I saw I approached things differently than most media people do and I watched all of it yesterday I saw the whole thing because I was on dual Riley dotcom tweeting. I wrote a column eroded judge of the day and then I delivered by half hour broadcast last night. I the emphasis, the testimony of Doktor Ford?
because I can not say with any certainty what happened to her and I think that's fair. I can't it's beyond my capability. I can't read or mind reader hard and, I think, tells them up to a therapist. Most Americans are like this. There I dont anomalies her under the really to throw Romulus right. I respectfully list, yes and then I started to put things together. So The headline of the story is she cannot Robert Wade, her accuracy against an american citizen, bread cabinet, that's the headline. Everybody should understand that can't corroborated, everybody's, got over it, but I'll just tell you one thing. I have a fifteen year old son- and I discussed this with him
If you are fifteen years old in your traumatized, you remember as doctor for did. But you also remember details about it. You'd. Remember who drove you there or who drove you home impossible for me to me, I'm sure you'll get a psychologist command entire. Now people check whatever to me? gotta know they got home bill to tell you. There are things that you know the only thing I can compare this to my mother, sudden death ice five fifteen, sold. My mother suddenly dies. I can tell you, ere I was when I found out. I can tell you where I mean when I first suspected, I can tell you where I was. I can tell you when I was which class I was in what I was looking at
can't tell you the names of the bases and people around me, but I can really we're all those details. I can remember what we had to do that day. I can remember some very clear specifics there is there is it's me on the reason to me too, not be able to say it was at this house because that would mean part of it you, if remember you and logical linear thinkers, all and and in so that is a major major piece Our evaluation, but then it gets it gets a little dicey, And years really, this is the second headline die. An Feinstein is a villain. She orchestrated this whole thing. She directed doktor afford to
the most radical left law firm in the country. Doktor, for doesn't know who's paying her lawyers doesn't Oh, who paid for the lie detector test? lawyers told the Senate Judiciary Committee. She couldn't go in for an interview. Could she was afraid to fly. And the woman from Arizona dismantle that immediately by saying you Doctor Ford, have all over the world. Did you notice so build that they didn't that? What the commentators were saying yesterday was now tat, they were that they, they said the Democrats Are the Republicans behind this prosecutor? They were trying to undermine her credibility? No, they weren't. They were try to point out she Is being used and manipulated here, I think that to bear
a little bit of guilt for this. The senator, Jerry Committee wanted to interview her too at her on the record, so they could investigate her story. Not now to the wall. They wanted to. At a time line and names, so they could check them out. She refused to do the interview, And you're telling me that a Phd does know who's paying lawyers didn't know who is paying lie, detector test doesn't know it evil I detect a test was given You know that a day my grandmother died, or maybe the day after you know it starts not back, and anybody in this country
who has been accused of anything, and that includes kids in classrooms, all right which they didn't do unfairly acute starts to say. Right. Give me the facts. Tell me the facts. They weren't told. So my conclusion was If I were a senator of the United States, I would vote to confirm, Judge Cavanaugh because there were simply not thing there to disqualify. By him. I'm a linear thinker on a logical man. Everybody listening to Bright now ask yourself this question: was there anything that use we heard yesterday that gives qualified God, you cabin off from sitting on the Supreme Court.
A woman standing at an elevator, greening add a senator that shit. He herself was assaulted. Therefore judge is guilty. Is that enough to vote against judge Cabinet, because that. But the senator from her why he is saying that would kiss Angela Brand from New York is saying and compel Harris and I Feinstein there. Because women have been assaulted in the past in right now, whatever you can't bold, for any man who has been accused any man. So therefore any Body can raise an accusation to disqualify. Anyone from an appointed
or even running for office to bill your thoughts on Cavanaugh he's being described everywhere in the in the press as angry and hostile. Well, that's not, I saw item as indignant and set up but you don't spin it spin. It was a vicious cartoon in my local newspaper Newsday on Long Island which, as you know the usual knee jerk liberal, Paypal about cabin. I you know looking menacing in are there in the next to him a doctor, Ford, crying I can tell that she was not crying. There
not only are treated in a political cartoon. Healthcare are so that they are not the best moment. The cabin I had was when he talked about his ten year old daughter, suggesting that They pray for the woman and I thought cabin always very smart. Come out blazing because to understand one thing- and this is the only thing that's gonna save America does opening remarks you are right, eleven now and a time where we're on the cliff. We can go over it Americans, say: hey, you know, I'm going to support a party, that's gonna! destroy anyone. They don't like I'm going to support that party and give them power. The two stone now always whole thing changes. But cabin ah came
out- and he was very warm in his defence saying you destroyed me and even if it, confirmed. This will never go away, never river and his wife and daughters to become ties rammers well, so you did it and you did it for political reasons, because I'm innocent, very power now what I'm feeling and seeing I community is anger and a backlash against the left wing media, which is dishonest, has ever been in this country and the fines fine, Schumacher, led Democratic Party. I'm seeing got here and I ve been a pretty diverse community, not conservative place. Anger overrides every other emotion when it comes to voting in politics. May repeat that, Anger overrides everything else doctor for will be forgotten,
nobody's. Gonna remember doktor forward unless she continues a crusade in two months but cabinet there, never gonna forget the anger about packing him and his family is now add. I think a record level of you. I saw the overnight just for the cable news, Fox issuing record weightings because people coming in there. We support Cavanaugh other CNN and MSNBC are far behind. So the anger is being galvanised and will it show up in the mid term elections? I think it might. I think it might. I fully expect back or not tat? I do cabin or or President Trump coming before the vote.
This is the best of the Glen Back Programme, and we really want to thank you for listening. Like listening to this past, if you're not a subscriber, become one now on Itunes, but while you're there do us a favour and rate the shell. In my book addicted outrage, there are, lots of examples of of why we should really be too King about something entirely different, why we should be done. About how do we make? How do we strengthen this and spread this around the world? now. Our dialogue is America's sucks. Nothing is good. Everything is bad, and that is absolutely not true in the middle chapter of the book. I I ask this question
Is this worth saving nobody's asking this we're talking about getting rid of care please, I'm changing our whole system changing everything about it. It doesn't work. No one is asking the question that must be asked. First, is this worth saving is America in the West good or bad? It can be both because people are both. But is it on the on the whole? Has it help to more people or hurt more people. We're not having that conversation. We are having it now. Arthur Brooks as the President of the American Enterprise Institute the guy who grew up in Seattle. I grew up in the Seattle area, he remembers first time he saw poverty and I think it's the first I really saw poverty as well. I think it was. It was probably the Michael Jackson, that fundraiser we are the world where we were
raise money for Ethiopia, and we saw these kids with a bloated stomachs and flies on their fate. We ever seen. Anything like that. That was a pivot point further, brooks in his life Arthur welcome the programme. A brother how are you very guy do in months? How are you doing? I'm I'm I'm great. I am great I wanted to get you and because we do not talk about what capitalism and what this country has has done, what the western way of life is done, we are just allowing it to be thrown out the window. You make compelling case because you didn't come at this with politics in mind: No, I don't. You know the end of a lot of the things we were talking about today. I was listening to the last segment of your great show and and
talking about, and it is a big war, cultural battle that we're having in those countries or whether it's about the cabin our hearings or about the Trump Administration or about capitalism in general. These are really kind of proxy cultural battles that we're having in our country. Today it's a culture of outrage. You ve talked about this a lot you done. Gilman work on this important topic, It is important for all of us. You remember, we are so unbelievably blessed another country we live in a peaceful society, any it go on down social media. If you dare if you and you can stomach it and listen to people signalled Viola, ghastly things to each other, but less number. There can be no knock in the night is going to be no jack. Booted thug nobody's gonna, take after prison, God bless the contrary. We have to stop taking for granted the fact that we live in a democratic, peaceful society and we have to stop.
Each other, all the time and having the dumb proxy wars it completely unproductive. So right now I you know, the big ideas are being trash, the ideas of freedom of speech, because No, you have to have a safety safety space. All of these all this nonsense, but also capitalism. Self, when you saw the pictures back in the eighties of those starving ethiopians it bothered you and you actually that's depth, set your feet on the course of trying to find out what happened to them right. It did
the fact that, on the political conservatives, it has everything to do with the fact that I share the objectives are most, to my mind, my left wing, friends and family, that I care about poverty and most, and I started to look for the way that you can wipe out poverty, everybody listening to US clan believe in and that their their obligation and sector privilege to lift up their brothers and sisters at the margins of american society in and lady round the world. What really matters is what works? What more could? Well you sleep. I became a proponent of american free enterprise system as a gift to the world because I wanted to do more to help my brothers and sisters. My there was one system and pulled people are, but a billions all around the world. These are big, show that we need to be talking about in America today and how we can do this better than you give me some the stats Arthur, I know you and all of you- have em off the top of your. I do have some nineteen seventy today, you know when you and I were really little kid
That was when the world started to open up, and people started to see what was going on. So it's really in the seventies, and people saw that Ethiopian SAM and I went to India for the first time when I was nineteen years old in nineteen. Eighty three: as a starving children, it was ghastly. Eighty percent of the world's poverty has been eradicated, starvation level. Poverty has been eradicated. Seventy percent of Americans actually think that poverty is getting worse and the reason is because it's never like asian the New York Times or any of the newspaper millions saved from poverty, story. Only two things are going wrong, but the truth is that two billion of our brothers and sisters of and pulled out a starvation poverty Glenn since you and I were kids- and there is one thing that did that, and that was democratic capitalism, and that is America's export to the world. Very I dont think you disagree with me Arthur that we are not using the first half of wealth of night
its moral sentiments we are we at we have. We think that capitalism- is just gonna be good. No matter, you know who's yielding aired in it. Just gonna produce wonder things, no it as Adam Smith. The lines out it nay can produce really bad things as well. Capitalism depends on the people who are willing or wielding it? but also depends on on what our goals are. And its corrupt. Now would you agree with that yeah that it will be because the problem is not capitalism, a lot of what we did. A wired deals cronyism. All that stuff is going out with powerful people in Washington daily at an everyday capital around the country that actually not competition, thus trying to shut competition down on behalf of powerful people, so for competition is good competition in politics and economics in the competition of ideas. The fact is that the Glen Back show it
the competition of ideas in a free and democratic nations. Verrier important anybody shut down. Competition on behalf of powerful people is not a competitor, doesn't believe in cap. Doesn't believe in democracy and doesn't believe in the free exchange of ideas to compete me to do it better than the other guy fairly peacefully respectfully and a win over an audio and TAT S, really what we ought to be doing it. That's what we're moving away from okay, so Arthur Emma technically breakin. I will come back with a question that I cannot find a satisfactory answer on. I am a big believer in capitalism, however, there, throughout history, some people like Vanderbilt, etc, etc. They get so much money. They have so much power that they are controlling, things and It just seems to spiral out of control when you have, you know,
just a lock on this wealth and we are creating people through Google, etc, etc. That are doing the same thing. How do you balance the power? How do you? How do you make sure whose look can compete against Google Arthur Brooks from the Brooks Dotcom make sure you listen to his podcast. The Arthur Brook show really smart I really good guy musician. I grew up in Munich and the Pacific. Northwest is kind of sounds like you can add, A typical Seattle, hippy kind of family and went around the world is in a documentary. I think the documentary is called the called Arthur. And an easy, fascinating life, and was just really searching for answers came to find that capitalism is, is what solves These problems that we have and has made huge huge increases in happiness around the world and health, so
my problem here in the only loose end I can't tie up, is people like Rockefeller that have we know they do something because you know there they they discovered oil and they were smart enough to put it all together and they it mealy this power and then with all of that money comes corruption and start to control everybody else's lives and start making all the decisions, because they have all of this money? How do you How do you reconcile that? Because I don't want take money away from people right now.
Not a glad, and you know it is distressing. When you see something like a family where there was a patriarch, it was a good entrepreneur, but ain't gonna build a moat around the castle. Yes, and that kept a bunch of wealth in the family for six generations, emitter harder for other people to rise through crony capitalism. That's a big problem that actually not capitalism, but a different system. Those basically up a system of wire deals are, you could find in any socialist system any monarchy anyplace all around the world, and that is something that we have to fight, whether of capitalism more or whatever. So, whenever ISM, whenever economic system we ve got, we have to democratize opportunity. The problem is not that we ve got very rich people. The problem is people have a hard time right and we have to be putting and our energy in our law, in our initiative toward people that are at the bottom, not so they can all get to the top so that they can get in the middle. The essence of the american experience them the moral basis of american experience.
Is it that the three generations ago, the boxes and backs, were accordingly. Crashing potatoes some way? There's nothing more than ambitious, really wrap, who came to the country and wanted to get to the middle of support themselves and their families, and we have to be warriors for system that make sure that people can go from the bottom to the middle. You know right now. It's a very distressing thing. Are you going to any good Ivy League University in you're and you're gonna find it there's. A system of preferences for legacy of you went to university is for five times more likely that your kid it's gonna get into that great university, which, although it is a thing you you got into lucky genetics club that is actually not compare, audible west with a system of american opportunity with a system of equal dignity of experience of. So that's actually what we need to be thinking about. Don't that Google
we're a lot more about the fact that people at the periphery at the bottom of our society can rise. Today. That's that's really unamerican thank and why can't they rise. They can't ride because we have a discriminatory system of unequal education? Were poor, kids are locked in public education system of their parents? Don't have choices number one number, two, you don't have the skills, training and our communities. We tell people if they don't go to college their somehow losers. We don't have vocational and technical education systems, which are the ultimate educational reform. We don't have an apprenticeship system in that country and, most importantly, clan. We dont culturally value the skills that come from actually I'm going to college. Were people actually work in fields where they can get when they can get ahead? If we do those things, we can really recreating opportunities society, How did the apprentice system go away but went away for a bunch of
reasons that are part of it had to do with the fact that you know back in the nineteen until the 1960s there was a parallel tracking system in America, where white kids would be tracked or college in black kids, especially the south will be tracked or the trades and you, and I know that, when a great advances in american society with the civil rights movement were, we did away with stuff like that. Unfortunately, there are some things we throw the baby out with the bathwater white kids, black kids, every kind of kids should The opportunity to leave through hard work and skill political initiative without going to It's amazing Arthur that it's it's that early, I think of, Prentice ships that I think you know you're going back to Charles. Dickens time since we ve seen. It is amazing that those that really appeared in the Sixtys and Seventys back with more Arthur, Brooks and is America worth saving the blaze radio network on demand.
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